Will Geert Wilders Be Denied a Visa to Australia?

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It’s been hard to keep track of all the rioting that’s taken place around the world lately, purportedly in response to the film The Innocence of Muslims, so it would be thoroughly understandable if you missed the news about the protests in Sydney on Saturday, September 15, at which participants carried signs reading “Behead all those who insult the prophet” and “Shariah will dominate the world.”  Several police officers were injured and a number of arrests were made.

The rioting occurred exactly one day after Taji Mustafa, spokesman for the British branch of the Muslim group Hizb ut-Tahrir, delivered a passionate, and at times fierce, sermon in Sydney about The Innocence of Muslims.  Hizb ut-Tahrir, as you may know, is an international Islamist organization that is the largest group of its kind in Britain.  It supports the goal of a caliphate and, by virtue of its continuing legality in that country (which has been frequently but unsuccessfully challenged), serves as a living symbol of the fecklessness of the British government in the face of jihadism.  Mustafa is one of the most high-profile Islamist agitators on the scept’red isle, where, in 2006, participating in a TV debate about freedom of speech after the Pope’s Regensburg speech, he presented himself as reasonable and mild-mannered, insisting in a firm but relatively temperate tone that “in no civilized society should people accept the right to insult others” and that he “should not have to live in a society where my belief is insulted.”

On September 17, with the Sydney rioting still fresh in everyone’s memory, he gave an interview on Australian TV in which, again presenting himself as more or less reasonable and mild-mannered, he said that Australia, owing to its involvement in Afghanistan, “cannot preach to any Islamic government in the world about having a nonviolent foreign policy.”  When confronted with a Hizb ut-Tahrir press release calling on “Muslim armies” to “teach the Jews a lesson after which they will need no further lessons,” he denied any connection to it, whereupon the interviewer showed him a printout that included his organization’s web address. Liberal Party politician Scott Morrison noted in The Australian on September 21 that Hizb ut-Tahrir has in fact “condoned the killing of Australian soldiers in Afghanistan and called for the military destruction of Israel.”

What, then, did Mustafa say to that Sydney congregation on the eve of the day when everyone went nuts?  The answer is on YouTube.  As it happens, his tone was, for the most part, not at all reasonable and mild-mannered.  On the contrary, he delivered much of the sermon in a loud, angry, threatening voice.  His subject: how to respond to this film that insults Muhammed so viciously?  Muslims, he made clear, are obliged not to let such an affront go unanswered.  After all, “we have emotions. We are human beings….We hold some things very dear to us.  We love our mothers.  We love our wives.  And if somebody insulted them we would be upset.  You’d want to do something.  And I know many people frankly would want to smash in the face of someone who insulted their wife….A true Muslim loves the Prophet more than he loves himself.”

Mustafa observed that many non-Muslims call Muslims “touchy” because of their reactions to such provocations as The Innocence of Muslims.  Why, he quoted those non-Muslims as asking, can’t you Muslims lighten up and take an insult just like everybody else?  What’s more, he added, non-Muslims invariably invoke the concept of free speech.  Mustafa asked his audience: “What is our response?  What is our take as Muslims on this?”  His answer, delivered in a menacing, increasingly loud voice: “Insulting the Prophet…is a red line.  You cannot do it and not expect a reaction.  You can’t smack a guy in the face and not expect a reaction….You can’t insult and spit on his wife and not expect a reaction!”

By this point, Mustafa was screaming in rage.  “It is natural for Muslims to react, and the whole world should understand that!”  If we react, he insisted, it is because “somebody provoked us!”  He expressed outrage at the fact “that in Western societies it is permissible, it is allowable, to insult over a billion people….There is something wrong with the values in the West!”  As for freedom of speech, “this Western idea…is crazy!”  What of the public condemnations of the anti-Islam film by officials like Hillary Clinton?  He rejected them entirely, pointing out that even though Hillary denounced the film, she refused to ban it, citing freedom of speech.  “This means these governments support it!” thundered Mustafa, who reminded his audience that “freedom of speech means freedom to insult!”

Mustafa had no problem getting into Australia.

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  • ross1948

    Double standards apply in Western countries as far as visas are concerned.
    Britain denied a visa to Wilders for a while, and the American Mixhael Savage remains banned, so far as i know.

    But I understand not a whisper of protest was raised when Anis Matta, the fanatic Secretary General of the Muslim Brotherhood-style PKS party in Indonesia, was allowed in, despite his post-9/11 ode of adulation to Osama Bin Laden. I append a link on the 'poetry!' http://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2011/07/06/br

  • http://www.facebook.com/philo.vaihinger Philo Vaihinger

    The other day a popular liberal blogger explained in public that, for First Amendment purposes, a useful distinction can be made between Piss Christ, which he said is a beautiful (his very word) work of art with deep meaning, and the Danish or French cartoons or that 13:51 internet short about Mohamed, all of which lack beauty and deep meaning.

    Hence we can distinguish between religiously offensive works with these forms of value and those without.

    Once upon a time, liberal courts found porn with "redeeming social value" that "did not appeal solely to prurient interest" is actually protected by the First Amendment.


    It will not be hard to turn that hypocritical distinction to yet another hypocritical use.

  • mako

    fyi Bruce – Scott Morrison is not a journalist but the conservative (Liberal Party) Opposition shadow minister for immigration.

    • Kufar Dawg

      So does Morrison have any ties to islamofascist NGO's? I wouldn't be surprised if he did, because his actions speak corruption as loudly in AUS as they do for US politicians here in the US.

    • Bruce Bawer

      Thanks. Corrected!

  • Schlomotion

    I watched the video that Mr. Bawer linked. I don't agree with Taji Mustafa's religion, but I won't disagree with his observations. The man made astute observations, specifically, that for all their lip service to "freedom of speech" there are indeed things and people that Westerners will not tolerate to be insulted. Taji Mustafa prefers a more restrictive society and religious unity to freedom of speech. I see no reason why in his quarter of the world if a billion people feel the same way, they shouldn't enjoy their own type of semi-closed society. Also, the types of restrictions someone like Taji Mustafa would prefer are also enjoyed in places like Israel where they let Haredis run around wagging their fingers at women in pants, and preventing Palestinians from speaking about the Nakba on Israeli Independence Day. The man is free to be a Muslim and to hang out with Muslims, and to lecture Muslims, and get angry as a Muslim, and call for embassy boycotts as a Muslim. Really, he seemed like a pretty peaceful guy. He is soft on verbal threatening, but then again, so what? I can tolerate that. He even denounced the killing of the ambassador and said it was out of line with the religion. What's the big deal?

    • bkopicz

      Hay Schlomotion

      "there are indeed things and people that Westerners will not tolerate to be insulted" educate me, were in the international section of the New York Times does it report that Westerners are rioting and killing because of an insult. Only you would equate a Jew wagging a finger with Muslims burning and murdering.

      • Schlomotion

        OK. I'll educate you. The word is "where."

        • Atlas_Collins

          Don't you agree that all muslims are subhuman feral animals that should be put down like rabid dogs?

          I mean, Jews are bad enough with their hypocrisies and incessant whining about antisemitism and the holocaust, but at least they down burn things down and kill innocent people if anyone mocks their book of fairy tales and gives a raspberry at their tribal storm godlet.

          • reader

            Good one. Simplicity is the key. Smack down – right WHERE it sucks to hurt. Did I spell WHERE right, troll?

        • bkopicz

          Please continue

        • bkopicz

          Come on Schlomotion is that it?
          No argument about the facts just a cute little grammatical correction.
          Schlomotion – do you see Westerers rioting and killing because of an insult?

        • Kufar Dawg

          Wagging fingers isn't in the same ball park w/slaughtering people in the name of your mad, psychopathic, misogynistic death god Ahmed.

      • bkopicz

        For goodness sake man you’re in the negative thumbs down and falling fast. Defend yourself; let us see that Mark Twain wit, that Vulcan logic. But alas, who knows what a cricket is thinking.

        • Schlomotion

          Maybe if you stamp your feet and cry a little. Or you could go look up the list of riots of the 21st Century and see if any of the participants felt insulted beforehand.

          • bkopicz

            Now Shlomotion lets try and be mature about this (take a deep breath).
            Who but your Islamic terrorist friends riot and kill en masse because of an insult?

          • Schlomotion

            I didn't see Mr. Mustafa endorsing that same phenomenon that you exaggerate.

          • Kufar Dawg

            His words implied violence and anything but tolerance of those who hold a dissenting viewpoint of your child molesting, Jew hating, psychopathic, narcissitic prophet of hate.

          • bkopicz

            Looking at the entire posting I have to conclude you cannot counter my origin criticism of your comments.

            "there are indeed things and people that Westerners will not tolerate to be insulted" educate me, were in the international section of the New York Times does it report that Westerners are rioting and killing because of an insult. Only you would equate a Jew wagging a finger with Muslims burning and murdering.

          • Schlomotion

            Congratulations upon making your conclusion. This concludes my congratulations. Incidentally, it only proves that I will not counter your criticism, not that I can not.

            The reason I will not counter your criticism (with your desired answer) is because you have laid out the requirement that it be in the New York Times international section, that I should not consider Muslims living in Europe and the United States "Westerners," that things do not happen unless reported upon in the New York Times, and that rioters as such are never "insulted" such as the recent Anaheim rioters who were insulted by excessive force and police brutality. Quite simply, you have demanded that I counter a facile point with counterexamples. You cannot look at the entire posting because it, like the trains that you play with, can always have a car added. At best you can look at it at a given time and make a conclusion that you know, rhetorically, is limited.

          • bkopicz

            They rioted because of an "insult by excessive force" that's priceless it shows the absurdity you needed to resort to. Is this your example of 21st century riots by Westerners caused by an insult? Are cells insulted by adding alcohol to the petri dish, is the tibia broken because of insult occurring during a fall? Thanks

          • Kufar Dawg

            Muslimes are as much "Westerners" as Nazis were and they share the same pathological hate.

    • Advocatus

      Pathetic drivel as usual. Pretty desperate, Flippo, are we now? In need of constant attention? A pat on the head? A slap on the back? Aaah, poor boy, my heart goes out to you.

      Carry on.

    • Ghostwriter

      I've got a question for you,Schlobrain. Since when have you EVER seen Christians or Jews riot over an insult to their faith recently? The answer is NONE! I haven't seen it. Christians and Jews may protest these insults but I haven't seen either group kill anyone because their religion was insulted. The Muslims have done all those things and more. And to be honest,I don't think I like this Taji Mustafa. I think he's a lowlife. Both you and Atlas_Collins are slugs. You bash Jews all day long and contribute nothing to this website but bigotry and hate. Why don't you get a heart and a brain while you're at it.

    • Grouchy Old Man

      OK Schlo. Let him stay home and not judge our society by his local norms. OK? In other words, do what you want in your own home, but don't insult me in mine and then try to wreck the place.

      In fact, according to Middle Eastern custom, if he was really in my home and said those things, I would throw him out (so he no longer has the protection of a guest) and then chase him down the street with a very big sword to see if I could kill him and in so doing restore my honor.

      Muttered under my breath: Why did God make so many schlemiels ?

    • jacob

      What I can't understand is why the lady Prime Minister of Australia, who allegedly has such a firm stance
      on Muslim pretentions, wouldn't issue WILDERS the visa her Immigration Minister denies him, while
      issuing immediately a visa to this Muslim agitator….

      But as to their claim about banning criticism of Islam, I wonder what are western govments. affraid of
      telling all of them that this is the way it is and if they disagree, the exit gates of these countries, USA
      included in spite of OBAMA, are wide open and all of them are free to return to the countries they came

    • july

      'Allahu Akbar' has been screamed thousands of times before beheadings ,mass murders,suicide bombings etc.
      It is a verbal religious precursor of violence ,eminent danger,murderous acts and revenge . It is equal to yelling fire in a crowded theater .
      We definitely need to deem yelling 'Allahu Akbar' a hate crime.
      How do you think your muslim pals will respond when we use their own ideology of restricting speech to them ?

    • Western Canadian

      He even denounced the killing! WHY, how utterly marvellous of him! He was lying, you low brow ass. The killing was completely in compliance with his gutter grade religion. And if you had read the bloody koran (as you have lied about doing), you would know that.

  • Coptic John

    That's the exact mentality of the Dhimmis, one day your kids will curse you for not standing for freedom values and handing their countries to those savages and bow to Islam … look what they've done to the old civilizations they invaded and how they turned them into pathetic countries " those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it "
    Go Wilder and don't back down and remember " Telling the truth has left me no friend "

  • EthanP

    This seems to be the pattern for the spineless westerm democracies. After all this time (Nazi Germny>) you would think they'ld learn by their mistakes. Yet they never do.

    • Kufar Dawg

      The nazis never had the kind of financial backing islamofascism has now. I think the corruption of our federal and state legislators, judiciary and law enforcement by islamofascist petrodollars is at a level unprecedented in the history of the US.

  • mlcblog

    Muslims in Britain and around their world have the protection of the royals, starting with Prince Charley and on even into his otherwise apparently wise son who will be king. A definite blind spot, or is it the leftist mentality that gets in bed with a snake and then is surprised when it gives a lethal bite?

  • Kufar Dawg

    AUS has fallen far and fast. I'll bet if the Indonesian islamofascists were to begin a second genocide in E. Timor today, the apathetic, amoral, corrupt politicos of AUS would do nothing while praising the tolerance of the Indonesian islamofascists.

  • johan

    I am going to get myself a load of bullits, it' going to look like I will need them.

  • Grouchy Old Man

    The only solution is for Christians, Conservatives and just regular folks to demonstrate loudly and violently whenever we are "insulted". Oh, maybe not such a good idea, that. We'd be in a perpetual state of demonstration! And if we were, who wouldn't be working and earning money so who would be left pay taxes that support all those darned bureaucrats? The 47%?

    • jamie cordon

      bureaucrats, and all the muslims on the dole at Lakemba.

  • KingJefferson

    Schlomotion is a troll … a dumb one I might add … go wipe your arse with your hand and pick your bride from your nieces at playing with dolls at your family reunion … stupid nonsense logic

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