Elizabeth Warren and the Frauds of Diversity

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For anyone familiar with the American university and its gospel of multicultural diversity, the revelation that Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren exploited her 1/32 Cherokee ancestry to pass as a minority is a dog-bites-man story. For decades now universities have depended on the superficially non-white “other” to fulfill and tout their “commitment to diversity” and their doctrine of “multiculturalism.” Meanwhile, the only diversity that counts, the diversity of minds and points of view, is ignored. Instead, the rigid leftist ideology of American historical wickedness and oppression is imposed on the presumed bastions of truth and free minds.

The phoniness of such “diversity” is evident on multiple levels. Warren’s ploy is not that much more egregious than the thousands of Caucasians with Hispanic surnames who pass as minorities in American universities. White Chileans, Argentines, and Mexicans come to American colleges and are transformed into “Chicanos,” a category that has little reality outside a college campus. Hiring Basques or Spaniards counts as increasing “diversity,” even though they have nothing culturally in common with the mestizo or Indian children of farm-workers. So too with African or Caribbean blacks, who are hired not because they bring the unique perspective of their homelands to their intellectual work or teaching, but because they count as “black,” and thus are assumed to have some mystical connection with American black students and their cultural identity, which owes much more to American culture and history than to African.

Of course, socio-economic differences among American minorities are also ignored in the rush to promote diversity. A Mexican-American dentist’s or schoolteacher’s daughter who never cut a grape or washed a dish supposedly has some special insight into poor or working-class Mexicans. A light-skinned black son of college-educated parents who grew up in the suburbs gets to campus and suddenly has a rapport with the “brothers” and their experiences. An upper class Chinese is thought to be better able to relate to anyone designated by the meaningless category “Asian-American,” which obscures the fundamental differences and histories of Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Thais, Laos, Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Hmong. The social capital that comes from education and wealth and that is used to define “white-skin privilege” suddenly has no value when it comes to the equally privileged ethnic “other.”

And don’t forget, no matter how poor or underprivileged, no white people have anything to bring to the campus diversity table in the eyes of diversity-mongers. Indeed, not even all the non-white ethnic groups get the same privileges given to those anointed as contributors to “diversity,” no matter how much their people have suffered. Punjabis darker than most black Americans don’t add “diversity” to campus. Armenians whose ancestors were slaughtered in the Turkish genocide, and who faced legal discrimination like real-estate covenants barring them from certain neighborhoods, don’t count either. Other groups like Italians or Poles faced discrimination and racist slurs in at the turn of 20th century, when General Francis Amasa Walker, president of M.I.T., wrote in the Atlantic Monthly that such dusky immigrants were “beaten men from beaten races; representing the worst failures in the struggle for existence,” possessing “none of the ideas and aptitudes which fit men to take up readily and easily the problem of self-care and self-government.” So pervasive were these prejudices that the 1924 immigration law effectively stopped such “unfit” people from coming to America. And obviously, despite their long subjection to anti-Semitism, exclusion, and mass-murder, Jews don’t add diversity either. Indeed, they’re fair game for campus prejudice and ethnic slurs. To the university, all these victims of historical oppression and exclusion based on their cultural differences are officially “white” with nothing to offer to campus diversity.

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  • Bamaguje

    'White Chileans, Argentines, and Mexicans come to American colleges and are transformed into “Chicanos”' – Bruce Thornton

    Well, they are from Latin America which makes them "Latinos" even though they may be of European descent.
    Now you understand the racial category designated "White Hispanic."
    It all goes to show that this racial/ethnic diversity thing is a slippery slope.

    Affirmative action might have made sense 3 or 4 decades ago to forcefully end racial segregation, but today it is counterproductive to harmonious race relations
    The message to minorities seems to be 'you don't have to work as hard as White folks', which means they are more likely to breed mediocres.
    This obviously is not in the long term interest of racial/ethnic although they may think so in the short term.

    Merit should definitely be trump race/ethnic diversity in universities if Academic standards are to be improved.

    • Supreme_Galooty

      Why in the world would one WANT to improve academic standards? Other than increasing the efficacy of advertising, what is the benefit of universal literacy? I can find little or no benefit, yet much mischief is wrought by it – not the least of which is that multitudes are deluded into thinking themselves to be smarter and more competent than they actually are. Academe in today's world is a fraudulent poison.

  • Unflomp

    Since humans originated in Africa, doesn't that make us all African Americans? Should we not all list ourselves that way on teh paperwork for the affirmative apartheid programs?

    • mlcblog

      That may be some people's opinion. I believe we originated in the Holy Land, the fertile crescent, the area between the Tigris and the Euphrates. I think that is a Muslim folkloric tale about people arising from the mud in Africa.

    • flomper

      Socialists/libtards are always telling us all humans can trace their ancestry back to Africa – hence we are all the same. It isnt true, we are not all of us descended from Africa. The genetic difference is actually 3 per cent – which is enormous.

  • logdon

    Mark Stein is calling her Fauxcahontas!

    • Ghostwriter

      Fauxcahontas! That's a good one. It might amuse even real Indians themselves.

      • logdon

        Maybe they'd call her Sitting Bullsh*t?

  • Sage on the Stage

    …and this phony one-sided "diversity" clap-trap extends to the battlefield; where American soldiers are
    forced to obey "Rules of Engagement." Let's be careful to treat our enemies with respect, say these "Rules," and lets not embarrass or humiliate them; or defeat them in battle. No, mustn't do THAT. Meanwhile, soldiers
    returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are treated in a disgraceful manner, by the V.A.; and by Obama. Where is it taking us?

  • Beth

    Elizabeth Warren is not an American….because no true American would be saying the words that she says.

    There is no greater National Document for all of mankind than the U.S. Constitution. Elizabeth Warren is an enemy to that Document (Make no mistake about it). She is a divider. She is liar.

  • Stan

    and in MA, she has wrapped up greater than 40% of the vote for this Senate Seat for one fact alone…She has a "D" after her name. Sad state of affairs in MA, that the voters don't look at substance, ethics, the Constitution nor common sense… it is only that "D" that determines a vote. Having lived here for 20 years… it is a neurological defect with the voters here… no common sense or 'self thinkers' need apply

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

      A replacement for Ted Kennedy, clearly. If she could only show her 'swimming' skills too.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      D is for duped, deranged, distorted, delerious, disingenuous, disasterous, dopey……..huh?
      are the 12 Dwarves a diversity…………Looney Land a new Disney feature and in Masschussets.
      "Hi ho, hi ho off to Looney town you go, Boston Beans what a scream, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho……..
      It might be funny but for the pathetic people educated to create scam after scam and have
      the tax payer indebted to do so…………………………….William

    • Red Maryland

      Guess what? Its worse in Maryland.

  • sononthe_beach

    Great article, Bruce. There has always been a current of thought in support of your theme, but lately I have detected much stronger support and acceptance for it in the national mindset. We may finally be witnessing the rise of reason and common-sense in opposition to thst senseless dogma called political correctness.

  • StephenD

    Great work here Mr. Thornton. Too bad change in policy for these Universities isn't in the offing, even with as much sense as you make. Since logically Merit is the only real criteria and this is to be continually ignored so that the "elites" that promulgate this system can feel good about themselves, we have to stand apart and watch as they satisfy each other with the smoke they blow up each other’s' arse. There will be a day when this system crashes to the ground. It must crash. You can’t build anything solid on vapor.

  • Steve Chavez

    YAHTEHAY LIZ. For those of you that don't know Navajo, that's "ALOHA AMIGO" IN AMERICAN.

    "DIVERSITY" of today is what Rosa Parks fought for. "WHITES ONLY" signs though are now "Blacks Only " and "Chicanos Only" due to university groups demanding their own separatist areas, buildings, and courses. Then you have Women Studies, Chicano Studies, and African Studies and each with their own administration and offices.

    Our Congress too has the Congressional Black Caucus and Hispanic Roundtable.

    What is Hispano Chamber of Commerce? Aiding one race over the others and getting funding for it?

    It looks like the only group of people that are following the path of ROSA PARKS ARE "WHITES ONLY!"

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

      You notice diversity is only tolerated when it's their style of diversity?

  • sedoanman

    ACTA was right: Ward Churchills are everywhere.

  • Schlomotion

    This article is a lie and Bruce Thornton is a liar because he portrays American Jews as as having nothing to do with (save as victims) the quest for ethnic and cultural diversity or the Diversity Movement instead of being its historical core membership, issuing manifestos from Claremont, Rutgers, and Columbia. That is not mere ignorance on his part, it is a wicked lie. His second wicked lie is that he repeatedly in the article and repeatedly between articles misrepresents Elizabeth Warren. Bruce Thornton LIES that Elizabeth Warren has made a big deal about being part Cherokee. She has not not made a big deal about it. The semi-professional character assassins Bruce Thornton, Daniel Flynn, Michelle Malkin, and Glenn Beck have made a big deal about it. GBTV, Frontpage, Townhall.com. Only Hasbaras have made a big deal about it. What's weird is that she is on record kissing AIPAC's butt: http://www.liberalsforisrael.org/elizabeth-warren… Her real claim to fame is attacking the corrupt banks from the Wall Street Bailout. The only possible explanation in her case is that The Lobby is backing Republican machine politics in targeting her as an enemy.

    • Atlas_Collins

      So you don't think it's kind of sleazy and self-aggrandizing for this white bytch to have used her purported "cherokee" heritage for professional gain?

      I think it's sleazy.

      If I was an injun, I'd spit on the likes of her and the Ward Churchills of academia who make a mockery of a noble heritage.

    • reader

      Here's a bigger lie for you, troll, to chew on: sources tell me that the Joos (one of whom was George Bush, by the way) lie that they had not waterboarded Warren to make her claim to be Cherokee – knowing perfectly well that years later this would come to a head at the least opportune moment for her. That's how evil those Joos are.

    • Ghostwriter

      Schlockmotion,I'm amazed. You manage to turn nearly every topic on this website into a reprehensible screed against the Jews. I wish you'd stop it. You make yourself look stupid every time you do that.

    • mlcblog

      I've stopped reading your stuff.


      As all can see, Schlock is still upset that his side LOST WW2.

  • Attila The Hun

    Lizzy, like all the Democrats/Socialist/Fascist/Communist is morally corrupt individual who has no respect for anyone, except for her own self serving tyrannical socialist ideology. All this phony diversity is nothing more than a scheme to enslave the poor and acquire power through intimidation and thuggery.

    Simply put an organized crime syndicate tactics.

  • clarespark

    White liberal foundations backed the multicultural curriculum after the disruptions of the mid-1960s in major American cities. They were scions of old money, aided by cooperative Ivy League academics. I quoted from their own conferences here: http://clarespark.com/2010/07/18/white-elite-enab…. (White enabling of black power). Jews had nothing to do with it. Note especially the Shirley Sherrod tape at the end of the essay. An index to my black power blogs can be found here: http://clarespark.com/2010/07/15/index-to-black-p…. These upper-class enablers were all progressives, not Republicans.

  • kafir4life

    Hey Lizzy (aka Thief Spreading Bull), Just because you're a big dick doesn't make you a black man either.

  • lerojist

    We were not meant to intermingle, intermarry.

    A nation is defined by a culture, heritage, language, and FAITH. The U.S. was founded/created by the white European, rooted in the Judeo/Christian Bible. The enemy within opened our gates to people we have nothing in common. God warned us about this.

    This is a white European nation. Yet, our government has allowed multiculturalism to destroy our nation. Diversity means division. It's the old strategy …divide and conquer. The immigrants come in and have no respect for our laws, faith or our peoples. They are ungracious guests.

    • Western Canadian

      Cram it, ya bloody bigot.

      • lerojist

        Using common sense….why live with conflict? God warned us.

  • PAthena

    "Armenians whose ancestors were slaughtered in the Turkish genocide, and who faced legal discrimination like real-estate covenants barring them from certain neighborhoods, don’t count either. " This is incorrect. Restrictive covenants were stricken down by the Supreme Court in 1948.

  • BS77

    Unity trumps diversity.

  • Flowerknife_us

    Once upon a time America was a melting pot. Let us think of it as a stew. Now we have all the ingredients in seperate pans. Each being cooked alone making sure one does not flavor the other__Diversity is just another way to progressively piggon hole us.