Get Ready For More Charges of Racism

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If you think I exaggerate, consider the video made at the University of Minnesota-Duluth, part of an ad-campaign created to fight for “racial justice” by pointing out “white privilege.” In the ad, self-flagellating white people confess their “white privilege” with the statements scrawled in ink across their faces. For example, one woman says, “We’re privileged that people see us, not a color.” There’s something incoherent in complaints about being seen as black when all hear are insistent demands that we recognize how wonderful being black is. Then there’s the man who scolds, “We’re privileged because society was set up for us, and our silence keeps it in place.” These sentiments reflect the old charge of “white-skin privilege,” which had some truth-value before the vast changes in racial relations and opportunities that followed the Civil Rights Act, the astonishing growth of the black middle class, and programs such as Affirmative Action.

But even before those changes, there certainly wasn’t any “white-skin privilege” for poor or working-class whites. I grew up amidst the rural poverty of the San Joaquin Valley, and none of the poor white kids there were being paid to attend Harvard or handed a job with IBM just because they were white. Many of them ended up where many poor Mexicans and poor blacks did: in jail, the army, or on drugs. The obsession with “whiteness” and “white privilege” obscures the real advantages provided by social class and the possession of social capital.

Here we reach the fundamental lie at the heart of such racialist discourse. As Obama himself shows, these days as long as a black person is suitably progressive in his political beliefs, his skin-color is an asset, particularly if he is obviously middle-class in his demeanor, speech, and dress––or as Joe Biden said, “articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” How else explain Obama’s careful fabrication in his memoir of a black consciousness and subjection to racism––which, according to David Maraniss’s recent biography of the president, made him “blacker and more disaffected” than he really was––if not to exploit that privilege? As Jonah Goldberg writes, Obama is “a product of campus culture — at Harvard, Columbia, and the University of Chicago — and his vignettes of racial struggle were in some respects the coin of his realm. Later, when he entered the national political scene, he discovered this currency was accepted by much of the mainstream media as well.” For millions of educated, middle-class black people, their race may cause them the annoyance of being followed in a store, but it also can grant them huge social advantages––including becoming the president of the United States.

Those advantages explain why some well-off, educated black people, especially those who work in government, education, and the media, are quick to exploit the race card. By identifying with and capitalizing on the social miseries of under-privileged blacks, they can gain social power, deflect criticism of their shortcomings, and direct attention away from their own socio-economic privilege, which often surpasses that of millions of whites. Meanwhile, the degradation of the black underclass worsens, something that has little to do with race or racism, and everything to do with a dysfunctional culture that scorns the traditional virtues like self-control, personal responsibility, and hard work that in the past sustained black life even in the days of Jim Crow.

We shouldn’t be surprised, then, that in the next few months Obama and his supporters will obscure his incompetence and failure with the verbal spray-paint of white racism. Without it, he wouldn’t have become president in the first place.

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  • margot

    Of course Obama will pull out the race card. The problem is, though, people are tired of that pathetic tactic. He's toast, and Obamacare has just sealed his fate. November can't come soon enough…But then, if he's really going down, watch for him to impose martial law and stop the election. King Obama may have to be impeached to get him out of office.

    • Asher

      You are certainly correct…and Obama is the biggest racist President of all time pitting Whites against blacks, and being half white himself, but denying part of his blood!

    • Jim_C

      The people who think Obama is going to impose martial law are probably the stupidest bozos in our country. You dumbasses have been predicting it since BEFORE he was even elected. He hasn't yet, and never will, but that doesn't stop the most idiotic among us from saying so. And when he never does, you won't feel any shame for constantly saying he would–you'll just move on to the next thing to be scared of. Because living in fear comes natural to little scared people.

      Nor has he come for your guns, but that didn't stop the scared little bunnies from creating an ammo shortage from a run on ammo right after his election. But…Any day, now, right?

      Here's how it will go down with you guys: if he's re-elected, well, NOW is the time he's going to come for your guns, because he has nothing to lose. He couldn't be as radical as he wanted to be the first time around–but LOOK OUT in his second term! He's gonna go full Pol Pot, then!!

      I GUARANTEE that will be the narrative.

  • Walter

    Since racism is called into question, What do you call a 61 year old College Degreed Vietnam War Era Veteran African American that is in disagreement with the President, his Cabinet and the Black Caucaus on the way this country is being directed?. Can I claim reverse discrimination or racism. I have been called a jiggaboo, uncle tom, house n_ gger. miseducated spook, etc. Why because I exercise my right as a guy who fought for the rights of my fellow amercians. I have seen the DEMOCRATIC PARTY strip or steal the vote of the veterans all over the world including my own state via laws and procedures. Yet they have no problem sending their fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers etc in to harms way to further their own political careers. They provide crony jobs and fat payoffs to their friends in government and industry. Also they have done a good job of dumming down the populance. We have been dependent on that government forty acres and a mule for so long that we don't even know how to plow for ourselves anymore.

    • margot

      I would call you a well educated, intelligent American who served his country! Don't fall into the trap of being race – baited. Why waste time arguing with morons? You won't change their opinions, just as they won't change yours. Thank you, Sir, for your service to this great country…And this advice comes to you from a white female who is proudly married to another Viet Nam era Army vet!

    • cjk

      You should take the time to read Clarence Thomas' book, 'My Grandfather's Son'.
      It sounds like you would really appreciate and enjoy it.

    • Ghostwriter

      Walter,you seem like an intelligent guy. It's a shame the race mongers have grabbed the national dialogue. Not every black person in America is on Obama's side. It's also a shame we don't hear from them more.

    • Jim_C

      Jeez…Did the democrats steal your teddy bear, too?

    • steve

      Amen,goombah.And by the way,thanks for protecting this lovely,soon to be destoyed,once proud nation of ours.

  • Asher

    Lets discuss ulterior motives of Fast and Furious, ( the Anti-Gun Agenda) designed to disarm Americans, by claiming all the weapons supplied to Drug cartels were from Gun shops in America. Democrats voted with Republicans to find Holder in Contempt because they realize what is going down too…Next will be the attempts by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to pass the Small Arms Treaty through the United Nations…once again so they will have more control of us..if we are disarmed….These Radicals aren't deceiving anyone anymore!

  • Lady_Dr

    It isn't just the "well-off, educated black people, especially those who work in government, education, and the media" who are ready to exploit the race card. Every liberal in government, education, and the media (which is most liberals) is always on the ready to use the race card, regardless of their own race. It is just a weapon because they must protect their positions of priviledge and they are incapable of using facts, logic or reason.

    Don't ever be deceived the left are the enemy.


    So? Who listens to this racial baiting anymore? I sure as hell dont.
    WHY do people pay attn to it?????

    Start covering black on white crimes, you will find out who the REAL racists ARE.

    • Jane Larson Baer

      whole generations of young people have been taught to hate poor whites

  • Jeff Thomas

    Mulatto: First generation offspring of a black person and a white person.

    Example. Obama

    Could you address this "oh so obvious" issue? I am still waiting for the first negro, black or African American president.

    The President would resent anything remotely racist, but his claim to be negro is the most racist declaration possible.

    Please see:

    Apparently Obama would like to apply the "One Drop Rule". This is extremely offensive.

    Jeff Thomas

    • Jim_C

      That's something you sweat over, is it? Obama's racial makeup?

      Tell me, are you taking offense because you are African American–or just "concerned on their behalf?" LOL

  • BLJ

    Obama is a piece of garbage and will do anything he can to stay in power. He could care less about the average black person in America. He has done nothing of substance to help any of them.

    The problem is black voters are clueless and have been brainwashed since birth about "The Man" holding them down. They have no idea that a Republican President ended slavery in America (or that their fellow blacks in Africa were the slave traders). They also refuse to see that their so-called black leaders are just getting rich off of them.

    • safcraker

      This race card use of late caused me to research a few things by which I was surprised. In 1860 there were 27 million whites and a little over 4 million blacks. Slave owners were 1.4% of the population. Comparing the percentage of black slave owners to their percentage of the population there were more black slave owners that whites. Some were in fact very wealthy and worth more than many of the white men of the day. It was more likely that a white has an ancestor that fought to free the blacks than he does in having one that owned a slave. Obama received 54% of the young white vote and 45% of the older white vote even considering there were a lot of Viet Nam vets that felt compelled to vote for McCain because of his military record. Obama received between 95-100% of the black vote which says a lot when you compare records between the two. There are far more violent crimes committed against people of another race by blacks by a long shot than another other race. The news refuses to acknowledge this. Excuse the %$&@ out of me if I offended anyone.

    • Jim_C

      You paint with a pretty broad and condescending brush for a guy who's trying to sound like he's only looking out for da blacks.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    It is a fact that we do not have dependable, reliable and responsible government in America. If a
    decent person goes into politics and tries to make a difference against the leftist elites in any
    party they are racist, right wing extremists, heartless ghouls or worse, Christian or Jew. Is it
    not time for the voters to end this decades long farce and elect responsible and decent people
    into political office. Self serving and corrupt individuals have taken over and know how to grease
    palms, play people for fools and destroy our culture turning America into and immoral sewer
    destroying National integrity and identity. I am so over tolerance and accepting excuses
    couched in racist lies, ad hominem distortions which is the stock and trade of the left. I
    want the left gone, they are not Americans, they are criminals and dehumanizing enemies
    of all we have had of value. Freedom must have responsibility and it should be denied those
    who are destroying America……………….William

  • Dennis Metz
    go to this web site and show these folks some good news we need to turn as many voters as possibel before it is to late

  • Bob From Virginia

    Folks, someone please explain how is it that after 3.5 years of being the worse President in US history Obama is still at 50% approval and is generally favored to win re-election? I know part of the answer is that when people vote for Obama they are voting on appearance only. The fact that he is a lousy President is inconsequential when one is dealing with an ignorant and immature electorate. His record is immaterial, the only he will lose would be if he were to become fat and bald.

    • Jim_C

      I can explain it: 1. He's not the worst president in U.S. history, and 2. people, surprisingly, still seem to remember that the country went into the toilet during 8 years of Republican non-stewardship.

    • steve

      Because,Bob,43% are on the dole.

  • mrbean

    The election will be close. Obama will be potrayed as a good Christian family man who cares about the need of the poor and the medical needs of the people and that it was all Bush's fault that the United States economy and foriegn policy is now in the tank. Nothing will ever be said about Obama's being stiil a clandestine Muslim or a member of a racists Black Theology Church for 20 years, or the fact that at least three people have confirned he was a serious cocaine user and engaged in homosexual acts. Romney was be potrayed as a Mormon zealot supporting a racist cult, an out-of-touch rich guy who doesn't care about poor people and only about his rich country club friends, so he will throw grandma in the street, lies that he was a cheater on his wife, and that he will take away all the medical and the social security from the old people, and eliminate the unions (extortion) power over governments and industry. But Romney will win and the MSM and race hustlers will encourage the blacks to riot in every city because they will make up lies that Romney stole the election despite massive voter fraud supporting Obama. Then the real test comes whether Romney reverts to a RINO mode.

    • lostsok

      Huh, so Tea Parties and right-wing nuts call for revolution when THEIR justice upholds health care. Right-wing extremists have committed murder and bombing on a regular basis since Oklahoma City. Morons like Glenn Beck have made remarks suggesting violence as an answer when their petulant whining doesn't garner the response they want….but it's "the MSM and race hustlers" that "will encourage the blacks to riot in every city"?

      Seriously, what color is the sky in your fantasy world? In he long history of really dumb posts by right-wing idiots…and there have been MILLIONS…this may be grown-zero for stupidity.

  • SungoSang

    There is a dude that clearly knows what day of the week it is wow.

  • gman213

    What this mentality does is in fact make whites begin to think along racial lines when they normally do not. This mentality and attitude convicting whites of "racism" actually is a self fulfilling prophecy, making whites begin to despise the black race.

    • lostsok

      Maybe for YOU. I don't like anyone being racist, including so-called "reverse racism," but to suggest that simply ignoring racism is a better approach…that sounds like someone who simply doesn't like that they have been called out for past comments.

  • Jerry Sprinkle

    His bailout of the auto-industry wasn't a mistake, his health care was upheld by the Supreme Court, he decisively ordered the hit on Osama, and I can see the worry-sweat from your brow has dripped onto your keyboard and wrote a blog about how Obama is done for.

    • lostsok

      No kidding, Jerry. This article was about as real as Lord of the Rings. Just pure wish fullfillment fantasy. Hilariously sad.

  • lostsok

    Wow, did the writer of this have a bad acid trip or something? The "implosion" of the Obama administration? Does he mean the one that just kicked the conservative looney bins ass all over the place in getting his healthcare bill upheld? Or the one that is making Romney look like a doofus (okay, to be fair, Romney mostly does that one his own) on a daily basis?

    And "…no record of achievement to run on"? Really? No killing of bin Laden? No health care reform? No student load reform? Obama has done more in four years BY FAR than Bush did in 8. Granted, he HASN'T started a 3-trillion dollar war that killed thousands for little gain. But, hey, nobody is perfect.

    I hope all the right-wingers masturbating to this nonsense are enjoying themselves. This article is to political analysis what Game of Thrones is to the history of the middle ages….A COMPLETE FANTASY.

    But…it was funny!

    • JRH

      Im not disagreeing with your opinion per say, I do question your logic.
      You mentioned 4 things that Obama has accomplished. 1. He killed Bin Laden 2. He got his heath bill passed
      3. Student Loan reform 4. He didn't start a 3 trillion dollar war.
      Of these 4 "accomplishments, the killing of Bin Laden was probably the most important. The other number 2 and 3 are government freebies and as for number 4, well, he needs to save as much as possible to pay for number 2.
      When Obama first ran for President, besides having been a first term Senator, he had very limited experience. He was on the City Counsel of Chicago. Apart from being a Senator, Romney has been a successful business man……. which I think counts far more than being on a city counsel somewhere. Back to the heal care reform issue…..There has been plenty of controversy over his healthcare deal but the fact that it took this long to get through isn't exactly a win for anyone. I personally find it a nice idea, at face value but Im sure you'll find might actually cost much more than it is worth. Sure, everyone thinks its "free" healthcare but is it? In Canada, where the government provides social style healthcare services, (my wife's cousin is from Toronto and they apparently love the system,) but they although Im sure now that we have decided to emulate them, maybe you won't see them around so often anymore the weekends, doing their shopping and filling their gas tanks with what cheaper US prices. The Canadian Government is able to achieve free basic health care because they make everyone enroll in an insurance scheme. What the insurance won't cover, thats when it becomes a problem……because the taxpayers cover the rest which means those who make say, for example $24000/year (about the average salary for 18 year olds and over in the US for 2012)……say, for example they end up in the hospital and who knows, maybe their insurance won't cover all the costs…….just for arguments' sake……… Tell me this sir, why should I help pay for someone else's medical bills? Maybe I make more than the average person, even worse less, but why would I want to work hard just to pay for someone else's expenses. I can't understand what incentive there would be to go out and try to do better for me and my family. I might do better if I stay and home and play PS3 and watch Jerry Springer all day, as long as my government check arrives every month. Okay, so maybe I am selfish. My hard work should be rewarded, not handed over to the collective government piggy bank that we can all draw out of in a time of need. My sweat, my reward!

    • JRH

      I don't happen to think that its true that in America, if you can't pay, you die, or stay injured. There are plenty of programs in place out there if you look. I happen to live in Italy now, which has had Government sponsored healthcare…….but I am not obliged to get insured. I get insured because I am a citizen…..but the quality of that free healthcare has a high price…….and by quality, I do mean in a negative way. Hours or waiting in the emergency ward of the local hospital, getting told by a doctor that he may be unable to treat me at the hospital, but if I come to his private clinic and pay a premium price, I can receive care that way…….anyhow, to summarize the system is smoke and mirrors, it sounds good and looks good on paper and to voters but really, is it free care or quality care? I think we will all see very soon.
      Its ironic how you also listed student loan reform as one of Obama's achievements. Really!? Are you a student yourself or do you owe on your loan? How is this an achievement? They still want the money back……..but if you cant extinguish the debt, in 20 years they "forgive you" You are aware that student debt has now surpassed credit card debt aren't you? Ill tell you what, if you can get the President to cancel all my credit card debt, Ill eat my hat…..heck, I may even vote for him……. but I don't honestly believe that you can list that as an achievement, especially since everyone knows this will just create more zombies blindly walking around with their hands out waiting for that government handout. The debt doesn't just go away, the taxpayers have to absorb it somehow……well, on the other hand, we could just vote to increase the deficit…..another of Obama's "lowlights", or in this particular occasion we might as well just call it an "accomplishments" because since Obamacare is a good thing, and the 3 trillion dollar war is a bad thing, this logic has to agree that Obama saved us all 7 trillion by raising the debt ceiling another 10 trillion.

    • JRH

      Think for yourselves people! Look around and learn from other country's problems. No, Romney probably isn't the best answer but then again, who is? Ill take a person with a successful business record over a person who thinks government is there to decide every aspect of my life for me. With all the economic mess Obama as gotten us into it will take a miracle to get us back on the right track.
      Finally, Bush was a little goofy but he did have a much better foreign policy record than Obama. Im slightly offended that you said he did less in 8 years than Obama has done in …….well, lets call it four……
      You insinuate that Bush started a war. I assume Iraq, however I challenge you to explain to me how the entire region is not better off now. You mentioned it costed 3 trillion dollars, did you write a check, yourself? Or is it less costly than letting a tyrant run his country unchecked? As part of Nato, the US voted to go to war and so did the rest of Nato….the world does not revolve around the US alone……I know that is what they teach in school but its not true. As an example, in Europe, the world revolves around Europe……we don't really care much what the US does as long as they don't mess things up for us here. Anyhow, remember when Iraq invaded Iran? Im sure some of us do……it lasted for 8 years! Why? Because no one had the nuts to do anything about it. No one cares what the UN says, Im sure that if NATO went in then and f'd up things a little bit, we would have gotten more respect out if Iran and now look at who's in charge over there…….
      Okay so Im ranting, but here's my point, before making generalized statements, study! I don't need to read the article, I pretty much know whats going on already and thanks to your post, I was able to "release" and hey, now I don't even feel like masturbating anymore. oh well…..I can't believe I had to copy and paste three different times……I need a cigarette so when I get cancer, lostok can provide me with free room and board plus all expenses paid vacation at some nice new hospital… long as they have cable.

  • Hubcap

    The race card is sooo boring considering that Obama is more white than any other brown color. Try playing the inept card or the deliberately destructive card or even the enemy within card. Stealth Muslim card.

    • Enemy Within

      or the super secret combo card: Deliberately destructive enemy within who is also a gay Muslim female

  • Johnny Canadian

    Most young people have little use for racism and homophobia, so these problems will largely solve themselves through attrition over time.

  • Cornholio

    ITT: Butthurt people

  • Ronald Johnston

    53% of American voters elected this illegal alien as president!!! Does that sound like a racist society???

  • Amused reader

    I hate it when white people use their race card. White is a race too, isn't it?