Harvard Promotes the Palestinians’ Slow-Motion ‘Final Solution’

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This pretext, moreover, which exploited the principle of “national self-determination” enshrined in the Versailles settlement, offered Czechoslovakia’s allies France and England the seductive delusion that if only a settlement could be negotiated regarding the Sudeten Germans, a resolution could be achieved without violence. Meanwhile, Hitler’s Nazi stooges in Czechoslovakia instigated violent riots and fabricated incidents of violence against Germans, at the same time they kept escalating their outrageous demands during negotiations. As Hitler’s puppet in Czechoslovakia, Konrad Henlein, put it, “We [Sudeten Germans] must always demand so much that we cannot be satisfied.” The goal was to force the Czechs to break off negotiations and thus justify a German invasion.

Consider the similarities between Hitler’s strategy and that of the Palestinian Arabs:

• Hitler’s military was not ready for a war against both France and England in 1938, so he was reluctant to gamble on force to achieve his aims. Today the Palestinians and the Arab states have suffered three defeats at the hands of Israel, and are unlikely to risk such humiliation again.

• Hitler thus turned to duplicitous negotiations over the alleged suffering of the German minority in the Sudetenland and their right to national self-determination to buy time and achieve his aims without war. Likewise the Arabs now speak of a “Palestinian homeland” and Palestinian self-determination to grind Israel down in a process of specious negotiations filled with outrageous demands, such as the return to Israel of 700,000 “refugees” or the dismantling of “settlements,” so that the new state will be ethnically cleansed of Jews. And the Palestinians “cannot be satisfied” with legitimate concessions made by Israel, including at least three legitimate offers to give them the homeland they allegedly pine for.

• In concert with phony negotiations, the Sudeten Nazi Party fomented violence and manufactured atrocities in order to justify German intervention and create international sympathy for their cause. So too the Palestinian Arabs have manufactured numerous atrocities, such as the Jenin “massacre” or the Mohammad Dura killing, and used terrorist violence in order to provoke retaliation and defensive measures that further alienate the international community from Israel and increase pressure on it to make concessions.

• Most important, just as England and France were unwilling to take action against Hitler’s aggressive intentions, and so found in the alleged suffering of the Sudeten Germans a convenient excuse to pressure Czechoslovakia into committing national suicide, so too the West finds in “Palestinian suffering under Israeli occupation” a convenient pretext for ignoring the obvious goal of the Palestinian Arabs, the destruction of Israel. Indeed, President Obama’s recent demands for more Israeli concessions as a prelude to a peace settlement recalls the suicidal concessions England and France demanded from Czechoslovakia. As the crisis continued in 1938, the British solution was “for Prague to get a real twist of the screw.” And while the Czechs fought desperately for their national survival, British Minister Basil Newton advised Czech president Edvard Benes “go forthwith to the very limit of concession.” How similar to the constant accusations that Israel negotiates in bad faith, and to the continually escalating demands on Israel to make unreciprocated concessions to a people who have met every previous concession with terrorist attacks, and who always “demand so much they cannot be satisfied.”

Winning international sympathy and support for the “oppressed” Palestinians has been a critical element in the “phases” strategy. The Kennedy School conference––like the boycott of Israeli academics, one of whose prime movers is Ilan Pappé–– is yet another example that this strategy to destroy Israel by manipulating international opinion has been working. The “one-state solution” is in fact an enabler of a slow-motion final solution.

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  • Larry

    Lets start calling them what they really are, genocide desirers and enablers, or for simplicity, genocidists.

    Because anyone who promotes the one state solution, supports BDS, or the so called "Palestinians" is just that. Someone who desires the extermination of the Jews.

    • Joseph Abrahamson

      youre dumb. go back to hell where you came from you ignorant close-minded baffoon.

  • NotaBene

    Such hysteria. Does democracy frighten you so much?

    • Advocatus

      That depends. Seeing as you probably have an Iranian-style version of "democracy" in mind, why should sane people be cheer-leading for it?

    • ziontruth

      "Does democracy frighten you so much?"

      The freedom to flick your finger ends at the tip of my nose. If Islam weren't a form of imperialism, I'd have no problem with the "Arab Spring." If…

    • Alvaro

      I'll bet there were Germans saying that same thing to Jews in Germany in 1933 as well.

    • Cynic

      Why do you use that cliché democracy?
      Maybe you should have qualified it with Islamic democracy.
      Just look at the democracy breaking out in the M.E. Like a scourge.

      • NotaBene

        No mean democracy, period. But it doesn't matter because there's no form of true democracy (in which all citizens are equal under the law) you're willing to accept.

        If a country cannot survive the application of democracy and legal equality, then maybe it wasn't meant to exist.

        • Ted G

          "If a country cannot survive the application of democracy and legal equality, then maybe it wasn't meant to exist."

          Therefore no country ruled by the sharia should exist. I'll go along with that!

          • NotaBene

            Try again. Iran or Saudi Arabia could abolish sharia, implement democracy and retain their national integrity. Israel could not. That’s the difference.

          • Advocatus

            " Iran or Saudi Arabia could abolish sharia, implement democracy and retain their national integrity. Israel could not. That's the difference."

            How so? Israel is already a democracy and seems to be pretty well. So your point is?

        • ASG

          Well then thank God this country wasn't founded upon the tenants of Democracy. The United States of America is a Representitive Republic.

          Besides, Harvard receives large somes of tax payer money, and a lot of us do not accept the Hate Speach of these speakers to be a good allocation of our money.

        • aspacia

          Really, just what freedoms have you been denied in the USA?

    • pagegl

      Not the Israeli democracy, but there is no democracy in the proposed Palestinian state. It will be Sharia, with any Jews left alive living as, at best, second class citizens.

      Also, your use of the term hysteria is uninformed at best. Realizing and accepting the fact that the so-called Palestinian leadership has only slaughter planned for the Israelis is not hysterical.

    • Ted G

      Democracy with islam as its basis is nothing but slavery, oppression and religiously sanctioned murder.
      Really, do you even understand what a "Constitutional Republic" means? What a tool.

      I suppose next you'll be telling us that islam means peace

  • Whatsinaname

    Hitler was democratically elected. Hamas was democratically elected. "Democracy" is often little more than mob rule. The United States is a republic — not a democracy. The "Arab Spring" could certainly be called "democratic" but it will prove to be far more difficult to live in as it shows it's true identity: the Islamic Winter. People have already started to kill each other for a loaf of bread. Islamic inspired "democracies" are gateways to hell. What happened at Harvard should scare everyone but unfortunately it does not.

  • oldtimer

    So much for Higher Education. Hate, lies, and brainwashing instead of truth, love and acceptance.. So much for the whole education system, from the preschools on. I have so called educators in my own family and the standards they share are totally unacceptable to me. They probably taught these demonstrators at some point. And most people think that they are underpaid. They are overpaid, over benefited and this is the result, this is what you paid for.

    • ASG

      Don't worry oldtimer, they are absolutely "higher" than most!

    • aspacia

      The Left is allied with Islamist hoping to destroy the government, but they will be massacred, just as the Marxists who helped overthrow the Shah were massacre.

  • kafir4life

    Now isn't Harvard where White House Stinky (also known as BO) was supposed to have gone to school? If so, why would anybody be surprised. Stinks is a well known anti-semite, muslim, and hater of Jews and Israel.

  • Steve Chavez

    ANY YET with all this onslaught against Israel, AMERICAN JEWS will still support, fund, and vote for Obama!

    Catholics are now running away from Obama and a friend, a Che lover and defender of anything Obama, defected last night as he told me he heard the Bishops letter and one from the Vatican to not vote for Obama and he snapped his fingers and said he switched "that quick." He said "the Soldiers," who are the main caretakers of the church and who dedicate up to five services per week, are now speaking up against Obama and people are listening AND SWITCHING. This issue is just on birth control and abortions SO WHY AREN'T AMERICAN JEWS LEAVING OBAMA TOO SINCE ALL THESE HATE ISRAEL SEEK ITS ABORTION AND DEATH?

    • TheOrdinary

      Because these are self-hating, useful idiots, liberal, reform-’JEWS’ who want to distance themself from JEWS and ISRAEL.

    • Reggi

      Ever more of a mystery to me, is how any Jew can buy into the "Holocaust Industry" theory of Norman Finkelstein. In my experience, there exist fellow Jews who honor the memory of the Shoah and vehemently speak out against anti-Semitism..yet fail to connect the dots and see that Jewish genocide is the end goal of the "oppressed" palestinians. They fail to acknowledge that what they perceive as being conscientious of humanity, is instead a result of their being manupulated into believing that Israel is the oppressor, Eli Weisel is a "resident clown", Abraham Foxman is "the Grand Wizard" and Hezbollah is to "be praised" (all Finkelstein statements). Enabled by "palestinian strategy", Finkelstein ideology, academic anti-Semites..they have blindly become their own, and other Jews, worst enemy.

  • Eric G

    To thoroughly understand the issue, how likely is it that this conference will have a break-out session with "1948" in its title? I wouldn't hold my breath.

    • Eric G

      To clarify — that the *truth* of 1948 be told, not academic deceptions such as "the original 700,000 [Arabs] who were ethnically cleansed from Palestine in 1948 and 1967"

      • ASG

        There was no "ethnic cleansing" in Israel in 1948. Up until the Oslow Accord Israel was controled primarily but the Brittians and was so since the fall of the Roman Empire who controlled prior to the Brittish. As a matter of fact it was the Romans that re-named the area Palestine. 2/3 of the population in Palestine was still Jewish even before the Jews were given the land back. And if they went as far as ethnic cleansing, why did they allow the Mosque on the Temple Mount to remain?

  • Joe College, Ph.D.

    Harvard is a drop in the bucket. There's Columbia University. And Yale University. And UC Berkeley, Riverside, Irvine, Santa Cruz, etc. There's also Princeton University, and. hell, I could go on all day . . . maybe hundreds of colleges and universities all across the country, all gone rotten to the core, all calling for an end to Israel. They stink to high heaven.

    • Stephen_Brady

      Joe, when I took my Ph.D. at Princeton, I had to swallow my pride on a daily basis and hide who I really was. Then, when I graduated and went on to teach, I still had to hide in the shadows, or I would have been fired. Then, the enemy made a mistake. They granted me tenure.

      The day after I was granted tenure, I came "out of the closet" as a conservative, and almost all of my "colleagues" abandoned me with a vengeance, except for one fellow-conservative. But there was such a hunger for the truth, that all of my sections were full. Some of my students are in public service, today, and that pleases me to no end.

      • ASG

        Thank you!

      • stern

        I sure hope there are more of you! Thank you for what you are doing.

      • aspacia

        Ditto–I still often have to refrain from speaking my mind even at the high school level. Albeit, I never had a problem with my communist professors at U of R, often spoke my mind, however, not so at CSUSB.

  • oldtimer

    I just read in Science Daily that the fall of Ussr in 1992 brought a rash of math professors to the US, now teaching at universities such as Harvard! So, what else are these professors teaching besides math?

    • Larry

      The maths, physics, chemistry teachers aren't the ones to worry about. They deal in reality.

      It's the second and third generation products of the Frankfurt School that are leading the charge to destroy America, and they are in all the Humanities schools.

    • Raymond in DC

      Those "math professors" from the Former Soviet Union aren't the problem, because they *know* from first-hand experience what a failure socialism was. Even more scientists and engineers (not just math professors) ended up in Israel and were critical in creating the high-tech Israel we see today. But they aren't voting for left-wing parties. They vote for Israel Beitenu ("Israel is our Home") and Likud.

  • Geneww

    Attempt whatever you wish but God has the final say. Each of the 456 Biblical prophecies of the Christ's Birth, life and death were precise, each of the thousands of historical prophecies came true, every stated scientific fact was latter discovered true (http://jc.does-it.net) so I suspect Israel will not be defeated since that land was given to them by God.
    God plus anything is still a majority and will win on or in any situation.
    Allah is a god but hates everything that the God, who wrote the Bible and created the universe, loves and established.

  • tagalog

    A view that there is some way for a single government, run by Palestinians, and in which Jews live, to survive with both groups remaining unharmed, is a view that makes the recent alleged "scientific" study that concludes that conservativism attracts people of lesser intelligence a study in complete nonsense.

    In short, the "one-state" solution is one of the most blatantly dumb things I've ever heard, and anyone who is familiar with the history of the last half-century should know that. Anyone who thinks that makes sense, or solves anything, is an idiot. As Orwell once observed, some things are so stupid that only an intellectual could seriously consider them.

  • mrbean

    They have already sold their souls for nickles and dimes. Harvard University and Georgetown University each accepted $20 million donations in 2006 from Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Alsaud, a Saudi businessman and member of the Saudi royal family, to finance only Islamic studies. Harvard has created a universitywide program on Islamic studies, and recruited new faculty members from Arab countries in the field, provided more support for graduate students and to convert rare Islamic textual sources into digital formats to make them widely available. Steven E. Hyman, Harvard's provost, who coordinates the new program. Georgetown used thesame amount as a gift – the second-largest it had ever received – to expand its Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, which is part of its Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service. It said it would rename the center the H.R.H. Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center. Harvard and Georgetown are bought and paid for like a couple of cheap wh*&res.

    • Reggi

      Indeed, mrbean! Intellectual accuracy, morality, conscience..sold to the highest bidder. A sell out which Jimmy Carter and the media has also availed themself of.

  • theleastthreat

    100 more Israels before one more Iran.

  • Brujo Blanco

    I suppose for the left Palesrine is offering all people peaches and cream. The reality is they will kill every Jew that they possibly can if they have their way. The Palestinians are using Hitler’s play book for power.

  • maria

    Democracy is not just free elections but freedom of speech first of all. Where is allowed freedom of speech in Muslims country? None. So, except Israel there is no democracy in ME. Islam is totalitarian political ideology which masked under religion. They openly and repeatedly saying that Islam will dominate. Islam is subjugation and always brings death to those who don't want to convert. Crazy professors think that they will be examption of common destraction. They don't know history and absolutely not able to see reality.

  • dirt

    Good, finally the leftists and anti-semitism agree on “Israel/Palestine and the One-State Conference”, Israel the one state on the land called Palestine.

    Finally, the Arabs on Palestine land will be going voluntarily from the Jordan river into the sea and will be free from the torment of their own hallucination.

  • 080

    The fact still remains. The PLO or Palestinian Liberation Organization was founded in 1964. The Israelis only acquired the "occupied territory" in 1967, three years later. So back in 1964 what land was the PLO seeking to liberate. The answer lies in the photo above : From the River to the Sea or more simply Israel. How reasonable is that?

  • Ghostwriter

    The majority of the Palestinians don't want peace with Israel. They want them dead. That's all you need to know about the current situation.

  • george a. way jr.

    satan's stirring the pot of hate and death disguised as "higher education "

  • SM Chocron

    Durban all over again. Petro-dollars to work. Why buy Russian Migs when you can buy academics for less? No training or maintenance necessary!

  • ButSeriously


  • BUTSeriously

    World's Greatest Post-W.W.II Crime: the corruption of the Balfour Mandate, perpetrated when the Jews were totally helpless. There is no other meaning of this evil deed than the aspiration of supporting Europe's Jewish problem, which failed under the Nazis. Today, Europe is obsessed with serial 2-state demands in the same tiny land they left for the Jews, inventing Muslim Palestinians and perpetrating Heil Hitler salutes at the UN. Britainistan and Eurabia are happening despite all Christians being silent of Europe's continuing crimes.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Harvard has become a Communist pustule in America and leans towards self
    destructive causes for mankind and borders on suicidal complicity with the
    enemies of America. New England should be relocated to Old England as they
    have more in common with Londinstan than the rest of the Nation. Palestinian
    frauds have a real home with these miserable traitors of America and a pox
    on them all. Israel is mistaken by not attacking all of their enemies and sending
    them to perdition………………………………………………………..William

  • http://garyfouse.blogspot.com gary fouse

    What a cush job for these so-called professors. Get on the anti-Israel speaking tour, give the same stump speech, see the world and all its glorious universities. Where does one sign up?

    Oh wait. I support Israel.

  • xnylady

    Harvard, Yale and some other etc, have been infiltrated by Muslims in order to take over these Colleges, to seduce them to their beliefs, why? because we cannot be prejudiced to anyone, even if it means to change your entire culture & religion. They have a commitment to take over the world. Do you know of any country they do not inhibit with great Population or growing Population?
    Research, research, understand the people overwhelming your Education, your Community, your lifestyle, is that what you want? This is a very significant subject, are you American, or are you a puppet?

  • JMI

    Why are my comments being deleted? Because I'm not a member of the Zionist lobby?

    • Ghostwriter

      Or because you hate Jews with every fiber of your being?

  • Morton

    Oh bug it. Jewish and democratic? Maybe it makes more sense in Hebrew.

  • American Thinker

    Yes, things are going so well for Christians in Muslim countries today. Ask the Copts in Egypt if this is a good idea?

    And while we are at it, why can/do so many muslims move to, EVERYWHERE, but Jews and Westerners can only enter Muslim perils at great personal risk?

    Double standards much?

  • waleed

    jews used to live in Palestine in harmony with Palestinians and were treated equally and justly, the Palestinians did not want the formation of israel as it was thier ancestral home land and who has the right to a split a country and give half to another group of people. why couldnt the zionist go found a state in a larger country such as America, they have excess land. palestine is almost a speck on world map. if i were to give half of america to the jews, how would you americans feel,especially if the jews had a say in everything you did,whether you could import and export,whether you could leave your country and come back when they charge you twice as much for water as they charge thier citizen. would you not want to destroy them?
    my grandfather owned 100 hectares of land in palestine, now 3/4 of it is behind an electric fence, if my family wanted to visit the land we owned we had to get a permit, which the jews rarely hand out.