Obama’s Assault on America’s Prestige

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The short-lived restoration of American prestige wrought by George Bush’s routing of the Taliban in Afghanistan and the destruction of the Hussein regime in Iraq soon dissipated in the administration of Barack Obama and his promise to “embrace a new era of engagement” and a “new way forward” with America’s enemies. In practice this has meant his solicitous “outreach” to thug regimes like Iran and Syria, the appeasing and unreciprocated “reset” of relations with Russia, the Carter-like pledges that America would be a “partner mindful of his own imperfections,” the undercutting and hounding of stalwart allies like Israel, the craven apologies to the Muslim world for a “colonialism that denied rights and opportunities to many Muslims,” and the abandonment of unsavory allies like Hosni Mubarak, who nonetheless better served America’s interests than the Muslim Brothers soon to run Egypt are likely to.

All we have gained from Obama’s “new way forward” is further damage to our prestige, and the perception that America is an unreliable friend and a contemptible enemy. Iran blusters, threatens, and continues to work furiously on obtaining nuclear weapons, with the patent support of Russia and China. Russia ignores our sermons on international morality and provides diplomatic and material support to Syria’s Bashar al Assad’s brutal slaughter of his citizens. Our precipitous withdrawal from Iraq promises to squander all that has been gained for the last 9 years and to further strengthen Iran. The Taliban have marked our announced 2014 withdrawal date from Afghanistan on their calendars, in the meantime tempting us into “peace negotiations,” and demanding as the price just for starting talks the release of their murderous colleagues from Guantanamo, 5 of whom Obama is thinking of releasing as a “good will gesture.” The allegedly “moderate” Palestinian Authority is moving closer to forming a unity government with the genocidal Hamas, without any worries that the near $1 billion in U.S. financial support will stop. And most recently, the interim Islamist government in Egypt has indicted 16 American NGO workers and kept the 6 still in Egypt from leaving the country, virtually kidnapping them. Like the Palestinians, the Egyptians don’t respect us enough to fear that we will cut off the more than $1.5 billion in annual aid.

In short, thanks to Obama’s foreign policy, our enemies and rivals do not believe that we will vigorously defend our interests and citizens. We have the most lethal military power in the history of the world, but we lack the prestige based on the certainty of friend and foe alike that we will use that power to protect our friends and punish our enemies. Great powers decline for many reasons, but losing respect for their power is surely one of them.

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  • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

    Last time Britain cared about its prestige was the counter attack against Argentine for capturing Falkland Islands (during the Thatcher administration). Yet Britain had lost its prestige completely allowing Iran to capture British Navies.

    America had lost its prestige since Vietnam, and it is just getting worse…

    All administrations imposed the suicidal tactic of using unwisely limited war power, or leaving the job unfinished. That is why we still have bleeding problems with North Korea and Communist China, later with Iran, Afghanistan. Carter took the wrong side with Iran, Clinton – the wrong side with Serbia, against the interests of America!

    All administrations were obsessed with ignorant nation building for the enemy. The nation building for the enemy may happen to be successful (even wise) only exceptionally, for exclusive enemies such as Germany, Japan, South Korea. Otherwise the enemy must be crushed, period. Islamic nations cannot and must not be rebuilt. Mecca and Medina ought to be nuked on 9/12/2011.

    Indeed, the sitting impostor and Commander-in-Thief brought the US prestige lower than any of the predecessors. After all, who else prior to him publicly bowed to foreign tyrants, or betrayed the national identity of the own nation?! But then who else of the predecessors dared to blatantly commit the Constitutional perjury, and to discredit the presidency by egregious forgery and identity theft?!

  • tagalog

    President Reagan got a little credibility for the U.S. back after Vietnam, just with those little brushes in Panama seizing Noriega, and in Grenada. Even those little teapot moments made us look stronger. Then we skedaddled out of Lebanon.

    Osama bin Laden saw the U.S. as weak for one very specific reason: the humiliation of our forces in Mogadishu in 1993, under the leadership of Bill Clinton, who wanted our army to engage in nation-building instead of fighting the warlords who were exploiting their people. We should never have been in Somalia in the first place, but if we were going to go, we should have gone in with a fully-functional fighting force.

    If we were going to engage in nation-building instead of war, then it would have been best to send in the diplomats instead of the soldiers. If you're going to send in the soldiers, send in the armor and artillery too, along with the ships and the planes.

    • mrbean

      Now that was outstanding post – makes up for the previous nonsense. Tells you also that Bill Clinton's neglect and cowardice led to 9/11 because all the planning, training, and go ahead took place under hos watch as did 10 other major al Qaeda terrorist attacks.

      • Jim_C

        Clinton bombed the al Qaeda camps, only to find bin Ladin had been gone a few days. He was ridiculed, by the way, by the Right for his "obsession" with bin Ladin. There weren't a lot of people outside a handful of think tankers who perceived the threat of Islamism in the post-Cold War environment.

        • Anonymous

          Clinton didn't "bomb" them, you fool. He did order a small number of cruise missiles to be fired on the day the Congress was to begin impeachment proceedings against him (amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing coincidence, no?).

          That was a purely political decision on his part, not a serious attempt to disable the enemy. So transparent that even a dimwitted democrat voter could see through it. Well, no, such a person can't see the obvious.

        • tagalog

          He wasn't ridiculed by the right for his obsession with bin Laden; he was ridiculed for his "Wag The Dog" strategy to deflect attention from his impeachment. And it wasn't just righties who ridiculed him for that.

          Evidently you've forgotten how President Bush and Condoleezza Rice were taken to task for not paying enough attention to that CIA memo about Muslim terrorism in the United States. Even the CIA thought that there was a threat from Muslim action, probably based on Muslim attacks dating from at least the Reagan era, if not going back to the Iranian Hostage Crisis during the Carter years.

  • clarespark

    Can national security, a strong foreign policy, and anti-imperialism be combined? Obama's SOTU address claimed yes, yet it smelled like proto-fascism to me. See http://clarespark.com/2012/01/25/the-state-of-the…. The military model that Obama recommended to solve our internal problems will not repair our damaged prestige in the world, and I would add to this article's list of horribles the Rooseveltian internationalism that favored the United Nations as the solution to war..

  • mrbean

    Watch China and Russia revertto the stamdard veto of all US UN proposals because they regard Obama as a weal naive nom-leader they refer to as "Obambi" and Hillary Clinton as an "unkempt charwoman" who is a stupid and arrogant old hag.

  • BLJ

    O = One
    B = Big
    A = Ass
    M = Mistake
    A = America

    • mlcblog

      LIke? where is the I love this button?

  • tanstaafl

    Obama views himself, not as an American, but as a "citizen of the world". Whatever that means.

    • mlcblog

      I think he sees himself not as anti-American (though at the bottom line that is the fact), but more of not American, un-American. Like it has cooties or something, and he disdains being an American. See his head up in the snooty air so much? Nose turned up. So much better than us meat-eating Bible-reading patriotic hero-appreciating American fools!!!

  • Ozdragon

    Under Theodore Roosevelt the USA had the fifth largest Navy and a very small army. Yet no one messed with us because they knew he would pull the trigger.
    It is not the size of the army but the guy's perception of your willingness to use it that creates the deterent.

  • BLJ

    That picture says it all for me. An arrogant self-absorbed anti-American creep.

  • Ghostwriter

    Well,you guys should read the book Bill Press wrote. He claims that President Obama is misunderstood by everyone and his critics are race-obsessed fanatics bent on destroying his administration. And also he's not as leftist as everyone thinks he is. What do you guys think about Bill Press' book?

  • BLJ

    Bill Press blows.

  • waldemar

    @ .."Bashar al Assad’s brutal slaughter of his citizens…"

    Sir, I humbly submit that when Muslims slaughter other Muslims the whole world benefits. That's the way to Save the Planet. We should encourage that, rather than deplore.

  • Jim_C

    President Obama had Osama bin Ladin killed. He has destroyed entire tiers of al Qaeda leadership. Over 240 strikes on terror targets in Pakistan alone. And he's fulfilling his campaign promise to bring the troops home from both fronts.

    If you think he's somehow done more than President Bush to diminish American prestige abroad, you're out of your mind. 8 years of not caring about American prestige and scads of contempt for its critics; and now you're oh-so concerned? Funny how that works.

    In short, we owe President Obama a debt of gratitude.

    • mlcblog


      • Jim_C

        Balderdash, ye say? Why, poppycock!

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Our prestige can not be measured in the actions of our efete politicians, nor can it
    be measured in the business sector of our Nation, it's leaders self absorbed and
    lost in space looking for treasure outside of and American economy. Our prestige
    can only be measured in the character of our people and as I look around it seems
    we are getting what we deserve excepting our military which is being undermined
    by our Marxist Messiah hiding in a closet with his turban……………………….William