Obama a Creature of the Corrupt University

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The November presidential election was the favorite topic at the Freedom Center’s West Coast Retreat last weekend. Amidst the prognostications and arguments about which Republican would or should get the nomination, or how pessimistic or optimistic conservatives should be about defeating the President, the personality and motivations of Barack Obama were a constant theme of conversation among participants.

What makes Obama tick? Is it psychological conflict and neuroses created by an absent father, a Muslim stepfather, and a flighty mother addled by Third-Worldism? Is he a Manchurian president, nursing socialist or Islamist agendas? A secret Muslim practicing taqqiya, or a progressive disciple of Saul Alinksy who has finished the Gramscian “long march through the institutions” by occupying the country’s most powerful political post? For me, while all these speculations could explain Obama’s personality and behavior, the answer is simpler: he is the perfect embodiment of the politicized, corrupt university.

That the university is politicized will surprise no reader of FrontPage, but more evidence has just been presented in a report by the California Association of Scholars called A Crisis of Competence. This study of the University of California system confirms what national studies of faculty political preferences have previously learned–– that liberal professors outnumber conservative ones 8 to 1. At the flagship Berkeley campus, ratios are scarier: 10:1 in the hard sciences, 17:1 in the humanities, and 21:1 in the social sciences. And across the system, individual academic departments reveal more lopsided ratios: 29:1 in the Berkeley English department, 31:1 in the Berkeley history department, 29:2 in the UCLA English department, and 53:3 in UCLA history. Are we surprised that the University of California was one of the biggest donors to Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign, giving more money than even Goldman Sachs?

Given this political bias, it is equally unsurprising that, according to a study by the UCLA Higher Education Research Institute, a majority of professors now believe their task should be teaching not basic skills, critical thinking, and foundational information, but how to “become agents of social change.” For example, the “mission statement” of the Berkeley Department of Social Work states that students must be committed to advancing “social justice,” code for redistributionist policies predicated on grievance. Or consider the UC Santa Cruz Sociology Department’s mission statement, which proclaims the need to consider “how society is organized in relationship to a vision of a just, free, and equal society – a vision that may require fundamental social change.” You can bet that “equal” does not mean equality of opportunity but equality of result achieved by the coercive power of the government. And “fundamental social change” is redolent of Obama’s promise five days before the 2008 election that “we will fundamentally change America,” a promise he has unfortunately kept.

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  • Anthony

    Very good article. I enjoyed reading it because it tells the truth about both academia and the cult we should call black idolatry.

    Obama on CSpan yesterday reminded me of a demented man frustrated by the those who fail to recognize his genius. He would often make facial expressions that were scary, almost every thing he said was not true, or half true, or would contradict his actual actions. Basically, he lies and believes his lies.

    I thought about just how confused and befuddled and unpleasant he is to look at, and I thought it obvious that he is the worst man in our history to be represent Ameica – an embarrassment, a danger.

    But he does represent America to the world, because he embodies America as it is today. He is a messenger of the modern America created by sick, demented liberals who were given the keys to every major institution – by foolish elites, and they methodically proceed to recreate society in their image.

    Obama is their Frankenstein.

    • http://imataxpayertoo.wordpress.com kathy

      Well said, Anthony.

    • DMW

      Yes, well said. And to: "I thought about just how confused and befuddled and unpleasant he is to look at…" Let me say that his pacing and tone of delivery (more likely from a teleprompter mode of delivery) expresses both arrogance and insincerity — like a well honed robot (or Chatty Cathy) that is started by a string pulling on his back. Just words. Yet there is a conviction there to say the words correctly but, unlike say a Reagan, no conviction of any long lasting or eternal meaning.

    • joe

      he has delusions of grandeur

    • Sage on the Stage

      Very good article; and a very good post. But we also need to realize that the indoctrination of our young people begins in the public school system. By the time most students get to college, they are well on the
      way towards becoming narcissistic, unproductive individuals that will burden society. They have been jacked up for years; by teachers who reward bad behavior and poor/nonexistent study habits; or ignore it, and pass students that don't deserve to pass; that demonize and denigrate America, etc. For example, in this locale, public schools are no longer going to suspend students for poor behavior. And guess who supports this initiative? The Open Society Institute; funded by none other than George Soros.

    • Ronald Johnston

      The only solution to this evil agenda by our universities is to disband them!!!!! When the free enterprise system finally gets healthy again, new educational institutions will rise up out of the ashes and will be free of the yellow bellies!!!!!

  • pierce

    I could not say it any better. You Anthony, are a excellent spokesperson for what's wrong in America today.

  • oldtimer

    Zec.1 and Rev.6.. the 4 hidden dynasties, education, governmental, monetary and religious. Where do we see the corruption today.These institutions influence and control from birth.

  • jacob

    And, with all due respect, may I ask :
    WHOM'S FAULT IS IT ?????

    There is a problem in this country, problem which shouldn't exist but it does, consisting in that
    we either fall short or go overboard, a typical example of going overboard being what has been
    exposed above about OBAMA's university career….and I dare bet nobody but nobody knows how
    to get rid of this problem not only in higher education but in our corrupt media, which reminds of
    NIXON's words :

  • jacob

    I apologize for having ommited that what's happening in our education system starts even at grammar
    How about the rewritten history of our country in the school books and no PTA's have said boo so far ??

  • wintertime

    Unfortunately Bruce Thornton did not include the liberal to conservative ratios for the colleges of education.

    Please remember that the graduates of these liberally lopsided institutions are graduating the K-12 teachers that have populated out government ( and private ) K-12 schools for the past 30 or more years.

    Not only are elite students being indoctrinated in our colleges and universities, but the indoctrination begins in kindergarten, Even the proles who never manage to get to a university or even graduate from high school get their fair share of liberal indoctrination.


    Gosh ERIC AND ANTHONY if I had a lot of cash..sorry but just wrote my check for the other 52%…BUT if I hadn't I would buy front page space on papers and put Eric's Great Article and Anthony's Wonderful response! Both so well written..Thank You Both:)



  • Bartimaeus

    Great article! The educational system that dominates a country determines its future. It has been a long time coming but the progressive vision is now entrenched and will be the greatest challenge to our survival as a free nation.

  • tagalog

    Now that we know what kind of a grounding in constitutional law Barack Obama received in his schooling, and that he qualified as an instructor of law at one of the finest univeristies in the United States, can't we now come together on a bipartisan basis and agree that our educational system needs considerable beefing-up in the area of liberal arts and law?

    I mean, Obama is an idiot when it comes to law, the University of Chicago didn't catch that, probably because of racialism, and now he's demonstrated it with his ignorance of judicial review, Marbury v. Madison, and the role of the Supreme Court, not to mention his misunderstanding of just exactly what "judicial activism" means.

  • geopeyton

    "For me, while all these speculations could explain Obama’s personality and behavior, the answer is simpler: he is the perfect embodiment of the politicized, corrupt university."

    For me, it's even simpler: smart people tend to think they know everything. Only intelligence properly accompanied by wisdom is worthy of respect. Barry is hubris personified.

    • geopeyton

      "You can bet that “equal” does not mean equality of opportunity but equality of result achieved by the coercive power of the government."

      Furthermore, you can bet that whatever measures applied to create said equality of result will not be applied to themselves.

  • Schlomotion

    It is amazing to me that this article drips with leftism. You have the Committee that is trying to do a sit-in at the University, and occupy all the podiums and the student organization checkbooks in the name of Zionist neoconservatism. But it is still the tactics of Students for a Democratic Society. You have the pseudo-freudian analysis of the target who deviates from the desired politics of the Committee. I read here a several pronged pseudo-freudian analysis of Obama including speculation about a parental complex. You have the Committee presenting several absurd analyses in the hopes that you will take the last, least ridiculous looking analysis because it is ostensibly less absurd than the others. It reads like the CPUSA trying to sovietize the University but privatize the profit.

    • UCSPanther

      As usual, you make less sense than a schizophrenic vagrant.

  • mrbean

    And I told the old street philospher "To higher things I do aspire", and he said "Son you are liar" It is faster horses, younger women, older whisky, and moooore money!"

  • jive artist

    everything you need to know about collegeboy… he claimed to be an ardent fan of the chicago white sox, (south side of course), yet mispronounced komisky park ( called it cominsky park), couldn’t name the manager ( ozzie guillen at the time), and could’nt name one player, instead naming two cubs, one of whom had long since retired. what a joke!!!

  • digdigby

    And shaped his wife as well. The woman had a $300,000+ 'administrative job' which in reality was 'baksheesh' paid to have access to her husband. When she left her 'job' do you know how much money her replacement was paid? Nothing. Because she had no replacement. Race whores, both of them.