The Media’s Racial Prison

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These ideas today have nothing to do with race or ethnicity, and everything to do with the “shared values” of the English-speaking countries or Anglosphere, as Roger Kimball puts it in an essay from his new book, The Fortunes of Permanence. “It is a unity,” Kimball quotes the Indian scholar Madhav Das Nalapat, based on “the blood of the mind” instead of the “blood of the body.” And the core ideal uniting the Anglosphere, Kimball writes, is “the depth and strength of the Anglosphere’s traditional commitment to individual freedom and local initiative against the meddlesome intrusion of any central authority.” It is this passionate dedication to freedom that has characterized the history and heritage of the English-speaking peoples, who for all their mistakes and crimes nonetheless have led the world in spending blood and treasure to protect, defend, and nourish freedom.

Despite attempts in the past to racialize those Anglo-Saxon values, to ground them in the “blood of the body” rather than in the “blood of the mind,” a true understanding of these shared values could not be further from the crude, materialist determinism of today’s race hacks, who imprison individuals in their race, and see everything they say and do and think through this discredited template. Remember when Harvard’s Derrick Bell said that Clarence Thomas “doesn’t think like a black man”? Likewise Lucas dehumanizes Obama’s white critics, seeing them not as free individuals with different ideas about where America should be heading and what policies will best get us there, but as slaves to their irrational bigotry and inherited moral corruption, and thus easily stirred to hatred by racist “dog whistles” blown by Republican politicians.

But notice too how this racial essentialism, this reduction of individuals to simplistic racial categories, demeans blacks as well as whites. By blaming everything that happens to blacks on white racism, the race-mongers strip black people of their agency, reducing them to passive victims condemned by their race to inferiority. And of course, we must wonder about progressives who endorse and institutionalize a racialist discourse that infantilizes the people they claim they want to be fully equal. Do they not understand that a victim is at some level always inferior to his oppressor?

But don’t forget the political advantage that comes from having a class of political clients whom you have absolved from any responsibility for their actions and lives. Such an idea has justified the creation of a vast social-welfare bureaucracy that has expanded the federal government, provided patronage for public employee unions, and allowed intrusive government interference in our social life and economy through affirmative action programs, hate speech laws, and sexual harassment policies that have less and less to do with office lotharios and more to do with protecting designated categories of persons from getting their feelings hurt. Yet this patronage likewise demeans its presumed beneficiaries, stripping them of the dignity that comes from personal autonomy and responsibility, fostering the “soft racism” of low expectations, and thus keeping them in a state of inferiority and dependence on those who oversee the transfers to them of taxpayer money. As the African proverb puts it, “The hand that gives is always above the hand that receives.”

That progressives who fancy themselves smarter and more sensitive thinkers, more respectful of nuance and complexity, than conservatives would endorse such crude racist thought is one more example of the bankruptcy of the progressive mind, and its corruption by politics and power. Given how much the progressives have to lose if Romney wins, expect even more of this intellectual corruption as the Democrats try to misdirect the voter from Obama’s dismal record.

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  • Dennis Metz

    This once again proves that the races will never be able to live together, blacks want to pretend they are not racist but they are the most violent racist people on earth , well aside from Muslims, and blacks will soon join the Muslims. they know what race hate is and that is why they scream it first. to deflect their own racism. democraps are for blacks only and never will be for Americans, that is why city after city is being more populated by blacks and whites can not find work because of affirmative action

    • dennis x

      If your white and can't make it in white amerikkka, then let's face , you ain't do do !

  • Guest

    " Charles Blow, columnist and blogger for the New York Times, designated the comment a “poisonous idea” on the paper’s Campaign Stops blog. Blow went on, “Not all Republicans are intolerant, but the intolerant seem to have found a home under their tent. And instead of chasing the intolerant out, the party turns a blind eye — or worse, gives a full embrace — and counts up their votes.”

    Ok, and a bigoted loudmouth moron like L. Louise Lucas spewing racist nonsense is more than welcome under the domocrats tent. The NY Times proves itself a waste of paper yet again.

  • Atlas_Collins

    I have never apologized for my heritage. When I look at my children, I know at the center of my being that my genetic line is superior to all others. Does that make me "racist?" Probably, but I don't care. Ph-ck you. My kids are better than yours.

  • mrbean

    Black's negative attitudes, entitlement mentality, criminal actions, and lack of personal responsibility are destroying civilized societies. Non-blacks build and advance education, blacks destroy and dumb down education. They need to learn to stop being bitter, take some personal responsibility, condemn black criminal behavior, and contribute positively to society instead demanding handouts and acting like a wild bunch of uncivilized animals then they wouldn't be such a parasitic albatross on the backs of whites

  • AndrewCorsi

    Excellent point!
    Also, with much relevance, I noticed (and perhaps others have noticed) that since Barry Soetoro has been president, there is MORE racial tension and bigotry than there was when Mr. Bush Senior or Mr. Bill Clinton or Mr. Bush Jr..
    This president has made racial harmony almost impossible. He has so clearly identified his allegiance with the Muslims while telling us that he's a Christian, that the Blacks who will vote for him (90% of them in all polls will vote for Soetero), that they inadvertently, subliminally have begun to accept Muslims as their friends.
    It is only Barry Soetoro who has ENABLED this country to dislike itself and to vote for anyone or anything that is not white. Also, he started this presidency saying only two things.
    1. Mr. Bush is the blame for everything.
    2. If anyone disagrees with Soetoro, that person must be a racist.
    Now we all see who the REAL RACISTS are!

    • dennis x

      That's because people like you and beanboy crawled out from under that rock of racism. But we knew you were there the whole time, no surprize.

  • Suni

    Most of the people Mitt Romney is talking to WOULD vote for Allen West!! West is more BLACK then Obama has ever dreamed of being!! They just do not get it!! It is not his color….it is his desire to destroy a country WE LOVE!!

    • RobertPinkerton

      While I could not vote for Mr. Obama — Sorry, but I suspect he is a gun-hater! — I would be delighted to vote for Congressman (LtCol retd) West.

  • tagalog

    Personally, I think that the claim that the Anglo-Saxons have done great things in the world IS in fact a racial claim. As an American of Anglo-Saxon and Scots descent, I am quite proud of what Anglo-Saxons and Scots have accomplished in both the material, the legal, the philosophical, the scientific, and the spiritual spheres. The world owes them, and white Americans (whose ideas ran this country for its first 150 years and for another 150 years during the colonial era), a huge debt.

    I leave the claim that I'm all wet, and that America and the Brits owe the world a debt for imperialism and the like to the same people who have been doing that for the better part of a century. In fact, Anglo-Saxon, Scottish, and American whites have done a great deal toward leading the rest of the world out of ignorance, slavery, and oppression and into material wealth and well-being. The detractors can just keep on blowing their racist horn all they want. The rest of us know how to weigh the white race.

    People can call the ideas of the Anglo-Saxons, the Scots, and the Americans, a "heritage," but they and the Jews and the classical Greeks – other white people – are the only races that have made such a "heritage" into a millenia-long dominance of truth, justice, and prosperity. We also have the ability to win our wars – the Germans and Romans taught us that.

  • Looking4Sanity

    “Not all Republicans are intolerant, but the intolerant seem to have found a home under their tent. And instead of chasing the intolerant out, the party turns a blind eye — or worse, gives a full embrace — and counts up their votes.”

    This guy has it entirely backwards. Those who he terms "the intolerant" are actually the broad base of the Party. It is up to us to drive out the RINO's and fellow travelers from OUR midst.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      The so called RINO'S are leftist stooges and are joined at the hip to all pinko activities, waiting
      on the sidelines to slip in that last vote in leglislation that is socialistic/marxist inspired. Look at
      John McCain coming out against what actions Michelle Bachman is taking in the courseof her
      committee. The slugs are known and the voters in each state must retire the professional
      politicians if we are to survive as free people and the maybe a little payback………..William

  • flowerknife_us

    Ever sense I was a itty bitty Baby my Mama said GOD made everyone equal. He just made the outside wrapper a little different to make us individuals.

    Now my whole life all I ever seem to hear is people and groups try and make a lire out of my mama. At first I thought what I was a hearing was good. Not talking bad about people because of their looks has always been the best way of doing things. After a short while I starts ta hearing how White People hate Black people. It's in the Papers. the Magazines.(there used to be a lot of them.) The Schools, TV, As Time progressed, Blacks became ,well, anybody who wasn't overtly Lilly White. As of today, you cannot even mention COLOR without the other Colors getting bent out of shape. Unless it's GREEN!!!!!!!!! that Color is the only Good one today.

    By the way, what Islamic group uses Green as their Color? And who is riding shotgun for them?

  • jemaasjr

    For those who do not know or have not noticed, the oppressed minority black community is getting pretty far from their designated role as our official victim class. Along with the normal backdrop of criminality, racist attacks on whites by mobs of blacks are becoming fairly common. I think we are getting close to a white backlash, and if that comes it will be hell to pay for the blacks because they are, in reality, a dependency class. Lacking white support in the form of welfare, cops, and mandated black hiring, these black ghettos would implode.

  • Ghostwriter

    jemaasjr,not every black person is like what you describe. I've met black people. I've interacted with them. Most of them aren't like what you say they are. In my opinion,most blacks dislike what's going on but don't want to say anything for fear of ostracism. You're a lot like mrbean. You rely on stereotypes of blacks but you don't really know them or have met any.

  • guest

    O is running his office and campaign right out of Mein Kampf, and his democratic party of Islam is very much like how Adolph Hitler would have run it.

    They make the KLAN look good while they preach race and hate. I would think there is going to be a serious shortage of Jews and Christians soon, especially in Muslim brotherhood controlled countries.