The Potemkin President Disintegrates

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After nearly four years in office, the tinsel and cardboard persona of Barack Obama is starting to fall apart. The political unifier who claimed, “There is not a liberal America and a conservative America––there is the United States of America,” has been exposed as one of the most divisive and partisan presidents of modern times. The post-racial candidate who supposedly transcended our racial divisions has intensified them, whether by crudely racializing incidents like the Trayvon Martin shooting, or by allowing the Justice Department to facilitate race-industry attacks on state voter-identification laws, or by calling his own grandmother “a typical white person” for fearing black criminals. The decrier of how money has corrupted our politics has spent more time at the campaign contribution trough than he has governing. The “centrist” who set aside partisan politics for the greater national good has been exposed as a doctrinaire progressive adept at bare-knuckled class warfare. And the “smartest guy ever to become President,” as one historically challenged historian put it, has turned out to be remarkably ignorant about a multitude of issues from the economy to foreign policy.

Yet we didn’t need the past three years to learn the truth about Obama. The evidence was all there from the start. What allowed the fantasy Obama to gain the White House was the collusion of a corrupt mainstream media that failed to ask the hard questions or follow through on stories that had managed to get the nation’s attention. The recent revelation from the Breitbart outfit that a publisher’s promotional booklet in 1991 bragged that Obama had been “born in Kenya” is just the latest evidence of how stubbornly and willfully indifferent the media have been to asking the penetrating questions of the sort that have dogged every president, especially those since Lyndon Johnson. The media’s dereliction of duty has allowed Obama to construct ad hoc identities that suit his political agenda and obscure his unsavory past and ideology.

For example, the continuing questions about Obama’s birth-country renewed by the Breitbart discovery are significant for exposing his long history of fabricating an identity to suit his careerist needs. The Hawaii prep-schooled, white-raised Barry Dunham discovered on getting to college that the exotic name Barack Hussein Obama, like the Indonesian childhood, was more useful for sending a diversity thrill down the leg of liberal white professors and admissions committees. So too with publishers, eager to display their multi-culti bona fides by promoting a Third-World author “born in Kenya,” who would chronicle his struggles against neo-colonial racism. Like many other hustlers “of color,” Obama was no doubt happy to oblige and collude in the deception––until national political ambitions required that he tone down the “other” vibe, at least until after the election.

So too with the unasked questions about Obama’s radical past. The media saw nothing to report about Obama starting his political career in the living room of ex-terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. You remember Ayers, the ex-Weatherman who bragged in his memoirs about getting away with his terrorist violence and being “free as a bird.” Obama assured us that Ayers was “just a guy who lives in my neighborhood,” despite serving on two foundation boards and appearing at conferences with him. As is the media’s wont, perfunctory “investigations” revealed that there was nothing to the stories, taking on faith Obama’s incredible assertion that there was no significance to the fact that one of America’s most notorious terrorists was a part of his life and political development. The same media that ran with a hit-piece on George Bush supported only by an obviously fabricated letter, and that currently is intensely picking over the past history of Bain Capital, Romney’s treatment of the family dog, and his alleged high-school bullying––that same media four years ago didn’t think there was anything newsworthy in the Democratic candidate for president having ties with an unrepentant left-wing terrorist. Instead, they helped construct Obama’s new identity as a pragmatic centrist beyond partisan politics.

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  • Ken

    Yes, why are the records sealed when all others are FORCED to release them for scrutiny?!? What is in these records that are so damning?!? There has to be something of interest, or Mr. Transparency and his cronies would not have had them sealed!! Just saying.

  • Banastre tarleton

    Romney will NEVER be President ; he's too much like AlGore with his wooden, dorkish , superficial personality that people intuitively dislike …….a privileged pampered creep
    We are now living in the era of the '' american idol president '' when politics is a form of entertainment ; the stuffy , solid , boring qualities of Romney have no chance against the celebrity appeal of Barrak , Hussein Obama ; he has good teeth , a seductive speaking style, can even dance , and knows just how to push the buttons of the vacuous younger generation …the very same dolts who vote for ''american idol'' voted for Obama …I wonder if they knew the difference ?

    Let's face it , the ''culture war '' of the last 40 years between the values of liberal/Leftist hollywood and the conservative values of Jadai/christianity is OVER …Hollywood has won ! a whole generation of young folks have been SEDUCED by the constant drip , drip , drip of the liberal subliminal ''soft ''propaganda from decadent Hollywood ,and the election of a preening , pretentious poseur like Obama is just the confirmation

    • truebearing

      Do you always surrender when the going gets tough? If all is lost, why waste your time telling us? What good will that do?

      You make a number of good observations, and some not so good, but to summarily reject hope seems a bit premature. Maybe we should all just become Muslims and succumb to inexorable fate. Personally, I'd rather die fighting.

      • Tarleton

        RUBBISH …if , after 4 years , the best that the Reps can do is a CREEP like Romney , then they most surely deserve to lose ……as they surely will

        • Roger

          Obama deserves to lose much more than Romney.

          At least one doesn't hate America.
          At least one doesn't want Al Qaida to have a safe haven and oil revenue (like obama and libya).

        • truebearing

          So, according to you, the candidate who didn't succeed because of what you decry in popular culture, and didn't get selected for superficial and moronic reasons, deserves to lose more than the candidate whose success is the product of everything you despise. That is just a tad tortured from a logical standpoint.

        • ebonystone

          For me, this will be another election like the last 5 or 6: I'll vote AGAINST a candidate, rather than FOR the other.
          Romney may be a creep, but he's not as creepy as Obama. Just as Bush-2, Algore, and Kerry were all creeps, but Bush-2 not as creepy as the others. The choices we've been offered for President in the last 20-25 years are a disgrace to this country, and proof of our decline.

    • kateyleigh

      I'm sure you hope.

    • FedupDeb

      Even on AI the competitors who win have talent. Obama is an empty suit and a lot of the people who voted for him four years ago see this. He won't be reelected.

      • Banastre tarleton

        well it took them 4 years to see it …it doesn't take 4 years to see what romney is

  • Banastre tarleton

    I was hoping that the election of a huckster like Obama was an aberration of ''white guilt ''and that the american voters would sober up and come to their senses , but unfortunately it is not to be …Obama is the ZEIT GEIST , or sign of the times and we can expect 4 more years of his maudlin , syrupy , entertainment that passes for leadership ….a political Milli Vinilli

    It was Lenin who said that cinema was the greatest propaganda device ever created , but Orwell never recognised the power of ''soft propaganda '' in the entertainment industry that has seduced and crafted the worldview of a whole generation of shallow , superficial minds

  • Banastre tarleton

    Obama as the ' ' Great Gatsby ' ' ?

    ' ' The truth was that Jay Gatsby, of West Egg, Long Island, sprang from his Platonic conception of himself……. So he invented just the sort of Jay Gatsby that a seventeen year old boy would be likely to invent, and to this conception he was faithful to the end. ' '

    It started as Barry Dunham , then Barry Soetoro , then Barry Obama , until the final mutation of ' ' Barack , Hussein Obama ' ' …….America is a country to re-invent yourself

  • truebearing

    There is no point in reading the drivel coming out of the NY Times, other than as a source for the Left's latest strategy. Other than that serves only to waste the right's energy on distractions and moral outrage. What we need to do is get every person in this country who so much as leans right in a strong wind to cancel their subscriptions to the Times, and hasten its demise. Then work to replace it as the "paper of record."

    One huge problem the right faces, but has never managed to address, is that we raise money for our candidates and then spend the money buying ads from the Leftist media. We're handing hundreds of millions of dollars to the Left who in turn use it to destroy us. What army ever won a war by financing the enemies weapons? That is the new definition of insanity. To call it stupid would be somewhat of a compliment.

    We need to stop spending money in the leftstream media and create more media of our own, or we will lose the media war.

    • Anamah

      We can be sure on two things, both worked as American enemies. So we need to take the steps to solve both issues. We need to investigate, correct and punish all implicates.
      Obama is a fraudulent person.
      The mainstream media is corrupted.

  • H&R_ Barack

    Without knowing all the facts yet, there at least appears to be cause to believe that Barack Obama, or someone acting directly on his behalf, misrepresented that Obama was born in Kenya, and that the statement was more than just a fact-checking error by his literary agent.

    Obama the Inchoate Kenyan… ~ American Thinker.

    Such a false statement in the context of trying to obtain a contract for a book — a commercial transaction — might make the misrepresentation punishable at law. On the other hand, the misrepresentation may have been designed to induce more people to buy the prospective book, which would be another legal no-no.

    Barack HUSSEIN Obama, may be cited as The First "African-African" President.

    Obama certainly is the most mendacious president in histoire.

  • Rifleman

    I guess jesse jackson is a "typical white person" too, by hussein's thinking, because he says he fears black criminals.

  • Eaveguestx

    Pharaoh Hussein and fellow-socialist Romney – a plague on both your houses. There is no difference. And clearly as the Republican primary process has shown, the machine is firmly in charge, the people don't matter. Unless and until they take matters into their own hands, but right now they're too asleep to do that.
    Why does the "Homeland Security" need 400,000,000 hollow point bullets? Why is only RT (Russia Today) reporting on it?

    • bruce

      so that they can match my supply of ammo!!

  • Schlomotion

    "Yet we didn’t need the past three years to learn the truth about Obama."

    The truth: Barack Obama, the President, is not Jon Favreau, the speechwriter. Who ever thought he would be? Your complaint really should be registered with Jon Favreau. He's the little twit who was born in 1981 and wrote all those lies to get Generation X to vote for Obama, even though Obama is no better than George Bush, and Romney will be no better than Obama. Mr. Thornton, you tried to stack all your accusations and venom into one essay, and it is every bit as cardboard and tinsel as this President, but unlike him, you cannot blame Favreau for the hollow words.

    • Western Canadian

      Even for you, a pathetic and weak comment.

    • truebearing

      You know, there are times when you actually appear to know what you're talking about….and then I read your comment.

  • davarino

    Brock Hussein Obama, creater of heavan and earth is beginning to descend back to earth to dwell amongst us mere humans. The mere humans are beginning to realize he is nothing but a poser and never deserved to even be considered for the presidency, much less senator. He is actually the biggest deceiver in history.

    Its funny how he even cow towed the republicans into giving him a pass on all sorts of issues, including his natural born citizenship, COWARDS. So once its finally revealed that he was in fact born in Kenya, does that mean everything he did in office is null and void?

  • Al Dente

    A credible eyewitness says Obama was conceived and born in Hawaii. SHOCKING:

    • Ken

      Then provide the documentation to back it up. If there is nothing to hide, then why seal it?!? Transparency?? Hello?!?

  • AntiSharia

    Everyone who wants to know Obama's bio already knows it. It's not going to make a difference in 2012, just like it didn't matter to most voters in 2008. Obama will be reelected or(hopefully) voted out of office based on his record and strength of the economy.

    • tarleton

      that's right …all that mud didn't stick 4 years ago …it will not now ……expect 4 more years of obuma

  • RiverFred

    Lets hope for $6.00+ per gallon gas, then we can get rid of Obozo.

  • http://N/A Jim

    I say fight fire with fire. Go to and post comments on the trash that the Left Wing Nut-Jobs are throwing out there. Once you get over the intial disgust of reading all that crap, you will actually find it to be entertaining when you get the whack-jobs on that site to go at your comments. Flood their sites with the truth!

    • texasmom4

      I agree – we need to use some of the Alinsky methods on these trashy libtards.

  • marios

    Obama reproached his 'mentor" Rev. Jeremia Wright in 2008 with enable to speak lie and as for BHO it made his campaign to become vulnarable. He paid $150,000 to his 'uncle and mentor" to shout up. There are two sides of his reproach: he was agree with Reverand hatred to America, whites,his anti-semitism though he convinced that he never for 20 years heard anything like those hatred speeches. Another side, he reproached Rev. to be not liar as BHO was all his life. How such a great country was degrated to elect actually criminal?
    One more thing: Muslims all the world donated money for him in 2008. Many Muslims from aboard countries called to US voters to convince them to vote for BHO. Who was behind them, who from Islamic world financed all that support? Probably Muslim brotherhood if remember his Cairo speech and that the first rows were occupied by MB. But he bowed so low before Saudi King… probably Saudis as well.
    Let's not confuse ourselves and vote for M. Romney who is Patriot of US, great businessman who can restore our country. Who want our country back should have no doubt and vote for Romney.

    • texasmom4

      Don't forget it was Ted Kennedy, another Liberal Democrat, who set the laws in motion to allow muslim immigration into America, in the mid-60s. They have long range plans for their caliphate. After 9-11 our first mistake was in continuing to allow muslim immigration. We should have closed our borders to them and deported many already inside. We made some terrible mistakes. Lost the best of our young people, killed and maimed in Iraq, destroyed our economics, let Saudi enemies continue to fawn and pretend friendship.
      Don't forget Hillary Clinton wrote a college thesis on Sol Alinsky, her hero! She's as big a Marxist as this mutt.

  • BLJ

    Obama is the ultimate fraud. Too many people in this country are too stupid and/or lazy to educate themselves about him. The facts are all out there.

    It really is amazing and down right terrifying that this guy is POTUS. It shows you how far gone a good portion of the American public really is. If he gets another term the game may be over.

    • tagalog

      Bread and circuses, bread and circuses.

    • texasmom4

      Many of us busted our backs to get university educations for our young. The very institutions that have gone Communist and produced a generation who probably voted for this fraud. A slap in my face. I used to wonder how brother could turn against brother in the Civil War. Now I know. Now I see children turned against parents in this fight for freedom vs totalitarianism. Well, this is one who will go down fighting………..

  • Jimi Belton

    Please,//////// lets not surrender like the above writer….We have to fight and scrap for the very soul of our great nation…..There is a huge difference between 0samb0, and Romney…..we have to hope and pray for romney, and do and spend whatsoever we need to, to see romney elected….we have a very scary and evil man guiding this great ship of state……PRAY, and fight the good fight …..jimi

  • Alexander Gofen

    Can I believe my eyes?! After 4 years of denial and obfuscation, Front Page has finally uttered a word that the "president's birth story" is not quite coherent? Impossible!

    Sure enough, Front Page dares only to mention as though the "president" just a bit exploited his African association to promote his books. In reality, you know, he indeed was born in Hawaii, as said…

    For the fat and brain dead American people the truth about the usurper Obama/Soetoro became irrelevant. A lot of the state institutions and mass media are already under a totalitarian control. Yet unlike Stalin's Russia, we are still very far from the totality of intimidation of the entire citizenry, nor do we have (yet) the GULAG and similar means of suppression. Those who wished to enthrone the usurper Obama/Soetoro greatly miscalculated, hoping that the truth about it will be easily suppressed and buried forever without any resistance from the patriotic citizenry. (Well armed citizenry). So meanwhile Stalin’s scheme cannot be reproduced without all its "components in place!" . Yet if you sit on the fence waiting, you will have it all…

  • texasmom4

    When the ignorant "teacher" was suspended yesterday for telling a student he could be arrested for criticizing this president, my hopes are re-awakened. She should have been fired; this person is not qualified to teach, even though she probably has a Masters in Education. Worthless degrees for someone like this! There are still enough of us to fight to the death for our capitalist system and our Constitution!

  • wsk

    Nothing to see here, move along………

  • Ronald Johnston

    Mitt Romney is probably the most decent human being ever to run for President. My first boss used to say about nice people, he's a nice guy, but there is no market for them! Romney needs to toughen up and attack this imposter who has been planted in the office of the President by our enemies!!!! McCain could have done the same thing and beat the evil lying communist homosexual druggie!!!!

  • Banastre tarleton

    If Romney is the best they can do , they don't deserve to win

  • truebearing

    I think you are mis-reading the piece. Thorton is laying out a thorough indictment of the media and an excellent analysis of Obama's composite identity. He's leaving it to the reader to draw the obvious conclusions.

  • Frank95054

    I couldn't have put it any better! Thank you sir. The GOP is made up of too many Girly boys and not enough men! The GOP is not going to win in November if it can not demonstrate the acumen and tenacity to win this fight!

  • cali

    Nicely said!

    I want to add, that the msm has repeatedly underestimated conservatives and, their social media connections. We have manages to be far ahead of the old msm; they don't like it and, it becomes harder and more difficult to keep hiding obamas problemsand, lies, including their own!

  • Roger

    Perhaps the party base will be able to take back the party before the girly men allow the destruction of everything.

  • truebearing

    Exactly. They live in an ideological echo chamber where they keep telling each other how brilliant they are, apparently for no other reason than that they chose to be Marxists, of one stripe or another. It seems their memories don't go back to the 20th Century where derivations of Marxism failed spectacularly 100% of the time. How smart can you feel if you are aware that you are following a failed ideology? Selective memory loss is just one of the ways the fools maintain their delusions.

  • ebonystone

    It's already withered for me. I haven't watched TV news for many years, nor listened to radio news except for the snippets inserted between segments of LImbaugh or Hannity. I don't read any of the national news magazines, and get the local paper only on Wednesdays for the grocery ads, and on Sundays for the puzzles and coupons. And there aren't many useful coupons these days.

  • ebonystone

    I'll bet that Putin has complete and accurate copies of all Obama's records — health, educational, and other.