The Stakes in Tonight’s Foreign Policy Debate

Foreign policy, the topic of tonight’s debate, was suddenly thrust into the voters’ consciousness by the murder of 4 Americans, including our ambassador, in Benghazi on the anniversary of 9/11. Intensifying the fallout of this event has been the Obama administration’s incoherent, clumsy, duplicitous, and rapidly unraveling attempt to blame the terrorist murders on a YouTube movie trailer lampooning Mohammed, in order to downplay the strength of the heavily armed jihadist outfits, some connected to al Qaeda, now swarming in Libya as a result of our overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi.

If Governor Romney wants to succeed, he must focus on the Benghazi attack and subsequent misdirection not just to highlight the administration’s increasingly obvious attempt to spin a carefully planned terrorist attack into a spontaneous reaction to an offensive video. More importantly, Romney must use the attack to emphasize its real significance: the political expediencies, character flaws, and dubious ideological assumptions behind Obama’s foreign policy failures.

The evidence of this failure is obvious throughout the Middle East. Start with Libya, the country most in the news. Eighteen months after U.S. air power facilitated the overthrow of Gaddafi In Libya, a weak central government is dominated by hundreds of heavily armed militant Islamist bands, some with links to al Qaeda, of the sort that killed our ambassador. Before his death, ambassador Chris Stevens reported that black al Qaeda battle-flags were flying over government buildings in Benghazi. This is consistent with an August 2012 report from the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress, which documented al Qaeda’s influence in Libya and concluded, “The Libyan Revolution may have created an environment conducive to jihad and empowered the large and active community of Libyan jihadists, which is known to be well connected to international jihad.”

Elsewhere in Africa, al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) is active across a broad swath of North Africa, and is suspected of complicity in the Benghazi attack. Al Qaeda-linked militants control territory in northern Mali the size of France, and are applying shari’a law, including punishments like stoning, amputation, and public beatings.  In Nigeria the jihadist group Boko Haram, whose real name is “People Committed to the Propagation of the Prophet’s Teachings and Jihad,” is also linked to AQIM, with whom it shares training, funds, and explosives. Boko Haram has been murdering Christians and others, 650 in this year alone, in order to fulfill the mandate of its name. And in Yemen, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula continues to battle the government and to plot terrorist attacks. Contrary to Obama’s claims, Al Qaeda’s leadership may have been degraded, but the franchise continues to be strong and active.

Likewise in the Middle East, where the jihadist Muslim Brothers have come to power in Egypt, the region’s most populous country, thanks to Obama’s abandonment of the brutal but reliable Hosni Mubarak, who had kept them in check. Even as al Qaeda terrorists have stepped up attacks in Iraq in the wake of our withdrawal, that country is strengthening its ties to Iran, allowing the Iranians to cross Iraqi air space in order to deliver arms to Syria’s Bashar al Assad. In Syria, numerous jihadist groups fighting Assad are gaining valuable battlefield experience in tactics and weapons, including surface-to-air missiles probably acquired from Gaddafi’s looted arsenals. The Taliban in Afghanistan are surging in anticipation of Obama’s announced 2014 withdrawal, with U.S.-trained Afghan security forces turning their weapons on coalition troops, killing 51 this year. Given the weakness of the corrupt regime of Hamid Karzai, there is a very good chance that the Taliban will reestablish itself as a major power in Afghanistan after U.S. forces withdraw in 2014.

Most dangerously, Iran continues its march to the acquisition of nuclear weapons with which it can “wipe Israel off the map,” as President Ahmadinejad has threatened. According to a recent DEBKA report, Iran’s “nuclear program’s high-speed uranium enrichment plant has now been entirely sequestered in the fortified underground Fordo site near Qom,” which means the Israelis will not be able to destroy the site completely without America’s help. DEBKA continues, “The Iranians are preparing to change the ‘active formation’ of the Fordo centrifuges and adapt them for refining uranium up to the 60 percent level, a short step before the weapons grade of 90 percent. The conversion is expected to be ready to go in the second half of December or early January 2013.” Yet despite this fast approaching point of no return, the Obama administration has refused to back up non-lethal sanctions with a credible threat of force, leaving the Iranians to calculate correctly that they have enough time to reach nuclear capability.

Finally, Obama has chilled relations with our one reliable ally in the Middle East, Israel. He has accepted the specious pretext that “settlements” are the roadblock to peace, claimed that negotiations must start with the indefensible 1967 armistice line, snubbed and insulted Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, and worst of all, refused to back vigorously and unequivocally Israel’s attempts to eliminate the existential threat represented by a nuclear-armed Iran. Indeed, his Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, said of an Israeli preemptive strike on Iran, “I don’t want to be complicit if they [Israel] choose to do it.” Such hostile talk has emboldened the Iranians and disheartened not just Israel, but other allies like Saudi Arabia who know what sort of disruptions and dangers will follow the mullahs’ getting the bomb.

Obama, in short, has reversed the famous aphorism of the Roman general Sulla: under his foreign policy, America has become no better enemy, no worse friend. Our retreat and weakness have diminished America’s stabilizing role in the region, creating a vacuum other countries are eager to fill. As Amir Taheri recently wrote, “For six decades American power acted as the pole that kept the tent [regional stability] up. Over the past four years, however, Barack Obama has pulled that pole away, allowing the tent to sag and, in parts, collapse. As opportunist powers, Russia, Iran and Turkey are trying to fill the vacuum created by America’s retreat. Thus, Russia has just returned as a top supplier of weapons to Iraq, clinching a $4.2 billion contract, partly thanks to lobbying by Iran.” Under Obama, the United States now has little influence over events, even as our own national interests, values, and security are put in jeopardy by these developments.

If Romney wants to gain the upper hand tonight, he needs to highlight this litany of failure. More important, he has to identity the flaws of character and ideology that have led to foreign policy disaster. The political needs of reelection, of course, have shaped Obama’s reactions to events. He staked his foreign policy success on the narrative that our major problem was al Qaeda, so all we needed to do was kill bin Laden and use drone strikes to degrade al Qaeda’s leadership. Hence Obama’s recent assertions that “Al Qaeda’s on its heels” and  “Al Qaeda is on the run.” Couple the war on al Qaeda to “democracy promotion” in the region, and all our terrorist problems would disappear. As Obama said on “60 Minutes,” follow this policy and “over the long term we are more likely to get a Middle East and North Africa that is more peaceful, more prosperous and more aligned with…our interests.”

That narrative explains Obama’s clumsy attempt to attribute the Benghazi attack to the “disgusting” YouTube video and the “spontaneous reaction,” as U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice said five days after the attack, that the video provoked, thus supporting the “al Qaeda on its heels” claim. But as we’ve seen above, al Qaeda is not just active, but growing. It is the mother ship of numerous other jihadist outfits with whom it cooperates and coordinates. But Obama’s admission that the attack was a carefully planned lethal celebration of the 9/11 attacks would perforce have repudiated the linchpin of his alleged foreign policy success, and it would have shown that contrary to his “60 Minutes” assertions, during his administration the region has become less peaceful and less aligned with our interests.

But equally important are the failures of Obama’s character, particularly his grandiose estimation of his world-historical significance. Believing that Muslims would react positively to his Muslim name and Muslim roots, Obama thought that all he had to do was show up, and all these countries would forget their national interests and religious beliefs. Of course that arrogant assumption has failed miserably, as surveys of the region show. According to the Pew Research Center, confidence in Obama exceeds 25% only in one country, Lebanon. And those numbers are significantly lower than they were when he took office in 2009. These data should not surprise anyone who knows that nations base their policies on their own culturally specific beliefs and national interests, not on other leaders’ charm or efforts at ingratiation. All Obama’s solicitous “outreach” has achieved is to create the impression that America is a weak enemy and an unreliable ally.

But more than anything else, the widespread self-loathing, self-doubt, and guilt over America’s presumed historical crimes like colonialism, racism, and imperialism have undermined our foreign policy by projecting weakness and a lack of confidence in our own principles and way of life. We saw this in Obama’s infamous 2009 Cairo speech, in which he extolled––before an audience including Muslim Brothers sitting in the front row–– the mythical superiority of Islamic culture, and implicitly apologized for “colonialism that denied rights and opportunities to many Muslims, and a Cold War in which Muslim-majority countries were too often treated as proxies without regard to their own aspirations.” Given this history of exploitation and oppression, Muslim terrorism thus must be understood as a response to these historical injustices, a reaction to our sins rather than the expression of religious beliefs.

This progressive reflex to blame America first explains why Obama spent so much time after the Benghazi attack talking about the obscure YouTube video. In his remarks on September 12, rather than explicitly linking the murder of Americans to terrorist jihadists and defending the First Amendment, he harped on the video and thundered, “We reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others.” In his U.N. speech, again he referred 6 times to the video, and said nothing specific about jihadist terror, not to mention failing vigorously to defend the central human right of free speech enshrined in our own First Amendment. Indeed, the producer of the video has been jailed on a minor probation violation, creating that “chilling effect” the ACLU usually frets over, and Joint Chiefs Chairman General Dempsey personally called a marginal pastor and counseled him to refrain from exercising his First Amendment rights. Worse yet, the administration produced an ad shown in Pakistan once more protesting our love of Islam and castigating the video, even as across the region Christians and other religions are murdered, brutalized, and driven into exile.

This betrayal of a quintessential political right and the de facto validation of the “malevolent culture of Islamic supremacism,” as Andy McCarthy writes, illustrates the delusional ideologies that have created Obama’s foreign policy now threatening our security and interests. They have made America look weak and exhausted, a civilization of unparalleled military and economic power but crippled by abject moral poverty, one more terrorist attack away from capitulation and retreat. That is the point Romney needs to hammer home tonight if his priority is to expose Obama’s foreign policy failure.

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  • crackerjack

    US foreign policy failure has a name. J.W.Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and Dick Cheney. Their legacy – Lost wars, failed "nation building" and the rise of Iran.

    That is the point Obama needs to hammer home tonight to expose Neo-conservatisms dismal record in foreign policy.

    • Longdrycreek

      The past is important to historians, but to the public unless the events are immdiate or past, neither the event or the names mean a lot. Nation building by either the Democrats or Republicans is misleading.
      Without a foundation, no Nation can be built and Nation Building requires many years and a people who want to achieve for themselves and their posterity a worthwhile future. Interestingly enough, Nations are build by people who believe their children ought to have a better life than they have.
      Muslims, the radical ones, produce children for Jihad and human bombs.

    • PaulRevereNow

      Neither Bush, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, or Cheney would have wimped out and blamed a video for the murders of our Ambassador and 3 staffers in Libya. And Bush didn't blame Clinton for 9/11. The Obama foreign policy failure has a name: abject surrender and moral turpitude. Whatever "neo-conservatisms" record on foreign policy was, it was a lot better than Obama's.

      • teq

        One mistake the neoconseratives like Wolfowtiz made was to assume that democracy would be a magic elixir that would create stable nation states in the Middle East. It was a nice dream and I subscribed to it also which is why I supported the Iraq War. Unfortunately, as we are finding out, the Muslims are not at a level to handle democracy. It's either tyranny by a king, tyranny by a general or tyranny by the mullahs.
        Given this sad state of affairs, our only choice is to support pro-American tyrants like Mubarak and Ghadafy. They ain't great but they're a whole lot better than anti-American ayatollahs.

        But, as Dinesh D'souza points out, Obama instinctively sympathizes with the oppressed third worlders and blames the first-world nations for the all the trouble in the world.

        Now we're finding out what the Israelis found out a long time ago; You can't negotiate with savages; you can only intimidate them with force, or the threat of force. They understand no other language. Look at the evidence! The IDF pulls out of Lebanon and Hezbollah arises to attack Israel. The Israel government evacuates Gaza by force and Hamas moves in and rains down thousands of missiles on the border towns. The Muslims interpret concessions as weakness. They only understand force. Stupid Bambi couldn't get that. I hope Romney does.

        • PaulRevereNow

          I agree that mistakes were made in the Iraq war; one person you left out was Paul Bremer; he made a few crucial mistakes in administering Iraq, that caused the "nation building" program to unravel; which weren't the fault of Wolfowitz. However, Saddam Hussein was a danger to the world; and needed to be taken out. You are correct in most of what you say, but I stand by what I said, namely that Bush wouldn't have blamed a video for the murders of our Ambassador & three staffers; and that no matter who Barry blames; he is a grossly amoral failure of a President, who has made a train wreck of American foreign policy; that will take years to set right, if that is now possible.

          • Drakken

            Especially leaving that monster Sadr alive was a huge mistake.

    • pagegl

      And Obama's attempts at nation building in Egypt, Libya, Syria, and elsewhere is different in what ways? His assumption that democracy will tame the Islamic world is less realistic than the hope by the neocons that getting rid of Hussien and WMDs would statbilize Iraq. Don't bame Iran on Dubya, Jimmy Carter, in attempting to do precisely what Obama is trying to do, gave the world the leading cause and supporter of terrorism. Obama's foreign policies are doing nothing more than reinforcing what Jimmy Carter began.

    • UCSPanther

      Earth to left-winger clown: GWB and his administration have been out of power for four years and are irrelevant. Let's stick to the here and now, and the issue: Obama's idiocy.

  • fanlad

    God speed Romney/Ryan! America is in need of true leadership. A real house cleaning is order for America in November. First starting with the White House, Congress, and eventually the Joint Chiefs of staff. Continue to pray for Israel and America!


      As the Clinton/Gore mantra went…

      "It's Time For A Change"

      OUT with Obama. IN with Romney.

      If Romney fails, in four years he would be out too.

      But I expect Romney to turn around America.

  • Alvaro

    " […] but other allies like Saudi Arabia […]"

    This alliance is something that is paid for in blood everywhere, in exchange for oil.

  • Chezwick

    This may seem like a trifle compared to Libya, but I hope Romney brings up Honduras, where – after a Constitutional coup unseated the leftist, power-grabbing President Zaleya – Obama was one of only three governments to impose a diplomatic and economic boycott on that small country. The other two were Castro's Cuba and Chavez's Venezuela. Not even the Europeans – normally so eager to bolster Latin leftists – supported the boycott.

    You can tell a lot about a man by the company he keeps.

  • pierce

    The primary focus of the Obama administration since day 1 has been the military in Iraq and Afghanistan. By cutting military spending, OBAMA, and the DEMOCRATS could focus their spending big bucks, on their SOCIAL PROGRAMS. That has been their primary objective, never the safety of the American people during 20th and 21st century. They, the DEMOCRATS, are more interested in being ISOLATIONISTS, than promoting
    I don't know what. And this policy goes back to Woodrow Wilson. Did Woody not start promoting world peace thru the League of Nations, a forerunner of the UN? And that is what Hilary and Barack are all about. With out military spending, the world would not be a safer place, as long as greed did not exist, or would it.

  • Jerome

    Why only blame Obama? Why is the media silent on these matters, why doesn’t any other Democrat, CNN, MSNBC etc. complain about the 16 trillion (just the figure alone gives you the panic) deficit or the dire state of the economy? Obama is just the face of the impending US train crash in which the entire nation, the media and academia are complicit.

  • Gamaliel

    Biden was arguing that Al Qaeda is almost wiped out, that the job is almost done. This coverup should be exposed. When Obama boasts about killing bin Laden, Romney should point out that there are thousands of people who changed “we are all Bin Laden” in Muslim countries throughout the world. He should point out that Al Qaeda has made a come back since George Bush was in office. Finally he should watch Lara Logan’s video about the Obama administration’s coverup.

  • Schlomotion

    What Mr. Thornton means is that if Mitt Romney wants to win the neoconservative Jewish vote, a tiny subsection of the Jewish vote that is already for Romney, he has to overcome the known fact that he has no foreign policy experience, and must promise BIG to Israel, and take cues from (ha!) Amir Taheri, Eliana Benador's writer of fake stories and blowback, who has already been exposed numerous times. Mr. Romney must add to his undeserved reputation of budget balancer on a national scale, foreign policy expert. For this, he should read DEBKA and harp on the perceived civilizational superiority of non-Iranians and overlook the recent spate of travel restrictions, SAT score blocking, scholarship denial, settlement building, peace overture arresting, and instead pay heed to the phenomenal bribing he has received from Sheldon Adelson and other high power Zionist bribesmen.



      Using your metrics of no Foreign Policy experience, Obama wasn't qualified to be POTUS.

      It's on the job training for all Presidents.

      Happy Eternal Nakba!

    • Mo Schlotion

      Hoe much do you have to pay for heed? Can I get some in the grocery store?

    • pagegl

      Romney has as much foreign policy experience as Obama did when he took the oath of office. So, Romney's supposed lack of experience is, at worst, a wash. Considering how effective Obama's foreign policy has been, it might even be a positive.

    • Drakken

      Your absolutely stupidity is mind bogling.

  • Steve Chavez

    "IT'S BIDEN STUPID!" No matter how Obama tries to put a sock in Biden's mouth, almost every appearance and Joe comes out with another zinger and they're big ones but Obama's media never reports it or clarifies every one. Being that Fox News is the most watched news show, including more viewers than CNN and MSNBC combined on the debate numbers, millions do see Gaffy Duck quacking. His pure psychotic VP debate showed everyone who is one heartbeat away.

    DICK CHENEY OR JOE BIDEN? Concentrate on JOE BIDEN. "Remember, you are not only voting for President but also for Vice-President and Joe Biden… well, there you are!"


    "Mr. President, you spend more time running FOR the White House than running THE White House!"

    "Mr. President, if you only writers for the economy and foreign policy that as good as your writers of your jokes, one-liners, and slogans, we wouldn't be in the biggest mess since the Great Depression THAT I'M ABOUT TO INHERIT! "

    • Steve Chavez


      "Mr. President, if you only had writers for the economy and foreign policy that are as good as your writers of your jokes, one-liners, and slogans, we wouldn't be in the biggest mess since the Great Depression THAT I'M ABOUT TO INHERIT!"

      "Romnesia?" Notice that Obama's speeches are full of jokes, one-liners, and slogans. THAT'S ALL HE HAS and now he's going on Jay Leno to be Mr. Cool. Watch how he sits. Crossed legs and sloughing. "I'M COOL." NO, HE'S A FOOL!

  • George_Babbitt

    Romney: I'm a Zionist, nothing will change.
    Obama: I'm a Zionist, nothing will change.


      Keep blaming GWB.

      It's the only thing you can do.

      • George_Babbitt

        GWB was a Zionist too. The last good President we had was Nixon, and Eisenhower before him, with a few good moments from Kennedy inbetween that got him killed.

        • UCSPanther

          A conspirazoid, huh?

          I guess it matters little to you that the wars we have had recently have done more to benefit Iran and Saudi Arabia than Israel.

          But then again, the anti-Israel crowd isn't exactly known to care about facts either.

          • George_Babbitt

            All that Israel cares about is keeping their enemies destabilized and the super-powers afraid of what those kooky mooslims may do at any moment( look out behind you, it's a mooslim!!!)

          • intrcptr2

            Tell that to Charles Martel.

            bloody loon

          • George_Babbitt

            Charles Martel had the Pyrenees to hide behind, and the time that followed in Al-Andalus is a shining example of how Jews, Christians, and Muslims can live side by side and get along for over 600 years on the Iberian Peninsula, under Muslim rule.

          • Drakken

            Obviously you got your history extremely confused shortbus, the muslims killed millions of christian and jews in their purges moron, Thank God for Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand for kicking the savages out. I bloody well dare you to live under their yoke and lets see how you like it, the rest of us won't.

          • George_Babbitt

            Wikipedia, which succumbs completely to Zionist views, has this to say on the matter—>

          • intrcptr2

            You don't know a good bit of French geography, do you? Tours is close to 500 miles north of the Pyrenees, and Charles did not get his nickname by hiding from the Moors.

            And no, they did not "get along"for 600 years; it simply took that long for the Spaniards to expel the Muslims. Or do you truly believe that the Reconquista was a curious accident, that all those religious types really cared little about?

          • George_Babbitt

            Yes, because supply lines are easy to maintain over mountain ranges.

            Maybe, the Reconquista was allowed by God once all the Spanish Celtic peoples had been wiped out as the Church was just going to let them continue to syncretize their pagan ways into the thread of Christianity, and not enforce orthodoxy with those difficult mountian peoples, though we do still have to suffer the nonsense of the Basque and their micro-rebellions.

    • LindaRivera

      Obama is a committed Muslim Marxist.

      • George_Babbitt

        Karl Marx was a Jew, as were many of the people who kick started communism i.e. Trotsky, Lenin, both the founders and leaders of Menshevik faction, Julius Martov and Pavel Axelrod were Jewish. Of course then there was the Yevsektsiya which was the Jewish section of the Soviet Communist party. Moses Hess was a Jewish philosopher and socialist, and one of the founders of Labor Zionism. Theodor Herzl, the founder and leader of Nationalist Zionism, who was a socialist of great reputation for being so, said "Matters of faith were once and for all excluded from public influence. … Whether anyone sought religious devotion in the synagogue, in the church, in the mosque, in the art museum, or in a philharmonic concert, did not concern society. That was his [own] private affair."
        So the idea of a Marxist being a Zionist and/or a Jew is very historical.
        By the way, do any of you realize how ridiculous the idea of a Marxist who is also a Muslim is??? I'm not saying that Obama is neither a Marxist OR a Muslim, just not BOTH……ROFL!!

    • ObamaYoMoma

      George don't look now but the Muslims not only hate Zionist Jews, but they also hate all Christians, Hindus, Agnostics, Atheists, Buddhists, and anyone and everyone that isn't a Muslim. Want to know the root of the so-called Israeli/Arab Conflict, that's it. All the rest of their nonsense is Taqiyya meant to dupe gullible morons like you.

      Look around the world you loon, which non-Muslim country that borders an Islamic country doesn't have bloody borders? The answer is none of them. Again, look around the world you moonbat, point to just one country anywhere in the world where Muslims have migrated in mass to non-Islamic countries and where the Muslims have successfully assimilated and integrated. There is no such place.

      Islam is a death cult with no freedom of conscience and also a form of extreme totalitarianism, and its sole purpose is to make Islam supreme throughout the world via the imposition of Sharia, which is a very barbaric form of subjugation and totalitarianism. Don't believe me? Exercise your freedom of speech by insulting the prophet in a very public demonstration and find out what happens to you.

      • George_Babbitt

        I don't care about the Muslims, they are nowhere near a threat to American ways of life as the Chinese are now, and the Ruskies used to be(still are). The British and French mandates that chopped up that area following WWI without regard to traditional tribal boundaries has kept that region sufficiently destabilized for years to come. What I care about is the loopback discrediting of the Christian Gospel that happens when the U.S. Christian population supports Zionist efforts to rebuild the Jewish Temple, despite the fact that they have nothing they need to get back to those obsolete ways, and they never will, especially the most important thing of all….a High Priest. They have NO idea who it is supposed to be, ALL the records are GONE as to who the direct descendant of Aaron is today, and that goes right out the window when the Christian reads the word of God and remembers that JESUS CHRIST IS THE LAST AND ONLY HIGH PRIEST OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD THAT WILL EVER BE AGAIN FOREVER!

        • intrcptr2

          Ah, yes, Replacement Theology.

          Please, go peddle your blasphemy elsewhere.

          • George_Babbitt

            Are you a Jew or a Christian? If you are a Jew, I get your why you reject the truth of the High Priesthood of Jesus Christ. But, if you are a Christian, how in the world can you read the New Testament, especially the Book of Hebrews, most notably chapter 8, and not get that???

          • Drakken

            The Russians in case it has escaped your notice are the only ones able and willing to deal with their muslim problem and do so under the radar of media scrutiny. The Russians are not a problem, the muslims are.

          • George_Babbitt

            They are not a problem as long as they stay on this course of theirs to reaquaint themselves with the Russian Orthodox church and its right teaching. But if they slide back into their Soviet tendencies which we have hints at with the way they conduct elections there, we will have still have issues with them. Good grief, the Muslims are like rats on a sinking ship who are biting at your heels to get past you, and people forget that the ship is still sinking and the rats will die too if we don't get to a life boat and shake off the little bites that they manage.

          • intrcptr2

            Russian Orthodox hereises are the reason Communism found fertile ground…

            Have you completely forgotten who the Arabs are, and hence what Islam is? Neither the US, nor China, nor Russia are important concerning OT prophecies. But the slave son of Abraham is.

          • George_Babbitt

            You receiving private revelations about the hour and the time too?

          • intrcptr2

            Sorry, bud, nothing in the Bible supports Replacement Theology, Hebrews 8 or otherwise. Comparing two different priesthoods to discredit modern Jews does more to demonstrate your flawed grasp on Scripture than anything I could come up with.

            You may recognize this;
            "For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel…"

            You are grafted into Israel, assuming you are a Gentile. The promises and covenants are for and to Israel. And the one Jeremiah promised is to the house of Judah and the house of Israel. God Himself blinded the Jews to their King, so that the likes of you and I could receive His grace and salvation.
            But God has not cast off His people.
            If the sun rose over your house this morning, the Jews are still God's chosen people. You will do well to remember that.

          • George_Babbitt

            You use the term 'grafted' to suggest that you subscribe to the closer to correct position that is contained in olive-branch theology, yet you still insist on referencing that greatest of the modern heresies that has it's root in the Darby/Scofield lies about there being two peoples of God, or dual-covenant theology, when it is clear that the old covenant(hence the name)is broken, obsolete, and has disappeared. Christ's sacrifice tore the veil separating the Holy of Holies from the people, and when God used the pagan Romans to finalize Christ's prophecy regarding the Temple that Mat 24:2(present in Mark and Luke too) recorded as 'not one stone shall be here will be left on another from these great buildings' when the Temple, that shadow, was laid low with not one stone laid atop another in 70 Anno Domini, so that the time which had already come, would be fully known as when John 4:23 states 'the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth,'.

            Christ said 'your house is left unto you desolate', so how is the unregenerate Jew going to be considered part of the house of Israel? Paul told us 'there is no longer Jew nor Gentile, all are one in Christ Jesus', so if you are in Christ, you are in life, and if you are not, you are???? And you follow that thinking with inferring that I am a gentile, yet I am in Christ, so that is not possible. Peter told 1 Pet 2:9 those who believe in Christ that 'But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.' That is very clear who is who, and who has what titles.

            I would point to 2 Cor 1:20 that tells us that 'all promises God EVER made are yes in Christ', which suggests that they are no outside of Him. Hebrews 8, which you so deride and devalue for the plain speak that it contains, when the author quotes from Jeremiah 31, reminds us that the covenant of Sinai is broken. So without the covenant of Sinai, what is a Jew without the Law???

            So, all the promises God has made are yes in Christ. And as Paul also tells (Gal 3:29) us that believers are heirs of the promise as they are Abraham's seed.(heirs only inherit when the progenitor is dead)and He said he would make a new covenant with the House of Israel(Heb 8, Jer 31), and we have a new covenant made truly everlasting by the Christ's act on the cross Heb 9:15.

        • ObamaYoMoma

          Oh…okay. In other words, you are just a bigot, and a very clueless one at that. Hell, you are almost as bad as the Muslims. No wonder you sympathize with them like a useful idiot.

          • George_Babbitt

            Who is sympathizing with the Muslims??? How in the world do I make a totally PRO-Christ statement and it gets viewed as PRO-Muslim???? How did the Jews get your world view so screwed up???

  • Jean

    Whatever Romney says about Benghaszi, it should be succinct, factual and MOVE ON.

  • LindaRivera

    Obama & Clinton REFUSED to Protect our U.S. Ambassador in Libya who REPEATEDLY BEGGED for protection. They have blood on their hands.

    Bible, Genesis 4:10: And God said, “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood cries out to Me from the ground.”

    Who can be safe when they refuse to even help our ambassadors?

  • marios

    actually crippling socialistic revolution pushed Obama in WH. Dem's worked on it for decades: they seized power over MSM (they controll 90% of MSM) and over Education system (90% of professors and teachers are liberals/leftists). Obama is their symbol and man which main talent is shameless lie with confidentiality. He is Muslim and his Cairo speech triggered all that "Arabs spring" which is radicalization of Islamic countries. His mistake that he thought they will play his game and give him max chance to win this reelection. All his appeasement and dubious (though betraying US policy) brought him, however only Muslims hatred and disdain. Muslims hated GWB but were affraid of him and toward BHO hatred and DISDAIN. Romney is contrast to Obama: successful businessman, decent honest Man, Patriot of this country. Gov. Romney baned that time Iran Pres Rafsanjani (if i remember right his name) to come to Harward University to make speech (he was invited by Harward's University leftists administration). It was deed of Mansh. Obama did not support Iranian opposition in 2009 those it was chance to topple ayatoolah's regime. Everything what Obama did was against interest of our country.

  • George_Babbitt

    It is fun to make a post about all the Jews that were involved in the development and founding of communism and socialism, naming names and and the communist/socialist parties that they were responsible for that launched a thousand ships to lay siege to the Kingdom of God and it's King Jesus Christ………and then watch it killed by the moderators………..yep fun, fun, fun.

  • Ghostwriter

    Why am I not surprised that scum like Schlomotion and Goorge Babbitt would blame Jews? They used codewords like "neo-conservative,""Zionist,"and other such stuff to cover up their Jew hatred. They're not fooling anyone here. Their anti-semitism is well-known and is condemned daily by decent people.

    • intrcptr2

      Likely because you, unlike such rabblerousers, can read.

    • George_Babbitt

      The politics means nothing to me, why do you not see that supporting Judaism is crucifying Christ over and over again??? What He did, what He accomplished, and what He is now, means that Judaism is done. Hebrews 8, read it and understand.

      • Drakken

        Hey dummy, the Israelis are western allies, the muslims in whatever form they come in, are not. See, so bloody simple a moron like you can do it. If you think that the muslims are your allies as an infidel, your going to be in for a very rude and nasty awaking, but then again, Darwin loves a winner and no great loss.

        • George_Babbitt

          I don't think the Muslims are my allies, why does a statement that is pro-Christ equal pro-Muslim, how screwed up have the Jews made your minds?!?!

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The stakes are both sides, the Dhimmicrats and the Republicans, are two sides of the same leftwing coin, as when it comes to Islam and the grave threat it presents to the free world, both sides don't have the first clue.

    The reason the country is in the sad shape it is in today is because of a long string of leftwing politicians, which includes George Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack H. Obama. They are all incompetent left-wingers, as is most Republicans are today too! Today, Marxists have hijacked the Dhimmicrat Party and the Republican Party has been hijacked by Dhimmicrats, and that is a formula that doesn't bode well for the once great USA.

  • polnick

    Man cannot serve two masters and Romney will serve only one, and that is the interests of the American people. Obama is devoted to the Saudi royalty, he bowed and kissed the smelly right finger of Ibn Saud. Toilet paper was never used by Muhammad, his hygiene is considered ultimate perfection.

    • George_Babbitt

      "Man cannot serve two masters and Romney will serve only one, and that is the interests of the Mormon church."

      There, fixed that for you.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Keep Obama in Office and black Al Qaeda battle flags will be flying over the White House
    for real and not just in spirit. Romney is a way out of the horrid mess of Obama who like
    Clinton sees a lie as good as any tool in their Marxist bag of tricks to keep the indoctrinated,
    delusional left in line for eventual destruction but are we going down with them, I should
    hope to shout………..No!!!……………………..William

    • George_Babbitt

      First, I make no claims that Obama is neither a Marxist or a Communist/Socialist. He is probably one or the other. But, how in the world do you think the Islam that gets painted every day as this hyper-religious, authoritarian, ruled by mullahs and ayatollahs could ever be merged with communism/socialism??? Socialism, which generally is atheistic in nature, just as Karl Marx(Jew), Leon Trotsky(Jew), Lenin(Jew), and the other Bolshevik Jews who founded, developed, and maintained communism/socialism saw religion as a poison, as Mao-Tse Dung said many time(friends of Stalin).

      • WilliamJamesWard

        The left uses the violent Islamists to undermine free societies, thus weakening them
        with the hopes to take over, Stalinesque. Eventually if the left was to bring down
        and take over as during the Soviet style systems they would have to subdue Islam.
        At present it has nothing to do with religion, it has all to do with destroying the
        American culture and freedoms…..See Noni Darwish's article "Obama's Allegiance
        to the Unholy Alliance"……………………..William

        • George_Babbitt

          OK, now that is actually a cogent analysis of a plausible scenario. A little bit an of an overestimation of their capabilities in my view, but I've never seen that kind of coordination from more than one group of Muslims in the last hundred years. The left on the other hand :P

          • WilliamJamesWard

            Consider their advances in Europe, ergo they are on the move here but
            we have the advantage of seeing what is going on elsewhere. No matter
            what Islam and the Left does George, it is not for our benefit…………William

          • George_Babbitt

            "No matter what Islam and the Left does George, it is not for our benefit"
            I agree, I just group Zionists in with that thinking as well.

  • George_Babbitt

    Could someone please tell me what the limit is for typing the word Jew on this site that sends comments to moderation, so I could just keep it under that number and not have to wait???

    • UCSPanther

      Quit complaining, you clown.

      • George_Babbitt

        Thanks for your help….

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Tonight it became very evident that on foreign policy especially with regard to Islam that both political parties are two sides of the same leftwing politically correct coin. The best policy with respect to Islam and the Middle East is to abandon it altogether, but not before we eradicate the ruling Mullahs of Iran, along with the Saudi Royal family, while at the same time obliterating the Saudi funded Pakistan nukes and halting and reversing mass Muslim immigration ASAP.

    The notion that mainstream orthodox Muslims are radical extremists as opposed to moderates and that there is an extremist brand of Islam as opposed to the so-called Religion of Peace is utterly absurd. Mainstream Orthodox Islam in all of its many manifestations is both a so-called religion and a very barbaric form of totalitarianism, and its sole purpose is to make Islam supreme throughout the world via the imposition of Sharia, which is Allah's (God's) infallible law as opposed to man's fallible law. The violent jihadists that both political parties are obsessed with are used to distract the infidel world, while the stealth and deceptive non-violent jihadists slowly take over the world via demographic conquest.

    Moreover, other than Islam, I don't know of any religion that makes the freedom of conscience a capital offense and requires all adherents to submit to the will of Allah (God). Indeed, Islam is a death cult if it is anything.

    Anyway, they were both wrong on what currently is the biggest threat to America, as the current biggest threat to America is Barack Hussein Obama. Therefore, I will hold my nose this time and vote for Romney, as he is the lesser of two evils.