Three Democrat Women for Dependency

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Finally there’s the cartoon character Julia, featured in an Obama campaign slide show “The Life of Julia” touting how much big government does for women with the programs Republicans allegedly want to “gut.” Its purpose is to show “how President Obama’s policies help one woman over her lifetime—and how Mitt Romney would change her story.” From Head Start to Medicare, Julia’s life is defined by her utter dependence on the federal government. The whole production is so silly that even the liberal New Yorker panned it: “’The Life of Julia’ borrows its aesthetic from USA Today and its narrative logic from Chutes and Ladders. It is a very bad place to begin a campaign. As a story, ‘The Life of Julia’ is a mess; it’s got the verisimilitude of a string of paper dolls. As an argument, it’s worse. Better public education and affordable health care are worth fighting for, urgently, and they matter to everyone, but the heart of the fight is not over whether Julia, a fictitious college-educated Web entrepreneur, can one day plant Brussels sprouts.”

Julia illustrates better than anything all the dangers of “democratic despotism” analyzed by Tocqueville 150 years ago. Rather than self-reliant individuals who rely on family, church, and civil society for support in negotiating the challenges of their lives, Obama champions the all powerful state that marginalizes and weakens these resources, and justifies ever greater interference in personal life by providing goods paid for by somebody else. Rather than the Founders’ vision of limited government allowing free people to pursue their happiness, Obama champions for women the “hubby state” that erodes their freedom and dignity by taking responsibility for their choices and actions, infantilizing them as much as a sugar daddy does a trophy wife.

That dependence and diminishment of women’s agency and freedom by intrusive big government is what connects Warren, Fluke, and Julia. Warren discounts the hard-work and talent of individuals and privileges instead the policies of government, which of course will always need more intrusive power and more money in order to continue providing these collective boons that allegedly help people to succeed. Fluke wants government-coerced payments for birth control so that women are less accountable for their sexual behavior, since the big brother state will coerce insurers to provide birth-control pills and, when she forgets to take them, a free abortion to undo the consequences of her actions. And Julia illustrates how thoroughly dependent women are under the “soft despotism” of big government, which replaces her personal relationships and resources with the bureaucratic functionaries armed with what Tocqueville called a “network of petty regulations––complicated, minute, and uniform,” until eventually women and men alike become “a herd of timid and industrious animals, of which government is the shepherd.”

So who is conducting a “war on women?” The Dems, who want women dependent, their freedom restricted by the rules and regulations of big government, their independence and self-reliance sold for transient benefits? Or the Republicans, who want women and men left alone to make their own choices, take their own risks, accept the consequences of their own actions, pursue their own happiness, and thus achieve the dignity of free people who, as Tocqueville wrote, consider freedom “a good so precious and so necessary that no other good could console them for its loss,” and who “find, in tasting it, consolation for everything that occurs”?

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  • Dave

    these three "women are truly odious, vile and despicable!!!!

  • scotsirish

    …………..what we are witnessing is mass whorage to the government. It is not a pretty sight and it applies to all genders. It. is. called. Communism. and it is disgusting and evil.

  • Schlomotion

    What a torte of silliness! A man saying Republicans are more feminist than Democrats.

    To make such an argument, I would imagine, takes a certain degree of calculated knavishness. You have to believe that if you are persuasive enough to the half-witted women that are your target audience they will switch their votes from Democrat to Republican. If you are knavish enough, you realize that this will not happen, so you are merely settling for having a snicker at the perceived dishonesty and wrongheadedness of the fine Senatorial candidate you are derisively attacking.

    What is the purpose of bellyaching that a woman is an octoroon Indian, or not a Halachic Native American? Is the substance of that observation as quantitative in intellectual mass as the purported vast quantity of Republican feminism? This is identical to Mr. Thornton wabbing up a ball of nothing in his hand and winding up a menacing pitch, throwing air and watching desperately for a flinch.

    • flowerknife_us

      Are you aspiring to be one of their Toy Boys? Where you get to pay for the entertainment and the getting rid of the evidence?

      Abortion is just one of those pretty words used in place of murder.


      The purpose of "bellyaching" as you put it, is to point out that besides the intrinsic evil of race and gender-based privileges, it's even worse when the beneficiary is not entitled to a preference even under such a debased standard. Warren is a less-than-mediocre intellect who was awarded a spot on the Harvard Faculty in preference of better candidates (let's fact it – there HAD to be better-qualified candidates!) because she falsely claimed to be Cherokee. She and her ilk are always carping about "white skin privilege", and now she hypocritically takes advantage of a program designed to "help" those who, unlike herself, don't have that white skin.

    • poppakap

      Slomo's doing a bang-up job showing the world why even DailyKos won't pay him for content.

      On the other hand, he does an admirable job of reminding us why only 20% of the US populace is willing to self-identify as leftist.

  • guest

    Their fraud insults me more than their big government advocacy. They are borderline criminals.

    Elizabeth Warren created her political career as an economical populist and led a campaign against banks and free market entrepreneurs. We later found out she made a lot of money on flipping houses and speculative home loans. The reforms she promoted like Dodd Frank and the Volker rule, ended up putting more money into the hands of the the same people who corrupted federal oversight and less into small community banks. It turned out Barney Frank's boyfriends and Chris Dodd's criminal friends were the only ones with the teams of lawyers to keep up. Heck, they probably wrote it.

    Fluke deliberately transferred to a Catholic University to promote her big government agenda and fake civil rights oppression and bait people on their outrage. She cannot show her true agenda, which consists of forcing employers to pay for employee sex changes in an 1% growth 9% unemployment economy.

    • PDK

      Lieawatha Warren got her start claiming she was 1/32 Cherokee. This got her placeses with both Hravard and Penn State I believe it was. With Harvard she pulls in about 370,000 dollars /year for teaching 1 class twice a week.
      BTW, she stole recipes she "contributed" to the Pow Wow Chow cookbook in 1985. She is a fraud.

  • StephenD

    Look at the bright side. The Obama folks want to Highlight these dimwits as a good thing!?! LOL With friends like these on Obmam's side, Romney should have a cake walk into the Oval Office.

  • clarespark

    For a run down on the "third wave" of feminism and its leftist, incoherent politics, see…. "Feminism and its publicists". It was the first wave of feminism that fought for woman suffrage that deserves the name of feminism. The later movements were sharply oblivious to women's needs and "anti-imperialist" as their first priority.

  • cynthia curran

    Well, in the south west most people on welfare are Hispanic and Obama wants to make certain illegal Hispanics which will be deferred get welfare. Ca, Az, Tx, Nm higher Hispanic usage. Both AZ and, NM have higher white poverty less of a gap between whites and Hispanics. California and Texas have more upper-middle class whites so there is a greater gap between welfare usage of Hispanics and whites.

  • @Jcdavidson37

    The really true Democratic women are folks like Janet Napalitno & Elena Kagan. They are the linebackers of the Dems feminist team.

  • Steve Chavez

    And on the same stage as the rapist, adulterer, stalker BILL CLINTON?

    Since Biden is crashing Tampa, I would hope Juanita Broadderick, Kathleen Wiley, Paula Jones, Jennifer Flowers,a and of course, Monica Lewinsky will crash the Democrat Convention during BILL CLINTON'S SPEECH.

    I wonder what their view of Sharia Law is and the real "War on Women?"

  • White Hunter

    One wonders what Fluke's reply would be if someone asked her the obvious question: Why should the taxpayers, rather than the men with whom she evidently fornicates, pay for her contraceptives?

    • kafir4life

      She's a lesbian. Birth control is of no use to her. It's all a liberal con.

      And what of the poor college boys? They don't get taxpayer financed dinners and drinks for the effort of trying get the women to use their taxpayer financed birth control. Where's the fairness? Where's the outrage!!??

      • flowerknife_us

        Apparently you and who knows how many other Pizzas and Beers lost out to a 3,000$ a Year Toy budget.

    • BS77

      Good question….way over her head. she's too stupid to grasp how pathetic she really is…

  • Ghostwriter

    As someone who writes fiction,the Obama campaign's "Julia" seems to be as flat as a piece of paper. There are no real traits that define her as a character,much less a human being. She's not really relatable in ANY meaningful way. They really messed up when they created "Julia."

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The Democratic convention will be a grand farce and if you need and emetic or just
    want to give a class on mental instability by the results of generational drug use,
    tune in or go to it. There will be a great collection of leeches, wannabe exhibitionists,
    bottom feeding political scum and pure anti-American frauds that have taken over
    a once proud political party. Now the Democrats are Marxist, Leninist, Socialist, Islamist,
    social deviants looking to rape the tax payers and abuse our citizens, stay away, far
    far away…………………………………..William

  • Eva

    Who the hell is out of their mind to want to fornicate with Fluke? The name suits her: she is a fluke of nature, a toxic socialist foaming at the mouth. We all need to get hazard pay just for having to deal with these degenerate libs.

  • Carwashia Johnson

    These girls should have their birth control not only paid for with taxes but FORCED on them. We must stop breeding idiots. At least Clintoon only took oral favors so his rape victims were never in danger of any spillage. I must say though that I have sick fantasies of Kagan, Napolitano, Hillary, Fluke and a few other of these democrat "babes" in see through teddies. Oh, help I am gonna vomit.

  • ebonystone

    What a pair! Fauxcahontas and Fuxalotofus.