What the Last Four Years Have Revealed

Whoever wins today’s election, the Obama presidency and his presidential campaign have exposed troubling political and social dysfunctions that bode ill for our future.

The Final Corruption of the Mainstream Media

Since Watergate and Vietnam, it has been obvious that the media are ideologically liberal. But professional ethics and careerist self-interest still kept at least some reporters willing to pursue the truth no matter whose partisan ox was gored. The last four years have marked a transition from ideological preferences tempered by professional integrity, to rank partisanship and eager collusion with the political needs of the Democrats.

The media’s failure in 2008 to vet Senator Obama with the same intensity and thoroughness that modern presidential candidates are routinely subjected to was just the beginning. The indifference to Obama’s unsavory connections to his racist pastor Jeremiah Wright, the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers, and the sleazy operator Tony Rezko; the failure to demand the full medical records and the college transcripts of an alleged genius; the shrugging away of the numerous fabrications and distortions in Obama’s two memoirs––all would have been meticulously excavated by the media in the case of any other candidate for the highest office in the land. This dereliction on the part of self-styled “watchdogs” helped put into office one of the least-known and most unexamined presidents in U.S. history.

Similarly, Obama’s record of domestic and foreign policy scandals and failures as president, his bare-knuckled partisanship, his transfers of billions of tax dollars to political allies like the United Auto Workers, his nasty campaign of lies and innuendo, his verbal blunders like “corpse-man” and the “Austrian” language, his ignorance of facts like the amount of the national debt, his stumbling speeches and gaffes when he doesn’t have a teleprompter, his preference for golf and interviews with lightweight shows like The View and Letterman Show over press conferences or meetings with his economic and national security advisors, his shameless non-stop campaigning on the tax-payer’s dime, and the vacuous banality of his rhetoric discredited at every turn by his actions and policies, were all either ignored or spun by a media that have sold their professional integrity for a mess of partisan pottage.

No issue better illustrates this bias than the still on-going scandal over the murders of our diplomatic and security staff in Benghazi. As of last Thursday, CBS, ABC, and NBC had gone 7 nights in a row without mentioning the story. The reluctance of the legacy media to demand an accounting for the increasingly obvious attempt by the White House to spin the attack for partisan advantage is one of the most shameful betrayals by the Fourth Estate in recent memory. Just compare the feeding frenzy over Watergate, a political scandal in which no one died, to the skimpy, reluctant, special-pleading coverage of Benghazi, and the extent of the media’s degradation becomes obvious.

So pervasive has been this partisanship that even liberal reporters have had to acknowledge it. ABC News correspondent Jake Tapper admitted that the “media helped tip the scales” for Obama during the 2008 campaign. MSNBC political analyst Mark Halperin acknowledged that the Washington media is “very susceptible to doing what the Obama campaign wants, which is to focus on” marginal issues like Mitt Romney’s tax returns. And The New York Times conceded that the Obama campaign is allowed to have “veto power” over the reporting of its statements. But this self-awareness of the few cannot halt what Jonah Goldberg calls “mindless advocacy journalism,” nor slow the media’s increasingly desperate partisanship as it becomes more evident that Mitt Romney could win the race.

The Progressive Racism of Racial Obsession

The media’s love affair with Barack Obama is explained not just by his congenial ideology, but by the simple fact that he is black. What the media’s indulgence of Obama’s mistakes and failures over the last four years has exposed is the progressive racism of low expectations, the refusal to hold blacks other than conservative ones to the same expectations and standards whites are held to.

Worse yet, Obama’s blackness is mostly skin-deep, a throwback to the old Jim Crow one-drop rule. Neither his upbringing nor the environment of his formative years is typical of most American blacks. So too his education, from the tony Hawaiian prep school to elite enclaves like Columbia and Harvard Law School. Nor is Obama descended from slaves, a formative element of black American identity, as black writer Stanley Crouch suggested with an essay titled “What Obama Isn’t: Black Like Me.” But for white progressive racists, Obama is perfect: basically indistinguishable in life-style and ideology from themselves, yet “black” without all the excesses of funk that frighten them into living as far from non-elite blacks as possible.

This phony blackness, of course, hasn’t prevented Obama from playing the race card despite his post-racial rhetoric and promise to heal America’s racial divides. Quite the contrary, he continually has called attention to race when it suits him. Just watch the recently unearthed video in which he clumsily affects idiomatic black speech as he praises Jeremiah Wright, indulges divisive racialist rhetoric, and outright lies that the government short-changed the victims of hurricane Katrina. And let’s not forget his calling his grandmother a “typical white person,” or saying the Boston police “acted stupidly” in the Henry Louis Gates affair, or patronizing the “bitter clingers” and their “antipathy toward people who aren’t like them,” or suggesting Republicans would scare voters away from Obama because he “doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills.” The subtext of such remarks is that any opposition to Obama and his policies would be a reflection not of a disagreement with his politics, but fear and loathing of his race.

The Democrats and their media flacks, however, have felt no need to be subtle about such specious ad hominem attacks. They made racism the go-to narrative of their political reporting. Their negative coverage of the town-hall protests and the Tea Party movement is a particularly egregious example. Typical was the comment of Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson, who said the Tea Party’s success was “difficult to explain without asking whether race is playing a role,” and claimed Obama’s race “makes some people unsettled, anxious, even suspicious.” Spurious charges that Tea Party member had used racial epithets against black congressmen at a 2010 rally were reported as confirming this calumny, even as the $100,000 Andrew Breitbart offered to anyone providing hard evidence supporting this charge went unclaimed.

Republicans in general were likewise tarred with the racist brush. New York Times columnist Charles Blow wrote, “Not all Republicans are intolerant, but the intolerant seem to have found a home under their tent. And instead of chasing the intolerant out, the party turns a blind eye — or worse, gives a full embrace — and counts up their votes.” The more unhinged members of the progressive media made Robinson and Blow sound subtle and nuanced. Google “Keith Olbermann racist tea party” and you get over a million hits, with statements like “If racism is not the whole of the Tea Party, it is in its heart.” Google “Chris Matthews racist Republicans” and almost 4 million hits pop up. Matthews has been at the forefront of exposing alleged “dog whistles,” racist code-words like “angry,” “Chicago,” “Constitution,” “experienced,” “Food Stamp president,” “golf,” “kitchen cabinet,” “Obamacare,” “privileged,” “professor,” and “you people,” which Republicans use in their campaigns to stir up the racist inclinations of their white supporters. So too Keith Olbermann, who attacked Sarah Palin for saying “shuck and jive,” a “racially demeaning phrase” according to Olbermann, and scolded actor Chuck Norris for using the phrase “a 100 years of darkness” in the context of Obama’s presidency.

This pathological race-consciousness is a reflection of the progressive obsession with racial identity that eerily recalls the mentality of old-school segregationists. Opposing voter identification laws, for example, because they will “disenfranchise” blacks assumes some level of collective incompetence or inferiority afflicting black people, who alone are deemed incapable of obtaining photo identification necessary for so many other public transactions. The presidency of Obama has not taken us beyond these obsessions, but exacerbated them, elevating skin-color over individual character for political gain, even as the problems of large numbers of black Americans, the consequence of dysfunctional cultural habits and dependency on government patronage, are worsened by this fixation on race.

The Bankruptcy of Progressive Politics

Finally, the Obama presidency has shown that stale progressive assumptions and ideas lead to failure both at home and abroad. Obama’s economic polices have been predicated on expanding government’s intrusive power over the economy in order to achieve dubious utopian notions like “income equality,” “social justice,” and “redistribution.” With the economy just starting to climb out of the recession at the start of his term, Obama and the Congressional Democrats hamstrung the recovery with new federal programs, spending, and regulations that have created growth-killing uncertainty among businesses and added over $5 trillion to the national debt. This federal power-grab was peddled with a stale, class-warfare rhetoric about the greedy “1%” who needed to “pay their fair share,” despite the fact that the “1%” already pay 29% of all federal taxes while earning 13.4% of all income. All that Obama’s historically discredited policies have accomplished is unprecedented deficits and debt, more people going on food stamps and disability than have found jobs, real unemployment at 10%, and economic growth stumbling along at 2%.

As for foreign policy, Obama arrogantly believed that his exotic name and experience abroad––coupled to the old internationalist delusion that multi-lateral diplomacy, solicitous out-reach, and flattering speeches were more effective than firmness based on strength––would be enough to make our enemies forget their ideologies, aims, and interests. His international speeches and interviews were larded with the progressive’s distaste for his country and guilt over its presumed crimes. In Europe, he said America has been “arrogant, dismissive, derisive.” He told the Turkish Parliament, “The United States is still working through some of our own darker periods in our history.” In Latin America he confessed,  “We have at times been disengaged, and at times we sought to dictate our terms,” but now we are ready “to acknowledge past errors where those errors have been made.” And of course in Cairo, he flattered Muslims with false histories of Islam’s “tolerance” and creation of the Renaissance, and apologized for imperialism, colonialism, and the hurtful disrespect of Islam’s magnificence. As a result of these policies of retreat, solicitude, and timidity, he has been bullied by Russia, disrespected by Iran, despaired of by allies like Saudi Arabia; he has colluded in the overthrow of reliable allies like Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, unleashed across the region well-armed jihadist gangs, hastened to abandon Iraq and Afghanistan, and alienated and endangered our best ally, Israel. Rather than being more respected, America is now seen as unreliable, weak, and easily bullied or ignored––no better enemy, and no worse friend.

If Obama wins today, expect these dismal trends to worsen––an increase in debt and dependency at home, a decrease of American influence and power abroad, all abetted by dead progressive ideology and a cheerleading media. And count on what George Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson called “the soft racism of low expectations” to keep too many blacks mired in dependence and cultural dysfunction. But even if Romney wins, reversing these trends will be difficult. Weaning Americans off federal entitlements will be politically difficult, as will be a more muscular foreign policy that necessarily entails risks and costs Americans may be unwilling to pay. To paraphrase Churchill, a Romney win will not be the end of these national dysfunctions, or even the beginning of the end. At best it will be the end of the beginning.

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  • Mary Sue

    You know what they say. If America sneezes, Canada catches a cold. 4 years of Obama wasn't enough to drag us down with USA, but 4 more years? I shudder to think.

    Remember that Obama said on his book that he chose his friends carefully, including a bunch of radical feminists. These feminists together with the race-baiters would have washed his brain and immersed it in the idea that racism has to be defeated by becoming the Oppressor. Now Obama is the Oppressor. By their own definition, white people can't be racist against Obama, because he is the one in power.

    (now whether that holds over past tomorrow remains to be seen…)

  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com adinakutnicki

    What is being described herein is what takes place when revolutionaries hold the reins of power, and the wreckage wrought by their surrogates, over many decades.

    Here is a partial rendering, hopefully it will be illuminating too – http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/10/07/when-authenti

    IF Romney wins, his task will be to undo the mega damage wrought by the regime. Bomblets are also waiting to explode, and the Radical-in-Chief made sure they will exert the maximum damage and pain.

    What is unknown, is most likely more dangerous that what is.

  • Mark Power

    Since we accepted the lying that was the trademark of Bill Clintons' administration we no longer seem to care about anyrhing that has to do with American Pride. What do we really care about anymore? Why can't we hold the line on proper accountability. Why do we keep accepting these cowardly positions. Why will we allow anybody to compromise the good old American values and morality? What has happened to us ?

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

      People knew Clinton was lying, but he was charming about it, (wink, wink) when he did it.

      Obama has none of that charm.

      And the media should have reported the news both times without the bias. When they forgot facts matter, then the decline speeded up.

      • intrcptr2

        Sadly, Roger, Bill didn't have such charm either, to people who prefer to think. Worse, there are a good many who believe that Obama IS that charming, and right to boot!

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger


          And to think they're out looking for boxes of Obama ballots to 'find' when the polls close.

    • Dennis

      What has happened to us? The same thing that happens to all republican governments: moral corruption and internal strife. History has shown that people of free nations cannot maintain freedom for more than about 200 years before they self destruct. We are just following the same path.

  • cucu

    If Romney wins, it will be victory for america….

  • pierce

    This article, rather diatribe is way to good to appear in just FPM. Bruce Thornton has exposed the MAIN STREAM MEDIA for what the really are, inept, blind purveyors of crap, never seeking out the truth, perhaps because it would be too much work, and they are lazy, and they value their own opinions as the last word, or words. I personally can't stand the likes of Dan Rather, George Stephanopolis, and Chris Mathews (why him) , just to name a few. They collectively think they are gods, able to control the agenda of government, and influence what we the people think and do, no objectivity, only subjectivity. To make matters worse, where did they learn this crap, from College Professors, who think they are god too. But the MSM did us no favors by not vetting Barack Hussein Obama back in 2008 when if they had we would not be in this mess we are in. Thanks for nothing MSM, and thank you Bruce for exposing the true facts.

  • Peter

    The media in the US? I can them Obama's Xinhua. From here on all Republicans, politicians or ordinary folk, when interviewed by Obama's Xinhua, should make it a point to say that they are being interviewed by biased Obama news agency.

    • BS77

      I am profoundly disturbed by the mostly liberal left media’s domination of the election. Besides the insane amount of money spent on campaigning, to have the media constantly issuing “predictions, poll results, polls polls and more polls in an attempt to steer the election towards the desired outcome…I find this a disgraceful type of propaganda foisted upon gullible voters who cannot discern opinion from objective fact. When you listen to the garbage extruded from outlets like MSNBC, you know a “fair” election is now nearly impossible. We live in an Orwellilan society now….With the media, “educational” bureaucracies, poliitically correct entertainment and revisionist history and new leftist standards that are nearly inescapable….how could an election be fair?

      • Schlomotion

        You had me at "I am profoundly disturbed." Anybody who needs a Stainless Steel Tea Bag Squeezer has something wrong with him.

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

          Schlo, you are just profoundly wrong.

  • Steve Chavez

    THE SIGN: "I love MARY." "J. CHRISTopher Stevens."

    What word is next to M-A-R-Y, the mother of J. CHRIST, in the dictionary? M-A-R-X, the father of Communism. Communion, the body and blood of CHRIST next to Communism. Why is this and what's going on?

    "MOTHER MARY, we remember still your words in 1917, "Stop the Communists," and still the people didn't believe. Communists took over Russia and for decades they burnt your, and your son's, churches down and they banned your worship. Pope John Paul II, from Communist Poland, aided in the Solidarity Movement that eventually led to the downfall of Communism, the Wall, the Iron Curtain, and the Soviet Union. During this 1980's too, American Communists, their supporters, and all atheists, raised fund$ from your believers to aid in 'LIBERATION THEOLOGY,' which tried to equate the teachings of Marx and your son but was instead used to aid in Communist takeovers of Central America and to aid an ideology that says 'there is no God.' Your intervention in Berlin on September 11, 1989 led to the fall of the Wall and Communism itself.

    They're at it again. Those 80's followers of MARX are now the leaders of the United States today. Their leader follows the gospel of BLACK LIBERATION THEOLOGY and is again hiding behind you and your son to promote Marxism while he and his followers are removing God from our lives and ordering ideals contrary to your teachings. They learned their lack of morals and 'anything goes,' from their 60's hippie parents, friends, and professors. Since they don't believe in you, they believe there is no sin and don't care if they use your followers and churches to promote their deceptive agenda when they say they speak for you.

    Their leader laughingly hides in the CHRISTian religion only to fool the gullible. He will soon openly and publicly convert to Islam proving he actually never followed you but used you. He will convert from J. CHRIST to a religion based on hate, abuse of your sisters, and to bow to a man who is the opposite of your son. He and his followers side against ISRAEL and JERUSALEM. They attempt to remove "God" from their creed.

    We again need your intervention. Our nation, born under God, will always be the hope of the world. We are a good people, a caring people, a helpful people and in the time of need, we are there to help and most of the time, in your name.

    Again, your sign has appeared."

    Steven Chavez=Magdalena=Mary Magdalene Church.

    • tagalog

      Why is this? It's because the word "Mary" ends with a Y while the word "Marx" ends with an X, and X and Y are right next to each other in the alphabet.

      What's going on is called "alphabetization." It's a method of organizing words for ease of location in the dictionary.

    • Dennis

      I hate to burst your bubble, but communism was not defeated, it just changed names and went underground. The marxists call themselves Progressives, not Democrats. Do some research; Obama's entire administration is loaded with people with Marxist ideology.
      Obama has spent the last 4 years signing Executive Orders weakening our constitutional rights, and setting up agencies to control our activities. Four more years means the end of a free America.

    • http://twitter.com/toooldsmart @toooldsmart

      thank you needed that_

  • Schlomotion

    I find it instructive that Mr. Thornton is less concerned with the shallowness, ubiquity, fait accompli attitude, two party absolutism, and the bribery involved in the media. He is only worried about the belief that it is ideologically against his affiliation.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

      Schlo, have you descended from anti-semitic rants to confused and bewildered rants?

    • tagalog

      Yeah, so what?

    • Mary Sue

      Look in the mirror, schlo-pitch.

    • Ghostwriter

      What are you talking about?

      • Western Canadian

        You’re asking too much. Even he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

  • John C. Davidson

    The progresive movement is nothing more than transferring the rights of individuals unto the government. Pure socialism. Power for a few, chaos for the masses.

    • http://twitter.com/toooldsmart @toooldsmart

      Why did WE THE PEOPLE sit by and allow this to happen for the last 4 years?!

  • tagalog

    Sadly, the presidency of Barack Obama has NOT revealed the bankruptcy of progressive politics. If it had done so, the electorate wouldn't be almost evenly divided between electing Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

    Barack Obama's presidency has highlighted something we've all been aware of for several national elections: that in the present day federal elections are hotly contested and won on the smallest of margins, hinting broadly that the progressive bloc is about the same size as the conservative bloc.

    • al222

      the bankruptcy of progressive politics has been revealed. yet in a nation where all morality is "negotiable" people "getting theirs" aren't interested in the larger implications.

    • Dennis

      Not so! The Progressive bloc is rather small, but they spend millions of dollars to dupe undecided voters (meaning Americans who are too ignorant to make a valid decision about a candidate. They are persuaded by TV soundbites on a daily basis. These are the "useful idiots" referred to by V. Lenin).

      • tagalog

        So that's why Obama won the popular vote by 50% to Romney's 48%, is that right?

        Or is it that those 50% of voters were all dupes who are too ignorant to make a valid decision about a candidate? Surely you're not saying that, are you? That would be like being a lefty, calling the voters stupid.

    • http://twitter.com/toooldsmart @toooldsmart

      obama should not have received ONE vote from any Ameircan!

  • 4LuvOfCountry

    Made a SUPER FUNNY blog post about Obama's Facebook Timeline showing what a crook he is. Please send to all the undecideds and independents you know so we can get the votes for ROMNEY. THANKS!

  • clarespark

    This administration was founded on the same faulty premises that informed the United Nations and its "rehabilitation" arm, UNRRA after World War 2. I wrote about a case study of supposed success here: http://clarespark.com/2012/11/03/the-social-work-…. "The Social Work of Progressives."

  • amused

    LOL… Yo, Bruce – you stated:

    “But professional ethics and careerist self-interest still kept at least some reporters willing to pursue the truth no matter whose partisan ox was gored. ”

    That’s true , but not here on FPM . And that includes you ,as you are well aware . But …..noble words sound good .

  • amused

    Btw Bruce , That " 1 %" /owns 42% of the wealth in this country . And when you play your numbers of 29% of taxes and 13% of income against everyone else working you leave out the fact that 1 % is being compared to the remaining 99%. .
    And BTW , the 50 member NON-PARTISAN think tank that does the figures for Democrats and Republicans regarding their policies have conclude that the Romney plan will NOT produce jobs , enhanvces the income of the rich , and puts a burden on the middle class AND low income class . THATS FACT …LOOK IT UP …it's current info less than a month old . Republicans IGNORED it .

    • Drakken

      Silly commi/progressive, vote for Obummer if you must and watch as this nation takes a plunge, the wealth of this nation offshore themselves, but if it makes you feel better everyone will be poor.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        But the rich are rich because they stole from the poor. The law of conservation of energy states that wealth can't be created or destroyed. It only remains for the enlightened government leaders to distribute it equally.

        What, you think lowering taxes raises income? How? Like people would work harder just because they keep more of their earnings? That would defy the law of conservation of wealth.

        I studied under the most amazing professor named Barack Obama. He swore to me the world would be better after he fixed and healed it. He's almost done, he just needs a wee little bit more time, OK?

        Can't we just trust him and all get along? Do you have to hate him "just because" he's sort of black when it's convenient?

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "Silly commi/progressive…"

        He's actually a just clueless moron dupe. He *might* not be drunk at any given time.

        • Drakken

          Unfortunately, there are too many like him.

    • Rifleman

      This same 'nonpartisan think tank' didn't happen to 'conclude' that obamacare was revenue neutral or the dp 'stimulus' would keep unemployment below 8%, did it?

      If the wealth and legal income of the one percent isn't safe from greedy socialists, neither is the wealth and income of the rest of us.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "This same 'nonpartisan think tank' didn't happen to 'conclude' that obamacare was revenue neutral or the dp 'stimulus' would keep unemployment below 8%, did it?"

        From: http://www.americanprogress.org/about/mission/

        "The Center for American Progress is an *independent nonpartisan* educational institute dedicated to improving the lives of Americans through progressive ideas and action."

        From: http://www.americanprogress.org/issues/progressiv

        What’s Next for the Occupiers?
        CAP's Faiz Shakir and Occupy DC's Ali Savino Speculate at Progressivism on Tap


        They're non-partisan "with a view."

        • Mary Sue

          Independent is dog whistle for screaming way out lefties.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            Sadly true this time as we see the treasonous phony win another election in spite of his record, but theoretically satisfying (in some small measure) some sort of affirmative action debt.

    • Mary Sue

      Oh, so you're regurgitating Occupy nonsense?

      Approximately 50% of the 99% DO NOT EVEN PAY TAXES. They are already living off the contributions of the 1%!

      In your brain damaged state did you stop once to consider that if the rich have more money, they can spend more and thus create jobs? One of the dirty little secrets of Clinton's term was the Luxury tax. It DECIMATED the yacht industry in America, so they quietly removed it!

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "It DECIMATED the yacht industry in America, so they quietly removed it!"

        Which means the government lost income by trying to placate spiteful envious people. That is a great summary of Obama doctrine.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "That " 1 %" /owns 42% of the wealth in this country . And when you play your numbers of 29% of taxes and 13% of income against everyone else working you leave out the fact that 1 % is being compared to the remaining 99%."

      Statistics can always be abused to frighten gullible and stupid people.

      "And BTW , the 50 member NON-PARTISAN think tank that does the figures for Democrats and Republicans regarding their policies have conclude that the Romney plan will NOT produce jobs , enhanvces the income of the rich , and puts a burden on the middle class AND low income class . THATS FACT …LOOK IT UP …it's current info less than a month old . Republicans IGNORED it ."

      BS. Put up or shut up. Even if what you say is true about this "thinktank," we don't know enough about the analysis to comment unless you present more information. It's not possible for this to be true when compared to Obama's results. Will the economy improve under Romney relative to Obama? There can be no question that it will. Anyone who denies this is a moron, a liar, or both.

  • fightwarnotwars

    I'm looking forward to see what kind of manufactured outrage and self-victimization nonsense will appear on this website when Obama gets re-elected this week.

    • Drakken

      That crackpipe must be really good huh Sparky?

    • Mary Sue

      I'm looking forward to see the butthurt when Obama gets tossed out.

      • fighwarnotwars

        Say what now?
        Ha ha ha ha ha.

        • Mary Sue

          Ok, so Obama stole the election with dead and illegal immigrant voters and romney conceded way too soon.

    • http://twitter.com/toooldsmart @toooldsmart

      You will reap what you sowed FOOL!

    • jose

      You have it backwards buddy. Liberals play the victim of the powerful white man. Remember ,'the rich guy'.

  • RedBaker

    The "news media" has been covering for socialists/progressives/liberals for at least 100 years. They skew US elections by 10-15%. If it were not for nationally prominent biased media, Democrats would hardly ever win election. Nearly as bad are government schools, and much worse are the universities. These sources of political pollution must be neutralized, or we can kiss the limited government of our forefathers goodbye.

  • http://www.resonoelusono.com/Platform.htm Alexander Gofen

    All said by Mr. Bruce Thornton about the US media is absolutely true. The way of campaigning, elation, salivating, and flattering by that media in favor of the Manchurian candidate is no different from the Soviet media in the times of Brezhnev. After all, the voting process and election presume such prerequisites as multi-lateral media and open discussions. Otherwise "elections" took place also under Stalin and Brezhnev too.

    Yet why did Mr. Thornton blame only the media for not vetting the usurper in 2008, and even more so in 2012? Isn't such a vetting the first duty of the opposition parties? Indeed it is, yet America fell so law that America does not have ANY WORKING opposition party at all!

    The "designated" (controlled) opposition – the so called repooblican party betrayed its duty and the Constitution in 2008, and it kept doing it during all the following infamous years up to 2012. The same holds for the US Congress, US supreme court, and the rest of the power structures:

    • Maxie

      The GOP is politically naive and has not yet figured-out that the MarxiCrats (nee: Democrats) are waging a 'soft' revolution to destroy capitalism, the Constitution and theism here. Ask any Republican what s/he knows about Antonio Gramsci; Critical Theory or even Marx himself and you'll likely get a blank look in response. Unless and until GOP party 'leadership' wakes up things will keep getting worse here no matter who is president. For the Left, Marxism is a religion and there can be NO unbelievers. There's no other explanation for the murderous (100 million+) genocides committed under its' various regimes. Read "Stalin" by Simon Sebag Montefiore to get a thorough look at its' evil nature.

      • http://www.resonoelusono.com/Platform.htm Alexander Gofen

        The GOP is politically naive in some part but mostly they are just corrupted designated "blame wing" of the same one party. They are hopeless. The other existing parties are hopeless as well. Neither of them even approach to the crucial issues of survival.

        How about a new party Judeo-Christian America with the platform like this?

  • gosha

    GREAT article! Too bad it was not on about 4 month ago while it still could be reiterated and have an impact on today's "undecided" voters. Thing is that I agree 100% with it now and I would agree with it 4 month ago, but it does not change anything in the balance of those who vote pro and against Obama now. Most people who read FPM are already convinced. At this point this article is an additional re-affirmation of what we all already know (even the Slimemotion does), but 4 month ago I could of translated it into Russian an send it to be printed in most of the Russian language newspapers and then it would make a real impact! Otherwise this article is really Great: precise, to the point language and well-illustrated by facts.

    • http://twitter.com/toooldsmart @toooldsmart

      How in the he** could any American be undecided after 4 years odf gthat sob in Our House. Now our Country is gone forever.

  • HoR_Emperor

    That's all he knows how to do.

  • watsa46

    This Pr. had an agenda. To take power and impose his agenda.
    Having hijacked the demo, he threw them a bone: obamacare; then he threw a 2nd bone to the union: pay GM and then went on with his personal agenda: the promotion of Islamism and the weakening of America so that this country could be alined with the MBs. He did not care about bringing people together or about the Blacks or the Hispanics otherwise he would have worked hard on the economy and or immigration.
    He has little to show for. The far left keeps lying to the masses who have no choice but to believe they will get more bones!

  • watsa46

    This presidency has shown how susceptible a democracy is to sedition or to a political "coup d' etat", how easily it can be overthrown when the mass media give up on their fundamental and protected obligations as all the left and far left mass media did.
    There was clear collusion between the far left and the mass media. It is a lot worse than the WaterGate.

    • http://twitter.com/toooldsmart @toooldsmart

      We did not boycott them thought did we? let them look for jobs!

  • lv99

    It's very bad ECONOMIC! Business is still not doing well. I got lay-off in Feb 2009 and then found a job in early 2010. The new company is in bad shape and I got cut again last week. These are not the kind of change our family expected. We need new leadership and put America in the right track.

  • Ghostwriter

    The people of MSNBC are extremely confident Obama's going to win. They shouldn't count their chickens before they hatch.

    • trickyblain

      A glorious round of chicks has hatched. Even more that MSNBC anticipated!

    • Mary Sue

      Romney's concession seals the deal though :(

  • Dennis

    The 99% against the 1%? Who do you think finances the 99%? (Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Pew Charitable Trust, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation specializing in eugenics, Michael Moore and the rest of elite Hollywood, Etc.and Etc., to infinity and ad nauseum)

  • gawxxx

    the american people once again with their " heads up their asses " are about to have their asses hande to them no matter who wins !!!! , this ' cesspool ' of a country !!! ( as it stands now ) was given to us to show mankind how to live "GODS" way ! and we have failed !!!! , utterly !!!! , so once again no matter who wins this nation has sunk so low that the "CREATOR" who gave us this " shining city on a hill " will pay dearly in the coming days for turning it's back on it's benefactor ! not "GOD "bless this nation but "GOD" dam this nation !!! . sodom and gomorrah ! remember what happened ! , this is what is coming and we have earned !!!!!!! the "ass kicking " we are about to recieve !!!!!!!

    • http://twitter.com/toooldsmart @toooldsmart

      Not damn Her, Pray for HER! ( and us now)

  • America is done

    stop blaming the media. The americans are the DUMBEST people on the planet. NY deserves Sandy and I hope many more.

    I am going to buy the ugliest dog I can find and call it America.

    • Mary Sue

      Leftists are teh dumbest Americans, this is true.

  • gman213

    Half of the country does not care about any of this….spend your time doing reviews on the latest album, clothing line ,talk show visit or newest cell phone…the majority of voters of this country only care about those issues. Pictures of Obama eating babies alive wouldn't cange their minds about it. STOP

  • gawxxx

    @ too ! , this " cesspool ! " does not deserve prayers any longer ! , plus why would "GOD" want to have anything to do with this " waste pile " , we do not deserve any help from "GOD" but the " asskicking " thay is coming !!! , " "GOD" says if you love me " keep my commandments " !!! , where in the hell do you see any adherence to "HIS" commandments ! , even in "so called " christian culture it has been so basterdized as to see very little " commandment keeping " ! , so we have finally went over the cliff ( remember the democratic convention , trashing "GOD" ! ) , no we have earned this " ass kicking " that is about to crash down on this " cesspool !!!!!! , and it does not matter what any one thinks about this ! , biblical prophesy says ! " mushroom clouds , invasion and slavery !, p.s. I took down my flag today and thru it in the dumpster where it and this nation belongs !!!

  • jose

    Americans are now in a race to the bottom. Following their beloved islamic hero, barack obama!

  • Bill Clinton

    You are all a bunch of sniveling right winged,sky is falling morons. This Bruce Thornton seems to be in love with his title and his zest to use vocabulary that is garbled at best goes right over the head of all you who praise him. You all seem to be just left of the John Birch Society and right of the Aryan Brotherhood. Stop complaining and pick up a shovel and dig. Undermining every thought that doesn't fit your agenda is what happened the last four years. Quit trying to sabotage the next four years and do your part to get our country back on its feet. After all the previous eight years seems to be wiped off your hard drives and you never even use the Bush word. Why is that.

  • semus

    I don't want to take anything away from this great column but I would add one thing, I think it's a mistake to refer to what Obama received growing up as an education. He never received a nurturing classical education technically or historically speaking. He received a lifelong, permenant and dangerous indoctrination.