What the Ryan Choice Means for November

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Last week’s poll numbers seemingly confirmed the doubts about democracy’s viability expressed in last week’s column. After a barrage of outrageous smears fired off by the Obama campaign, which accused Romney of killing a woman with cancer and failing to pay any income tax, Obama is leading Romney by 7-9 points. Coming on top of the continuing approval of Obama’s economically disastrous, class-envious assault on the “rich,” the success of patent lies in improving Obama’s numbers makes one think that democracy’s critics may be right: most people lack the ability to see past their selfish, short-term interests and make electoral decisions that benefit the state as a whole.

But let’s not give up on democracy yet. Mitt Romney’s pick of Paul Ryan as his vice-presidential candidate should give us hope that maybe a critical mass of Americans will rise above petty self-interest and do what must be done to keep the United States from morphing into California on its way to becoming Greece on steroids.

Judged solely on political expediency, Romney’s choice seems a disaster. According to “one of the country’s most prominent and influential conservatives,” as the Huffington Post claims of its anonymous commentator, Ryan is too much like Romney, a wonky white guy too polished and detached from the average American. Ryan, this unknown Solon continues, can’t deliver any electoral votes, is too obsessive about the deficit, has been tarred by his zeal to reform Medicare, and fails the “3 A.M. crisis call” test. No wonder some Democrats are happy about the choice. “Democrats are gleefully united in bashing Rep. Paul Ryan,” Politico’s John Bresnahan writes, “blasting him as the author of the controversial ‘Ryan budget,’ claiming his proposals ‘end Medicare,’ and warning that his policies will return the country to the ‘trickle-down economics’ of the 1980s and the presidency of George W. Bush.”

We’ll soon know if the Dems are whistling past the graveyard. But if we forget political expediency and think about principle, the choice of Paul Ryan should give us hope that the defining crisis of our times––the fiscal apocalypse fast approaching if we don’t cut back on spending, debt, and deficits––will be confronted, and the tough policies needed to mitigate it be frankly acknowledged.

Paul Ryan has been the only politician to do just that. His budget plan cuts spending to 20% of GDP by 2022, cuts the deficit to 2% of GDP by 2050, and reforms the tax code so that revenues stay near the historical 20% level by 2015, saving $5 trillion. In contrast, under Obama’s budget, spending rises to 24%. If nothing is done to rein in spending, debt will rise to 800% of GDP. And if history is any guide––tax revenues average around 20% no matter how high the rates–– Obama’s plan to raise tax rates will not generate enough money to pay the government’s bills. That’s why the Ryan plan reforms the tax code to make it more efficient and more pro-growth while maintaining revenues. Finally, given that entitlement spending will devour all tax revenues by 2050, the Ryan plan reforms Medicaid and Medicare, controlling cost by adding choice and market competition to both programs.

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  • stevefraser

    Time to bring out the ads showing Obama as a dangerous extremist: Theme: "Obama's War Against America". Use his own words and ads with young people talking about how much Obama scares them…give examples.

  • WildJew

    "The critics of democracy have always argued that most people are incapable of choosing wisely…."

    How true! Barack Obama is a case in point.

    • Looking4Sanity

      My main criticism of democracy is that it glorifies majority tyranny. It delights in crushing opposition under its iron heel. Democracy is the wet dream of tin pot dictators.

      • tagalog

        That's why our Founding Fathers were so strong about the role of religion in American life. They believed most strenuously that without a foundation of moral belief democracy would inevitably deteriorate into authoritarianism.

        As we see religion under attack over the past half-century, we can glean the meaning of what they were driving at when they (Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, and others) made their remarks about the need for the American people to be a virtuous people. Religion is the best mechanism for getting virtue and morality to the masses of people.

        • Looking4Sanity

          Agreed. You have struck the heart of the matter. It explains perfectly the saying, "You get the government you deserve", doesn't it?

  • Schlomotion

    Mr. Thornton believes Democracy is threatened by the Obama ad campaigns. However, he is untroubled by the fact that the Jewish owner of one of the most corrupt casinos in the United States pledged unlimited funds to the other guy and is buying both the Presidency and the Vice Presidency. Apparently that is no threat to Democracy at all.

    • CHOI


      • A.T. Halmay

        You said a mouthful.

        • A.T. Halmay

          And I mean Choi. Schlomotion seemingly has protection here. You can't reply to him and get printed.

          • aspacia

            I often do, and it is published.

    • A.T. Halmay

      I repeat, precisely how is that casino corrupt?

    • Ghostwriter

      Why am I not surprised that you'd resort to Jew-bashing,Schlomotion? That's what you excel at.

    • Stern

      Of course, Schlo-mind has absolutely no problem whatsoever with all the millions donated to Obama by Soros.

  • Gar

    I think Ryan is a great choice. He's smart, he's articulate, he's confident. I think Romney and Ryan will shred Obama and Biden. Obama without his teleprompter is an empty suit, a fake, fraud and phony, an intellectual light weight.

    I feel energized.

  • clarespark

    The American Enterprise Institute did a breakdown on the Ryan Budget 2012. It is lucid and detailed. Please read: http://www.commentarymagazine.com/article/ryans-h….

  • dennis x

    Opps, there goes Florida to The President!!!!

  • CHOI


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  • tagalog

    Paul Ryan comes across as considerably more articulate than Mitt Romney. He is considerably better at insuring that he answers the questions answered of him and doesn't come across as trying to smooth them over or ducking them. On that point, he's right up there with Newt Gingrich, except without the baggage. Too bad Ryan isn't the candidate for President, with Romney as HIS running mate.

    He also seems to be one up on Mitt Romney in having real, workable ideas that can be put into the debate over what must be done, very quickly after Romney takes office (assuming the election goes to the Romney-Paul ticket).

  • CHOI

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  • CHOI

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    • Atlas_Collins

      So you're saying you're basically a fascist who favors censorship of speech you find uncomfortable and offensive?

      • CHOI

        NO,what I'm saying is that MY FREE SPEECH was being CURTAILED in response to the TROLL.
        Either RESPONSE is permitted to a HATEMONGER or than the HATEMONGER should be "curtailed" if FREE SPEECH is NOT PERMITTED in Response.

  • WildJew

    I am posting this around on pro-Israel sites. It is too important to overlook. I wonder if there is any truth to this story. I got it from a friend living in Samaria, Israel. If it is, it is pretty darned disgusting. James Baker is a vicious anti-Semite; he and Jeremiah Wright.

    James “F— The Jews” Baker Now Romney Foreign Policy Adviser (Along w/ Other Israel-Haters)


    • aspacia

      Be careful about Sclussel, she constantly cries antiSemite, racist regarding any criticism. I quit reading her rants years ago.

  • A.T. Halmay

    Obama couldn’t make a success of running a hot dog stand, never mind a country, but he certainly knows how to campaign. He appeals to the lowest common denominator in voters – rabble rousing, appealing to their base instincts; their envy and greed. He has made inroads among the middle class – read the comments by N.Y. Times readers now all rabid lefties. Romney and Ryan are exactly the opposite and the GOP in recent history has not shown great brightness in campaigning.

  • A.T. Halmay

    Obama has provided us with a ton of material for a smear campaign and if Romney & Ryan don’t take their gloves off for a down and dirty fight, we’ll lose the election. Romney’s delay in showing his tax return has given Obama added strength. In his shoes, even if I hadn’t paid a dime in tax, I would now show it and explain how tax avoidance is legal – nobody likes to pay tax if not forced to by law. I would then promise to plug the loopholes that let me get away with low taxes but I would remind them that I was smart enough to make money in the first place and smart enough how to legally avoid paying taxes while my opponent took only welfare provided by affirmative action.

  • Katharina Sri

    Looks like Paul Ryan is a young McCain & of the Saudi-loving Bush's regime – where on foreign policy, Ryan supports the same brutal policies as Dictator/War Criminal Obama in an article in Daily Caller, and bows to the double-face Dictator Saudi king whose footsoldiers are the Nazi Muslim Brotherhood! No wonder US is on the decline – unless the Republicans have real-thinking Americans like Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, David Horowitz, Aaron Klein and many more like them in the US Intelligence Dept.

    These kind of Republicans are indeed so naive! Since the Saudi/Qatar royals-sponsored Muslim Brotherhood(MB) is intent on supremacist, racist, sexist and violent (both psychological/physical) Arabic-Islamic world domination, slavery (especially of women/girls in evil Saudi-Arabic veils), Genocide of Israel-Jews , Christians and liberal Muslims, Arabicizing every non-Arab Muslims, and OIL/MINERAL/LAND ROBBERY – such as that, that they've conquered non-Arab Libya, Egypt, Mali & Tunisia and soon to be Syria! The Al-Qaeda branch, Muslim World League that Huma Abedin & her parents' MB’s org worked with, are all based in Saudi Arabia by the way!

  • SAM000

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  • kblink45

    What do the NBA and Paul Ryan have in common?

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