What to Expect at the Democratic Convention

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In Tampa we saw a Republican Party fired with enthusiasm, blessed with rising young political stars like Paul Ryan, Mia Love, and Marco Rubio, and running a ticket brimming with brains, real-world experience, and fresh ideas of the sort needed to get our economy out of the fiscal ditch Obama and the Dems drove it into. So what will we see this week in Charlotte?

Watch any episode of “Walking Dead” and you’ll get a preview. Progressive ideas are beyond old. They’re dead. Yet they’re still walking around, mindless zombies reflexively moaning left-wing clichés and petrified orthodoxy. And just as the victims of zombies also become zombies when gnawed on by the undead, progressivism has spread by taking over schools, popular culture, the mainstream media, and for now the White House and Senate. With a record of failure and a total absence of any plan for turning the economy out of the path of the fiscal iceberg, all the Dems can do in Charlotte is set those rotting ideas loose to hunt down any still uninfected voters and chew away at their brains.

So expect the Dems to unleash the zombies, those reeking ideas like the “war on women.” The Convention will feature a whole slate of privileged women repeating feminist bromides that had some currency maybe in 1970. Expect hysterical charges about “taking away our right to choose,” which is zombie-speak for slandering and bullying Catholic institutions trying to protect religious freedom from government mandates to pay for birth control, or for demonizing those state legislatures trying to restrict infanticide disguised as third-trimester or partial-birth abortions. Creaky feminist clichés about “fearing strong women” and “silencing women’s voices” will also be on hand, coming from extremely vocal women who enjoy greater wealth, education, privilege, political power, influence, and leisure than most of the men in this country.

Of course, another moldering zombie sure to take center-stage in Charlotte is the “racism” charge progressives rely on to misdirect voters from their abject failures. Musty rhetoric last suitable in the Jim Crow era will fill the air, with dark warnings about “disenfranchisement” and “voter suppression.” We will hear decried the whole catalogue of “dog-whistle” words that mask the conservative racist hatred of Obama. Michelle Malkin has conveniently listed them: “angry,” “Chicago,” “Constitution,” “experienced,” “Food Stamp president,” “golf,” “kitchen cabinet,” “Obamacare,” “privileged,” “professor,” and “you people” are all ordinary words and phrases that allegedly seethe with hidden racist meaning. But if these benign words are the subsonic “dog whistles” Republicans use to stir up their party’s racist impulses, how come only Democrats can hear them? Doesn’t that make them the “dogs” rabid with racism? Maybe that’s why they’re the ones who think any mention of “welfare” means black people, even though more whites are on relief than blacks. Or perhaps that explains their campaign against voter identification requirements: somehow black people alone are incapable of obtaining a photo i.d. So who are the racists?

But the biggest, most rotten zombie we will see in Charlotte is the class-warfare rhetoric that has already dominated Obama’s campaign. Obama and crew have no new ideas for rescuing the economy from a Greece-like meltdown. Nor do they have an answer for the Republican Convention’s celebrations of self-reliance, self-improvement, hard work, entrepreneurship, and acceptance of risk and responsibility that success requires and that freedom makes possible. These all are part of America’s DNA, the virtues that made this country the richest and most powerful in history. And the alternatives to these virtues––the dependency, stagnation, passivity, indolence, rent-seeking, and buck-passing that for more than a century have attended every species of big-government socialism that ever existed––these alternatives to American virtues have been tried for a century and failed miserably. Indeed, we’re watching their slow-motion dissolution in the Eurozone even as we speak.

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  • Randall

    I love this zombie metaphor and tis almost the season for it! Thank you for more of your excellent writing!

    • WhoDuuuuhthunkit?

      I posted a week ago that considering cast of characters that will attend, I suspect the DNC convention will look more like a cross between Michael Jackson's Thriller and Roller Blade.

      The closer we get the more I am convinced that I am on target. The DNC Convention ought to be a real hoot.

  • teq

    The Zombie Democalypse is at hand.


    Blame GWB for all of BHOs failures.

    Oooo. I dearly hope that Dhimmi Carter speaks at the DNC. He will be a bad luck charm for Obama.

  • Asher

    The concensus is that after watching a values oriented, ideas and solutions motivated, integrity based RNC Convention, the people will reject the idiocy of the DNC who have reached a crescendo of total and complete foolishness! The Debt reaches 16 trillion, the spending has been tripled, we are in debt to China, gas $4.00 a gallon, unemployment over 8% for 42 months, no budget in 3 and 1/2 years, no energy policy, shutting down coal production and drilling for oil, a disastrous health care plan raiding Medicare and Medicare advantage, Czars accumulating power going around Congress, high priced environmental schemes, appeasing dictators, and putting US special Ops forces on an enemy list, rewarding illegal immigrants are all disastrous policies that are sinking the left. Wait until you see Carter and the other Radical leftwing groups.

    • BS77

      good points. the Dems will avoid mentioning the 16 TRILLION dollar deficit nightmare…they will probably avoid any talk about 48 million Americans on food stamps, the waves of people who have lost their jobs, their homes, their savings, who are now below the poverty line. Fast and Furious? Forgeddaboudit! Solyndra and the massive bail outs? SIlence. Gas is now over twice the price it was in 2008….Another item that will not be mentioned: Afghanistan, where over 2000 of our own have been killed in a war that seems endless. WW II ended with the Greatest Generation's victory on two fronts… in four years. We have been in Afghanistan nearly 11 years….and there will be no victory parades. Announcing the date of our departure has given the enemy a great advantage.. The Dems will not want to talk about this.

    • Anamah

      Well said but you forgot the rejection of Keystone pipeline…the shame of betraying Israel and the infiltration of radical Islamists here at home in our government, the all three branches and our security agencies are contaminated…they are erasing and changing our sacred values… The enemy can work now from within…

  • Greg

    What to Expect at the Democratic Convention?

    1) A Muslim call to payer

    2) An apology to the Muslim world and

    3) Denunciation of Israel

    All to the loud cheer from the floor.

    US is now a sick patient on life support. If I were the doctor, I’d ask to gather the family.

    • Sunbeam

      All these are their propaganda and strategy. They've been using this for a long time. And these are their successful weapons for many decades. They will continue to fool the world for as long as they can fool the world into believing their lies. Their hearts are full of deceitfulness and who knows except God. When they speak there's not a truth in them. Americans must wake up to this reality. Stop being gullible and naive and work to safe guard your nation and not let your rights be taken away or be eroded. Stop their migration or expelled them back to their country if they refuse to adhere to your country's code of law. Never allow them to change your laws neither allow them to produce their own laws. If they want to stay then adhere, If they refuse to adhere then be prepared to be expelled. This should be the way. Think…they're living in your country and not you living in their country. Who do they think they are?

  • Schlomotion

    I wept when I saw Clint Eastwood lecturing an empty chair. I know that finally, the Democratic Party is going to make my day. Finally we will roll back the evil empire that has taken over education, has taken over the mainstream media and forced me to read the truth in dark and secret shelters of intellect on the internet. The Democrats' last best hope is to sway a few gullible black voters in Charlotte, but we, the tidal wave of angry white and Jewish Americans know what is really up. So does Thomas Sowell. When G-d's angry wrath comes down to wash away all this Leftism, only Thomas Sowell will be spared of his kind. His keen intellect and self-reliance will be added to our own and the best of both worlds will be preserved as we begin to produce more correct thinking per acre until America Rises again.

    A biometric ID in every pot! All women will be handsome and logical like Ayn Rand and again Lucky Strike will mean fine tobacco. Bromide will go back into the milk, where it belongs. The EU and the UN will collapse as we stop propping up that sad and rotten collective. Then finally, the United States of Lithuania can flourish.

    The Republican Spirit is alive again! It says so on my iPad. When the evil forces of Samsung are obliterated for flooding the market with affordable tablets and again posting and browsing are concentrated in the hands of the few, the right sorts of people will realize this, really feel it without having to think or question it. The radical egalitarians with their Huffpo and their Haaretz will wither and pass away before the superior intellect and compellingly asymmetrical features of the bright minds and brave souls of Hudson, National Review, and World Likud, who have been up until now misunderstood and ridiculed.

    Next year in Jerusalem!

    • Stern

      The sole aim of this poster is to elicit reactions. Answer him with logic, and he will change the subject. He will keep going and going and going, aiming only to annoy.

      Best course of action in dealing with this obnoxious idiot is to ignore everything he says. Please do not respond. And if he complains about being "banned" or "boycotted" ignore that too. Nobody is debating his right to post. All I suggest is that we refuse to engage with him and deny him the pleasure he seeks.

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

        Don't respond? Isn't that how liberals seized the eduction system, the courts, the media and every other place they've decided to grab?

        We need to respond in a reasonable and logical way to show how flawed they are. We also really should point out how their thinking has failed every single time.

        • Zionista

          don't respond because the thing that calls itself shmo is not only very sick but very irrelevant – not worth wasting any energy

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            It's a common opinion, just not one I share.
            Of course I won't blame you if you just tune him out and don't read the comments going back and forth, I intend to make his trolling here as frustrating for him as possible.

            I don't accept the 'ignore evil' as a viable alternative. I like to expose it's failing every single time.
            And I have made it unpleasant enough that over 20 trolls have gone away or renamed.

        • Stern

          This is exactly what this poster wants. Point out his failings all you want, you will achieve nothing except frustration on your point. But hey, if you're game, go for it.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            No, he wants us to sit here like dimmi's and to let him mock us unchallenged.

      • BS77

        Schlomotion has had therapy to no avail. Hopeless case of OCD coupled with psychosis. Bad combo.

      • Ghostwriter

        Boy,you guys make him out to be the Energizer bunny of anti-semitism.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

      The democrat party will make your day?

      Are you finally getting some of that Obama stash? Or is it just a bad loan to your energy company about to go bust?


      Damn the "Muslims Only" road signs.

      Next year – INFIDELS in MECCA.

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

        Separation of mosque and state!
        We need to demand our own enclaves where they respect our laws and customs.
        Then we need to pretend outrage and stone those who disagree with us. You know, like they did in Dearborn.

    • Guest

      Poor Schlomotion — his life is so pathetic that he has nothing better to do but visit a site he hates and make long manifesto-style comments on every article like a certifiable psycho. Every day you appear here, you make it more evident what a crazy wacko you are. Perhaps no one ever told you that compulsively visiting a website that you hate EVERY DAY and commenting long, rambling manifestos on EVERY ARTICLE is not "normal." But then again, that wouldn't be immediately obvious to someone who lives alone with no family or friends and has very little else of value in his life.

      Go ahead — I DARE you to refute what I'm saying. You KNOW this is true. Only a crazy person with a sad, sad life would do what you do. I bet you TRY not to give into your compulsion every day — but you just can't help it. You HAVE to visit the site. You HAVE to rant and rave on EVERY article. Can't stop yourself. The joke is on you because everyone who sees your wacko posts immediately sees this painfully obvious truth.

      I dare you to refute this.

      • Ghostwriter

        All I know about Schlockmotion,Guest is that he's a creep,not just a Jew-hating creep,but an all-around creep.

      • Schlomotion

        Here is my much solicited refutation: I am too old to have impressions of normativity based on visitation of websites. Websites were invented well after I came along, so I don't formulate character impressions or other conclusions based on URL frequency. The internet is not a neighborhood or a cosmos in my observation. This website is simply a publication. It is in fact, a daily. Therefore, at my pleasure I read it daily. I am not pleased for the same reasons you might be. You might be pleased that you find here arguments that you agree with. I am pleased because I see recidivist megalomaniacal lunatics wallowing in hatred while trying to walk upright and pen pseudo-academic drivel. I take pleasure in stating where I disagree with it, and pointing out where Shine-Ola is to be found in comparison to these articles. The site itself is incidental. The people and organizations behind the site are who I am speaking to.

        • Touchstone

          "megalomaniacal lunatics" — Ah yes, and I suppose you're the farthest thing from a megalomaniac, despite claiming that you're going to influence the course of history on a par with Alexander the Great, and boasting that you're "extravagantly gifted", and explaining that this messageboard is your own personal art gallery, in which you're not merely posting messages but actually exhibiting masterpieces… and on and on… You really are hopelessly, laughably self-unaware.

          • Schlomotion

            They said the same of Will Shortz when they found out he grew up on an animal madrasah surrounded by Islamically inspired equines. They teased him, saying that he was throwing his career away on enigmatology, a fake discipline.

            There’s nothing further from maror than charoset. I am the charoset. You are the shankbone, refrigerating your sacrifice and reusing it on the second day.

          • Touchstone

            "refrigerating your sacrifice and reusing it on the second day" — You have what's called a TRACK RECORD, one that will be used against you endlessly. Get used to it. I know you'd love it if your own regrettable words never came back to haunt you, but you're out of luck. You should have been more careful with your bleatings. Instead, you have enshrined for all eternity your hypocrisy, your bigotry, your massively inflated self-perception, your callousness, your hyper-violent desires. Naturally, you want all this swept under the rug. Poor little Bobby never grew up, did he? Grown-ups have to take responsibility, Bobby. Even when it's painful.

            Is it predictable of me to keep reminding you of your own spewings? You bet it is. Do I care? Not one iota. May you be inundated by refrigerated shankbones all the days of your life, whispering "Memento mori" in your ears, reminding you what a colossal ass you are. (Speaking of which, it is indeed scientifically possible for unfinished charoset to be refrigerated as well. Once again, you fail miserably to use allusions and figurative language effectively. Ignorance and lack of talent will ensure such tragic results every time. Alas.)

          • Schlomotion

            I was referring to your incessant rehash of your own suffering and the suffering that you claim as part of the larger world of suffering, not to my own words, which I welcome you all day to try to throw at me, their Originator. Sweep them under the rug. Sweep them over the rug. Fly on them like a rug to Baghdad and kiss the feet of the Caliphs, for all I care. Like Joni Mitchell said, they're yours now man. Do what you want with them.

            No, it is not predictable. Predictable was half a month ago. Now, it is simply baroque. It is easily interpreted melancholy with an irritable edge, like detuned, narrow and high, exuberant misery. I suspect you are being impersonated. There is a hermit crab living in your personality.

          • Touchstone

            I made no mention of any such "suffering" here. I rehashed nothing of the kind. You can't even read.

            As usual, your analysis is entirely inaccurate. I'm not full of melancholy. I'm simply determined not to let you forget your own execrable remarks. Predictable, baroque, shankbone-like, whatever. Your insults have no sting. As long as I post at this site, I will remind you of what you've written. Your "points" will be undermined by your own words, which amply make the case of bigotry, hypocrisy, megalomania, shallowness, callousness, witlessness, and so on. If only you didn't make it so easy to discredit you.

          • Schlomotion

            It's fine with me, if on the basis of hypocrisy you declare my remarks to be evil. It's amusing actually. You may notice that I myself do not accuse the authors here of making execrable remarks or execrable arguments. They do, of course make them. But my goal is not to reenact, as you have, Jesus's Serpents, Generations of Vipers tirade. Mine is to remove the veil of professionalism from warmongering hatred while making art.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            Your remarks are evil whether he says so or not.

            And you are not amusing, you're illustrative of why we need to wake up and start marching again.

          • Touchstone

            By the way, for a guy who rips on megalomaniacs, it was laughably unwitting of you to write this:

            "There’s nothing further from maror than charoset. I am the charoset."

            It's astounding, really. You seem almost biologically incapable of criticizing human failings without revealing how abundantly you possess those very same failings. I've never come across someone so self-unaware. Never. You're a marvel of hypocrisy.

          • Schlomotion

            The wonderful things are left unfinished, even especially criticism.

          • Touchstone

            When you know you've been exposed as a fraud, you start writing quasi-aphoristic, meaningless nonsense. It's your own personal version of the white flag of surrender. You've been checkmated more times than Kasparov's opponents; presumably, this defense mechanism of yours eases the pain that comes with recognizing your mediocrity.

          • Schlomotion

            No rainbows. No woods. No worms. No psychoanalysis. No quiet solitude. No communing. No criticizing. No evading criticism. No aphorisms. What a bag of "No" you carry around with you. If "no" had substance, you would crawl to drag around such a heavy bag of conversational prerequisites and parameters. Dam.ned concise original thoughts! How dare I use them? Stupid Pythagoras. Simpleton Epictetus. Foolish Nietzsche. Asinine Heinlein! Witless Wittgenstein!

            To call checkmate in an interminable endgame is to play without infinity. The limitation of your piece moves block you from anything but a stalemate. I have already enumerated your piece moves. You have anger, impatience, a claimed history of suffering, demands that your point never be interpreted by its connotation, but only in the way that you meant it, a way which oscillates, but in my view not enough to be menacing. Your "checkmate" is to me merely your 64 factorial linear thinking.

            I admire in a small way your obsession with fraud and mediocrity. However in the restrictive environment in which you make your demands, there can only exist fraud and mediocrity. Such a high and mighty pronouncement, except when you realize that accusations of mediocrity need not emanate from on high. They can come sideways.

          • Touchstone

            I'll keep this post short and straight to the point to minimize the potential for your easily distracted brain to become confused.

            How many times do I need to notify you about my enjoyment of or admiration for rainbows, solitude, psychoanalysis and the rest, until you stop falsely accusing me of hating things that nobody dislikes? Please give a number. Will it take another ten reminders? Perhaps another hundred till it sinks in? Are you rehashing this long-discredited line of attack because you hate it when I undermine you with your own hypocritical, egomaniacal, antisemitic and murderous words?

          • Schlomotion

            Your peer review of one discredited it. That was one of my original criticisms of Zionists, that you proclaim things to be discredited simply because you don't like to hear them. I can still feel that day, when I was fresh from the cold rivers of New Hampshire you said to me that collective history and the evils therein are more informative than the raw individual personal experience of life on Earth, and that if I think differently, I must be a pot-smoking hippie (which, mind you, is a high calling).

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            You are not his peer.

            You are not equal to or on the same level with him.

            Pretending you are won't cut it.

          • Touchstone

            "you proclaim things to be discredited simply because you don't like to hear them"

            Not true. You're skipping the part where I back up my claims with EVIDENCE, in the form of your own words. The examples of your hypocrisy are legion.

            For example, when you condemn Geller or anyone else as a "savage" or "enemy of America", I inform you that you yourself said the following: "I'd gladly throw Michael Moore into a pit of sharpened stakes". Clearly, murdering political opponents is both savage and unAmerican. I use the EVIDENCE of your own HYPOCRISY to undermine your ugly comments and specious arguments.

            Another example: You said more than once that you'd like to "wring" Ben Shapiro's "neck".

            Another example: You condemn Zionists and FPM contributors as warmongers, but you declare that you hope Iran gets the bomb, a development that's likely to trigger nuclear proliferation in the most dangerous region on Earth.

            Another example: You recently took others to task for "megalomania", despite having declared that you will change the course of history on the same order of magnitude as Alexander the Great. In the same vein, you've described yourself as "extravagantly gifted" and the "charoset" to my "maror".

            Another example: You routinely criticize the bigotry of Zionists and Jews, but you yourself have dismissed Jews as "inconsequential people" and "obnoxious" and you once likened pro-Israel internet commentators to Mengele and Goebbels.

            So not only do I discredit you on the basis of evidence rather than capricious whim, I do in fact "like to hear them", the "them" in question being the sterling gems of hypocrisy you produce on a daily basis. They provide ample ammunition to undermine your vicious comments with your own careless, inconsistent, self-unaware rantings.

          • Schlomotion

            Charoset is megalomaniacal now?

            O! Scalable outrage of yours. Let's get back into proper size here. I don't like Michael Moore. Pamela Geller runs bus-sized ads calling for Gobineauesque Up the Jews, Down the Arabs in a pitched effort to bring back the Birmingham bus burnings. You think my derision of Michael Moore is on the same scale. All you are trying to do is liquidate opposition to Israel like a machine cog, or a crowding penguin on a ledge. You are more Christian than you lead on, reinventing the wheel of the Book of Matthew, yelling "hypocrite" and trying to find the most of mine and make it a counterweight to the least of hers. Apples to oranges. I deride a filmmaker with a Mailerism, Geller is a genocidal Loki and cyno. In your atrocity-monger's store they weigh the same. It exemplifies the very sickness of Zionism.

          • Touchstone

            Overreaction. What I'm doing is simply using your own words to discredit you. I'm showing by way of evidence that the relentless anti-Israel, anti-Zionist detractor named Schlomotion is exploding with hypocrisy. Beyond this straightforward exercise of discrediting a fellow poster, there is some importance — if this process were to be multiplied many times, and not just limited to your own laughable self — to highlighting the moral bankruptcy of the people who self-righteously and obtusely accuse Israel of the very same.

            "It exemplifies the very sickness of Zionism."

            So I stand for all Zionists now? My sentiments are everyone's sentiments? For all your pretense to erudition, you think like a run-of-the-mill bigot, reducing millions of people to a stereotype you can bash. Anti-Zionists are human, but Zionists are caricatures. Got it.

            Allow me to do the same, and you can see how it feels: Your unbelievable hypocrisy, sanctimony, and moral bankruptcy (not to mention callousness and shallowness) "exemplify the very sickness of anti-Zionism."

          • Schlomotion

            If one steps out of hard-line with the Zionists, you attack.
            One is not allowed to differ with Zionists in your presence.
            Therefore, you believe that there can be only one unquestioned Zionism.
            Therefore you stand for all Zionists. (They probably don't want you to).

            An interesting development has taken place:

            My thesis that Iran should get the bomb has been suddenly supported for the very reasons I gave by none other than Kenneth Waltz in Foreign Affairs magazine in an article called "Why Iran Should Get the Bomb."

            Have fun calling him a rabid antisemitic lunatic.

          • Touchstone

            You really don't have a clue.

            You have virtually conditioned folks around here to be hostile towards you. That's the predictable result of provoking people hundreds, if not thousands, of times. You've written more than enough to show how unhinged you are (e.g. comparing mere internet commentators to arch criminals like Mengele and Goebbels). You will get no benefit of the doubt. There's a gargantuan BACKDROP to any new comment you write. As I always have to remind you, you're forgetting CONTEXT.

            I'm not familiar with Waltz. I tried to read the article, but since I'm not a subscriber, I wasn't permitted to read it in full. What little I read sounded reasonable. Had he written hundreds of "rabid(ly) antisemitic" articles prior to this one, I'm sure I'd expect the worst, but I can't accuse him of such things. You I can accuse. You've left a trail. Waltz is innocent till proven guilty. You're drowning in guilt. If you write something innocuous or reasonable, I suspect it's disingenuous, given your endless offensiveness. If Waltz writes something reasonable, I have no reason to suspect him. His track record is unknown to me. Reputation is the concept you're too drunk on self-love to appreciate. You think you're entitled to be shown deference and respect despite so many heinous remarks. You really don't have a clue.

            You scoff at history, dismissing it as a "lying ass", so you'll probably scoff at the notion that you yourself have your OWN history, against which your future comments will be judged. Such is the fate of people who make their beds and have to lie in them. What floors me about you is that you have the audacity (or is it really just lack of self-awareness) to equate yourself with seemingly respectable columnists who, unlike you, don't troll around internet sites trying to provoke. You actually expect people to honor you with the same courtesy that would be shown an unfamiliar voice. But you're not unfamiliar. Your familiarity has bred much contempt.

            If a columnist unknown to me suggests that Iran should get a nuke to bring peace to the region, perhaps he doesn't wish Israel harm. I think it's a very dangerous idea, but maybe he really does mean well and might simply be wrong. But when YOU suggest such things — and in the same breath denigrate Israel as a "crappy little country" that has earned its imminent dismantlement — why on Earth would I trust that you mean well?

            The boy who cried wolf eventually wasn't believed when the real wolf showed up. He too didn't count on any consequences resulting from his antics. I trust I can count on you to misinterpret my analogy.

            Back to Iran. My own view isn't hardcore Zionist at all. You think you have me pegged but you don't. I would operate under the assumption that Iran might have acquired nukes in secret, which would explain the years of bellicose taunting by Ahmadinejad. Why would he and Khamenei be constantly goading Israel to attack them? Just to raise oil prices? Iran has plenty of missiles that could deliver nukes, and plenty of ships from which to launch them at Israel's coastal cities. Maybe they're itching for an excuse to do so. I don't want Iran to be attacked. I have no desire to see civilians harmed; I have no desire to see the price of oil skyrocket and the world economy collapse; and I think it would be playing into the hands of the Mullahs, with potentially devastating consequences for Israel and others.

            I'm not a hardcore Zionist at all. If only you knew how squishy I can be. For one thing, I'm agnostic — I don't believe the land was divinely promised to Jews. I also don't think (despite your sarcastic taunts) that all Muslims are evil (that's a ludicrous notion), even though I don't pretend Islamic antisemitism isn't serious. I reject the monstrous talk of a counter-genocide of Muslims sometimes promoted by other posters. You're judging my comments as hardline without any consideration of your own provocations, which trigger hardline reactions. Just because I don't mind playing devil's advocate when I come across someone as self-righteous, self-unaware, and self-adoring as you doesn't mean I'm as hardcore as I might sound. You provoke hostility, and then you misrepresent that hostility as extremism. You're clueless in apprehending your role in creating what seem like Frankenstein monsters who howl back at you. Astoundingly, you genuinely believe they developed in situ, without any interference from the colossal pest who looks back at you in the mirror.

          • Schlomotion

            In order of importance:

            I like talking to you because I think we really agree on many many things and we vehemently disagree on some others. To you they might be deep, angry and animosity laden disagreements. To me they are not, at all. Where all the indignation and pride goes is optional to me. In this conversation, to me there is no insult, no reputation at stake. We are simply exchanging views that happen to be explicit (and disagreeable to some).

            I am not unaware of the context I generate. It's a wake. Where we differ is that I cut the wake with my own commentary, and you try to put me behind my own wake. I never let you do it, but to me that's just a side-game we are playing.

            Oddly maybe to you, I treat praise and accolades the same way as I treat harsh criticism and insults. They go off to the sides and spiral outward. Reputation is a tool or a weapon of vanity. I am not worried about the facade of my reputation. I am an adherent to Epictetus. I would gladly trade away reputation for goals in any scenario. It satisfies me that I have a view, I state a view and the view may be corroborated by a "better" or "more reputable" author. I wish I could share more of the article, but my copy is four photographs of it on my phone.

            I am crunching out all this contemptous writing that fills the discussion. It's a little bullion cube on the imaginary shelf over there. So easy. Your second to last paragraph I agree with completely. I also know that you are not a hardcore Zionist. I only said it as a bluff. I think you are a good person and not a rote-acting fanatic. You are a different mode when you are indignant. I also don't expect you to or necessarily want you to change your views.

            I agree with your last paragraph in its entirety as well. I know these things you just said about you are true already. I have known for months. It's evident by your writing. I admit to everything you said about me in the last paragraph. I am actually quite clueful about my role.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            How nice, he shreds you for comment after comment so now you pretend none of that mattered?

        • Guest

          Thank you for proving my reading of you and your sad, sad little world right. As I knew you would. You are compelled to come to this website EVERY DAY at the same time to leave manifesto-style comments on every article. Because in the real world, no one listens to you, do they? No one cares about your opinion, do they? Probably not even your family (if you even have one). The only delight you get is by coming to websites that you hate EVERY DAY for an anonymous thrill. You can be the man you always wanted to in your comments, right? I notice that you didn't address my most serious observation about you (which I know is absolutely correct): Can you refute the fact that you are a lonely person? Can you refute the fact that to compulsively visit a website (that you hate) every day at the same time and leave rambling screeds on every article is the behavior of a psychologically ill person? Again, the joke is on you because this is, of course, instantaneously obvious to anyone who reads your comments. You wouldn't be in on it, however, because, well, crazy people tend not to realize they are insane.

          Go ahead — I dare you to refute this.

          • Schlomotion

            Your Buzz Lightyear reference was amusing. Is this website, or is it not, a daily? Are you faulting me for reading a daily daily? Have you performed an independent study to see if it were a weekly I would visit it weekly, a monthly monthly, and a quarterly every three months?

            Do you realize the philosophical conundrum of entering virtual reality to condemn the use of virtual reality by other participants, or the necessarily conjectural nature of speculating about their personal lives without doing the due diligence of research? I notice that in nearly all cases people who are angered by other commenters never avail themselves of even readily provided information and prefer to talk in a black bag. You speculate wildly about what my "only delight" is, as if I did not lead an existence of boundless delights. Lacking even these abundances, there would still be bubble wrap.

            You go out on a limb when you assert that opinions matter in real life. They matter to the individual as a basis for his own action, but in terms of persuasion, it is always better to act alone than to persuade. If one were to reduce my use of opinion to mere persuasion, then yes, even in that small quadrant, I am certain that people care about my opinions. And Israel cares enough about my opinions to waste millions of dollars on Hasbara, and Aubrey Chernick cares enough about my opinions to pay David Horowitz to pay Robert Spencer. There is, in fact a massive industry in place to outspend my freely voiced and antithetical opinions. So yes, they care.

            Since you are so fond of movies and books, can you say which movie quotes Cicero when the actress says "You are never so little alone as when you are alone?" You make too much fuss about solitude as if it is a form of isolation. I would suggest that you also read The Bet by Anton Chekhov.

            As for anonymity being a thrill, I suggest you read "Oh Come to a Mardi Gras Morning,"chapter 14 of The Ni**er Bible by Robert H. deCoy. Anonymity can be a thrill, if you reveal eventually. Personally, though I am not anonymous, you just don't read very deeply.

            To paraphrase Robert Margolis on the subject of Yiddish Yoga, what's obvious arrives instantly in the reader's apprehension and affection–and then takes time to become obvious. Take care that you don't trip over your own instantaneity and become only momentary.

          • Guest

            Again, thank you sincerely for proving me right. You cannot refute the fact that you are a lonely person, no friends or family. Your behavioral profile betrays you. You don't even bother to refute the fact — instead you defend the virtues of loneliness. Yes, just tell yourself whatever soothing lies are necessary to distract from the fact that no one in your real life cares about you, or your opinions, no one listens to you. etc.

            Because the fact is, no one who has a happy, fulfilled life full of interest and people who love them would do what you do. Sure, it's a daily — but why not come once a week, every two weeks or five days? Well, as we've already established, you can't help yourself. You come at the same time every day and leave rambling comments on every article like a common nutcase. OCD.

            By the way nice mini-manifesto, this one. How many pages is the real thing by now — 800-ish?

          • Schlomotion

            What's great on this site is when the authors revert to Stalinism and when the commenters revert to evangelism. You said "refute the fact." I think you meant "refute the accusation."

          • Guest

            Ah, had to think about this comment a bit, huh? Had to reformulate it in your head, since this is what you spend so much of your time doing during your day. My, what a fulfilling day it is. Tell me, does your employer know you are deceiving him by wasting their money on your manifesto-commenting all day? Or are you just on welfare? No, wait, disability, probably. You don't even leave the house much, do you? If anything I've said is an "accusation" and not a "fact" then why not just refute it with facts? — i.e. by telling me that you don't live alone, don't have a pathetic life with no family or friends and can stop yourself from visiting the site every day, multiple times a day, ranting on every article, etc. (and that perfectly normal people engage in this activity). But you can't do that, can you? Because it's all true. You've had three opportunities by now and each time you refuse. You lose. Just admit that you are a crazy loser. This is your most fulfilling daily activity. Very sad.

          • Schlomotion

            You read me like a book. How do you do it?

          • Guest

            It's not a special talent. It's just that anyone with eyes and a brain (besides crazies like you) is able to recognize psycho behavior. It's kind of like, when you like a woman and you want to get to know her, it's common knowledge that lurking in her bushes every night isn't a normal way to go about it. Weirdos, however, usually think the opposite.

            By the way, please, please can I time you on your manifestos tonight? I bet you can't write one on every article in under 10 minutes! I bet you can't! At least three paragraphs each. Those are the rules.

    • Mo Schlotion

      When you go to Jerusalem next year are you flying El Al? You should so you automatically get kosher food.

      • Joe Ordinary

        I would like some kosher food.

    • Joe Ordinary

      What you want to do with this poster is to take apart his arguments with precision and reveal them in their utter ludicrousness. You expose him for a fool over and over and over.

      That way if he stays, you can use him as a figure of fun, and if he goes, you are victorious.

      That's the only way to deal with a$$h*les like Schlomotion.

    • Touchstone

      Your rant is tedious, bitter, unfunny, and full of tortured metaphors. It has no impact. Nobody tries harder than you to do sarcasm, and nobody makes such a loud thud when he inevitably fails. It's quite the sad spectacle. Perhaps a good book on humor writing will help you. Also consider a dictionary of literary terms. With time and practice, you'll become familiar with the various types of figurative language: what they mean, how to use them, how to distinguish between them, and so on. You'll be communicating with clarity and impact in no time!

      • Schlomotion

        I disagree. My metaphors are only stressed and duressed, occasionally waterboarded metaphors. Those aren't tortured and they yield valued information which precludes the need for more severe means. I am sure John Yoo will back me up on this.

        • Touchstone

          If you were to publish a book full of such witless attempts at wit, or a syndicated column comprised of the same, you wouldn't survive the withering scorn you'd receive from all quarters. You continue posting utter drivel because there are no consequences for awful writing. No published author could survive the severe consequences of disseminating such abysmal, self-indulgent garbage.

          I honestly long for one — just one — of your fatuous retorts to be funny. Or at least make me smile. But it never happens. You just don't have it in you, despite two thousand attempts at humor. (sigh) I'm always hoping for charoset, but all I get from you is bitter herb.

          • Schlomotion

            I think it's peculiar that you lay all the weight of making you laugh upon other people, especially with your massive laundry list of restrictions. You should hire a funny donkey.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            You are the donkey, do you ever get funny?

    • tagalog

      Was referring to Ayn Rand as "handsome" a carefully-chosen descriptive word, or was it just one of those Freudian thingies?

    • HoR_Emperor

      Hush, anti-Semitic troll-scum.

      • Bob Goldberg

        Hush, Zionist cockroach… Extermination time is coming

  • sheldan1955

    "The ditch Obama and the Dems drove the economy into…" Or, more precisely, the ditch Obama and the Dems drove FURTHER into. If you remember, Obama once said that it didn't make sense for our country to give the "keys" back to the party who drove the car into the ditch, meaning due to the policies of the Bush administration, the Republicans could not be trusted on the economy. (And the Democrats are still saying this to this day–"We can return to the 'failed' policies of the past, or we can continue to 'progress' with our program.") Well, this administration now owns the bad economy, and it hasn't delivered on its promises. Sounds like the country shouldn't trust them with the keys anymore.

  • Wesley69

    Expect a Saul Alinsky-like convention filled with lies, character assassinations, distortions of their own record. Any means to achieve the end – to win reelection for this man who would destroy this country both economically and militarily.

    • stevefraser

      But this works only because the GOP is so passive and unwilling to play offense.

      • HoR_Emperor

        Romney's been playing offense quite effectively, actually. That's part of why the Dems are getting so panicked and playing the race card so wildly.

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

          What if he was referring to Boehner and the republican establishment?
          Then, he might have a point. They have been playing dead for 2 years now, even after we gave them the house back.

          • HoR_Emperor

            Not true at all. They've done the best they could with only half of one branch of government, facing absolutely fanatical opposition from both the Senate and the President.

            Criticizing on the basis of unrealistic expectations is not a good idea.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            Is it? Don't you remember this?

  • Long Ben

    The solution to a lot of our nations problems will be found by addressing the internal imperative of the citizens . This can , at bottom only be obtained by spiritual means . We need to again get back to the Judeo Christian concensus which the Left so despises . For instance , as St. Paul said " if any man will not work , let him not eat .

  • WilliamJamesWard

    I am surprised that the convention was not cancelled this election when Bert and Ernie declined to
    be the keynote speakers but I am sure Democrats will have a gay time not needing babysitters, oh
    what freedom (to lie, cheat, steal and despoil America)…………………………………..William

  • Western Spirit

    i don't know about a Republican victory. The only people I've been talking to are gong to vote for Obama and I live in an erstwhile Conservative part of the country.

    Those old tired ideas have hardened into prejudice. Prejudices die hard and the only prejudices currently making the rounds are Leftist ones, like Republicans are nerds or worse, that people are still buying into.

    • HoR_Emperor

      Anecdote is not evidence.

    • tagalog

      It's the "erstwhile" part that's skewing your political perceptions.

  • Mach1Duck

    "Obama and crew have no new ideas for rescuing the economy from a Greece-like meltdown." Prehaps they do know and understand the dynamics to collapse an economy and it is exactly what they want to achieve.

  • clarespark

    As I see it, the Democratic Party will try to jam together interest groups that are at odds with one another. And one of its assets will be the general "groupiness" that social democrats and communists have foisted on its followers. I wrote about the fear of striking out on one's own (e.g. starting a business or competing on the market) here: http://clarespark.com/2012/09/03/eros-and-the-pro…. "Eros and the problem of solidarity."

  • Reason_For_Life

    Thornton's anti-zombie bigotry must end. Zombies comprise a major Democratic voting bloc as can be seen in Chicago and Cleveland where the dead (or undead) consistently vote for Democrats. ObamaCare will soon swell the ranks of the dead guaranteeing Democratic control of the government for many years to come.

  • stevefraser

    If class warfare and intensifying envy didn't work, especially for the minorities that are the heart of the DEMS, would the DEMS continue to use it?

  • J. Clark

    Barry Hussein Soetore, the marxist/Muslim, who thinks he is the perfumed potenate of the world, has stale, out-dated views. He and his slakened-jawed, knuckle dragging, V.P. Joey Biden are gone in Nov.

  • tagalog

    One thing that I think is likely to become clear at the Democrat Convention: we will know beyond the slightest doubt that the term "reactionary" is NOT applicable to the Republicans but instead to the Democrats, as they will spend considerable amounts of time blaming the current dismal state of affairs on past poltical leaders.

  • Jim_C

    Wouldn't you, in this case?

    I think they'll have a good convention because, unlike his opponent, people actually like Barack Obama and are proud of a few things he's done. Actually, I will be interested to see how heated the "class warfare" rhetoric will be. My guess is it will be about as heated as the "racism" of the GOP convention. Obama's whole shtick was that he was beyond the hackneyed class warfare of gomers like John Edwards. I just don't think the populism of the 30s plays that well today, even in light of a heavily-lobbied Washington creating conditions for the uber-wealthy to remain so while the system melts down (go ahead and include the CRA and Fannie and Freddie in there if it floats your boat).

    But then how do you talk about the tax increases that need to happen to the rich, and things like being able to afford health care, college, etc., without evoking a little class warfare? The fact is, rich people ain't hurting, whereas middle class people are extremely worried about how they will afford the future.

    I was about to say "It will be interesting" but it probably won't be….