About Those Jews…

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Originally published in The Jerusalem Post. 

So it works out that Iran’s vice president really hates Jews. In fact, he hates Jews so much that even The New York Times reported it. On Tuesday, the Times published an account of Iranian Vice President Mohammad-Reza Rahimi’s speech before a UN forum on fighting drug addiction in Tehran.

Rahimi claimed that Jews control the illegal drug trade. We sell drugs, he said, in order to fulfill what he said is a Talmudic writ to “destroy everyone who opposes the Jews.”

He said that our conspiracy is obvious since, he claimed, there are no Jewish drug addicts.

He went so far as to promise to pay anyone who can find a Jewish drug addict.

As he put it, “The Islamic Republic of Iran will pay for anybody who can research and find one single Zionist who is an addict. They do not exist. This is the proof of their involvement in drugs trade.”

Oops, sorry, he doesn’t hate Jews. He hates Zionists.

Some of his best friends are Jews.

At least that is what the Times would have us believe. As reporter Thomas Erdbrink put it, “‘Zionists’ is Iran’s ideological term for Jews who support the state of Israel.”

He also helpfully noted, “More than 25,000 Jews live in Iran, and they are recognized as a religious minority, with a representative in Parliament.”

Aside from that, just so we don’t get the wrong impression about the Iranian government, Erdbrink calmed us down by noting, therapeutically, “Several Iranian ministers gave politically neutral briefings on the impact of the drug trade on the country.”

So aside from the fact that its vice president is a frothing-at-the-mouth anti-Semite, the Iranian regime is perfectly respectable. Nothing to see here folks, move on.

Except, of course, that this is not the case.

Iran’s “Supreme Leader” routinely refers to Israel as a cancer. For instance, in a sermon before thousands of Muslim worshipers in February, Ali Khamenei said, “The Zionist regime is a cancerous tumor and it will be removed.”

Then there’s Rahimi’s direct boss, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who can’t ask what the weather is like without calling for the annihilation of the Jewish people.

But then he too usually calls us Jews “Zionists,” (which most of us are), so his calls for the genocide of Jewry is really just a political statement and not proof that what moves him when he wakes up in the morning and goes to bed at night is a passionate, obsessive desire to murder an entire people.

Many commentators seized on Erdbrink’s write-up of Rahimi’s diatribe as further proof that the civilized world cannot permit Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. And that is fair enough.

Of course Iran cannot be permitted to acquire nuclear weapons. They are religious fanatics who rule under a deranged banner of messianic genocide.

BUT THE real issue here is that these commentators felt it necessary to seize on the Times’ write-up of Rahimi’s speech to make this obvious point. That is, the real issue here isn’t the Iranians. The real issue is the Western media. From the New York Times to the BBC to the European media, Jew-hatred is the most under-reported – and arguably most important story – of our times.

No issue unites the Muslim world more than venomous, murderous hatred of Jews.

No single issue informs their foreign policies more than hatred of Jews. And yet, reporting – even biased, misleadingly understated reporting – of this massive, strategically pivotal phenomenon is almost nonexistent in most major media outlets. As a consequence, it is a major event when the Times finally publishes an anemic report about it. And again, even that report hides the real story.

Erdbrink ended his report by quoting an unnamed European diplomat who was in Rahimi’s audience at the conference. The diplomat told him that on the one hand, “This was definitely one of the worst speeches I have heard in my life. My gut reaction was: Why are we supporting any cooperation with these people?”

But, lest we reach any policy conclusions from Rahimi’s bigotry, the diplomat soothed, “If we do not support the United Nations on helping Iran fight drugs, voices like the one of Mr. Rahimi will be the only ones out there.”

What both Erdbrink and his European interlocutor failed to acknowledge is that Rahimi won’t be punished for his views. He was promoted because of his views. Helping Iran fight drugs doesn’t encourage non-genocidal Iranian politicians. It legitimizes the regime that promoted Rahimi and Ahmadinejad and Khamenei and every other powerful politician and military commander because of their hatred of Jews.

The Western media has two basic approaches to their non-reporting of Islamic Jew-hatred and its significance for international security. The first approach is to ignore the issue because it is ideologically inconvenient.

The New York Times, like every other major Western media outlet except The Wall Street Journal, is of the opinion that the Islamic world should be appeased. The Muslim Brotherhood and Iran should be accommodated.

If they gave Islamic Jew-hatred coverage commensurate with its actual significance, they would be undermining their ideological agenda. In light of their ubiquitous and vituperative obsession with Jewish people, it is obvious that it is impossible to appease the Muslim world.

The second approach to contending with Islamic Jew-hatred is to justify it by claiming that Israel has earned all the hate coming its way. It’s “political” they say. The Islamic demonization of Jews is understandable given the Palestinians and all that.

Obviously, both of these approaches to the story of Islamic Jew-hatred are appalling. The former approach involves a breach of the very concept of objective journalism. After all, the purpose of journalism is to report on the world as it is, not as we would like it to be.

And the latter approach is no less bigoted than the hatred it serves to whitewash. The European diplomat’s gut reaction to Rahimi’s speech, “Why are we supporting any cooperation with these people?” was entirely rational.

AND IF Rahimi’s hatred had been directed against any other people, race, creed, state or color, no one would support cooperation with “these people.”

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  • http://frontpage richard sherman

    The New York Times. DER STURMER….

  • Marty

    Most of the American media has resigned itself to dhimmitude and can only express its outrage at the plight of the poor and oppressed palestinians. Facts don't seem to matter any longer. The 1.6 million palestinians who are Israeli citizens have revealed no sign of leaving Israel and moving to gaza or ramallah or any other hellhole in the arab world. Perhaps it's because they have learned that if they obey the law and simply tolerate instead of murdering Jews they can enjoy peace and prosperity. But the media rarely report on this or the refugee problem in the middle east that was resolved when Israel took in a million Jews brutally expelled from arab countries during 1948 – 1952. Why isn't The New York Timesand other hypocritical media outlets such as msnbc demanding that these refugees be compensated or have their property restored to them?

  • kong.ming

    Leftists always use self-deprecation to build their own insecure credibility.

  • aspacia

    The ME is rife with infidel hatred, especially Jew hatred. I have been perusing MEMRI and numerous other sources regarding the ME, Pipes ME Forum is also good to gain understanding of the Muslim HATE.

  • Schlomotion

    Assuming Ms. Glick isn't lying, why wouldn't he hate Jews? Jews are trying to keep his country in the energy stone age by threatening war every five minutes, sending terrorists into Iran, and launching cyberattacks against their oil companies? That's lovable behavior?

    • http://www.dikaesha.pbwiki.com Foolster41

      Ha! Yeah, the poor Iranians who are being harassed "every five minutes" by the Jews with threats of war and terrorism. All they want to live in peace, the poor dears!

      I mean, it's not as though Iran is helping preach genocidal hatred against Jews, or funding terrorism including anti-semetic terrorist organizations!

      Oh wait, they are? You have it completely backwards and it is the Jews who are tyring to live in peace and are being harassed by motors and calls of war from their enemies?

      Why would you need to apologize in such an appalling way for Iran unless you agreed with their goal: annihilation of the Jews?

      • Schlomotion

        I don't think they should annihilate anybody, but I do hope they get a nuclear weapon because then Israel will have to shut up and the silence will be so peaceful.

        • http://www.dikaesha.pbwiki.com Foolster41

          So they can bully Israel in to not defending themselves any more against their genocidal neighbors? Again, you have it backwards, and don't show how the Jews are the one harrasing others!
          Your more for an eventual annihilation, rather than all at once. Genocide is genocide.

          Get psychiatric help immediately. Your Jew hatred is not healthy.

          • Schlomotion

            It would be great. Israel would go to complain about how all of its neighbors are existentially wrong and only Israel is right. Iran could say "shaddap or we'll nuke you." Then Israel would say "shaddap or we'll nuke you back." Then both countries would slide into parity like India and Pakistan, and once again the world could go back to more important things like mowing its lawn with the easy reassurance that all those crazy people in the Middle East balance one another out, and at worst, they might all just kill each other off.

          • http://www.dikaesha.pbwiki.com Foolster41

            Like I said, get help. Your working under the assumption that Israel is somehow equally wrong in defending herself against repeated attacks (1948, 1967, etc.), calls for genocide (including genocidal propaganda of children) and demonization in the UN on false charges.

            It seems you care very little if Jews and Arabs kill each other off. I hope you come to see how your racism is destructive. Not just for others, but yourself as well.

          • Schlomotion

            Well, like I say to Israelis, or Jehovah's Witnesses, or members of the Sea Org, disagreeing with your collective outlook does not make me crazy, it makes me normal. Have fun with your gated compounds and your group identity.

          • http://www.dikaesha.pbwiki.com Foolster41

            No, disagreeing doesn't make you crazy, but it doesn't make you "normal" either. Jew hatred isn't "normal".

            I notice you don't disprove anything I say. You don't even bother to try to show how isreal is any kind of instigator to the problems in the middle east (since they are, as I've said the target of genocidal wars, terrorism, defamation and propaganda).

            Your not too worried sounding statement about how Arabs and Jews might nuke each other tells us everything we need to know about you.

          • Schlomotion

            You are right. I don't go out of my way to prove or disprove things or provide evidence or disprove evidence, or give reasons or knock down reasons. There is a reason for that. The reason is I am not seeking approval or disapproval. I am not playing this internet game where you show me links and I show you other links and in the end there is some kind of winner or loser. You might think that broken glass tastes good. I know that is false, but I am not at pain to explain exactly why. I am OK with you eating broken glass if you want to. I am OK with Jews being racist, or wrong, or asinine. I just like to point out more interesting facts about it such as, oddly, Jews are genuinely surprised that people tell them off. They could be stabbing a guy in the neck and you say, "Hey, Jew, you really shouldn't be stabbing that guy in the neck" and then they say "why are you singling me out? Muslims stab guys in the neck all the time." I think that's pretty peculiar behavior.

          • http://www.dikaesha.pbwiki.com Foolster41

            Yes, because objecting to a hope to see two peoples blow each other off the map, and wrongly blaming a group as equally bad is just like eating glass! Your getting more and more pathetic. Once again, you have things backwards.

            If you don't care about truth, and proving things then fine. At least we know that's' where you stand, and when you say things we can ignore it because you don't care about backing it up with facts and are full of crap. (Also, by the way it's not really "facts" if it's unproven and if the facts seem to indicate it is false)

            Also, your strange glass-stabbing fantasy situation shows all the more your Jew hatred.

          • Schlomotion

            Excuse me? Did a person who writes role playing fantasy scripts in broken English and who plays with puppets and toys just accuse me of having a fantasy?

          • http://www.dikaesha.pbwiki.com Foolster41

            Ha! Good work doing a five second google search on me in order to come up with ad honim attacks (whether or not I do any of these things does not prove that Israel is equally to blame for the crisis in the middle east)

            In fact, this looks a lot like you trying to intimidate me, trying to show how you can get personal information on me. Thuggish.

          • Schlomotion

            I just want to keep this all in the realm of credibility. I get accused of "antisemitism" and "mental illness" a lot, and invariably the accusers either spend most of their time playing with toys or comparing their gaming-induced BMIs to other potential soulmates on Christian and Jewish fundamentalist dating pages.

          • http://www.dikaesha.pbwiki.com Foolster41

            None of this has anything to do with the topic. As if any of these things instantly show how your not anti-semtic or mentally ill?

          • Zionista

            I'll accuse you of one more thing – being a absolute BORE. I have to admit I scan your longer rants because besides Jew hating nonsense, they are more boring than watching paint dry, but it goes to a good cause – the Zionist fund – BLING shmo BLING!

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            if foolster is a bore, what choice label do you have for schlo?

            At least he makes sense and isn't ruled by muslim friendly talking points.

          • http://www.dikaesha.pbwiki.com Foolster41

            I appreciate it, but actually, it looks like he's replying to Scholomo. He even mentions the name.

          • http://www.dikaesha.pbwiki.com Foolster41

            Yes, it's a fantasy. Jews aren't stabbing anyone in the neck with glass. Literally or figuratively. You make it sound like Jews are apologetically attacking people, and then trying to shift blame. this is not the case, and in fact it is mostly MUSLIMS who in general do this (calling truthful examination of Islam "Islamaphobia", American Islamic organizations creating over hyped or fake hate crimes against muslims).

          • Schlomotion

            "You make it sound like Jews are apologetically attacking people, and then trying to shift blame."

            Oooh! Ringer!

          • http://www.dikaesha.pbwiki.com Foolster41

            But you don't need to show truth, because you don't believe it exists, or your much too good for that.

            The fact is, it is the muslims who attack Isreal, and then hide behind civilians to gain more deaths to parade and claim being "occupied", and complain about the wall and being "humiliated" at check points (which are there to stop Palastinian suicide bombers) and complain about how poor they are (right next to those destroyed greenhouses the Isrealis left, and the markets full of fruit).

          • Schlomotion

            Truth is when you assign a T to a statement. Otherwise you can assign an F. If the statement is too complicated, you assign a whole series of T's and F's. Then you have to count it through. If it would take too long, then you do a quick decision. Fortunately, there are lots of convenient and valuable ways to short circuit a discussion without getting bogged down in a long and silly computation. Jews are J's. Muslims are M's. You have no idea how silly your if-then statements and your assertions of gain values are. Poor you. Spell Israel. Oh Christ, you are a walking hardship.

          • http://www.dikaesha.pbwiki.com Foolster41

            Ts, Fs, Js and Ms? Now your just ranting. and not making a whole lot of sense. "if-then statements and your assertions of gain values". What does all this mean?

            Of course, statements should be examined if they are true or not. All I'm asking for is you prove what you say. Either something is true or false, it's not as complicated as your making to be ("computations").

          • Schlomotion

            Either something is true or false? Something is never mostly true or partially false? We always discard an entire statement if it has elements of falsehood in it? We only ever make absolutely true statements in complete possession of the facts at all times? Man knows everything? Every time he proves something to another man it is correct? Men never see facts and disregard them?

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            So many words, so little said.

            You are only partially a fool instead of completely a fool?

            Not so much…

          • blackjack11

            "Something is never mostly true or partially false?"

            Is that libtard-speak or what? Anything but to the point. Yawn.

          • yogi bear

            S(ch)low-bowel-movement has had another tough day of feeling bested by Jews. His low-income, no-influence existence pains him, as he remains bitterly aware during every conscious moment that Jew after Jew after Jew does better than he does in the game of life. Daily. Monthly. Yearly. Allllllways.

            A century from now, the life accomplishments of those successful Jews will still be having effect, and s(ch)low-bowel movement's entire life will be completely, utterly forgotten. No one will know or care that he was ever here.

            And we Jews will still be here. And Israel will prevail.

          • Schlomotion

            That's one way of looking at it. Sure. In some imaginary realm Jews beat me all day long and somehow this is all about gold coins. Somehow this is all about immortality and gold. Hmmm. That's a funny idea.

          • dr smile

            S(ch)low-bowel-movement: An angry gentile man, obsessed with Jews, with *literally thousands* of posts on FPM regaling his Semitic idee fixe. Yes, bested in his own mind, and in reality, every single day, by Jews, and S(ch)low-bowel-movement cannot empty his mind of the obsession.

            Now *that* is funny. For us to watch, that is. Very much like observing a trained seal.

          • Schlomotion

            If that was an impression of Rod Serling, you broke character at the end.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            And what impression are you doing? Yassar Arafat?

          • wileyCoyoteNYC

            That is so beautiful. thanks, yogi, for spelling it out so clearly, on permanent record on the Internet. Now everyone in the world can link to your truth spasm and learn, straight from the horse's mouth, what is driving this whole, civilization-ending drama, in which we all are forced to witness-again[sigh]-the slow self-immolation of people who have been raised in the jewish religious tradition of self-congratulation and violence. They need to show that they are the best, probably because their fathers' humiliated them and their mothers' smothered them with guilt. Then they grew up, they needed to model that same behavior, thereby causing causes pogroms, wars, depressions and shoahs, again and again. Every internet user [read: everyone in the whole, wide world] now knows, or will shortly know, of the perfidy of the founders of Israel, and the murdering, stealing, and bad-faith negotiation that has been going on there ever since. In the words of Britney, "Whoops, you did it again…." But you couldn't help it! It was caused by in-breeding, it isn't your fault….well the hero Miko Peled tells us that soon you will be on your knees begging the world's forgiveness. Talk about delicious. The whole world will cheer!

          • stern

            Foolster, while I applaud your efforts, I think you can see that it is absolutely pointless trying to reason with this troll. It is purely and horrifically anti-Semitic, and like anti-Semites everywhere, will twist reality every which way in order to suit its purposes. The best approach to this particular a-hole is to let it spew its s**t uninterrupted by those of us who know better.

          • http://www.dikaesha.pbwiki.com Foolster41

            Well, yes it is perhaps pointless, but I like to think there is at least some hope in light shining through. I believe one should always speak the truth to those spreading falsehoods. At the very least, those who might think closely to Schlomo, but are not as deranged and dishonest might be persuaded.

          • Schlomotion

            Dude. You play with puppets. When you go to tell me off because my proofs and disproofs are not up to your high standards of intellectual rigor, just remember that you play with puppets.

          • http://www.dikaesha.pbwiki.com Foolster41

            Of course, whether or not I do puppetry has nothing to do with anything and is silly ad honim. High standards? You never presented any proof, and said you didn't need to, so no idea what that even means.

          • Schlomotion

            It's an appeal to Uzbek potstickers?

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            You almost made sense.

            What demographic are you aiming to please?

          • Schlomotion

            Easter Islanders.

        • http://frontpage richard sherman

          Bet you were thrilled when the Nazis used peaceful Zyklon B!

          • Schlomotion

            I wasn't thrilled about much of anything before 1973.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            And that neatly side stepped his point.

            Do you have nazi posters now?
            Or would they get in the way when you bow towards mecca?

          • Schlomotion

            Do you complain at a fencing match when one man neatly sidesteps the other man's point?

          • blackjack11

            Sidestepping is a rule of the game and expected in fencing; sidestepping a direct question is gamemenship. Got stones?

          • Schlomotion

            Idiots and drunkards ask direct questions all the time. They say stuff like "hey man, you got change?" and "where are my keys?" Do you always answer them?

          • blackjack11

            Idiots and drunkards vote for hope and change–they also often don't answer direct questions because they have no intelligent, or honest, response.

            In this instance, which are you? Stupid or dishonest? And since none of us are particularly interested in your responses anyway, whether or not you respond at all is completely irrelevant.

    • stern

      noitomolchS, as always, sees the arse end of everything.

    • Ghostwriter

      Schlomind making another bigoted attack against Jews? Not terribly surprising. Yawn.

  • marios

    Muslims hate Jews because their "peaceful religion" Islam direct so. From their "holy book" Koran:
    “Allah’s Apostle said, The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. ‘O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him’” (4.52.177).
    And it is 80% of Muslims "Main Kampf" named "Koran" identical of that one.
    Only ignorant, gullible, another word "Liberals" don't want to know and comprehend it.
    They probably think that they will be anyway exampted by Islamists. Useful idiots don't know history: Nazis killed Jews only because they were Jews. The same Islamists goal.

  • Ghostwriter

    As usual,the idiot known as Schlomotion reveals his Jew hatred for all the world to see. He sides with the vile Mullahs and in essence agrees that Israel should be wiped off the face the earth. This piece of Jew hating filth has no decency or humanity. A-Jad couldn't have a better supporter than Schlomotion,the biggest creep on this website.

  • Irandissident


    IRANIAN muslim opposition forces, the darlings of the State Department since Carter, have not only been the original Holocaust deniers (since the mid 1990s) but have taken anti Semitism to a level higher than the government itself.

    Islamic leaders of the "green Movement", such as Mehdi, the son of one Ayatollah Khaz'ali, another darling of the State Department, began attacking Ahmadinejad with the ultimate insult of having been a converted Jew !!! Before him, "reformist" president Khatami's propagandists, attacked a prominent hard liner faction leader, Mr. Assghar-owlaadi, of being the grand son of a converted Jew !!!

    A few months ago, Ebrahim Yazdi, a Catrer administration affiliated founder of the Islamic Republic in 1979 and a famous "reform" leader supported by the Obama administration, mentioned that at this time the only way to save the Iranian regime is to unite with the Supreme leader (Khameneii) but "purge the regime of those officials who are from Jewish ancestry…"

    Yazdi is specifically referring to Ahmadinejad (who has been accused by islamic reformists of having been a Jew). What he implies is that there should be Nazi like research, intelligence and biological institutions established, in order to screen Muslims with Jewish ancestry and deny them high offices in the regime.

    The fact is that several million Iranian Muslims are converted Jews, forced into Islam since the 16th century, and many of these ancestries are verifiable. Yazdi therefore, is proposing the revival of a new inquisition in Iran , to sort out allegiances and ancestries.

    What this State Department darling, also proposes, is that Islamist leaders of the regime should unite and blame the Jews for all the atrocities of the Iranian regime.

    A traditional Nazi movement is slowly being born in Iran and is being supported by the current US administration, which will possibly replace the current echelon of the Iranian government.

    • Uwe Amir

      I so desperately want God to come back and put an end to man's insanity!! I truly can't take anymore! I am starting to become a complete cynic! I just want to spit on every one!

  • Snorbak

    The increase in anti-Israel, anti-Jew commentary & actions emminating from soverign gov't representitives, the UN, Left wing NGO's, from within the media & broader populations in general, has close paralells to 1930's Germany. Very few recognised what was soon to befall the Jew's of Europe & sadly the trends are very similar now.
    Regardless of which side of the fence you sit regarding Israels right to exist, only a blind & ignorant fool fails to recognise what is on the near horizon.
    There is a Tsunami of hatred approaching & its sweeping the many with it.
    The Jew's are alone, except for us wee few who stand with them.