Dreamy Foreign Policies

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With her unbridled hostility towards Israel, the EU’s foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton provides us with an abject lesson in what happens when a government places its emotional aspirations above its national interests.

Since the establishment of the State of Israel, many of Israel’s elite have aspired to be embraced by Europe. In recent years, nearly every government has voiced the hope of one day seeing Israel join the EU.

To a significant degree, Israel’s decision to recognize the PLO in 1993 and negotiate with Yasser Arafat and his deputies was an attempt by Israel’s political class to win acceptance from the likes of Ashton and her continental comrades. For years the EU had criticized Israel for refusing to recognize the PLO.

Until 1993, Israel’s leaders defied Europe because they could tell the difference between a national interest and an emotional aspiration and preferred the former over the latter. And now, Israel’s reward for preferring European love to our national interest and embracing our sworn enemy is Catherine Ashton.

To put it mildly, Ashton is not a friend of Israel. Indeed, she is so ill-disposed against Israel that she seems unable to focus for long on anything other than bashing it. Her obsession was prominently displayed in March when she was unable to give an unqualified condemnation of the massacre of French Jewish children by a French Muslim. Ashton simply had to use her condemnation as yet another opportunity to bash Israel.

Her preoccupation with Israel was again on display on Tuesday. During a boilerplate, vacuous speech about President Bashar Assad’s slaughter of his fellow Syrians, apropos of nothing the baroness launched into an unhinged, impassioned, and deeply dishonest frontal assault against Israel.

The woman US President Barack Obama has empowered to lead the West’s negotiations with Iran regarding its illicit nuclear weapons program stood at the podium in the European Parliament and threw an anti-Israel temper tantrum.

The same woman who couldn’t be bothered to finish her speech about Assad’s massacre of children, the same woman who is so excited about her Iranian negotiating partners’ body language that she doesn’t think it is necessary to give them an ultimatum about ending their quest for a nuclear bomb, seemed to lack a sufficiently harsh vocabulary to express her revulsion with Jewish “settlers.”

As she put it, “We are also seriously concerned by recent and increasing incidents of settler violence which we all condemn.”

It’s not clear what “recent and increasing incidents of settler violence” she was referring to. But in all likelihood, she didn’t have a specific incident in mind. She probably just figured that those sneaky Jews are always up to no good.

ASIDE FROM condemning imaginary Israeli crimes more emphatically than real Syrian crimes, Ashton’s speech involved a presentation of the EU’s policy on Israel and the Palestinians.

That policy is based on three premises: The EU falsely claims that all Israeli communities beyond the 1949 armistice lines are illegal.

It rejects Israel’s legal right to assert its authority over Area C – the area of Judea and Samaria that is empty of Palestinian population centers.

And it will only soften its anti-Israel positions if the Palestinians do so first.

Aside from its jaw-dropping animosity towards Israel, what is notable about the EU’s position is that it is actually far more hostile to Israel than the Palestinians’ position towards Israel as that position was revealed in the agreements that the Palestinians signed with Israel in the past. In those agreements, the Palestinians accepted continued sole Israeli control over Area C. They did not require Israel to end the construction of Jewish communities outside the 1949 armistice lines. The peace process ended when the Palestinians moved closer to the EU’s position.

The EU’s antipathy towards Israel as personified in Ashton’s behavior teaches us two important lessons. First, it is often hard to tell our friends from our foes. Israelis – particularly those born to families that emigrated from Europe – have traditionally viewed Europe as the last word in enlightened democracy and sophistication and style. We wanted to be like them. We wanted to be accepted by them.

Indeed we were so swept away by the thought that they might one day love us back that we adopted policies that were inimical to our national interest and so weakened us tremendously.

It never occurred to us that the fact that Europe insisted that we adopt policies that undercut our national survival meant that the Europeans wished us ill.

They seemed so nice.

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  • Terry

    It's called antisemitism. Racism, if you like.

    Ashton would know that what she spouts today, *itler was saying in the 1930s.

    I hope to see the day when all Jews can visit ashton's grave and duly urinate over it. Since *itler didn't have the grace to have a grave, ashton will do nicely. And that's about the best thing I could think of to say about her.

  • Silver Scumbag

    I still believe that when the last european is wearing an orange jumpsuit about to be decapitated by muslims, he/she will blame the Jews for this until the knife does its job.

    Every day I hope that the euro finally implodes and the euro people ( the erudite, brilliant, cool people) are running around rambling, screaming to feed themselves and their children ( the few having any). Still blaming Jews for this.

    Tired of this eurozone kabuki play. Why is this still continuing? Everyone knows except the eurozone that they have a very limited scary future; no gold, no silver but I assume what keeps them going is North Sea oil and GAZPROM.

    • Arius

      Europe is on its death march. What is left of its civilization can be seen in its museums.

  • Wally

    Contrast between two women:
    1. Caroline a beautiful woman and a real woman in every sense, a woman of accomplishments.
    2. Catherine Ashton wow is she ever ugly even too ugly for a man. Ugly inside and outside, how could this troll ever get any role whatsoever let alone represent Europe in the world?

  • MikeWood

    This woman Ashton is so sickening. Unfortunately she is symptomatic of a wider European sickness. She rose to prominence in the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, an influential body advocating unilateral disarmament. The sight of a country willing to defend itself from annihilation must horrify her. Like most of the European Left she is marinated in anti-Zionism and has knee-jerk support for all things Palestinian and Muslim. She now heads EU foreign policy which, as Bat y'eor has clearly shown in her much under-read book, "Europe, Globalisation, and the Emerging Universal Caliphate", has been demonstrably hostile to Israel for over 40 years. Europe is increasingly the puppet of Arab masters to whom it began to surrender in the 1970s with pie-eyed ideas of a greater Europe encompassing North Africa. Muslim immigration during the last 40 years has only served to reinforce that fact. Ashton is a symptom of Eurabia.

    • Arius

      She should get it over with and convert to Islam.

  • Marty

    The despicable ashton is the newest poster child for european anti-semitism and Israel bashing. By the end of her obscene life she may get experience coerced conversion to islam, a required burka, and somehow acquire a muslim husband who will be compensated for marrying this hag by getting to slap her around from time to time. Perhaps it will somehow dawn on her that the only democracy in the middle east forbids all of the above. It's doubtful and by then it will be too late for europe and for her.

  • effemall

    Let's be fair for a moment. The poor woman got kicked in the ash by God who gave her a face even a mother couldn't love. She simply had to hate SOMEONE and so she settled on the Jews. But don't say that she represents Europe or even Europe's anti-Semites. A small minority of European anti-Semites (which is what Hitler had when he started) do not represent all of Europe, even though they stand out like sore thumbs. Let's have some charity for Ashton and help her while she scours the world looking for her missing chin.

  • Zionista

    This homely mofo has an uncanny resemblance to the cyclops in "Harold and Kumar escape Guantanamo".

  • watsa46

    Western Europe is antisemitic and anti Israel to the core.
    It is amazing to see so many movies in French and produced by France about what the French people did to the Jews before during and after the 2nd WW. They have no guilt feeling and still hate the Jews as if nothing had happened. The Jews of Western Europe love their dhimmi status. Recent statistics reveal that the Europeans consider Israel to be as dangerous as Iran, N-Korea and Syria!

    • Arius

      At the core of the West is self hatred which is driving its self destruction. Psychologically speaking, Israel, and Jerusalem, represent the foundational substructure of the West. By projecting evil on Israel, the West is projecting itself into Israel and reviling itself in Israel. The West, like morons, are on a death march.

  • Phil

    Adults want to have their parents' love and respect even when the parents are emotionally abusive and uncaring. In this respect, Israelis and Jews in general want to admired and appreciated by the European christians–even though the Europeans have been murderously abusive to them. Like the battered wife, Israelis blame themselves and believe that only if they behaved better, they would be loved. Obviously, this is a misguided fantasy as the Europeans don't even need to have Jews in order to be antisemitic. Instead of doing something rational, the abused wife and child continues to accept abuse and continues to be good so that they will be loved. It is sickand this sickness pervades the Jewish people–especially those on the left.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Ashton will reside in a ton of ash soon enough. Europe is morphing back into it's 1930's mentality
    and Erdogan may be the new Hitler. With Europe becoming a new Islamist zone and the moral
    failure of their societies the evil stench of murderous intent is wafting from EU which is better
    understood as PU, I will never spend another dime in Europe and wish my family members
    buried there could be exhumed and returned, Europe has proven to be unworthy of American
    lives and treasure.

    Erdogan may be the greatest threat and if he met with and untimely accident it may be that
    Turkish Cities in the not so far future will be spared nuclear incineration, Erdogan or the
    worst outcome, what will it be?……When will the World learn that millions do not have to die
    in avoidable wars, just get the head of the snake……………………William

  • Matt

    This article is disgusting. Your blatant denial or outright ignorance of Israeli crimes discredits you as a writer and as a citizen. You suggest, furthermore, that a nation should respond more immediately to the status quo than to the reality they envision. Peace cannot exist just because Israel recognized the existence of Palestinians 60 years after Israelis started displacing and massacring them. Your assumptions are naiive and your conclusions Ill-Informed

    • Arius

      You are ignorant of basic facts and hardly worth even this reply.

  • Lan Astaslem

    I'm sure a dingbat like you looks the other way when the palestinian swine commit atrocity after atrocity – the soft bigotry of low expectations.