Obama and the Politics of Contempt

Originally published in The Jerusalem Post.

Your first time shouldn’t be with just anybody. You want to do it with a great guy.”

So begins the now famous official Barack Obama for President campaign ad that was released last week. The ad depicts a young woman named Lena Dunham, who is apparently a celebrity among Americans in their teens and 20s.

After that opening line, Ms. Dunham continues on for another minute and a half discussing how having sex for the first time and voting for Barack Obama for president are really the same thing, and how young women don’t want to be accused of either being virgins or of having passed up on their chance to cast their votes for Obama next Tuesday.

I’ve never been particularly interested in so-called “women’s issues.” It never seemed to me that any party or politician was particularly good or bad for me due to the way they thought of women. That all changed with the Dunham ad for Obama.

With this ad, Obama convinced me he is a misogynist.

The Obama campaign’s use of a double entendre to compare sex – the most personal, intimate act we engage in as human beings, with voting – the most public act we engage in as human beings – is a scandal.

It is demeaning and contemptuous of women. It reduces us to sexual objects. When called on to vote, as far as Obama is concerned, as slaves to our passions, we make our decisions not based on our capacity for rational choice. Rather we choose our leaders solely on the basis of our sexual desires.

Beyond the ad’s bald attempt to impersonalize, generalize and cheapen the most personal act human beings engage in, the ad is repulsive because it takes for granted that what happens in our private lives is the government’s business.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but this is a totalitarian position.

THE WHOLE point of liberal democracy is to put a barrier between a person’s personal life and his or her government. A liberal democracy is founded on the notion of limited government. It assumes there are a lot of places where government has no role to play. And first and foremost among those places is the bedroom.

The theory behind limited government is that if the government is permitted in our private space then we are no longer free. When – as in the case of the Dunham ad – a political campaign conveys the message that there is something personally wrong with not actively supporting its candidate, it communicates the message that it sees no distinction between personal and public life, and therefore rejects the basic notion of freedom from government. And this is repugnant, not just for women, but for everyone who values freedom.

One of the oddest aspects of the Obama sex ad is that to believe that this sort of message can be effective, the campaign had to ignore mountains of data about the demographic group the ad targets – young college-educated women.

According to just about every piece of survey data collected over the past 20 years, young women in America today are more accomplished, more professionally driven, and more intellectually successful than their male counterparts. That the Obama campaign believes the votes of this successful, smart group of women can be won by appealing to their basest urges rather than their capacity to reason is demeaning and perverse and, one would think, counterproductive.

But it isn’t surprising.

The fact is that the Obama campaign – and indeed, the Obama presidency – has treated the American people with unprecedented arrogance and contempt. On issue after issue, Obama and his minions have eschewed intellectual argumentation.

On issue after issue they have preferred instead to attack Obama’s detractors as stupid, backwards, bigoted, bellicose and evil.

For instance, however one feels about current events in the Middle East, there is a legitimate – indeed critical – argument to be had about the nature of the Islamist forces the Obama administration is supporting from Cairo, Egypt, to Alexandria, Virginia.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the most popular movement in the Islamic world. It is also a totalitarian, misogynist, anti-Jewish, anti-Christian and anti-American movement. It seeks Islamic global supremacy, the genocide of Jewry, the subjugation of Christianity and the destruction of the United States.

There is an intellectual case to be made for appeasing these popular, popularly elected forces.

There is a (stronger) intellectual case to be made for opposing them. But rather than make any of the hard arguments for appeasing the Muslim Brotherhood, the Obama administration has deflected the issue by castigating everyone who opposes its appeasement policies as racist, McCarthyite warmongers.

If women who don’t support Obama are prudish geeks, Americans who oppose his appeasement policies are bloodthirsty bigots.

Then there was the attack in Benghazi on September 11 and the general Islamic assaults on US embassies throughout the Muslim world that day.

The acts of aggression that Muslims carried out against several US embassies on September 11 and since have all been acts of war against America.

The rioters who stormed the US embassies in Egypt, Tunis and Yemen and replaced the American flag with the flag of al-Qaida all violated sovereign US territory and carried out acts of war. The US had the right, under international law, to repel and respond with military force against the rioters as well as against their governments. Instead the White House blamed the acts of war on a US citizen who posted a video on YouTube.

Then there was Benghazi. In Benghazi, jihadists took this collective aggression a step further. They attacked the US Consulate and a US government safe house with mortars and rocket-propelled grenades. Their goal was to murder all the US citizens inside the compounds. In the event, they successfully murdered four Americans, including the US ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens.

In the six weeks that have passed since the attack in Benghazi, despite administration attempts to stonewall, and despite the US’s media’s inexcusable lack of interest in the story, information has continuously dribbled out indicating that Obama and his senior advisers knew in real time what was happening on the ground. It has also come out that they rejected multiple requests from multiple sources to employ military power readily available to save the lives of the Americans on the ground.

There may be good reasons that Obama and his top aides denied those repeated requests for assistance and allowed the American citizens pinned down in Benghazi to die. But Obama and his aides have not provided any.

Rather than defend their actions, Obama and his advisers first sought to cover up what happened by blaming the acts of war on that YouTube video.

When that line of argument collapsed of its own absurdity, Obama shifted to blaming the messenger.

His campaign accused everyone asking for facts and truthful explanations about what happened in Benghazi of trying to politicize the attack.

Obama himself has twice struck the Captain Renault pose and declared himself “Shocked, shocked!” that anyone would dare to insinuate that he did not do everything in his power to save the lives of the Americans whose lives he failed to save.

The reason specific sectors of a society usually feel compelled to vote on the basis of their sectoral interests rather than their general interests as citizens of their country is that they feel that one candidate or party specifically endangers their sectoral interests. Hence, the Lena Dunham ad, which insults women specifically, compels women to vote as women against Obama.

In the case of Obama’s appeasement of the Muslim world, there is no specific group that is hurt more than any other group by his policies.

As we saw in Libya, Egypt, Tunis, Yemen and beyond, his appeasement policies endanger all Americans equally.

This is not the case with Obama’s treatment of Israel and Jews. Obama’s supporters always highlight statements he has made and actions he has taken in relation to Israel and Jews that are relatively supportive of both.

To be sure, like every other US president, Obama has made some statements, and taken some actions, that have been supportive of Jews and of Israel. But unlike most other US presidents, he has made far more statements and taken far more actions that have been contemptuous and hostile to Israel and Jews. And this is inexcusable.

It is inexcusable that Obama uses coded anti- Semitic language to blame America’s economic woes on “fat cat bankers.” It is inexcusable that his secretary of state and his senior advisers have repeatedly made references to the so-called Israel Lobby to explain why America is supposedly hamstrung in its ability to sell Israel to the wolves.

It is inexcusable that Obama sends his surrogates before the cameras to refer to Israel’s prime minister as “ungrateful,” or to castigate Israel for permitting Jews to build homes in Jerusalem on land they own and for permitting Jews to exercise their legal rights to their property – simply because they are Jews.

Israel is the US’s most important ally in the Middle East. As such, it deserves to be treated well by the US – all the time. Any move to treat Israel with contempt is an unprovoked hostile act and therefore inexcusable.

So, too, US Jews have a right to make an honest living doing anything they wish – including working on Wall Street or owning a casino in Las Vegas. Jews have a right to be treated with respect by the US government. They should not have to be concerned about having their reputations maligned by politicians who use anti-Semitic tropes to gain political advantage.

Obama’s contemptuous vilification of Israel and successful American Jews make him bad for Jews specifically. Just as the Dunham ad exposes his underlying hostility towards women and so makes clear that women’s interests are imperiled by his presidency, so Obama’s repeated hostile treatment of Israel and American Jews make him a specific danger to Jewish interests.

MANY WOULD-BE deep thinkers have proclaimed that the presidential election is a choice between two competing narratives. But that isn’t an accurate description of the race.

Only Republican nominee Mitt Romney is presenting a narrative. In his narrative, the US faces very difficult problems in domestic and foreign policy alike. Romney has laid out his priorities for which problems he wishes to contend with, and has presented policies he will adopt to do so if he is elected next Tuesday.

On the other hand, by Obama’s telling, the real problems America faces are all the result of the empowerment of his political opponents and America’s allies.

Benghazi wouldn’t be a problem if his political opponents weren’t talking about it. Jihadists aren’t a problem. The problem is the people who say they are a problem. The national debt isn’t a problem. The problem is the “fat cat bankers.”

Women will vote for him because we are dimwitted sex objects. And Jews will vote for him because we are taken in by his occasional Borscht Belt schmaltz platitudes about Hanukka.

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  • https://www.facebook.com/chas.holman Chas Holman

    My goodness.. this whole story is nothing but hate filled tripe.

    • Mary Sue

      whose hate, though?

      • amsed

        YOURS ….do you wanna play dumb ?

        • Mary Sue

          hahahahaha I have none, tyvm. no1curr.

    • Christian West

      This whole story is about a hateful, tripe filled, bungling socialist. You're almost there…

      • amused

        lol…another conservative withput an original thought in his head , ….when the stuttering going to start…that’s what happens when a parrot gets stumped .

        • Mary Sue

          speaking of original thoughts, yours aren't original either. From Michael Moore's brain to your mouth.

    • sabasarge

      Really? Can you dispute her allegations? Any Jew in America who votes for this completely-over-his-head America-hater and Israel-hater is truly a Jew who can trace his/her roots to Chelm.

      • amused

        You're a full-o-shiit sarge. BTW , if your trying to charade as a jew for credibility , that word is " sabra "

  • Ghostwriter

    In some ways,Ms. Glick does make some sense. A lot of times,President Obama and his supporters have put down their detractors as bigots,jerks,and other things. He hasn't treated Israel and other American allies well,either. Here,he released a dumb ad. A minor thing but still stupid nonetheless. President Obama doesn't have a good record and he can't hide it. Most likely,he's not going to get re-elected.

  • Jim_C

    I am really looking forward to watching the Right go absolutely bonkers after Obama is re-elected.

    • Michael

      I'm looking foreward to bo2 supporters causing riots bigger and more deadly than any riots in the nations history. They will realize that their best hope for a totalitarian communist America has been halted, at least for now.


      Only in your wildest Progressive Marxist Wet Dreams………..Dream On Maobama Comrade!

      • amused

        Michael and GLADALLOVER ……pleas hold your breath until those commie riots breakout . No cheatin' now , breath in and hold it .

    • Mary Sue

      I'm going to really look forward to all the leftists LOSE DER JERBS, TERK A DURR if you wind up with 4 more years of the same. I will sit here in a country that knows what it's doing and I will LMAO at you idiots.

  • Mary Sue

    Fat cat bankers. The biggest dog whistle since dog whistles. Along with "Greedy bankers" and Wall Street Fat Cats other such epithets.

    • amused

      Oh , did you conveniently leave out ALEC ? And when a light got shown on them several of the cochroaches scattered like AT&T and several other big names .
      But I guess a lil' ole' Canadian country gal like you Mary Sue , don't knoiw nothin' bout ALEC huh ?

      • Mary Sue

        No, I haven't heard of ALEC, this doesn't make it to the canadian papers. It's not important news, to them. And no I am not in the "country." And now that I've googled it: So what?

  • Jacques

    I'm glad Caroline highlights that aspect of Obama. His contempt for bona fide Americans is something I identified early on and can't understand why it isn't more obvious to others. Caroline Glick is an intellectual giant and a gem.

    • amused

      you mean "bona fide Americans " like you Jacques ? You can't understand because that " contempt " exists only on your end . And you are confined to the ignorance of your narrowminded echo chamber . Carolines just another "Pulitzer Prize winning " high school opinionated essayist , carrying water for the boneheads on the right . She hasn't said ANYTHING that the windup parrots of the Republican Party have been regurgitating for the past 4 years .
      Want a cracker Jacques ?

      • Mary Sue

        says the person that regurgitates every talking point of the Democratic party from the last 40 years.

  • JCS

    On the other hand, if Obama loses there could be suicides among some liberals who believe that can't live without his being there to take care of them.

  • Mr. Polly

    Judging by this tortured exegesis of a silly campaign ad, it’s time for Caroline Glick and David Horowitz to collaborate on a new edition of the Talmud.

    • Mary Sue


  • alantatanka

    When worldwide news is controlled by a few select people who all have the same mindset then they can control worldwide events. This is evident in the current affairs in the U.S. The left and the Democratic party are able to say and do anything the want, without fear of bad (truthful) press coverage. People in America are being force fed a destructive anti American agenda by the left. This country is in great danger from its current leader and his administration. hussein obama is the face of evil.

    • amused

      alantatanka , it';s seem that way because some one chained you to a tv with one channel – Fox a.k.a. Faux News . And what better example of Fox and Freinds – lo…..established liar Rupert Murdock and his lieing son ? No wonder you're a deluded paranoid .

      • Mary Sue

        oh and the reporters on the major networks never ever lie? Not even once? Ever?

  • patience

    Obama’s people have played up the sex angle since Obama girl.

    Most female democrats vote for idiotic things like physical attributes / attraction to a candidate and their personal emotion based opinions or what benefits them. They seldom consider other Americans ,and when they do it is the “lesser” people .They will vote for free everything for anybody, with no consideration how it will be paid for.

    Democrats may spew unity and collectivism but they are overwhelmingly selfish,shallow and petty. Just like Obama.

    Obama has never hid his antisemitism ,racism and muslim favoritism very well. And this campaign has been really tacky and tasteless ,not to mention drowning in lies on the democratic side. They’ve screamed ,whined and threatened over a myriad of fabricated wrongs.

    They’ve made accusations of racism,felonies,hidden incomes,NeoNazism,Hitler ,murder,killing the elderly and disabled ,putting people in chains…………………..but what solutions have they presented to save our country ? Hire teachers for kids that don’t exist ? Legalize 12 million illegals to join the $1 trillion welfare roles ? Send Egypt another $3 billion ?

    91% of the jobs lost in the last 4 years were in the middle class. So Obama wants to fix the middle class he destroyed ? With road building jobs? He will raise taxes on $250,000 – $1 million incomes to 40% when we’ve lost over 300,000 families in that income range and he will spend it on illegals.

    • Mary Sue

      don't forget, they also vote for WHO WILL GIVE ME MOAR FREE BIRTH CONTROL? OHNOES ROMNEY WANTS TO CONTROL MY BODY!!!one111eleventy!

  • patience

    Obama will sit and watch Israel be destroyed and swoop in to snatch up Dr’s,scientists and technology,just like the US did in Germany after WWII. Just as he sat and watched Iran build towards nukes,Egypt go to the extremists and our people in Benghazi die.

    He’s taking care of the military by cutting their healthcare ,cutting their budget by $1 trillion and endangering them with ROE.

    There were dozens of young girls in TN,MI &OH abused by 5 muslim Somali gangs and forced into prostitution ,a woman in CO was gang raped by muslims ,all are “refugees” Obama drug here and put on welfare but defunding Planned Parenthood is a war on women ?

    US education is 2 grade levels behind European standards and 40% of new college attendees are in remedial classes. He gave out $1 trillion in tax dollars as college loans.Colleges raised fees 30% and 54 % of graduates are unemployed.

    And the idiots will vote for his skin color,his singing and dancing, a few comments on gay marriage and $6 trillion more debt.

    • amused

      take an aspirin , then go seek professional counseling .

  • amused

    Caroline , you insult women by your use of the proverbial "WE " and then you insult Jews by the use of the same " WE " / Speak for yourself Caroline , not to mention that your whole article is just another of FPM's Croc of Crap Strawman blather . Perhaps you dont really bother to read many of the posts here or your fellow "alleged journaliss " higly opinionated high school essays , but the "politics of CONTEMPT "have a happy home here and in your articles like a bacteria finding a warm and moist place to multiply . This is DOGWHISTLE CENTRAL , where the pavlovian dogs are baying for the next piece of redmeat that is tosed to them . And the authors here , as I said are basiaclly opinionated writers of high school essays aimed at the dumbed down segment of paranoid Americans , like the above opinionated ignoramus , whose figures are skewed yet taken as bible because they suit his /hers cause and ideology ,yet all the while the true facts and figures are available in the public domain .

    • patience

      WASHINGTON — Another 2.6 million people slipped into poverty in the United States last year, the Census Bureau reported Tuesday, and the number of Americans living below the official poverty line, 46.2 million people, was the highest number in the 52 years the bureau has been publishing figures on it.

      In 2010-2011, the earnings of women who worked full time, year-round were 77 % of that for men working full time, year-round jobs.

      The financial crisis and ensuing recession knocked more than 3.5 million millionaire families off the map between 2007 and 2010.

      The number of people without health insurance coverage rose from 47.0 million in 2008 to 49.9 million in 2010.The number of uninsured Hispanics decreased to 30.7 %.

      The cost of a college degree in the United States has increased “12 fold” over the past 30 years, far outpacing the price inflation of consumer goods, medical expenses and food.
      According to Bloomberg, college tuition and fees have increased 1,120 percent since records began in 1978.
      The AP reported the average tuition at four-year public universities had increased by 15 % between 2008 and 2010 alone. Private universities were also found to have had significant price increases.
      The average increase from 2008-2012 was 33%.

      The national student loan debt owned by the government hit $1 trillion in 2012.
      cnn money

    • Mary Sue

      Pray tell, where these facts and figures are sourced, are they From On High and the Almighty himself? Or just the Almighty Networks? Are they not also prone to error? The CBC had to pay millions of taxpayer money because they slandered a doctor on their idiot show the Fifth Estate, so don't tell me Network information is flawless.

    • Lillith66

      So why are you here?

    • Gislef

      Are there politicians here? Otherwise it's hard to determine why "politics of contempt" are here.

      • amused

        LOL…they don't know what to make of your post Gislef .

    • bkopicz

      "you insult women by your use of the proverbial "WE " and then you insult Jews by the use of the same " WE ""…blah blah blah.

      Spare me the false indignation as you swoon to the fainting couch.

    • suzyq

      so why do you read it?

  • a.men

    Jews, wake up!

    Caholics, wake up!

    Obamabots, wake up!

    Romney/Ryan 2012.

  • patience

    The prospects for young high school and college graduates remain grim.
    Unemployment and underemployment rates of young graduates have only modestly improved since their peak in 2010.
    For graduates, the unemployment rate was 32.7 % in 2010 and 31.1 % 2011–March 2012. While the underemployment rate was 55.9 % in 2010 and 54.0 % over the last year. (sorry i forgot the word underemployed ).

    This site :
    Two-Thirds of New Jobs Go to Legal & Illegal Immigrants
    November 2, 2012 By Michael Volpe

    Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is expected to waive the requirement on national security grounds, according to Congressional officials. That would Egypt this year’s allocation of aid — more than $1.5 billion, with the budgeted $250 million for economic and political programs. It has also proposed continuing military aid next year and creating a new $770 million fund to support economic development

    Currently, the highest tax bracket starts at $379,150, and they pay 35 %.
    Obama’s proposed top household income tax bracket — starting at $250,000 — would pay 39.6 % on federal income.
    Single filers making $200,00 or more would also be in the highest bracket.
    2010 – Only 2% of American households take in more than $250,000 a year in taxable income.

    Since January 2009, the Obama Administration has added 144,700 new government employees — a net increase that excludes postal employees.

    Federal Reserve Board’s Survey of Consumer Finances – Between 2007 and 2010, Americans’ median net worth fell 38.8 % — or from $126,400 per family to $77,300 per family.

    The cost of an average family health insurance premium went up 9.5% in 2011 and 3.5% so far in 2012 — the highest rate in seven years and three times the rate of overall inflation.

    Continuing a 12-year decline, the U.S. birth rate has dropped to the lowest level since national data have been available.
    More than one-third of all births were to unmarried women.
    United States: 1,210,880 Number of Abortions reported to CDC,induced abortion ratio per 1,000 live births 2009 – 244

    Kaiser Family Foundation

  • patience

    “…I’ve got two daughters. 9 years old and 6 years old. I am going to teach them first of all about values and morals. But if they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.”

    “It’s not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

    “America and Islam are not exclusive, and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles – principles of justice and progress; tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.”

    “I am confident we can create a Kingdom right here on Earth”

    “What I was suggesting — you’re absolutely right that John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith…”

    “That hate hadn’t gone away”….”white people — some cruel, some ignorant, sometimes a single face, sometimes just a faceless image of a system claiming power over our lives.”

    “I found solice in nursing a pervasive sense of grievancee and animosity against my mother’s race”

    “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

    “And I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”

    Barack Hussein Obama

    • amused

      Boy are your kids gonna be mindf—ed before 8th grade .or what . Parents like you put their children at a great disadvantage in normal societies …you GO GIRL , and then reap the whirlwhind that comes later on in the teens when you have two paranoid daughters runnin' around …yea you " learn'em right " right little miss Patience , "the fruit dont fall too far from the tree " is a truism not a fable .

      • Mary Sue

        You just told Obama that his kids are going to be Mindf***ed. This amuses me greatly.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sqa.careerpro John Miller

    wow, Ms. Glick articulates in a clear and straight-forward dialogue the underlying principles that distinguish what is fundamentally wrong with the Obama Administration.

    I hope Americans see this before it is too late.

  • http://www.facebook.com/edward.cline.77 Edward Cline

    I think it's another clue to Obama's and his handlers' cluelessness that Lena Dunham has the same suranme as Obama's mother, Stanley Anne Dunham. What were they thinking? Or, were they thinking? I hope I'm not the only reader who has noticed this gaffe. It's worthy of the administration's house clown, Joe Biden.

  • amused

    Yea man just like that Smith , Brown and Johnson " COINCIDENCE " Pheh !
    Lets get them BIBLE CONSTRUCTIONISTS in power to " learn us " the Truuuu Reeeeligion " ya know , like women can shut down the conception process when being raped , and the other Republican /Conservative dunce who says if a woman is raped and concieves …well that was the Will of a Higher Power – and it's jawdropping to know that one of these ignorant schmucks is on The Science Committee of our Country .

    • bkopicz

      Say hi to uncle dad and aunt mom

  • amused

    A vote for Romney brings with it this ignorant band of fools that he been arsekissing for the past 4 years . And NOW , Romney in one of his last campaign speeches , threatens that the republicans AGAIN will bring the country to the brink of SHUTDOWN . In the utter ignorance and destructiveness of the Republican Party , a statement like that will most likely get the credit rating of the United States , knocked down yet another notch .
    I guess it dont matter if The Ship of State snks , as long as Republican are at the Helm . Better watch your IRAs and 401s no matter who gets elected .

    • bkopicz

      Is it just me but Amused would not be on my list of top financial experts, in fact I'm surprised he can spell IRA.

      • Mary Sue

        and then he'd mistake it for Irish Republican Army.

    • Mary Sue

      If romney wins why would there even NEED to be a shutdown? Particularly if the senate gets cleaned out of the likes of Dingey Harry?

  • bkopicz

    Tuesday night is really scary for you

  • Amused

    Not really chump , and you know why ? Forget all the religious , morality , patriot bullshheeet , no matter WHO gets elected , we will still be in the hole and the only way out will be to stop printing money and raise taxes …that's it . If you think not , then you're an idiot , just like the rest of the idiots who will be voting , nt with their minds but with their fickle emotions . It's a double-edged sword Obama gets electe and Republican will be obstructionists for another 4 years , the partisanship will bring the country to the Brink again , and you will soon see another economic collapse . I simply don't like Romney , because if Obamas a LIAR , Romney makes him look like a boyscout .
    And since I already voted , I'll be sitting with a new bottle of Jamisons and plenty of ice , watching all of you freak out . Both left and right richly deserve to be , and provide AMUSEMENT for me . Dont blame me , if I get kick out of mocking your foolishness . Especially the likes of the truily brainwashed like "miss patience " and Mary Sue . They're under the illusion that they possess rational minds .

    • bkopicz

      i know your really a libertarian like shlomotion

  • amused

    You see , unlike most of you classic deluded paranoids , I dont believe Obama's a muslim , a commie , a nazi , a jew hater , an America hater , a marxist , a monkey , a martian , a racist , or that he's got plan to destroy America OR Israel., or that he's got a conspiracy for DA BLACKMAN TO RULE DA WORLD , or that he killed his grandma to hide his reeeeeeal birth origin or any of the ton and a half of spewed sewage eminating from the imbeciles of America .
    Obama's nothing more and nothing less than an AMERICAN POLITICIAN LOOKING TO PERPETUATE HIMSELF IN POWER , just like the other 525 Congressmen, Representatives ,Senators and all the rest of the lackeys and freeloaders .
    So relax , pour yourself stiff one , enjoy the circus , delude yourself if you wish , feelgood if " your team wins " if that deadens your brain , and get ready for another 4 years of partisan pissssinng contests

    • bkopicz

      Classic facist attitude: My vote counts (I even voted early to make sure) All others need not appply.
      Go post your no-need to-vote-comments on th Huffinton post site

    • Mary Sue

      He grew up with Marxists. That's one thing that has definitely affected him, whether one could properly say that he embraced the philosophy in its entirety or not. He also grew up with Muslims, and while he may not actually BE one, that has also affected him.

      I don't think he has any "conspiracy", really, he's just doing what he was taught by his Marxist family and friends and being pretty inept in it while he's at it. He's making Jimmy Carter look pretty good by comparison. Were you even alive during the Carter years?

  • bkopicz

    Amused read your own posting, you voted early but for the rest of us don't bother.
    I think your object is quite clear in that you would like to suppress our votes.
    Take that bottle of Jamison and poster of Obama and put it where the sun don't shine l'm voting like my life depends on it because it does. So if there is time delay in responding to your postings on Tuesday its because I'm at the pole.

    A single vote on Tuesday is worth more than all the postings.

  • amused

    Oh don't delude yourself my freind , I dont care WHO you vote for,and by all means vote vote vote , how foolish a notion on your part ….I hate to sound rhetorical but that "supress the vote" is typical Republican whining and handwringing .
    You say "you think my object .." is what ? Do yourself a favor chump ….don't think , for you that would be dangerous . And you go ahead , and vote like your life depends on it , although that's your illusion , I believe that to be true of you socially and psychologically ….I do not doubt for one minute your extreme anxiety , for you it is your REALITY .
    So bkopicz , be afraid , be very afraid , sweat out the minutes and hours until you hear the election results . YOUR paranoid life depends on it ,not mine , and I have no pity for you because YOUCHOSE to reject any semblance of critical thinking , YOU CHOSE to put your brain up on the shelf and swallow hook line and sinker the warnings of DOOM . I'll keep my Jamisons where it is thank you , right next to the ice cubes . Perhaps a few zanax or tranquiliers will make the next 70 hours or so more bearable for you .Dont hurt yourself boy .

    • bkopicz

      Are the Obama boys that nervous that they have their inept trolls out today?

      • amused

        you wish . you think everyone's neurotic like you . Nervous ?? Read your own words chump .

        • bkopicz

          Your the alcoholic

    • bkopicz

      Chump, last time I heard that was in Bklyn '68. Just let you know bellbottoms are out of fashion as is large sideburns in addition the boom box has been replaced by the ipod. You really need to get out more often, tough guys no longer speak as they did in the movie Shaft.

      • amused

        You wouldn't last a day in Brooklyn CHUMP . And judging by that last statement , you been reading comic books all your life .

        • bkopicz

          Really ever hear of Wingate can you tell me were Pigtown is at CUMP?

  • bkopicz


  • amused

    Hey bkopicz
    I hate to push you over the edge , but …what the hell …..you DO KNOW that if Obama wins , he oughta have all Republicans in Concentration Camps by mid-spring dontcha ? They got a "secrit republican voter identifier " built into the ballot machines . So you're toast man !!! The Muslim Brotherhood troops oughta be arrving bout the same time , but they may have to wait in line for the Commies and marxists to disembark .

    Either way , suicide watch will be very busy .

    • bkopicz

      Amused have you run out of you medicine again?

      • amused

        dont need any of that , I'm set for the upcoming circus …plenty of ice , and enough tumblers that I can throw a few around just for the fun of it .

        • bkopicz

          Shaken not stirred or is that something I saw in the movies

    • Mary Sue

      I'm going to sit back and watch while Obama further destroys your economy over the next 4 years while Canada's dollar continues to rise against the US dollar until the US dollar is the Mexican Peso.

      • amused

        You're immune to fax Mary Sue , there is another political "looking back from the future " 2016 , with dire doomsday predictions about what another 4 years of Obama will be like and how the country will be radically changed …well there was also another croc of republican letter 2012 written after Obama repleat with all the dire doomsday predictions ….please read it to see how stupid you are . AND PLEASE , you know NOTHING about foreign currency markets , or how the situation in the European Union . the Chinese Yen or Japan markets affects the rise or fall of the dollar , you also have no idea of how the US credit rating , that is the willingness or ability of the US TO HANDLE ITS LIABILITIES . And please stop pretending to be a Canadian in order to validate your faux outsider looking in .

        • bkopicz

          As someone who has actual investments Mary Sue is absolutely correct.

          • amused

            oh ….are you her F.A. ? LOL….dollar like a Mexican Peso ?

          • Mary Sue

            I do know that if Obama has them print money like there's no tomorrow it'll be like the Weimar republic, where they needed a wheelbarrow of Marks to buy a loaf of bread. Any idiot knows what happens then, Zimbabwe did it for pete's sake. It doesn't matter what the yen or yuan do after that happens.

            Fix your grammar, I do so know what the EU did to screw up. Spend spend spend, borrow borrow borrow, redistribute redistrubute redistribute. It's that simple. Plus some toxic loan sales which are all Clinton's fault.

            Please read how hypocritically stupid you are, damn, it's like talking to a little kid. Weren't you alive during Carter? Didn't you see crap happen? Or did your perspective begin with the day you were born, Last Thursday?

        • Mary Sue

          Oh please I lived through 12 years of NDP. I know what Obama style policies do.

          • amused

            Mary Sue , you are a make believe canadian , a make believe investor , what you dont realize I'm sure , is that your total world view is mired in your partisan bullsheet and Obama Hate Syndrome . If you hadany brains you'd know that what happened to us , happened to the EU . The difference being , they had less funds or means or organization to withstand it the way we did . By you even attempting a comparison with Zimbabwe proves you have absolutely no understanding of what you're talking about ..Go convince your pal bkopicz

          • bkopicz

            Don't worry amused once you move out of your parents home. You'll have a better handle on financial responsibilities, chump.

          • amused

            Guess you still can't read eh bkopicz ? My parents passed 20 years ago, I own my own home free and clear since two months after I bought it in '94 . I drive a new challenger and my income consists of Social Security which I paid for over 50 yrs in the work force ,and a $570k portfolio . You couldn't have worked my jobs or my hours if you had two lifetimes in which to do it ……CHUMP>

  • bkopicz

    This election will be a tight one and will be decided based on voter turnout.
    Go ahead Amuse and tell us “don’t bother voting” see how many you convince. How about this Troll, take your own advice stay lay off the keyboard or go to your friends at Ab Busters.

  • bkopicz

    Amused, the fact that someone who reads the FPM is determined to vote has you extremely upset.

  • amused

    uh ….gee , do you remember me saying anything about "not bothering to vote " ? Did you hear me saying EITHER CANDIDATE WAS IN THE LEAD ? One thing you Republicans fall back on every time the argument sqeezes you into a corner …..YOU LIE .
    Then you try to transfer your own anxiety to me ? That must work well with you when you browbeat little kids huh ?
    Oh you poor boy /girl , I'm not here to dissuade or pursuade you . I did not tell you who I voted for , I made a realistic statment that neither of the two candidates will make a difference . Although you may surmise that I voted for Obama , since I expressed dislike for Romney simply because I consider him the bigger of two liars .
    But I'm not here for any of that , Amused is here to MOCK people like you , who will base their vote on the paranoid delusions that have been pumped into your heads over the past 4 years . You know the nasty and hateful ones tinged with thinly veiled racist code words and connotations . All the stupid conspiracies , nonsense and lies that you believe , so much so that you feel you're voting to save your life .

    • Mary Sue

      and what happens when the so-called "paranoid delusions" turn out to be correct? Will you come on here and apologize for doubting?

      • amused

        You mean like all that was to have happened by now according to Hairbrain Paranoid Republican prediction ? You know that letter , or atleast you should 2012 , please read it an educate yourself to what Republicans have pumped into empty heads for 4 years and the fruition is the wingnuts like you that populate Tea Party /Conservative /Republicans /Christian wild-eyed Fundamentlists .
        Go and compare reality with the paranoid domain you choose to live in / lol…then read the next Republican Prophecy , already on the market and in circulation …..2016 .

        • Mary Sue

          I don't care what some letter said. I never saw it. I don't care what "Republicans have pumped into empty heads". I am no Fundamentalist, and there is no Tea Party here.

          Haven't seen 2016 either, it is unlikely to show up in Canada.

          This isn't paranoia. This is common sense. My perspective comes from seeing what happens where I live and everywhere else.

          If they're wrong, how did Reagan recover Carter's crap economy? How did the Republican Congress manage to fix the Clinton years by twisting his arm behind his back to balancing budgets?

          It's idiocy like Freddy Mack and Fanny Mae, and "Make the Rich Pay" and a bunch of other wrongheaded, foolish Ivory Tower Ideas THat LOok Good oN Paper But Fail IRL, that screw things up.

          I don't know about you, but I live in reality. You live in a fantasy world where everything is hunky dory because a democrat is in the white house. Immune to the suffering of your fellows caused by this president's inaction and bad policies. Are you freaking blind?

    • bkopicz

      Talking about yourself in the third person is definitely a sign of a serious dissociative disorder.

  • amused

    Do not attempt to drag me into your nightmare , there are 370 or so million Americans who love this country , NOT just the virtual HALF that you folks consider yourselves to be, as the patriots and everyone else the traitors .

    • Mary Sue

      you polled each and every one of them?

      The issue isn't whether they love their country. The issue is whether or not they love FREEDOM.

      • amused

        DID YOU MARY SUE ??? Have you determined that everyone not republican is a traitor ,a leftist , a commie , a marxist , America / Israel hater . Who in the heck are you tryng to kid ?

        • Mary Sue

          Most leftie Democrats run on emotion rather than logic/facts. They believe lies and while they probably believe themselves to be very patri-otter, the policies they support have undesirable effects. Now whether this makes them "traitors" is up for debate but some of them absolutely hate America. Some hate Israel; though the reason they do they have bought into lies about Israel being the next nazi hotbed. Marxism/Communism is rife in Universities and tons of kids are coming out of their with their brains washed by the likes of Ward Churchill, Noam Chomsky, and their ilk. All the campi in Canada of Universities got failing grades for Freedom of Speech; in America it's much the same, many Universities don't allow debate, they create a monopoly on the debate and the monopoly is Leftism.

          But how many are there? That's hard to say.

    • bkopicz

      Don't try and rap the flag around yourself you might breakout in a rash.

  • bkopicz

    Referring to yourself in the third person is a of sign of a serious dissociative disorders.

  • bkopicz

    Amused (chump) yes I am voting as if my life and love of country depend on it because it does. Trying to bully people to vote for your man Obama by calling someone racist (yes we have secret hand shakes and drive white boy pickup trucks) is a commonly employed by the left. As to the remaining aspects of your delusional rant, I sincerely believe that a professional intervention would beneficial. Please do not hesitate respond for further clarification and in addition try and keep a more civil tone when exchanging communications.

  • amused

    I only do that on occaisions where I'm mocking a person such as yourself , who has obviously told a lie to make a point in an argument .
    While were at it , that is attempting to supress the vote -another of your phony accusations , nobody does it better than the Republicans . True the vote , run by a Tea party member has decided it will "look in on election day to make sure nobody "votes twice " ..lol…so far two people have been caught a republican women near Oralndo in the early voting , and the wife of a Republican in Wisconsin who casrt a vote in two State Primaries . Funny these True the vote "scrutinizers " are turning up in low income predominantly black precincts . In in my own State of Florida where Republicans voted in as Governor , the CEO of a Company convicted of Medicare Fraud …and that same REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR conspired with the rest of the Republican Lackeys in the Florida Legislature to cut early voting from two weeks to ONE . What in the hell do you call that ? Amused is amused at you chump .

    • Mary Sue

      The kings of voter suppression are ACORN and the black panthers.

      If Republicans are so good at voter fraud why don't they win EVERY election?

    • bkopicz

      Dear Amused

      Before you take that victory lap around your apartment Mr Acne King you may want to ponder the following:
      1. As you kvetch to high heaven about multiple voting remember that it is the Democrats that have opposed all forms of voter ID with the lame excuse that this would disenfranchise certain individuals. Procedures were put forth to alleviate any concern by the Republicans (or as you call them the evil empire) but to no avail to the Dems (or as you call them the party of truth and justice). I will not even address the elephant in the room in that it has historically been the Dems who have benefited the most from voter fraud. So we find ourselves in the unique situation were we are required to show ID to buy cigarettes, beer or even enter an office building but not for voting. It is the Dems that have used the very same methods you yourself admit to using, that of racism.
      2. For someone who advertises themselves as evenly distrustful of both parties your rants are toward the GOP employing the most convoluted reasoning or lack there of.
      3. It says something about an individual or group of individuals who try and influence a political outcome not only by increasing their turnout but also hindering their opponents. You voted early yet you post here that you conservatives shouldn't bother after all it really doesn't matter lets be friends and have a glass of virtual wine.
      4. If there are valid concerns (and there are numerous) about this administration you have tried to muzzle this by saying they just symptoms of an overactive imagination rooted in latent bigotry. A method that you yourself readily admit to using.
      5. I am more determined to vote come Tuesday then ever before so go PLATZ.

      • amused

        I told you CHUMP , I'll be watching the show . I voted early to not miss a minute of it .And cut out your Lieing about me attempting to "discourage poor little dimwit " not to vote . I take my vote serious as well as you , I just dont have hissy-fits like you . BTW , I dont have an apt .I have a paid for home , anew car no bills and I'm retired living off Social Security [WHICH I PAID FOR with 50 years in the work force ,] and a $570k portfolio . If you think that either one of these candidate , once in office will do anything other than kick the can down the road , then I feel sorry for you .There is a non-partisan organization consisting of abot 50-professors , economists ,accountants actuaries etc .Their job is to figure out FOR BOTH PARTIES where their proposals will take them . Romneys tax cuts will burden the poor and mddleclass and benefit the rich , but worse , it will not create jobs which will not expand the tax base so we can pay our debts ..THAT'S FACT -LOOK IT UP .

        • amused

          The United States has only one source of revenue TAXATION . More than HALF the TARP MONEY has been paid back ,AIG the biggest recipient has paid back almost 40 % . You and Mary sue , get your heads out from up your butts and go out of this echo chamber of partisan parrots and do some earnest research . Do you know what the main reason for these low interest rates is ? Of course you dont , you're too lazy to find out , you wont hear it from ANY of your politicians , and many of them are just as ignorant , as their only concerns are with party politics . Afterall when the shiit hits the fan again , they are already finacially set with the best pensions and health are on the planet .

          • amused

            We are ALL gonna have to bite the bullet due to the corrupt politicians who allowed Wall Street to play fast and loose with everyone elses money , and we're all to blame , everyone enjoyed fat portfolio's, homebuyers and house flippers lied to qualify for loans which anyone would call toxic , and the lenders , investment banks ,encouraged it.They bundled and sold them and Europe joined the party . From The Banking Loan Scandal of the 80's the dotcom bubble and the recent Recession , anyone who wasn't looking through the lens of greed ,saw it coming and avoided getting burned . And now they're doing again . Both candidates will face the same problem . Romneys purpose is to ease the ineviable tax bite for the rich .which will do nothing for the economy , but may get him elected and will most certainly get him re-elected . Citizens United will guarantee it . So , I'll be mildly buzzed and you'l already have bitten off your fingernails to the quick . BTW I was born in Brooklyn CHUMP , Flatbush and Lenox , and went south after the Army . Chump is still revelant .

          • bkopicz

            I really am embarrassed to have someone like you come out of the old neighborhood. I'll assume your moronic, idiotic behavior is a result of head injury or drugs. Hopefully although you may still use 70's lingo you no longer wear bell-bottoms an a naro jacket.

          • Mary Sue

            Boy you can't even get the Savings and Loans scandal right.

            Do you even know WHY that happened? Savings and Loans were investing a lot into real estate…right up until a particular "tax loophole" for property was closed. That resulted in severely devalued property, and caused a crisis in the industry requiring bailouts.

            You STILL haven't got it right about the current problem, the ones playing fast and loose with everybody else's money were the Democrats. FORCING banks to make "toxic" loans.

  • amused

    Correction : True the vote has been operating since early voting for this election had started .

  • marriagecoach1

    Obama is the divider in chief and is a serial liar. He campaigned on uniting and once in office all he has done is to divide the country, race baiting, class envy, pandering to the welfare state and revenge of our enemies IN OUR COUNTRY. He took an oath to defend our country against all enemies foreign and domestic. He is clearly an enemy of our country and his stonewalling on Benghazi is just an example.
    He wants to downsize our military. Good riddance when he is voted out

  • Jon_Babtist

    Forgive, but never forget.

    Remember that Osama bin Laden is dead…and so is a United States border agent who died in the Fast and Furious scandal…and so is our Ambassador and 3 brave young men abandoned and left to die at our Libyan embassy…and so is the U.S. economy. Remember that our kids and grandkids will still be paying the interest on that $25 billion bill to “save” GM and Chrysler 100 years from now- and they don’t even get a car.

    Obama did not “save” the auto industry. He merely stole $25 billion from you and me (the taxpayers) to protect the pensions of union members who contributed tens of millions to his election. Then Obama used the power of government to gain revenge on his opponents- by allowing private sector autoworkers to lose their pensions and closing profitable auto dealerships owned by Republican contributors. This is all immoral, if not criminal.

    Remember that even at this moment…as broke as America is…with over $100 trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities…with a $50 billion bill to repair New York and New Jersey from Hurricane Sandy…Obama is giving $450 million to the extremist, American-hating, Muslim Brotherhood leaders of Egypt.
    By Wayne Allyn Root

  • amused

    Get your facts straight on the Tarp money Jon_Babbleist ..Almost half has been paid back , Chrysler is paid back ibn full and GM is paying the interest . The U.S. debt is 17 trillion , and any unfunded exposure is not that of the US Govt. but that of the Investment banks and the rest of the private institutions which made toxic loans .
    The Damage in Sandy is estimated at 50 billion , that does not mean the US Govt. isliabe for 50 billion
    Under Bush the Egyptians got over 1 billion a year right on back to Reagan .And that $450 million buys control to an extent even over Morsi , he's not stupid .So take an aspirin man and chill.

    • Mary Sue

      "any unfunded exposure is not that of the US Govt. but that of the Investment banks and the rest of the private institutions which made toxic loans ."

      WHICH the Democrats in government (El Reno, Dodd, Frank, Kennedy, Obama as a Lawyer) FORCED them to start making!

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