Secretary Chuck Hagel? Bring It On!

Many in the American Jewish community are aghast to discover that President Obama is planning to appoint former Senator Chuck Hagel to serve as Defense Secretary. If you want the skinny on how Hagel has come to be known as one of the few ferociously anti-Israel senators in the past generation, Carl from Jerusalem at Israel Matzav provides it.

Meantime, all I can say is I don’t understand how anyone can possibly be surprised. Shortly after word came out that Hagel is the frontrunner for the nomination, I read a quaint little blog post written by a conservative leaning commentator voicing her belief that Obama wouldn’t want to risk his relations with Israel’s supporters by appointing Hagel. But as Powerline pointed out today, this is the entire point of the nomination. Obama isn’t stupid. He picks fights he thinks he can win. He hasn’t always been right about those fights. He picked fights with Netanyahu thinking he could win, and he lost some of those.

But he is right to think he can win the Hagel fight. The Republican Senators aren’t going to get into a fight with Obama about his DOD appointee, especially given that it’s one of their fellow senators, even though many of them hate him. The Democrats are certainly not going to oppose him.

Obama wants to hurt Israel. He does not like Israel. He is appointing anti-Israel advisors and cabinet members not despite their anti-Israel positions, but because of them.

Some commentators said that Susan Rice would be bad because she was anti-Israel and they hoped that Obama would appoint someone pro-Israel. But John Kerry is no friend of Israel. And as far as I was concerned, we would have been better off with Rice on the job.

Unlike Kerry, Rice is politically inept. She walked into Sen. John McCain’s office with the intention of convincing Sens. McCain, Lindsey Graham and Oympia Snowe that she was competent to serve as Secretary of State despite the fact that she deliberately misled the public on what happened at the Sept. 11 jihadist attack on the US consulate in Benghazi.

But she failed. In commenting on the meeting, all three senators said they were more concerned after speaking with Rice than they were before they did. That is, they said she was a political incompetent. Can there be any doubt that Sen. Kerry will be able to play the politics of Capitol Hill far more effectively than Rice?

And what reason does anyone have to believe that Assad’s great defender will be any more supportive of Israel than Rice would have been? But with him in the driver’s seat now, instead of having a political incompetent whom no one can stand serving as the spokesman for Obama’s anti-Israel foreign policy, in Kerry we will have a competent, reasonably popular politician on the job.

It’s time for people to realize the game has changed. Obama won.

Obama won with 70 percent of the Jewish vote despite the fact that his record in his first term was more hostile to Israel than any president since Jimmy Carter. No one can expect him now, after his victory, to feel even slightly constrained in his desire to weaken the US relationship with Israel.

So far, he has made clear that he feels no constraints whatsoever. Take the Palestinians at the UN for example. Obama enabled the Palestinians to get their non-member state status at the UN by failing to threaten to cut off US funding to the UN in retaliation for such a vote.

Both Presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush issued such threats during their tenures in office and so prevented the motion from coming to a vote. Given that the Palestinians have had an automatic majority in the General Assembly since at least 1975, the only reason their status was only upgraded in 2012 is because until then, either the PLO didn’t feel like raising the issue or the US threatened to cut off its financial support to the UN if such a motion passed.  This year PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas said he wanted to have a vote and Obama responded by not issuing a threat to cut off UN funding. So the Palestinians got their vote and, as expected, it passed overwhelmingly.

Seeing the upgrade as a Palestinian move is a mistake. It was a joint Palestinian-American move.

And Obama made that move and no one balked. Indeed some New York Jews applauded it.

Let there be no doubt, Obama will get Hagel in at Defense. And Hagel will place Israel in his crosshairs.

The only way to foil Obama’s ill intentions towards Israel even slightly is to be better at politics than he is. And he’s awfully good.

Moreover, one of his strongest advantages is that Israel’s supporters seem to have never gotten the memo. So here it is: Obama wants to fundamentally transform the US relationship with Israel.

He isn’t playing by the old rules. He doesn’t care about the so-called Israel lobby or the Jewish vote. As he sees it, to paraphrase Jim Baker, “F#&k the Jews, they voted for us anyway.”

As strange as it may sound, I am slightly relieved by Hagel’s appointment, and by my trust that Kerry will be a loyal mouthpiece of Obama’s hostility. The more “in our faces” they are with their hostility, the smaller our ability to deny their hostility or pretend that we can continue to operate as if nothing has changed. As we face four more years of Obama – and four years of Obama unplugged — the most urgent order of business for Israelis is to stop deluding ourselves in thinking that under Obama the US can be trusted.

So welcome aboard Secretary Hagel. Bring it on.

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  • AdinaK

    And those who study the issue, and also keep in close contact with Israel's most astute strategic analysts, understand full well where the Islamist-in-Chief is heading with his new appointees –

    Like Caroline, Dr Martin Sherman knows the score when it comes to Obama and gang. Therefore, this blogger keeps in close contact and consults on this and that –

    So, if Bibi can muster the courage (the jury is out on that one) to push back against Washington's designs, he would do well to consult with said strategic policy experts. Immediately. No time to lose.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

    • JacksonPearson

      IMO, the ultimate goal will be when Israel is totally surrounded by the Muslim Brotherhood, screaming death to Israel/Jews/Christians, and Caliph Barack Hussein Obama II demand they all surrender to Islam, or else! That's where I think the present Middle East is heading. Israel had better keep the tips of their nukes sharp and ready!

  • Arlie

    No matter how much flax 0 piles on his stack of evil it will never be worth more than the spark that is Israel.
    Caroline has made a very wise point. 0 is showing his evil intent. I pray this will wake up the spark that is alive and remains attached to G-d. I pray that repentance is sincere for the people to receive the gracious response from Yehweh. There is no wisdom in American politics and evil has filled the vacuum.

    • Asher

      Lay it right back at the feet of the most Anti-Israel administration in History second only to Jimmy Carter!

  • YerushalaimShelanu!


    1. US Ambassador told Georgia to vote for a Palestinian State in the UN (google US Ambassador, Georgia, Palestinian state by Robert Spencer)

    2. see video of former US Ambassador to the UN Bolton saying Obama could have prevented Palestinian UN vote if he had wanted to. (google Bolton, Palestine, UN)

    3.Obama trying to fund UNESCO (google Obama, UNESCO by Daniel Greenfield)

  • SilverScumbAG Canada

    Israel will have to retake the Sinai while it is still able.

    Unfortunately, the Israeli political elite, could very well be in the pocket of the MuBros too.

    I have no proof of this but they are in the pocket(s) of various. Lehitraot ( ciao ) Mr Lieberman.

  • victor

    If there is a next war, which I am confident there will be one considering what is happening around it, then Israel should re-take all the territories she gave back and then some, and most of all don't stop at the orders of anyone, includign the U.S., because what can happen if it does not ? a stern warning ? condemnation ? threats ? accusations ? All those are happening now even without a war.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "Seeing the upgrade as a Palestinian move is a mistake. It was a joint Palestinian-American move."

    That was my feeling at the time as well.

    • jacob

      With all due respect and admiration I feel for this example of the only thing that makes this rotten
      lifw worth living and with whom it is sometimes bad but without them it is infinitely worse, as is CAROLINE GLICK, I wpiuld lime to correct her citation of that pieco of…work James Baker is :
      What he said was :
      "F..k the Jews. They DID NOT vote for us anyway"…!!!!!

      The people I congratulate for and I wish they get it in their necks as many German Jews got from
      Hitler, are the 80% American Jews who elected OBAMA and the 70% who still reelected him, just
      because he was their political party's presidential choice…..

    • Henry

      I am Jewish and a supporter of Israel..I know Senator Hagel well and I have discussed his views on Israel and the Region with him many times. This article is fabrication and complete nonsense. It does not represent the Senator's views or his thinking. He is a supporter of Israel who believes he is an American first and foremost.

      • RedWhiteAndJew

        This poster is the fabrication.

      • JacksonPearson

        Bullsh*t. Most, if not all of Barack H. Obama's appointees are anti-Israel. Chuck Hagel's record is no different, and fits right into the present administration's mold.

      • Choi

        You're a LIAR re: either knowing Hagel or IF you do know him,his "beliefs".

      • objectivefactsmatter


        Do you even know what a dupe is? Do you know why politicians are not universally trusted as much as say, medical doctors? MDs some times lie if they see it might be in the best interests of the patient.

        To learn more about dupery, start with a look in the mirror and then read a bit about history and betrayal in politics.

        "He is a supporter of Israel who believes he is an American first and foremost."

        But not the true facts about American interests. I am certain he's either a dupe or been purchased by Islamic imperialists. Any fool can verify these things, unless they want to be duped.

  • pierce

    No one can believe that Obama is anti Israel, not even my Jewish friends. But I have been telling them for 4 years,4 long years that he is not, and never will be a friend go either Israel, or the Jewish people. You, the Jewish peoples have been trained since day 1 to vote democrat. You were told that by your father, and by your grandfather, and so you do what you are told to do, like you don't have a brain to think for yourself.
    Well now you are going to get something you don't want, or don't need if this guy Hagel is confirmed.
    At least you have the weaponry, and the army to fight back with, best of luck.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "No one can believe that Obama is anti Israel, not even my Jewish friends. But I have been telling them for 4 years,4 long years that he is not, and never will be a friend go either Israel, or the Jewish people."

      I'm not Jewish, and was not as engaged on Israel as the critical front in Islam's war on the West in 2008 when the first item I discovered about 0'Bama was his connections with Rashid Khalidi. Any Jew who cared at all about Israel could have and should have followed those clues.

  • Fred

    Barry attended a "church" that was full of hate against Israel and Jew voted for this jerk. They would have voted for Hitler. Barry likes his Muslim brothers and hates Israel. Enough said but it is too late since he stole the election. The radical left have taken over America, the courts, media and education.

    • jacob

      And we don't have anyone to blame but ourselves and the kind of "representatives" we sent to
      Congress and the rare exceptions who dared anything about, are silenced by their colleagues
      or a Speaker like BOEHMER ….

      How is Rep. KING;s investigation doing ????

      How is Rep. ISSA's investigation doing ????
      Fine, thank you…..
      Thanks for asking…! ! ! !
      And as to those who still believe OBAMA is a Christian, if it waddles limje a duck, quacks like a
      duck, swims like a duck, what is it ????
      AN ELEPHANT …?????????????

      • Capt_Z1

        Not an elephant, a Muslin would be more like it.

  • Asher

    I never could stand Hagel..he is just as irrational as the PLO and the enemies of America and Israel.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "I never could stand Hagel..he is just as irrational as the PLO and the enemies of America and Israel."

      Because he treats them as rational, trustworthy actors. You are totally correct.

  • scotsirish

    Caroline, I do not have the heart to say, "Bring it on." My heart just breaks to see this all unfolding.
    Pray for Israel.

  • jacob

    Unfortunately, ISRAEL must take off the kid gloves, send to hell the asinine RULES OF ENGAGEMENT
    its enemies DO NOT ABIDE BY AT ALL and do what is convenient to his people and interests, whether
    its "friend" OBAMA claims to have Israel's back but doesn't say it has its back but against the corner
    and go for broke or else get ready for when the 50,000 rockets Hizbullah claims to have and I don't
    doubt, start raining on northern Israel as it did in 2006.
    The people of GAZA should have been given a taste of the same medicine its leader HAMAS gave
    South Israel and 12,000 plus rockets and mortars for the last 7 plus years and not the stupid "pinpoint
    assassinations" of terrorists going to or coming back from firing rockets on Israel, instead of having
    been materially HAMAS firing range without consequences to them but condemnations from both the
    Useless Nations and the EU for the use of "Disproportionate Reaction"…!!!!
    I rather be respected out of fear than loved because of being weak…
    But, the same "Political Correctness" which sooner than later will end up burying us all, is what dictates policies and that's what we get….

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "OBAMA claims to have Israel's back"

      0'Bama is the queen of weasel words.

  • Attila The Hun

    No matter how hostile Obama is toward Israel, The Jewish state will survive his continuing onslaught . Unlike many commentators I don't believe Hussein O is either intelligent or smart man. He Is an angry man who sees the entire western civilization as colonialist, oppressive, unjust or plain evil. And the Jews are the blood suckers who unjustly benefited from it. Like many angry people, his anger will do him no good. Especially with his Middle East obsession. We saw how he bungled both Libya and Egypt uprisings. I believe Syria will be the catalysts of the new ME and I'll will not be surprise if the ME becomes Obama's Vietnam.

    • Cynicles

      Bungled Libya & Egypt?

      He worked long hours (by the usurpers standard) to assure the Mo Bro assumed control thus affording the chance for the spred of shria and the Mo Bro.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Unlike many commentators I don't believe Hussein O is either intelligent or smart man."

      I'm on your side for that statement. Hubris is not intelligence.

  • Jossi

    I've commented oftentimes that Israel is unfortunately forced to resort to Europe (read: Germany) for support, due to the wobbly politics of the USA. And this is not nice to admit, though a tough reality. Besides that, I fear more for what will happen to the US in the future than to Israel, even if this statement seems exaggerated at first view.

  • omar kahlid

    Unfortunately Israel is going to fall and fall hard. Britain and America will fall with it. It does appear that bho is the spark that will finally light that final war. The more liberal a person is, the more evil and sin in their life. Take a look around and see for yourself. Americans have traded God's protection and bounty for drive thru abortion and legalized sodomy. Bho is a god to many people now. He affirms their right to evil and to be evil. I have lived with the evil of islam and see it's perfect example in bho. he practices it as if moohammed taught him. Run to the God of Abraham while you can and before you are blinded by the evil that permeates the world today.

    • Lady_Dr

      You are exactly right Omar in so many ways, except that I think that Israel will survive and thrive. If Britain leave the EU and turns away from the current idiocy and returns to her roots she too will survive. As to America parts of it will survive – the parts that stand up to BHO, while with any luck California really will fall into the sea. BHO is a muslim and he like most Democrats endorses every sort of evil.

    • Jossi

      Omar your words are correct, these 3 countries are going to suffer hard, though the rest I guess will suffer even harder, which is no consolation. I've the same perception that we're approaching a final war. The God of Abraham gave his laws a long time ago, and he also mentioned what will happen when people aren't following his laws. Mankind will have to pay the heaviest price ever paid, before correcting.

  • Ted G

    Obama aids and abets Americas enemies! He should be impeached and prosecuted for treason!
    Oh he tries to be subtle about it, but he isn't.

    All one has to do is read the US Constitution!

    • Roger

      I agree he should be. Buy by whom?


      That's why we're in such horrible straights, the opposition has been castrated.

      • Lady_Dr

        Come January there is a good chance that Boehner will no longer be Speaker.

    • JCS

      According to liberals the Constitution is a "living document" which means it says everything and nothing at the same time. It means whatever a liberal says it means or more often nothing at all.
      It certainly means nothing to Obama.

  • Loyal Achates

    Hey, I thought Israel was supposed to be a SAFE HAVEN for the Jewish people! So why are y'all constantly saying it's under imminent threat of destruction? D'oh!

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Hey, I thought Israel was supposed to be a SAFE HAVEN for the Jewish people! So why are y'all constantly saying it's under imminent threat of destruction? D'oh!"

      Wow. How old are you? That's a pretty stupid statement.

      • Loyal Achates


        • reader

          There're no stupid questions, only stupid people. ©

          • Loyal Achates

            Clearly, and many of them write for FPM.

          • reader

            You're just too stupid to read them.

  • PAthena

    Will the truth about what happened in Benghazi, when President Obama did NOT offer any support to the besieged, come out? Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – who has a member of the Muslim Brotherhood (Huma Abedin) as her close aide – will not testify before a Congressional hearing because she had a concussion from falling down, says she. She is anti-Israel – does she have the backing of Saudi oil? President Obama is anti-Israel and has been from the very beginning. Note his snub to Prime Minister of Israel Binyamin Netanyahu when Netanyahu was visiting the White House. President Obama visited Egypt, where he gave his ignorant Cairo address, crediting Muslims with inventing the printing press (Johannes Gutenberg was not a Muslim), the compass (the Chinese were not Muslims), and founding the first university (the Italians who founded the university in Bologna were not Muslims); he visited Saudi Arabia where he bowed to the King; he visited Turkey and embraced his Islamist buddy Recip Erdogan; – but in these travels he did NOT visit Israel.

  • Ghostwriter

    I don't think President Obama cares a whole lot what happens to Israel. He's certainly not it's friend.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "I don't think President Obama cares a whole lot what happens to Israel. He's certainly not it's friend."

      He cares about pleasing Islamic imperialist aims. Israel is in the way of the Islamic imperialists and he knows it. He's certainly acting the interests of the Islamic imperialists very consistently since before he ran for president.

  • Horace

    You are right, even American Jews dont give a damn about Israel. Most Americans think Islam is a perfectly nice religion.(They (muslims) are not all bad) They care about TV and food and sex and avoiding work and not much else. Israel ought to announce that rockets or bombs are acts of war and push back the borders of Palestan a significant amount every time those murderous fools ("Palestinians" actually welfare Arabs) try to kill some Jews. Blast them off to Koranistan every time they launch a rocket or do a suicide bombing, not just the launch site, but the "government" offices or the jihad mosques and other hangouts of jihadis. Get real. Live.

  • Lance

    Caroline, you hit the nail on the head as usual. Any “Obama” appointment period will not be in favor of Israel. We have a psycotic liberal agenda which is unstoppable from a legal or etaical means. The whole freeking system is corrupt and anti-semetic. Israel will make better deals with the US on a smaller and quieter level, under radar so to speak. Yes it is a sad thing to see the Jews in Israel and elsewhere not really give any concern to the long term future of the Nation of Israel.

  • Questions

    Apparently, former Senator Hagel has been given the seal of approval by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, the policy wonks who came out with the highly publicized monograph of several years ago denouncing "the Jewish lobby." This should serve as a red flag to one and all.

  • Rita

    Be grateful for little mercis: Obama has shown 'some' restraint in not appointing Mohamed Morsi as Defense Secretary!

    As to those 60 or 70 % of Jews voting Obama in again, sometimes I despair of people who do not learn from experience.