The IDF’s Egyptian Fiasco

So Muslim Brotherhood President of Egypt Mohamed Morsy just sacked the leaders of the military junta General Hussein Tantawi and the Egyptian Army’s’ Chief of Staff General Sami Enan.

Morsy has also cancelled the constitutional protections that the Egyptian military has enjoyed and overturned their edicts circumscribing his control over foreign and military policy.

That is, as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has declared, today Morsy completed the Egyptian revolution. Egypt is now an Islamic state. Its leaders drink from the same well as al Qaida, Hamas and all the rest. Egypt, with its US armed military has reemerged after 30 years as the greatest military threat that Israel has ever faced.

According the the Israel media, the IDF was surprised by Morsy’s move. Clearly our esteemed generals believed reassurances they received from their Egyptian military counterparts that Israel had no reason to be concerned with the election of Hamas’s big brother to Egypt’s presidency.

This reminds me of what former chief of the IDF’s General Staff Gabi Ashkenazi said at the Jerusalem Post’s conference in New York on April 29. In his remarks Ashkenazi said that no one in the IDF foresaw Mubarak’s overthrow during the anti-regime protests in Tahrir Square. I began my remarks by mentioning that I had foreseen his overthrow and replacement by the Muslim Brotherhood already back in 2004. And like me, everyone paying attention to the internal make-up of Egyptian society — rather than to the empty promises of generals with no popular support — recognized that Israel’s peace with Egypt was not long for this world.

Here’s the part of the conference where he and I speak.

His remarks start at 23 minutes. Mine start at 41 minutes.

I am not saying this to rub Ashkenazi’s nose in his massive errors. I mention it because the same general staff that failed to foresee what was going to happen in Egypt, and fails to this day to understand the strategic implications of the Muslim Brotherhood takeover for the IDF, is the IDF that insists today that Israel can trust Obama to take care of Iran for us.

Sadly, perhaps even devastatingly, it is not possible for Netanyahu and Barak to pull a Morsy and fire the General Staff en masse. All of these leftist strategic failures enjoy the unstinting support of the leftist media. But still, their failure to understand Egypt speaks all the more strongly for the full justification and necessity of Barak and Netanyahu’s current media campaign to force the IDF to fall in line on attacking Iran.

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  • Elliott

    To Caroline Glick:
    You state: "I began my remarks by mentioning that I had foreseen his overthrow and replacement by the Muslim Brotherhood already back in 2004."

    Can a please provide a link to your article / speech?


  • Elliott

    Correction" Can YOU please provide …

  • PhillipGaley

    1) Individually, unskilled and otherwise unable as they are, all Leftists whom I have come across, anticipate that, the cookie being broken, there will be plenty of scraps to snarf up; hence, their continuing attack upon civil society.

    2) A long time ago, in ancient Rome, Cicero himself, had a guy executed because, he said that, the guy was treasonous. He then bragged that, no one else had the guts to save the nation.
    But, for his saving the nation so, a few years later, he was butchered—his head and hands were carefully cut off, and for sometime, hung from the lectern in the senate hall because, as was said, he circumvented, he undermined the operation of the Civil Law.

    A study might be done as to why history appears with a tendency to repeat, but however that might be, in such connection, I wonder about the President's braggadocio concerning his authorization of similar executions in our day, . . . I just wonder, . . . and "President", my gosh, how the Am people are so easily brought low, . . .

  • Schlomotion

    "[Egypt's] leaders drink from the same well as al Qaida."

    The United States built the well. Israel drinks from that well too. Especially in Syria.
    Israel also drinks from that well when it works with the People’s Mujahedin of Iran.

    • Stern

      Once again, the troll proves it has nothing to say with a post that says nothing.

      • aspacia

        Just the usual anti USA/Israel/Western freedom stance. Schlock, we are not nearly as bad as many other nations, and superior to most.

        • Schlomotion

          I doubt if that's true. I think that's just something people like to say to themselves to make themselves feel good. In actuality, the United States has only the 49th lowest infant mortality rates, neck and neck with the Eastern Bloc. The EU is ahead of the United States in GDP. The US ranks 14th in reading, math and science combined. It has the second to crappiest retirement age. The US is only 38th for life expectancy, even behind the United Arab Emirates, Cuba, and only just ahead of Slovenia.

          In essence, the United States is only about as good as Yugoslavia these days, or barely a Baltic State. While alleged conservatives like yourself have been bleating that the United States is better than most countries in the world, we are steadily slipping past the lousy side of Europe in overall quality of life. We only lead the world in military spending, and the last time I checked, the Pentagon wasn't distributing these weapons to the general public to sell for food and clothing.


            Schlockmoron, When Fidel got sick, despite the claimx of Socialist Commie Cuba having a "superior" healthcare system, Fidel went to FRANCE for medical care.

            Socialist elites have separate rules for themselves and the proletariat.

            Happy Eternal Nakba!

          • aspacia

            Many world leaders come to the U.S. for medical care.

          • PaulRevereNow

            "The United States is only 38th for life expectancy, even behind the Uniited Arab Emirates, Cuba…." Horse plucky. What's your source?

          • Schlomotion

            United Nations World Population Prospects: 2006 revision – Table A.17 for 2005-2010

          • aspacia

            So move-I have lived in Europe and know about the shortages and the taxes they pay. Enjoy the EU Schlock

    • Mo Schlotion

      Is the drink made by Pepsi or Coke? Does it come in diet?

    • EthanP


    • ziontruth

      The well was built 1400 years ago, in the Arabian desert. Anyone who doesn't recognize this fact is part of the problem.

    • Ghostwriter

      And you constantly drink from the poisoned well of anti-semitism,Schlockmotion.

      • Schlomotion

        As the Trademark Office will tell you, you can't trademark the prefix "anti-." So the poison must be in the semitism.


          Schlocky is upset that the Israelis are not the unarmed Jews of WW2 national Socialist filth infested Europe.

  • Silverfinger

    I am surely not the prettiest baby in the nursery but even my little brain foresaw Islam rising and Egypt will either capitulate to it or welcome it, in 2004, thanks to reading Daniel Pipes.

    Pipes said in 1996 that Islam is at war with the West, to an empty audience then and to a nearly empty audience today, 16 years later. The West is still asleep.

    Israel, cannot afford to have bland leaders such as Olmert, Barak and Bibi nor generals such as Ashkenazi ( ash can nazi "), yet that is all they have.

    If Israel is still too sheepish to invade the Sinai, empty Gaza, then one day it will no longer exist.

    No more Israel. No more collective farms, high tech companies, military Spartans, religious neighborhoods, over paid politicians, pita bakeries, beaches, museums and gay bars.

    Or being optimistic, being even smaller than now and constantly engaged in battles and skirmishes a la Syria.

    The West is not at war with Islam but Islam is at war with the West.

    • EthanP

      Wait! There is one more war to come. And there's no Soviet Union to save them this time. Unless the US does.


      "Islam is at war with the West." and the East and the wrong kind of Muslim.

  • lamamma

    @silverfinger…: so, what you suggest to do?
    Of course when in the WH there were other presidents Islael was NOT ALONE…., but now we must support and help to change the USA administration…, or it will NOT be the only victim, be sure eurooe will fall in the hands od the MB too, and the USA too.
    How people do not see the plan???

    • watsa46

      Sadly enough, the Republicans too and the state dept have always been dependent on the Oil (therefore dependent on the Arabs). The oil men have attached the country to SA but Iran fought back and became the enemy.

  • Bert

    Muslims generally know, revere and follow their Koran which energizes their politics. Too few Jews know and are guided by the Torah. The result is what we Jews get. Namely corrupt leaders who trash our religion while remaining ignorant of its life saving guidance.

  • Drakken

    There will be war soon and you can take that to the bank, when the MB can't feed it's 80 million people, war will be the distraction the muslims need and I truly hope that Israel takes the damn gloves off and pushes Gaza into the sea and marches into Cairo this time.

    • EthanP

      Even if the will was there to take Cairo, there isn't enough ammo. But Gaza? Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

      • Kufar Dawg

        The only thing that stopped the IDF from invading Damascus and Cairo before was the USSR's threat to get directly involved in the war if Israel continued its drive into Syria and Egypt. The USSR subsequently mobilized its airborne forces to do so. Nixon brought the US to the highest DEFCON level since the Cuban Missile Crisis as well. This is the only thing that stopped the IDF last time. Who is going to to do it this time?
        I, for one, would be happy to see the infrastructure of Egypt and Syria leveled — especially after what they did to their prosperous Jewish populous and are doing to their Christian populous.

  • EthanP

    The Egyptian armed forces may never have been better armed. Yet they still have the Egyptian/Arab education and trainig mindsets to overcome. Short of a 67 War in reverse, I'm not concerned.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Time to beat the islamonazis back down into their troll holes. They deserve it, in spades.

  • Moishe Pupick

    W., 08/15/12 common era

    Israel must stop being Mister Nice Guy and deal with its moral enemies AS mortal enemies. No more foolish unilateral concessions and worrying what Hillary Clinton, the U.N., the E.U., the Vatican, and the Kremlin will say. None of them created the heavens and the earth. Israel is "where the rubber hits the road." Either the Torah is Divinely inspired or it is merely the product of some very wise ancient men. As General Patton once remarked, "The purpose of the military is to kill people and break things." 'Nuff said.

  • George

    Video abruptly stops. Anyway it's pretty unlistenable, Israel's faux leaders are fools knaves and slaves of the trillionaire ruling families, they are disgusting.
    IL continues to show weakness which equals suicide in the Middle East.

  • flowerknife_us

    The Top Brass no longer in charge of the Egyptian Army may just not wanted to be "in charge". Of the next war with Israel that is. Israel need Inform Egypt that any change in the current treaty is bad news for them. For now Israel faces a one front war with an organized Army(sort of). With no economic legs and Sinai problems of their own making. Currently Egypt has some distance to go before contact, Unless Israel lets them in ahead of time on a ploy.

    The more Syria dissolves the harder it is for the Egyptians to go it alone. The more time passes, the more Egypt melts and feeds upon itself.

    It will take getting rid of Obama before the Christians in the Area get their deserved protection. The silence of the plight of Christians in the Middle East is deafening.

    • Kufar Dawg

      I wonder if these Christians might not make good allies for Israel? Perhaps a foreign legion for the IDF?

  • Bartimaeus

    In the video, Caroline Glick has set out more clearly than ever the danger of Barak Obama’s foreign policy. I hope it is not too late to recover from his poisonous attitude, speeches and policies. God help us if he gets another 4 years.

  • Jon_Babtist

    Muslim Brotherhood takes over Egypt, Obama crosses one more off his bucket list.

  • Kufar Dawg

    Egypt has been an islamofascist state for decades at least. The islamic divorce laws that disenfranchise women from any rights have been in force at least since the 1950's — my friend's wife experienced it first hand when she was cast out in the streets w/nothing but the clothes on her back following her husband's public islamic divorce decree. Practically the entire Jewish population of Egypt was forced out through state sanctioned islamic persecution and all this happened well before the MB was in power.