The Reign of the Fantasists

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Lacking any substantive means of defending this Tinkerbell-fairy-dust policy towards the most pressing threat to international security today, the only thing the Obama administration can tell increasingly distressed Israeli leaders is that we should trust them. They know what they are doing.

Allowing Iran to go nuclear isn’t the only price Obama has been willing to pay to fulfill his fantasy of solving Iran’s conflict with the US by building trust. He is also willing to destroy any chance of Syria becoming a responsible actor on the international stage.

Obama’s willingness to sit on his thumbs for 14 months as Syrian President Bashar Assad has killed as many as 15,000 of his countrymen owes in part to Obama’s desire to win the trust of the ayatollahs in Tehran. Since Assad is Iran’s client, any US move to overthrow him would weaken Iran. And since as far as Obama is concerned Iran doesn’t have anything against the US, but simply suffers from a chronic lack of trust in Washington, it would be wrong to harm Tehran’s interests by overthrowing the ayatollahs’ Syrian lackey.

Obama’s Syria policy is not only a product of his fantasy-based policy towards Iran. It is also a consequence of his fantasy-based policy towards Turkey. Rather than intervene early in the conflict and support pro-Western forces in Syria as an alternative to Assad’s tyranny, Obama outsourced the organization of the Syrian opposition to Turkey’s Islamic Prime Minister Recip Erdogan.

In Obama’s fantasy world, Erdogan is a great ally of the US. The fact that Erdogan has redefined Turkey away from the West and towards Tehran and the Muslim Brotherhood; rendered incoherent NATO’s strategic mission; ended Turkey’s strategic alliance with Israel; used advanced US arms to kill Kurdish civilians, and threatens war in the eastern Mediterranean over natural gas deposits that do not belong to him is irrelevant. All that matters is the fantasy that Erdogan is America’s friend. And since Obama embraces this fantasy, he subcontracted the formation of the Turkish opposition to Erdogan.

Lo and behold, the opposition Erdogan established was dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood. And now, according to a report by Jacques Neriah from the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, the Syrian opposition is dominated not only by the Muslim Brotherhood, but increasingly by al-Qaida. So whereas a year ago the US had an opportunity to build and shepherd into power a multiethnic, pro-Western Syrian opposition, in the throes of his fantasies about Iran and Turkey, Obama squandered the opportunity. As a result, today we are faced with the grim reality that the world might be safer leaving Assad alone than intervening to overthrow him.

THIS BRINGS us back to Barak, and the Israeli establishment that cannot rid itself of the notion that we need to give away the store to the Palestinians to win the support of the “international community,” that is, to win Obama’s support. But towards the Palestinians as well, Obama has embraced fantasy over reality. This week the State Department had the bureaucratic equivalent of an apoplectic fit when it learned that US Sen. Mark Kirk inserted an amendment into the State Department funding bill that will require the department to provide Congress with two pieces of information: the number of Palestinians physically displaced from their homes in what became Israel in 1948, and the number of their descendants administered by the United Nations Relief Works Agency, UNRWA.

The Palestinians claim that there are some five million refugees. They demand that Israel allow all of them to immigrate to its territory as part of a peace deal. UNRWA and the Palestinians claim that not only are the Palestinians who left Israel in 1948 to be considered refugees, their descendants are also to be considered refugees.

Estimates place the number of Palestinians alive today who were physically displaced from Israel at 30,000.

All Kirk wants is the information. And for his effort to bring some facts into the discourse about the Palestinian conflict with Israel, the State Department came down on him like a wall of bricks. In a letter to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Deputy Secretary of State Thomas Nides wrote that Kirk’s “proposed amendment would be viewed around the world as the United States acting to prejudge and determine the outcome of this sensitive issue.”

As far as the State Department is concerned, until the Palestinians and Israel reach an agreement, the US must keep faith with the international community by supporting a policy regarding Palestinian refugees that is both factually absurd and deeply hostile to Israel.

This policy is in perfect alignment with the US policy on Jerusalem. In late March we learned that in the interests of not prejudging the outcome of nonexistent negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians over eastern Jerusalem, the US refuses to recognize Israeli sovereignty not only over eastern Jerusalem, but over any part of Jerusalem. The fact that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital is of no interest. The fact that US law requires the US government to recognize that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital and to locate the US Embassy in Jerusalem is irrelevant. To appease the international community, the US won’t even recognize Israeli sovereignty over western Jerusalem.

So according to Barak and his associates, to prevent Israel’s isolation by securing US support, Israel ought to ignore the lessons of the Lebanon withdrawal, the phony peace process with the PLO, and the withdrawal from Gaza and move full speed ahead with policies that will make it impossible to defend the country.

As for the US, to win the support of Europe, Iran and Turkey, Obama has adopted policies that enable Iran to become a nuclear power, make Assad the most attractive leader in Syria, empower the most anti-American forces in Turkey and pressure Israel to renounce its right and ability to defend itself.

Standing alone never looked so good.

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  • elihu

    Just maybe YHWH has an opinion on this:

    "The land, moreover, shall not be sold permanently, for the land is Mine; for you are but aliens and sojourners with Me" (Lev. 25.23.).
    "I will gather all the nations
    And bring them down to the valley of Jehoshaphat.
    Then I will enter into judgment with them there
    On behalf of My people and My inheritance, Israel,
    Whom they have scattered among the nations;
    And they have divided up My land" (Joel 3.2.).


  • oldtimer

    Surrender nothing!

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The give and take between Israel and the pseudo-Palestinians is Israel gives, pseudopods take. It is
    appropriate for the word irrational to be used by Caroline Glick in describing what Barak and Obama
    propose but what Sharon did was to turn Gaza into a firing platform for the evil ones. Lunatic is a
    word the PC crowd want removed from use but lunacy is rampant in and around Israel, it will take
    Divine intervention to straighten the mess out………..It is great to read Caroline Glick at FPM.

  • Linda Rivera

    It's so confusing. Which Islamic country is Barak the Defense Minister for? Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan?

  • Linda Rivera

    Every nation has always had its traitors. The Free World is in a great deal of trouble when a significant number of their leaders are TRAITORS.

  • tom4you

    but what Sharon did was to turn Gaza into a firing platform for the evil ones.

    God took Sharon from the Earth for what he did….

  • Hank Rearden

    Since 1948, something important has happened – Islam has awakened from a 300 years' sleep. The victory in Afghanistan has given it renewed impetus. Islam grinds down any society that embraces it or is conquered by it because it does not believe there is such a thing as "truth." Since everything is ruled by the will of Allah, the sun can rise in the east today, but may rise in the west tomorrow. As Islam got greater and greater control over the societies it ruled, it gradually crushed the life out of the remnants of the ancient civilizations that provided the learning of its early centuries. Since 1200, what has Islam contributed? Nothing except poverty and backwardness.

    Now the Jews are up against this new militancy. Until its neighbors adjust to its existence, Israel has nothing to negotiate because no agreement will be kept. For now it has to withstand the timeless enmity of Islam for Judaism and wait for better times, the wait probably being measure in centuries.

    Israel's best strategy is to suspend "peace negotiations" which are neither negotiations nor about peace. Just BE. And by BEING force acceptance of its existence. Encourage economic development among the Palestinians when the opportunity presents itself and keep silent on all other issues. Are there open negotiations between Poland and Germany about Germany's eastern border? Are there open negotiations between Poland and Russia about Poland's eastern border? Is the U.S. pursuing "54 40 or fight" against Canada? Among all the countries in the world, why should Israel's borders be uniquely considered as subject to negotiation? They are what they are. Live with it. And people will learn to do just that. But by participating in negotiations, Israel tells its enemies that the war is not over and by implication that further terrorism by them will alter the outcome.