Israel’s Futile ‘Goodwill Gestures’

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Yet Abbas is no friend to Israel and Netanyahu also knows this; Abbas is, after all, the man who pronounced that the Palestinians “won’t agree to recognize something called the Jewish state,” and “will never allow a single Israeli to live…on Palestinian land.” But “moderate” is a relative term, and the Israeli government apparently has concluded that presently Abbas is the best of a bad lot and therefore warrants support.

On the surface the Netanyahu’s policy—choosing the least of various evils, so to speak—appears rational. That is, so long as the damage caused by the lesser evil can be limited and mitigated (if not controlled).

And herein lies the essential dilemma: The Israeli government’s assumption is wrong; Abbas’ diplomatic terrorism, in the words of Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman, cannot be contained.

Nor will any amount of political maneuvering change this fact. For entangled in the two-decades-long diplomatic black hole colorfully referred to as the “peace process,” the Israeli government’s decision-making strategy—as evidenced by Netanyahu’s ongoing support of Abbas—has invariably been reduced to choosing between varying degrees of terror (diplomatic vs. armed). And there simply is no bright future for a country whose options range from bad to worse.

Therefore, the charade has to stop, before the cumulative negative effect of pursuing for twenty years a destructive policy—making endless concessions and goodwill gestures in a futile attempt to appease evil—reaches a critical mass leading to “reactor” meltdown.

Which brings us back to Abbas’ repeated and self-serving denials of Jewish history.

The Jewish People’s millennia-old connection to the Land of Israel is the foremost justification for the current and ongoing existence of a Jewish state on that land. If the Jewish People never resided in Israel, so the logic of its enemies goes, then there is no reason for Jews to be there today or to remain there tomorrow. Moreover, it is the Jewish People’s historical connection to its Land which forms the basis of the 20th-century legal validation of the Jewish state.

Remove Abraham from the equation and there is no Balfour Declaration and no British Mandate.

It is this fundamental historical connection that Abbas, along with his financiers and sympathizers worldwide, is attempting to whitewash, with the aim of delegitimizing Israel out of existence.

And, alas, it is working.

Consider, as but one of many examples, South Africa’s recent decision to modify its labeling of products originating from the West Bank so as to exclude the “Made in Israel” tag.

Then consider that the West Bank is in fact located in a geographic region historically known as Judea and Samaria, a portion of the Land of Israel from which the word Jew is derived.

This is what happens when Jewish history is denied and reality is altered.

And, quite frankly, it is hypocritical for the Israeli government to be up-in-arms over Pretoria’s move. For the Israeli government itself supports the ongoing governance of the very man spearheading the campaign of de-legitimization which results in such anti-Israel episodes.  In other words, every time the Israeli government absurdly portrays Abbas as a “moderate,” it invites anti-Israel forces such as South Africa to express their hostility. For, if Jerusalem is “occupied Palestine” as Abbas contends, and Israel is seen supporting Abbas, then certainly the West Bank is occupied too and South Africa has every reason to adopt the Palestinian leader’s position by labeling products accordingly.

This is the twisted logic that makes it reasonable to presume that, unless Israel begins to prevent Abbas and his minions from actively waging their war, in the not-too-distant future countries will begin designating products manufactured in Jerusalem as “Made in Palestine.”

In this respect, it is imperative for Israel to extricate itself from a process whose strategic paradigm consists of opting for lesser evils, and whose inevitable outcome is the country’s de-legitimization.

At any rate, peace cannot be forged with the Palestinians so long as their leadership continues to deny Jewish history; which is, quite literally, an attempt to erase Israel from the pages of time.

(Charles Bybelezer, formerly a Publications Editor at the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research, recently moved to Israel to begin working as a Breaking News Editor at the Jerusalem Post.)

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  • Bartimaeus

    As a Christian I say, the only divine mandate for a land on earth was given to the Jews. The Christian has no mandate for any land whatsoever on earth. I would trust Israel with control over Jerusalem and all the holy sites as they have already proven they are more than fair about access to these sites. Even the so-called Christian holy sites in the end have little to do with the real faith of Christians. They tend toward idolatry. The Jews on the other hand should have the temple mount as there own, free of Islamic or Christian harassment.

  • Stern

    When have the Palestinians EVER responded positively to any Israeli concession or offer of peace? In fact, every since Oslo, the Palestinian position has hardened in direct proportion to any softening of the Israeli position.

    Arafat began denying any connection between Jews and the Temple Mount, something Abbas is simply repeating. This week, Hanan Ashrawi claimed that there were no Jewish refugees from Arab countries because they were "invited" to Israel and made homes there.

    Give them another few months and they will be denying that Judaism exists or that there are any Jews anywhere.

  • Indioviejo

    The question is, who buys into this Arab charade?

  • Bert

    Netanyahu and most of Israel's leaders are secular or even atheists. Their concessions for peace only reinforce their enemies and destroy morale among Israeli Jews. Their actions violate the teachings of the Torah which warns of consequences as in Deuteronomy Chapter 28. Sad to say that the greatest enemy of the Jewish people are our own Jewish leaders who are arrogant, corrupt and ultimately suicidal. If it were not for help from G-d the Jews would have ceased to exist long ago.

  • Rick_in_VA

    Israel should re-establish it's borders to include the area that they won during wartime after being attacked.
    They should establish Jerusalem as their capital for all purposes. If a country wants an embassy, that is where it should be. (including ours)
    If they have to retake their territory by force, so be it. The time for negotiations is long past. They have to do right for themselves and the he!! with the rest of the world.

    This brings up another question: Why do American Jews vote for the one political party who hates Israel almost as much as the Muslims?

  • Marty

    palestinians do not understand or want to embrace the concept of reciprocity. They cannot fathom the art of compromise. No negotiation with this sort of mindset can be productive. Most Israelis have finally broken out of the "Oslo Syndrome" and understand that only their demise will satisfy the palestinian nation and leadership. But national suicide is not on the Israeli political agenda. Israelis love life as much as the palestinians love death and that is the reason they will survive and prosper and why the palestinians will remain impoverished, full of hatred, and stuck in a seventh century primitive and brutal mindset.

  • Drakken

    Enough of this fake peace nonsense Israel, you know the muslims don't want peace and never have unless it is the peace of the grave. So quit this bloody nonsense and throw Gaza into the sea and take the entire west bank and call it a day.

    • PaulRevereNow

      Why Netanyahu continues to make these futile gestures is incomprehensible; except for the fact that there are many Jews who believe in them, and probably always will. On a trip to Israel several years ago, I took a tour of the Northern Negev desert, which included a visit to Sderot. After we saw the Sderot Indoor Rec facility, with its steel rocket-proof roof, and the storage room full of the bottom half of recovered rocket fuselage's(with "Death to the Jews" scrawled on them, in Arabic); I suggested to a twenty-something American Jew(on the bus) that Israel should fire one of their 16-inch coastal defense guns at Gaza, every time the Palestinians in Gaza fired a rocket at Israel.(This was before Iron Dome was introduced) In response, he laughed at me for several minutes.
      This is the mentality we get to work with.

  • Ghostwriter

    It's great that those like Schlockmotion aren't here. They'd have a field day with this one.

  • Hank Rearden

    The Palestinians don't want peace; they want victory. How hard is that to understand? Israel insults them when it makes concessions because it implies that they are soft enough to prefer comfort to struggle. Concessions cannot possibly bring peace; they are an incitement to more terrorism because they signal weakness on the part of Israel.

    Israel's strategy, both diplomatic and military should be "we're here; get used to it." The opposition may not get used to it for quite a while, but concessions are not going to hurry that along.

    • Sunbeam

      Israel should be firm with their stand. It should not work in a flip flop way. that others may see it as a form of weaknesses. Making concessions doesn't seemed to be the wise move at all. We hope Jerusalem can be made the capital city of Israel soon as its heritage links back to ancient time of Judaism and the early churches of Christianity. It holds vast meaning to us all..