Palestinian ‘Reconciliation’ a Blessing in Disguise?

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Speaking at the signing ceremony in Doha, Abbas reinforced that the unity agreement was reached “not only so that it would be published, but in order to implement it on the ground.”

Netanyahu has spoken. Abbas has chosen.

And what a tremendous blessing for Israel’s leader. The “peace process,” the thorn in Netanyahu’s side, is no more. And there is nothing the US, the Europeans, nor the Israeli Left can do about it.

As for Mr. Obama, he will continue to pressure Israel to make unilateral concessions to the Hamas-Fatah terrorist entity. One need only consider Obama’s current eagerness to “engage” (i.e. conduct “peace” negotiations with) the Taliban to deduce the president’s unwavering policy of appeasing terrorists. Thankfully, the US Congress will have no part of it. Nor will Republicans, particularly during an election year, forgo any opportunity to blast Obama’s mistreatment of the Jewish state. Obama, scavenging for a second term, will need to pander. He should be adequately contained.

More important, however, is Israeli public opinion. Once upon a time, the people of Israel were duped into believing that a man by the name of Yasser Arafat would transform his terror organization into a viable partner for peace. Twenty years and thousands of casualties later, Israelis will not repeat this mistake with Hamas. They will take a stand.

And so, Mr. Netanyahu has been afforded the opportunity not only to strengthen his political base by casting aside the belligerent Palestinians, but also to shore up public support as he shifts Israel’s attention towards its most urgent priority—Iran.

Rest assured, in the coming months—be it April, May, or June, as leaked by US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, the military chief of Israel’s purported ally—Netanyahu will need all the support up he can amass.

Ironically, Palestinian “reconciliation” will have played a small part in Netanyahu’s drive to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons program. The peace process is dead. All eyes can now be focused exclusively on Tehran.

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