The U.S.’s Iran Delusion

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And that’s why without a credible military threat, sanctions are doomed to fail. That’s why, in the absence of clear “red lines,” the US’ strategy will fail.

Clearly, Israel recognizes this. Last Monday, PM Netanyahu upped his rhetoric: “Those in the international community who refuse to put red lines before Iran don’t have a moral right to place a red light before Israel.”

Netanyahu’s affirmation was widely interpreted as a jab at Obama, whose Iran policy is deserving of criticism. Nevertheless, while Netanyahu’s frustration with the US president is merited, his strategy for dealing with Obama perhaps is becoming detrimental.

Previously, by “beating the drums of war” Netanyahu effectively forced the Iran issue to the forefront of the international community’s agenda. Largely out of fear of an Israeli pre-emptive strike—as opposed to the “unacceptable” prospect of a nuclear-armed Islamic Republic—the world was woken from its slumber to take measures against Iran.

These diplomatic and economic initiatives, however, were too little and came too late; Iran’s march towards the bomb has continued unabated. As a result, military action will soon constitute the sole remaining recourse to stop Iran’s nuclear program.

As the Mullahs pose a global threat, Israel correctly wants the international community, led by the US as leader of the free world and whose military capacity is greatest, to assume the responsibility. But herein lies Israel’s dilemma: While Netanyahu’s sabre-rattling sufficed to induce diplomatic warfare against Iran, it has not enabled him to garner support for an actual war. Netanyahu’s rising urgency reflects his inability to date to recruit a “coalition of the willing” to confront Iran militarily.

The stark reality, though, is that the Jewish state is, has always been, and will always be alone when its “back” is against the wall. That Obama fervently opposes even a unilateral Israeli strike—in the face of genocidal Iranian threats—is a testament to this.

Coupled with the fact that time constraints likely preclude the enactment of additional meaningful sanctions against Iran, and that Israel cannot possibly win the battle for public opinion, Netanyahu’s policy of publicly venting his displeasure, which entails revealing Israel’s positions, seemingly has exhausted its utility.

In this event, the implementation of an Iran “blackout” at the highest levels of Israel’s government is favorable. Thereafter, a decision can be made, in due course and behind closed doors, as to whether the country is in fact willing to go it alone against Iran if necessary, or whether Israel will entrust the US with using force to stop Iran’s nuclear program when it no longer can.

Appropriately, it will then be left to those not in the know to debate the wisdom of betting the lone Jewish state’s survival on “hope” affecting “change.”

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  • EthanP

    Poll after poll of Iranian citizens shows that, no matter what their politics, religious views or age, they want an Iranian A-bomb. Love or hate America, they want to use it on Israel. And what sanctions? Russia, India and China have all been given a pass! Barak HUSSEIN Obama will shed a tear for the destruction of Israel he is abetting.

  • PaulRevereNow

    Israel was alone in 1973, during the Yom Kippur war. This time, the stakes are higher, but what is the alternative? A nuclear armed Iran, that will use nuclear warheads against Israel. May as well hit Iran first.

  • oldtimer

    What ever the IAEA thinks the Iranians have stockpiled, be sure that it's much more. And as for HC, didn't she have security teams at the consulates armed with "rubber" bullets…… STUPID..and does she still want to run for president in 2016?

  • Mike

    There will be alot of blood shed with this coming war with Iran/Israel but it will be mostly islam blood. The God of Israel will not allow Israel to be destroyed again, not after the re-birth of her in 1948. The one who watches over Israel never slumbers or sleeps and Jerusalem is the apple of his eye. Stand back and watch as Jehova destroys the enemies of his land Israel.

    • TheGimp

      Yeah, I never understood God's fascination with Israel. Something to do with Abraham being a really swell guy? I guess the rest of us gentiles can go pound sand, as far as He's concerned.

  • Schlomotion

    Congratulations to Mr. Bybelezer for moving to Israel from his former political pulpit in Montreal. The tone of this article however, casts the US leadership as "hypocrites" for not toeing Mr. Netanyahu's front line. The vast history of Mr. Bybelezer's other articles also purported to dictate America's moral rights from across the Maple Curtain. Now they are coming from even farther away, but are no less shrill. Israel is free to act out its "back against the wall" routine. Netanyahu is just mad that the US won't knock down one of his enemies for him. Too bad.

    • Roger

      Schlo, you're still the schlubb.

      Israel does have it's back to the wall. Not just one wall but every wall. Can you even give one border without a hostile neighbor?

      The goal to erase them, or push them into the sea has never changed even from behind your 'maple curtain' metaphor.

    • Ghostwriter

      What part of A-jad's stated desire to wipe Israel off the map don't you understand? Or are you so filled with anti-Jewish hatred to understand it?

  • Omar

    Why doesn't the whole world campaign a BDS campaign against Iran? The mullah's regime has repeatedly stated that Israel should be "wiped off the map" Yet, the regime in Iran doesn't face any punishments from the international community. Now that's a double standards.

  • Chanameel

    Al Barack – name of mohammed's horse that he rode when he captured Medina
    ._Hussein – name of the third Imam_
    Obama in Persian means "he is with us."
    _Armilus, to whom Islam sees as the savior and brings Islam to the whole world,
    A tyrant who established power by means of deceptive signs.
    (to Bible believers, this is the anti-messiah, the incarnation of pure evil.)
    Egypt and the King of the South. Ancient name -Mizaim – "One of the sons of Ham." Kernet (Egypt) –
    The Black Land" or the Land of Ham." Bible .org Chapt X1 Harag and Ishmael – progenitor of the Arabian Tribes.
    (Haters of Israel)

  • Chanameel

    Hagar and Ishmael. Ishmael – progenitor of the Arabian Tribes.

  • Jaime

    Israel started destroying Iranian uranium enrichment facilities and long range missiles (Google Isfahan) back in November until stopped by Obama and Hillary Clinton. Less than a month ago the electric lines to the centrifuges installations were attacked. Israel has the capability to, little by little, destroy Iran without missiles, airplanes or ground troops. Remember what Israeli General Gantz referred as "unnatural events".