USF Prof. Stephen Zunes Still Shilling for Iran

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Zunes, however, assured his audience that, “they are unlikely to have a single deployable nuclear warhead for four or five years. In other words, there’s plenty of time.”

His repeated insistence that Iran’s violations of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty are “no different” than those of other signatories failed to account for Iran’s open hostility toward the Jewish state, its sponsorship of terrorism across the world, or the threats of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to obliterate Israel—a threat he reiterated twice just this month.

Zunes mocked Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s concerns that Iran may give small nuclear weapons to Hezbollah, its proxy in South America:

[Hezbollah] will bring them into Latin America and smuggle them over the Mexican border and set them off in an American city—there’s all kinds of crazy scenarios. . . . This is how desperate people are to justify an attack.

In fact, there is ample evidence to support this scenario. Iran and Hezbollah have long had a foothold in South America, and America’s porous southern border provides ample opportunity for Hezbollah to team with Mexican drug cartels and move northward. Ilan Berman has argued that had Iran succeeded in its October, 2011 plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. with the assistance of a Mexican drug cartel, it “would potentially have killed scores of U.S. citizens in the nation’s capital in the most significant terrorist event since 9/11.”

Despite decades of Iranian-sponsored global terrorist attacks, Zunes claimed that Iran’s ties to international terrorism are overstated. He would only concede that there are some “pretty sketchy groups that would be willing to attack Americans and their interests worldwide.” “Pretty sketchy groups” is an understatement.

During the question and answer period, a member of the audience asked, “What is the rationale for resolutions against Iran in the American Congress?” to which Zunes responded:

The concern about Iran getting the bomb is not about Israel being nuked, but that Iran will have deterrence so the United States can’t throw its weight around. They aren’t going to bomb Israel.

Zunes’s absolute certainty might be weakened were he on the receiving end of the Iranian regime’s constant threats. He then ranted about xenophobia and “privilege” in the U.S., providing a glimpse into his own personal demons in the process:

There is fear of having our privilege taken from us, that we are no longer exceptional. I come from the South. On my mother’s side were slave owners. They were afraid of the slaves. That’s why that [family] side is so dysfunctional . . . it’s fear of the unwashed masses—they will take our privilege. Fear is useful: Israel burning; images of the Holocaust; terror milked by politicians; internalized Jewish terror of anti-Semitism that is exaggerated for political reasons; the burning; the ovens. Fear is definitely a big piece.

For Zunes and his audience, however, fear was definitely not a factor. Neither, for that matter, was reality. He can rationalize mortal danger all he likes, but it won’t make it go away. There are challenges that even “social justice” can’t solve.  

Berkeley resident Rima Greene co-wrote this article with Cinnamon Stillwell, the West Coast Representative for Campus Watch, a project of the Middle East Forum. She can be reached at

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  • Marty

    This person is obviously a fool. Being a fool is certainly his choice and is afforded constitutional protections. Unfortunately, he infects students with distortions and lies, but, after all, he does teach in San Francisco. Happily, I don't and will continue to inform students in my classes of reality as well as illustrate the similarities between communism, fascism, and islam. There will be ample documentation that all three are genocidal, anti-semitic, and work relentlessly for the destruction of western civilization and democracy. In fact, I have an afternoon class to prepare for and the lecture will be about these three totalitarian nightmares.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Teaching the truth in an academic institution these days takes courage. Bravo to you Marty.

    • plaidsportcoat

      Mexican drug cartels will join just as quickly and easily with Christian Fundamentalist Extremeists – of which there are many more in the USA than Muslims. The Christian extremeists have plenty of money and that is all the cartels want.
      The drug cartels will surely be happy to make a liaison with Sheldon Adelson as well. He can buy anything he wants including the cartels' help. WHat is to sotp that? Nothing.

  • Schlomotion

    Reality check here. Cinnamon Stillwell vs. Stephen Zunes.

    Cinnamon Stillwell is a Hasbara blogger whose credentials list is nearly exclusively Hasbara blogging. By comparison, Stephen Zunes has a B.A. from Oberlin, an M.A. from Temple University, a Ph.D. from Cornell, was on the faculty of Ithaca College and two others, is a contributing editor of Tikkun, has received national endowments for humanities in Middle Eastern Studies and Arab Studies. He is opposed to Arab dictatorships. He is opposed to Israeli occupation. He is opposed to war.

    That is where he draws the foul. Because Mr. Zunes opposes the Israeli Occupation and opposes war with Iran, he has drawn the negative attention of Cinnamon Stillwell and Campus Watch, a sub-sub-subsidiary of Daniel Pipes, e.g. the xenophobic crazy guy in the new Dinesh D'Souza movie. Mr. Pipes employs really low grade tabloid bloggers, as evidenced by the "Previous Posts" section of Ms. Stillwell's blog, which generally try to relate elements of pop-culture to campus Zionist life. This article on Mr. Zunes doesn't have any of the references to Glee or Law and Order, from which she draws her political theories, and instead replaces them with blocs of grey quotation text that merely prove that Iran is seeking basic geopolitical parity in the region. Thus Ms. Stillwell undermines her own position that war is good, that Iran is crazy, and that Mr. Zunes is a shill. Daniel Pipes should have written the article himself.

    • Kufar Dawg

      The only occupiers of Israel are islamic, ditto for Lebanon. Jews were in Israel long before MuhamMAD molested his first little girl. The Arabs already have their homeland Saudi Arabia.

      • reasonableguy2

        In ancient times, Israel first came into existence around 1025 BCE when Saul became its first king. Israel ceased to exist in 722 BCE when Israel was conquered by the Assyrians. During that 303 year period Israel was inhabited by Israelites, not Jews. Following its annihilation by Assyria, for a period of 2141 years between 722 BCE and 1949 CE, Israel simply didn't exist. When the Irgun and other Zionist fanatics took over Palestine in the late 1940s, they deliberately drove out many indigenous Palestinian arabs, massacring the rest at places like Deir Yassin. israel is a vicious, extremely racist society whose Prime Minister, Netanyahu, has as his prime objective, the driving out of the last Palestinian arab from the territory between Lebanon on the north, Egypt on the south, and the Jordan or beyond, on the east. The Israelis justify their war on the Palestinians with the explanation that God (whom no one has ever seen or heard, other than Jacob who was physically stronger) gave them that land . . .

    • Drakken

      I still don't see you getting on a plane and protesting those mean Israelis? Why is that? Oh that is right, you will run your suck but you won't put your commi azz on the line, put up or shut up puzzy. I really hope your in Gaza when the balloon goes up.


      Schlockmoron, Taqiyya, Islamist lying to advance Islamofascism is well known by Infidels.

      Arafat would say some conciliatory crap in broken English, and switch to his Islamofascist ideology when speaking to his Islamofascist grassroots audience.

      Schlockmoron, Don't be a Chickenhawk.

      Go to Syria – I recommend Aleppo.
      Go to Gaza or south Lebanon.
      Go to Egypt, the Coptic Christian quarter.
      Go to the Islamist Regime of Iran. I recommend Qom or any of the sites of the Iranian underground nuclear weapons program.

      Expect a personal Nakba.

  • marios

    Stop taqiyya schlomotion. There is no Israely occupation as it was no country except Jewish states on that land.
    Islamists openly proclaimed "Islam will dominate in the world". Patriots conservatives whose anscestors built Western world are their enemies. Leftists/socialists (read works of V.Lenin/Stalin…) have the same goal to dominate. That is why they have consider conservatives as their enemies too. Those "useful idiots" as prof. Zunes refuse to comprehend that as infidel he would be legitimate victim of Islamists. Or he is Muslim himself?

  • Ghostwriter

    Reality check here. Me vs. Schlomotion.

    I happen to like Jews and have met them. They are a warm and friendly people and want only to live their lives in peace. Schlockmotion on the other hand hates them with a passion and wants them wiped off the face of the earth. He share the views of the mad mullahs and A-jad who want to murder Israelis simply because they exist. Schlomotion isn't fooling anyone with his Jew hatred and his imbecilic tirades against "Hasbara writers,"whatever the heck they are. Me,I like Jews. I don't mind them. I wish Schlomind would get a life.

    • Schlomotion

      It is your pseudonym that permits you to lie against me. Personally, I think pseudonymous libel masquerading as "ghostwriting" is one of the more odious professions. My hope is that someday you are exposed to be someone who was thought to be an intelligent writer, but then when they yanked the Klan hood off, they found a guy like Spengler, hyping his own book.


        Schlockmoron, You've been exposed. Run back under your rock or refrigerator.


        "It is your pseudonym that permits you to lie against me. Personally, I think pseudonymous libel masquerading as "ghostwriting" is one of the more odious professions."

        "Schlomotion" is your real name?

        What an imbecile.


    Anyone think that Stuxnet also reports the location of the infected equipment?

    That's perfect for a BUNKER BUSTER.


    What's happening in Syria will soon occur in the Islamic Regime of Iran.

    There is an overdue debt the Islamic Regime of Iran has to pay.

  • JFS

    The current affairs of Iran's pawn Syria should present some timely and unique opportunities for Israel, The IDF should consider planning the quick occupation and control (say for 72 hours) of a Syrian airbase for projection of a short duration air-bridge into Iran.

  • gary fouse

    I never cease to be amazed at people in the West who defend Iran, the world's biggest supporter of terrorism,a country that persecutes its Baha'i and hangs its gays. Add Schlomotion to the list of useful idiots like Rabbi Ysroel Dovid Weiss, Abdul Alim Musa, George Galloway and Yvonne Ridley.

  • Charles

    Cinnamon Stillwell and Rima Green are shilling for the psychopaths in Israel and the U.S. who are trying to pull everyone into WWIII. What a disgusting hit piece this narrow-minded article is.