Democratic Cannibals

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“Recallistas turn to cannibalism!” reads a headline at A poster at the Democratic Underground site wondered, “When will Democrats get the message that eating their own is not a winning strategy?”

In a strange week in which a gay porn star from Canada, a Miami bath-salt enthusiast, and a Maryland college student grabbed headlines by indulging their culinary passion for human meat, political liberals subconsciously imitated the news by devouring one another. Tuesday’s Wisconsin recall election served as the catalyst for the cannibalism.

Calling Barack Obama’s careful avoidance of Wisconsin “unforgivable,” Progressive editor Matthew Rothschild bluntly maintains that the president “betrayed his promise” and “abandoned his principles.” The editor of the 103-year-old Madison, Wisconsin-based publication holds that the administration has “alienated their base in Wisconsin. People here are furious at the White House, and that won’t help Obama come November.”

The Obama administration, for its part, has long signaled its aversion to the Lane Kirkland-Walter Reuther wing of the party. “Preparations by Democratic operatives for the 2012 election make it clear for the first time that the party will explicitly abandon the white working class,” Thomas Edsall reported last fall in the New York Times. “All pretense of trying to win a majority of the white working class has been effectively jettisoned in favor of cementing a center-left coalition” composed of “professors, artists, designers, editors, human resources managers, lawyers, librarians, social workers, teachers and therapists—and a second, substantial constituency of lower-income voters who are disproportionately African-American and Hispanic.”

The White House never wanted organized labor’s Wisconsin recall. They just wanted organized labor’s manpower and donations. And organized labor thought its manpower and donations bought influence over the White House. Both misunderstood their own interests for the others’ interests.

Without the government, where would organized labor be? Not only does government employ a majority of unionized workers, it forces a majority of the remainder to “join” unions through the compulsory unionization laws that prevail in twenty-seven states.

Without the labor unions, where would the party of government be? Despite organized labor’s diminished clout, it still delivers tens of millions of dollars and battalions of campaign workers to Democrats every four years.

Labor’s waning influence in the Democratic Party is a reflection of its waning influence in the United States. In 1958, 30 percent of Americans working in the private sector belonged to labor unions. Today, less than seven percent do. Factor in the 37 percent unionization rate for public-sector employees and organized labor’s share of the total labor force approaches 12 percent, a figure that has been diminishing for decades. Labor’s anemic 21st-century numbers perhaps exaggerate its strength. Given the propensity of government dependents to back the party of government, the dramatic unionization of public sector workers redundantly creates a Democratic Party interest group out of an existing Democratic Party interest group.

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  • davarino

    I feel sanity returning to America.


    • Looking4Sanity

      "Slowly I turned!"

  • ronn

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  • StephenD

    I wonder how they'll spin this to be "good" for the Democrat Party. Notice I didn't call them the DemocratIC party, because they aren't. Soon, I expect we'll hear from Axelrod about how "special interests" with money got Walker to prevail. My question is, did these special interests pay each person that voted for him to do so? How can advertisements influence such a resounding cord among the electorate to the point that Walker walks away with it? LOL
    No matter how they try to spin it, they know they are in trouble. The folks looking toward the future see Hillary on the ballot against Romney in 4. She would be a throw-back to Obama. Once he is out we have to keep them out.

    • deprogrammer

      You call it the "democrat" party because your programmers have been telling you to do it for some time now. Their is no further thought involved than it would take for you to nod and drool.
      "[R]esounding cord among the electorate" indicates to me you can't really count very well. Seven percent isn't resounding. It's even more marginal when you consider the 7:1 funding lead the repubs had. Gotta love that unlimited – and frequently secret – corporate funding, eh?

      • tagalog

        Personally, I use the term "Democrat Party" because it gets some peoples' goat. They want so badly for others to think they're democratic.

        If Barack Obama wins the Presidency by a margin of 7%, Democrats will be calling that a mandate.

        I don't know and would love to see someone do a tally, but I would bet you my skivvy shorts that the funding on the Republican side was way more grass-roots than the union-backed Democrat side.

        • deprogrammer

          Good like finding out because a lot of that super pac money is secret because corporations and the supreme court firmly believe you have no right to know anything about how your political representation is bought.
          By the way, just from looking at sources available, what makes you think the right-wing is grass roots? The countless millions in corporate funding or the countless millions in funding secretly given by billionaires?

          • tagalog

            The main thing that makes me think the right-wing is grass-roots is the Tea Party movement. Compare the kind of people who are attracted to the Tea Party and the kind who are attracted to the Occupy movement. Another equally noteworthy thing is that union members more and more vote Republican and espouse conservative values.

          • deprogrammer

            The Tea Party? We're talking about the same Tea Party that was astroturfed into existence by the so-called Americans for Prosperity (AFP) and received wall to wall coverage from Fox news?
            The best analogy for the team party would the "counter-protesters" sent out by the Mubarak government. Reactionaries and goons sent out by those in power to do the dirty work.

          • PhilPietersen

            Guess who's feeling the pain of the pulsating vein?

            He, He.

      • Looking4Sanity

        You sound like the voice of experience. Who programmed you, Komrade?

        • deprogrammer

          Ah, the old stand by of the good FPMer "Admit nothing, deny everything, make counter-accusations." Heaven forbid you actually look at how you are manipulated and apply what reasoning is left to you after who knows how many decades cycling through one right-wing indoc program after the other.

          • Looking4Sanity

            Just like a Democrat troll. Nothing but counter-counter accusations and pre-programmed stupidity..

          • Maxie

            'Heaven forbid you actually look at how you are manipulated and apply what reasoning is left to you after who knows how many decades cycling through one LEFT-wing indoc program after the other."

      • Galveston

        it's tough losing, isn't it? – just a taste of what's to come in November – hey barry hussein, buh-bye!!!

        • deprogrammer

          *snicker* You still believe THAT one? They aren't even trying any more. You've become so docile and easily controlled your handlers have gotten sloppy. They aren't even bothering to feed you new conspiracy.
          Oh, well I guess it's true dumb targets make for dumb programmers.

          • Mik

            dp – your comment about 7:1, where did you read that Huff? MSNBC? The reality is that union members of whom I am one, and against my will, contribute to a general fund. The union leaders can do whatever they want with that money. One of their favorite things is support democratic candidates. (by the way, I say democratic party – even communists are/were democratic like the DDR, the Deutsche Democratische Republik. All democratic means is that everyone gets one vote, which without proper checks and balances turns into the tyranny of the majority. All pigs are equal and all that)

            Back to the unions. Unions can contribute all of my dues to the party of their choice without having the dems without being considered a PAC. I have no idea what they contributed to the Walker recall campaign, but as a Californian I can tell you that the unions gave over $50 million dollars to defeat Arnie's attempts to control spending. So please, drop the talking points, make believe the rest of us are almost as smart as you are, and maybe we can debate the issues.

          • deprogrammer

            So lets see I have to provide sources but you can ramble on about East Germany, livestock, then meander back to Unions in Californian electoral politics before collapsing in a pile to drool?

            Of course somewhere in the middle you admit you have no idea how much was spent in Wisconsin. From all of this you decide that I'm not informed and am just repeating talking points.

            *Sigh* The saddest part of all this is I do believe you were actually trying.

      • ebonystone

        If that corporate funding is secret, how do you know how much it is?
        According to the NYT, by late May Walker had spent $45 million, and Bartlett $18 million, which is more like 2.5:1.

      • StephenD

        I call it the Democrat Party because that is exactly, technically, legally, what it is jackass.

  • tagalog

    From the 1970s onward (in fact, as I consider it more, from the time of the Longshoremens' attack on antiwar protestors in New York City -the "Hard Hat Riot" – sometime around 1970 or so), it's been clear that vanguardism has taken the lead among our lefties. It was inevitable that, as the working people of our nation moved rightward, the leftists would abandon their vision of the working class as leading the revolutionary way and put their focus on those who are still dumb enough to believe in leftist fantasies posing as "scientific" analysis: the college-educated and their professors, the professionals, and those working for the state.

    • Looking4Sanity

      Being both college educated and professional…in addition to being a conservative Republican…I take offense at that statement. I'd appreciate it if, in the future, you watched where you swung that enormous paint brush of yours. ;o)

      • tagalog

        Present company excepted, of course. : )

  • clarespark

    Obama's desertion of the white working class is nothing new. Soviet and Maoist propaganda had written them off long ago, as white labor opted, not for revolution, but for improved wages and working conditions. I wrote about The Race Card here: "Anti-imperialism" rules the Left and left-liberals, and white workers are seen as part of the problem, not the solution. Witness "whiteness studies.". Or the postulation of "white skin privilege."

  • jenny harder

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  • Iron Yank

    Wisconsin white Liberals……Emperor Obama doesnt need you anymore as witnessed in Wisconsin, he has millions of illegals he plans on using along with cemetaries full of additional voters. Why do you think he's fighting these voter ID laws?

    • Looking4Sanity

      I can't wait to see their reaction when they start losing THEIR jobs to illegals!

  • Looking4Sanity

    I guess you have to call them cannibals. They'd all starve to death if they were zombies. None of them have any brains.

    • tagalog

      That's discouraging; it means that the George Romero means of removing them as a threat won't work.

      • Looking4Sanity

        Technically, it would. By destroying the head, you deprive them of the means of sight, smell, taste and hearing. Without sustenance, they cannot maintain muscular mass and would eventually collapse into a pile of motionless bones.

  • Looking4Sanity

    "…Rothschild bluntly maintains that the president “betrayed his promise” and “abandoned his principles.”

    Hey…I guess even Soc-ialists don't like being strong-armed by union goons!


    Democratic Cannibals
    Cannibal Liberals.

    • angelie

      “Recallistas turn to cannibalism!”
      – that really sounds weird for me but whatever it is that the current problem that we are facing, I hope that administration can solve it. how to cut a pineapple

  • Willy Rho

    Obama never had any "Principles". One can not abandon what one never had.

  • truebearing

    This points out yet another fundamental lie that is operant on the Left. They are ostensibly collectivists, all working toward the same basic goals, but the truth is that the leaders of the various factions are working for themselves, and nowhere is that more apparent than with Obama. It seems to be a recurring irony that collectivist movements end up with narcissistic leaders.

    The Left has never understood human psychology, except when it comes to motivating those so inclined with envy-based hate. Their incapacity to grasp individual ambition is mind boggling, especially given the endless jockeying for power within their ranks. Inevitably, the most ruthless rise to the top, and those ruthless individuals are more greedy for power than the most avaricious capitalist ever born is for money. The Political Capitalism within the leadership of the Left puts a psychologically untenable ideology at odds with the dynamics of its own leadership. Lies don't make a strong foundation.

  • Maxie

    " [There are] two fears that are present in aech of us: the fear of competition and the fear of responsibility. These fears are not just vague apprehensions; they are dominating anxieties. Membership in a redistributive economy allays these fears and reduces stress."
    "Last Exit to Utopia" Jean-Francois Revel

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  • hazelmae89

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