Earth Day against the Earthlings

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Sunday is Earth Day. Someone forgot to tell the Earthlings.

Most people will go about their affairs oblivious to the day’s significance because the day has no significance to them. We reserve holidays for days that are holy. A holiday invented by a politician seems more of an ephemeral reelection scam than an enduring rite of reflection.

Environmentalism begins with hygiene. This is lost on activists eschewing deodorant as a pollutant, showers as water wasters, and toilet paper as a luxury the planet can ill afford. Lacking the initial building block of a clean Earth—a clean body—environmentalists fail in their loftier goals. You can’t attract people by repulsing them.

The people expected to celebrate Earth Day are denigrated by it. This most explains the day’s insignificance. Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day in 1970. He spent much of his remaining thirty-five years proclaiming that we could save the planet only by decimating its inhabitants. Naturally, people didn’t take to this anti-people position. Only an idea so screwy could make something as popular as the Earth so controversial a subject.

“By the time he died in 2005 at the age of 89, Nelson had become deeply disappointed with the wholesale retreat of the environmental establishment from advocating limits to population growth,” recalled Leon Kolankiewicz, an environmental scientist who worked closely with Earth Day’s founder. To this end, Nelson advocated abortion, governmentally-organized family planning, and severe immigration restrictions. The founder of Earth Day’s overriding message was that there were too many people.

Nelson dedicated his Senate career to making life harder for those who make our lives easier. In January 1970, in anticipation of the first Earth Day, the Wisconsin Democrat proposed an eleven-point program that included bans on pesticides, detergents, and even cars. Point 2 of the speech bluntly promised to: “Phase out the internal combustion automobile engine by January 1, 1978, unless it can meet national emissions standards by that time.” The cornerstone of the ambitious proposal was a constitutional amendment guaranteeing Americans an “inalienable right to a decent environment.”

But did an indecent environment mean insect infestations of crops or pesticides protecting them? The means of transportation leaving a labyrinth of horse mess on our streets or emitting exhaust fumes into our air? Dirty clothes unsoiled by the most effective laundry soap or detergents cleaning our garments but leaving their residue in our waters? Clearly, Nelson’s conception of a “decent environment” was debatable, making a Constitutional guarantee of something as vague as a “decent environment” debatable, too.

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  • Larry

    The choice of the actual date for Earth Day has an extra significance amongst the true hard care leftards – it is also Lenin's birthday.

    • John C. Davidson

      Every communists can't fail to reveal themselves even if it is just subtly Good point, Larry.

  • UCSPanther

    The best way to celebrate Earth Day: Fire up a 1950s era Cat D8 or D7 and knock over a whole mess of trees.

    • StephenD

      But trees are a renewable resource and using and replanting them is good for the Earth. They probably wouldn't want that would they?

    • Beth


    • Rocky Mountain

      Just what kind of world do you actually want to live in?

      • StephenD

        Like any good leftist…one with unicorns and fairies where everyone has all the food, health, and shelter they ever want without working for it. Why do you ask?

  • tarleton

    The whole environmentalist movement is profoundly anti human …it is in fact the pagan , organic , nature loving , anti humanism of the nazis , minus the discredited racism and nationalism …but while the Nazis just hated the non aryans , the eco creeps hate mankind equally …many of them have had themselves sterilized to ''protect the planet '' hmmmm

    • Jaafar_1946

      If you haven't read "Merchants of Despair" yet, you should! :-)

    • D S Dunlap

      Sounds like they've protected the Human Gene Pool, to me…

      • mlcblog

        Hear hear!! my thoughts exactly.

  • BS77

    Just like the Peanuts T shirt says: I love humanity–it's people I can't stand.
    Most of the environmental wackos are misanthropes who want to see a 90% reduction in human population. They want us to return to living without technology, without transportation…basically for us to be like animals without cell phones, computers, engines, electricity or anything remotely "harmful" to any other life forms. The enviro-nuts romanticize life before modern medicine, science, plastic, pesticides, GMOs, cars, trains, jets…..To them life was perfect about 1500 BC….when the earth was still largely wild and the numbers of people were relatively low…and life spans were rarely over fifty years…..Ah, the Golden Age of plagues, primitivism superstition and ignorance.

    • DMW

      I got the first inkling we were a plague when, as a kid in the 1950s, I watched 'Science Fiction' movies espousing the idea that nuclear testing was spawning all manner of monsters. Now the Left has become a sort of submarine Godzilla as it tries to trample and/or reverse human progress (i.e. inventing and marketing things which reduce time on task).

    • johnnywoods

      If we were to reduce the population of the planet by 90% the planet could not function anymore. This has probably never occurred to the "tree huggers" and "granola bars" of the Left. Try removing nine of every ten people and see what you get.

    • Rocky Mountain

      The problem with this kind of response is that you leave no room for legitimate environmental concerns.

  • mrbean

    There is a grave danger facing mankind. The danger is not from acid rain, global warming, smog, or the logging of rain forests, as environmentalists would have us believe. The danger to mankind is from environmentalism. The fundamental goal of environmentalists is not clean air and clean water; rather it is the demolition of technological/industrial civilization. Their goal is not the advancement of human health, human happiness, and human life; rather it is a subhuman world where “nature” is worshipped like the totem of some primitive religion.

    If the good of man were the aim of environmentalists, they would embrace the industry and technology that have eradicated the diseases, plagues, pestilence, and famines that brought wholesale death and destruction prior to the Industrial Revolution. They would embrace free enterprise and technology as the only solution to the relatively minor dangers that now exist—minor compared to the risks of living in a non-technological world. But by word and deed, they demonstrate their contempt for human life.

  • Jim_C

    I LOVE it!!! "People hating holiday!" bwah hahahahahaaa

    Of course, wanting a clean environment really masks an anti-human agenda!! Keep it up, guys! Say it loud and say it proud–and please please please do me a favor–run for office on such ideas!


    • wsg

      Jimmy – I've been nose to nose with the Eco-socialists now for over three decades. To a person the leadership are radicals – fascists or marxists – all of them anti freedom/ Free Markets and anti-US Constitution/ Bill of Rights.
      There has not been ONE that wants to see the Third World adopt modern technology, agricultural practices, or even indoor plumbing !! Condemning huge swaths of humanity to live short, brutal lives because they(insular elitists of pallor) perceive their god- Gaia- is better served if these people – largely of color -ARE DEAD ! Yes, the Eco-socialists are ANTI- human .

    • johnnywoods

      Jim_C, you are an arrogant ass if you believe that human activity is destroying the Earth. In Viet Nam we defoliated swaths of jungle growth to prevent the VC from using it for cover. That should have shown us that we could wipe out life on this planet but ten years after, all the jungle had grown back as if we had never been there.

      • Larry

        About 20 years ago during one of the recurrent bun fights of logging native forests here in Australia the them PM, a bunch of greenies, logging industry types, and journalists were standing in a patch of forest not far from Canberra.
        The greenies were pontificating and described is as a perfect example of pristine old growth forest. All was good, until the logging blokes pulled out maps that showed they were standing in a patch of forest that had been logged 4 times in the preceding 100 years. Whoops, how embarrasment for the greenies. :D

    • mlcblog

      That is the commie strategy from the beginning. Couch your evil in glowing terms of idealism. Paint a pretty picture with birds and blue sky and pink wonderfulness and then people will be lulled into the abyss. Oh, we just want a clean environment. They could start with a personal bath.

  • theleastthreat

    I remember the opening page of the Population Bomb:" People, people, people….people." That sentence reveals how they felt about large populations (in other countries). However, PJ ORourke wrote about the population densities in several American communities being much higher. It's appears as though the Left doesn't just want a lower population, they want the remainder of humanity to look more like them (paler).

  • John C. Davidson

    I just wonder how many Government Grants have been issued to supporting groups intent on overthrowing constitutional rights given to us by God.

  • Ghostwriter

    I had a look at the photograph at the beginning of your article. The banner said "Save the Planet–Kill Yourself." I'm sorry but killing myself is not something I really want to do.

    • intrcptr2

      Neither do the people who tell us that there are too many (of us).

    • mlcblog

      You need to read further. Sorry the banner stopped you.

  • H&R_ Barack

    Re: "Save the Planet; KILL YOURSELF!"


    Where HEARSE and NURSE are relative terms!

  • Ann


    • mlcblog

      OMG That is the connection!! I knew that horrid man's face on True Crime shows was familiar. Paul Erlich's buddy. Ugghh.

  • theleastthreat

    Regardless of the above banner, I'm hoping all of you are still around on the 23rd. Happy Earth Day +1! (That's the following Monday)

    • mlcblog

      Read on. This is the message of Earth Day proponents, that we should shrink, not be, perhaps take an early demise, not populate.

  • Goemon

    Are guys like Senator Gaylord mentally ill to a point theybelieve all this is necessary for the environment, or are they simply liars who get off on causing as much hardship for mankind as they possibly can? Is trying to destroy the greatness of modernity as pleasurable to him as killing was to John Wayne Gacy?

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Guys like Senator Gaylord are typical tossed coins, on one side crazy as a loon on the other sinister
      leftists making life as unliveable as possible for Americans. Leftists use the environmental laws to
      control people and make profit through useless and insane regulations. True anti pollution advances
      are never talked about because that is striving in the right direction and part of progress, so much
      so that the term progressive is laughable applied to them, in truth they are regressives…………William

    • kendrick1

      Senator should have practiced what he preached. He hung on as long as he coud (89 years old when he died) when he should have led us by self-ethanization decades earlier!!

  • Flowerknife_us

    If the enviromentalists were true believers, they shouls set an example for the rest of us. Offing themselves in mass would allow the rest of us observe the feasibility of their policys as a whole. The efforts on their part may just be sufficent to actually save the rest of us.

  • BS77

    No matter what the Luddites say, NATURE will take care of everything. Whenever a Petri dish gets too crowded with micro organiisms, there is a massive die off. This planet is poised for a mass die off, of those pesky 8 billion humans… it will happen, or when is unknown, but things can only go so far and then Nature will take care of the problem. Our oceans are polluted, our rivers and bays are polluted. Landfills are swollen with billions of tons of plastic non biodegrading garbage. Many other species are being wiped out as human development destroys the natural world….but Nature has a plan. It could take 100,000 years to return our planet to pristine conditions, perhaps longer….but if it is to be so, it will be so.

    • wsg

      So are you asserting that man as he has evolved is NOT part of the "natural world ? " Reality is, that at least in the US, we are doing the best job taking care of our messes based on the amount of money being spent and the jobs being sacrificed on the alter of Gaia . By EVERY OBJECTIVE measurement our air and water is getting cleaner and yet the Eco-socialists are NEVER satisfied as their quest for power, wealth and the end to Free Markets.
      Your last sentence is a clear illustration of your delusion(s) !

    • BS77

      I want the very best for our planet………but solutions to the enormous problems of land exploitation, pollution, over population, war, repression are not easy to come by. . I still have faith that people will persevere, against all odds. …..

    • mlcblog

      This is very idealistic. Is there any basis in fact?

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Marxist/Communists did not go away after the fall of the Berlin Walll, they became environmentalists and
    took over that movement for the purpose of controlling our lives through regulation. It is obvious from
    our elected officials that the majority are leftists amongst other things and cater to the rich and powerful
    which is equal or above the masses of Americans with the RHINO being the exception. The created
    dependent class gets what it gets while they park their miserable selves on Earth's more delightful
    places. The entire thrust of the Left which is the embodyment of environmentalism is to make life
    as impossible for Americans as is possible without a revolt that would have them swinging from a
    gallows, something they are approaching. The uneducated of their schools still polute without any
    thought of what they are doing, it is a wonder there is not a magazine devoted to the lies of the
    environmentalists and the connection they have with subversive activities and industries that
    destroy rather than uplift human life…………………………………..William

  • johnnywoods

    GOD made this Earth and HE did not make so fragile that human activity could destroy it. HE will have the final say in what happens to this beautiful planet. Fear not.

    • Kim L. Ruhl

      The earth will become desolate because of its inhabitants, as the result of their deeds. Micah 7:3

      • mlcblog

        What is the context? what portion of the earth, vs all of it? There are plenty of reassuring scriptures as well, such as that the sun will continue to rise and we are promised seed time and harvest as long as the earth shall live.

  • Schlomotion

    Running the Church of Euthanasia banner as if it were the motto of Earth Day is fraudulent. But Daniel Flynn has no problem with fraudulence. He guest hosts on a fraudulent radio station and writes books with fraudulent premises.

    • mlcblog

      I think fraud is in error. The banner and the company run in the same circles, namely Down with People, so Mr. Flynn is just fine. The choice of inflammatory words is always tempting.

      • Schlomotion

        I'll remember that the next time I associate Neturei Karta with the legitimate government of Israel.

  • mlcblog

    Thank you, Mr. Flynn, for a marvelously sarcastic article. At least, that is how it came across to me. Wonderful. What a laugh these enviros are, if they weren't doing so much damage. Mostly I see them spinning around in circles of their own imaginings while being largely ignored by the main populace. I live near Berzerkeley so witness it firsthand. They stay over there in their little bubble, imagining all kinds of things about the rest of the world.

  • Ken

    It was very telling on the Earth Day demonstration today. Expecting "thousands", they barely got a hundred to show up in DC. I could not help but snicker to myself!!! What a bunch of loons!!