Egyptian Xenophobia

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The Egyptian government has pulled advertisements running on state television and private broadcasts that warn its citizenry against speaking to foreigners. They just might be spies!

“From the beginning, he knows why he is here and sets up his goal,” an ominous voice warns of a visitor to an Egyptian café in one spot. “He won’t have to spend much time getting to know the people in the place.” The curious visitor speaks in a sort of pidgin Arabic, smiles deviously, and professes (falsely, the ad implies) love for Egyptians. The piece cautions, “He will sneak into your heart as if you were old friends.” The Egyptians he meets air grievances regarding the economy and share a rumor about the military. “Every word comes with a price,” the commercial concludes. “A word can save a nation.”

And a commercial can hurt one. A spot aimed at warning Egyptians about foreigners has instead warned foreigners about Egyptians—or at least their government. An old bit of communications wisdom implores: know your audience. In the age of YouTube, your audience is often the world. The subliminal state-message conveyed by the TV spot is: the Egyptian state doesn’t like non-Egyptians. Keep out.

Westerners don’t require a public service announcement warning them about Egypt. CBS correspondent Lara Logan, who could pass for the sister of the sinister gentleman in the advertisement, endured a sexual assault during the Tahrir Square uprising. The 43 democracy activists, including 16 Americans, facing trial for receiving foreign funds without state permission have been ordered to return to court on July 4. And from the blind sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman to 9/11 hijacker Muhammad Atta, Egyptians have helped orchestrate the murders of thousands of foreigners in terrorist attacks. If terrorism were an Olympic sport, Egypt would medal.

The great irony of the official campaign of xenophobia is that Egypt, more so than even France or Italy, depends on visitors to propel its economy. The outsiders inside Egypt generally aren’t Mossad or CIA agents but wealthy Westerners eager to unleash excess money. Traditionally, these free-handed folks have been a boon for the local economy. Roughly twelve percent of employed Egyptians work in tourism-related fields. One wonders how a country that exports terrorism can continue to import travelers and their cash—let alone U.S. aid generosity. The pyramids, Mount Sinai, and the long-gone Library at Alexandria represent the achievements of three great civilizations. But civilized people increasingly stay away from Egypt.

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  • Snorbak

    All this paranoia added to the recent instability in Egypt suggests 1 obvious trend; the beginning of the end for Egypt, their history being lost to history.
    Islamic progress, a classic oxymoron.

    • KarshiKhanabad

      Destroying Egypt's pre-Islamic history is a Muslim practice that began with the burning of the Alexandrine library in the tenth century A.D. and has continued ever since. The current snarling pack in Cairo would demolish the Pyramids if they had enough dynamite. Remember the Bamayan Buddhas?

  • Rifleman

    Don't forget yasser arafat in that list of famous Egyptian terrorists.

  • StephenD

    But didn't the President tell the world in glowing terms about the deep, rich, and wonderful "contributions" Islam has made to the world? Psshaw on the Pyramids or Alexander’s Library! Look to what Islam has done for the world! What, do you doubt it to be true?!? THIS is progress. Yep, we can sit back and watch as Egypt marches head first straight into the 7th century.

  • cheese_burger

    Xenophobia is the least of Egypt's problems. Egypt's greatest problem is that it is peopled primarily with Muslims. The trouble with Egypt, is Islam.

    Egypt's second greatest problem is a direct consequence of its first problem, Islam. That secondary problem is inbreeding. Muslims would like us to believe that the inbreeding is simply a consequence if first cousin marriages, but the problem is far more extensive than that.

    Muslims both crave and require sex with little prepubescent girls. The craving relates to the fact that Muslims practice terrorism by Koranic edict… there religion demands they terrorize those weaker than them, and little helpless six year old girls are the primary target for those who follow Muhammad the Pedophile.

    And which little, defenseless little girls are most available to these Muslim Pedophiles??? Their daughters, of course.

    So how much of the Islamically required inbreeding would one reasonably calculate to be Father-Daughter couplings? A lot… a whole lot… a huge, staggering percentage. Where else are Muslims going to find the little six year old girls mandated my Muhammad's vile example??

    The very roots of Islam, Koran, Sira and Hadith, literally command, in no uncertain terms, that Muslims' genetic legacy would become more and more polluted with each succeeding generation of incestuous couplings and inbreeding.

    So be it.

    I encourage all Muslims to continue their vile incestuous behaviour, and to ramp up their efforts in that direction. Keep at it, chaps!

  • PAthena

    Why was President Obama in Cairo? In his speech about the contributions of Mohammedanism, he said that Mohammedans had invented the printing press – tell that to Gutenberg in Mainz, that they had invented the compass -tell that to the Chinese, and that they had established the first university – tell that to Italians in Bologna.

    • John Stone

      I think the first university would have to go to the Greeks. No?

    • ebonystone

      Yeah. If I remember my history correctly, the first printing press in the Moslem world didn't come until the mid-1700's, in Ottoman Turkey. 300 years after Gutenberg.

  • Drakken

    Welcome back to the new dark ages. Good luck Copts the islamic purges are just beginning.

  • crypticguise

    The LIbrary at Alexandria was not built by Egyptians. In fact, since building Tombs Egyptians haven't created anything useful. Perhaps it is because Islam has DESTROYED what was once Egypt. Islam destroys indigenous civilizations, or sucks them dry with parasitical Sharia Law. There is no Islamic Nation anywhere in the World which CREATES wealth. .

    When the oil is gone from the Arabian Peninsula, the people will return to the desert and simply disappear.

    • ebonystone

      Unfortunately, the way things look now under our current leadership, by the time the oil is gone from Arabia, it will have financed the Moslem conquest of Europe and probably the entire West. Arabs will be living in Paris, London, and Washington as rulers. They'll be going back to Arabia only as pilgrims making the hadj.

  • RoguePatriot6

    From one form of tyranny to another.

    Curent government is forced out, Islamists creep in. That's what happens when you create a vaccum, you often create a dwelling place for things that far worse than what you got rid of.

    Who could NOT see this coming?

    • Drakken

      The wishful thinking, kumbaya singing useful idiots of the left. Too easy.

    • Looking4Sanity

      Shah of Iran ring any bells?

      • Snorbak

        What, I cant hear you because of all the clanging:-)

  • Looking4Sanity

    I visited Alexandria, Egypt in 1979. I felt equally at ease in that port as I did in any of the European ports we docked at.

    Today? You couldn't PAY me to go there! And they just underwent a military coup. Obama's inept leadership and feckless foreign policy are not only damaging the USA, but are also destabilizing the entire world. His presidency has been a total train wreck and now he HAS to GO!

  • wctaqiyya

    Those advertisements may represent an intelligent tactic by the rulers of Egypt. By appealing to nationalism and adding to the already paranoid atmosphere, the ruling council might be able to redirect some of that anti-military sentiment to the external world. Namely, the evil, decadent west which seeks to lure women into naked debauchery and trap men into servitude to women. Yep, it might just be smartest thing they did so far.

    Flynn is missing the bigger picture by focusing on tourism. Tourism is dead in Egypt and it won't come back unless and until the mobs are sedated. If the distracting advertisements help to calm the mobs, they can then lure tourists back into a peaceful Egypt. Remember, the tourist spots are secured with 'reliable' troops and tourists are not encouraged to wander aimlessly about. No, they take the bus from the Hilton to the Pyramids and back again. Many other tourist areas are in remote, isolated places far from the angry peasants. Where the nice hotels have pools, bikinis and serve beer. No seething ghetto areas for the tourists.