Election Epiphany

“Many times, I step out of my room, I go down to Polk Street, I feel like an immigrant who just arrived in a foreign country,” Eric Hoffer, a San Franciscan since the early 1940s, confessed to Eric Sevareid on CBS in the late 1960s. “And it’s a helluva job to immigrate at sixty-seven.” The longshoreman philosopher complained of the noise of his newcomer neighbors and his inability to determine the sex of passersby on the street. San Francisco, once a heavily Catholic blue-collar city, had morphed into a dropout destination for those who had left their morals at home.

Supporters of Mitt Romney feel a lot like Hoffer right now. Millions of voters who have resided in America their whole lives have immigrated without moving an inch. They don’t live in the country of their birth even if they’ve never travelled outside its borders. This is not your father’s America. It’s not even your older brother’s.

The electorate that voted Ronald Reagan into the presidency in 1980 was 88 percent white, ten percent black, and two percent Hispanic. The body politic that reelected Barack Obama in 2012 was 72 percent white, thirteen percent black, ten percent Hispanic, three percent Asian, and two percent “other.” If Mitt Romney had Ronald Reagan’s electorate, he wins in a landslide. If landslide winner Reagan had Romney’s, does he even win?

The changing complexion of America may be the most superficial of the major demographic shifts. Getting married and bringing children into the world are less popular now than at any point in U.S. history. In 1980, just 18 percent of births occurred to women not married to their child’s father. Now, that figure exceeds 40 percent. Without a daddy in their house, many single mothers look for a daddy in the White House.

In God Americans don’t trust—at least not as much as they once did. In 1980, fewer than ten percent of respondents cited “no religion” as their affiliation to the Pew Research Center. Today, that figure reaches twenty percent. Tuesday’s exit polls showed only a minority of voters attending religious services regularly. The exit polls clearly showed that the less one attended religious services the more one tended to vote for Obama.

So many Americans now depend on government for food, shelter, retirement, education, health care, and even jobs that the party of government almost guarantees itself a majority long before the campaign has started. Consider that in 1980 slightly more than twenty million Americans received food stamps. In 2012, the number approaches fifty million. From bailed-out Toledo autoworkers to the comfortably unemployed approaching 99 weeks of benefits in Detroit to Georgetown co-eds desiring free birth control, the Democrat constituency is the coalition of the bought. For Ronald Reagan government was the problem, not the solution. Tuesday’s electorate, even though a slight majority told exit pollsters that government does too much, voted for government as the solution rather than the problem.

The more likely a voter is to marry, visit a house of worship, or demonstrate economic self-sufficiency, the more likely that voter will cast a Republican ballot. Demographics, including Tuesday’s exit polls, show that the typical American voter resembles the typical Republican voter a lot less than thirty-two years ago.

Republicans Tuesday suddenly came to grips with the changes that have been slowly transforming the United States of America. The election acted as the epiphany. There has been a revolution within the form. The nation’s name remains the same. Its habits, and inhabitants, have changed beyond recognition.

“It makes me wonder who my fellow citizens are,” Bostonian Marianne Doherty poignantly told the Washington Examiner’s Byron York on election night. “I’ve got to be honest, I feel like I’ve lost touch with what the identity of America is right now. I really do.” This bewilderment, surely different from the intense alienation often experienced by partisans in the wake of election-night disappointment, ensnares many Americans. The electorate more so than the elected inflicts the sense of loss. There’s no time machine waiting to transport us back to 1980.

During a decade of dramatic change, Eric Hoffer, later awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Ronald Reagan, thought and wrote about how societies, like teenagers, endure rapid transformation as a traumatic experience. Hoffer wrote in 1967 that “it is becoming evident that, no matter how desirable, drastic change is the most difficult and dangerous experience mankind has undergone. We are discovering that broken habits can be more painful and crippling than broken bones.” Forty-five years later, the wisdom rings true for those dealing with a loss whose seeds were sown amid the changes that Hoffer fixated upon so many decades ago.

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  • VNJ

    As long as minorities vote as a block, Democrats will win every election from now on.

    • Mary Sue

      The Conservative party of Canada learned how to sap the Minority vote from the LIberals; however the minorities in question in large numbers are East Indians and other Asians.

    • Questions

      Finally, someone here gets it right. Blacks, Asians and Hispanics, collectively, vote as supporters of the welfare state and multiculturalism. And they have comprised an increasingly large segment of the electorate with each passing election cycle.

      As an aside, I had a nightmare last night: Marco Rubio was giving his presidential nomination acceptance speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention, asking the party to celebrate diversity. Then I woke up, yelling "No, no no!!! I realized at that point I was having bad dream.

  • Bamaguje

    America is finished!!

    With Obama’s mounting trillion dollar deficits, 2016 will be too late.

    By then the United States would have ended up like Greece.

    But unlike Greece, there’ll be no Germany to bail out the world’s largest economy.

    Welcome China, the new superpower!!

    • Raymond in DC

      Not just trillion dollar deficits. Welfare payments of one kind or another have also reached one trillion annually. And that's not counting Social Security and Medicare!

    • trickyblain

      Dude. Get a paper bag and breathe into it.

    • Lucifer Dye

      This country is not Greece. Greece is a country with little industry. Its main source of revenue is from tourism. When there's unemployment and financial difficulty worldwide, people will not be able to tour Greece and spend money there. This is not the case with the United States. Why you people keep comparing this country with Greece is beyond me. Don't you ever try to think for yourselves and quit taking your talking points from Fox "News" and Limbaugh?

  • Roger the dodger

    The electorate gets the government it deserves. Here in the UK, we now have a wishy-washy coalition, which is neither one thing or the other. They're just 'people in office'. They don't appear to be doing anything. America wants Obama – you got it. Good luck with that one. They say "things will get worse before they get better". Welcome to the "worse" part…

    • Will

      I believe that things will get worse before they get even worse. This will be a death spiral into almost universal poverty.

    • Dawn Street

      Chaos is coming to this nation. We have killed our unborn children, we have accepted homosexuality as a lifestyle and we are watching our God given freedoms and rights being taken away. We have taken God and the Bible out of the workplace, schools and public buildings and it is no longer okay to pray in the name of Jesus Christ. But you can pray to allah, buddha or any other god by name. We have lost our way but God is calling us back. We need to repent, turn from our wicked ways and follow God. Our government has placed a curse upon us by cursing Israel and that needs to be reversed if we want to be blessed.

  • Banastre Tarleton

    So why could't Flyn have wrote this 3 days ago ?…it was glaringly obvious for those of us with finely tuned political instincs and the ability to ''read between the lines '' that Obama was comfortably going to win this election , allthough I must confess even I expected Romney to win Virginia and Florida
    So it's finally dawned upon Flyn that ''the past is another country ; they do things differently there '' well sorry , but I'm completely underwhelmed
    I 've being trying to wake you folks up for months to the writing that was clearly on the wall …only the willfully deluded would refuse to see it …I actually put down 11K dollars at INTRADE and am now off to the bank …..EASY MONEY !

    • Raymond in DC

      It wouldn't have mattered if Flynn wrote this earlier. As Bill Maher said just after the election was called (and just before his "Nazi bunker" rant when referring to Fox News), conservatives talk to each other from within a bubble. Issues and events brought up here – which, if made a legitimate part of the public debate, might have brought Obama down – are ignored or deemed of no concern out there.

    • Vanly

      Yes, well put. As a Republican of 25 years, I am likely going to switch parties, because as long as Republican s think like this, and have Michelle Bachman types be the standard bearer of our party, we'll lose. If we (GOP) really want to be smaller gov't let's stop fighting gay marriage, stop fighting legalizing pot, stop fighting immigration, and above all stop being super uptight goody two shoes. We need more Paul Ryans, less Ralph Reeds.

      • bluffcreek1967

        Oh yeah, that's the solution: Change Parties and join the Democrats!? Yeah, if Republicans just morally give up, stop fighting illegal immigration, and stop being "super uptight goody two shoes," everything will turn out just fine! I would normally refute such nonsense with logic and reasonable arguments, but I sense that it will do very little that's worthwhile in your case. i

  • PaulRevereNow

    After I got over my nausea yesterday morning, I too wondered what country I live in. Liberty is dead…survive.

  • banastre tarleton

    Obama is the zeit geist or spirit of the times ; a mere relection of society …he's the American Idol President …a black metrosexual , with good teeth , a seductive voice , a Hollywood-esque wife , and who can even sing and dance ….THAT is hard to beat with a square , dorkish , conservative fellow like Romney
    As of now the Republican party is hopelessly anachronistic and UNELECTABLE ….if they want even a chance to win in 4 years they will need a minority candidate OR someone with charisma and Hollywood star appeal ; a postmodern Reagan who is socially liberal , but fiscally conservative ….ARNOLD would have been just about right if he hadn'y been Austrian

    • Jim_C

      You're missing a few things. He's a guy who succeeded in bringing health care reform. He's a guy who succeeded in neutralizing public enemy no. 1, getting us out of Iraq and Afghanistan. He and Pres. Bush's intervention put a floor under an economic freefall (don't argue–I agree with some conservative criticism in hindsight of the stimulii). He won in states that were affected by this. He helped out students with loans, stood up for women, had a balanced view of immigration (while deporting more illegals than Mr. Bush).

      He's a democrat, a fairly typical, moderate democrat doing what he had to do in the face of a recalcitrant congress that decided obstruction was the best way to address that economic collapse.

      People voted for that–in relatively large numbers. You think flash and charm is all it takes? In an economy like this? Then you're kidding yourself.

      • patron

        Yes. I think voters are extremely shallow and only need the smallest justification.

      • Jesse

        In spite of your Democrat/Main Stream Media talking points ("a moderate democrat…a recalcitrant congress, etc.") the electorate didn't "vote for that" (the things of substance in your first paragraph).

        His election victory was a long-term, tactically brilliant display. But–per the exit polls–those individuals the Democrats have united on a special interest basis who overwhelmingly voted for Obama to squeak him across the finish line (per the swing state's margins) were united basically (as the #1 concern was jobs and the economy, and Romney was well ahead on that) on the 'shallow' (Obama's '08 quote that when your opponent can't run on their record they make the election about little i.e. inconsequential, things and destroy one's opponent–what a difference 4 years makes!).

        Specifically: African Americans (race–don't kid yourself, I've talked to many and it underlay the vote of each one); single women (reproductive rights/women's health); the youth vote (coolness); and Hispanics (immigration). However, their common need is jobs (14-to-40% black unemployment, partially due to illegal immigrants), jobs (more single women unemployed now than when Obama took office), jobs (aprox. half of young college grads underemployed).

        The Democrat Balkanized groups-within-the-group doubled down on "Hope & Change". This was, therefore, not a Big victory for Obama, but a small one; a battle won by the liberals in a war against reality being lost by America.

        • Jim_C

          So sort of the like the balkanized GOP voters who don't really care about any issue other than abortion?

          "Doubled down on Hope & Change"? Who's parroting talking points, now? Yes, minorities went for the democrat.

          Considering the level of shock among conservatives each time Obama was elected, I'd say it's a little more than a small and shallow victory.

          I assume those without jobs voted, as well. Romney was way out ahead on that? I beg to differ–he lost. Obama had a record. He ran on it. The entire democratic convention was about touting his accomplishments–not putting Romney down. The testimony about the ACA, the support for his immigration policy, and Clinton's masterful takedown of Ryan's budget did the trick. Minorities can see which party

      • joe

        oh my god. Health reform by one vote. Bin Laden was a figurehead, public enemy # 1 is a hydra of terrorist groups. Bin Laden means nothing. We're still in Iraq and Afghanistan and probably still will be in 4 years, unless the Taliban is. Any review of the student loan world will show it is responsible for tuition inflation and a burgeoning # of kids who will be maleducated and NEVER able to pay off their loans. Read Debt Free U by Bissonnette. Balanced view of immigration? Tell that to Jan Brewer and people in Arizona. He isn't moderate. He's an out and out Marxist. Period. IF you argue with that you are just grossly uninformed. He is all about redistribution, and he and Biden have both said it overtly. The dollar is almost worthless, may lose its reserve status, our credit was downgraded, we're so far in debt that there is no realistic way out,. You are so far off and your logic is so stunted it is frightening. Have a nice day.

        • Jim_C

          Yes, after 8 years of Republican rule, we went into economic freefall. That is true. You noticed that, that's good.

          The thing about redistribution–it's what societies DO. It is how they exist. Part of your guy's problem is how you've painted yourselves into an anti-government, anti-taxation corner. Enough so that whoever gets into office, and actually governs, get's labelled "RINO." And anything that smacks of taxation, any government program, becomes "Marxism." That's your problem, not mine.

          "The remissness of our people in paying taxes is highly blameable, the unwillingness to pay them is still more so. I see in some resolutions of town-meetings, a remonstrance against giving Congress a power to take as they call it, the “people’s money” out of their pockets though only to pay the interest and principal of debts duly contracted. They seem to mistake the point….But all property of the public, who by their laws have created it, and who may therefore by other laws dispose of it, whenever the welfare of the public shall demand such disposition. He that does not like civil society on these terms, let him retire and live among savages. He can have no right to the benefits of society who will not pay his club towards the support of it." Benjamin Franklin

          "Should any political party attempt to abolish social security, unemployment insurance, and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history. There is a tiny splinter group, of course, that believes you can do these things. Among them are H. L. Hunt (you possibly know his background), a few other Texas oil millionaires, and an occasional politician or business man from other areas.5 Their number is negligible and they are stupid." Dwight D. Eisenhower

      • Drakken

        Who the fk is going to pay for all those wonderful gifts to the people? I'm done, Thank God I moved my wealth out of the US because you effing liberals are going to get exactly what you deserve, a Balkanized poverty that is going to make the last depression look like a cake walk, and it will be divided by race and bloody. Good luck to you and yours because I'm taking care of me and mine first.

        • Jim_C

          SO what's new? You never cared about this country in the first place.

          • Drakken

            I guarentee you I have far more contributed to this great nation than you ever have and ever will. So go pound sand you commi libidiot. Enjoy the social progress Comrade Obummer is going to give you.

      • banastre tarleton

        I dont think flash and charm is all it takes but in a close election ,appearance and charisma can be decisive …Romney represnts 1952 or even 72 , but not 2012…politics must be a reflection of society

      • banastre tarleton

        Religion is dying a natural death in the West and 24/7 Hollywood is taking over it's role as the cultural shaper of values and world view …there is now a whole generation that has been seduced and propagandized by liberal Hollywood with it's drip , drip , drip of liberal subliminal messages and counterfeit values producing a hollywood-esque virtual reality of frivilous talent shows , moronic talk shows and trashy movies …what chance has a Church sermon against the latest blockbuster movie ?
        It was Lenin who said that cinema is the greatest propaganda device ever created , and so it is ; it has seduced the shallow minds of many in the West ; take a look at the UK , it's the not too distant future of america

        • Jim_C

          Believe it or not, I respect your point of view on this. I can't argue that Hollywood isn't dominantly liberal–that just seems to be the way people in any sort of creative production shake out. I agree that what it produces is at least 90% crap.

          But I'll say this: When was that ever any different? Hollywood is one of the best examples of a truly free market. If people wanted something different, Hollywood would find a way to profit on that.

          I also think many people (conservatives) tend to miss the patriotic, and/or individual freedom-oriented messages in a lot of Hollywood product. Yet they've had an obvious effect on world culture. And it's a liberal message more in the "classical" sense. Is it deep? No. But it's meant to entertain, not compete with The Wealth of Nations.

          • tarleton

            Hollywood has always loomed large in the american psyche , but the Hollwood of Reagan is light years away from the postmodern nihilism of today …Obama is a perfect P C reflection of Hollywood ; a Hollywood coup de' ta

          • Questions

            Oh, I see, "Cloud Atlas" or "Argo" are "nihilistic." In other words, creative. Look, I happen to think Ronald Reagan was a great president, but at best a mediocre actor. And virtually all the movies he starred in were either garbage or one step above.

          • banastre tarleton

            Disney , ''shane'' and ward cleaver are a world away from beavus and butthead , MTV and ''no country for old men ''

        • Questions

          Ah, "subliminal" messages — in other words, the kinds of messages you can't prove actually exist.

          • banastre tarleton

            liberal values ; it is Hollywood that has ''normalized '' and mainstreamed gay rights , ridiculed religion and helped promote nihilism …those two creeps at Columbine were products of Hollywood

    • patron

      Minorities who believe in small government get destroyed by the left, even worse than Romney got it.

      • Jim_C

        But if you get a Rubio to articulate conservativism in a fresh way without the hackneyed Reagan imitations, you've got a winner. Ryan, too…decent guy. Basically, you need someone born after 1960 with an ounce of charisma and four more years of democratic rule.

    • jofie

      A seductive voice? Give me a break! We cannot stand his voice nor look at his face, he is mot an American Idol president, an awful faked smile and to boot an ugly wife. He is a known as bath house Barry in Chicago. Cannot stand another 4 years of his his exiting Air Force One with his hippity hoppity bounce.

      • Lucifer Dye


    • morty62

      I sent a friend of mine a picture of Ward Cleaver kissing June next to a pic of Mitt kissing Ann and the two were uncannily similar. I told him that model of America has been smashed. It doesn't resonate with enough people to win elections. The Married With ChildrenSouth park model now dominates so much that seeing Mitt and Ann up on stage striking poses and styles of dress that evoke 1950's TV leaves most of the electorate rolling its eyes. To them Romney is less Ward Cleaver than Bob Dobbs, sans irony. We are turning into the country pictured in Mike Judge's scathing movie, "Idiocracy" faster than even Judge predicted.

      • banastre tarleton

        politics must be a reflection of society ; religion is dying a natural death and Hollywood is filling the vacuum …if Obama had never existed it would be necessary to invent him as he is a perfect relection of postmodern america

  • oldtimer

    Our country is no longer the land of the free, home of the brave, but the land of the give mes and the home of the takers. People like 0 and the education system he supports has turned our children/citizens into the zombies they like to watch on tv. Legalized drugs, free stuff, killing babies, same sex marrriage, 2Timothy 3:1-7.. Sad to see, glad my time is short.

    • Sprinklerman

      My children haven't been raised as givemes and takers and they aren't that way now as adults. My wife and I while allowing them to go to the local public high school, continued to discuss religion and politics throughout their education. For far too many parents they let their children go to school and don't participate in their education or take them to church or temple. The education system can only "turn our children/citizens into the zombies they like to watch on tv.", if we let them.
      John Adams said that "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." Yet yesterday on a radio talk show, I heard a homosexual say that one of the problems of the conservatives in the Republican party is that they place too much emphasis on the "social issues" like same sex marriage and abortion.

      • Sprinklerman

        There was a time when taking government or any other public assistance was an embarressment to a person or family, because it meant less freedom and that the money had to come from someone else at the point of a gun (legalized theft). Now it's considered normal and a right like life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
        "Social issues" are the main reason we have become a land of givemes and takers. Until we change that, we are doomed.

  • Anthony

    Mr. Flynn’s article is similar to several others I’ve read this morning citing the “tipping point” made manifest by this election. Horowitz also sent a letter out to me asking what to do next. In his letter, he admitted the almost 50-50 split in America, but refused to ” write those off “, meaning those who are Black, Asian, Hispanic, and hose whites who voted for he goodies Mr. Flynn mentioned American’s a generation ago rejected as the problem.

    But as is the case with most quasi-conservatives, like Mr. Horowitz, who I’ll agree means well, he cannot factor in the racial and cultural dimensions lending themselves to the dismantling of America’s historic majority defining culture. You see, human nature being essentially unchanged throughout recorded history shows that the strong always dominate the weak. Now you may say in modern times such notions are misplaced and transcended, but the election racial breakdown shows that America is divided along race period. No amount of reaching out, of bridge building or goodwill will convince the 90 some odd percent of blacks that any non-black candidate can relate o their real or perceived pain.

    As such, Mr. Horowitz does not want to ” write hem off…”, all while they’ve already written whites off, indeed anyone who is not on their plantation, other non-whites off.

    Mr. Flynn asked but never answered his own question, where do we go from here?

    Well, according to Mr. Horowitz, we continue being nice to people who are openly hostile, outwardly commandeering what was a wonderful European based nation for their own profit and at our expense.

    I say enough is enough. We need to be truthful and clear about our right to our own nation such that at least we don’t give up without so much as a wimper. We know America belongs to minorities, then to the whole world. But we can remain silent slaves, or get mad and fight.

    • Morty62

      I agree with your take on what is happening. The Euro-centric model that had been in place for almost 200 years was jettisoned in favor of an open border policy. The result has been a dilution of that pool of Americans whose values, beliefs, and mores built the nation. The Africans we brought here, with a few exceptions, have never shown any capacity or desire whatsoever to adopt the Western Civ model, and so far neither have the Hispanics who have been pouring in since the sixties. Instead, they basically want to cannibalize what others built until the whole, glorious endeavor has been brought down to a Third World level. The same is happening in Europe, of course, at an even faster clip..

    • Drakken

      Just wait until the ecomomy drives off the cliff at full speed and all those minorities don't get their free stuff that somehow they think they deserve, The inner cities will burn and the suburbs will have to defend themselves from the hungry angry hordes. it will get bloody and only the strong will survive and the weak do gooders will perish.

    • no name

      Anthony..you are absolutely correct! Whites have been brainwashed to never see race as the main issue, lest they be PC black-balled…even though we know that non-whites, especially hispanics, are simply biding their time as they demographically and politically gain more power as each year goes by, as they silently take, take, take all they can from the majority white culture while laughing behind our backs…They know that in 50 years,, the nation will be totally theirs once they become the majority race…It's all about race and power..Too bad most whites simply stick their head in the sand and pretend it's not happening and then scold anyone for daring to bring it up…meanwhile..the country is slipping away..

  • pierce


    • Sprinklerman

      I spoke to one "young" person who admintted he voted for Obama because he liked the way his name sounded.

      • Jofie


      • Mary Sue

        now there's an argument for raising the voting age to 35 if I ever saw any.

    • GOPDispair

      Well maybe some of the "stupid" youth will wakeup when they graduate and can't get a job! I'm sure Mom and dad will play the role of government until they qualify for a handout!

  • Schlomotion

    I find it sickly touching that Frontpage is now adding Catholic disillusionment to its bubbling stew of ressentiment. Why does the 67 year old longshoreman need to know the sex of everybody he passes on the street? Is he shopping? And the people Mr. Flynn pulls out as examples! Maybe he can find people who don't hide out in neolithic walled citadels on the Esplanade and see what they think of life in America.

    • Drakken

      When the inner city where you lives burns, don't come out to the suburbs because useful idiots like you contribute nothing and expect the rest of us to support you, we're done.

    • Ghostwriter

      Just what I expected from Schlomotion. Nothing of substance,just vile hatred.

    • UCSPanther

      Get a life troll. The fact that you hang around here talking smack shows how little you have.

      • The Truth

        You need to sell some of your toy trains and buy some wallpaper before you say that. Sell that crappy Czechoslovakian rifle too.

    • Howie76

      You won't understand the degredation of society benefits neither you nor society until it's too late! Poor fool!

  • pierce

    Of all the people making comments in FPM Schlo, you have the most minuses, bar none. Does that not tell you that you have a radical agenda. Perhaps you are not like this in real life, but I suspect you are anti every thing. You are very much like our president, a know-it-all.

    • Lucifer Dye

      If I were Schlomotion, Pierce, I wouldn't be too blue because of all the minuses he receives from the Repugnant bloggers on this post. Negative feedback from the racist fascists like the crowd that posts here in response to Danny Flynn's diatribes ought to be regarded as a shining badge of honor. A man may very well be known by the friends he keeps, but he's also known by his enemies, too.

  • davarino

    I think he's wrong. It was the republican party that fought Reagan tooth and nail. It is the repub party that has coopted/infiltrated the Tea Party. No, Reagan bucked the repubs and told it like it is. The reason Mitt lost is because he didnt know how, or wouldnt do what Reagan did, talk to the people with conviction to make his case. Mitt acted like this election was only about the economy. It wasnt, it was about everything that America stands for, from foriegn policy to prosperity to our borders. The establishment repubs are to afraid to stir up $hit. That or both side are just playing us as fools, but I refuse to believe that america is dead. Sure we may have to cave on gay marriage and a womens right to her own body, but that doesnt mean we open our borders and hand out money. That doesnt mean we give out freebeez to the 47% who dont do anything to help pull this wagon. That doesnt mean we allow tyrants to take over the world. That doesnt mean we allow government to tax the wealthy till they have nothing left.


      I would say that prior to this election, we couldn't be sure whether Romney's decision to wage a non-ideological campaign was correct or not, because it was impossible to know whether low-information voters sitting on the fence would have been turned off by strong attacks on Obama in greater numbers than were certainly attracted by Romney's moderate, I'll-reach-across-the-aisle tone, but know we now that an ideological campaign will be absolutely essential in future elections. We can't win any more by simply persuading enough independents, we're going to have to move people into the conservative camp.

  • Biman Pal

    Do the Hindu-Americans live on handouts?

    • Parenthetical Phrase

      I don't know. Most of the Hindus I have met work as engineers, scientists, real estate developers, employment recruiters, etc. and came here to live a life of opportunity that they felt was more achievable here than in India. That is why you don't hear about them blowing up gov't buildings, churches or synogogues or mosques.

  • George

    The writer says: "The body politic that reelected Barack Obama in 2012 was 72 percent white, thirteen percent black, ten percent Hispanic, three percent Asian, and two percent “other.” "

    If majority of 72% whites had voted for Romney, he would have obviously won despite other "free-taker voters". So, the analysis is not correct.

    The fault of Republicans lies in alienating white women. Republicans are for free market economy. So, why should they not advocate the same principles on social issues as well such as same sex marriage, abortion, LGBT rights etc. Their free market application to economy and different — Christian — principles on social issues are not only logically contradictory but also has alienated white women voters. By being consistent, they would have won much more women voters than they would have lost Christian voters. That would have easily made up the deficit of 2%.


      This is the "let's jettison the social issues conservatives" argument that keeps popping up. I'm not convinced. I'll agree that a better argument against SSM needs to be made, but if Republicans become a pro-abortion party, they're finished – too many people will feel betrayed and never vote Republican again. And does our society really need two pro-abortion parties? But is is obvious that Republicans are going to have to be more careful when speaking in public on the abortion issue not to sound too extreme. Mourdock more than Akin is anything but the extremist he made himself sound like.

      No, we can't win single women by becoming pro-abortion and in favor of taxpayer-provided abortion and contraception, we're just going to have to persuade more of this group by argumentation.

  • clarespark

    I will blog later today on the changing demographic that everyone is talking about, including all Republicans. But start with this one, written yesterday, about the election being primarily about capitalism and the master narrative (antisemitic) that guides the Democratic Party, and even some Republicans (populist and libertarian): http://clarespark.com/2012/11/07/capitalism-is-on…. "Capitalism is on the line." The talk should be not about racial blocs but about the immorality of the Democratic Party and the rest of the anticapitalist Left.

  • Jim_C

    You guys would do well to let Reagan's ghost rest, and get creative.

    Reagan brought a fresh, NEW message that he himself sculpted, and projected it with a sense of calm, good humor, and optimism. Not a drop of bitterness in the man.

    You can't just imitate that, you have to BE that.

    The message is old. The imitations have worn thin. Invoking Reagan's name to anyone under 40? you may as well be talking about Woodrow Wilson.

  • BS77

    Come to the realization that we now live in a basically leftist liberal country that is devolving into another Greece or worse. The voters have chosen a government they deserve…as the frenzied excitement and cheering crowds fade away, we will be faced with soaring unemployment, staggering deficits and debts, certainly higher taxes . Expectations of those who think this is an entitlement welfare state will be shocked as the nation goes bankrupt….I have now given up on politics, politicians and the voters……We live in an Orwellian l state….a media and Hollywood supported celebrity style elite runs the country now….Good night and good luck!

  • Western Spirit

    It's not enough to be right you have to be perceived to be right. Romney allowed his opposition to define him, and that perception carried the day. No one can afford to let their opposition define them because that sets up the perception of who they are.

    no matter what the reason, that's what happened and that was Romney's biggest mistake.

    America's takers played a big part in this election but what determined the election was the tipping point had been reached and tipped in the direction of the Left.

    The Left has won the battle but not the war because the war is between good and evil. Now we can only watch how things play out and try to let the great "unwashed" know what to attribute the failure that's sure to come instead of letting the Left define the reason as we have allowed the Left to define everything else.

  • chimayred

    back in the 70s when the fruits of the 60's great society, vietnam, communism, gay rights, promiscuity, the Pill, Pot, tune in turn on drop out, desegregation, busing, affirmative action were all being sewn, those of us who resisted understood what the end game was. It was 2012. it was a situation in which the nation became balkanized. Most well meaning whites, and by that I mean most of my acquaintences who weren't racist – got it. We realized that dividing and conquering was the goal. Not sure of who, the Russians, anarchists, or most likely just statist liberals. Whether or not they got their funds and marching orders directly from Moscow or from Saul Alinsky doesn't matter. We sat by as lawyers and activists rewrote the national dialog. As my father said, it started the first day a high school kid talked back to his teacher, showed up with long hair, or refused to recite the pledge. Minor stuff, but it is the Broken windows philosophy of giuliani writ large across a national society.
    When I arrived at college in 1972, years after civil rights, after busing, after desegregation, we – my white friends, basically – were appalled to see that blacks wouldn't sit with us; they had their own table in the dining halls, they tried to form their own fraternities. of course they were within their rights to do so, but we were surprised at the self imposed separate but equality. Now we evolved into a nation of hyphenations – gay american, cuban american….and at the same time the nationalized education system and media started to ensure that the black minority was as stupid and dependent as could be. If you disagree with this read The Future Happened Here and note the vital statistics about blacks before and after liberalism. Although Hispanics had been in this country for generations, a new militant cohort cropped up in the SW and in east coast cities derived from the reconquista ideology and similar to other revolutionary cells. And throw in a dose of bilingualism at the altar of multiculturalism, and here is where we are. Don't recognize it is right. We dont share the same goals and culture. When I grew up, it was with kids named Velez, Ng, Antonini, deGroot, and others. We knew we were different ethnically, but we were the same. We were American. The elimination of that united identiity has been the goal all along. It is doubtful we can re-create that. The extreme right wing, which I read, sees the USA fracturing into regions, contemptuously named things like New North Mexico, Jew York, and so forth. But the facts do remain, that as the blue states get more and more populated, as the black and hispanic constituencies grow, as those states become more and more dependent and bankrupt – AND LETS FACE IT – THEY ARE! – we may see secession. I will migrate with my feeet as soon as I am able to Texas or TEnnessee, or somewhere that has people who think like me. It isn't' a white thing. It is a Western, AMerican thing. Unfortunately, our detractors framed it in terms of race, and the media won't let us dispute this. It is either emigrate or revolt. They've got their world, and it isn't going to be pretty or to work. When I hear fellow right wingers and talk show hosts talking about American values I have started to realize how this would play in the ghettos, elementary and high schools, colleges, cities, to immigrant kids, to black kids. It doesn't. They have no idea what went on in the past, why we are the way we are, and how antithetical Barack Obama is to American values the constitution, and their own well being.

    • Mary Sue

      I've heard of lots of people decry "white flight" without understanding exactly WHY they are fleeing and just assuming it's because they're all racist. I'm sure that was a factor back in the day, but racism doesn't occur in a vacuum. It doesn't simply pop up out of nowhere.

  • Loyal Achates

    So we have to babysit the nation's scared old people so they don't have to deal with the fact that the world changes sometimes? Give me a break. I know seeing all those non-white faces makes you mad, but that's your problem.

    Also, I'll share a secret: under Obama, government employment (Federal, state, and local) has fallen by about 500,000. It's OK; I know you won't bother to look it up. you'll just call me a New York left-wing Jewish homosexual pornographer and call it a day.


      Government employment has only fallen because the States must cut employees or go bankrupt. Even at the State level, there are still to many employees, and retired employees in states like Illinois are going to cause fiscal crises with their unfunded pension liabilities.

      There are several ways to hook people on the taxpayer's money; only one of which is to make them government employees. Others are to expand welfare (Obama is so guilty of this it isn't funny) – do you think it's an accident that he's become the food-stamp president, or that more people have gone on disability when their unemployment insurance ran out?

      We're not "mad" at seeing non-white faces, we're horrified that we have been infiltrated by an alien culture that does not share American values such as self-reliance and hard work, and which looks like it will bring this once-great nation to its knees. It may strain your brain to understand the difference, but try.

    • Western Spirit

      Well at least we know who you are and can judge your post accordingly. Oops I forgot judging is a bad word— except to those who wish to discern the gutter from the street.

    • boshwan

      The opening paragraph didn't describe Hoffer's problem as anger at "white faces" but rather at the cultural changes, including sexual identity and morals, that were and are changing around us. I would offer that in nearly every case, a person living in a homogenous culture would be uncomfortable in a rapid change in his social environment.

      Your secret about the size of government seems incorrect – but since you describe it as the Government "under Obama", and he is only accountable for the Federal Government, perhaps YOU should look it up: ( http://www.opm.gov/feddata/HistoricalTables/Total… ) since the Office of Personnel Management says from 2007, the Federal Government HAS grown by over 7%.

    • tagalog

      New York left-winger; isn't that a redundancy?

  • Ar'nun

    People seem to think all this just suddenly happened out of the blue a couple weeks ago. It has been decades and decades of the Left carefully choosing their career paths so they could use it to shift the US popular opinion to fit their ideology. As they took over the schools, media and pop culture, they became the only voice. They became the only "sane" opinion. So people that think for themselves look at some of the policies of the Democrat Party and scratch their heads saying 'this just doesn't add up.' And for the most part it doesn't. But Progressive ideology has been so ingrained into the majority of the population through Progressive education, through Universities, through media, music and films, all the Progressive filth and sillyness became, over time, normalized.

  • BLJ

    Unfortunately the takers seem to outnumber the makers. The Left's hijacking of the educational system has not helped either. The fruits of it are voting for the likes of an Obama.

    The Dems have mastered the art of the Bread and Circus strategy. The amount of low information (and in some cases no information) voters boggles the mind. These people are easy prey for the scums of the left.

    Another big factor is how voting regulations have changed. I had my voter registration card ready and was told I did not need it. The other day I made a purchase with my credit card and was asked to show my photo ID.

    I have no doubt that a decent amount of voter fraud happened and it helped our Dear Leader. The ends always justify the means for the beyond belief corrupt Obama (Chicago) Machine.

    • Dennis X

      303 to 206, Loser!!

      • Mary Sue

        Obama lost in every state that has voter ID laws. What does this tell you?

  • Chesed

    Next election will be who will head the North American Union.

    The red and white stripes on our flag coordinate with the 1776 – 2012 pyramid on the back of a $1.00 bill.

    • BLJ

      Maybe it really is time to start another Confederacy.

  • http://whatdirectdemocracymightbe.wordpress.com/ Daryl Davis

    The only chance Republicans have within the current system is an internal division within this year's winning Democratic coalition. Perhaps President Obama's relatively aggressive drone program and his continuation of Guantanomo detainment will cost him support among the left and split the electorate in 2016 between the Democratic nominee and a strong liberal third party candidate.

    More likely, the Republican Party, due to the demographic trends cited above, is doomed.

    Maybe now conservatives are ready to consider adopting a system where conservatives are free to live as their values command them and liberals the same.

  • fiddler


    BORN: July 4th, 1776

    DIED: November 6th, 2012.

  • wsk

    We have reached the tipping point in America where the losers, the lazy, the parasites, the leeches, the moochers and the occupiers now outnumber the producers. America is gone, Amerika is here and I don't think Amerika is a place worth saving.

    • BS77

      Ann Coulter, brilliant author agrees. Many people feel our nation is headed for extremely trying times.

  • tagalog

    If conservative candidates are going to win presidential elections, they must have some degree of charisma. No more Bushes, no more Romneys. Paul Ryan in 2016!

    The traditional unwillingness of conservatives to trade insults with the opposition must be reconsidered carefully. It's possible win against a lout by maintaining one's sense of refinement, but it's harder.

    Conservative values must become identified with the mainstream instead of being seen as the province of mostly old white men.

    It will be hard. We conservatives must consider whether or not traditional conservative values even work in this new world we have discovered. They probably do, but it takes time and experience for people to come around and it's the young minority people who are swaying things, and they must be won over. That may be too hard to accomplish, but I don't think it's impossible. The first thing necessary to win over the young is to change the schools, high schools, and colleges. We have to win the culture back, and we have to persuade all Americans that there is an American way of life, with a set of American standards, not a melange of groups with different and equally valid sets of values. I have no idea where the people will come from to teach that to our children.

    Our opponents have had forty years to skew things. Two generations. It will take two generations to swing things back, and then only if we are willing to dedicate ourselves to a grueling and never-ending political struggle in which we will have our beliefs blackened and misrepresented. Personally, I'm exhausted into silence by the last two years' worth of politicking.

    • Drakken

      Those days are done my friend, the whole rotten system is going to have to be crashed in order to make new and renew again, we had a good run but like all things, it must come to end.

    • Ghostwriter

      To be honest,I hope you're wrong,Drakken.

      • Drakken

        I really hope that I am too, but I am taking the realistic approach.

    • banastre tarleton

      Those who control the young control the future …the Left contols the schools and liberal Hollwood is fasy taking over from the dying of christianity ….america is fast becoming a Hollwood nation , not a xian nation

  • riverboatbill

    The problem is the hyphen. "E Pluribus Unum" has been replaced by : " Divide and Conquer".

    • Drakken

      Instead of the melting pot, we now have become the boiling pot, and when it boils over it is going to get extremely bloody.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    GHW Bush
    Gerald Ford
    Bob Dole
    John McCain
    Mitt Romney

    ~ ~ What is it about "DEMOCRAT-LITE" that the Country Club-Eastern Establishment GOP Powers-On-High……like Ann Coulter, Carl Rove, and Bill Kristol whom foist these loser representatives on the electorate, fail to assimilate?

  • Drakken

    Where do we go from here? That is too easy, the wealthy are taking their wealth out of the US and banking where uncle sugar can't get it and businesses will start shutting down, poverty will become rampant and we will have a Balkanization that will never be bridged. Fly over Amerika will become the new powerhouse because the east and left coast cannot grow enough food to feed the soon to be starving masses. Stick a fork in us, because we as a nation are done. I say crash the whole bloody thing and start from scratch.

    • banastre tarleton

      but you're only an immigrant to america, without any real allegiance to your adopted country …you're probably one of those creeps who fled from S Africa

      • Drakken

        Hmmm I seemed to recall quite vividly of taking an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the US from all enemies foreign and domestic a number of times. As for the White S Africans? I'll take a thousand of them over our domestic traitors any day of the week. If you want a glimmer of what's going to happen to the US, look at what the kaffirs in SA have done, going the way of Rhodesia and the sh8thole.

    • Lucifer Dye

      Right you are — and where's all Romney's cash?

  • https://www.facebook.com/theo.prinse Theo Prinse

    No Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and the conservatives and the republicans did just fine. Maybe a little to decent, to polite. But the reason of reelecting Obama is caused by the monopoly mass media of ABC MSNBC CNN CBS has over the undecided voter, the necessity for polling agencies to comply with the party political preference in order to have its then party political preference broadcasted for millions of mostly undecided voters and the fact that ABC, MSNBC, CNN and CBS were all pro Obama and anti Mitt Romney.
    There were other factors ..but the were marginal to the above.
    2ndly it is protocol that Mitt Romney received CIA briefings in the last weeks during the debates and concluded that if the information he got regarding the Benghazigate scandal where Obama has committed at least two counts of Treason to the US Congress were to be made publick ..Romney concluded he either has to acquiescence by keeping this secret or would have gotten the blame for supposedly causing a second US civil war given the gravity of all the constitutional powers involved …

  • Ghostwriter

    I've been reading a lot about how America's finished,how we're not going to survive,etc. Well,we survived a civil war and a terrible depression. I got a feeling it's going to take a lot more to survive the next four years. I'm not a prophet. I don't know what's going to happen. What will happen is that a lot more people are going to have buyer's remorse if things get any worse than they already are.

  • Diann

    Ezra Levant of Sun News Network in Canada suggests that the American mindset may have changed from one of self-reliance and hard work to get ahead, to one of embracing a nanny state that takes care of a population that is not required to work or take personal responsibility, ie, a socialist state where we relinquish our freedoms for the false sense of security of a government overlord. About socialism, Margaret Thatcher's famous quote needs to be remembered 'eventually you run out of other people's money to spend'.. and that is the story of how Europe has been fast tracked into decline… any chance we could learn from any of this?

    • Mary Sue

      if it hasn't already, it is starting to lean in that direction.

  • Attila The Hun

    This election is the end result of half a century of appeasement by country club republicans. They don't really care what happens to the rest of us just just like the democrats. The only way we can save this country is when the House republicans who don't care reelection and love this country more than the perks they get, let the country go over the cliff and allow the tax rates go up let all cuts including defense take effect. And then see what The Marxist in the WH do?

  • Mark Koenig

    Flynn misses the point entirely and parrots the conventional wisdom that Romney lost because the demography of America has changed. WRONG. Romney lost because as decent and accomplished a man as he is – he is a very weak political candidate who hasn't a clue how to fight a political war. One can't blame him – he's NOT a conservative, as those of us in the Tea Party and who value constitutional conservatism have been arguing all along. AGAIN, the inside-the-beltway D.C. establishment relentlessly promoted their favored milquetoast candidate, and incessantly trashed the rest of the field, many of whom would have been infinitely more competitive against Obama. Let's not forget that many of these same individuals – including Charles Krauthammer and Bill Kristol – dismissed and trashed Ronald Reagan when he was competing for the Republican nomination. These establishment elites – in whose ranks I count Karl Rove and now Ann Coulter (a Romney/Chris Christie fanatic from the start) incessantly told us that Romney was the "only one in the field who is electable." Coulter: "We have to nominate a Governor." Really? These people should have ZERO credibility going forward when it comes to choosing a nominee. If the Republican Party nomination process is not radically reformed, it needs to be disbanded and a new constitutionally-conservative party started from the ground up. This party's leadership and its establishment boosters have proven their ineptitude and incompetence for what ought to be the last time. If America is to survive, we need a candidate who is actually going to address the serious issues facing the nation in public and take the fight – AGGRESSIVELY to the Left's candidate. Romney was a miserable failure on this count – as David Horowitz points out in his recent letter assessing the election results.

  • Dennis X

    The death of white supremacy is a wonder to behold!

    • Mary Sue

      dude didn't you hear what Michael Jackson said? Don't matter if you're black or white.

    • Ghostwriter

      That's rich,coming from a vile bigot such as you,Dennis X.

  • fanlad

    As the ground shifts rapidly far left under our feet, and as America changes before our eyes , our principles and core values of God, Family, and country as conservatives have not changed. We must maintain our focus and integrity and not abandon what we know in out hearts that is right. This battle may seem lost for now, but we are in a war that must be won. Let's be of good cheer and have a fortified spirit, be thankful we can carry on for another day. Every man and women is needed to win this war of Ideologies.
    When the going gets tough, the tough get going. A call to action.

  • cynthiacurran

    Reagan is the one who gave us this Hispanic mess, so why talk about Reagan bucking the Republican Party when his IRCA Act legalized them and transform California and the nation. Conservatives see old Ronnie as a God too much.

  • http://twitter.com/sillysist @sillysist

    like Arthur replied I am shocked that a student able to earn $9035 in four weeks on the internet. have you seen this web link Fox92DOtcom

  • Martel

    Repealing the 1965 Immigration Reform Act – possibly Ted Kennedy's Greatest Sin against this country,and Emmanuel Celler's – would be an enormous step,or,dare I say it, LEAN, Forward….TRULY Forward.

  • Willy Rho

    Someone must pay SloMindedButtLotion by the number of repiles he receives. He is such a Moron and Is unable to think in more than One Dimension. He must be Polish or Norwegian or Skitsonavian. Sorry Poles and Norwegians and Skiszoids for demeaning you by clling you a Schmutzy Nation.

    • Lucifer Dye

      Illiterate garbage.

  • BS77

    The sheeple have (voted) spoken…and will get what they deserve. Remember to be careful what you wish for!

  • Deanr

    I winced whenever willard opened his mouth on immigration…
    and then those 2 knuklehead senator wannabes on the subject of rape…
    Oh My stars.
    I can't believe the outcome of the election was still as close as it was.

  • Dee

    The thugs and punks won. And they never give up what they take.

  • Howi76

    The GOP MUST employ the following to fight back:
    1) Atack and expose the unions for the corrupt "un fair share" villians they are!
    2) Cleanse the liberal teachers in this country..in every level of school!

    Tak the lead of Breitbart's undercover video of Acorn..Crush them!!!