MA State Seal a Symbol of White Supremacy?

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“This mark of the beast has to go,” Cambridge, Massachusetts activist Daniel DeGuglielmo explained to me. “It’s white supremacy.”

The demonic insignia in question is the official seal of Massachusetts, appearing above state buildings as a seemingly innocuous blue coat of arms amidst a sea, suspiciously, of white. As outlined in the interfaith minister’s $24 million pro se lawsuit against the Commonwealth, the milquetoast blue emblem upon closer inspection reveals words and images destined to run afoul of the denizen of the bluest city in the bluest state.

The seal appears most conspicuously on the state flag. An arguably bellicose and barely visible motto tells everyone with 20/10 vision who understands Latin: “By the Sword We Seek Peace, But Peace Only under Liberty.” The central graphic features a bow-and-arrow-bearing Native American. Above is a sword gripped by a muscular arm, allegedly Miles Standish’s. DeGuglielmo dubs the soldier who accompanied the Pilgrims a “rowdy,” a “murderer,” and “vile.” He notes that the arm is “in the cutting position—it’s ready to strike.” And with a Native American, even if a not-so-defenseless one, beneath the sword, the implication, notes DeGuglielmo, is ominous. “Is it right for the flag of the state of Massachusetts to have an arm and the sword of a murderer?”

DeGuglielmo filed suit in December and received a hearing in a Suffolk County court in early January. He expects his next hearing to determine whether the case will go to trial. One significant hurdle may involve standing. The plaintiff is neither a resident of Suffolk County nor an American Indian, at least in a legal sense. “All my studies and all my interactions with Native Americans produce a spirituality within myself that is Native American Indian,” DeGuglielmo explains. He cites the environmentalism and spirituality of indigenous people as tenets that his soul has embraced. “I am a Native American Indian,” he insists. He likens becoming an Indian to converting to Catholicism. “I am an Italian,” he concedes. “But we’re born here in the Americas.” And as an Indian, the flag imagery can’t help but incense. “They’re my people.”

DeGuglielmo’s suit seeks $24 million for his Sunshine of the America’s Foundation. “I will never accept one cent to my foundation for personal gain,” he notes. Instead, he envisions the bulk of the settlement funding American Indian art programs for high schools and an intercity, Native-themed, cultural exchange. Several hundred thousand dollars of the settlement would purchase new flags for the Commonwealth’s 351 cities and towns.

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  • Shangani

    Yes, he's right, that aggressive-looking Indian with the murderous frown on his face, carrying a vicious-looking weapon of war and slaughter has to go. Replace him with a bunny chewing on a daffodil.

    • Danny

      Shangani, when we were born in the Americas we automatically gain a footing in the lives of the Indigenous unless we are blinded by misfortune of awareness to know and feel the place and its people. If you were born in Italy and your Mom and Dad were respectfully from South Africa, you would still be calling yourself Italian. The name American is suppose to guide us on the way of learning more about our Native Americans. Do you identify or not, maybe it could be because deep down inside you think yourself to be better than the Indians? MAYBE?

  • Eric G

    "He cites the environmentalism and spirituality of indigenous people as tenets that his soul has embraced. “I am a Native American Indian,” he insists."

    Here's an interesting precedent. You can declare your "race" just by, well, declaring it. Is he now eligible for scholarships, for example, that are designed for Native Americans? Can a caucasian person receive a scholarship designed to advantage African Americans? How could a court prove or disprove the race that someone's soul embraces?

    • Danny Dee Gug

      HI Eric as I wrote in my message I truly believe in respecting a person who converts to Judaism from Christianity, do you? The patterns of spirit values that are inherent in our Root People's spirituality are true and can be experienced just as one would Judaism and become Jewish! The developments of bonding into a spiritual union is very different from the racial perception that you are not seeing correctly about my perception of spirit value. It would be dishonest to think the way you are projecting, though I hope that you are willing to be open to the truth about such a matter if we could discuss this face to face.

  • Mike

    Heres a white liberal who didn't like the state seal. So in order to push his agenda and have the seal removed, he had to come up with a plan. That plan was to "convert" to a different race (I have no idea how you do that) and then complain that it was offensive to his newly found Native American heritage. This is what happens to people when they tan for too long. The skin isn't the only thing that UV rays affect.

    • Danny Dee Gug

      Mike you are off key for you never deeply studied personal bonding and love. You fail to recognize the clear sense of religious associations and how people convert to persuasions that are different to previous lived perceptions of religion. This is of course not a racial idea but a spiritual value and social acceptance set of ideas. Please be more investigative in your reporting on all matters or you will fall into a deep mess someday.

  • mrbean

    Hmmmm, there are the "Atlanta Braves" and of course the Cleveland "Indians" and the Washington "Redskins" and the Kansas City "Chiefs" and a whole pile of college sports teams. This controversey died of laughter at it. This idiot is like a spoiled child who screams to get attention. His claim is at best frivilous but more like ridiculous.

    • Rev. Danny Dee

      Mr Bean you need not fear to study deeply and free the pains of time honored truths and exposures, or is that asking too much from a devilish mind as your own.

  • TG

    Victimhood has eclipsed football as the USA’s favorite sport, played daily in the courts and on televisions across the country. He sounds like a horse’s ass trying to get money and publicity for his church, when there are so many people that need help in the native American community with alcholism, poverty, unemployment, etc….. you would think hurt feelings and art classes would not be the top priority of a person truly worried about “his people”. He’s intimidated by a picture? Really?

  • StephenD

    I happen to be of both Italian-American and Native-American heritage. My Dad was Italian and my Mom is Cherokee and I'm from Massachusetts originally. I am embarrassed by this idiot. First of all, to obtain any legal recognition of his Native American heritage (I have always found this offensive) he would have to show Tribal Affiliation (not unlike a German Shepard having Papers). Secondly, he is exploiting a convenient symbol to make a name for himself. There really is no need for him to go any further. We have found a name for him.
    Fool seems to fit perfectly.

    • Danny Dee Gug

      Stephen I see that you fail in the spirit of honest creative writing and live according to your own honest perceptions of your own way of fishiness and ostracism, yet you are i believe honest about yourself. I personally feel a close bond to my religious roots, do you feel any religious roots? If you do and say your mother changed to another religious persuasion would you still think of her spirituality as being Cherokee styled? Recall in this example she rejects her Cherokee spiritual set up of religious traditions and beliefs and has decided to live a different life as a devotee of say Hinduism, would you deny her as you have denied me? I think you would have to be respectful of the decision she made of herself, or would you criticize her as you have done to me?

  • Brujo Blanco

    Looks like a other libtard that went our of his way to be offended. Kind of like the ones that drove out into a remote area of the desert to be offered by a cross. To compare this to he confederate flag is not even close. The confederate flag at least has been used as a banner for the KKK and Jim Crow. Genies of the image of a native American is to represent favorable traits.

  • tagalog

    I find it impossible to believe for one second that Indians find the Massachusetts state flag more upsetting or frightening than black Americans find the Confederate flag. My guess is that the vast majority of Massachusettians of Indian descent probably haven't given the issue very much thought up to now; after all, they have REAL lives to lead.

    How many Indians of pure- or near-pure descent are there in Massachusetts these days, by the way?

    How did he concoct the $24 million figure?

    • Michael

      First, this guy is obviously an attention seeker looking for a cause. But in answer to one of your questions.

      Most of the tribes on the east coast were chased out in the 1600s. Native Americans didn't have laws and inevitably, youths from the tribe would get in trouble and be percieved as a danger to the local white population. The last of the tribes east of the Mississippi were relocated by Andrew Jackson, excepting some remote tribes like the Ottawa and the Ojibwa who still have reservation land in Michigan.

      In my experience, true Native American activists are more concerned with real issues like alcoholism and domestic violence.

  • pagegl

    Why isn't it open season on stupidity?

  • dirt

    “the sustaining presence of the state seal intimidates me.” Any one can see a low self-esteem person is easily offended by anything.

    "Extending towards this central graphic would be white, yellow, brown, and black arms with various messages of gratitude toward Native Americans inscribed upon them. " Any one with elementary education would know that you will get black or dirty dark brown if you mix all color together, that would be the true multi-culture.

    But the light from Heaven is shining white even though it has all different colors within. See the difference between man made color and God made color?

  • ASG

    As an embarrassed Mass resident I may not be as stunned as most since these wackos are everywhere up here. Weather it is this issue which has been ongoing for decades, or G-d in the pledge, or whatever batty insanity these I know what's best for you types can dream up, it is constant. The biggest problem I have is that because of dingbats like this guy, no one will buy my house, I am stuck here in hell.

    I do remember when I wasin the National Guard our state patch was the Standish Sword, or as my Wompanoag friend would refer to it, "The Shield of Shame". If the Natives are actually offended, change it. But ultimately in a state that has had an overwhelming Progressive majority in it for as long as I have been alive, they can only hold their fellow Dingbats responisible.

  • Ghostwriter

    Is this guy insane? I saw nothing wrong with that flag. The guy getting this lawsuit is an idiot and a shame to all Italian-Americans. Was this guy dropped on his head as a kid?

  • Dick

    Unfortunately, not nearly hard enough!

    Some "lawyer" will. take/has taken this case, and some fool judge will allow it to proceed to trial.

    And this fool will find the limelight that a two year old so fervently desires.

    All at public expense.

  • johnnywoods

    I am proud of my Native American heritage although I am only one- sixteenth Cherokee. I have never been offended by portrayals of Indians in movies or by athletic teams using Indian names as there team symbols. There have been many Native American heroes and roll models in our past history such as the Navaho Code Talkers in WWII. I consider all Americans as equal and I am ashamed of stupid people who are constantly finding themselves offended by such foolishness. I even cheer when I see the Indians win the fight with white men in the movies every once in a while. You who are offended need to get a life as you obviously have too much time on your hands.

  • danseagull


  • BS77

    I want a flag that has pink bunnies, jelly beans, Tinkerbell and happy little chipmunks dancing on the Golden Road to OZ, the capital of the Nanny State.

  • Knucklehead

    Yes, this guy is an irritating leftist idiot. But more importantly, things like this set a dangerous precedent. Even if he loses this ridiculous lawsuit, which I hope to God he does, it only agitates like-minded liberal morons to keep pushing for such nonsense and overloading our courts with frivolous legal shenanigans. And ultimately, it enboldens stupid politicians to keep making more and more stupid laws that continue to squash our rights and freedoms.

  • Lech Dharma

    Mayhaps this fellow is suffering from both "white guilt" AND "Italian guilt"—because Columbus was Italian; and AIM despises Columbus. Also, if he was born in the US, why does he say he is "Italian"?: "Italian" is not a "race", nor was he born in Italy.

    Does his last quote in the article—"The born-again Indian maintains that “the sustaining presence of the state seal intimidates me.”"—indicate that he is afraid that Indians (including people that just feel like they're Indians) may again be attacked by white settlers carrying swords? Or, is there more "white-on-Indian" violence happening in MA that I am just not aware of?

  • danny

    when we were born in the Americas we automatically gain a footing in the lives of the Indigenous unless we are blinded by misfortune of awareness to know and feel the place and its people. If you were born in Italy and your Mom and Dad were respectfully from South Africa, you would still be calling yourself Italian. The name American is suppose to guide us on the way of learning more about our Native Americans. Do you identify or not, maybe it could be because deep down inside you think yourself to be better than the Indians? MAYBE?