‘Occupy’ Darling Bolts to Oust Scott Brown

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If your idea of a populist is an Ivy League law professor fresh from the DC bureaucracy, then you might not get out among “the people” much. Or you could just be from Massachusetts.

The Bay State has imported an Okie to rescue the dynastic “Kennedy seat” from a Republican who redubbed it “the people’s seat.” The local Democrats, habituated to the likes of technocrat Michael Dukakis and brahminesque John Kerry, imagine Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren as a fiery pitchfork populist. Harvard’s Leo Gottlieb Professor of Law does nothing to dissuade them of that belief.

Warren boasts in a television advert that she “grew up on the ragged edge of the middle class.” She allied herself with the 99 percent against the one percent by claiming to serve as an inspiration for Occupy Wall Street. “I created much of the intellectual foundation for what they do,” she said of OWS. “I support what they do.” She remarked on the “Left Ahead” podcast, “I’m going for the hick vote here. I just want you to know. Maybe we could start wearing stickers that say ‘Hicks for Elizabeth.’ Could we do that?”

Massachusetts Dems, who live in the third most densely populated state, don’t encounter too many genuine hicks. Perhaps in Concord or Wellesley, living in a $1.7 million home qualifies one as sort of hayseed. But the appeal of populism in a state where the main industries are health care, biotechnology, finance, and academia—not steel, farming, or automobiles—isn’t entirely clear. Like folk music reemerging in Greenwich Village, populism finding a second life in Harvard Square is one of those cultural oxymorons ridiculous to all but those falling for it. It is hard to overstate the hypnotizing effect of a twang in the non-rhotic land of the missing “R”s. To the blue voters of the bluest state, Elizabeth Warren is salt of Harvard Yard’s earth.

Warren’s opponent officially launched his reelection bid in working-class Worcester’s historic Mechanics Hall on Thursday night. As the venue suggests, Scott Brown is running a populist campaign, too. His iconic pick-up truck, no-frills barn jacket, and hard-luck story made for a compelling narrative two years ago. But that was in the days of Tea Party, not Occupy Wall Street, populism.

One more frequently comes across the “p” word in connection to Elizabeth Warren. The Washington Post’s Greg Sergent speculated at the outset of her campaign that “Warren’s run could test the electoral limits of true populism in a way other Dems haven’t been willing to venture.”

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  • BS77

    Occupy: idiots leading idiots towards oblivion

    • Ken

      Hit the nail on the head there!!

  • Larry

    Given the idiocy level of the occupy movement, a phenomenon that gave bowel movements a bad name, I'd be loathe to claim to be their intellectual inspiration.

    • Amused

      You need not worry about that Larry .

      • Rocky Mountain

        And you needn't worry about being amusing.

    • LibertyLover

      OWS's intellectual inspiration..?? Talk about an oxymoron!

  • Amused

    It;s a TWO_WAY street , Teabaggers can attempt to wreck the nation , in the name of their cause ,rejecting compromise and bringing about gridlock- to the point of default and a reduced credit rating for the US …lol…do you think the 82% DISAPPROVA:L rating is the sole the fault of Democrats ? Are you that naive ? [or stupid ]

    • Steve

      Dang! Learn frigin English, then get back to us occutard. Rabble without a cause, indeed!

    • Susan

      That's rich. Did you know that proper punctuation DOES NOT require a space after the last letter in a sentence before the period? or "It;s" should read It's? This reads like a stoned 9th grader's tome.

      Who's the idiot?

    • davarino

      Dont worry, the gridlock will be over soon, then you wont have to worry about it any more. Oh and the credit rating will be back to AAA again, but thanks for the disapproval : )

    • Rifleman

      Adding 30% to the national debt in two years caused our credit downgrade, not the GOP attempt to limit spending. Nice try though.

    • coyote3

      Doesn't matter, the Democrats will pay for it, tee hee. That's part of the problem, there has been too much compromising, for too long, and a lot of people realize it. They have compromised to the point where their legislation is, in fact, illegal, in that there is no proper enumerated, and "delegated" power for it in U.S. Constitution.

    • CapeLady

      The TEA Party was not responsible for the gridlock in Washington that resulted in our reduced credit rating. The House passed and presented three different budget plans to the Senate and Harry Reid blocked them. The Senate has not passed a budget since Obama took office – there is your obstructionism and gridlock, not to mention irresponsibility!

      • Davod

        Since before Obama took office.

  • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

    Flynn, you seem to forget that we started the American Revolution here in Massachusetts. You also seem to forget that it was started by members of the first Bar Association. Elizabeth Warren is on record telling off banksters who try to pretend that their black box banking theories are incomprehensible to non banksters. Why are you defending swindling at the Federal level and dressing it up as class hatred?

    • kongMing

      And what better way to fix it then to brainchild a new self funded government entity which answers to no one to further hamstring the US economy.

      Also let's oversee Chris "Friend of Angelo/Shutdown the internet" Dodd and Barney "Homosexual lover on board of Fannie Mae" Frank write the new regulations.

      • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

        That’s not even legible, dude.

        • http://visionsandprinciples.blogspot.com/ InRussetShadows

          So what you're saying is that you'll vote up illegible leftist posts (presumably straining your big big brain to understand things like moaarr government), but you can't understand the posts of people you oppose. Funny how the leftist mind — erm ganglion — works.

          And actually, it is legible. It can be read. Back to school with you.

          • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

            I am a small government libertarian.

          • FriendofGaryCooper

            Actually, you are an anarchist.

        • kongMing

          Elizabeth Warren's CFPB has the same fundamental weaknesses, like no Congressional oversight and self funding, that the government sponsored entities possessed which originally created this crisis.

          The Dodd-Frank legislation, which Elizabeth Warren helped to create, was headed by Chris Dodd, whose name appeared on a list at Countrywide as friends of CEO Angelo Mozilo, and Barney Frank, who had a homosexual lover on the board of Fannie Mae. Dating back to Clinton, these Congressional liberals along with Charles Schummer routinely blocked any reform of the government sponsored entities whose corruption was far greater than Wall Street. Yet they got to write the legislation to fix the economic disaster caused by their houses for votes scheme.

          • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

            I agree. It’s a slimeball. But the only way to keep a slimeball moving is to keep rolling it. It is government. It is inherently slimy. But we’ll never get the slimeball over the cliff if we complain that a piece fell off of it and stop rolling.

          • kongMing

            I cannot disagree more. Letting the US government fall over a cliff would be disastrous and would practically guarantees mass murder around the world, including our hemisphere in Mexico, Columbia, Venezuela, Cuba, and Brazil.

            What we need are less catastrophic blunders and many small successes which led to major ones. Moral productivity should be where we start not end.

    • mah29001

      Wow, a National Socialist like you supporting regulation of the economy…..just add with your obvious Jew-hatred and you'll be responsible for promoting a holocaust against American Jews.

      • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

        Yes. I have noticed your anonymous libel. Are you the Iranian from Canada? You like to libel people anonymously. I hope your anonymity holds out. You’ve done it to a lot of people.

  • davarino

    I loved what he said here "Relabeling is an important marketing tool for products rejected by the market."

    So, how does that make you "Progressives" feel every time you have to change the name?

    • kentatwater

      Ooh. That's going to leave a mark.

  • Rifleman

    If she wants to claim 'credit' for the mess the flea baggers made, she can have it. She's basically saying that if she was in charge, she'd turn the whole country into a diseased, crime ridden, and vermin infested open sewer and garbage dump.

  • tagalog

    There are plenty of Massachusetts people who would qualify as "hicks" in the limousine liberal book, it's just that they live in places like Pittsfield or North Adams, the places in which no eastern Massachusettsian would be caught dead, not in Concord or Wellsley.

    And a damn good thing, now that I think of it; keep the lefties out of the Berkshires (as much as possible)! They've already fouled up Vermont's Green Mountains; Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys are turning over in their graves.

  • BS77

    Occupy ran out of steam weeks ago….Give it a rest already.

  • kpcor

    His $600 "no frills" barn coat? His truck bought to cart his daughter's horse? That shows how much of his image was manufactured. Just like you can buy Kens and Barbies that "have" various labels, Massachusetts bought "regular guy Scott." Having seen Warren speak to small groups, thoughtfully answering questions they ask, I am reminded tihat regular guy Brown has yet to have his first town hall. Don't say he is too busy, the Senior Senator, who chairs an important committee and a subcommittee, had time to have 5.

    • http://visionsandprinciples.blogspot.com/ InRussetShadows

      So you can say nothing of what the two candidates espouse, for you it's all about labels and personality. How to know you're a liberal, clue #1019191.

  • kongMing

    Elizabeth Warren made her career with spreading lies about evil businesses taking advantage of the poor helpless consumer.

    I wonder if she ever did real research into the time and money spent by business on product design, lawsuits, insurance, marketing and safety studies to take into account utter consumer stupidity:

    "Yasin grabbed a handrail with both hands and swung his feet up against the window in a macho little burst of energy. Bam! Unfortunately, swinging feet-first from the handrail into a window succeeded not only in bursting the glass, but also in sucking Yasin out of the moving train! "

    "The Russian psychic came to believe that he needed to put himself in mortal peril to find the upper limit. "In extraordinary conditions of a direct threat to my organism, all reserves will be called into action," and even the mass of a train could be deflected. With confidence, he tossed his briefcase aside and stepped onto the tracks, with arms raised, head lowered, and body tensed, he waited. The engineer was quick to apply the emergency brakes, but momentum took its unswerving course. As a child would know, a train is more than a match for a brain, and that fatal experiment was the end of the distinguished career of E. Frenkel."

    " Back in 1891 a North Carolina train wreck killed about two dozen people. The wreck became the center of a legend that a ghostly train returns to the site on the annual anniversary. Nearly one hundred years later, a sizeable group of excited ghost hunters were standing on a train trestle, waiting for the legendary ghost train with their cameras raised, when a real train came through on schedule. Eleven of the ghost hunters were able to dodge the bullet, but 29-year-old Christopher was thrown from the trestle, and died."

  • TulsaTowner

    Oklahomans don’t all appreciate the moniker “Okie”. Most of us have come to terms with it, as our families are the ones who stayed here and took care of each other and survived the depression.

    “Hick”, however, is not a word that many of us like. This is Elizabeth Warren’s opinion of her own state and is typical of the contingent of Woody Guthrie communists that still curses us here, though proud, patriotic conservatives vastly outnumber the numbskulls on the left.

    Curious that Huey Long should be mentioned in this article, though he certainly was not from Oklahoma. My grandfather was a US congressman from southern Oklahoma during the thirties and was selected by Roosevelt and Garner to openly oppose Long and his populist poison in Washington.

    His name was P.L. Gassaway. That role probably contributed to his failed re-election, but it was worth the price. People like Huey Long and Elizabeth Warren are not appreciated by the good people of our state.

    I am happy that Warren left our fair state and hope she doesn’t come back.

    • mlcblog

      I'm with you, and I am — don't hold it against me, a Californian, but a native of this once-proud state.

      Her selection of the word "hick" bothered me and I didn't know quite why until I read your contribution. It is so very condescending and, further, it is so obviously out of touch with the real people that I could scream. You are right (I know, I used to be one of their fellow travelers) only the cold-hearted and snobby commies want to reach down into the dirt and become one of the "noble" native poor folks. Twisted.

      • Larry

        Yep, and what really makes me laugh when parasites like Warren use the word "hick" is that the parasites have never produced anything in their lives, never added wealth to the nation, never added health to the nation, and don't even have the medical value that leeches have.

      • Oleg

        Warren's choice of the word "Hick" seemed strange to me as well given her staition in life, as I think about it more, it is very condescending. It's like she is saying "I, the elite academic from Harvard, will slum with you little people if you make me the boss." It really shows that she is tone deaf polically when she publicly endorses the "Occupy Movement" and refers to herself as a "Hick" in order to identify with the little people. Warren may be leading in some poles right now, but this is the sort of thing that will come back to bite her. In Canada the leader of the Liberal party was also a former Harvard Academic and sold himself in much the same way as Warren is, after returning to the country after a 35 year absence. He and his party were slaughtered in the last election, even in so called "safe" ridings that they had held for 40 years. Phoney populists have a short life span these days thanks to the internet, you can't pretend to be something you are not without being exposed as a fraud at some point.

        • mlcblog

          Thank you, Oleg. Your are accurately resonating with what I felt about Warren's crass use of the word, "hick."

          I also appreciate your recount of what happened to liberals like her in Canada. May it also happen here!!

  • UCSPanther

    I have a bad feeling they'll be back this summer.

  • Asher

    Watch out Massachusettes, shes another Saul Alinsky Radical!