The Left’s Appalling Silence on Global Savagery Against Women

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The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that three million girls undergo female genital mutilation (FGM) annually. The organization reports, “The practice is most common in the western, eastern, and north-eastern regions of Africa, in some countries in Asia and the Middle East, and among migrants from these areas.” This is another way of saying that the barbaric practice roughly corresponds to locations where Islam dominates. But, of course, WHO never mentions Islam in its February fact sheet on the 140 million cases of FGM.

There is a war on women. It doesn’t involve Catholic schools obstinately refusing to pay for the contraception of their students or the right of thirty-year-old women not to be called rude names. Honor killings, spousal rape, female genital mutilation, polygamy, and the veil are proof that this war on women is very real. Ironically, Rush Limbaugh regularly uses his program to inveigh against those waging this war on women. But the activists busy accusing Limbaugh of orchestrating a war on women haven’t bothered to highlight this very real war on women.


Political correctness makes hell of political principles. It sanctifies certain “victim” groups (women, minorities, gays, non Westerners, etc.). It demonizes certain “oppressor” groups (the wealthy, white heterosexual males, Westerners, etc.). When one victim group victimizes another victim group—e.g., Muslims tyrannizing women—the mental wiring of the politically correct short circuit. It’s more flattering to the overarching ideology to cast a rich, white, male as the poster child of sexism and to leave the sexism of impoverished, tribal Muslims on the cutting room floor.

If the utterance of a few insulting comments on the radio and the refusal of religious universities to provide free birth control are the evidence of a war on women, the evidence shows there really isn’t a war on women—at least in America. By fixating on the misogynist words of political adversaries, and ignoring the misogynist language of political allies (Bill Maher, Alan Grayson, Ed Shultz) and the misogynist practices of extremist Muslims, the American Left prompts neutral observers to wonder whether the issue is really sexism or if it is one of using sexism as a brickbat to beat political opponents into silence. Given the pressure campaign on governments and companies to force America’s most popular talk-radio host off the air, the latter seems a more plausible answer.

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  • Normal Person

    We should not tolerate the incivility at home. Rush, and his extremist ilk on BOTH sides are very destructive forces in this country, and frankly, I hope people have had enough of it. Rush has been at it for years, so it's not just "a few insulting comments", as you state. Rush could find much nicer, civilized, ways of making the same points, but he chooses not to do so. THAT is the issue, not his positions.

    Further, how do you explain the GOP assault on women's rights to things like contraception and abortion through legislative actions at the state levels? Vaginal probes? Forcing them to see images of the fetus? You know what's behind that? Religious beliefs, not political correctness. It's a slippery slope they're on, and it runs against the culture of freedom in this country.

    But BOTH sides, as you've chosen to paint the picture, are silent on the larger topic you bring up. Ultimately, I find your argument hollow, artificially polarizing and politically biased. Sorry.

    • Eric G

      You've made the point of the article …. distressing on the "assault" of not having contraception paid for, a vaginal probe, and seeing a picture of a fetus. You make a mockery of the assaults of honor killings, genital mutilation, and acid burning.

      • Normal Person

        Not intentionally. They're different issues in different frames.

        The point I was making in my last statement is that the author suggests this is a bias of the "left". I completely disagree. Where is the "right" speaking on this issue? We are not, as a country, speaking with any voice on the atrocities mentioned by the author. THAT is my disagreement with the author.

        I read your point, Eric, as being one of by not addressing the worldwide issue, the question of women's rights in the US has no place. I respectfully disagree. Within the context of the US, it's a real issue, and a trend which is disturbing. That in no way takes away from the seriousness of the violence on women in other places. It's your right to link them as you have to say that "I made the point of the author", but this is not a left/right issue on the world stage.

        • Poppakap

          Norma, don't you ever get tired of the same old cut and paste routine? You write the same dribble time and time again. You've been asked to provide evidence of your claims of things like vaginal probes being legislated by GOP reps, and you've never provided that evidence.

          You're just another leftist troll with an anti-GOP axe to grind, and way too much free time. So go collect your Soros-funded $5, and pat yourself on the back for another influential, persuasive screed post on a conservative website. Bravo.

          • Amused

            Better get your head out from up your butt Poppakapy , the legislation's been attempted in three state legislatures EXCLUSIVELY BY REPUBLICAN lawmakers . Fortunately REASON has ruled in those states and actuall required vaginal probes [ a ultra-sound proceedure which would be FORCED upon any woman requesting an abortion at any term ] have been voted down ….and not by any help from Republicans .Want proof …read your damn newspaper genius.

    • Zionista

      don't like women to be forced to look at the live baby they'll be killing? What's not hollow is the womb of a pregnant woman and cowards on the left and "feminists" never have the guts to confront the horrendous treatment of women done in the name of islam

      • SJB210

        Feminists have worked on bringing these issues to the attention of the American public. You don't know the slightest thing about the feminist movement.

        • Amused

          oh yes they do …'s LEFTIST . LOL…these people are not part of any "normal American public " , they live in their little paranoid universe where everything qwrong in the world is blamed on those damn lefties , Sound familiar ?

    • jgg

      OS bs. "normal person" is obfuscating the argument. the truth is, nothing the right has done comes any where close to the routine filth that spews out of the mouth of the left on a daily basis. fluke is a self-admitted slut who wants to take money from us at the point of a gun to pay for her fun.
      i have no interest in any liberal's contraception and abortion, including paying for them. pay for your habits, and the consequences.

    • SKIP

      You have no idea what you are talking about. Visit Pamela Geller's site or go look at to see what REAL assaults on women look like in islam/sharia…fool! You could always join us over here in Afghanistan in the real muslim wars if you would be willing to see what we see up close and personal.

    • MRobs

      Normal Person (hardly),
      Your argument is hollow – and by the way what exactly is your argument. " Rush and his extremist ilk" – seriously you sound like a basement blogger for media matters or the dialy kos. You are definitely a left wing radical – it is not a womans "right" to be provided free birth control and on-demand free abortions including late term abortions. And I as a taxpayer and a Catholic I should never be required to pay for something I find morally reprehensible – but then again you wouldn't understand that because mindless lefties have absolutely no morals.

    • Awaken

      You are just a typical leftist jerk living in La La Land.When Islam take over,women will have NO rights left.At least Muslims don't murder their unborn children.What does that make you? Certainly not progressive!

  • tagalog

    Many years ago, during the anti-Vietnam War movement, lefties had a mantra: "The issue is not the issue."

    Gender feminism is another example of the leftist truth of that statement.

    • Amused

      More bullshheeet from tagalog.

    • Amused

      What do you make this up as you go along tagalog ? You're so full of sheeet it's coming out your ears .Theree was no mantra of the left , in those times as you erroneously pointed out .
      And what the hell is "gender feminism " ??
      Tell me true tagalog , you're really a sophomore in high school aren't you ?

      • tagalog

        Obviously you weren't around back in those days.

  • kongMing

    Usually Rush starts comments like these saying he is going to intentionally anger the liberal media to show their distortions. His issue is with the left having to trot out supposed victims because their issues do not hold merit on their own, and can only be made with personal sympathy stories.

    Do you really think government subsidized sex aids has a chance of passing in a time of insolvency, when the US bond rating is lowered and Congress forces the Pentagon into billion dollar cuts during a war?

    • furiesego

      You know I agree with you but our congress is so left sided I could actually see something as ignorant as this passing in a time of insolvency. They care not for insolvency they care that little white girls might be having more white babies who will grow up and see the errors of their ways and decide that the left is what got them into this. Just a thought.

  • qsome

    when someone in this country says something derogatory against women we have the ability to fight back. sometimes what someone has said is more politically motivated than insulting to the complainers. it is a shame and a crime these women do not have any avenue to fight against the repression they deal with daily. it is disgusting the international community ignores this completely. it is a crime that the turn their backs on the women put to death regularly. sure you will hear a whisper now and then and then. that is nothing more than hot air coming from a group that claims they are for civil rights. the international community acts more like fabian socialist than civil rights activist. they become outraged when it suits them. the governments should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Mister Right

    Feminists love to screech about the evils of Playboy but will attempt to "understand" and "contextualize" female genital mutilation. What a joke. Feminism clearly has very little to do with the rights of women. If it did, one would expect millions of feminists to be on the front lines fighting against the hellish oppression of women in Islamic countries.

    Military men – the worst of the worst if you ask a feminist – are actually women's greatest friends. They put their lives on the line to bring freedom and equality to benighted cesspits around the world.

    Feminists at their best are ridiculous and annoying. At their worst they are apologists for the most depraved kinds of violence against those they claim to represent.

    • furiesego

      And they would come out in protection of all women not just the left. You never hear them complaining that what they said about Sarah Palin was inexcusable. I don't have any respect for the NOW organization not a bit, nor do I have respect for Hanoi Jane either she should put a gag on her mouth when she thinks about making a statement because she is so despised not only by men but by women for her actions during the vietnam war. Gloria Allred is just an airbag with clout because she has a license from the bar association. And Gloria Stienem if thats how you spell it, put her bra back on years ago and now serves as a mouthpiece and not a true womens voice.

  • waterwillows

    No amount of proding or insisting can get the lefty media to speak out against the horrors committed against the women of this world. They are actually a big part of the problem.

    We have 163 million missing from this planet due to female fetus abortions. We have 130 million woment subjected to FGM and turned into semen toliets. We have tens of thousands of 'known' honor killings done for simple male susicion.
    This is only a few of the outrages done against the women …. and done with silence from the world.

    We can not consider ourselves decent, compassionate people and allow this to happen without a protest. Surely mercry is not dying?

  • Ghostwriter

    Gee,let me see. A ill-advised comment from a radio talk show host or a woman is killed because she brings "dishonor" to her family? Shouldn't feminists concentrate a little more on the latter then the former?

  • PAthena

    What Rush Limbaugh said about Sandra Fluke seems to be accurate. She wants government funding for contraception so that she can continue to have sexual relations without fear of pregnancy – she cannot say,"No," for not having sexual relations is a foolproof way not to get pregnant.

    • Amused

      get your head out from up Rush's fat arse and you may be able to actually see something .

    • furiesego

      Thats about it. She told congress she needs protection because $3000.00 a year which is about $250 a month is more than she can afford to protect herself. My questrion is why isn't she going to planned parenthood? Oh thats because that place isn't for an IVY leaguer like her is it? She's too good for planned parenthood its only for the poor. What about target? She can't get a prescription from a clinic doctor I'm sure they have those on campus at her college. Why doesn't she go where she can get it for a great price? There again she is an elitist and cannot be bothered with the little guys shopping method. She must not plan these things and she must do it with every guy that comes by. Of course the men are most likely very drunk because she isn't that prize you would think of when men go a hunting. So Miss Fluke pay for your own contraception you are a piece of work that is for sure. I'm sure you aren 't even who you say you are anyway just another tool.

      • mjazz

        You'd think her boyfriend or boyfriends would help out.

  • Lake City

    Daniel Flynn didn't do much research before he wrote this column. In fact, it was the Feminst Majority Foundation that worked to bring attention regarding the treatment of women in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan to the US Congress, back in the 1990s. Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn's book, "Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide," focuses in depth, on worldwide abuses of women. It is feminists who have brought African female genital mutilation to public attention in the US, not conservatives. Alice Walker wrote "Warrior Marks: Female Genital Mutilation and the Sexual Blinding of Women." The above article is an example of a straw man argument.

    • waterwillows

      It is not just African women. I believe about 90% of Egypt's women are subjected FGM.

      There are other muslim countries, but I can't think of which at the moment.

  • Amused

    Lake City , did you say "strawman argument " ??? LOL…..just about every article put up is a strawman .LOL….even credible stories get their meanings twisted to accomodate the prevailing mindset here . And when confronted with facts , bloggers here simply relegate them to "the memory hole " , deny and move on to propound the next lie .

  • DogsHateRomney

    Barack's People want free contraception so they can FLUKE willie-nillie……

    .. Or, just fluke Tyrone, Jamal, Davonte, La'Shonna, Shaneetta, D'Andre, and La'queesha. ~ har.

  • Amused

    oh look a clever racist . I dont think dogs would like you either asssshat .

    • MRobs

      When you can't come up with an intelligent argument – call the other person a racist. Weak move amused. I think dhr was just trying to be well ……..amusing!

  • only1wayred

    Excellent points. I just posted a link to this on my blog– Keep it up!

  • dougjmiller

    Women's rights, women's freedom and women's safety should be the battle ground that conservatives launch against the left. Now that the left is in bed with Islamic extremism they are very vulnerable. If we can ween women away from left wing demogoguery it will be a gigantic victory. The left will be isloated, and they will lose the battle for public opinion.

  • Schlomotion

    Arguments from silence are invalid. This is basic logic. To say the left is loud about one thing but silent about another thing is pointless. One can just as easily say the right is loud about some things and silent about others. I think we should not give any credence to this false and archaic dichotomy between Left and Right. Santorum is by all accounts a Leftist. So-called rightists cause inflation through wars and no-bid contracts and cartel oil. So the Left-Right dichotomy is naught but a red herring, allowing some pundits camouflage as they launch self-seeking attacks against enemies Eretz Israel. The passion play of running images of mutilated women is no different than pro-lifers running images of abortion or PETA running images of chickens in concentration camps. This kind of exploitation media should be ridiculed.

    • mjazz

      Tell Zahida Parveen that.

  • Debbie

    If the left truly wants to champion women’s rights they can start with Muslim honor killings right here at home. It’s happening more frequently than ever yet where is NOW? I’ve heard Sean, Bill, and Rush do entire shows about this evil when it happens. I hear nothing but silence from women’s groups. Where are the calls against misogynist Muslim men in the US? Obviously there are women these groups care about (Fluke and free contraception) and women they do not. Where are their calls to free FLDS women from their lives of slavery and abuse? Why don’t we hear NOW advocate for those women? Women’s rights groups in this country are hypocritical jokes who only care about contraception and abortion. If you truly are a female victim of a man in America then it had better be a matter of a conservative calling you a bad name because otherwise you are out of luck sister.

  • Saltire

    Women's Rights groups might want to take a look at this new book which gives Muslim mean advice on how to beat and control their wives.

    That religion of peace, what a bunch of cut ups.

  • Israel Ben David

    If Hanoi Jane is for it I'm against it and Visa Versa

  • Israel Ben David

    If you believe the mainline media you are one of the lambs that is destined for the dinner table.
    You know how you trap wild lamb (or mountain goat or any other such creature)
    You leave food in the same place for it daily. When they get used to the free handout you add a single fence (one side). You keep leaving the free handout and eventually put a second side to the fence. The get used to that being there you put a third side up and still continue the free handout. Eventually they get used to the third side and you put the forth with a gate on it. When they come for their handout you close the gate. Because they are still receiving the free handout they are totally oblivious to their fate. JUST LIKE AMERICANS TODAY!