The War on Men

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“The focus of the Republican Party on turning back the clock for women really is something that’s unacceptable and shows how callous and insensitive they are towards women’s priorities,” Democratic National Committee chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz explained on CNN over the weekend. If there is a figure who personifies the unwelcome mat the Democratic Party rolls out to men, it is the abrasive Wasserman Schultz. Like Bella Abzug and Pat Schroeder before her, the latest incarnation of Representative Manhater serves as the poster child for why once again men won’t vote Democrat this year.

There is a gender gap in American politics. The headlines—“Gender Gap Daunting for GOP” (Christian Science Monitor), “Republicans Brought the Gender Gap on Themselves” (US News and World Report), “Obama Opens Big Gender Gap in Swing States” (USA Today)—highlight the advantage the president currently enjoys among women voters. But they obscure a decades-long aversion that American men have shown to supporting the president’s party.

Any moron can do the math. There are just two sexes, so if Republicans trail among women yet remain a competitive party then Democrats must trail among men. This isn’t hard to figure out. It is hard to say. People will laugh at you if by “gender gap” you mean to highlight the growing disconnect between Democrats and dudes. Like most truths, this one is better thought than said.

No Democratic presidential candidate has won a majority of male votes in any of the last eight elections. Barack Obama earned a plurality of male ballots over John McCain and Bill Clinton’s 41 percent of men’s votes edged out George H.W. Bush. But exit polls show that most men have cast ballots for someone other than the Democratic nominee in every presidential election since 1980. Democratic presidential candidates all received a lower percentage of votes from men than they did from the electorate as a whole. And in 2010’s mid-term elections, Democrats managed a measly 43 percent of the votes cast by American men in House races.

What caused the malienation?

One possible explanation is that the interest-group pandering practiced by Democrats to attract women has repulsed men.

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  • Gamaliel

    There's a new way that Democrats are pandering to women, by lowering the requirements of evidence for sex abuse cases. The justice department has sent out letters to Universities regarding this which is causing a furor among men at these universities. See for example

  • Spider

    At some American Universities the enrolement is now 80% female but women still get preferential treatment when it comes to admission. Almost as many men die of prostate cancer as women die of breast cancer yet breast cancer receives 10 times the funding. I could go on and on but the fact women are under represented, under attack or abused in this country is a complete lie. Anyone who thinks otherwise should go to live in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan for a year or two and then they can report back to us about how bad they have it here in the US…American females are the most pampered and privilaged class people ever to walk the earth.

    • Bartimaeus

      Anytime you have a pampered and privilaged class of people, the tendency is to produce spoiled brats. People like Debbie Wasserman Shultz and Sandra Fluke come across like spoiled brats. Where can I get a bumper sticker the reads “Real Men Vote Republican”? I am free to say these things because my wife is at work right now (:-)

      • Spider

        You are right about spoiled brats. In my dads generation men pampered women and women pampered men. Now men pamper women and women pamper themselves. Go to any country other that the US, Canada or Western Europe and watch how much better you get treated by the women there…The difference is night and day.

    • truebearing

      Good points, all. American women, especially those who were indoctrinated with feminist BS, are spoiled. The left used the same tactics on them that they did with blacks, convincing them of their victim status and demonizing men in an effort to create a division between the sexes. The feminist Left was quite successful with women because, as with blacks, an emotional based message, which intentionally bypassed rational thinking, was disturbingly effective.

      Notice the parallels between women getting the right to vote and the advent of entitlement programs. The correlation is undeniable. The Left sees women as a gullible constituent group that is prone to manipulation by emotional appeal, and the proof is in the pudding.

      Now I'll get attacked for misogyny, or some such nonsense.

  • Stan

    The photo at the beginning of the article should have a caption: anti- women's suffrage activists.

  • Amused

    To the author – YOU are proof of the argument you rail against . And "your math " ? LOLOL…..what was that "if Republicans trail among women …..then Democrats must trail among men " ? Really ? That's math ? Whose ? Yours ?
    And your comparison to women in Saudi arabia and pakistan is disingenuopius to say the least , not mention downright intellectual dishonesty . . Again , ANOTHER FPM author with ANOTHER strawman , that falls flat on its face . Are you really UNAWARE of the legislation being attempted and/or passed in States by Republican Governors and Houses ?

    Pathetic ! Amazing ….but still Pathetic .

    • truebearing

      Bemused, I see your thinking is as pleasantly deranged as ever. No one does frothing jeremiad like you.

      I like how you shifted to self-criticism in your last line. Spot on, buddy.

  • Amused

    Oh and BTW , neither Democrats or anyone else for that matter need "pander to women " , all anyone need do is sit back and watch Republicans do their magic .
    And I say "amazing " because you guys really think you are doing these things in a vacuum .

  • mrbean

    Amused is a woman I assume or a castrati and a member of Hillary Clinton's fan club. Perhaps if he would tour the military bases giving the troops free BJ's she might earn her respectability back. As Master Chuin once said: "Women should stay at home and make babies; preferably male child." But in Amused case, please don't, no child deserves such a cruel fate as having Amused as his mother.

    • Chiggles

      "The Destroyer" fan?

    • Amused

      No mr.bean I'm not a woman although in your racist warped mind , any conclusion borne of your ignorance is possible . BTW , thanks for your view on women , you must spend a lot of time whipping the lizzard .LOL…..I think it highly unlikely that one such as you would ever be accused of participatring in "making a baby " . LOL…dont hurt yourself mr. bean , and check your palms for any unusual hair growth .

      • Wideband

        Let me sum up the essence of Amused (Shrill)'s reply – "you're wrong because you're a virgin who masturbates." Didn't that stop working around the 7th grade, Shrill?

        • Amused

          and you're a total assshole . there now that was pretty easy ……and TRUE . Go get a room with mr.bean …lol…who knows what will happen ……I'd rather not think about it . Run along now punk .

          • johnnywoods

            You first, punk.

    • Ghostwriter

      I'm amazed mrbean at the bilge you pump out. You bash black people,Asians,and now women. In my opinion,no child deserves such a cruel fate as having a neanderthal like mrbean as it's father.

  • tagalog

    American men will never try exploit the sexist double standard that favors women at this time because it's just too easy to reap the benefits of such a policy, and the downside isn't all that down. Let the women do all the work, and let them think that their freedom exists in having promiscuous sex as much as possible.

    What price do we men pay for that? We don't have to go to school and get trained, we can work at minimal jobs that aren't a challenge to us, we can depend on women to support us because that's the way they are, contraception will keep the unwanted brats out of the picture, and the women will make the decisions. Sounds like a pretty good deal. All we give up is responsibility and accountability, cool…

  • Amused

    Well I hope every guy out there who ever got laid or is getting laid , did so with the expressed intention of producing babies , cause if you didn't , then Santorum says that 's not the way things should be . LOL…..that's why I hope your remark about contraceptives was sarcasm tagalog….otherwise you know what ? Yup , you're in Santorum's tribe .

    • truebearing

      While Obama conducts his war on white men, you're prosecuting your war on sanity. You may not be winning but you certainly have graphically showcased the alternative.

  • tagalog

    That's me all right, a Santorumite.

    • Amused

      Really ? LOL…well do you follow the rules ?

      • tagalog

        As it was once articulated by one of my Jewish friends: "No shtuppe without the huppe!"

        Spelling approximate.

        Are you familiar with the main distinguishing feature of the JAP? They don't believe in post-marital sex.

  • Randell Pittman


  • Randell Pittman

    The only way to defeat the problem is for conservative men and women to marry and raise conservative children.Let the democrats continue to abort and euthanize themselves.If you are a conservative male DO NOT marry a liberal or progressive female.

    • David

      As a conservative, I'm extremely disappointed at what has become of the movement! Before the 1960s, TRUE conservatism meant fighting FOR equal rights between men and women (just ask Fox News Commentator Margaret Hoover! However, around 1965, the movement betrayed its principles because it was hijacked by religious extremists who believed in OPPOSING equality! As a true conservative, I believe in equal rights between men and women in ALL areas of life (and that includes not just employment and being a stay – at – home dad, but a topic that is being neglected way too much, and that is fashion)! The only way for this to happen is for the Republicans, who falsely claim to be "real" conservatives, is to force the so – called "criminal justice system" to abandon its war on MEN, stop scapegoating men who are being victimized by the feminazis (such as when they lie about being raped by them), and pass the Equal Rights Amendment)!

  • Amused

    Silly Randall , didn't you learn anything in biology 1.01 ? mutations beget mutations …….I wouldn't wish that even on your children .

  • Anonymous

    Actually, there is a men's movement and it has been attacked recently by the Southern Poverty Law Center and by a number of feminists. Right now, men vote Republican by default because the Democrats are a fanatically anti-male party run by a bunch of female chauvinist cows. The way for Republicans to solidify the male vote is to embrace men's issues and push for genuine equality between men and women rather than the status quo of female privilege.

    Republicans are right to oppose the sexist VAWA, for example, but they should oppose it because it is based on a false and sexist model of domestic violence. Men and women abuse each other at roughly the same rates and usually in abusive relationships, both the man and woman are at fault. Yet, VAWA treats the woman as the victim and the man as a criminal regardless of the circumstances (when a battered man calls the cops for help, he ends up in jail under VAWA's "mandatory arrest" provisions).

    Likewise, men have basically no "reproductive rights" whatsoever. If a woman wants to get herself pregnant, she can cause any form of birth control (except vasectomy, which is irreversible) to fail. If a woman gets pregnant accidentally, she can kill the baby (abortion) or she can have the baby and put it up for adoption. The father of the baby has no say in any of this. Yet, if a woman gets herself pregnant intentionally and chooses to keep the baby, she has the right to collect "child support" for 18 years from the father, even if he isn't married to her, doesn't want the kid and if she purposely caused the birth control to fail (underage boys who have been raped by their female teachers have actually been required to pay them child support!). The feminists go crazy when a man's right to choose is advocated, but isn't killing an unborn child a greater evil by any standard of morality than a man abandoning his kid?

    Then, there's the divorce laws, which are rigged against men. Usually, a woman who divorces her husband gets primary custody of the kids and financial support from her ex regardless of who is at fault. Obviously, it is bad for society if kids grow up in broken families, but our courts actually reward women who choose to break up their family because they are "bored" of their husband ("Eat, Pray, Love"). Conservatives always talk about the "sanctity of marriage," but they seem to be referring to gay marriage as the threat to marriage rather than divorce. I think it is self-evident that divorce is a much more serious threat, regardless of your views on the gay marriage issue.

    Of course, there's also the issue of false rape accusations. The feminist movement seems to support every false accusation of rape and believe that all men who are accused of rape are guilty. That is what leads to studies claiming falsely that "1 in 4" or "1 in 5" women are rape victims by using a ridiculously broad definition of rape. Our society holds a drunk driver responsible for her actions behind the wheel, but if she consents to sex while drunk, her partner is a "date rapist." While the feminists defend holding husbands to their traditional obligations toward their wives, they declare that any husband who insists upon his traditional obligations from his wife is a "marital rapist." However, they even defend the likes of that Mangum woman who falsely accused 3 Duke Lacrosse players of raping her and that crook Nifong who maliciously prosecuted them. They cry foul whenever a man accused of rape cross-examines his accuser and support the censorship of important details (one Penn State running back was suspended for most of his senior season and may have lost his chance of playing in the NFL because a woman falsely accused him of rape, making an accusation uncannily similar to a previous false accusation that she had made a few years earlier). Jessica Valenti (a very prominent feminist) has even called for reversing the burden of proof in rape cases, effectively declaring all men accused of rape to be guilty as it is impossible to ever prove your innocence.

    I'm not sure what the right solution is to all of the discrimination against men that the feminist left has created (and what I listed is just the tip of the iceberg), but conservatives need to recognize the realities that the left has created and find conservative solutions that stabilize rather than destabilize our society. As usual, the left is engaging in pure projection when they accuse conservatives of a "War on Women," but we need to address the very real War on Men. Instead of leaving truths unstated, we should state them and infuriate the leftist establishment. Just be careful, as it probably isn't a good idea to speak the truth on college campuses unless you want to deal with the PC thought police.

    • David

      I have just lost my respect for the feminist movement! These women don't want equality – they want SPECIAL rights! America is now Iran "in reverse" (meaning, it's the WOMEN who now are treated better than the men)! I just hope that if Romney wins the election, he unites women and men – otherwise, this country will continue to go down the drain! Perhaps we should have an "Occupy the Justice System" movement – albeit one that is peaceful.

  • Marvin E. Fox

    The gender gap really doesn't exist. The select your own sex group simply ignored the simple fact that there are only two sexes, jumped up and said there are four, or are they up to six already? We need to correct the modern linguistic errors the Democratic Party is attempting to reeducate us to believe. Attempting to correct the errors of the "democracy" is usless. The "democracy" not only likes its error, it insists the errors are the facts of life. Maybe one of the birds, or might it have been one of the bees, whispered some confusing nonsense into their ears.
    Good luck to all!
    Marvin E. Fox

  • truebearing

    It's not a war on men, it's a war on white men…even white hispanics.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Isn't Schultz the daughter of Sgt. Schultz? "I know nothing".