Glenn Beck – Patrick Henry Award

The following is a transcript from Glenn Beck - Listen Now

Hi Philadelphia it’s Glenn Beck and I want to invite you to join me for a very special luncheon. It’s this Thursday, May 31st at the Union League downtown. I’m gonna be there I’m gonna be speaking to support David Horowitz and the Philly Freedom Center. I have to tell ya, in this age of moral and economic decline David and his team at the Philadelphia Freedom Center need help to continue their mission of restoring the values and traditions that make this country great. David used to be a Marxist man, there’s nobody that knows these guys more than David Horowitz. He knows what they’re doing, he knows what they have done, he knows where they’re going and he knows more importantly how to stop them. He has helped me and advised me for several years now kind of behind the scenes and really never asked for anything. I want to be in Philadelphia to support him. This is important work. David’s work must go forward for our nation to go forward. Please, visit that’s and I’ll see you there Thursday.