The True Face of Occupy Wall Street on The Glazov Gang

  • lambsev

    Communism? reborn? More like resurfacing. They have been swimming around the bottom of the pond forever. Communism usurps legitimate social movements (like those against racial prejudice) and illegitimate ones – like "occupy." They do best when society is in upheaval. And they seek that upheaval to move in.____As to our success and riches: these are from God, and given to us for our faithfulness to Him. It is not because we are exceptional. It is because we know God and seek Him, and obey Him. ____

  • lambsev11

    People who have no power very often seek power. The strange thing in your blurb for solidarity, Robert, is that the middle class in America is hardly without power. They may be without much money, but here in America a person can pretty much do as they please within the law. the unemployed can employ them selves at something even if they have to live in a homeless shelter. The union worker can go on strike. Women can be women without having to adhere to a dress code and walk 10 steps behind their husbands. Gay folks can have all the gay sex they want. People can keep their money in mattresses. We may not all be able to earn $249,000 a year. But we all can enjoy life if we give some effort to doing so.

    Someone has proven that the best way to have a good life is to devote yourself to helping others. Why is it that this new solidarity movement does not impress me? It does not pass my smell test. In Poland the solidarity movement was a movement to free the Polish from the oppression of communism. We are free from communism here in the USA, but increasingly we are being controlled, regulated by Fed., State and even local governments that serve themselves of our taxes. While seems to promote the welfare of the middle class, I wonder if the policies of it’s leaders will help liberty and prosperity forward or in the end simply encumber us with more law.