African-American Lynch Mob

Is anybody else out there as sick and tired as I am of lynch mob racists like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton (vide: Tawana Brawley, the Duke Lacrosse kids) who don the mantel of the “civil rights” movement to indict non-blacks in advance of the facts, and incite racial rage against them? Yet that is exactly what they – and scores of black leaders — are doing to an Hispanic individual named George Zimmerman. Along with a cast of thousands, they are holding him guilty of racism before the fact, justifying a hatred, as inflammatory as the hatred once spewed by southern crackers against blacks.

There is no evidence whatsoever that race was a defining factor in the tragic death of Trayvon Martin. Notwithstanding the absence of evidence, this unhappy incident is now the occasion for school shut-downs, mass marches and public death threats by enraged African Americans, displaying behaviors reminiscent of the lynch mobs that were once a scourge of their parents’ generation in a now rejected past.

The facts surrounding the death of Trayvon Martin have not been investigated and are still uncertain. But the lynch mob has delivered its verdict: George Zimmerman is guilty of a race crime; Trayvon Martin was killed because he was black. “Trayvon is the Emmett Till of our generation,” said one mob leader, referring to the 12-year-old who was murdered by white racists in 1955 for whistling at a white woman.

There is no verifiable evidence for this fact-challenged, inflammatory, claim. According to the lone eyewitness to come forward, it was Martin who attacked Zimmerman and was on top of him and beating him to a pulp when the fatal shot was fired. The fact that Zimmerman’s face was bloody when the police arrived, is an apparent corroboration of this version of the event. Is this what happened? We don’t know. But it is a claim that should get tested in a court of law. Unfortunately to a lynch mob the evidence is irrelevant, the conclusion foregone.

If the demonstrators were merely calling for an investigation that would be proper. But the cries for retribution, and the accusations of racism, which dominate the public demonstrations are not. And that goes for the statement of the President as well. Not willing to be separated from his racial constituency, even when they are behaving badly, Obama has lent his prestige to the insinuation that the crime was inspired by the victim’s race. Otherwise there would be no reason to mention the fact that “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.” Everyone who has a son should be concerned by the loss of this life. By making it racial, the president is establishing guilt without evidence, and indicting non-black America as well.

The display of racial outrage over this case is a national disgrace. It is a throwback to the past and a shameful repudiation of the values the civil rights movement once stood for but apparently does no longer.

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  • DeShawn

    Yeah you jews and your shabbas goys are just racist against black folks, and you KNOW it. The jew has always exploited the black man for his talent in order to make a buck and control us, because you money changers have no talent. But we ain't fools, devils, we KNOW what's going on:

    • Zeus Crankypants

      Then I have a grand idea. Stop accepting guidance from these "money changers." No one is forcing you to do anything. No one is controlling you. No one can exploit you if you don't let them. You are a fool and your comment is foolish. Grow up,

    • BS77

      Hey De Shawn, take a breather, BRO……I think you have been inhaling too much glue. It's not good for you.

      • Gary

        He ain't your bro. He's mine. And I'm white.

        Sick and tired of your hateful ignorant attacks.

        The on.y people in America that threaten her are white Republicans. They are the enemy.

        • richard sherman

          Tell that lie to the 3000 people murdered on 9/11 by Muslims or to the 13 people murdered at Ft Hood by a Muslim.

          • jacob

            Mr Sherman :

            Add to it the “moderate” Muslims (to Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar) dancing and
            giving out candy on the streets of QUEENS, N.York while people were jumping to
            their deaths from the WTC windows….
            And by the way, the sergeant who allegedly killed said 17 Afghans has been already
            tried and sentenced by the media…
            What has happened to Major HASSAN’s trial ???
            Is he going to be decorated instead for contributing somehow to alleviate the over-
            population problem of good old USA ?????
            It sure as hell looks like it….
            OR DOESN’T IT ????

        • intrcptr2


          So explain this please;

        • Fubo N. Soros II

          You are gullible and brainwashed. Ever read any of the racist writings of the liberal Democratic party icon Ruth Bader Ginsberg? That’s what your masters (the millionare liberal Democrat leaders) have in store for you. The Republicans could care less about you.

        • MAD JEWESS

          Learn how to spell.
          "Republicans are the enemy", keep taking the pills you are being fed by Commies.
          Republicans are AMERICANS.
          YOU are the enemy–Bolshevik stooge.

        • Sound&Fury

          "He ain't your bro. He's mine. And I'm white."

          And, you're stupid, so what's your point, Einstein?

          • VLCII

            LOL so true.

    • Yeshayahu Goldfeld

      Your despicable attack on Jews is absolutely groundless .You had better check your real reason for
      so much hatred.

      • trickyblain

        Check his link and you'll find your answer. Don't know many Blacks that identify with the "Vanguard News Network."

      • Honorary

        I LMAO with this idiot comment that the Jews are exploited the talent of the blacks….ha…ha…did the idiot know what is talent mean? The blacks got talent…ha..ha..the big one in the WH has a real talent in lying, fraud, corrupt, cheating and destroy our great country….Even Martin Luther King Jr. got this post degree by cheating on his thesis, he plagerized the whole thesis, when he was shot dead, the University decided to not revoke his degree and let it goes…that's a talent ..ha..ha…plagerism just like Odumbo and the ghost writer of his books…LMAO

        • pat

          The blacks and T A L E N T ? What???? Even accomplished blacks will be puzzled as to the exact definition of talent in the black community. Ask this moron if he knows of any country that is governed by blacks and is free of corruption, chaos, famine, child prostitution, mass murder and rapes. LMFAO!

    • Ken

      Sounds like someone has been reading too much Black Panther and Nation of Islam propaganda.

      • neils60

        Or, worse, viewed Al "Freddy's Fashion Mart" Sharpton on his MSNBC show too many times.

        • pat

          How can you watch MSNBC….they gives me heart palpitations every time I watch them.

    • SHmuel HaLevi

      There are times when a rigid answer and a totally credible warning are demanded.
      Your bestial word mark one of those time…
      As a rule I do not get myself involved in what is left of the cesspool you people have left out of a great country. Your type of folk, either white or black or yellow have been pillaging the coffers for generations and for the most producing nothing but harm, violence, fatherless crowds of youngsters, narcotic poisons, etc.
      Other hard working black, white and yellow fold have had it with your shrieks and menaces.
      Mr. DeShawn I do not take anti-Semite filth of any color attacking my people.
      MAKE absolutely sure you and your kind UNDERSTAND. Make no more errors. We ake yoour types words at fave value and plan accordingly.
      Yet more likely than not you are a coward that will hide behind insane mobs to try to harm Jewish people. Or go around executing Jewish children like the bestial islamic entity did in France or masses of civilians that the ghastly filth murdered all over the world.
      You have a problem being irrelevant, unwilling to study or gain technical skills and as many of that king resort to violence either verbal or physical. Be sternly warned. It will not help you, except in a negative way.
      Some parasitic US trash believe that can assault Jews with impunity when they find themselves in the hole they themselves dug for generations.
      You folk as are so wrong thinking that way that I feel sorry for your future.
      Thread very carefully Mr. DeShawn and as I said pass the warning along..
      Your collective howling like hyenas and crazed dogs will not prevent others from taking the necessary steps to put anyone down that plans harm to our people.
      Again. Thread very carefully, you and anyone else that got a ride into the new wave.

      • StandsWithSHmuel

        This ^^

        Levi… soon they will find out… soon.

      • AZTech2020

        You got it, Shmuel!! I'm not Jewish, but I stand 100% with you on this. Kudos for your response!

      • AMartel


    • Jerry

      You sir, are an idiot. However if you believe people such as Al (The Liar) Sharpton, and even worse the racist,communist, anti-Semitic President, soon you shall get your just rewards when they throw you to the wolves. Learn to open your eyes and think for yourself! This is the real talent, and one you are lacking.

      • MAD JEWESS

        The PROBLEM is not the 10 or so kkk, the PROBLEM is that America kisses black peoples A$$es. And refuse to report on these racial crimes against whites.
        BTW: Jews are WHITE, part of the Caucasians

    • Zionista

      deformed – anyone with a few brain cells is on to you – you aren't black – in fact, you hate blacks, Jews, Hispanics, etc. – anyone not aryan. You're a hitler loving troll. From your psycho comments, it's clear that your white hood is on too tight.

    • Zionista

      deformed is a white supremacist – if u want proof go to his website – it's full of the typical "issues" these knuckle-dragging low IQ trolls love to "discuss" such as "whiteness studies". You've been exposed deformed, now go back to your trailer park and stay put with your "deliverance" inbred family and shut the hell up. You're fooling nobody.

    • Mo_

      What idiocy.

    • Black Brother

      You are an idiot !! Most of the crime in this Country is Black on Black !! Brown on Brown!! End of conversation !!

      • MAD JEWESS

        Nope, most of the crime now, is black on white.
        Since the MSM wont report it, you are going to have to search it out yourself and speak out about your atrocities.

    • mah29001

      Who says that white supremacists and black supremacists are brothers in arms? They both agree in being the race hustler for their race.

    • Ray

      Talent for what in this case DeShawn, incite hatred for the Jew or the white man? last time I looked Zimmerman was Hispanic–but of course the Spin Media wants people to believe this is a white hate crime. You black folks seem to be the biggest racist out there always turning everything into a racist issue. Just look at the blacks who are the mouth-pieces: Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and The New Black Panther Party just to name a few.

      All these morons have been behind Black liberation theology from the 60s and continue today. Most of what comes out of their mouth shines a blazing light on what you clowns really are.

      Just yesterday up in Chicago a white kid was gunned down by three, yes DeShawn, Three BLACK thugs (count em) if you can that is… but not one news media reports such crimes because the liberal democratic media wouldn't have any of it. Your great Obama has been promoting class warfare and now race warfare ever since taking office and has all you blacks hoodwinked into believing every lie from his Marxist BIG lips. Yea, your right DeShawn, we ain't fools, devils, we Know what's going on.


      You are an idiot.
      Its you that has the issue, and you say nothing about your people.
      You make me sick.
      Nobody is controlling you except your own empty head.

      • VLCII


    • Sound&Fury

      Deshawn, that's a french name, right? I bet your baby mama was real classy. And I bet you make her real proud. Now don't forget to check in with your parol officer. Off you go…

      • Choi

        Do you really think it's a French name?
        Where have you been since the late 60's forward?

        • Sound&Fury

          I was being facetious. Do you know what that means?

    • Guest

      What an outstanding way to prove the author's point. Did he pay you to do this? Or are you *actually* a hateful piece of ghetto trash named "deShawn" that spews filth on the Internet? Curiosity…

    • BackwardsBoy

      Not a racist bone in your body, is there, DeShawn?

    • boozy

      then revolt… not take anymore welfare checks from da man

      • Fred Dawes

        The da man is black his name is obama, and 5 of his family are getting checks each month.

    • Mark

      Really? The jews force you to play basketball / football / baseball for millions of dollars, to star in movies & make sh*tty music (most of the time), to suffer the humiliation of affirmative action, to do drugs, abort your children, murder, rape, torture, drop out, laspheme, wear your pants below your ass, your hats on sideways, etc? No more than whites who do the same thing. If it's the devil, you made a deal with him.
      P.S. – you might want to peddle your wares to the muslim slave-traders who inflicted America on you. Try to come back in one piece.

    • Fred Dawes

      Blacks are not guilt of injustice against whites? ASK HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A FREE PERSON? It was whites who stood up against evil not blacks or browns or yellow people of the world only whites say no to evildoers and take action against that evildoer no matter who or what race that evil one is.
      The jews are not good or evil as blacks or others are not good or evil only people who hate or love, people are all fools and are all enlighten that is called being human.
      Jews think that God is a jew as muslims do, 'and most loved by God', but in fact God has no love or hate but is only the one thing we all are looking for in our own way.

    • Rifleman

      DeShawn, the number of Jewish comedians, actors, directors, writers, and producers shows you're full of it right off the bat. You sound just like a skinhead, maybe yall should get together.

      It's ironic that you support the dp, which ran the lynch mobs, against the ones that not only didn't join them, but successfully worked toward their end, but narrow little minds think alike.

      If you had any clue what was going on, you'd be outside the nearest dp office protesting right now, but I've been reading your posts long enough to know better. Maybe you'll learn someday.

    • UCSPanther

      Seriously scumbag, your "black man" act is fooling no one. You have quoted way too many white supremicist pukes and talk too much like a white supremicist for anyone to believe otherwise.

    • Truth

      You are absolutely right. Go back to Africa where you apes belong.
      And my apologies to apes!

    • Chickie

      and YOU calling someone a "jew" is ok with you? Hypocrite!

    • Julie

      Seems like DeShawn is quite a racist himself. I don't care what color your skin is. There have been so many brilliant black men and women and you do them a great disservice with your public display of hatred.

    • bill

      Hey DeShawn, ain't nobody wants to watch a lying speech from the Grand Dragon of the Klan with a Tan

  • BS77

    This is a terrible event, but when you look across the country you know this is happening on a daily basis…in Oakland, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Detroit and on and on. Thousands of people are shot dead every year in our country. Children are shot in their beds as bullets come through the walls. Innocent bystanders are shot …..people of all races and backgrounds are shot down…many as they wait for a bus or are walking to work. Mr. Sharpton, what do you have to say about this?

    • Jerome

      Myself, I'm going to follow the same logic as President Present. I do have a son, and he doesn't look at all like Trayvon, so I don't give a rat's rosy.

    • Rob_Crawford

      When the shooter's also black, the racists look the other way.

      Besides, if it hadn't been Zimmerman, it would have been another case. Gotta stir up anger in the election year.

    • Fred Dawes

      You can see facts thank you.
      we down here in So cal see it in front of us each day hispanic and black gangs have been in a race war for 10 years but its almost never reported.

      • cromagnon

        The only race war being fought right now is the undeclared (and unreported) race war against the Whites – in every Western country.
        l can assure you the Whites are losing – in every Western country.

    • David

      Must have been Bush's fault. That's a pretty reliable diversion.

    • Toni

      There is a need for an investigation, and it took the protesters to bring this about. I don't know what took place on that horrible evening, and we may never know. But it deserves a second look.

      • Juanita

        The protesters didn't wait to find out the facts.

  • Jason

    Another lustful attack on the black commu it's from the party that survives on hate.

    You people are going to get destroyed in November. It will be so fun to see you lose a vast majority of women, Latinos, blacks, etc. keep attacking, bigots. It's fun to reap the rewards of your stupidity.

    • richard sherman

      Learn your history: check how many Democrats including Al Gore's father voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

      • trickyblain

        Learn your history (hint: Beck and Hannity are not reliable sources). The CRA '64 dissenters were predominately from the south — Dixiecrats. Conservatives. The south was largely conservative Democrat. Not a single southern Republican voted for it. And, as a result of such, the south turned into a Republican stronghold. Here's the voting record:

        House version:

        -Southern Democrats: 7–87   (7%–93%)
        -Southern Republicans: 0–10   (0%–100%)
        -Northern Democrats: 145-9   (94%–6%)
        -Northern Republicans: 138-24   (85%–15%)

        Senate version:
        -Southern Democrats: 1–20   (5%–95%)
        -Southern Republicans: 0–1   (0%–100%)
        -Northern Democrats: 45-1   (98%–2%)
        -Northern Republicans: 27-5   (84%–16%)

        • Dwayne

          "And, as a result of such, the south turned into a Republican stronghold." This is a line I've heard so many times. The racist Democrats of the south turned into Republicans and that why Repubs are now called the racist party. I haven't been able to find any proof of that switch, no voter registration lists or anything to actually prove that anybody switch parties. If you have proof I would love to be able to read it, so far its only been stated and not proven. By the way I'm not asking in a sarcastic way, I'm actually asking seriously.

    • Zionista

      jason, a stupid ox like you should learn this – it's the libs and leftists that push the holocaust of abortion that ends so many black and latino lives, while so many of us on the right believe that all human life is sacred. Go ahead and defend that atrocity moron.

    • flimflamobambam

      Which was the party of the Ku Klux Klan, Jason? And judging by your comments, it is you that is motivated and governed by bigotry. Because such ignorance and vitriol seems impossible to an educated person,I am going to assume that your remarks were made in the spirit of satire appropriate to a 15-year-old. Otherwise, many thanks for demonstrating the mentality of an Obama supporter and making the Republican candidate the more attractive choice in this election.



    • Sound&Fury

      Silly boy. You so funny!

    • Choi

      GUESS WHAT,Jason?
      The voters see through the Lefty Democratic BS.
      They KNOW who is RUINING "life as we knew it".

    • reader

      " It will be so fun to see you lose a vast majority of women, Latinos, blacks, etc. keep attacking, bigots. It's fun to reap the rewards of your stupidity. "

      Stupidity is all yours. The independents hoodwinked into the dopey hopey phoney smiley face in 2008 are not going to follow the commander-in-lynch-mob this time around. The hate and negativity are unraveling in front of the entire electorate.

    • AMartel

      Lustful? Projecting much?
      Survive on hate? More projection.
      You write what you know and you definitely know all about lust and hate, but that's about it, Jason.
      I assume "you people" who are "going to get destroyed" refers to conservatives and/or Republicans (interchangeable terms from your ignorant perspective). Conservatives being the people who insist on treating individuals as individuals, not as members of a tribe or group, cogs in the machine, statistical numbers on a chart. Conservatives being the people who believe in rule of law, not rule of man. Conservatives being the people who don't get all excited about the prospect of a good lynching. But you do, Jason, you're all about the mob. So enjoy your little lynch mob party, Madame Jason Defarge. Have your fun.
      It's not going to last.

    • oceania

      Are you speaking of the party of the KKK, the party that opposed women's rights and civil rights? The party that practices identity politics? In other words, are you speaking of the Democratic party?

  • Lorraine

    There is not a single picture that shows Zimmerman was attacked and several, SEVERAL witnesses have countered Zimmerman's claims as they called into to 911 to report Zimmerman not Trayvon.Additionally the 911 calls of other witnesses and Zimmerman have been played on the news and Zimmerman was directly and specifically told NOT to get out of his car, NOT to approach Trayvon and NOT to interact in any way with the person he was calling about. He then proceeds to call the teenager an "a__hole" when he makes a statement saying they always get away. Who is "they"? We won't know 100% until he gets in court. Which won't happen until he gets arrested. Guess what he hasn't been… A sad travesty at the very least. They are more worried about liability then justice. Even the Republican Senator who drafted & sponsored the law says the police and Zimmerman are misinterpreting it and the law was not intended or worded for this type of activity but for domestic violence. Let's stop being in denial so that we can justify our feelings of bias and sleep better at night

    • Dave
      • Lorraine

        Maybe you should listen to the ACTUAL calls…

        • Dave

          Maybe you should wait until the evidence is looked at. You seem to have this all solved. I guess you were there at the time, huh?

          • Lorraine

            No I do believe there is enough to warrant an arrest. Instead you seem to want to throw him a parade for victimization relief . There is enough questionable behavior, dispatcher corroboration and divergent stories, to indicate Zimmerman's story is NOT the final word. He acted rashly… Maybe we can get the rest of the testimony from the other participant…oh wait…
            Just asking for Intelligence, facts and common sense. Your bias is as clear as Sharpton & Jackson's We know how the process SHOULD have went and fails each day as they do nothing but go in circles. An arrest is NOT a radical suggestion, just begin the process of justice already. That is all the parents and reasonable people are asking for

      • Ken

        Forget about trying to have a discussion with her, Dave. Her facts will always be correct and yours will be wrong. It's the typical Leftist mantra. No dissenting opinions will be heard!! Only those that will help their agenda. And, in this case, the race-baiters are profiting on the tragic death of a young man. They have no shame!

        • Lorraine

          Name calling is always the last resort of a person who has no real argument or counter in a debate. I'm not a "Leftist" though I'm sure that would make your life fit easier. Really life does not require you label me to fit your agenda. Your requirement in doing so reveals a lack of substantive argument, and that is okay. But you don't get the privileged of labeling me for your own purpose.
          I am a human being who cares regardless of race, class, orientation, or economic status. I support the fight against injustice of children no matter what, I'm a Christian who follows the social call of Christ, above the political rhetoric of Limbaugh and Robertson, I think and use reason. I also wonder why is it 100% okay to completely ignore Zimmerman's actions? But having asked you (& been ignored) about this multiple times, I understand you have no answer….& that's okay also. You can vote it down like kids all night it won't make it a less important point. Have a good night gentlemen

        • Dave

          Yeah, I see who the racists are here. Nobody said anything about a parade. Nobody's ignoring his actions. If he's guilty of a crime, he'll be arrested and prosecuted. A grand jury is going to look at a of this within weeks, but that's not good enough. He musy be lynched NOW.

          The person quoted in the article was the original 911 caller and was a direct eye witness, yet Lorraine has Zimmerman convicted and sentenced. End of story.

          Always quick to judge when the victim is black and the "suspect" is not.

          It's really very sad.

          • trickyblain

            Dave, answer one question honestly. Based on what you know about the case, in the same scenario, would Martin be dead today if he were white?

            Of course we'll never know. But I'm getting an overwhelming sense of "no."

          • Rich

            answer this question honestly. When one is wearing a hoodie, at night, do you know the race of the person?

            Just curious

          • trickyblain

            In the rain, too. Imagine wearing a hood in the rain!

            It's evident Zimmerman knew he was black. He reported it in his initial call to law enforcement.

          • LibertyLover

            If he was on top of me, beating me in the face, yes he would be dead.

    • Rocky Mountain

      As far as I know there wouldn't have been a 'booking' photo since Zimmerman wasn't arrested. Even if he was TOLD not to do those things that doesn't mean that he has given up his rights. I think "they" are the people who committed the 15 reported burglaries in the compound in the recent time before the shooting. Anyway, all Horowitz is saying is to gather the facts properly, he is not saying that Zimmerman is innocent and certainly not guilty because Al Sharpton wants to keep his face in the news.


      There are witnesses that say Zimmerman got attacked by Martin, *you* are biased.
      There is nothing wrong with the law.
      You have not heard the case, and you side with the black kid, because YOU are the biased one that is projecting.
      Innocent til proven guilty ring a bell with you, gasbag?

  • Lorraine

    Multiple witness at the time of the incident vs. one dug up later… If we go on ppl who called in at the time along with Zimmermans OWN words AND the dispatch SPECIFIC instructions…much stronger than this come late 11th hour 'witness' Stronger evidence if you want facts or the weak if you'd like an excuse to stick your head back in the sand.

    • Lorraine

      Plus let's not forget Trayvon Martin's call records…lol how can you attack someone and hold a full conversation? 150lbs holding skittles, a phone and minding his own business until he was approached by a 250+ lbs GROWN man with a gun…TOTALLY fair fight 100% what were we THINKING O_o?? The boy was walking and minding. his. own. business. If a stranger approaches me in the dark rain…well I guess you'd offer a hug right? The boy should have just got on his knees? Begged forgiveness for living in Zimmerman's neighborhood? How dare his parents raise him there. smh

      • findalis

        Trayvon Martin was NOT 150 lbs. he was 6'1" 210 lbs. The picture that the family has shown is Trayvon at age 14 not 17.

      • RonCarnine

        Lorraine, I was a cop for 16 yrs. I do have one question. What were all these so-called witnesses doing out in a pounding rain storm? For a witness to appear later is not unusual at all. I helped investigate the shooting of a black college student who was shot to death by black gang members. He was holding a door to an apartment shut when he was struck with a number of bullets that went through the door into his body. I held his hand as he died. There were no witnesses to who fired the shots even though there were at least 10 people in the apartment. However, hours after the shooting as we were canvassing the neighborhood, I found two witnesses in the apartment above where the shots were fired. They didn't come forward at the time of the shooting because they were afraid. But they finally did testify in court. So why didn't they come forward? They were afraid. Not unusual in a homicide. We'll have to wait until the investigation is over. That is only fair. The rhetoric coming from black leaders just inflames the people. It is wrong and should stop. But it won't. It will go on until riots break out. That is irresponsible and black leaders should be quiet and support the police. They will get to the bottom of it.

    • sononthe_beach

      The court of public opinion rears its ugly, and uninformed, stupid head, You only know what you read in the media reports, which are written by reporters who love sensational stuff. You are a TOOL

    • Talib

      I agree withyou Lorrain. Its really a sad state of affairs in America 2012. Especially when someone can kill someone and not be arrested. If it was Trayvon who shot and killed this man, he would be behind bars, whether he was authorized to have a weapon or not. It is in the American Psychy that if you are A Blackmale, you are a criminal, and many other stereotypes. This is not only held in the media, and the general public, but also exists in a Justice system that we use as a model to the world.

    • Beaglebabe

      The witness was not new, but the MSM sat on it. Interview was given the morning after on 2/27 to Fox Orlando. They have video. This man had a window just above where the incident occurred. We are only now hearing about it on Nat’l news because Floridians have known it for three weeks and were posting it on the internet. The “New Witness” thing was a ruse. It was also reported by other FL newspapers.

    • Lou Gots

      The dispatch gave "SPECIFIC INSTRUCTION," you say?

      Are we writing about the same case? The radio dispatcher's words were, "Okay. We don't need you to do that."

      I suppose that if an Englishman backm in the 1890's was told by Queen Victoria, "We don't need you to do that," a subject would have treated it as an "instruction"–a free American, not so much.

  • randy

    The gun nuts of the NRA are responsible. They pushed for the stand your ground law. They should be charged!

    • Lorraine

      I don't believe the problem is the law. It's with how it is interpreted. It is intended to protect victims of stalkers and domestic violence.

    • Dave

      Maybe you should be charged – with criminal stupidity. Morons that blame all law-abiding gun owners if someone commits a crime (not proven in this case yet) with a gun are the first ones that will be screaming when every right they have is taken away – right after the guns are.

    • Dave

      BTW, you do realize that the castle doctrine law doesn't even apply in this situation, don't you? Even Zimmerman's lawyer said this.

    • jacob

      Then according to you, only hoodlums, gangsters, drug traffickers are entitled to guns, right ????

      Guns and kitchen knives don't kill people by themselves. It is PEOPLE who kill people…

      But in a culture who has DENEGERATED into caring more for the criminal than for the victim, such
      absurdities were allowed to become the law of the land…

      Or are you going to say that summarily execution of murderers, instead of keeping them for decades
      from appeal to appeal, wouldn't send a sobering message to their "community" ???????

    • JoeThePimpernel

      "Stand your ground" is not being invoked.

      Trayvon was beating the bejeezuz out of Zimmerman when he was shot.

      That's simple self-defense.


      NRA was not involved, and since you dont want a gun, SO?
      It is our right to carry guns for protection against morons like you

      • Juanita

        I agree.

    • Sound&Fury

      There's a reason the "gun nuts" buy guns… to protect themselves from people in da hood like Shawn Tyson. Know what I'm say'n man? Just try'n to keep in real, bro.

    • oceania

      This case has NOTHING to do with the stand your ground law. Please educate yourself you moron.

  • Alvaro

    Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton do not seem to be people who care about the truth *or* the law.

    • Lorraine

      I've said this for years, just the ones with the biggest voices

  • PDK

    Ugly Al Sharpton once again cannot wait for the facts. Al has a problem. So many times a tradigy involving a black ultimately turns out after all the facts come to light was black injustice done to the non black. Al must make hey before the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth comes out.
    After the fact Al never apologizes, he just moves on looking for another tradigy to exploit before all the facts are known.
    Twawna in the 80s and the Duke lacross players in 06 reflect ugly Als style perfectly. Al is a race baiter. It is his stock and trade giving him power, fame and fortune. But it is blacks and non blacks who pay for Als race baiting, not Al. Our culture would be better off without the Al Sharptons in it. Thank you.

    • ppp

      The only race war being fought right now is the undeclared (and unreported) race war against the Whites – in every Western country.
      l can assure you the Whites are losing – in every Western country.

  • montlasky

    It appears that in this case,that is not proven as yet and is endorsed by so many black activists including statements made by the President, that in the US you are guilty until proven guilty! What is happening in the US of A? Freightening to say the least!

    • Talib

      Justice in America is not blind. When it comes to someone who is not a minority in this country, you are guilty before proven innocent. If you are white and rich, the law applies to you differently. If its black on black crime, no problem. There is no hurry to get justice in a case, but when it is a black & white issue (suspect/victim and vice versa) the black individual will always get the short end of the stick. This is a fact and not fiction. America still has a racial problem, but it is projected in politics. Especially among the Right Wing Conservatives.

      • JoJoJams

        Talilb, this is the biggest load of #$% I've heard in a looong while.

      • Dwayne

        Talib you sounded well meaning until your last sentence. The majority of imprisoned blacks were arrested/charged/convicted in large urban cities. Almost all of the large cities in America are and have been run by Democrats for the past 40-50 years, with the exception of a few like New York City and such. Pick your inner city and then look at the council members and mayors, then search the history of those positions and you will find that Democrats have been the ruling party for a very long time. Then look at history again and see how the black community has been devastated by out of wedlock child birth, violence, gangs, drugs, abortion, alcohol, welfare, false teachers in the clergy, etc. Its a tragedy but the only way to fix the problem is to admit the problem and see the cause. Racism is alive and well in all areas of the world, human nature never changes, we are all born in sin. I admit that the most heinous and provable instances of racism are found in the Criminal Justice System and Courts where conviction rates among black males over white males for the same crimes are enormous. But that is mainly due to the ignorance within the uneducated black communities, (see also who runs the education systems in black communities) most of the convictions come by way of plea bargains! An uneducated person is more likely to take a false plea bargain out of fear whereas an educated person knows his rights and will be more likely to fight for those rights, regardless of the race of the individual. The problem can be solved and the first task is to pray and then get educated.

  • Mister Right

    The problem behind the Trayvon Martin case has nothing to do with hoodies, who did what arguments, or 911 tapes. The problem has to do with the media's bias in reporting stories that touch on race and crime.

    There have been thousands (literally thousands) of articles written about Trayvon Martin's death and ZERO articles in the American national press covering the death of Nancy Strait, an 85 year old woman raped and murdered by a black thug.


    The real story everyone should be talking about is black criminality. Blacks make up 12 percent of the population, yet they account for over 50 PERCENT OF ALL MURDERS.


    One black dies in unclear circumstances and we have thousands of articles with libs droning on about "institutional racism."

    An old white lady gets raped and murdered by a black thug and the media doesn't make a peep.


    • jacob

      Now that the issue has been brought to light….

      What was done to RABBLE ROUSER NUMERO UNO, "Rev" AL SHARPTON on that black girl
      issue years ago in N. York that blew up right in his face but almost got lynched that police
      officer ?????

      I sent money to his defense fund but didn't pursue information on the matter…..

      So in other words, I can drag anybody's reputation in the mud and walk away with not even a
      slap on the wrist ?????
      AWESOME TO SAY THE LEAST ! ! ! ! !

      One hundred plus years such would have been handled in a completely different way….


      EXACTLY, Mister Right

    • trickyblain

      The scumbag was arrested for murder (glad OK is liberal in its use of the death penalty). Zimmerman was not even brought into custody. Apples and oranges.

      • Beaglebabe

        Read the police reports and statements, as well as FL laws. No probable cause for arrest. A grand jury is scheduled for April 11, and that has been in progress for some time. You want a rush to judgement,

        In this country we have due process … through the judicial system unless the Executive decides to detain you.

        • WTF

          He called the shooting at FT Hood "Workplace violence", so this one will be called terrorism so Zimmerman can be picked up by the Feds and made to disappear.

    • tazz33

      I also read and reported on this tragedy on several blog sites. The story is true but the MSM won't touch it because it involves black on white crime. Of course, POTUS will be silent.

    • cro

      The only race war being fought right now is the undeclared (and unreported) race war against the Whites – in every Western country.
      l can assure you the Whites are losing – in every Western country.

    • SEO Services

      You've got a very nice post my friend I do agree with you.

  • Larry

    If al sharpton is involved you know it's his blind hatred for any thing that is white. sharpton has exploited and used the black community to advance his own agenda. That agenda is to make as much money as he can. How msnbc news channel ever hired this opportunist is beyond me. Sharpton has done it all including inciting a black mob to commit murder (crown heights riot), Harlem riot that led to the death of several people, the tawana brawley case, etc. While Jesse Jackson might be a hustler he never incited mob violence.

  • Mach1Duck

    It is criminal that the President of the United States endorses and encourages this type of racial descent among U.S. citizens. This is not the first occassion for his "If I had a son he would look like Trayvon", or if he were a college porfessor we need a beer party. The very fact that the New Black Panther Party has offered a reward for Zimmerman is a criminal act….Go to it Secretary Holder!

    • WTF

      I can tell you that if you go to the NBP website and read the mission statement, they have declared war on white people. The skinny one from Philly is on youtube telling folks "you got to kill some crackers"..Please come to my neighborhood and start that shi*, because the last thing you see will be a flash. The black community has been brainwashed into thinking that the crackers owe them for slavery which ended 140 something years ago. Welfare was the biggest mistake that has been made because once started it never ends and goes from one generation to the next. I remember in the 60's, when the more kids you had the bigger the check was. When we had to drive through black neighborhoods they would have fine nice cars out front while we were driving around in an old rattle trap. The world will always have hate, but without it, the Al's, and Jessie's would be out of a job. As far as the New Black Panther group goes, every time one of them opens their mouth, they sound as dumb as a box of rocks. The last thing I'd like to get off my chest is that if you are an American act like it because I really don't care what color you are or where you came from, and the only thing that we owe you is a one way ticket back to your homeland whoever you may be.

  • Mike

    On March 4th, ten days after the Zimmerman/Martin event, a 13 year-old white boy was chased home by two black teenage brutes who then sprayed a flammable liquid on his head and set him afire, yelling, "You get what you deserve, white boy!" If Sharpton, Farrakhan, Jackson and Leftist media truly want to wage the race war Black Panthers have tried for so long to foment, then I say, "Bring it on." The black tail has wagged the dog of this Republic for the last time.

    • whitesurvival

      The only race war being fought right now is the undeclared (and unreported) race war against the Whites – in every Western country.
      l can assure you the Whites are losing – in every Western country.

  • Schlomotion

    I firmly agree that when a killing or murder of a human being takes place, no racial or religious or ethnic or national pressure group should come out swinging its balled fists and calling down fire upon whites, blacks, Jews, Muslims or anybody but the perpetrator. And these people should get their facts straight. To do otherwise is despicable.

  • teq

    1) the community had a rash of burglaries over the last few months, all committed by Afro-americans
    2) From his past behavior, Zimmerman appears to be a hyper-vigilant individual, perhaps borderline paranoid
    3 The photo of Zimmerman shows no bruises on his face, as David Horowitz claims
    Was Martin shot in the back? If he was running away, Zimmerman cannot claim self defense.

    Zimmerman should be psychologically tested. If he has a paranoid personality disorder then he should not be be allowed to carry a firearm. He should probably also be on medication.
    Al Jackson and Jesse Jackson should get real jobs and not spend their lives exploiting tragedies like this. But people have the right to protest over anything they want, whether it be ObamaCare or the killing of a teenager by a disturbed vigilante who is not taken into custody, or at least subjected to psychological testing.

    All the bigots — anti-Semites and anti-Black should go back into their caves and shut up. Zimmerman comes from a multiracial family which includes blacks. This not about racism, it's about mental health. (Full disclosure: I am part Hispanic and some of my relatives could pass for black.)

    • Carlos Perera

      The photo of Zimmerman, showing him in an orange jail jumpsuit, that has been used in most press reports of this sad incident, was taken after a 2005 arrest in Orange County, Florida. He has not been arrested as a result of the Martin shooting. The police report regarding that shooting clearly states that Zimmerman's face was bloodied, as was the back of his head, and that the back of his shirt was grass-stained. This is consistent with the evidence given by the sole eyewitness to the fight, who reported seeing Zimmerman supine on the ground and being beaten by Martin just before the former shot the latter.

    • teqflic

      The only race war being fought right now is the undeclared (and unreported) race war against the Whites – in every Western country.
      l can assure you the Whites are losing – in every Western country.

  • donna martin

    where were the voices when a w kid was doused with gasoline and set on fire by two b kids just for being w?or the young w girl who was beaten in the face because she wouldn't become one of the b kids girlfriend?…or the two w guys who were shot/murdered when they accidently drove into the "wrong neighborhood".where r the voices when b kids are killing each other every single day and lastly where are the voices… ex al and jesse when millions are being raped,tortured and murdered in their ancestors homeland….when children a kidnapped and made soldiers to kill their own families and the girls are mutliated…..I hear no voice from them….and I have never seen a picture of those two handing out food/clothes/medicine to the poor pitiful starving men women and children in Africa……who are so weak they can't even swat away the flies off of their face………no all they do is find cases to rile people up..fill them with hatred and unforgivness… they can get their face on tv…..

    • Chickie

      Excellent post Donna. Just wondering why no one is agreeing with us. smh

  • Johncdavidson

    This is a good analysis, David. The Liberals are using Alinski's rules to perfection. Nobody wants to discuss all the criminal acts perpetrated in reverse situtions. I've heard far more hate speeches against whites that are ignored repeatedly by the media. There is no excuse for this type of on both sides, but we still hear too many from the one side.. .

    • Juanita

      Good analysis from Donna and John.

  • ApolloSpeaks


    is that it's curing thousands of Americans from the disease of white guilt.

    • ApolloSpeaks

      …from the racial disease of white guilt.

    • Fred Dawes

      No white person has any Guilt for acts done 200 years ago; after all 500,000 whites died in the civil war, so what is guilt but away to cry out injustice? the fact is justice was done 140 years ago is never talked about.
      It has always been up to that person to right his or her act against injustice and to act under laws.


    • innocen snail

      The only race war being fought right now is the undeclared (and unreported) race war against the Whites – in every Western country.
      l can assure you the Whites are losing – in every Western country.

  • Amused

    The Fla. "no retreat law " is a GREAT LAW . This case however does not come under that law . Zimmerman is hiding behind that law . And so far THE HARDFACTS do not back-up Zimmerman's story . Zimmerman PURSUED his victim ,even AFTER being advised by 911 NOT TO . In additiion the 911 tapes contradicts Zimmerman at almost every turn .
    The Sanford P.D. made matters worse by leaving this kid on a morgue slab for 3 days before even attempting to identify him and notify next of kin . No matter their reasons here , it just doesn't look good . Zimmerman should be indicted for manslaughter , but that's up to a Grand Jury .

    • Frank

      Be Quiet , you do not know the "hard facts"

      • Rob_Crawford

        Sure he does. The press told him what to think.

        • Amused

          yea , just like the press told you what to think . The Sanford P.D. has had a month to "get the facts " and the 9/11 tapes are a matter of record . The kid was unarmed , Zimmerman was armed , not to mention he's got atleast 50 lbs on the kid . He pursued the kid by his own admission-ON TAPE
          Zimmerman was NOT standing his ground , he wasn't being attacked , nor was there any reason for retreat . Expect an indictment of manslaughter by a grand jury .

      • Juanita


    • Fred Dawes

      Zimmerman may be a nut but he was attacked; see police report, my question is why didn't he call other on that night watch patrol? and why did he go after that black kid? what time did the cops show up?

  • Lew Ritter

    David's blog mirrored my feelings that the race hustlers are exploiting this issue for their own political agenda . I feel that a fair unbiased investigation would have been the proper way to go. It's a shame if martin was killed , but the facts have not been determined. Zimmerman has been declared the villain and will be punished by the Lynch mob mentality of the protesters. It will be imposible for Zimmerman to get justice. it will be like the Rodney king trial in LA. threats of riots will occur unless Zimmerman gets punished.

  • Dispozadaburka

    AT this rate, Obama is going to make Hitler look like Side Show Bob.

  • Brujo Blanco

    This death was truly a tragedy. What we must avoid in these situations are outcome based investigations. There should be no conclusions in advance of the facts. There has been a shooting and if the media is accurate there are two sides to the story. If the race baiters have their way only one side of the story will come to light. I recall the Duke case wherein the evidence was uncovered that cleared all. Ther was no rape. The race hustlers then wanted a trial anyway because of what happened in the past to other blacks. They are not interested in the truth. They want a lynching. The Black Panthers have offered a cash reward for the capture of the shooter.

  • http://firefox PhilC

    Until all the true facts come out nothing will be known. As usual, the so called black leaders are making air time again. Question, where are they for the four cops white cops that were gunned down by blacks? How about the two British tourists that were killed by a black teenager? This Zimmerman guy doesn’t stand a chance, even though he’s Hispanic, too much media exposure took care of that. Wait until Obama’s DOJ gets involved, that when the hanging starts. As per Florida’s law, he should have never pursued this punk, that was his mistake. Good people are targets of criminals like the kid everyday, read the news. We have to be able to defend ourselves from them.

  • Rev.CathrynParadise

    The purpose of this lynch mob is to distract us from the Muslim in Toulose France who murdered SEVEN people three of whom were children. Good forbid that Islam should be exposed as a religion for sex addicts and murders.

    • muchiboy

      "The purpose of this lynch mob is to distract us from the Muslim in Toulose France who murdered SEVEN people three of whom were children. "

      I suppose we could say something similar about the Christian soldier in Afghanistan who murdered SIXTEEN people many of whom were children and women.Face it,we are all more the same then different.muchiboy

  • John_Kelly

    Trayvon Martin was killed on February 26th 2012 and this is truly a national tragedy.

    But let's just stop and consider some glaring facts that the mainstream media have "overlooked."

    In February 2012, three black men Michael Aikens, Rolondo Stewart & Travis Moore committed a home invasion in Gonzales, Louisiana and brutally killed three elderly white people by cutting their throats.


    Sharpton is a loud mouthed, brain dead “applause-aholic” who will do anything possible to get in front of a microphone.

    His I.Q. is the same number as his shoe size and his only talent is an unlimited capacity to create social discord and division. While he flaunts the title “Reverend”, if he was the only Christian (?) I ever met, he would convince me to become an Atheist or a Muslim.

    The killing of Trayvon Martin is a national tragedy but Obama is now weighing in on the Trayvon Martin killing (ONE MONTH LATER) as it is politically expedient.

    Is he so afraid and driven by his "approval ratings" that it takes one whole month to express compassion to the family of Trayvon Martin.

    If he had ANY real compassion for the family he would have gone public on the day of Trayvon’s killing.

    Obama & Slick Al are cut from the same cloth………..ALL TALK…… and both have such a high regard for the truth that they only use it on special occasions.

    • Rob_Crawford

      At least Sharpton, et. al. were mute. I wouldn't be surprised if they cheered it.

    • Fred Dawes

      Thank you, you can see. about 25 years ago my fathers last living Sister was beaten almost to death in her little home, she lived for 2 years in total pain the black guts 5 in all did go to jail for 90 days. In the last 10 years about 2000 old and young whites have been murdered by blacks but only 60 have been put in prison only 2 have been killed by the states.

  • Vlparker

    The circumstances surrounding the killing of Trayvon Martin must be discovered and justice, whatever that may be in this particular case, must be served. However, the lynch mob tactics of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton come to the forefront time and time again when a black person is killed. They are never around when the crime is black on white. When investigating these crimes it should never be black vs. white (or in this case hispanic), it should be right vs. wrong. Unfortunately, people like Sharpton and Jackson have a vested interest in expoiting white on black crime, but none in black on white crime. It really isn't about Trayvon Martin to Jackson and Sharpton, it's about Jackson and Sharpton and how much political mileage they can get out of it.

    In January of 2007 Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian were tortured and murdered in Knoxville, Tennessee in a crime that was so reprehensible and depraved that it will make you sick to read about it.
    The victims were white, the perpetrators were 5 black men and you never heard a word about it on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN or Fox. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were no where to be found.

    • BS77

      I remember that case. The poor teenagers were subjected to the most horrible torture and then killed..
      Where were Jackson and Sharpton then? Double standard. Hypocrisy .

  • Diane L. Crosby

    I have but ONE question – what the hell is a WHITE MEXICAN?????
    Oh wait – silly me, it is the counterpart of the WHITE AFRICAN – you know," THE ONE " who currently
    resides illegally in the White House………………………….

  • jacob

    Your selective appreciation truly floors me…

    So the killing of these three people in Louisiana, the white boy set on fire by two black teenage brutes, etc,.
    are just par for the course but the death of this black boy in Florida is a NATIONAL TRAGEDY ?????
    GIVE ME A BREAK…..! ! ! !

    Would it be up to me, all those students who participated in the protests would ha be sent home and
    would have stayed home but then again, as a proverb goes, for some reason GOD gave no horns to

  • BS77

    Everyday people are being shot….young children, the elderly, women, young teens…, white, hispanic, asian, it doesn't seem to matter….where is Al Sharpton when a three year old boy was shot to death in front of his parent's mobile food truck by idiot gang members shooting up the streets? Every day another person or number of persons are shot to death in this anarchy and chaos of gun violence. How about this: In Mexico over 40,000 people have been killed by gang violence in less than ten years. OVER 40,000!!! Put the T. Martin case in perspective….it's one more tragic and senseless killing added to thousands. What a nightmare.

  • Diamond Mair

    Just as a FWIW – a year and a half ago, 14-18 black males were arrested for the gang rape of an 11 year old Hispanic girl – the response? The majority of the media & black community blamed the 11 year old child ……………………….. the most recent article I could find on the case is dated July 2011 …………………………………

    And while the black community wasn't silent, it most assuredly was not concerned with the young girl; the local "poverty pimp" was busy doing his imitation of Jackson & Sharpton …………………………….. never met a microphone he didn't like …………………………………

    Semper Fi'

  • digdigby

    Am I the only one who remembers when a President of the United States simply would not comment on an inflammatory and unclear LOCAL police issue? And then to make 'Trayvon' the son he would have had. I SO 'disrespect' this race pimp Quote-President-Unquote.

    • Dave from Chicago

      This just goes to show, 0bami is nothing more than a community agitator at best.

    • Diamond Mair

      Not knowing how old you are – back on 24 July 1970, Charles Manson's trial opened – somewhere along the line, President Nixon made the statement that Manson was guilty, either directly or indirectly, in the murders for which Manson was on trial – next day, Manson 'flashed' the jury the front page commentary by Nixon {presumably hoping for a mistrial}. Since then, not too many POTUS have opened mouth/inserted foot with the amazing alacrity & agility of Øbama ……………………………..

      Semper Fi'

  • reason1984

    Obama is every bit the race shill as a Sharpton and a Jackson, he's just a little more subtle with his dog whistle. Examine the black on white attacks of last summer (the so-called flash mob attacks) in major cities across the country, well documented with video and eye witness accounts. Where was the hue and cry then. Can you imagine some right wing hate group offering cash awards for the capture of anyone involved in flash mob attacks. The new black panther party had been marginalized until they became empowered by Mssrs. Holder and Obama over the voter intimidation case. Maybe it's time for another Beer Summit. Read the "Color of Crime" published by the New Century Foundation available free on online. You decide. Golf anyone?

  • ron

    This is a extremely important factor about this incident that has not been mentioned by anyone.

    Obama has been and is a race agitator and divider. The Democrat party – Obama thrives on these type of incidents.

    Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the NAACP, the SPL all thrive on race agitation and division.

    This incident for them is a gift from heaven.

    Our Media / Press salivates and goes orgasmic over this kind of story. They can milk and exploit it for weeks of front page news stories – like they did the Duke LaCrosse incident. They will exploit, distort, lie, falsify, spin, the facts.
    Our Media / Press will also 100% support the ideological far left, Obama, Sharpton, Jackson and all the other race agitators. This incident will be structured to help Obama's election and strengthen the black vote.

  • mrbean

    Yassah, awk dah bruthas an dah sistas dun no care ifun dah hoodie Traynor dun attack dah Zimmerman dude cause Traybor dun beez a mexicracka who defent hisself with dah gun when attack by dah hoodie Traynor. Dat witness say Traynor attack Zimmerman. (Too bad, make me sad water come to me eye cause another chimpout thug bites the dust)

  • Janie

    I'm very disturbed by the "bias" media reporting and of some people with a "knee-jerk" reaction of wanting to condemn Zimmerman. As far as I know we are still a nation that believes in, "Innocent until PROVEN guilty"…I also believe that if there was probably cause to arrest, they would have. The evidence at the scene and the witness's back up his story of self-defense. I wasn't there…none of us were…did Zimmerman act inappropriately? We don't know…but Murder? I don't think so. I also believe, in their grief, the family refuse to accept the findings and have gotten their church and others involved in a race baited controversy that may get others injured and/or killed. And then who do we blame for "blood" on their hands? Police Report:

    • Beaglebabe

      You are so right. The family, in their grief, are being used by Sharpton, Jackson, and the rest of those who capitalize on making people victims. All this media attention and the marches will only make it harder to have a fair trial. Where in this country will you find an impartial jury with all this publicity?

      I can only imagine what it would feel like to have a son killed. Trayvon’s family must be in terrible pain. You’d think these leaches would care enough to give them some peace.

  • trickyblain

    Horowitz focuses only on the negatives of the black community as if the New Black Panthers was somehow representative. He doesn't mention Russell Simmons or the many members of the Black community who are warning against unlawful reprisal ("Trayvon Martin didn't die so we can create a race war he died so we can promote better understanding. We must start honest dialogue").

    And Horowitz also doesn't wonder how a scrawny 140 pound kid could be "beating him to a pulp"? A full-grown adult male could toss a gangly kid — giving up more than 100 ponds — off him in a blink, no? Also not in dispute is that Zimmerman pursued Martin — making the claim that "Martin attacked him" absurd beyond reason. If someone is chasing you, how can a defensive response be an attack? Zimmerman had no legal authority to pursue and was advised against it. Or why there were no drug/alcohol tests conducted on Zimmerman? Listening to the tapes, he's noticeably slurring his words. Law enforcement officers and dispatchers are trained to recognize this. Why was there no test? Why were witnesses prodded to change stories?

    Horowitz claims racism against blacks is a "rejected past" (but racism against Jews — his group — is a growing problem – go figure). If Horowitz rejects this past, why does he make every attempt to make the black community look bad by citing examples of the negative and omitting any and all examples of the positive?

    • Paula Foreman

      Trayvon Martin was no 140 lb. scrawny kid. He was a 6'3", 200 lb. young man, a football player. Quit buying the propaganda fed to you by race baiters. They care nothing about Trayvon, just what they can make off the tragedy. Where have they been for all the black on black crime that has been occurring? Or black on white? They are the scum of the earth and care for nothing but themselves, their wallets and their fame.

    • CanadConserv

      Stats do show increasing attacks on Jews, but not on blacks. Moreover, DH is talking about worldwide, not just the US. Accordingly African states are not singled out for condemnation at the UN, over and over and over. No black African state is considered illegitimate, or relentless investigated by UN bodies. It was not black children murdered in France, or cemeteries with black names that are defaced throughout Europe. It is not black people running scared from Malmo and elsewhere. No one and no state threatens a holocaust of black people.

      DH is right.

      • trickyblain

        Points well taken. I think you know me well enough to understand that "never again" means exactly that. Yet, I was talking about domestic racial issues. There, DH is not right. As our Mr. Bean/Pointman shows us, racism — against blacks — is alive and well in my country.

        The point of this screed is that the black folks are making something out of nothing. He says the shooter was attacked. Absurd. Here's my hypothesis: The (drunken) shooter ran down his victim, based on the fact the victim was black and wearing a hoodie. He confronted his victim physically. Then the shooter got his ass handed to him. And shot to avoid a further beatdown. This is not being "attacked."

        • CanadConserv

          I do indeed know you well enough to recognize you're not someone of any prejudices.That's a pretty good theory about what happened, one which may well prove accurate. I had heard at first that investigation was being blocked. Now that I understand otherwise I'm less troubled, assuming there's no reason to think it will be a coverup.Steve

  • DogsHateRomney

    GO! DAVID!

    "……..You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your (WHITE) brother's eye." ~ New International Version (©1984)

    The NAACP, The Black-Centric Obama administration, and Eric Hold-Yourself; their SEIU, and Black Panther cronies have planks of such collective magnitude that they could pave a Low-way from D.C,

    ~ to Baltimore,
    ~ to New York, NY
    ~ to Philadelphia, PA
    ~ to Detroit, MI (Dee-TWAA)
    ~ to Dayton, Ohio
    ~ to Chicago, ILL
    ~ to Atlanta, Ga,
    ~ to Memphis, TN,
    ~ to Montgomery, AL,
    ~ to New Orleans, LA,
    ~ to Houston, TX,
    ~ to Oakland, California
    ~ to Hawthorne, California
    ~ to Los Angeles, CA

    ..not to mention Co-Co-Compton, CA.

    • Roger

      Race should have nothing to do with this. The rule of law should be the guiding force.

      And lady justice is blindfolded for a reason.
      While I am opposed to the same people as you, don't think that most people care about their skin color, we just want Holder to do his job. We wish Obama would want to do his. And the media should do it's job. But do you think the skin color of reporters is what keeps them from straying off the liberal plantation?

  • trickyblain

    "A now rejected past." – David Horowitz

    "Too bad, make me sad water come to me eye cause another chimpout thug bites the dust." – Mr Bean, Horowitz fan and one of the most frequent commenters on Horowitz's website.

  • hahabad

    "hate crime" is invented by leftists for their arrogance and pride. Since they believe they are more righteous than anyone else and if they can accuse one group of 'hating' another group, it will show their righteousness is justified.

    And they deem anything that falls against their idiocy ideology as 'hate crime'.

    All victims (those being accused and/or prosecuted of hate crime but actually just a different opinion by telling the truth) should unite and put the 'hate crime' back to the leftists for their hate of women being freed from sharia rule, hate of homosexual being freed from sharia persecution, hate of unborn to have right to see the first light in their lives, hate of freedom of speech for those who oppose their agenda, hate of being freed from oppressions by political religious cult, hate of democracy that results in democracy, and hate of freedom of religion in the Constitution.

  • SimonLove

    A very good article. I've written a similar article on this very topic. The conclusion I came to, was that ultimately this tragedy occurred because of a failure to communicate by both George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin.

    Zimmerman should've identified himself to Martin as neighbourhood watch and produced a badge or whatever to verify this. Martin should've indentified himself as the son of Tracy Martin, who's girlfriend has a place in the gated community where Zimmerman is the neighbourhood watch captain. Both Zimmerman and Martin are partly to blame.

  • Frank

    In case you forgot 6 million Jews were killed for being Jewish,The state of Israel only has one country as an ally, the U.S as Iran wants to destroy them along with the surrounding Arab countries.Right now the negative of the black community is getting all the attention,with a case where the facts are not in ;with the slanderer Al Sharpton leading them.I remember when the OJ Simpson case was over how blacks celebrated [like the Arab Moslems after 9/11] .The facts were in then and it was obvious that OJ was guilty,as he was later shown to be at his civil trial. "Go figure" when Israel is under threat to being annihilated by Iran because they are Jewish. By the way I am not Jewish,and I don"t hate blacks;we are all made in the Image of God,but it is up to us to act civilly.

  • Firebird

    Time to hold the NEW BLACK PANTHER PARTY and SPIKE LEE fully accountible and liable for their actions if that man or his family are harmed someone should sue them for every penny they have and both should be brought under RICO laws Have them answer for their crimes

  • muchiboy

    We all have personal agendas and biases about issues,be it the Palestinian/Israeli argument,or the racial divide in America.While we may have problems agreeing on the facts,what the facts mean is even more problematic.Then we have to decide on our actions,if any.And we haven't even apportioned blame yet!
    Like the Palestine debate,the shooting of a black youth by a white adult is complicated by the facts,and history.There is a terrible and violent history of victimization and discrimination against young black men in America.More recently,there is a history of violence committed by black youth in America.I think for the most part,but feel free to correct me,white American society has invested huge resources,economic and legislation,towards correcting racial discrimination,and the gains are for all to see.Black America,and perhaps liberal America,has much to do in terms of recognizing the violence of black male youth.And no one has to apportion blame here,just note the facts and convene an Indaba.muchiboy

  • Saltire

    Everyone needs to calm down. Let the investigations by DOJ, FBI, and grand jury run their course. Those that are joining in the mob mentality are not privy to any of the information that the investigation is finding, yet.

    The mobs are not seeking justice. They are looking for revenge and retribution. And, the those leading the parade of incitement need to show some leadership and not rush to judgement.

    Also, I do not blame anyone that there are no photos of Zimmerman in the articles. If I had a bounty placed on my head by the Black Panthers, I wouldn't want my photo anywhere. The Black Panthers by placing a bounty, is tantamount to yelling fire in a crowded theater.

  • Amused

    Well lets see about that , Bush Sr. did it , as well as Bush Jr., Bill Clinton, JFK , LBJ and Reagan .Which Pres. are you "remembering " ?
    You "disrespect" Obama ? Fine ….no need to go making up stories . You'd call him the same if he said nothing at all .

  • phillyfanatic

    Because the MSM has already blamed Fox,Rush, Sean, the GOP , Christians , Jeb Bush's so called gun carry law, and perhaps Whitey, the Hispanics in Fla. one wonders why they have never looked at black crime on blacks, black on whites, or black on Hispanics? Then too, the high black killings of youth in their own communities by gangs. This one kid is a real problem of course, but why him and not all the thousands of others? Fla. is a very important re-=election state for Obama. Is that why????????????

  • Woody Pfister

    President Obama, the genius, informed us that if he "had a son. he'd look like Trayvon." What did he mean by that?

    The death of this teen ager is more significant to him because he was black? African Americans all look alike? He agrees with his supporters Rev.Al Sharpton and the New Black Panther Party?

    • trickyblain

      I think it's pretty obvious what he meant. The kid looked like he could've played a young Obama in a movie. Tall, skinny, similar facial features. Don't think there's much hidden meaning there.

  • tazz33

    Why don't the Sharptons and Jackson race baiters report the shameful death, beating and rape of an 85 y/o white woman in Enid, OK. by a 19 y/o black thug. Her husband was also attacked but survived. The only media accounts were in the Enid, OK newspaper and the Daily Mail in London. The killing occured 3/14/12 but not discoved until 3/16/12. The black teen has been arrested. What hypocrits.

  • Fred Dawes

    All of this is about racists and nothing is about justice and laws this nation is doomed to race war.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    It is always disheartening to find out a young person has lost their life in a violent act and life once taken
    is gone. I am curious about one thing, if this young man was a 200lb 6'2" football player how old is he in
    the picture being circulated, looks like a 12 year old to me or younger, maybe and effort to make
    Zimmerman look like a child killer. When all of the investigation is in we can have possibly enough
    to make some kind of sense and decision on what is uncovered. Until then the attention grabbing
    rabble rousing race baiters will have a field day……………………………………..William

    • trickyblain

      17 is still a child — so he is indeed a child killer.

      • Juanita

        How do you know? Nobody knows yet!!

  • Nick Shaw

    Is it me or is Sharpton looking like your typical islamic "rage boy"?
    Now that I think of it, are blacks, or at least black leaders, starting to take on all the characteristics of perpetual rage a la the religion of peace?
    Maybe I'm missing something?
    If Sharpy wants to direct some sympathy and perhaps some deserved rage over a criminal act, how about he direct it to the 90 year old white couple in Tulsa. The woman raped (raped!!) and beaten to death and the husband of 65 years beaten and still critical. And who was the perpetrator? A 20 something black man!
    'Course, you won't find that case on the front page of the newspapers here! I found it in the Mail!! A British site!
    What say you Sharpy?

  • Just wonderin'

    This happened weeks ago, why did the big reaction(s) take so long ?
    This kinda stuff is usually imediately after the incident. Did something else start this barrage ?

  • Guest

    Well you know why NOBAMA chimed in, so he can keep the blacks on his side to get re-elected. That was the only reason and whoever can't see that isn't too smart. Yes this a terrible event, like BS77 above said, but when you look across the country you know this is happening on a daily basis people of all races and backgrounds are shot down. Mr. Sharpton, what do you have to say about this BiG MOUTH?

  • effemall

    DeShawn provides a good argument for the resurrection of the KKK.

    • trickyblain

      Only a complete moron would buy his rouse. He's not black. Statements like yours are exactly what he wants — he's part of the KKK or a very similar organization.

  • denis

    This young man was murdered by a man who lived in fear of black men. Should he be charged with murder? Absolutely. Should the law that allows this sort of vigilantism be abolished? Absolutely. Should Al Sharpton be indited for rousing racial hatred? Absolutely. Problem is there appears to be no willingness at any level of government to act on behalf of the murdered young man and his family. Are race riots next? … answer that question.

    • FuckGoodell

      good to know you have all the facts and believe he should be charged with murder, hell whats the problem, why hasnt he been electrocuted yet.

    • Zedster Ray

      It is not the governments role to be Mommy and Daddy. That is the parents responsibility. It is not the governments role to console. That is what family and church is for.
      Under the current administration, race hatred appears to be a primary battle implement.
      Open your mind and please don't get fooled again.

  • RussK1

    Race baitor, Al Sharpton, is inciting a lynch mob. The president, if he said anything, should have asked for "civility" and "calm", and to allow the judicial process to work. Horowitz is correct. This group protesting has already rendered a verdict of "guilty" by mob rule.

  • irredentist

    The Trayvon Martin case demonstrates like nothing else what Commandante Zero has brought to our country – mob rule. It has now spread from Washington, D.C. to the rest of the country. Worse still, he is actively encouraging the chaos. But the upside is, we all get to see what a community organizer really wants. All the easily led geniuses with labor union educations know next to nothing, but clamor for Mr. Zimmerman's head because they believe what certain people tell them, and what they are told is consistent with their intractable prejudice. They are incapable of imagining Zimmerman could be innocent. What is the magic number – one million protesters and you die? What's next? Insult the community organizer and the NBP calls out the rabble? You'd think someone published a cartoon of Mohammed. Do you think these people want to stop with Mr. Zimmerman?

  • flom

    The only race war being fought right now is the undeclared (and unreported) race war against the Whites.
    l can assure you the Whites are losing.

    • FuckGoodell

      Im with ya brother, time to wake up the white community,

  • flom

    The only race war being fought right now is the undeclared (and unreported) race war against the Whites – in every Western country.
    l can assure you the Whites are losing – in every Western country.

    • trickyblain

      Speak for yourself.

  • liddy

    There has been recent attacks on WHITES. One 13 year old was set on fire by blacks because this kids last name is "Coon". The the rape of an 87 year old woman by black men and her 90 year old husband beaten. He lived and she did not. Then the mother with a toddler who both were hurt by a group of black teen girls and called them whitey ect. The liberal news media never reports these stories plus much more that go's unreported. My advice is have a boycott against CBS,NBC,ABC,CNN,MSNBC and the rest of them seeing they are all racists do to the fact they enjoy race riots and don't report the attacks on whites.

    • trickyblain

      How did you hear about them if they are unreported? Were you there?

      • Thomas

        You have to search the web to find them – at least that’s what I do – mostly there not covered by the MSM.

  • CanadConserv

    If the media had known the "white" guy was actually Hispanic, this story would never have played out as it has – that is, as a story about race. By the time this was known it was too late to rein it in.

  • maghrebchristians

    Egypt’s newly empowered Islamists have tightened their grip, giving themselves a majority on a 100-member panel tasked with drafting a constitution that will define the shape of the government in the post-Hosni Mubarak era.

    Led by the Muslim Brotherhood to victory in parliamentary elections, fundamentalists now have their eyes set on the next prize: the presidency.


  • maghrebchristians

    About 8,000 conservative Salafi Islamists filled the capital’s Habib Bourguiba Avenue, a focal point of the 2011 revolution that sparked uprisings across the Arab world.

    Waving black flags, they shouted slogans demanding that Islamic law, or sharia, be defined as the main source of legislation in Tunisia’s new constitution.

    Read more:


  • Anamah

    It seems classic fascism. Those professional agitators are trying to fabricate a struggle in America. Racism is a preferred excuse adding to the menu the class warfare. Imagination has no limits. Both items are underway, but are they convinced it about the result? maybe somebody find less convincing and quite risky what they are looking for before election. This people are activist agitating the waters to muddy the scenario. They hope to work in perfect symbiosis to reach their momentum… However the lost of prestige is a tortured idea for the Ego and he may have good reasons to be worried.

  • cheryl_s

    One man, Al Sharpton, in his career as agitator and race baiter, has single handedly rendered the lives of almost 700,000 Civil War soldiers to have been without profit. They died in vain. All the pain, all the suffering of this four year long war is lost in the minds of Mr. Sharpton and those that think like him. America is being primed for a second Great Civil War that will make the first seem like childs play and all because of this one miserable piece of human detritus.
    Al Sharpton figures prominently on the "World Stage." This agitator has incited millions, black against white. Why can't be stopped?
    He (along with the current divisive President) will have the singular distinction of being THE men that will help plunge our nation, once again, into a chilling darkness, the depths of which, have never before been trawled.
    That everyone still calls him "Reverend" turns my stomach. This man is evil.

    • UCSPanther

      Sharpton is classic race hustler.

      A race hustler is a type of bigot who can hide and wrap his hatred in a way to fool the more gullible segments of the general public, and makes his living off of either agitating or creating ethnic tensions. In other words, they are a type of societal parasite that feeds off of threatening the balance of society.

      See also: David Duke

  • 1389AD

    Trayvon Martin was killed because he dressed and BEHAVED in a menacing manner. That was his own choice.

    There is also some evidence that he was, in fact a drug-dealer and gang-banger, and that he was casing a particular location that had lately been besieged by burglaries.

  • Zedster Ray

    If Sheriff Arapio's cold case posse would have determined Obama's documents to be authentic, the sheriff and his cadre would have received Nobel prizes and been paraded on every channel.

  • Askari

    So, I finally see who supports the FOX propaganda machine and these nutjob GOP presidential candidates. What a bunch of willful and fearfully ignorant people who support David Horowitz in this idiotic dribble he calls an article. Ironically, your guilt is on FULL display via your uninformed comments. A young man was killed in cold blood by an unstable, armed man. Trayvon Martin RAN away from George Zimmerman who followed despite being SPECIFICALLY instructed by the police to NOT to do so. Martin can be heard screaming for help on the 911 call. Yet, so many of you have created this delusion that somehow a teenager armed with a bag of Skittles candy and a non-alcoholic beverage who was RUNNING AWAY attacked an armed man. Get real!

    Even sadder is how so many of you complain there was no media attention for cases of white people who have allegedly been attacked and/or killed by blacks. However, you left out that these black people were arrested, charged and imprisoned. That's the difference in this case. How is it that the African American community is now being considered a lynch mob for demanding LEGAL justice for a young man who was killed by a psychotic vigilante who acted as a one-man lynch mob? What a bunch of weak-minded people you are to let David Horowitz lure you away from reality.

  • francny

    I am also fed up with the lynch mob mentality destroying a man's life and that of his family and friends without knowing the facts of the case. What also bothers me is the fact this has also become about money. The lawyer for the mother of Trayvon Martin has has put out a request for donations to help pay the monthly bills of the parents because they both have quit their jobs and now they are copyriting the young man's name. There is no way that George Zimmerman can ever get a fair investigation of the facts now. Reporters and talk shows are practically calling for a lynching of this man. The family puts out a photo of a young Trayvon looking like a young boy yet his facebook pictures show a tatooed 6 foot young man with gold teeth whose friends contact him on facebook to "talk business". He was caught at school with jewelry that did not belong to him which had been stolen from someone's house. This was no innocent young boy with no bad history. Not saying that means he should be shot, but Zimmerman was beaten and bloody when the police arrived which makes me question the true facts that are being spouted by the press. I am sick and tired of this lynch mob mentality ahead of the facts. And I think the President should know better than to even get involved in the issue. He should have only stated that a proper investigation should be supported. When is this nonsence going to stop?

  • cybergatis

    Some people get killed just standing around minding their own business.

  • Moses

    If Black America be without sin then let them cast the first stone. All crime is committed by the evidence. It is threw the evidence that it should be judged. What ever happened between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, the evidence makes it crystal clear! Whether both races want to acknowledge the truth about what really happened is another matter. Since the White race left an enemy behind, and the Black race don’t want to air their dirty laundry of treason and genocide that they continuously commit to their own people, there will never be justice. Over 5,000 Black children are murdered by Negroes each year. But were are the big time preachers and this so called unity with black women and men to honestly show the same fury and the same rage against their own people for the suffering they have caused.

  • Melinda Craig

    blacks call whites racist because we do not want to send our precious children to school with them and we are terrified to live in a community with a large number of blacks. Then when a Hispanic is involved in an incident (Zimmerman) blacks us it as an excuse to murder innocent whites? Is there any wonder why whites move as far as they can from blacks?

    • OfficialPro

      and leftists and black leftists (but mostly white liberals) decry “white flight” while failing to remain in predominantly black areas, themselves.

  • Melinda Craig

    So when will someone answer me this? Why are blacks head hunting whites over this ? Why are they not going after Hispanics as well? The answer to that is blacks need Hispanics on their side in their war on the devil whties problem is if you are white you can never be sure if your kid is safe in school with the blacks or you can be safe in their neighboorhoods

  • Melinda Craig

    Very strange how blacks pretend to be so offended by what whites say, yet they leave no doubt they would wipe whites out completely given the chance. someday whites will wake up and demand a separate nation for blacks, sorta like black leaders demanded a few years ago.

  • Bibikimmers

    Let’s just see what happens when you meet your maker and explain to Him why you hate His children.

  • Rangerhits

    Just a thought! There are now more Hispanics than Blacks in my state of Texas. Who is in the minority. Why don’t we all become Americans who value the lives of all other Americans. We better, because a lot of the world does not like any of us.