Democrats Vote the Mentally Disabled

I am incredibly steamed this Thanksgiving Holiday over what the Democrats are doing to my country. Everybody by now knows – or should know – how readily Democrats conduct election fraud, and how determined they are to defend it. James O’Keefe and others have taken videos of paid Democratic operatives encouraging citizens to vote twice. O’Keefe was even able to claim Attorney General Eric Holder’s own ballot at a district polling place by claiming to be him, and then to vote in his place. Democrats have promoted Motor Voter laws and same day registration, and month-long election days to help them mobilize the votes of people who are so unconnected to the political process and so uninterested in the country’s future, and perhaps so incompetent to understand what voting entails that they require keepers to see that they get to the polls and then vote the “right” way.  In the election that put Al Franken in the Senate by a few hundred votes, more than a thousand felons voted illegally because of the loose laws that govern the polling booth – laws the Democrats want to make even looser. It is in fact the number one civil rights issue of the NAACP this year to give felons the right to vote. So we know that Democrats have little respect for the election process, and we should assume they will attempt to pursue their victories by any means necessary.

But even knowing this, I was not prepared for a conversation I had at Thanksgiving dinner today with my brother-in-law, Henry, who has lived most of his life in a home for the mentally disabled, and though now in his forties has the intelligence level of a six-year-old.

“Obama saved me,” he said to me out of the blue.

“What do you mean?”

“I voted for him for president and now he’s saving me.”

I was taken aback by these words, since Henry had no idea who Obama was, or what a president might be, and would be unable to fill out a registration form let alone get to the polling place by himself. So I asked him how he knew that and how he had registered and cast his vote. In halting, impeded speech he told me that the people who take care of him at the home filled out “the papers” to register him to vote, told him how Obama cared for him, even taught him the Obama chants, and then took him to the polling place to vote. They did the same for all of the mentally disabled patients in their care, approximately sixty in all.

This is so appalling in its contempt for the voting process, which is the very foundation of our democracy, and in its cynical exploitation of my brother-in-law and the other patients in the home, many of whose mental capacities are even more limited than his that I am at a loss for words to express it. I hope poll-watching groups like “True the Vote” will comb the rolls of residents at other homes for the mentally disabled, and attempt to stop this particular abuse. I hope that people who care about our country will make electoral fraud a focus of their political efforts, and work to protect the integrity of the voting process.

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  • Mary Sue

    wooooooooooooooooow. While this doesn't surprise me, it still is disgusting that Democrat-aligned Nursing/Care Home Union Employees are taking advantage of the disabled and possibly (in the case of the elderly) dementia/alzheimers' afflicted people to stack the votes for Obama.

    I bet the poor brother in law had no idea what Obama has even done, good or bad, other than what the care home employees told him.

    Just more evidence that Obama can't win legitimately on the issues, so his acolytes bow to his will and exploit those who are unable or not quite as able as the average person to reason out the issues.

    • Annette

      My grandfather, Democrat ward leader in Philly in the 1950s and 1960s, would always try to get the polling places put into nursing homes so the patients with senility could "vote" too, with "help" from their caretakers. Its been going on for a LONG time, at least in Philly. And if you say anything, Dems, with feigned concern, say, "Ohh, you EVIL Republican! Are you trying to disenfranchise these poor people?" ("Ohh, you evil Democrats! And you are trying to EXPLOIT these innocent people who don't even understand what voting means!"

      • Mary Sue

        Yeah, they always play the "disenfranchised" card whenever they're confronted with either accusations of fraud, or Republicans coming up with ways to combat fraud.

    • palm

      I donj't see anything in David's article mentioning that the home care workers were unionized and since there is no "Nursing Care Home Union" this seems to be an unfounded assumption. Unless of course David told you privately that he knew they were and that the people caring for his brohter-in -law were unionized and that they belong to a union that does not exist and is aligned with Democrats.

  • Bright Knight

    ALL Obama-voters are mentally disabled – so Henry is not the exception

    • Crx

      How much intelligence did it take to write your response?

    • Lucifer Dye

      You might consider changing your name to "Not-So-Bright Knight."

  • Donna

    So, I suppose you had the foresight to go and verify this story, before ranting about how Dems stoop to any level to get the vote?

    • Mary Sue

      this general story isn't new. The particular aspect (personal anecdote) of Mr. Horowitz's is. It confirms what the other stories were saying, from people whose own family members, many of whom were in nursing homes, that their elderly dementia'd parent(s) were whisked off to polling booths to pull the lever for Obama.

    • Choi

      It's 'The Chicago Way" ,Donna.
      Nursing Homes,Rehab Centers,etc. residents get registered by the Democrats who are SEIU caregivers.
      If they reside in the "institution" 30days prior to an election,a Deputy registrar(Union caregiver) can sign them up to vote from there,voters are COACHED to ask for "assisted Voting,and that's where they pile up votes.
      It's IMPOSSIBLE for patients DEPENDENT on these SEIU caregivers to NOT Co-operate.

      • JC Lincoln

        Since collies have the intelligence of a six-year old, I want to give collies the right to vote. They would only need as much assistance as this person did.


      Everyone KNOWS what Demo-BOLSHEVIKS do.
      My friend never joined the Demo-BOLSHEVIK party in the 1970's in Philly, because she said flat out that the Demo-BOLSHEVIKS would register mentally ill/handicapped.

      We all know what you do. YOU know what you do. You better hurry and get patriotic Americans named as 'enemies of the state', b/c you KNOW that many Americans will turn on you and it aint gonna be pretty. DEAR.

    • chelsea

      I used to be a democrat…not any more. And I've seen the fraudulent behavior at the polls with workers telling voters to vote twice as they hand them 2 ballots. So yes…it IS the dems that are doing this and it's disgraceful.

      • David R

        Evil will always act in an evil way…it is the only pattern of behavior to expect from those who call right, wrong and wrong, right… and who present a pre-election platform of gay-rights, gay marriages and the murder of millions of unborn babies every year.
        The US is under God's judgement because of this and we will all suffer because of theGodless, blind fools we vote for.

        • fiddler

          Nothing drove this home to me more that the feigned "vote" 3 times mind you to put "God" back in the DNC during the convention. I shuddered when I saw the replay of their "vote". In the Bible something done 3 times is very significant (sort of like "3 strikes and you're out").

    • SoCalMike

      Dems wage holy war because for many Dems politics is their religion.
      The right already has their own religion but for the left government is god so lying and cheating in pursuit of power "is a good thing."
      Dems are the party of voter fraud and consider is a scared right.

      • Questions

        The NAACP only marginally acts as Democrats. More centrally, it acts as blacks on behalf of blacks. That race is not our friend.

        • Mary Sue

          Left wing anything, black or white etc, is not our friend.

        • Guest

          If the NAACP is such a wonderful organization why have flatly refused to represent any one not of southern Africa descent? There billions of people that are not of eastern European descent. Yet this organization claims it is not a racial decision.

    • Russ

      In what universe do you reside? The marxist/socialist democrat gang has been refining their black art for well over 100 years. If you aren't aware of this your ignorance is by choice. Same scenario for the willing iiots during the bolshevik movement!
      I believe even GOD is getting tired of helping this country!



    • JacksonPearson

      Dems don't stoop, they bend over!

      • Looking4Sanity

        Yep. The poor ones bend over forwards and the rich ones bend over backwards. It's a symbiotic relationship.

        • Lucifer Dye

          How do you feel about working-class people who vote Republican, the party that believes that millionaires don't have enough money and poor people have too much? Isn't that kind of like the chickens voting for Col. Sanders?

          • Looking4Sanity

            I like them just fine. They display they ability to think objectively (unlike you) and put their country before themselves. I'm sure you call them idiots. I call them patriots.Obviously, you're some sick variety of radical Left wing extremist. Were you the occupy clown we saw crapping on the police cruiser? That's about where I peg your intellect.

    • victor

      It's the writer's brother-in-law who told the writer abiotu what happened, what more verification do you want. That was not hearsay. But as a poll watcher in northern virginia, I witnessed so many irregularities, it was pretty difficult to keep up with all of them. The Democrats are corrupt, and they will stoop to any level to win. I am not surprised after what I have seen in my precinct in Northern Virginia

    • Doug Rodrigues

      Using objective deduction about how the previous lelections gave Al Franken a win, and now how Alan West was cheated out of office, I can say that the Neo-Communists do cheat. No question about it.

    • JC Lincoln

      Look at all them thumbs down. I think you're lost and got onto the wrong page. In fact, I know you're lost.

    • gerry

      Lok in the resr mirror,at the convention,the whole world saw Democracy in action.The Dems will have to live with it as well as other things.Glad that Obama was reelected,we will have four more years of free fun!

    • Jeff


      These have all been in the news in the past. I am guessing you only stick to your news outlets that tow your party line? Well, if you give a damn, you have to search a little for these stories because you wont hear it reported as loud as you'll hear that "Mitt Romney strapped his dog to his car!"

      You people are so narrow. Grow up. Listen up.

    • sharon

      Please Donna, don't insult OUR intelligence.

    • Diane

      So unless you hear it from MSNBC, CNN, or the NYTimes rag, this report doesn't have legitimacy??

    • bsfurg

      If he went in and complained that brother in law would be out on the street the next hour.. thats how the Democrats work and they know allof the crooked ways of soind things..Obam ais one of the crookeds men we have ever had in the WH.

  • Coptic John

    Oh democracy … how many people talking about you, singing about you all the day, calling you after their names, but it's all just a facade of their vicious nature…

  • Guest

    Donna is either ignorant of the facts that are easily verified on the web or simply a ranting democrat loon.

    My question is, what are you going to do about the rampant illegal voting, I can answer. You like everyone else are going to to nothing. In uniontown alabama, the vote count in 2010 was 120% above the actual population for eligible voters. What do anyone do? Nothing. What could be done? Nothing. Minorities are privileged. The insane run the insane asylum. The thiefs run the jail.

    The democrats and liberals now control everything. Stand back and point fingers as they screw up a once great country and hope there is enough left to pick for your children and grand children.

    Blacks are now in charge of the country. A black man runs the once stronger country on earth. Has any black ever run a city, county, state, or country and made it better? Let's see, Birmingham, Detroit, Memphis, St. Louis. Etc. ect. Oh yeah, and before you so-called conservatives say it's liberals policies, to he'll with that argument. Norway, Finland. Sweden all work just fine with liberal socialist policies. It's the culture stupid.

    • gerry

      A Democrat is a loon and o they voted for the criminals.The ones that brouhgt us "fast and furious" ,"Benghazi".They voted for the pathological liar.They voted for decadence.These elections were a fraud even in Zimbabwe the elections are cleaner.

      • Lucifer Dye

        Wasn't "fast and furious" begun by George W. Bush?

    • Fritz

      Actually most of the countries in Europe with liberal Socialist policies do NOT work. Sweden was heading over the "fiscal cliff" 20 years ago until all of the political parties there made a gentleman's agreement to cut spending and pay down debt. An interesting fact about Sweden: political parties have to raise their own cash for campaigns, there is no government welfare for political parties like there is in Canada (who is ending the practice) and especially the U.S.
      With regards to Norway there is virtually no private sector aside from small business owners and residential property, just about everything in their society involves the heavy hand of government. If it were not for oil revenues they would have gone the way of Greece several decades ago. In spite of the fact that they have billions in oil revenues coming in they still rape their citizens with some of the highest taxes on Earth, hence why their economy is largely state run since government takes 60-75% of everyone's income.
      Another fact that is often overlooked about Nordic countries is that they have small and relatively homogeneous populations, they do not have tens of millions of illegal, and legal immigrants, and bogus refugees flowing in from the undeveloped world to bankrupt the system.
      The behavior and mismanagement of Black politicians stems from a culture that is based in the welfare state and government dependency. With few exception most blacks, including the mulatto and chief, view government as the highest calling in life and most relevant force in society. So in a world where there is no consequences, where big brother is always there to bail you out, where everything that goes wrong in life is the fault of racism, the "man", whitey, why would one expect anything different?

    • Diane

      Dear Guest – There was a time the United States of America "worked fine" when legislators followed the Constitution. While you're on a comparison role, the U.S. is becoming more like Germany WWII, Russia, China, NKorea, and every other third world hell hole with "liberal socialist policies".

  • goemon

    60 mentally disabled, huh? Man, the work ethic of leftists is truly extraordinary. At least all the work they do to corrupt society and governments into impoverished hellholes.

  • Tanstaafl

    This is a perversion of democracy. Time to have photo ID in every state and competency testing on the residents of the "homes" that bus voters to the polls.

    • joel carson

      A competency test should be a standard part of the voting process for every election which when passed will give a permit to vote in that election only . This will first of all weed out the ones that don't give a damn. The next purpose of the passing of the test will be that the voter will be current on the issues both nationally and world wide . The test should cover also the understanding of different economic systems and the advantages of one system over another. This BS of mob mentality directing the evolution of a culture has to be stopped . NO MORE IGNORANT VOTERS !!!The world will be a better place and much less expensive to manage and lead. It won't be anymore inconvenient than filing your taxes and only the interested need to accomplish it . DEMOCRACY SUCKS because it leads to the ignorant directing the nation practicing it .Look at the people in the middle east who for the most part are ignorant . They scream for the vote and then vote for an ideology that enslaves them . YOU CAN'T FIX STOOPID !! .

      • Marina

        Wow, I would surely like to give you more than just one "thumbs up" – but that's the decorates' way, and I'm no donkey. Independent thinker, that's me, and I have a younger brother with Down Syndrome. Depends on whom he's with at the moment who he likes or dislikes, politically. So while I would LIKE for him to vote "my way", I'd rather he didn't vote at all, as impressionable as he is. Same goes for all the rest of uneducated folks who just want you & me to pay for them & their irresponsible ways of life.

        • Marina

          argh. spellcheck misspelled my DEMOCRATS' way! pooh. :-p

      • Fritz

        Or you could adopt the Canadian approach. Have a standing voters list and an independent agency administering elections, it does not have to be federal but it should be taken away from the local level. First of all use paper ballots, with a simple "X" or a circle for people to shade in, no machine voting, period!
        There is a standing list of voters, and a counted number of ballots, (one voter one ballot) each count from each pole must be recorded and witnessed by representatives (scrutineers) of each political party, then placed in a sealed envelope on election day. You can vote without being on the voters list but you need to produce an I.D and a proof of residence, and sign a registration form, you can't vote at a station in an area in which you do not live. Here is something else to do, make voter or election fraud a felony like it is in every other developed country. Those care home workers would get several years in jail or a huge fine for pulling that stunt in Canada and many other countries but for some reason it's treated as a joke in the U.S, in fact they would not even be allowed in the voting booth.

        • Mary Sue

          Yeah! Canadian way is way better, though I'm pretty sure there was hax/fraud/people bussed in to get Elizabeth May elected.

  • @BlazePhoenix_

    You are full of crap Horowitz. Present your evidence–the name & address of this care facility to your state Attorney General's office for further investigation, or STFU. You are, always have been & always will be, a flat out FRAUD.

    • PS Boston

      If you aren't seeing evidence of Leftard voter fraud, you're simply not paying attention.

      • jakespoon

        Or one of them,a dimlib.

    • Mary Sue

      what makes you think he has not already done so?

      • Looking4Sanity

        Because he's a left wing know it all. Isn't that painfully obvious?

        • Mary Sue

          I just love left wing know-nothing know-it-alls! [/sarcasm]

          • Looking4Sanity

            They can be entertaining at times. Usually not, though.

    • Barry Koplen

      The same thing David Horowitz describes happened here, in my Virginia city. Although I suspected it had been a national occurrence, I couldn't find proof. I have communicated with a caregiver/witness who was struck by how wrong it was. And is. Although I had wanted to present this information to our Attorney General's office, I wanted to find whether this had spread beyond my town.
      It saddens me to read your ad hominem attack on Horowitz. Is belittling him the best you can do regarding this topic? If so, what a shame…

    • cmdorsey

      You seem so mentally challenged that I won't even say YOU are a fraud, that is, if even know what the word FRAUD means. But I will say…You are a dope. Check out – – google ACORN or White House Oversight Committee. You'll find all the proof you need, you seed-brain

      • Russ

        I appreciate your macabre humour. Unfortuately I believe you are serious. So, during the Stalinist muderous regime to find out why people who disagreed with "uncle joe", joe kennedy sr's best bud, disappeared or found in mass graves, you as the no doubt indoctrinated at somewhere such as UW Madison (known in the upper midwest as moscov university wisconsin0 would take the reports in pravda as true; no questions asked. acorn; are a mindless automaton! You're not even Beating the crap out of you is not even worth the time. You and your cowardly sickening ilk will end up in the gulag system. anyway; and it will be the near future.

    • Mo_

      Answer me truthfully: If he presented all of this to you, would it have any influence on your view of him or the situation?

    • Russ

      Let me guess…AFL_CIO, SEIU…it must be one of the "punk" groups" of mediocre minds to which you belong. Onward to the Great Leap Forward you barely mindless dolt.

    • Russ

      So where's your proof of accusation a88hole?



      bye-the-way your cartoon likeness of you with the shemang is impressive, for a dick-head!

    • Choi

      NO Blaze,YOU STFU!
      You KNOW Damned Well it's TRUE.
      In Chicago,they PERFECTED IT.
      They even have Nursing Home/Institutional Voting AT the facility either the Friday or Day(Monday) BEFORE Election Day .
      They BRING the election there.
      The judges are Democrats,including so-named 'Republican" judges.
      The caregivers are UNION(mostly SEIU) and they bring the patient/voters down to vote with a Democratic sample Ballot in their hands(it's Legal) and an affidavit asking for Assisted Voting.
      They can even pick THEIR caregiver as the "ASSISTER" or else 2 Election judges,'"ASSIST",(on the surface one from each party)and say that they want to vote for who is on the sample ballot.
      @BlazePhoenix_ :You're the one who is FULL of $#!T

      • Annette

        Its been going on since AT LEAST the 1960s, when my grandfather was a Dem ward leader in South Philly. Its why he was on such good terms with the nursing homes, and why whenever we dropped by the polls to visit zayde on voting day, it was in a nursing home.


      Of course you would say this, the #1 thing that all BOLSHEVIKS must do is lie. And attack your opponent with something that you ARE.

    • Marina

      Wow. Guess we know YOU'RE coming from. Folks, from his own words (oops, click on his @blazephoenix yourself; when I copied from his personal bio, admin deleted because of the profanity -blazephoenx's, not mine – contained therein)…Anyway, this is NOT a nice person, and his opinions matter naught! He should pay attention to his own advice and "STFU".

    • Marina

      @blazephoenix (you don't deserve caps) Wow. Guess we know YOU'RE coming from. Folks, from his own words (oops, click on his @blazephoenix yourself; when I copied from his personal bio, admin deleted because of the profanity -blazephoenx's, not mine – contained therein)…Anyway, this is NOT a nice person, and his opinions matter naught! He should pay attention to his own advice and "STFU".

    • gerry

      The biggest fraud is the one in the White House and was elected by people with the same values.Write to the attorney general and ask him to unseal all the documents concerning Obama.

      What has he got to hide?Funny that all over the world people know about their leaders,just tell us what you know about the pathological liar,this will take you just a fraction of a nano second,perhaps less!Come on tell us

    • PaulRevereNow

      Why is Horowitz a fraud? Because YOU don't have the brain-power or patience to appreciate anything he says? Go get your government hand-out check, or your walking around money from ACORN, and play video games on your computer, while you wait for your rent-a-mob supervisor to call; so you can scream at people that create jobs; that's what YOU call work.

    • Mary Sue

      Oh! you're a stupid hippie! Saul Alinsky can rot in hell and George Soros is an Evil Commie Banker.

    • Poppakap

      I just love the oh-so-tolerant, diversity loving attitude of the sickle & hammer crowd like PhoenixBurnout. A perfect example of why they should never be trusted with power is this whopper he wrote above, "…Present your evidence… or STFU." We can't make this stuff up folks. You can always trust totalitarians to be totalitarians no matter the flowery language used by their leaders.

      In addition, it seems the burnout boy in Phoenix flunked his reading comprehension tests in elementary school (as if anyone is surprised by the correlation between lack of educational achievement and Obama support). That he wasn't able to comprehend the fact that Mr. Horowitz presented the evidence he is demanding provides yet another example that imbecility has replaced introspection in our electoral processes.

    • Cole

      Your a piece of work. In case your not familiar with the word "work", look it up.

  • cmdorsey

    Mr. Horowitz, first, thank you for all you are doing! These people committing the fraud, including the top law enforcement officer of the United States, Eric Holder, are shameless. Now I understand why Oblambo seemed so arrogant during the election. He knew he would win with all of his brainwashed followers doing the dirty deeds for him. – the new name for ACORN – shows a list of their 'clients'. One of their clients is the NEA. How lovely. We need to get the word out to parents! PULL YOUR KIDS OUT OF THE SCHOOLS AND UNIVERSITIES NOW because these places are breeding grounds for filth. The NAACP, the DCCC. Then go on to and you'll find a really special infographic that has them BRAGGING about their great work. Such as early voting, blocking voter id laws, not to mention, the secret behind closed door meetings with Obama. Here is that link:… < I checked all this out the other day, however, I must admit, I was nauseated for several hours afterwards. The WH oversight committee has reports dating back to 09 all the way through Oct. 2012 about ACORN and Campaign Finance Violations by Obama. But I guess the republicans aren't ALLOWED BY LAW to sue for voter fraud? How dumb is that, especially when this fraud information is right there under their noses. Now we have Agenda 21 globalist whackos to fight before they take over our private property and what time of the day and WHERE we can urinate. Thanks to Glenn Beck who has been warning about this for many, many years. Finally, some are seeing it as fact. It has been hard to explain this to people because they treat you like you are the nutjob. I told my dad, in 2008, before he was nominated, that I thought he was a groomed plant for muslims to finally take America to her knees. So since then, it's been every single day digging up information. Same as so many others have done. Wow we are tired though. But we won't give up. We The People want JUSTICE.

    • Maxie

      The SEIU (Service Employees International Union) has district offices all over the country. In effect they are the equivalent of a $0viet (workers 'council') in the former U$$R. Think about it.

  • brooks4540

    Care givers taking residents from a group home to the polls and going into the "booth" with them was noted and filmed by a concerned citizen and shown on TV. The mental capacity of some no doubt may be adequate but not all. Our Secretary of State Mark Ritchie is a radical leftist and was a member of the New Party. He was elected with the help of Soros' Secretary of States project. The result was Coleman's defeat by Al Franken. He set aside a simple process where ballots and votes counted were compared. In 2010, there were 1700 more votes than ballots. A large number on felons voted too. More than the final difference between Coleman and Franken.

    • Choi

      Wonder how many Somalian NON-American citizens vote in your state?

  • kafir4life

    The democrat party doesn't have any problem with voter fraud. They take exception to it being pointed out. In their heart of hearts they know they are the party of frauds and cheats. Behind closed doors they high five fraud, and feign incredulousness when they get caught.

    • gerry

      They are the party of fraud and the greastest fraud recorded by history.Just look at the vote taken during the convention,this what the party does best it is its image.Lies fraud treachery is their trade.

  • MikeWood

    The Left, so sure that their utopian fantasies are the right way to go that they'll stoop to anything to implement them. They are only too willing to use Machiavellian methods to further their goals: hence the murderous tyrannies they produce.

  • PaulRevereNow

    Mr. Horowitz,

    So why don't the Republicans fight voter fraud?! I heard Dara Fox on the radio last week, describe the voter fraud in Woodbridge, Virginia; i.e. how people would give their names, and the poll workers would look up that name, only to find that the name had already been checked off, as having voted; how 142% of voters in some districts voted; how Republican poll watchers were forcibly removed from polling places in Ohio. Republican organizations don't respond when I call their attention to this. Also, there is an article on, describing how Eric Cantor received information from a Georgia Representative named Humphries, that could have derailed Obama's campaign. Instead of going public with the info, Cantor turned it over to FBI director Robert Mueller, who sat on it until after the election. Makes me believe that there was a deal between the Republicans and Obama, to let him be elected again.

    • gerry

      Wow,better than Zimbawe.

  • Demetrius M

    Our neighbor works in a group home for adult, mentally ill people. Most have about the same mental capacity and on election day, she relayed to me that a "Democrat rep for the area" was in the home attempting to sign up voters and "create a temporary polling station" at the home.
    We have known this lady for a few years and she is pretty much apolitical, being in California, that can be difficult, but she swore to me it happen. She knows the Democrat rep from her other charity work so she knows who this individual is. My neighbor did complain to a superior but was told not to worry about it and that "official" election polling workers would be at the home within an hour, but not until the Demo rep was finished "schooling the voters".
    Long story short she was sent home from work for bringing it up again, faced a reprimand the next day for some nasty comments she admitted relaying and is now looking for help in making a formal complaint. Can anyone help here?

  • Deerknocker

    A good place to begin the conservative resurgence is to focus public pressure on tightening voting rules and voter ID. I don't know if voter fraud cost Romney the election but I do know that voter fraud is widely practiced by Democrats and if it were not a factor in elections the Democrats would not so vigorously oppose measures to protect the integrity of the voting process. Making it easier to vote is not in and of itself a public good if in the process it opens the system to fraud.

    • gerry

      Around the world there is no doubt that Romney's loss is due to voter fraud.

  • Arlie

    I will never vote Republican again. They are the SAME as the Demoncrats. They are both complicit in taking us to this hell only at differing rates of speed. WE The PEOPLE need a NEW Party that won't sign a Consent Decree to NOT challenge FRAUD. We were never told about this Decree until this election, it slipped out by chance, I'm sure the Republicans still would not have made this well known. If you don't know what I'm talking about please find it at In the 2010 midterm elections I worked as a poll watcher, trained by my local RNC, I challenged a few votes and had the lawyers number on my phone and for any question I had a lawyer let me know what to do. The Dems working at the poll saw that I was taking my task seriously. I over hear a person come in and say, "they are waiting at the (Section 8 high) rise for the buses", he told her, "We're not doing the buses this year now ". So, in some part I feel I did my part in preventing this instance, but this State is so Blue that the people I wanted elected were not anyway. I worked from 7 am to 9:30 pm. We need a new party because the Demoncrats are EVIL and the Republicans are STUPID and they are both corrupted to be either Progressive or full tilt Commnist. We should get behind the Constitutions Party or Start a New Party. This system is bad. 2013 will mark 100 year of the Federal Reserve Act, Dec 2013. How's that working for us? VOTE THEM ALL OUT. Get the Unions out of the Education System or Get your Kids out of those mind numbing indoctrination, overpriced babysitting, country killing schools too.

    • Choi

      The problem is that the GOP needs to fight them THEIR WAY,minus the Vote Fraud.
      The Democrats ORGANIZE on the ground level and in most places the GOP counts on its voters to deliver themselves.
      Again,it's a matter of "The Chicago Way"-The Republicans are bringing a toothpick to a gun fight.

    • fiddler

      Arlie, three things we need to do:
      1) remove the career politician draw by instituting term limits
      2) FORCE all elected officials to live under the same laws they create. If those like Pelosi created a "level playing field" they need to be FORCED to live under it.
      3) Until our GDP causes the "pie" to substancially GROW, they may NEVER vote themselves raises. Let fostering growth in the private sector be the incentive for them to share in the resultant prosperity. No prosperity, no raise.


    • Saber

      The Libertarian Party

    • palm

      Busing people to the polls is both legal and used widely by both parties. It doesn't matter if the buses come from subsidized homes or evangelical churches. It is legal and commonly done. It is also legal to bus only people from your party, whether it be Democrats from Silicon Valley offices or Repbulicans from southern churhces. Helping people vote is patriotic

  • Lady_Dr

    AGREED – it is essential that we stop this everywhere, at all levels. And we must do it immediately. Otherwise there might not be a presidential election in 2016. Pretty clear to me that the Dems did not win this election – they stole it. There are so many places, so many ways we need to crack down. But it must be done immediate.

    When I registered to vote in 1965 I went to the county courthouse. Today, one is accosted (prbably by Acorn or SEIU) on the street and encourage to register, An elderly friend who winters in Florida tells me that she was in the mall there and asked if she would like to register to vote – when she told the woman she was registered in another state, the response was "that's okay, you can register here too!"

    • fiddler

      It sounds like we need close O'Keefe several thousand times and dispatch them to every street corner of the nation to catch this evidenced cancer of corruption.

  • Arlie

    Mr. David Horowitz please report this with place etc. to Thank You Sir. G-d Bless.

  • bill fish

    One correction to be made by David H: it is James O'Keefe, not Dan O'Keefe.

  • Jean

    I agree with Mr Horowitz. I am speaking from experience. I am guardian of a disabled brother and what Mr Horowitz says is EXACTLY what has happened in the past to my mentally disabled brother. If I am his guardian because he is "incompetent" then how can he have the common sense to vote; PERIOD!

  • popseal

    Enough already with the whining and belly aching about the OBAMANATION now ruling from on high Give me a call so I can join the Second American Revolution, just stop the cry baby routine, we all know how bad it is and we should all know that nobody is listening. THAT'S WHY CORRUPTION IS KING D.C.

    • Looking4Sanity

      And exactly how is your venting your spleen any different from anyone else's? Take a moment to reflect on your own hypocrisy. Also? You have no idea how bad it is, let alone how bad it's GOING to get.

  • Arley Steinhour

    Hmmm, I just tried to support, 'most Liberals,' from contempt, for what seems to have happened, in the (presumed) 'Cities,' of this once Great Nation, but my conscience/voice slapped me up along side of the head, and all I heard was the words from: 2Th 2:11 And for this cause, God will give them up to the power of deceit and they will put their faith in what is false: (BBE) (I use BBE, here, so even Biblically unread, can see what I believe God has invoked, as a warning, for the way our Society is living, today.
    Thank you David Horowitz, your witness may do more than a pulpit sermon, to wake up the dead hearts, and give sight to their Blind Spiritual eyes. Hooo-Raaah, you speak well. Keep the Watch, He's very close-by.

  • SilverFox

    Things are not always as they seem! I worked for a while with profound mentally ill adults. Programs are set up for those who are able to help them keep in touch with the outside world (out side of themselves). They get on a bus and go to school. They watch movies and TV. They are constantly being taught ways to help themselves to their mental capabilities.. Although this above report seems shocking. It seems unlikely it actually happened. If this individuals did ?vote? These votes were probably handled like so many others….such as marks in wrong places……… tossed. It was to help them know what they are seeing on TV, and hear from other angles. I really don't think you have to be worried over this one.

    • Choi

      If David Horowitz said it happened ,IT HAPPENED.
      Why would David Horowitz put HIS family in this unless it's totally 100% TRUE?
      Anybody that "doubts" him is either a LIAR or in DENIAL!

    • Looking4Sanity

      There are none so blind as those who will not see. Good luck with that.

  • Western Spirit

    Before the election I was informed that my dead husband's records had been tampered with and information stolen. I immediately informed authorities. When alive he voted Republican but when dead he probably voted Democrat.

    I did my best from preventing this from happening but who knows things are so corrupt the authorities I reported it too may have been Democrats willing to cheat, too.

    Something must be done about voter fraud and why haven't the Republicans guarded this institution for us?
    Nothing short of a revolution seems to be the answer and who is going to advocate that? Like the "Arab spring" the wrong people could get in control of it and make our situation worse.

    • Choi

      The Republicans can't do it without voter help.
      How is that?
      Because the Democratic CONTROLLED State Legislatures pass laws such as Motor Voter , Election Day Registration,and no "PROOF of CITIZENSHIP" for registration.
      Back prior to 1980 or so,Illinois for example,had IN-PRECINCT Voter Registration Day.
      Every Election precinct was open (9am-9pm) to register new voters,First-Time Voters,new move-ins,and women who changed their name by marriage or divorce.
      the registrars were that precincts Election Judges.
      New Citizens actually had to present their U.S.District Court issued papers granting their new American Citizenship.

      • palm

        The Republicans control 37 legislatures and the Democrats control 17. Motor voter registration is required by the National Voter Registration Act passed in 1996 by a bi-partisan vote.

    • Mary Sue

      Hipster Chicago Democrats were stealing people's identities before it was cool!

      • palm

        What is your evidence of this?

    • palm

      My sympathies for the loss of your husband and the double loss of learning that his records have been tampered with. However, I notice in your comment that you did not say someone had registered to vote in his name. And I notice that you assumed that this happened and that any illegal vote was Democratic.

      If you have proof that his identity was used to register and vote illegally and that they illegal vote was for Democratic candidates, I apologize in advance for my reply, but from what you wrote there is no indication that the stolen id was used for voter registration and no indication that any illegal vote was made for either party. It seems like you have created a crime that did not happen and blamed a party with no evidence and then extended the blame to "authorities" whose party affiliation you seem not to know.
      Again, I apologize if you have evidence, but based on what you wrote, there is nothing to back up anything of the charges you make. If you are going to blame a person or a political party for a crime, you need to cite evidence or be dismissed.

  • Ann

    how sad these people are voting in the same people who will take them in front of the death panels, who will mark them for death not only as a part of the left's agenda but also un agenda 21…obama is not saving them HE'S KILLING THEM…the first person to die under HITLERS death panel and done by DR's was an disabled baby that was put down like a dog…then they used a bus to go to the facilities where the disabled lived and put them in the bus and gassed them…sad — just plain sad…Dio ci salvi…

    • palm

      There are no death panels. I am surprised you are still repeating this canard 4 years after the Act was passed , upheld by the Supreme Court and is in operation. There is an expert panel which reviews drugs and treatments for their effectiveness and recommends which ones should be covered because they work and which ones do so little that they should not covered. It does not deal with individuals, doctors or death.

  • Choi

    NO Blaze,YOU STFU!
    You KNOW Damned Well it's TRUE.
    In Chicago,they PERFECTED IT.
    They even have Nursing Home/Institutional Voting AT the facility either the Friday or Day(Monday) BEFORE Election Day .
    They BRING the election there.
    The judges are Democrats,including so-named 'Republican" judges.
    The caregivers are UNION(mostly SEIU) and they bring the patient/voters down to vote with a Democratic sample Ballot in their hands(it's Legal) and an affidavit asking for Assisted Voting.
    They can even pick THEIR caregiver as the "ASSISTER" or else 2 Election judges,'"ASSIST",(on the surface one from each party)and say that they want to vote for who is on the sample ballot.
    @BlazePhoenix_ :You're the one who is FULL of $#!T

  • Ghostwriter

    Well,I see the lawyers are going to be working overtime. That'll probably be good for them.

  • riverboatbill

    Who else would vote for Obama?

  • fiddler

    This article makes me so sad. Is it any wonder why some states want to secede? These people never run out of ways to exploit and cheat. You say, well Republicans do it to. I say, not those who fear God. The Bible talks about people with consciences seared as with a branding iron. At my age I can begin to throw up my hands, but I have grandchildren. What about them? Sometimes the only consolation I have is that Christ is coming back.

    "Behold I come quickly and my reward is with me to render to everyone according to what he has done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the Ending"

  • JC Lincoln

    The Kenyon has finally achieved the status of Messiah!

  • Betty

    we need to start looking for some one now to run that love this country and the AMERICAN people. that is if we get to have another election. the dictator is hard at work you know. I pray every day GOD will take control and deliver us from obama. this is one evil person I feel.

  • weroinnm

    Vote Fraud – What They Aren’t Telling You!
    “Food For Thought”
    Semper Fi!

  • DrBukk

    New laws needed:
    1. All online payment gateways will enforce AVS fraud protection at the highest level for registered PAC's and candidates. This means the name, street address, zip and security code must match the cardholder's.
    2. All states will adopt a voter I.D. law just like that of Georgia, which has been approved by the US Supreme Court.
    Getting something installed based on competency would be logical but it won't happen unless there is a revolution. Once a right is established it's impossible to take away.

  • Annette

    Mr Horowitz, THANK YOU FOR GOING PUBLIC, AS I HAVE BEEN DOING,TO EXPOSE THIS EXPLOITATION OF THE MENTALLY DISABLED! I am a 53 year old woman born and raised in Philadelphia. My late grandfather was a Democrat ward leader for many years in this city, and my late father was a labor union president. I became a Republican at 18 because of all the corruption, ghost voting and other crooked deeds I grew up seeing in South Philadelphia.

    Recently I worked as an election official at my local polling place, as a Republican. AGAIN, I saw the nurses wheeling in severely retarded people to "vote"; people who dribbled and could not speak, who waved their arms frantically, not knowing where they were, not able to communicate. I saw in one case the nurse hold the gnarled hand of the mentally and physically disabled man and "sign" for him. They then went into the polling booths and "helped them vote". My grandfather used to do a lot of fundraising for Jewish nursing homes in South Philly, and I did not learn until I was older WHY he did: so he as ward leader could have the nursing homes used as polling places, to make it easier for nurses to wheel senile patients downstairs to "vote". THIS GOES ON ALL THE TIME IN PHILADELPHIA!

    I am willing….MORE than willing, in fact, to testify to this if you need me to.

  • ollie popkin

    our poll in philadelphia suburb had the nextdoor senior home residents come over in a bus, they were most senile or over 100 and could barely walk, many completely out of it, I know because I was checking them in, some did not know their own name or where they were. It was so sad and infuriating. the dem poll people even went over to supposedly get one lady's vote who could not get to the bus, I had no choice in the matter. Who knows how many votes they came back with. we were very outnumbered and outgamed.

    • Annette

      Yes..this happens all over Philly and in the Philly burbs. Its WHY the Dems always try to get the polling places placed inside nursing homes and homes for the disabled, or very close to them.

  • Jan Levine

    This happened at the facility I work at. (developmentally disabled) I called my Board of Elections and they said you just have to be an American citizen and registered to vote. Scary.

  • Annette

    Mr Horowitz, THANK YOU FOR GOING PUBLIC, AS I HAVE BEEN DOING,TO EXPOSE THIS EXPLOITATION OF THE MENTALLY DISABLED! I am a 53 year old woman born and raised in Philadelphia. My late grandfather was a Democrat ward leader for many years in this city, and my late father was a labor union president. I became a Republican at 18 because of all the corruption, ghost voting and other crooked deeds I grew up seeing in South Philadelphia.

  • ratonis

    It is time for a political candidate to explicitly, clearly, and forcefully challenge the integrity and yes the patriotism of the Democratic Party. It is no longer an American political party. Let somebody say so, please, in public.

  • newTexanbabe

    We bank and pay taxes on line with our unique social security #'s. So we should all vote using them Getting rid of polling places and redundancy will save millions plus one vote per SS# will cut fraud. Call your reps. Senator John Cornyn admitted he failed to insure every soldier got to vote. He was as impotent as any democrat.

  • Maxie

    Yes, voter fraud is rampnat – it's an art form for the MarxiCrats who laugh at people who are so naive to be honest and ethical. The really sad fact is that the GOP is willingly blind to the fact and extent of the fraud. It's a total cop-out. The GOP knows it will only win if the vote is a near landslide in its' favor to compensate for the accepted fact of MarICrat fraud. The problem is the Dem's need only capture a few key districts in two or three 'swing' states to pull it off. Voting reform is long overdue but don't hold your breath. We are The Peoples Republik of Amerika.

    • Lucifer Dye

      Yeah, Maxie, you gotta watch out for that rampnat voter fraud.

  • LookAtBothSides

    Are we going to deny that both sides don't partake in this activity? Im quite certain that George Bush won the 2000 election by cheating and it was the deciding factor

    • nightspore

      Actually, all of the problems were in Democratic precincts.

    • Poppakap

      Sorry lookylou, you have absolutely zero evidence to support your assertion, ZERO. This is not a matter of moral equivalence, it is the difference between political philosophies and tactics. The areligious sickle and hammer aficionados of the radical left (Obama's campaign strategists & associates) care little about democratic institutions except when it serves their purposes. Hence, in the leftist dialectic, the end justifies the means. Such a philosophy is not found, and has no history of being found, amongst the liberty-loving body politic of conservatives.

  • Anamah

    I realize now it was right my call for somebody to know how stop that woman to vote… in my precinct. It was obvious she was a mentally disabled, she started to cry in loudly talking as a toddler, she did not know what to do with those papers. The woman in charge told her to wait for her, then the other one lost her mind sobbing screaming she didn't know how to sign.
    I called for back up for anyone from the Republican Party or … I was in bad condition, almost wasn't breathing, The woman in charge, told me: You know, she can't talk because she had a stroke!
    .- How do you know that? and if that is why she doesn't understand we have a problem here. So I believe she is not able to understand what is she doing here! Call an officer, an inspector, anyone! ; I do not like this seems to be an illegal vote. The person whom I was begun to complain to me so finally I couldn't stop it…. I feel terrible now, and reading David article worst, because now I know me too I have been scammed.

  • mark

    Right now I see the enemy as our media. Without their consent, the corruption couldn't/wouldn't go on without public outrage. Witness the people in Egypt firebombing Al Jazeera offices responsible for spewing Muslim Brotherhood propaganda. Those people understand the source of the problem.

  • @BobHoniker1

    I witnessed this personally. While in college I worked part time at a center for adult mentally retarded. The liberal staff had all the clients registered as democrats and bussed them to the polls. They would have had to actually mark the ballot for most of the clients. I was informed at the time that there was nothing illegal about it. This was taking place back in 1980, I suppose it might be more common now.

  • gerry

    The whole thing is a joke even in countries the fraud is not so widespread or institutionalised.Nothing new,JFK was elected with the mob's money.

  • NomoreB

    Absolutely believable! I heard about voting of illegals too. All they did spent those 4 years to make swinging states blue states

  • Loyal Achates

    Pics or it didn't happen…but I guess wild conspiracy theories are more amenable to your psyche than accepting the fact that you lost the election and represent the fringe of American politics.

    • Mary Sue

      When people SEE it happen with their own eyes, it's not freaking conspiracy theories, dude.

    • Poppakap

      Epic fail loyal. Where did you learn rhetoric? The Girlz Gone Wild school of philosophy? By your standard, all court cases must now have video evidence or else its disallowed. Perhaps the dumbest thing I've ever read.

    • Joseph Hertzlinger

      Some Democrats claim this doesn't happen. Others (see… are outraged when anybody tries to stop it. I think a debate between the two sides is called for.

  • BS77

    One out of seven Americans is on food stamps….millions are unemployed, millions in poverty….but all you see on TV are mobs of idiots lined up outside Wal Mart for Black Friday…..This is something out of an Orwell novel. It is frightening to behold. Corruption. Sixteen Trillion Dollars in Deficits, staggering foreign debts…and a nation on the threshold of chaos. Where are the responsible journalists?????

  • JakeTobias

    I knew it. I knew it wouldn't do any good to have half of my family committed. Now if only I could find that funny.

  • Egreen

    State laws vary regarding the voting rights of mentally impaired or incapacitated people. In Pennsylvania, for example, the state Constitution does not allow for limiting voting rights regardless of capacity. Other states allow restricting voting rights only if the person is declared legally incompetent. Like all election practices, this needs to be addressed on a state level.

    The Left certainly understands and knows how to exploit the law. SEIU's push to require unionized home health care workers under ObamaCare was not merely to guarantee jobs, but access to votes (most easily accomplished by mail-in ballot). Where laws can't be changed, it may be a case of "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" – relatives of incapacitated adults with a right to vote need to be the ones assisting those voters, again preferably by mail where allowed, to head off any Election Day exploitation.

    • Annette

      Families should take their loved ones home on voting day, or spend the day with them visiting (they should be doing this anyway!) That way the disabled cannot be exploited for their votes.

      • Mary Sue

        Yeah, but this leaves those who have no family vulnerable…

  • lily longflower

    hey remember when mitt romney ran for president?


    • corrcomm

      So it’s all just a big joke, huh? A failure of election integrity is just something to laugh about in your “mind”?
      You fit right in with the Democrats, I’ll say that much.

    • Poppakap

      Yeah, I remember. It seems all the mentally deficient were conned into voting for a failed, lying, socialist believing he was Santa Claus.

    • Joseph Hertzlinger

      It looks like one of the mentally-disabled Democrats showed up.

    • kafir4life

      foolish lily…….the best thing about all this is that YOU will suffer with everybody else at the paws of President Stinky (BO). It's not just going to be the wealthy, the successful, the non-gov't dependent taxpayers. It'll be you too, lily.

  • jstan442

    what would one expect from the lefties?? they have no soul nor care for anyone else’s-they are so very unhappy- and they put their unhappiness onto others along with their guilt–they are coarse (just look at obama and his ‘enemies’ comment or the ‘revenge’ one).inept(fiscal cliff anyone) rude and unamerican is the only word i can think of to sum it all up–i pray they get what they want–the end of a free people

  • Sam Haque

    You're a monkey and deserve to die.

  • Western Spirit

    What can we do? Now that we know fraud is endemic to our elections surely we are not left without a cure for this dis-ease. So what is it? Our system of government will die if no remedy is found.

    Now that fraud has helped to reelect Obama, a failure at everything, the country has already begun to decline in strength and vitality. But even now it's not to late to save it if we knew how.

  • Western Spirit

    What can we do? Now that we know fraud is endemic to our elections surely we are not left without a cure for this dis-ease. So what is it? Our system of government will die if no remedy is found.

    In fact one of the country's founders, John Adams, stated that our Judeo-Christian religion is vital to the survival of the nation because of the character it installs in its citizens.

    Therefore to answer my own question we need a rebirth of freedom preceded by a new adherence to our faiths that build character.

  • lily longflower

    righties are such sore losers.

    they inflicted 8 years of w and dick on the country and feel no shame for blaming their poor decision at the polls back then on democrats today.


    such idiots. very entertaining idiots.

  • Carlos David Aguilar

    Your response is childlike. Pointing out a sick and disgusting tactic that democrats used to gain votes is not being a sore loser it’s hopefully pointing out fraud that can be corrected. If I recall Democrats were probably the most hateful group of people I’ve ever seen when it came to President Bush and his elections, wake up drone.

  • Larry3500

    I work as a precinct captain in my home precinct in the San Fernando Valley section of Los Angeles, CA. The L.A. County Registrar of Voters website includes a detailed precinct-by-precinct listing of how each precinct voted. For each precinct they list the number of VAP (Vote At Poll) and the number of VBM (Vote By Mail) ballots. The VAP total for my precinct is listed as 585, which exactly matches the number that I turned in. I can't verify the VBM total because many were actually mailed in, as opposed to the many that were turned in at our precinct. My precinct's registration is approximately 3-to-1 Democrat vs. Republican (yes, I'm in the minority). I looked at the vote totals for my precinct on the Registrar's website; for every candidate/proposition the vote was approximately 3-to-1 in favor of the Democrat candidate or position. On most races other than the Presidential race there were approximately 100 voters who did not cast a vote – probably people that voted for President and stopped at that point. My point is only this: I trust the results here. I may not like them, but I do trust them.

  • wsk

    Mentally disabled, liberal. Tomato, tomahto……

    • kafir4life

      …..let's call the whole thing off.

  • Brian

    For another article about suspicious voter activities, go to and click the article, "Man Wants Lutheran Bishop To Stay Away from Politics."

  • Palm

    Why the rant about felons voting? The Constitution gives every American the right to vote. It says nothing about felons losing that right. Voting by felons is a state matter and 11 states and the District of Columbia allows felons to vote. And why not? If you have done your time and paid your debt, what is the point of depriving you of a Constitutional right. Almost all felons committed crime that have nothing to do with voting. Allowing felons who have served their time to engage as citizens might help them stay out of jail. There is no evidence from the 11+ states that allowing felons to vote has resulted in any fraudulent voting or other voting related crime.

    I can think of a few members of Congress that shouldn't have the vote, but your average run of the mill felon – I just don't see the problem.

  • palm

    It is true that there are serious problems with America's election system. A Republican voter reg firm in Sacramento CA, Momentum Political Serices, has ben indicted for changing Democratic registrtions to Republican. The GOTV firm hired by Mitt Romney was caught in FL shredding Democrtic registrations and had to be fired by the RNC. Voting machines in Toldeo, Dayton stopped reading ballots. Voting machines in Milwake registered Democratic votes as Republican. Democratic operatives were filmed trying to get people to vote twice. Thousands of people were removed from the voting rolls in Florida although they had been voting for years. The Pennsylvania elections office made robocalls telling people the wrong date to vote. Every commercial voting machine in the country uses software that a middle school student can hack. The head of the Pennsylvania Senate bragged that shortening early voting would give Romney the election. And on and on. Manipulating, suppressing, defrauding the vote has become standard operating procedure in the US. We need a Federal overhaul of voting and a national standardization of voting rules so they can't be manipulated for political gain.

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  • Annette Rf

    I work the polls as a Republican….I have seen caretakers wheel severely mentally disabled people in who could not even sign the book in front of me…the nurse held their hand and signed for them, then went into the booth with them. In one case through the curtain crack I saw her push the buttons for the disabled guy in the wheelchair. This is a guy who was babbling and head rolling, had NO idea where he was or what he was doing.