Frontpage’s New Blog

David Horowitz was one of the founders of the New Left in the 1960s and an editor of its largest magazine, Ramparts. He is the author, with Peter Collier, of three best selling dynastic biographies: The Rockefellers: An American Dynasty (1976); The Kennedys: An American Dream (1984); and The Fords: An American Epic (1987). Looking back in anger at their days in the New Left, he and Collier wrote Destructive Generation (1989), a chronicle of their second thoughts about the 60s that has been compared to Whittaker Chambers’ Witness and other classic works documenting a break from totalitarianism. Horowitz examined this subject more closely in Radical Son (1996), a memoir tracing his odyssey from “red-diaper baby” to conservative activist that George Gilder described as “the first great autobiography of his generation.” He is author of the newly published book The Great Betrayal (Regnery 2014), which is a chronicle of the Democrats treachery in the war on terror before 9/11 to the death of Osama bin Laden.

We are pleased to announce the appearance of a new blog edited by Frontpage Shillman Fellow Daniel Greenfield. Daniel is one of the brightest stars in the conservative blogosphere and webverse. His Freedom Center pamphlets Muslim Hate Groups on Campus and The Great Betrayal: Obamas Wars and the War in Iraq are essential reading for anyone concerned about our country and its future. His columns for Frontpage are on the cutting edge of conservative thought and stellar examples of conservative polemic. I am very excited that Daniel has taken on this task for Frontpage and look forward to what he will produce in The Point. Following this announcement I am terminating my own blog. In the future anything I have to say in blog form will appear under Daniel’s editorship in The Point.

  • shirley jean dobler

    A David and a Daniel just what we need in these times. You are both brilliant . Thank you for the truth. God bless you.