Obama’s Position on Israel

The first (and last) thing anyone needs to understand about Barack Obama is that he is a Machiavellian con man whose loose way with the truth makes Bill Clinton look like a boy scout. This is a born and bred Marxist radical who charmed the pants off Wall Street and seduced its kingpins into giving him $100 million for his first presidential run. This is a man who will say and do anything to get power – and in an election year, power is at the ballot box — hence his pledge to the Jews this AIPAC season that he “has Israel’s back.” In this astute piece in the Wall Street Journal, Bret Stephens shows that Obama has been schooled in his antagonism to Israel not only by such Palestinian Israel-haters as Rashid Khalidi and Edward Said, but by Jewish leftists as well. Obama is a smooth enough article to fool most of the people most of the time. Hopefully, come November he won’t have fooled them all of the time.

  • http://grannyjanandjihadkitty.blogspot.com/ Granny Jan

    I've been trying to decipher Obama's character for over four years. I've made great strides in this area and have uncovered some very uncomfortable truths most of which are politically incorrect and have been ignored by the conservative PTB. It might be worth it for people to take a look at my work as my husband, who knows me me better than anyone ;-), told me that no one knows Obama like you do. Would he lie?

    Oh, another small thing. I just happen to be the person who coined the phrase Obama is "the Fourth Best President" in a the first video on the subject immediately after the 60 Minute interview, the section that never appeared online. I have also made famous Obama's feet on the Oval Office photos through a series of videos. It's been a busy four years and I do it gratis.
    Janice from Amherst
    My You Tube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/RobtKraft?feature=mhe

  • Matamoros

    Hussein is, most emphatically, a slavish Mohammedan first and foremost. He's well schooled in the art and concept of "taqiyya" and practices is endlessly. His mohammedism was displayed from his very first speech to Al Jazeera and by his obsequious bowing to his masters in Mecca. Only a true slave bows to his masters.

  • Touchstone

    What always gives the game away is the somber, dour look on Obama's face whenever he appears next to Netanyahu before the cameras. That's not the look of an ally who "will always have Israel's back". That's not a show of warmth and solidarity from a friend who just the day before touted the "unbreakable bond" between the two countries. That's the look of a man full of contempt, who sees Netanyahu as an obstacle to overcome, not a friend to embrace. Obama can lie and hustle with the best of them, but his body language just can't get with the program whenever Netanyahu's around.

    I suspect there might be some envy in that icy cold facial expression as well. Netanyahu can stir a crowd with the power and sincerity of his words, whereas Obama looks like a hack with a teleprompter. Israel must never entrust its security to such a man.

  • treetop

    Bibi came intent on blackmailing the US president with AIPAC's "Jewish vote". Obama sent Bibi and AIPAC on a neat round trip to "see you next year suckers, and don't mess with the USA"!

    Thax Mr President. You have my vote. USA first. Israel can hop on the back of the bus if it behaves, otherwise f++k off.

    • http://callofthepatriot.blogspot.com HermitLion

      A person who likes to jump into bed with muslims is not a "USA firster"; someone who supports Israel, on the other hand – a country that is at war with shared enemies – IS.

      You sir, however, are an indoctrinated muslim firster, whose brain is as active as that of a peeled nut.

      • treetop

        Oh yeah? And where were Israel's troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, together with our allies like Britian, France, Germany, Denmark, Turkey, Jordan, Canada, Australia…etc? Oh, I forgot. As usual, Israel troops were to busy at home defending israel's occupation desaster to find time to support US interests.

        • kafir4life

          Let's not forget that obama worships that same made up moon god that was invented by the pedophile mohamat. He's free to do so, but we don't vote for them. We don't hire them. We don't shop in their stores. We don't shop in stores that hire them, and inform management as to why.

        • dave

          Too busy inventing stuff to help the rest of the world like laptop computers, mobile phones and tiny cameras used in keehole surgery, the list goes on and on. Israel contributes so much to this world in terms of scientific and medical inventions, at the same time as defending itself against unhinged Arabs who contribute absolutely nothing to this world except violence. The US is the only country in the world who is Israel's friend, while the rest of the world behaves like sycophantic gimps, crawling up the Islamic worlds backside. Israel is on the frontline in this war and is showing us how to deal with these deranged barbarians, shame the rest of the world still insists on appeasement and Islam being a 'religion of peace'.

        • http://callofthepatriot.blogspot.com HermitLion

          Allies like Turkey and Jordan? You need to learn how to read a political map, boy.
          Better ask yourself how many Israeli invented weapons have allowed American soldiers to complete their tasks in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran (which has no US troops in it).
          Better ask yourself how come Saddam Hussein didn't possess nuclear weapons in 1991, when America intervened on behalf of the oil sheiks, and how come when Israeli citizens are under bombardment from muslim missiles, none of your 'enlightened' European allies commits troops to help.
          You know why? Because Israel fights its own wars, while Denmark fights against 'saturated fats'.
          You want Israeli soldiers fighting alongside you in muslim countries? Stop enabling its destruction by those same countries, and allow its citizens to live safely in their own land.

          But hey, instead of realizing half these truths, it is so much easier to write 'occupation desaster' (try the spellchecker once) – at least for a self-centered, muslim firster coward, who cannot tell the difference between friend and foe, and demands his allies to be his slaves.

        • stern

          And can you imagine how friendly the "natives" would have been if Israel had fought alongside the US? Is your memory so short that you cannot recall how, in the first Gulf War, Bush I begged Israel not to retaliate for hundreds of Scud missiles fired at her, in order to preserve the "coalition of the willing"?

          You're so bloody typical. Israel is asked NOT to fight with the US, and you blame her for it.

        • http://callofthepatriot.blogspot.com HermitLion

          First of all, news update: Turkey and Jordan are hostile to America. Listing them as allies shows a very bad understanding of the world (or the term allies).

          Second, there are other ways that Israel and the US work together, without having troops on the ground: both technologically, and in intelligence.

          Third, since we're talking about countries that seek Israel's destruction openly, it would take only a complete imbecile to expect Israeli troops to be sent there, causing instant diplomatic failure for the American forces.

          And finally, if you really expect Israel to commit troops to fight with the US, perhaps you should first consider helping it put an end to the very real, day to day threat that its own citizens face. Of course, calling that 'occupation' is the easiest way not to deal with the fact that you and your likes are actually in favor of the genocide of Israelis, because their continued existence is uncomfortable for your personal interests.

        • HermitLion

          First of all, news update: Turkey and Jordan are hostile to America. Listing them as allies shows a very bad understanding of the world (or the term allies).

          Second, there are other ways that Israel and the US work together, without having troops on the ground: both technologically, and in intelligence.

          Third, since we're talking about countries that seek Israel's destruction openly, it would take only a complete imbecile to expect Israeli troops to be sent there, causing instant diplomatic failure for the American forces.

          Finally, if you really expect Israel to commit troops to fight with the US, perhaps you should first consider helping it put an end to the very real, day to day threat that its own citizens face. Of course, calling that 'occupation' is the easiest way not to deal with the fact that you and your likes are actually in favor of the genocide of Israelis, because their continued existence is uncomfortable for your personal interests.

          • HermitLion

            Oops… so that's where all my comments went. Guess it takes time for the list to update now.
            Apologies to the rest of the readers!

          • treetop

            Oh yeah? Turkey stationed US nuclear missiles against the Soviets, risking retaliation. Where was Israel? Building its own private "ambiguous" nukes, and as usual, keeping well out of harms way.

            And by the way….the occupier is not the victim.

        • Stephen_Brady

          "Oh, yeah?" ??? …

          The last time I used that phrase, I was about 14 years old.

        • RobGinChicago

          Israelis were busy training NATO soldiers in the fine arts of counterinsurgency, IED detection, and up-armoring vehicles, saving the lives of countless U.S. soldiers. Israeli soldiers would not have been tolerated by the native population in Afghanistan.

          • treetop

            British troops are not tolerated by the native population of Afghanistan, neiter German troops nor Canadian troops. Native Afghans try to kill them and send terrorists to strike their homelands. That's what war and allies are all about. Carrying the burden togertehr and not taking only the advantages, like Israel always chooses to do.

        • Mark

          Read some history. Maybe then you wouldn't parrot moronic demagoguery.

        • Neils60

          Treestump, The USA had a very hard time convincing Arab governments that Jewish American troops should fight for their freedom, and thus set foot in Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.. Israeli troops, you're permanently out to lunch, if you think that they'd permit it. And, I mean permanently.

      • jacob

        OBAMA is not jumping into bed with the Muslims…
        On the contrary : how does the proverb say ???
        If he waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck, what is it ????
        A giraffe ????all
        Or doesn't his record show his apologizing to the Muslim world at the CAIRO, Egypt conference
        for American "misdeeds" to them,his genuflexing to the Keeper of the Faith, the Saudi Arabian
        king, his statement of Americe being ndebted to the Muslims for its independence (?), his
        "Ukase" to the abject media not to refer to Muslims terrorists as such but as "insurgents", his
        Muslim advisors, etc,.
        Whoever doesn't see him in full is not only blind and deaf but bonkers on top.

    • jacob

      If you actually believe Nethanyahu came here to "blackmail" OBAMA, then you are another of the believers
      on the "Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion" , the killing of Christian children for their blood in making the
      unleavened bread ("matzos") for Passover, Henry Ford's "The International Jew", etc,.
      Or are you going to shamelessly deny what his record so far shows, that BLACKMAIL is precisely what your "President" has been doing all the time to ISRAEL in the so called "Palestinians" issue and IRAN's anihilation threats ???
      Just becauae with "friends" like BARAK HUSEIN OBAMA, Israel needs no more enemies…! ! !

      Are you satisfied with the "CHANGE" he promised you or are you rather one of the the beneficiaries of
      any of his "STIMULUS" ????
      He must have seen the handwritting on the wall to be now shamelessly courting the Jewish money
      and vote ???
      Let's see if they'll be as stupid as they were in 2008…

    • Zionista

      stay in your tree with the rest of the monkeys – Israel is here to stay – she has defended herself before and she will again – makes Jew hating trolls like you stew in your own venom

      • treetop

        A true Zionist contribution. Racist ideologies fear nothing more than the truth.

    • Lynn Williams

      Treetop, you must be LIVING IN A TREE. What gives? Why do you hate the State of Israel and the Jewish people? If you have any self-respect, you will give some facts of YOUR personal experience. Have the Jewish people ever done anything to harm/offend you?" Have you ever been to Israel? Do you even know any Jews personally? Or. . .as I must say I suspect, are you just 'drinking the Obama kool-aid", with no independent thoughts of your own? Trust me on this, those countries and thoise individuals who curse Israel, will be cursed by the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Yeshua.

      I worship at a Messianic Jewish congregation on Saturdays. . .Shabbat. I am a Scot, who has been 'grafted in to the olive tree'. If it weren't for the Jewish people we would not have the Bible, or Yeshua (Jesus). I know many Jews. I've been able by Adonaii's provision to fly 11 Russian Jews HOME. . .that's right, Israel. Which has, by Adonai's Word, been given to His people (his wife), FOREVER.

      I will pray for you. Adonai loves you too. It's time for many folks in this country to WAKE UP!

  • Steven Hauptman

    The only thing Obama has vis-a-vie Israel's back is a knife in it! I was sickened to hear Obama talking like a 12 year old ghetto thug with the "I've got your back" references in his recent speech at AIPAC and at the meeting with Netanyahu. How much lower can he take this country!? He will one day hold open the door to the showers for the Jewish people. Wake up America.

    • jacob

      Mr. HAUPTMAN :
      Do you believe your words will have any effect on the genetically Democrap American Jews ????

      If in spite of knowing BARAK HUSSEIN OBAMAS's baggage, 80% of them still elected him and, if we
      are going to believe the polls, 60% of them will still reelect him, then regrettably, I must agree with
      you that he will not only open the doors but push them into their deservedly "showers"…..

      • http://callofthepatriot.blogspot.com HermitLion

        Democrat 'Jews' are leftists first, and Jews somewhere in the back – you can expect them to do everything a regular leftist does, and worse.
        Obama doesn't even need to try hard to get them on his bandwagon, because they WANT to believe him.

      • Bert

        We must remember that today in America the term "Jew" has lost much of its meaning. Most Jews have little religious education and too much exposure to leftist secularism. But then again this is also true of many American Christians. As American Christians and Jews drift away from G-d and into leftist ideology what we get is Obama and his gang.

  • davarino

    So, I wonder when Obama will engineer the down fall of Jordan. Then Israel will be totally surrounded by lunatics.

    Pure and simple, Obama is working out an end game that eliminates Israel. Why else aide the MB in taking over Egypt, Lybia, and Syria. Why be lethargic when the people of Iran want freedom and to throw off the Mullahs. Could it be that they are the muscle with the nuke in this whole game plan?

    • Jim_C

      So when that doesn't happen, will you come back here and admit you were wrong?

      • ÉamonnDublin

        I am totally awestruck that some people STILL can't see straight through Obama.

        • Jim_C

          Do you have magic goggles that you can divine secret motives? All I have are facts, events, and policies.

      • Stephen_Brady

        All he needs to be "right" is for Iran to get the bomb, Jim. It's obvious that Obama's strategy is "containment", which won't work with Iran. When they get the bomb, they will use the bomb. Netanyahu knows this, and will act first, in the defense of the world's only Jewish state.

  • Steve Chavez

    Spot on David. There must be a "coalition" of Americans against Obama and American Jews need to be convinced that Obama is a Marxist con-man who doesn't have "Israel's back" because he will eventually STAB ISRAEL IN THE BACK!

  • Jim_C

    So America's Jewish community–as accomplished and intelligent as they are–are somehow "fooled" en masse into supporting Obama, but you guys (who never liked Obama) have somehow magically divined secret ulterior motives that no one who lives in reality has? How does that thought process work? "Let's see: Obama's policies toward Israel are pretty much the same as Bush's, which were pretty much the same as Clinton's, which were pretty much the same as GHWB's, which were pretty much the same as Reagan's…etc. BUT–I see something in his eye! or is it his middle name? the color of his skin? and I don't trust him!"

    • stern

      It's not what he's said, it's what he's done, despite what he's said. You'd need heavy duty blinkers not to see that, but I suppose in your case, the colour of the man's skin is serving that purpose.

    • Whatsinaname

      Obama's policies ("go back to the '67 borders with mutually agreeable swaps") are not the same as Bush's or Clinton's or Bush's or Reagans. They are far more radical and antagonistic to Israel. It is interesting that Obama is reluctant to do anything to topple or confront the Iranian government. They are responsible for killing American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, for sending Hizbollah agents into the US from Mexico, for aiding Mexican drug lords committing crimes in the US and for Iran's outrageous attempt to assasinate Saudi and Israeli diplomats on US soil (an act of war).

      • Jim_C

        I think Obama has had to "dial back" the US position with regard to Israel rhetorically, in words: in deeds, however, he has maintained support, increasing funds and military product.

        Any president should be reluctant to go to war. A country like Iran is not the same as the backwaters we've been in. And since we've been in those places for 10 years now, ramping up to a full on engagement would not be a prudent choice for our country.

        I'll say this, though: when Bush was making his plans for Iraq, I thought "It should be Iran." Iran is a power center; Saddam held it "in check." But don't you think our people are war-weary at this point? It's heartbreaking to read of more fatalities when these guys should be coming home.

        • Jim_C

          By the way, I'd love to go bomb Mexican drug lords and rogue Middle Eastern regimes, but that's not what the U.S. is about. It doesn't work that way. We follow rules.

  • tom4you

    If Israel starts bombing Iran and Iran,Hezbollah, and Hamas start firing back most likely a lot, in April/May time frame, and Obama sits back and does nothing, hoping the destruction of Israel, can our Congress force him to fight or to force ably remove him from office and get Biden to fight?

  • BLJ

    Obama is in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood wants to destroy Israel and also turn the U.S. into an Islamic Republic. What is so hard to understand?

    • Fred Dawes

      obama is a muslim.

  • Fred Dawes

    Obama has handed over the muslim world to the muslim brotherhood listen to Alex Jones and others and open your eyes to facts,

  • tarleton

    Wise words indeed from Horowitz , who was a radical Leftist himself back in the 70's …before he wised up and grew up ….it takes one to know one …he probabely knows Obama's mindset better than any of us

  • maria

    BHO is Muslim and Marxist with all consequences. He is dictator as Muslim and Marxists as well. He use the same tactic as Muslims and Marxists: Lie, Deception, Hypocrisy. 20 years to be a Rev. Right favorite apprentice and not to be Anti-semite? Impossible. Jews traditionally loyall to Democratic Party are just useful idiots who dig their own graves but don't understood it yet.

  • Nakba1948

    What a typical load of tripe from FPM's very own little Führer. Obama is another in a long line of American presidents who are bought and paid for by the Zionist lobby and their acolytes in Congress. His display at AIPAC a few days back was disgusting but very much expected. It goes to show how greedy and ungrateful you Israel-firsters have become, that you can harbor such mindless hatred towards someone who gives you 99% of what you want. What does the man need to do to please you psychopaths, bulldoze a whole Palestinian village? Shoot a Palestinian child in the head? Ron Paul is the only candidate with a modicum of common sense when it comes to America's role in the world; alas, your compatriots in the media treat him as if he doesn't exist.

    • Neils60

      Nakba, If you care so much for your people, you should be telling Mr. Assad to stop shooting all of his opponents in the head. To date, about 9,000 have been murdered. Not a word about it from you in the past. Why not? Don't Sunni Moslems count? Or, are they just cannon fodder for Assad's Alawites?

  • BLJ

    Another fact that is often overlooked is the fact that the Muslims supported Hitler and the Nazi's. The Mufti was a good buddy to Adolph. Both men hated and wanted to eliminate the Jews and control the world.


  • Flowerknife_us

    Obama states that all the "tools" are left on the Table. The key word being -left-. Being there does not equate to any of them ever being used

    Israel has the right to DEFEND itself-on their own. That would not cover an Israeli first strike. Such action by any defination is an offensive operation. No matter how justified the action may be.

    So Obama offered no cover for offensive measures of defence. While expecting Israel to absorbe at least the first blow before being allowed to deal with the conflict without our involvment.

    We are dealing with Obama speak here. You know- where what you think you hear has no relation to what it really means.

    The only truth the man has ever uttered was his desire to fundimentally change the US of A.

    Selling Israel out is but one aspect of that "change".

  • Helene Morrow

    Stop the political hysteria. Obama's record on treatment of Israel is the same – and in some important strategic ways – better than those of past presidents dating back to Eisenhower who told Israel to get out of Sinai and Israel had no choice but to do so. Get realistic and look at the facts. AIPAC may be a well meaning organization but its policy vis a vis Israel is dead in the waters. They did a good job, though, of Hollywoodizing their latest meeting. The model was a knockout. But who at AIPAC said they have to find a non Jewish model to show that beautiful people support the Land? Will we Jews never get over our inferiority complex?

  • Shelly

    Krikey, both the democrats and republicans have the same master…. as if we aren't living in a one party system right now and have been for quite a while. Racism, extreme religion and nationalism, and politics that resemble a WWF wrestling match in mentality only serve to divide the citizenry. Zealotry in either direction is a set of blinders. Let's step back and find the middle ground that has helped us be stable for so much of our history. Bashing and destroying is fun and easy. Building and listening are hard and not glamorous but are neccessary for laying the foundations that last.

  • maturin20

    Obama alone is backed by corrupt magnates? Gingrich is bought by Sheldon Adelson. Rick Santorum is bought by Foster Friess. Mitt Romney is bought by Paul Singer. Swindlers all. Pro-Israel neocons and hedge-fund managers most. Why don't we mention them? Because they are in JINSA? Because they all agree with The Lobby? Because they back people who will start a war with Iran? If Betty Van Patter had lived would we be hearing so much about what a "born and bred Marxist radical" Obama is, or would we be hearing instead about the Brown/Horowitz School of Government's Aliyah Program?

  • jmm

    Bibi is a true statesman and understands the Iranian threat for Israel and the entire world. President Obama looks like just another politician next to Bibi and he is clearly not pro-Israel, as the past threes years have indicated. Unfortunately, the majority of Jews will vote for him again as President and he will likely be reelected. That's why Israel must strike before the presidential election since Israel cannot rely on Obama to strike Iran after the election and it will be too late for Israel to strike and be effective. G-d forbid that Iran ever acquires nuclear weapons and uses them against Israel. But, if that ever happened, I can just hear the Jewish Obama supporters exclaim " Obama did everything that he could '' or '' We didn't think Iran would really act irrationally and really use them''. After three years, I cannot understand how the majority of Jews can vote for Obama. I could not live with myself if Israel was destroyed and by supporting Obama, I contributed to the destruction. My hands will not be dripping with my fellow Jew's blood!!

  • brookeross89

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  • Lynn Williams

    Israel is Adonai's love. She, and her people are His special people. He will bless them, and protect them, despite
    the threats of annihilation that they face. The nations of the world will pay a heavy price for disregarding this fact.

    I am not a Jew, but I've been 'grafted into the Olive Tree by Yeshua's sacrifice. He came FIRST for the Jews, and then the Gentiles. I practice all of the Jewish High Holy Days and Feasts. I attend services at my synagogue (Beth Yeshua International) on Saturdays (Shabbat) Many make the mistake of throwing out the FIRST Covenant, and simply follow the Renewed Covenant. Adonai WILL take care of His people, whom HE loves above ALL others. May America wake up, and realize that if we don't support and defend Israel and Her people, this country will end up on the 'ash-heap of history', and will be counted by Adonai, with the other nations who''ve abandoned His people.

    Shalom, Lynn