Reflections of a Diaspora Jew on Zionism, America and the Fate of the Jews

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The suicidal tendencies of the intended victims of Islamic supremacy are tragically familiar. They recall the sad delusions of members of the Judenrate – the Jewish Councils in the Nazi ghettos – who organized the Jews for Hitler’s death camps, while pretending to themselves that the Germans were too civilized to kill them.

Delusions about Islamic Nazis are hardly confined to Jews, however. In the eyes of the Islamic fanatics, Israel may be the “Little Satan,” but America is “The Great Satan,” the arch demon that must be destroyed in the name of Allah. In his fatwas Osama Bin Laden identified Islam’s enemies as “Jews and Crusaders,” America being Christian and therefore the “Crusader Nation.” Every Islamist leader and organization from Ahmadinejad to Qaradawi, from the Muslim Brotherhood to Hizbollah and Hamas has promised death to Israel and America as the necessary means to their malignant ends.

Meanwhile, the Crusaders – like the Jews — are asleep. It is an old story. Just before the Second World War, Whittaker Chambers, a Communist defector, attempted to warn Roosevelt that a White House advisor named Alger Hiss was a Soviet agent and that his administration had been penetrated by Communist operatives. When Roosevelt was informed of Chambers’ charges he laughed and dismissed them. Hiss then accompanied Roosevelt to Yalta where he helped conclude the deal that delivered Eastern Europe to the Soviet Empire and triggered the Cold War.

Here is a story that may prove worse than that of Alger Hiss. In a series of foreign policy disasters the Obama Administration has assisted the Muslim Brotherhood in transforming the Arab Spring in the Middle East into an Islamist winter, beginning with the toppling of an allied regime in Egypt and the accession to power of the Muslim Brotherhood, and its expansion throughout the region. In August, the new Egyptian president sacked his military commanders, abrogated the Constitution, and assumed dictatorial powers greater than those possessed by his predecessor, and transforming Egypt into an Islamist state. Opponents of the dictatorship were crucified – literally nailed to crosses – in front of the government headquarters. It was the Brotherhood’s way of dramatizing its intentions to turn Egypt into a Medieval totalitarian state.

This was exactly what the American State Department had assured the world the Muslim Brotherhood would not do as it paved the way for the Brotherhood’s accession to power. The intelligence chief of the Obama White House had officially described the Muslim Brotherhood as a “moderate” and “secular” organization, which had embraced democratic and constitutional government.

The betrayal of these promises, and the violation of every principle the American government claimed to be supporting in the Middle East’s most important state, took place without a word of protest from the American government or the American Secretary of State.

As it happens the chief adviser on Muslim affairs to the American Secretary of State is Huma Abedin, one of whose mentors was the Nazi imam, Yusef Qaradawi. Abedin is an operative for the Muslim Brotherhood and a lifelong servant of its agendas. In the twelve years directly proceeding her hiring by the U.S. Government, where she became deputy chief of staff to Hillary Clinton, Abedin worked for Abdullah Omar Naseef, one of the principal financiers of Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda, and a Muslim Brotherhood eminence. Huma Abedin’s mother and brother are Muslim Brotherhood leaders, as was her father before them.

In their work for the Brotherhood, the Abedin family was specifically tasked with running Abdullah Omar Naseef’s jihad operation, the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs. The title sounds innocuous enough until you understand that the express goal of the Institute is to transform the Muslim minorities in non-Muslim countries into Muslim majorities as part of the Islamic jihad, with the express intent of creating Islamic states — in short, to conquer those countries for totalitarian Islam. To accomplish this goal Muslim minorities must be prevented from assimilating into non-Muslim societies and also be indoctrinated in Islamic supremacist ideas. That was and is the mission of the Abedin family. In addition to the network of Saudi-funded mosques in target countries like the United States, the chief organizations for accomplishing this goal are the Muslim Students Association, on whose Executive Board Huma Abedin served, and its offshoot, the Islamic Society of North America, which is now the principal source of advice on Muslim affairs for the Obama administration.

In other words, at the right hand of the American Secretary of State and the center of American foreign policy, is a woman whose family are leaders of what the Muslim Brotherhood calls its “grand jihad” — its plan to infiltrate non-Muslim societies, and “destroy the Western civilization from within” — in those exact words. And what people do these jihadists regard as the chief obstacle to their sinister designs? The Jews.

In the words of their own manifesto:

“The greatest challenge that faces Muslims in America and Canada are the Jews, who take advantage of their material ability and their media to distort the image of Islam and Muslims thereby spreading lies in the minds of the people of these countries.” The Jews also “serve Zionist interests in the Arab regions.”

In the hands of the Islamists and their allies, Zionism has become the name of all the opponents of Islamist supremacy and its holy war against infidels, against Jews and Christians, Israel and the United States. Americans and Israelis, Jews and Christians have their backs to the same wall. One cannot be defended without defending the other. Supporters of freedom are all Zionists now. And that includes myself. That is the way this war of the civilizations, or — as I prefer it – this war between Islamist barbarism and civilization, will continue until it is finally concluded, and the next conflict begins.

I say this, because as a conservative I understand that conflicts are endless, and these battles are without end. To be a conservative is first to understand that there is no solution to the dilemmas of the human condition. Second, it is to understand that to escape these dilemmas, human beings will inevitably embark on desperate quests for redemptions in this life. These redemptions, in turn, will require holy wars to purge the world of demons – of those who do not share their faith, and who stand in their way. In this regard, totalitarian Islam is really no different in its heart from totalitarian socialism or progressivism, even though the latter are secular and the former is pursued in the name of a vengeful and malignant God. Both seek to cleanse mankind of its irreparable imperfections.

To remain free beings, we are continually forced to defend ourselves and our breathing space, against the efforts of the redeemers to perfect us — against the armies of the saints who are determined to make the world a better place than it can ever be. That is how I see the political wars we face, and why they will never end.

On a personal level, and to answer the question I raised at the beginning of this talk about my identity: I am comfortable being a Diaspora Jew, both in this present struggle with the enemies of America and Israel, and beyond. Diaspora is the name of our Jewish exile, but exile is also the name of our human condition. We are thrust into this life, and remain here for awhile, and then we are gone. If there is a home for us that is truly permanent, it is not of this time or of this place.

My country, America, and the country of my people, Israel, share a common destiny. They are the gathering places of exiles, of those who understand better than others that we have no permanent abode in this world. It is because of this that we cherish the freedoms and the homes we do have, and we are not afraid to fight for them.


[1] This is the subject of my book, A Point In Time: The Search for Redemption in this Life and the Next, 2011.

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  • Chezwick

    A great speech. David never minces words in his exposition of earthly evil. And it is the mere existence of evil that many liberal/lefties have trouble processing. To be sure, they recognize certain evils….like racism and sexism. These are evils that we inculcate our young people into recognizing. Liberals even insist they are ever-present even when they are not….existing in our very societal fabric.

    But the evil of a religion that mandates the stoning of adulteresses, the killing of apostates and blasphemers, and the waging of perpetual war on unbelievers, this is an evil they consciously and conscientiously refuse to recognize. Why? Two reasons:

    1) the majority of its practitioners are non-white, and in the universe of the liberal/left, this is – in-and-of-itself – an unqualified virtue….and…..

    2) the religion is antithetical to the values of democracy and our Judeo-Christian traditions….AND is a challenge to American global preeminence….

    For the liberal/left, this is as good as gold.

    • aspacia


      Remember the Torah condones stoning too. The difficulty stems from the fact Muslims have not reformed as did Christianity, and Judaism.

      • Chezwick

        Good point….and it's no accident of history. Muhammad deemed himself the "Seal of the Prophets" (the last prophet) and the Quran immutable. In so doing, he effectively inoculated Islam from the 'virus' of reform….and forever codified into Islamic law and ethics his own medieval notions of God and morality.

      • Kufar Dawg

        Has anyone Jewish, in the last 2000 years ever even advocated for the stoning of adulterers to death, much less done so?

        • aspacia

          Let those among you who is without sin cast the first stone.

          Yes, but not until 500 or so years ago.

  • Steve Plaut

    David, you are welcome here in Haifa any time. Sofa bed is all yours and the coffee is superb! You are safer than in LA and you will find the Jewish culture incredible.

    Would be happy to take you out to stone the leftist scum together!

  • Jossi

    Simply excellent, clear and concise speech, although I must add there is no willingness and sufficient resolve of the West to defend their freedom. In the same breath I'm convinced, nolens volens (willy-nilly) the great clash will come. I fear the number of deaths during WW2 was just an appetizer to what might happen in a future conflict.

  • EthanP

    David; I judge a man by his enemies. Yours are such as to be a badge of honor. I only wish I had the eloquince to have such enemies. Anytime you decide to visit Israel, I would feel honored to accompany you.
    "Water sleeps. Enemy never rests".

  • richard sherman

    A great speech that should be required reading at every college and high school in the US.

  • butpygmies

    Chazak v'amatz! This is as close to how I see it as I have read anywhere.

  • Spider

    A brilliant perspective David, Thank you. You are a true friend of liberty and freedom loving people and a mighty foe of the evil forces that are obsessed with destroying them (communism, Is-lam, fascism). I fear for our side because freedom is only for those willing to fight for it and our (Western Judeo-Christian) culture is loosing its will to fight and seems oblivious as to what confronts it in the years ahead.

  • IsraelFirster

    That was probably one of the best speeches I've read in months. David, you are incisive, to the point and thorough in your talking points. May you have many many years of good health and the same clarity of thought for many years to come. I always enjoy your articles and relish the opportunity to hear you speak in person. You talks at the various Universities are no doubt difficult, but worthy confrontation is never easy but always worthwhile. You are a beacon of light in an otherwise dark and gloomy 21st Century world.

  • Fred

    Excellent. Thank you David

  • Schlomotion

    Part One:

    This article is erudite but incorrect and rife with exaggeration.

    For one thing Jews are not "the oldest surviving indigenous people in the world." Australian Aborigines with a history of 50,000 – 100,000 years to the present are. The "indigenous people" argument is merely a knockoff jacket, a trope, and a catgut heartstring. It is one of many.

    Mr. Horowitz is now pulling from The Israel Project's 2009 Global Language Dictionary. He calls the Palestinians "occupiers," calls their aims a "judenrein" Palestine, as opposed to Israel's goal of a muslimrein West Bank and a concentration camp in Gaza. He says "No other country in the world is expected to suffer such genocidal assaults" while in fact, they are not expected or tolerated to inflict them either. He says Israel must secure "borders that are defensible," when the old ones clearly were not only defensible but scalable as Israel steamrolled and bulldozed well past them, mainly through preemptive strikes. This quest for border "security" resembles the security goals of the USSR which might have felt "safe" once it annexed France, but probably not. The palpable and comic weakness here though is academic. That the pro-Israel orators need to synchronize their propaganda around a common, centrally published lexicon and prior restrained wordbase hearkens back to Marxism and Geoff Waite.

    It seems odd to call Theodore Herzl's willed dream a Fairy Tale and then turn around and say that only half of it has come true. That is a slap in the face to Sun Ra, Jim Henson, John Lennon, Mel Stuart, Neil Armstrong and anyone who did anything imaginative and bold. It is also odd to say that globalism or Fabianism are denuded religions or "modern faiths," but Zionism is not, when Zionism at its best pragmatized and utilitarianized the better elements of Jewish identity, and at its worst, namely in the past 20 years, has reabsorbed the apocalyptic and pariah visions of Millennialists, Branch Davidians, neo-Confederates, Fascists and Evangelicals. "Muscular" Judaism is not to be distinguished from Hondas with Iron Crosses for hubcaps. We are witnessing the Caterpillar with the Iron Magen David hubcaps. As Ayn Rand might note, we are witnessing a return to bone-in-the-nose Dionysian tribalism rather than Apollonian innovation, paeans to the Technion notwithstanding. It devolves into a beauty contest with the Netanyahus and the Gellers trying to prove themselves less oonga boonga than the Abbases. That is the one peculiar contradiction, the other is Mr. Horowitz's wistful rejection of Cervantes but insistence that the world still tilt at the Muslim windmill. Cantar de Mio Cid reduced to Man of La Mancha, and then decayed further into 9-11 The Movie, the Diane Eskenazi animated version. It wants to be a fable with a moral, but isn't.

    Isaac Deutscher's allegory about the falling man is compelling, but in real life the falling man and the landed-on man did choose the path of irrationality, and then the falling man, after having broken the arms and legs of the landed-on man, decided also that he was famished after his fall and ate the fallen-on man's liver, kidneys and spleen consoling himself with the fact that the guy hated him anyway. Now there is a campaign to find everyone just like him and eat their liver, kidneys, and spleen as well, while wailing all the while how much the diner's organs hurt. Sympathy for Grendel.

    Mr. Horowitz indulges in aporia when he rhetorically laments the tragic failure of Israel to be embraced upon achieving Bizarro Nationalism. Wherefore the failure to embrace this bright new star among nations? No answer given. True to the genre of Hasbara apologetics, or just-so-stories, and strikingly true to the Jewish religious narrative as such, we are left to fill in the blank that it must be jealousy, unchosenness, or Schlemazel's Outrage. It is like a person with an irritable bowel wondering aloud why all these people accuse his kind of the "blood libel" of being flatulent. Perhaps they just live downwind.



      Happy Eternal Nakba!

    • reader

      John Lennon? Schlo, picture yourself in a boat on a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies. Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly a girl with kaleidoscope eyes.

    • Ron Kirsh, New York

      Wow. Excellent. Schlomotion is definitely someone worthy to read. Witty and erudite. Do you write somewhere else?

      • Schlomotion

        Thanks! I used to write at I will be doing so again.


        Ron Kirsh, New York,

        Happy Nakba!

        And say Hi to your buddy Osama Bin Laden.

    • Drakken

      I still don't see you over there fighting with your muslim jihadist friends unter mensch? Why is that? Too much of a coward to fight? Your all talk and no action and leftist scumbags like you are about to face a very unpleasant reality.

      • Kufar Dawg

        I've never met a leftist that didn't at least condemn islam in some "extremist" sense, but Schlo doesn't even do that and that speaks volumes.

    • Ted G

      "For evil to triumph takes only for good men to do nothing"

      To actively engage in assisting that evil shows you for what you are…I really feel sorry for you schlo!

    • Ghostwriter

      I will now summarize part one of Schlomotion's pathetic rant. "The Jews are evil because they want to live in the land their ancestors once had. They must be destroyed because they are Jews. The Palestinians (most of whom hate Americans as much as they do Israelis) should kill the Jews simply because they exist." If part two is anything like part one,it'll be more of the same nonsense that he spewed above.

    • aspacia

      Do you really want to to shred your claims yet again?

      The USSR was devastated by numerous German invasions prior to WWII, hence the word SLAV. The rivalry dates back to before the Dark Ages. The USSR suffered the loss of millions during WWII, and during the prior centuries, and indeed demanded a buffer zone from further German aggression. Hence they annexed a huge number of European lands.

      Israel also needs a buffer zone, just as the USA does with her vast Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

      Frankly, you are a BS artist, and a pseudo intellectual.

      • Schlomotion

        Your wrenching sympathy for the USSR is duly noted.


          Your craving for more Nakba is duly noted.


          Your craving for more Nakba is duly noted.

          • Kufar Dawg

            It's so good it had to be said twice!

        • Andy Lewis

          As is your mad love for Nazi Germany.

      • jemaasjr

        Your history is kind of slanted. In per-modern times all the European groups were aggressive toward each other. The Germans came, most likely from the Low Countries, and pushed into Northern Europe, going both east and west. It was the Scandinavians under the Viking label who settled Moscow and traded down the Volga River all the way to Constantinople. I think it was the Poles who caught it the worst because they got it from both sides. The Germans also pushed east in the open steppe of what was the USSR. Around 600-700 or so, the Mongolians perfected the compound re-curve bow. That along with the Mongolian pony made them invincible in open country and the entire German population south of the tree line had to flee west. At this point the Romans were already dealing with German barbarians from Germania, took in the new German population, and to make a long story short, within a couple of years were taken over and sacked by several wandering German tribes. From that point to the present there were aggressive actions by various different European groups, but as usual, I think it was the Poles who caught most of the crap. And then of course there was Napoleon.

        • aspacia

          My point is that Russia has suffered numerous Germanic and Viking attacks since the fall of Rome. Hence, the Russian fear of German/Nordic people.

          • Schlomotion

            It's understandable that the Viking attacks caused the USSR to invade as much of Europe as it could have. Wasn't that your theory?

          • jemaasjr

            It all gets kind of fuzzy if you never come up with a date because as you go further back you end up prior to the age on nationalism. Saying that the Russians invaded Europe because they were afraid of attack is framing the whole thing in the nation state model. It is also giving an easy and common excuse for aggression. The Romans used it all the time in the empire building period, and prior to Hitler’s ideas of conquest, the Germans ran on the fear of attack to justify their militarism. Germany as a modern political entity was formed around 1870.

            As far as European expansion goes, during what is called the Age of Exploration, at the same time the Western Europeans were pushing out globally, the Russians were pushing to the east and conquered territory all the way to Alaska. This push was done by mostly white skinned people (Slaves?) who were Coptic Christians and was mostly at the expense of the yellow skinned Mongolians who were from the Russian viewpoint pagans. .

          • aspacia

            True, Germany wasn't a country, but city states until 1870. I am talking about Prussian/Viking and numerous other bad actor in the vicinity that launched violent attacks against Russian peasants dating back to the Dark Ages. Many Russians were taken and enslaved/Slav after being captured.

            True about Russian expansion into Alaska, but were not as aggressive as say Britain, France or Spain. Russian Christians were Greek Orthodox, hence the cyrilic lettering of their language.

            The Mongols have their own history of violent expansion, Attila the Hun but the usually turned south to China and the ME.

            Just do a simple Google search for .edu site for the number of Germanic attacks launched against Russia since the Dark Ages.

    • rona

      Your brain in in reverse not even schlomotion

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "This article is erudite but incorrect and rife with exaggeration."

      "For one thing Jews are not "the oldest surviving indigenous people in the world." Australian Aborigines with a history of 50,000 – 100,000 years to the present are. "

      Evidence please?

      "The "indigenous people" argument is merely a knockoff jacket, a trope, and a catgut heartstring. It is one of many. "

      According to the (oxymoronic) Islamic historians. Secular and Western historians use as much science as possible to support their texts and research projects to discern the facts and truths about history. Islamic historians use the Koran as the only universal truth and bend everything else to fit, and then publish profusely and consistently, since there stories don't need to accommodate anything but the Koran and attacking those who threaten it.

      Because the Koran relied on inventions of history, we now know (through scholarly investigations with universal consensus) that it is based on lies. Everyone but you and your sources that is. The thing is that most people are too scared or too deluded to speak about the implications of these discovers, and so they won't accuse any Islamic claims of being false. They continue to treat them as equal in veracity to claims made in the Bible. On the strength of hard evidence, the Bible can be used to prove that Islam was an invention of a fantastic liar. You sir are just one of the latest series of victims of those lies.

      Having said that, I invite you to show evidence for any claim you make that is supposedly backed up by facts. I am already familiar through independent investigations of my own of the facts behind virtually everything this article above refers to. I would take joy in debating any of it with you.

      "He calls the Palestinians "occupiers,""

      Their claims are based on lies invented by religious totalitarian colonizers. They don't technically "occupy" much unless you count the PA, Hamas or any other militant presence there. They should be destroyed if they refuse total surrender. Not soon, but let's say one hour after the decision by Western powers is made to deal with reality.

      "He calls the Palestinians "occupiers," calls their aims a "judenrein" Palestine, as opposed to Israel's goal of a muslimrein West Bank and a concentration camp in Gaza. He says "No other country in the world is expected to suffer such genocidal assaults" while in fact, they are not expected or tolerated to inflict them either."

      Simple demographics and a complete lack of evidence on your part prove you to be another fantastic liar or unthinking dupe.

      Enough for now. No need to waste any more time than is necessary to completely expose you as an enemy liar who fights against those Westerners seeking justice based on facts and due process.

      • Schlomotion

        So you are asking me for a link to prove the existence of Australian Aborigines and then segueing into a big complaint about how you don't like the Koran? That's hilarious!

        • objectivefactsmatter

          Troll, you lied again. If you can't comprehend my statement nor form a question for you to seek clarity, then you show once again why you are considered a troll.

          Show evidence for your claim, dimwit.

    • aspacia

      Just admit you are a Jew hater.
      Abbas asserts that any Palestinian State will be Judenrfrei, so why shouldn't Israel do the same. There are many Muslim Arabs who are Zionist and serve in the IDF, they know Jews have the high moral ground and the better government.

      It is the vast Muslim majority world that sorely discriminates against their brethren, not Israel. It is the Muslim world that is xenophobic about other faiths, not Judaism.

      • Schlomotion

        Just admit you are a Viking hater. You were ready to uphold the whole USSR on the premise of Vikings.

        • Ghostwriter

          I'm not exactly a big fan of the USSR. What do you think about that,Schlobrain?

          • objectivefactsmatter

            He's just a blatant trawler. Liberals like to read his junk, imagining that conservatives are somehow being "zinged" though none understand his nonsense, they just love his contrary troll attempts.

            Nobody can ever defend him with an actual reply though…it must be the anti-anti-Islamists.

  • Schlomotion

    Part Two:

    I recall the Cold War, and I recall when Mr. Horowitz's description in paragraphs 23 and 24 of how Muslim hatred is not only worldwide but embedded in the very religion they espouse, used to be the indictment of Christianity. The argument went, "they believe in their very texts that Jews killed Christ, and that salvation will only come when the world is destroyed and Jesus comes back to establish Heaven on Earth in New Jerusalem." Not but 30 years ago, Christianity, specifically Christian Zionism was the proclaimed eternal persecutor of Israel, with Abe Foxman still fighting it and "Catholic Traditionalism" or Pre-Vatican II Catholicism just six years ago. Now all of this nonsense has been brushed aside and these kooky lost-found tribalists have been adopted, along with the Luton soccer hooligans into Zionism and into neo-Templarism. It is instructive that that has happened as it is instructive that folks like Daniel Pipes and William Kristol are fighting much, much smaller bugbears than their fathers were, and doing so with the same sense of giant panic and self-import. I personally feel the diminishing marginal utility of the cry of "anti-Americanism" and "anti-semitism" and it dulls me to inertia, then pushes me even further into wanting to suck the life out of it and embrace all of the post-Zionists. Begone, Liferaft Israel. The better among all of us are excellent swimmers, and the water is only three feet deep anyway.

    Mr. Horowitz still holds fast to 9/11 as Maoist Year Zero, the Cultural Revolution that upholds the Fortress State for America as if it were merely a larger Israel. Not only fortress, but forfeiture. Palestinians must forfeit Palestine, the Muslim Student Union must forfeit the same organizational rights as the Jewish Student Union, American students must forfeit seating in their own auditoriums and full page editorials in their own student papers as well as forfeit their anger at being outspent and outbillboarded by Hasbara. Apparently, even Hillel House must forfeit the prerogative to deny Mr. Horowitz a breastplate. Again, it is instructive that Hillel finds Mr. Horowitz a nuisance and embarrassment. I admit that this endeared me to Hillel, also because they push genuine Judaism, not fast food nationalism.

    It was President Kennedy who said "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." Mr. Horowitz seems to want to make violent revolution inevitable by going out of his way to oppose peaceful revolution in the Muslim world. The controlled demolition of Cold War era dictatorships is in fact helping the Muslim Brotherhood. So does an oxygenated Earth. The MB is the world's largest islamic movement. One would think that a large movement like that will just have to burn itself out, and that for the most part, attacking American college campuses, and stalking a tiny minority of Lebanese and Khwarazmian men in Congress is not going put a serious dent in the MB. Certainly Americans should not tolerate racist bus ads, Likud partisan Presidential litmus tests, checkpoints, and groping as part of the theater of fighting the Brown Menace of invisible Islamic space ninjas. We should always reduce this specter to its real size and refuse to give up our Americanness in the face of hysteria. We should also allow world dictatorships to collapse and not try to turn back the clock simply because losers get elected in their place. Mr. Horowitz chooses writers like Caroline Glick whose hands are white-knuckled on the second hand of the broken doomsday clock. It is perverse. It is alien to an American mind that we are consistently on the knife's edge of apocalypse. This was a bane in the 1950's and it is a bane now. If Herzl's dream was an impossible one, then the Founding Fathers' dream was impossible too. Do we also believe that?

    The rest of Mr. Horowitz's article is a witch hunt. He says that he is comfortable being a Diaspora Jew, but I channel A.B. Yehoshua when I say that I think he is simply playing at being Jewish and changing his jacket a lot, that his comfort comes from ghettoizing America into feeling like it has to resist and insurrect against what is really a much tinier and half-imagined enemy modeled upon discredited stereotypes of Jewishness.

    • Drakken

      You are without any doubt a clear and present danger to us in the west, your leftist/commi rantings leave no doubt as to your intentions, the over throw of the west by a commi/jihadist union. You you get what you ask for, in spades.

    • Ghostwriter

      As I thought,more nonsense from Schlockmotion.

    • Kufar Dawg

      The more words you use, the less sense you make. Of course rationalizing away delusional Jew hatred might take quite a few words.

    • Touchstone

      "This article is erudite but incorrect and rife with exaggeration."

      That's an accurate assessment — of your own two posts! Brimming with references designed to flaunt how well-read you are, but ironically "rife with exaggeration" and other types of distortions, like understatement and caricature. Here's an example:

      "…fighting the Brown Menace of invisible Islamic space ninjas. We should always reduce this specter to its real size and refuse to give up our Americanness in the face of hysteria."

      To you, the men who killed thousands on 9/11, or the Mullahs who threaten six million Jews daily with destruction, or the Pakistani radical who nearly succeeded in murdering hundreds of passersby in Times Square, are all to be dismissed as members of a "Brown Menace of invisible Islamic space ninjas". You irresponsibly diminish a deadly threat to the level of caricature with such disparaging terms, perhaps because you don't feel like you're personally in harm's way at this very moment. Bad things only happen to other people, so what me worry? It's as if your raison d'etre for reducing men like Horowitz to caricature is to prevent there being ANYONE ANYWHERE permitted to voice concerns you don't want discussed, even though the end-point of voicing these concerns is the preservation of life. To you that's not a worthy goal. Good grief! Horowitz isn't guilty of distorting reality, as you claim; he's guilty of discussing a reality you're agonizingly desperate to see brushed under a rug.

      In addition to caricature, you distort by understatement. You minimize the threat when you advise people to "always reduce this specter to its real size". Judging from the harshness and volubility of your caustic mockery, one infers that you believe the "real size" of the threat to be zero.

      And then there's exaggeration. With great irony, you blow things out of proportion when you implore your fellow Americans to "refuse to give up our Americanness in the face of hysteria". That is hysteria itself. "Americanness" (which is your own construct, and not something you should assume would be defined identically by 310 million people ) isn't being forfeited just because Horowitz is discussing a reality you'd rather be ignored. It's not even clear to me what terrible consequences will ensue should Horowitz continue telling it like it is. By detailing various threats to Jews and others, what is he asking you to forfeit? Your ignorance?

      Another caricaturish exaggeration:

      "we are witnessing a return to bone-in-the-nose Dionysian tribalism"

      No, we're witnessing a few brave people step up to the microphone and report what they've been observing, even though they know their findings are wildly unpopular (as you remind us daily). Your concept of "Americanness" is apparently so close to something totalitarian that you devote a great many words in a feverish attempt to take that microphone away. You're the witch-hunter pursuing falsely accused witch-hunters. You're an unwitting fascist who works to prevent a fellow American from speaking his mind. And you do this in the name of "Americanness".

      • aspacia

        Excellent refute to Schlock.

        • Touchstone

          Thanks, but if only it would have some effect.

      • Schlomotion

        I grew up with sporadic airplane attacks by Muslim hijackers as a basic fact of life. I am sure you did too. Compared to roadway accidents, second-hand smoke, choking on pizza, or the common kitchen knife, there is no such thing, statistically as a threat from Muslim terrorists. You on the other hand believe that it is an existential threat to six million Jews, (that phrase really dates you), and that 310 million Americans are in complete agreement with them. I see no reason to agree with your math or elevate the nonstarter of Islamic terrorism into a global threat on par with the Soviet Union, Global Warming or other more tempting ways the sky can fall.

        Your vignette about the few brave people stepping up to the microphone smacks of an AA Meeting, not of a small but brave minority of quavering but strengthening saviors leading us on an exodus to the truth.

        • Touchstone

          "there is no such thing, statistically as a threat from Muslim terrorists" — Spoken like someone who's blissfully unaware of all the anti-terrorist activity done on his behalf. If the threat seems minimal, you have many people to thank for that.

          "an existential threat to six million Jews, (that phrase really dates you)" — Your own "bugbear" is the Holocaust. Your skin crawls at any allusion to it, even an unintentional one. But 6 million is roughly the number of Jews in Israel, so it's not a "phrase" but a population statistic. Should factual data be altered simply to please your sensibilities? Should there be no rounding of numbers because the result might sound uncomfortably close to a "phrase" you've grown to hate?

          If there are SIX MILLION JEWS in Israel, there are SIX MILLION JEWS in Israel. Deal with reality, don't run from it, even though it bears a striking resemblance to a past you desperately want forgotten, or at least unmentioned (in effect, the same thing).

          That you regard an uncomfortable fact as a "phrase" rather than a reality is very much in sync with your opposition to Horowitz expressing his views. To you, everything he says is similarly "dated" and ever-so-gauche. All you're proving, over and over again, is that you don't want to deal with a certain reality, so you mock it as savagely as you can. But it won't go away just because you've denigrated the messengers.

          Again you use hyperbole. I didn't make Horowitz out to be a champion saving the world, just someone who is in fact bravely speaking out. If what he's saying meets with such opprobrium that Muslim students riot to prevent him speaking, or if he knows he'll be branded a "racist" and the like by the rest of academia and the media, of course it's brave to do what he does. You can't refute that unassailable truth; all you can do is try to diminish his bravery in mock-heroic style, but bravery it still is and will be when you're done trashing him.

          And I didn't say that I speak for 310 million Americans. Nice try. What I said was that YOU don't speak for the rest of the country. To spell it out for you: I don't believe ANYONE has an exclusive window on the "American mind". It's a diverse country. There will be minds in sync with your views, and minds very much at odds with them. Who are you to say the latter aren't worthy of being dubbed "the American mind"? Who made you the arbiter?

          And, for the millionth time, of course Israel faces a more serious threat than America does. But that in itself doesn't mean it makes sense to leave Israel to its fate, or to dismiss what might befall America down the road, or to ignore some ominous developments taking place in America right now, or to pretend that a Middle East cataclysm won't have dire repercussions felt worldwide. It's as if you want all talk of a "Muslim threat" utterly silenced until the nukes are actually in the air and minutes from detonating. You don't want there to be any websites, not even one, which give voice to any reference to bad behavior by Muslims, or to Jews in danger anywhere. FPM is hardly representative of the mainstream, yet you rail against it so relentlessly one would think Horowitz is the all-powerful dictator of America and FPM is the state-run media. Your hysteria is so not commensurate with the magnitude of whom you're fighting, it's ludicrous. You should be describing YOURSELF in mock-heroics, not Horowitz.

          • Schlomotion

            "Spoken like someone who's blissfully unaware of all the anti-terrorist activity done on his behalf. If the threat seems minimal, you have many people to thank for that. "

            Ah, no. Not at age 39. At age 39, I am pretty well aware that the terrorist sky is not being held up from falling by teams of special.ists working diligently. That might convince maybe a 17 year old, but not someone who lived through the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and the 2000s. You need to tell that to someone whose experiences do not pre-date 9/11. I am from the "the government is protecting us from Soviet Missiles falling on us" racket period.

            You're full of crap on the Holocaust. I feel bad about it and I wish it didn't happen. I don't dispute the numbers or even the consummate importance that Jews place upon it (when they are not blaming me for it directly or indirectly). It is still a palpable event. What I was talking about is that the number 6 million is rhetorically significant for Jews, even from before the Holocaust. I was also poking fun at the fact that you are still tossing the figure around like it's some kind of baseline to match, and a guilt trip to boot. Sure, it's a numerical fact, but rhetorically, you love it. It's nice to have that same size factor every time you are screaming bloody murder.

            I don't think Mr. Horowitz is "bravely" speaking out at all. He's selling a commodity. He's selling a lecture tour and pamphlets based on the fear of Muslim subversion in the United States. There's nothing brave about that. Ramparts was a brave publication. This isn't a brave publication. It's a fringe publication, that's all, with a lot of paranoia and race politics attached. It's like The Final Call for Jews. There's nothing brave about that publication either. Really, the thesis that there are still, small truths that only Dwight Schultz can utter is remarkably hysterical.

            It is a diverse country. And I think the right thing to do is to embrace Jews and Muslims as simply fellow citizens in the US. I am not Israel. I don't need stipulations and prerequisites to accept my fellow man. They are who they are. Here however I read call after call for lawfare, for pogroms, for deportation, for persecution, and for control of the university system. From what I read, this place has more people with an Iranian Qom mentality than that same country way across the oceans. The passion plays, the bleating, the self-wounding. It's a sad comedy.

            " It's as if you want all talk of a "Muslim threat" utterly silenced until the nukes are actually in the air and minutes from detonating."

            I heard this all before from apocalyptic Christians when they got their first internet computers. Yes. Yes. On the day of judgment, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess, but it will be too late to accept and submit. You are pushing a Jewish submission just like Christians push a Christian submission, just like Muslims push an Islamic submission, just like the TSA is pushing a National Security submission. The danger is FAKE.

          • Ron Edge

            "You are pushing a Jewish submission just like Christians push a Christian submission, just like Muslims push an Islamic submission, just like the TSA is pushing a National Security submission. The danger is FAKE."

            Of course, the so-called Christian, TSA, National Security (Socialistic, Progressive, etc.), et al groups are NOT actively stealing, raping, murdering on a World-Wide genocidal scale while ALL Islamic Nations ARE!!!

            Are they not?

            Something which you fail to mention or apologize for, Schlomotion, in either Parts 1,2.

            While I'm in disagreement with Mr. Horowitz's politics in general, I can find no cracks in his logic of where the Western Nations are heading today viz-a-viz Islamism (NOT Muslims)… and neither can you, hence the number of red herrings you display and the utter lack of authentic realities on-the-ground… so-to-speak.

            As for so-called Muslim Moderates: "There are two kinds of Muslims in the World, today: those Muslims who commit Terrorism and those Muslims who stand around and watch". And, remember:

            ————ISLAM WOULDN'T HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY—————-

          • Schlomotion

            "Of course, the so-called Christian, TSA, National Security (Socialistic, Progressive, etc.), et al groups are NOT actively stealing, raping, murdering on a World-Wide genocidal scale"

            You gotta give it time. It's only been in effect for six years. They just got the cameras installed all along the highway in my tri-state region. They don't do anything on a global scale yet.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "You gotta give it time. It's only been in effect for six years. They just got the cameras installed all along the highway in my tri-state region. They don't do anything on a global scale yet. "

            Your trolls are getting weaker.

          • Touchstone

            "I am pretty well aware that the terrorist sky is not being held up from falling"

            Actually, you're not. You grumble about checkpoints and the TSA and Homeland Security and so on, rather than appreciate their role in preventing terrorist attacks. If no measures were ever put in place to combat terrorists, it would be an open invitation for jihadists to murder innocents, and that's precisely what they would do.

            "It is still a palpable event."

            Damn right it is. Especially when one considers that some of the people who deny it ever occurred are scheming to perpetrate a sequel. But if you do think it's palpable, why do you constantly mock any reference to it and to earlier pogroms? You're always reducing Jews who refer to historical massacres as lumps of fear who need to get with the sunny times the rest of the world is living in. So is it palpable, as you say now, or is it laughably anachronistic, as you always claim?

            "I feel bad about it and I wish it didn't happen."

            That sounds a little weird considering the magnitude of the event. It sounds like something one might say about Buckner letting a ground ball roll between his legs. But you really don't have to feel anything about it. You should just try to understand that it changed things forever, and there's no going back. I wasn't saying it's a "bugbear" for you in the same way it is for a Stormfront type who denies it happened but secretly fantasizes about being one of the guards who operated the gas chamber. I'm saying it's a bugbear for you because it triggers a reflex in you that I find tiresome. You can't seem to distinguish between opportunistic references to it, perhaps as a way to extract sympathy or justify bad behavior, and legitimate references to it, perhaps in the context of explaining why some Israelis feel they can't live with a nuke in the hands of their mortal enemies, or why some Jews take comfort in knowing there are sites like this that feature writers who go into depth about ominous developments facing various Jewish communities.

            "you are still tossing the figure around like it's some kind of baseline to match… Sure, it's a numerical fact, but rhetorically, you love it."

            Utter nonsense. I never "tossed" any figure around. This is what I mean by Holocaust references triggering a kind of autonomic nervous system response in you. You're not thinking, you're just reacting. You've conditioned yourself to sneer at any mention of or allusion to the Holocaust, even inadvertent ones. I'll repeat what I said: THERE ARE APPROXIMATELY SIX MILLION JEWS IN ISRAEL. It's these Jews who are facing destruction. "Six million" is a coincidence. A coincidence isn't "rhetoric", it's fact. A fact you find so uncomfortable, you reflexively impute nefarious motives to anyone who reminds you of this coincidence. You're utterly deluded when you claim that I "love it". In fact, it would be easier to make the point about the predicament of Israeli Jews if the number wasn't misinterpreted as a rhetorical ploy by folks with an axe to grind. A different number wouldn't be the distraction that "6 million" is. Alas, that's the number. Parallels with the past are coincidental, not deliberate. "Rhetorically, you hate it" makes more sense than what you tried to ascribe to me.

          • Schlomotion

            There is no way for me to accept that the TSA protectionist racket holds up the sky of terrorism from falling. Islam may not move into the space previously occupied by the USSR. It's nonsense. The TSA is waving around a bunch of left-handed smoke shifters. I might as well submit to the Agency for the Prevention of Meteors. Anti-terrorism is as much a racket as the nascent Green Economy. They don't make the sun rise, they don't oxygenate the atmosphere, and they damn well don't prevent Muslims from blowing up Alewife Station on a weekday. What they do is solicit funds and create theater, harass people, and soften them up for subjection.

            I voted for real in a Senatorial Primary last week. It was one of the last times that I will be able to vote as an American citizen just by giving my name and address and without any TSA or VIPR squads or E-Verify personnel present. I voted against my party designation and a ruckus of the feeble-minded ensued. I voted for real in that I chose my candidate, truly chose it, not simply voted along party. Next time around, the ruckus will be accompanied by chest-thumping self-absolving morons from the Executive Branch. That is the "protection" we get from the so-called anti-terrorists. Lacking any terrorists, they must protect me from me. No. Unwanted. Unneeded. UnAmerican.

            To paraphrase Lincoln, if the fate of the Jews hangs in the balance of that, I would gladly discard them. However, they do not hang in the balance, you merely exaggerate. Also, fortunately, Jews aren't that frail and expendably weak as in that characterization. Really, yes, people should get with the sunny times, hit the health club, and stop moaning about the past. The only exception I see, is if people are acting in a historical and cultural context to enhance human understanding about people who triumphed in the past. Then it makes sense to say "this happened in the context of Holocaust Europe" or "during the Russian Pogroms." There is no historical concept to absolve a country in the 21st Century from dispossessing its neighbors or freaking out any time an American criticizes another hyphenated American. So yes, it is bad that the Holocaust happened and it is palpable, but it is also hysterical melodrama if used to perpetuate atrocity. It creates Holocaust fatigue. I achieved Holocaust fatigue by age 20 in 1993 while reading Rick Ross' literature on abducting and deprogramming Jews who had fallen under the influence of cultists, and that this warranted abduction and reversal to a prior state of programming. This and the anti-Patriot movement, and the budding "everyone's a Moo.slim" crap, and the Foxman vs. Farrakhan debates, and the anti-Afrocentricity movement, and the repeated settlement-building. All of that gave me a good case of Holocaust fatigue that I didn't begin to recover from until I started sorting the people who triumphed over the Holocaust from people who exploit it. Sure. Quite possibly my Holocaust Industry fatigue is equally fatiguing to people who want to take that Old Ironsides out for another tug around the harbor.

          • Touchstone

            "This isn't a brave publication. It's a fringe publication"

            Meotti says he gets death threats. Horowitz and Spencer surely do. I'm sure the list doesn't end there. When the contributors to a publication make themselves magnets for violent thugs for the crime of expressing their views, one of the adjectives that can be used logically to describe such people is "brave". There is simply no denying this. They say things they know will put them at risk. That's not "selling a commodity" like your average car salesman. Whatever else they may be guilty of, cowardice is certainly not on the list. Bravery is. That you won't even give them their due in this regard is a measure of how unbalanced you are. You're simply flat wrong on this point, among many others (like claiming that Horowitz is still an undergraduate when in fact he just wants to make sure that certain undergraduates don't intimidate their classmates). As I said earlier, publications like this have merit because the mainstream media won't go into detail about some of the topics covered here. I happen to be someone who wants to know if there's a Jewish community somewhere that's living in fear and why. People read what's of interest to them. Many articles here interest me and I might not find them elsewhere. In your own words, "It is a diverse country." A diverse readership demands a diverse media. Why are you trying so hard to deprive one segment of the population of a publication that meets their needs? Who's doing that to you? You're the aggressor here, not FPM.

            "The danger is FAKE."

            Fake and exaggerated are two different things. Exaggerated I can accept. Fake I cannot. Fake means there's no danger whatsoever, from anyone at anytime. Exaggerated is an argument with some merit. Fake is a fake argument. A wildly extreme argument.

          • Schlomotion

            So what. I get death threats. I was on an Animal Liberation Front hit list. Commenters here threaten me all the time. I hope you saw that Julian Assange show episode where David Horowitz, Julian Assange and Slavoj Zizek were all comparing who gets the most death threats. Bragging about your death threat count is part of marketing yourself as an oppressed pariah and crusader of truth. Meotti, Horowitz and Spencer brag about their death threats. Spencer in particular uses it to try to prove that he is making sense and outraging Muslim fanatics. He loves it. He also tries to make it seem like his own audience is going to kick his butt and he uses it to rally the security guards. It's theater.

            "Brave" is not the word for it. Spencer is brave when he insults an audience member and then takes a step back and calls in a high-pitched voice for the security to remove that man from the audience? David Horowitz is brave when he calls a college freshman girl an ignorant, murderous, Hamas supporter? He is brave when he insults a campus using their own newspaper and then holds a press conference there under armed guard, blocking student attendance? Please. Brave is fighting a bear with your six inch knife. These men are not brave.

            It is "selling a commodity like your average car salesman." Pamela Geller was literally an average car salesman before she was investigated for fraud and then took up the cause of Hasbara. That was her job. Underwriting bad loans and selling glitzy bullshucks to ignorant people. It's what she still does. Atlas Shrugs isn't a "brave" website. It's clatter. To portray these heavily funded, heavily funded minions of Aubrey Chernick as in any way deprived of a voice is ridiculous.

            Per your last point. I concede. I redirect Fake and stick with Exaggerated. Exaggerated is the threat from Muslims. Fake is the protection our government gives us from Muslims.

          • aspacia

            Schlock, their is a Real and Present Danger from Islamism, and Muslims suffer from it far more often than we in the West. Nearly 3,000 civilians perished in the 9/11 attack, and there have been hundreds more attempted attack on US soil, and to date 19,000 successful world wide terrorist attacks since 9/11.

            If you lived in the 1930's you would ignore Hitler as you ignore what these insane Muslims threaten.

            Oh, and I have two decades on you with four academic degrees.

            The communists who helped overthrow the Shah were targeted by the Mullahs and live in exile or were slaughtered.

            Horowitz daily suffers death threats, and keeps speaking. This indeed makes him a brave man.

          • Schlomotion

            I am happy for you having two decades on me and four degrees. It really quells my concern over whether or not to pursue grad school degrees and doctorates to know that you can get them and still remain a solipsist with horrible spelling and fundamentally retarded political views.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "I grew up with sporadic airplane attacks by Muslim hijackers as a basic fact of life. I am sure you did too. Compared to roadway accidents, second-hand smoke, choking on pizza, or the common kitchen knife, there is no such thing, statistically as a threat from Muslim terrorists"

          Mr. Troll,

          There are initiative to manage all risks that you list. In fact your own example proves how stupid you are. Currently there are massive campaigns to educate people on the dangers of second-hand smoke. Do you hear the president of the United States defending smokers? No you do not.

          The distinction between your stupid inane list and Islam is that Islamic damage is aided by lies and liars. That includes you.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "You on the other hand believe that it is an existential threat to six million Jews"

          Anyone not blinded by bigotry or lack of education would see this fact.

          "and that 310 million Americans are in complete agreement with them"

          Obviously this straw man is false. If they all agreed, we'd have no need to discuss it. Most who agree have however been silenced by bigots like you, or even nastier ones. You are only a troll after all. Many anti-Jew activists are violent.

          "I see no reason to agree with your math"

          That was an illusion or miscalculation on your part.

          "or elevate the nonstarter of Islamic terrorism into a global threat on par with the Soviet Union"

          You must be insane. The threat from Islamic terror today is greater than the threat from the Soviets at any time after the death of Stalin. We simply don't know who to negotiate with for starters because of so many factions. These factions also give supposed plausible dependability to the major actors like Iran. You are a dimwit.

          "Global Warming"

          Yes, Islamic terror is trivial in comparison to Global Warming to a troll…until they start blowing up nuclear weapons because then maybe global warming will become a reality. By then even trolls will have to admit that nukes are bad once they go bang.

          "or other more tempting ways the sky can fall."

          In plain English, you are accusing those seeking to propagate facts about Islam of alarmism. What else can a troll do in such a thread? Keep trying troll.

    • Touchstone

      Aside from caricature, understatement and exaggeration, you're also no stranger to conspiracy theories:

      "That the pro-Israel orators need to synchronize their propaganda around a common, centrally published lexicon and prior restrained wordbase hearkens back to Marxism"

      This is more distortion, based on a familiar paranoid delusion: pro-Israel polemicists are all working in concert, coordinating their efforts, even to the point of adhering to a predetermined vocabulary. And you claim to be FIGHTING hysteria? Why not start with your own! This is Protocols-worthy drivel. Plenty of independent thinkers, Jewish and otherwise, have noticed that there is this thing called radical Islam and it needs to be discussed out in the open, even at the risk of being insulted by hecklers.

      "Daniel Pipes and William Kristol are fighting much, much smaller bugbears than their fathers were, and doing so with the same sense of giant panic and self-import"

      Hecklers and skeptics have been diminishing and dismissing and laughing off bugbears forever. Many bright people (including Gertrude Stein) couldn't perceive the threat Hitler represented. Scoffing at exterminationists is nothing new. If and when history proves you wrong, as it did the earlier scoffers, the most you'll do is shrug your shoulders and say "oops", while others are busy counting the bodies.

      "the Muslim Student Union must forfeit the same organizational rights as the Jewish Student Union"

      More hyperbole. Is the MSU sacrosanct? Is it not permissible to expose their activities? If Horowitz doesn't scrutinize their activities, who will? You? You're the heckler who wants all sedition or bad behavior brushed under the rug if it's connected to Muslims, and overblown if it can be laid at the feet of Jews or Zionists. You can call out Horowitz, but Horowitz can't call out the MSU. One standard for you, another one for the Zionists. Does your neighbor's "Americanness" exalt double standards like yours does?

      "It is alien to an American mind that we are consistently on the knife's edge of apocalypse. This was a bane in the 1950's and it is a bane now."

      And you dare to lay this at the feet of Horowitz? Apocalypse has been on the minds of people all over the world, not just America, ever since Hiroshima. (Heck, it's been around since the Mayans.) Horowitz didn't start this fire. And who are you to establish what's alien to 310 million minds? Who made you king? Who are you to define the American mind for everyone else? Perhaps it's the stark reality of the dangerous world you live in which is alien to YOUR mind, a mind which you self-admiringly believe is the shining exemplar of the "American mind".

      • Schlomotion

        "based on a familiar paranoid delusion: pro-Israel polemicists are all working in concert, coordinating their efforts, even to the point of adhering to a predetermined vocabulary."

        Regarding your last query, yes indeed I am willing to lay Mr. Horowitz's canard eschatology right back at his own feet. The man, who is really his own caricature by publication, and not by my criticism, claims to be on a growth curve away from Jewish Ghettoism. Sorry, but claiming that we are teetering on the brink of annihilation at the hands of the swarthy forces of Islam is just another rehash of the eternal fear of divine retribution at the end of the world, and not to mention a rehash of Lord of the Rings. Some of us do not walk around in this world that might end at any time.

        I don't want you to think I disregarded the MSU because I support them. I think they are as dumb as the JSU. However, I think off-campus organizations should not engage in lawfare (shyster lawyering) against on-campus organizations. Mr. Horowitz should actually be ashamed that he is still in college after all these decades. Graduate already! Or get a job there.

        • Touchstone

          "claiming that we are teetering on the brink of annihilation at the hands of the swarthy forces of Islam"

          You can't deal with the words your opponents choose. You put words in their mouths, and it's to these words you respond. In effect, you're talking to yourself. You reduce every opponent to caricature to make it easier to beat up on them. You can't refute their ACTUAL words, only the ridiculous ones you pretend they said. You don't respond to people, but to the straw men of your own creation.

          "Horowitz should actually be ashamed that he is still in college"

          This is quite moronic of you. It's well-known that there is this thing called "jihad" and that the Muslims who partake in jihad wage their ant-Western war on a variety of fronts. One front is academia. Horowitz and others are wise to scrutinize what's happening on college campuses, who's shaping the beliefs of future generations, what's being taught and what's being distorted or omitted, who's not being allowed to speak, and so on. Your criticism of Horowitz in this regard is particularly flimsy and ill-conceived. I suppose you think student activities shouldn't be monitored by anyone anywhere for even a moment. Allow any fascists on campus free reign. Completely dismiss the very real threat faced by pro-Israel Jews on campuses across North America. Give the thugs the run of the place. Let them make Jews feel unwelcome and uncomfortable. Present the views of only one side, the thuggish side with whom you've cast your lot. Such is your concept of "Americanness". Such is your dim, corrupt view of the "American mind" — a mind that believes thugs should be allowed to intimidate their opponents with impunity. Your fascist-sympathizing mindset is far from anything that can be described as even remotely American. It's closer to something Orwell warned about.

          • Schlomotion

            Just skipping to the endgame. Presumably the endgame of the MSU aka the Muslim Brotherhood being allowed to speak on US college campuses is that the "jihad" will be waged successfully and then the US will fall to the swarthy forces of Islam thereafter. Indeed I am holding you responsible also for the preachments of Geller, Horowitz, and Spencer for defending them so vigorously.

            I find fault with nearly everything in your last paragraph and thus it is impossible to agree. Firstly, "jihad" doesn't mean crap to me. I saw the Catholic Church fall in my own lifetime. I saw the Christian Coalition lose the battle to teach Jesus instead of evolution. I saw the regular church amalgamate into a lesbian-led Unitarian Methodism. I saw the fall of the Soviet Union. I saw the Masonic Temple have its first open houses and guided tours to the public. You can't convince me that Islam is going to take over the world. You can't convince me that people are going to give up ghettoblasters, motorcycles, thongs, recreational drugs, movies, donk cars, barbecue pork ribs, iPods, beer, alcohol, pot, dogs simply because a few gingers joined a Mosque. Not convinced. Not convinced that the general public would choose a 500 AD lifestyle because two planes flew into some buildings. Not convinced by your misuse of George Orwell, or that David Horowitz who is doing everything in his power to reverse the choices of a much braver magazine that he used to work for, is brave.

          • Touchstone

            I noticed another tremendous irony emerge from your posts, and I'm wondering why I never noticed it before.

            You've ridiculed me for harping on the fact that we need to learn from history lest we repeat its dreadful mistakes. You've called history a "lying ass", implying that it's a misleading and untrustworthy guide and there's nothing useful to be gleaned from studying it. According to you, history — especially a history of Jewish or African-American persecution — is to be dismissed, mocked, forgotten. Got it.

            That being the case, it's astoundingly ironic that you would list so feverishly the various threats that have been discredited in your lifetime. I'm disappointed in myself for not noticing the irony until now. You can't actually make a point about how lame Horowitz or the jihadist threat is WITHOUT writing your usual laundry list of the various threats you've seen debunked in your own life. You lean on history even more than I do, yet you dismiss its relevance whenever an opponent does the same. Again, one standard for you, another one for your opponents. You operate with a perpetual double standard. Did you know that? Not frequently, but PERPETUALLY. It undermines your arguments.

            OK, had to get that out of the way. Now back to your points.

            "I am holding you responsible also for the preachments of Geller, Horowitz, and Spencer for defending them so vigorously."

            Utterly ridiculous and vindictive. I'm no more responsible for their words and deeds than you are. Get this through your head: I'M DEFENDING THEIR RIGHT TO EXPRESS THEIR VIEWS. You're trampling on their rights. Their actual words are completely incidental. You've lived 39 years and you can't grasp this basic distinction. This is reminiscent of the point I was making about Michael Moore. I might feel entertained by his movies, or I might hate them. I might agree with him politically, or I might despise his comments. What matters is that I defend his right to make his films and speak his mind, whereas you said you would "gladly throw him into a pit full of sharpened stakes". When I defended his right to continue drawing breath and making films, you childishly distorted my views and denigrated me as an ardent fan of his work. You completely missed the point I was making about Moore, and you're completely off base when you equate me with Geller, Horowitz, Spencer and anyone else I might have defended. It's not as if I'm even familiar with most of their writings, so it's galactically ludicrous to "hold me responsible for their preachments". I don't even know what most of their "preachments" consist of! That said, much of what I've read of the above-named, I do in fact sympathize with. Speaking generally, I completely support an open and frank public discussion about any organized activity among Muslims and others that involves suppression of free speech, intimidation of political opponents and demonization of Jews and Israel. Am I some kind of felon for taking that stance?

          • Schlomotion

            Of course I refer to history periodically, or often. I don't reject history, I reject Historical Materialism as I think you use it.

            You're not familiar with the writings of Geller, Horowitz and Spencer? What about Tapson, Thornton, and Shapiro? Did you miss those too?

          • objectivefactsmatter

            Confession of a troll:

            User touchstone accused the troll: "You can't deal with the words your opponents choose. You put words in their mouths, and it's to these words you respond. In effect, you're talking to yourself. You reduce every opponent to caricature to make it easier to beat up on them. You can't refute their ACTUAL words, only the ridiculous ones you pretend they said. You don't respond to people, but to the straw men of your own creation."

            The troll doesn't deny it and states: "Just skipping to the endgame"

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "I saw the fall of the Soviet Union. I saw the Masonic Temple have its first open houses and guided tours to the public. You can't convince me that Islam is going to take over the world."

            Idiot. Should we not have fought the Cold War since they didn't succeed? If we didn't fight, the Caliphate would already exist. Ever hear of the Ottomans? Turkey? Follow history much?

            Not just this, but the danger of Islam is far greater than any single empire because of the factions and anarchy we already suffer from. As I said before, you deserve a Muslim husband to know the cost of Islam to humanity, just to start with local knowledge. Then when your oppressed little soul is crying out for help, you can read what in an alternative universe you wrote about the benign nature of Islam to troll sincerely concerned people.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "Firstly, "jihad" doesn't mean crap to me. I saw the Catholic Church fall in my own lifetime."

            Reductio ad absurdum – aka "trolling"

            So the history of the Roman Catholic Church now illustrates to you that Jihad is NOT a threat? Theocracy is not a threat? The Roman Catholic Church fell in your "own lifetime?" Are you a vampire or werewolf?

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "You can't convince me"

            I care just as much about what you can be convinced of as I do about "hurt religious feelings," and possibly less.

            "Not convinced that the general public would choose a 500 AD lifestyle because two planes flew into some buildings"

            Nobody said that. Very few Muslims are willing converts. Most are born to it, or convert due to coercion. Those are historical facts. And even if they make no more headway in terms of conversions, territories or any kind of progress, the threat is caused their efforts to try. Your misery does not follow only when they succeed in their goals. They clearly made no progress at all since September 11, 2012, but do they view it this way? Not at all. See the problem yet? That's because of your flawed thinking.

            Some times wars have 2 losers, in fact this is always true to some degree. Best to end the war in victory as quickly as possible rather than deny the realities of it.

            And finally, we can win this war rhetorically if we didn't have so many a-hole deniers wasting time and confusing those who have not had the benefit of a clear explanation of the problems. The kinetic war is necessary for containment, but the true war is about ideas. You are the enemy's duped troll.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "You can't deal with the words your opponents choose. You put words in their mouths, and it's to these words you respond. In effect, you're talking to yourself. You reduce every opponent to caricature to make it easier to beat up on them. You can't refute their ACTUAL words, only the ridiculous ones you pretend they said. You don't respond to people, but to the straw men of your own creation."

            It's a trolling technique for people who take him seriously and treat him as an equal.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "pro-Israel polemicists are all working in concert, coordinating their efforts, even to the point of adhering to a predetermined vocabulary."

          The more highly developed the case and the stronger the evidence, the more sense it makes to be consistent in messaging. Those who have little experience with facts of science or evidence don't understand this. Trolls are obviously in this class.

          All of your positions are dependent on ignoring salient facts. Period. It's your duty as troll-in-training for the neo-socialist agitators club.

    • Paul Schnee

      When commenting on the thesis written by Michelle Obama whilst she was at Princeton Christopher Hitchens said this: "To say that her thesis is difficult to read would be a mistake. It cannot be read in any sense of that word. This is because it is not written in any known language." Much the same can be said about anything written by Schlomotion whose nom de plume is an accurate description of the speed at which his mind works.

  • Indioviejo

    Great speech, David. You clarify unasked questions with understanding and provide great insight, for instance; I have often wondered why Israeli politicians go through a charade every time they engage murderous Arabs in doomed to fail "peace talks". I think I understand the reason when you say that, "conflicts are endless" and that there is "no solution to the dilemmas of the human condition." So on the surface I think no one expects much to these exercises, but the Oslo Agreements showed the Arabs to be who the are: genocidal terrorist, and the World looked on oblivious to the intifada. You also mention envy as a factor in world-wide anti-semitism, and you are right. As a non-Jewish supporter of Israel, I wished to be counted as a Zionist, too.

  • Western Spirit

    Well, this certainly explains why a people blessed by Christian America have worked so hard to destroy it. Biblical Christians are the Jews best friend and at one time America was full of these people.

    Now a secular America has taken its place partially from Jews using their many talents to accomplish this. And once again Jews are becoming subject to problems about their Jewishness. Problems explained in the Bible and their continued existence, despite persecution, explained there too.

    Unfortunately a world without borders wouldn’t cure their problems but would only exacerbate them. A government without checks, balance and morality would set the stage for the worst dictatorship of all time.

    Because “man cannot live by bread alone…” as the most famous Jew of all time once said.

  • Moishe Pupick

    Friday, 09/07/12 common era

    Mister Horowitz has the chutzpah to tell it like it is, and may G-d bless and protect him. A 2nd Obama 4-year term would be an unmitigated disaster for the U.S. and for the entire free world. I hope that he will start to learn some Torah and perhaps buy a pair of Tefillin. Good Shabbas, Mister Horowitz!

  • Bartimaeus

    Unlike Schlomo, I am for David, but my much shorter comments would not post. So much for freedom of speech.

  • Ghostwriter

    Let's be honest about Schlomotion. His most recent and pathetic anti-Jewish rant was more of the same. More attacks on Jews,more worshiping of the Palestinians,many of whom would do the same things to Americans as they would to Israelis. We all know that Schlockmotion is an anti-Jewish slimeball who never misses a chance to attack Jews even when they aren't even a part of the subject at hand. He claims to love America but forgets that Jews ARE as American as anyone. He has repeatedly shown himself to be a mind warped by stuff like "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" and "Mein Kampf." Schlomotion has repeatedly shown himself to be a person bereft of any humanity or decency. I wish he would leave the comments section of this website and leave the rest of us alone.

    • mlcblog

      This is precisely why I personally scroll past all of his comments. I have the power to have him leave me alone. I never answer him and hesitate to comment when he is included in any way.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        Right way not to get a headache…………………………….William

  • aspacia

    Great speech David!

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Couldn't agree more and may with surety say 'Super Great Speech David', he should be given
      the honor of a statue in the Capitol of the free World, Jerusalem, which states David Horowitz,
      a man of honor, courage and truth…………………….William

  • Mr. Polly

    So let the Jews and Muslims fight it out and leave the rest of us out of it. Six million Israeli Jews are not worth a single American fingernail.

    • Rona pleet

      You are one sick sub human

    • Andy Lewis

      And you ain't worth two spits.

    • aspacia

      Another Jew hater emerges. Not one US soldier has perished defending Israel, EVER.

      • Mr. Polly

        US soldiers fighting in Iraq were there on behalf of Israel. And if America is drawn into an attack on Iran, many more Americans will die for the sake of a crackpot Zionist ideology rooted in harebrained primitive mythology.

        • aspacia

          Polly, No. We were in Iraq for the WMD's that ended up in Syria which the world is currently concerned with and the FACT Hussain attempted to assassinate WBYA's daddy.

          You just alienated every person who believes in the Old Testament and the Torah, they do differ, but are similar.

  • Jane Doe

    Thank you Mr.Horowitz, you answered many questions i had and didn’t want to pester anyone asking.

    I approached the subject of Israel as an American with a few long forgotten Jewish ancestors .Some genealogical research rectified that but then i was horrified to realize how our educational system has failed us on the history and evolution of Israel . Piles of books and hundreds of internet sites later ,i am better informed and still sane.

    In the minds of most of the world ; Israel has and always will be the Jewish homeland. History,archeology,anthropology and DNA have fully established this as fact.

    Judaism is the parent religion of Christianity and islam,neither would exist without it. With this simple fact alone Israel is a priceless treasure that must be preserved and protected.

    In a sane,moral and evolved world every nationality and religion would respect and honor the heartland of all monotheist religions .

    The only involvement muslims had with Israel was to invaded,rob,murder and claim the land as an act of war. They drove the Jews out of Israel .muslim religious claims are baseless. Their land claims are groundless when you consider muslims drove a million Jews from their homes in the ME from 1942-1970 and confiscated land four times the size of Israel and billions of dollars. IF the muslims had never invaded in the first place,there would never have been the Crusades and the Holocaust .

    Fast forward to today.

    I cannot fathom why and what liberal Jews who promote a One World fantasy land believe they will accomplish. It is impossible with muslims. Their beliefs are too hostile and destructive. We have 1400 years of history to document this,we have their daily announcements of hate,their daily murders and their daily threats.

    Israel is not America’s,Europe’s,the UN’s nor islam’s to decide. It must start with the Jews and their internal divisions .Then other countries can offer opinions .

    Palestine is a welfare area that lives off other countries . They make no contribution to the world except hate,violence and dependency .

    There are 57 muslim countries . They don’t need the land,they produce nothing on it,they have no respect for anyone or anything so they deserve none in return.

    The simplest,most logical solution based on history,current world conditions and trustworthiness is one state – Israel .

    One borderless world with a billion people that are seething with irrational hate,killing and disregarding every human and civil right ? Not unless you exterminate the cause of all the violence ,settle old grievances and find respect for all living beings.

    • Omar

      Don't forget, Palestine is a geographic entity. It is not a country nor a people. The Soviet Union and Arafat created the PLO and the "Palestinian nation" in 1964. Since then, one of history's big lies has lived on.

  • aldotoo

    YOu only mention God once and as part of a problem. The only solution for Jews to have lasting peace is to accept God and his beloved son. The latter is a descendant of your beloved King David so he was a famous Jew and will soon come to put the world right and then there will be one religion and everyone will worship in Jerusalem.
    Don't leave it too long. Get your copy of the Bible Magazine v. 25 #2.

  • TedRWeiland

    "Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a 'Jew' or to call a contemporary Jew an 'Israelite' or a 'Hebrew.'” (Richard Siegel and Carl Rheins, eds., “Identity Crisis,” The Jewish Almanac, (New York, NY: Bantam Books, 1980) p. 3.)

    Dr. Oscar Levy and Jack Bernstein (both Jews, among many others), respectively, went so far as to declare:

    "And are not they [today’s Jews] the inventors of the Chosen People myth?" (Oscar Levy, preface, George Pitt Rivers, The World Significance of the Russian Revolution (Oxford, UK: Basil Blackwell, 1920) p. vi.)

    "Leading the cry, 'We are God’s Chosen People' are the Zionist/Marxist (Ashkenazi) Jews … who don’t have a drop of biblical Jewish [Judahite] blood in them…. I’ll toss in one last thought about the 'God’s Chosen people' myth: God said, 'Beware of those who call themselves Jews and are not, for they lie.' Could it be the Ashkenazi Jews [who make up 95-98% of today’s Jews] are the people to whom God was referring?" (Jack Bernstein, as told by Len Martin, The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel (Costa Mesa, CA: The Noontide Press, 1984) pp. 15-17.)

    • Rothschild

      I'm not positive, because I just began doing research, of the spiritual part, of my Jewish history as a Catholic Jew (half Jew) concerning a form of Orthodox Judaism that is, or was in the US called Sons of Zion; but it seems to me that there actually are differences between some religious Zionists, and Marxist Zionists.

      I will be mostly researching my Jewish half; only from a political, social, cultural, and spiritual perspective, by at first learning and reading the language, they used in Russia and Lithuania called Yiddish…I may of come from a type of Jew called Litvak; they seem to be like my relatives were, very quiet and kept to themselves much, and would never talk about their past…. but they were secular in name Jews only…. while the Litvaks where spiritual… so I will be going to Russia, possibly, to see if I can find documents in Yiddish about the Sons of Zion, if it was even called that in Russia, at the time (between 1850? to 1916?)….(most of the documents were destroyed, there?)… but I'm and excellent researcher…I normally find mountains of things when others say, everything is destroyed…my relatives seemed to of been part of the ultra rich Jews, that came over from Russia, or became rich when they came over.

      I found a secret document five pages long; that was kept from me by all the other relatives on my Jewish side of my family, and it specifically was written for me, and about me,and it was written by someone that may have had some involvement with a Rothschild, and that person was given specific instructions on how they shall act toward me, in all parts of my life present and future.


      Yiddish language

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      The late 19th and early 20th century are widely considered[by whom?] the Golden Age of secular Yiddish literature. This coincides with the development of Modern Hebrew as a spoken and literary language, from which some words were also absorbed into Yiddish. The three authors generally regarded[by whom?] as the founders of the modern Yiddish literary genre were born in the 19th century, but their work and significance continued to grow into the 20th. The first was Sholem Yankev Abramovitch, writing as Mendele Mocher Sforim. The second was Sholem Rabinovitsh, widely known as Sholem Aleichem, whose stories about טבֿיה דער מילכיקער (tevye der milkhiker = Tevye the Dairyman) inspired the Broadway musical and film Fiddler on the Roof. The third was Isaac Leib Peretz.

      Yiddish and Hebrew –the End of a feud?

      The dispute between Yiddish and Hebrew wracked the Jewish secular world during the early part of this century, and remains a contentious issue to this day….

      This image of the Diaspora was for a long time central to Zionism. As the American historian Howard Sachar notes in his A History of Zionism (vol. I, l986, p. 718), the dominant Zionist image of the overseas Jewish community was one of "half men, or at least an inferior breed of half Jews." The original Israeli reaction to the Holocaust was also shaped by this image. The millions of victims were considered cowardly, as one Israeli scholar put it, "inferior human beings that went like lambs to the slaughter." (Dina Porat, The Blue and the Yellow Stars of David, Cambridge, Mass, l990, p. 239)
      Yiddish, the language of most of those miserable "half Jews" earned equal contempt, if not outright hatred. As Benjamin Harshav points out in his brilliant Language and Revolution (Berkeley, l993, p. 157), the conventional wisdom, "first formulated most harshly by Moses Mendelssohn, [held] that Yiddish was a perverted language, reflecting the perversion of the soul of the Diaspora Jew. The revulsion from it," Harshav continues," is a recoil from Diaspora existence, from the Yiddish language–the mother tongue, intimate and hated at the same time, from the parental home of the shtetl, corroded by idleness and Jewish trading, and from the irrational and primitive behavior of the Hasidim."

      • Rothschild

        Part 2

        And it was Ben Gurion himself who, in the company of several hundred kibbutzniks, listened in 1945 for several hours to the harrowing tale of Rozka Korczak, a member of the Hashomer Hatzair, the first resistance fighter to reach to Palestine after the war. He then opined that "it was all very moving, and would have been even more so if Rozka had not been speaking in that grating language" (Tom Segev , The Seventh Million, New York, l993, p. l80). (Forty years earlier Ben Gurion, a young khalutz just arrived in the Holy Land, edited a Yiddish daily for fellow-kibbutzniks who spoke no Hebrew, as indeed he himself had not for the first few years of his life.)

        Lithuanian Jews

        From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

        Lithuanian Jews or Litvaks are Jews with roots in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania: (present-day Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, and the northeastern Suwałki region of Poland). The term is sometimes used, especially in Israel, to cover all Orthodox Jews who follow a "Lithuanian" (Ashkenazic and non-Hasidic) style of life and learning, whatever their ethnic background.

        Of the main Yiddish dialects in Europe, the Litvishe Yiddish (Lithuanian Yiddish) dialect was spoken by Jews in Lithuania, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia and in the Suwałki region of northeastern Poland.
        However, following the dispute between the Hasidim and the Misnagdim, in which the Lithuanian academies were the heartland of opposition to Hasidism, "Lithuanian" came to have the connotation of Misnagdic (non-Hasidic) Judaism generally, and to be used used for all Jews who follow the traditions of the great Lithuanian yeshivot whether or not their ancestors actually came from Lithuania. In modern Israel Lita'im (Lithuanians) is often used for all Haredi Jews who are not Hasidim (and not Hardalim or Sephardic Haredim). Other expressions used for this purpose are Yeshivishe and Misnagdim. Both the words Litvishe and Lita'im are somewhat misleading, because there are also Hasidic Jews from greater Lithuania and lots of Lithuanian Jews who are not Haredim. The term Misnagdim ("opponents") on the other hand is somewhat outdated, because the opposition between the two groups has lost much of its relevance. Yeshivishe is also problematic because Hasidim now make use of yeshivot as much as the Litvishe Jews.

        • Rothschild

          I am not as rich as my relatives; but I do have a trust fund, but, I am not dirt poor; but it seems as if the Jews are a very responsible people; that care for the poor…. at the very least historically, and in the present.

          I think later on, Jews like Madoff, and one of my family members used politics, and perhaps the culture of Jews, to manipulate things like (Iibor?)…they were secular Jews, that perhaps used Yiddish culture day to day to amuse themselves, sort of like a Seinfeld…but had renounced the actual language, or practice of Judaism, to appeal to modern Jews in America, and the world…. to change the identity of Jewish culture so as to pave the way for the the they types of Madoff, to make money…but the actual ones that were part of my family of Jews at least were not greedy, or thieving like Madoff.

          I need to read the actual Yiddish about Yiddish politics to understand, what politics most of my relatives had when they came over around 1906 from Russia…and to maybe understand the politics of a Jew in my family that was like Madoff, too understand, how it (Judaism?) was (manipulated?) in America, and the world.

          • Western Spirit

            And to think my mother-in-law, in her old age, wouldn't join Jewish groups for companionship because she didn't know enough Yiddish.

            Very interesting Mr. Rothschild.

    • Jane Doe

      You and your sources neglect the obvious .
      Judaism is a religion of many ,but being Jewish by heritage is bone deep.

      Semitic tribes inhabited the entire ME. ONE small group of semites ,that originated in Canaan, became the Jews. Within this Jewish community were long established tribal-family groups. These groups have been identified by ancient and current Y(paternal) DNA.

      The fertile crescent was the origination point of Semitic tribes,agriculture ,animal husbandry and stone to copper to iron age development . These tribes grew and expanded world wide.

      Y DNA Haplogroups J, G, and E have been present in Europe since the Neolithic or the Mesolithic, and R1b, R1a arrived in Chalcolithic..

      The mutation that caused blue eyes occured near the Dead Sea 50,000 – 25,000 years ago.This mutation is carried in a majority of of the R and G Haplotypes. R overwhelmingly is present in Celtic peoples.King Tut had the R haplotype.

      The Haplotype of J and it’s subclades are the earliest identified DNA remains and exists today in large quantities of Jews and residents of the ME.

      The E haplotype and it’s subclades represent Jewish expansion into Africa .Adolph Hitler was E1b1b a subclade of Jewish DNA with African and European admixtures.

      The G haplotype emerged from the J type with the admixture of European peoples- the Ashkenazi Jews .

      Being a member of a religion is supposedly a choice now.Millions of Christian ,Semitic and Jewish people have been forced to convert to islam since 640 AD but DNA tells the story.Christians are of every ethnicity and haplotype but the majority carry Celtic and Semitic DNA.

      Thousands of DNA studies show us the original Jews were of well defined DNA Haplotypes.
      These are the ancient Israelites,the Semitic people who inhabited the entire Middle East until the expansion of the Celts and invasions of Africans and Asians .

      History is written on religious and political bias and ideologies by the victors .
      Go test your DNA. Then talk.

      • Rothschild

        Thank you…. I have been wanting to get my DNA tested; but I find in America the health care system is to poor too interpret it (the reason why I want the test)…. Should, I have it tested in Israel, or a country with a excellent health carte system?

  • dalesbest

    You poor, miserable, misinformed, misguided creature. I will be praying for a cure for you. Prayer can work wonders.

  • Paul Felix Schott

    Iran is also supplying another enemy of Israel, the well know terrorist organization
    Hezbollah with more then what you would call just a substantial amount of financial
    support and weapons, explosives and training of how to use them and political,
    diplomatic, and organizational aid while persuading Hezbollah to take wicked actions
    against Israel. Hezbollah's 1985 manifesto listed its four main goals as "Israel's
    final departure from Lebanon as a prelude to its final obliteration" According to
    reports released in February 2010, Hezbollah has received $400 million dollars from
    Iran. That the World knows about.
    Another Clear "Act Of War" against Israel.

    October 11, 2011 the CIA AND THE FBI Of the United States Of America stopped a
    terrorist plot by the Iranian Government Leaders that included (bombing the Israeli
    "as well as Saudi"
    Embassies in Washington, DC and Buenos Aires).
    All Nations involved do claim this as
    An "Act Of War" against them.

    Can you carry a Bible in Iran without them trying to kill you.
    Devil at war with GOD.

    Israel Will Strike Iran, British Intelligence is now saying.

    The 43rd President George W. Bush’s National Security Adviser and Chief Foreign Policy
    Adviser Stephen Hadley is now Warning the world. That there clearly exists a very high
    risk to say the least that Iran and the United States very soon will most likely end up
    in a military conflict. As the deterioration of views and political relations between
    Iran and many other countries as Iran Leader acts more like a little kid. Making all
    the Middle East more unstable.

    With growing reports out of Israel that an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities is likely,
    former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told Ron Kessler of Newsmax's in an one
    on one interview that she has no doubts in her mind that Israel will take the necessary
    actions to stop Iran's mullahs from making or getting Nuclear Weapons. Condoleezza Rice
    has a book, Called "No Higher Honor" A Memoir of My Years in Washington," reveals her
    insights into the war against Al-Qaida, what really happened in Iraq, and the real rising
    threat of Iran.
    From her work as the National Security Adviser with President George W. Bush in his first
    term before succeeding Colin Powell to become Secretary of State in his second term.

    May our Lord Jesus Christ and GOD the Father that is in Heaven,
    Guide and Watch over us.

    In this time of TRIBULATION, Strengthen your Faith, and encourage
    all to pray for their souls. The strong in the word of our Lord will Now
    Help the World and be the disciples of our Lord's Word.

    United We Will Always Stand That
    In GOD We Trust
    True Patriots

    The Lord's Little Helper
    Paul Felix Schott

    Further diligence is required stay on your guard and watch. The LORD’s Amy will come soon enough.

    GOD Bless You and Your Love ones
    Give thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ every day.

    The Governments and people of all Nations need to read.
    John 14:6-7 Jesus said ……….

    Luke 21:20-22

    IRAN … The World is going to Renewable Energy with all the SUNLIGHT we get SOLAR Energy would be very easy to do hear. Do you think the rest of the world will see what we are really doing building more Reactors then we could ever use in a country this size? But we need the electric power to Enrich Uranium to make Many Atomic Nuclear Weapons, to bring the world to a Hellish Place. Earthquakes are increasing every year and could cause us the bad mishap or a catastrophic failure 97 million Iranians could die. Just keep this out of the NEWS.
    We only need to play Cat and Mouse a little Longer and on one will be able to stop us. What about GOD?

  • Paul Felix Schott

    If someone really cares for them, give them a Bible with red letter print. That is a red letter edition words that were spoken by are Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. With a Pray for them the LOST maybe they will be saved, and not go to hell.

    Remember for over a Thousand years you have taken you life at risk from the
    wicked for carrying a Bible. They have burned the Bible in public many times they have cut off the head of anyone carrying one many a times. They have bombed many a Christian Church, Killing many.

    The Persecution of Christians in the Middle East has gone on for over two thousand years.

    The Leaders of many Christian groups have criticizes Muslim leaders and Leaders of governments for failing to intervene after series of deadly attacks on Christians and their Churches in many countries around the World, each Christmas.

    Killing at least 35 Christians Christmas day Church, Nigerian 2011. Killing over 20 Christians New Year's Eve mass Egypt 2011. 50 killed Christians at a Catholic Cathedral
    Baghdad 2010. Over 200 injured Christians Imbaba region by Cairo 2011. The list goes on
    and on and has for many years now. Have you for got so easy many American's like Paul Marshall Johnson, Jr. that was kidnapped and then beheaded in Saudi Arabia in 2004. While thousands gathered and prayed for the wicked to let him go, Till all heard the sound coming from THE PATRIOTIC TRUMPET PLAYER, Monica D. Key Lindbergh playing taps.

    How many Muslim Churches have been attacked or bombed while they are in there
    church by Christians? Answer 0

    The World wants Peace not more wars.

    Many wicked Leaders have deliberately deceived many that are LOST.

    If you think the wicked want peace read this then go look at some of their web sites!

    There is a video on official Hamas TV that calls for Allah to all kill Jews, Christians,
    Communists and any of their supporters they can find. This video asks Allah to "count
    them and kill them to the last one, and don't leave even one."

    Hamas TV. You will have Air mail incoming very soon. It is Very Sad you do not want
    peace and ask for WAR.

    If you think or believed that Israel-Iran relations will improve or Iran with The
    Persecution of Christians World Wide.

    Just read this

    Iranian President Mohammad Khatami,
    called Israel an
    "illegal state and a "parasite,"

    The Iranian Chief of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps,
    "The IRGC"
    Mohammad Ali Jafari
    said "Israel was within the reach of Iranian missiles".
    IRGC is listed by the U.S. Government and our CIA as a terrorist organization.
    With many ties to an assassination campaigns in the
    1980s and early 1990s with paid mercenaries from many countries
    that targeted many opponents, and rigged elections.

    December 2000
    Ayatollah Ali Khamenei he has called Israel many things even went as far as to say it is a
    "cancerous tumor" that should be removed from the region.
    "Act Of War" against Israel.

    JULY 2008
    Iran's foreign minister, Manouchehr Mottaki said "that Israel was
    not capable of an attack".

    JULY 2008
    Ahmadinejad…..he said, "The Iranian nation never recognized Israel
    and will never ever recognize it.

    Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei he stated, "It is incorrect, irrational,
    pointless and nonsense to say that we are friends of Israeli people…
    we are on a collision course with the occupiers of Palestine and the
    occupiers are the Zionist regime. This is the position of our regime,
    our revolution and our people."

    February 7, 2010, Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said
    "the destruction of Israel was assured" According to the daily newspaper Teheran Times.
    Another "Act Of War" against Israel.

    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s chief of staff, Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei,
    said "that if Israel attacked Iran it would be destroyed within a week"

    Iranian Funding of the terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah
    A mural in Tehran, Iran. The mural depicts the emblem of Lebanon's Hezbollah,
    and quotes the founder of The Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini, saying:
    "Israel must be destroyed."
    Another "Act Of War" against them.

    Iran has been for years supplying weapons and political support to Hamas an
    organization that is committed to the destruction of Israel by Jihad According
    to Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian National Authority, "Hamas is funded
    By Iran.
    It has claimed it has been financed by peace loving donations, but the donations
    they get are nothing at all like what it receives from Iran for its
    Wicked Deeds and acts. All the Big Bankers of the World can see this.
    Another "Act Of War" against Israel.

  • Paul Felix Schott

    GOD WILL NOT HELP THEM THE WICKED JUDGMENT DAY We need Leaders that put GOD then Family then Country in that order for with out GOD and Family NONE will have A Country.
    Mislead Middle Easterners have threatened to kill and take measures against Christians sounds like bullying bad boys. That their Mother and Father never showed them right from wrong. All the good on Earth want peace Not War. If you cannot have your way you are going to hurt someone this sounds like a mad men to most of the world.

    • Western Spirit

      I believe that Jews will convert in God's good time line, not in mine, and I'm not sure of hell either.

      Maybe for the worst of mankind but the average Joe, without Christ, will simply die and after the judgment not have his life renewed. For the penalty for sin is death, not hell.

  • Tanstaafl jw

    Let's roll.

  • KayAZ12

    The thing that struck me was Deutscher’s statement in his book, The Non-Jewish Jew, about Jews who were of Judaism but not in it, in reference to Marxist Jews. It seems to strip Jews of their identity. It’s as if it were a survival technique. Acceptance into a society through secularization into a new order where everyone adheres to only one authority, the government. Not the American custom of incorporating a people into the society while retaining their religion and compatible customs.

    I began to wonder if this concept is applicable to Progressives and their “evolving” views of Americanism. Could it be that Progressive Americans are Americans who were of Americanism but not in it?

    American and European Progressives both seem to share a global community view with emphasis on the UN and World Court to settle disputes and conflicts. They seem to be stepping out of their own cultures and traditions in favor of a global community.

    Globalization would require the equalization of cultures, traditions, and values. To do this diminishing Judeo-Christian values is desirable, hence Pres. Obama’s “Apology Tour”. This lowers standards in the West. Acquiescence to incompatible philosophies seems an attempt, through understanding and inclusiveness, to raise other cultures thus “leveling the playing field”. Equal outcome replacing equal opportunity.

    It’s interesting that inclusion compels them to be tolerant of religions that are generally very passive or highly authoritarian. Curiously, they are much more critical of Judaism and Christianity. The persecution of Christians in Africa and the Middle East is either ignored or described as a dispute between tribes. Israel (Jews) is often described as the perpetrator, not the victims of persecution, attack, and extermination.

    Perhaps it’s because Jews and Christians are a formidable obstacle to a purely secular society, with one authority, where everything is relative and rationalized. Our tradition of equal justice under the law is incompatible with their path of social justice to obtain the global society they envision.

    In order to replace equal justice with social justice, traditional Christianity and Judaism must be diminished into the “other”. Jews and Christians are seen as the problem. Demonization, ridicule and anti-Semitism are the tools used to reduce someone who is familiar, maybe even a friend, into the other. A nameless, faceless other who can then be described as the problem, the enemy.

    Even if they’re successful in the West they still have a problem. The rest of the world. A world full of disparate religions, values and cultures with philosophies that are much less compatible than the Judeo-Christian values that gave them the freedom to devise their new secular religion.

    It seems a quixotic enterprise. There will always be a new other, all those incompatible philosophies that may not embrace tolerance and may not accommodate their philosophy. The new other who view their acquiescence as weakness and believe they’ll be easily destroyed or subdued.

  • Judenlieber

    One of the factors being left out here is cowardice. Gentiles are hoping that they will be spared the wrath of Islam because they no longer believe in God, have no sense of kinship with the Jews, know almost nothing about Muslims except that they are angry with us, and have convinced themselves that "If we let them have the Jews they will leave the rest of us alone." Most gentiles seem to be natural-born Dhimmis. My one hope for the future if we do go down by their hands is that I might have the pleasure of seeing women who dress up as vaginas try to reason with their new masters.

  • Schlomotion

    I am a pathetic little nazi who hates dem joos because my pecker is so tiny. Oh why did I never finish junior high school?

    • aspacia

      You sure are a pathetic Little NAZI

  • Luis C.

    Dear David
    I'm portuguese and a great admirer of the jewish people and the state of Israel. The jews have done so much to Humanity and in exchange they had been persecuted and harassed. May God protect and bless you and your wonderfull people.

    Luis C.

  • PermReader

    I agree completely with the author with his Zionism-Israel support though being the atheist.The creation of the strong free Israel is the goal of all honest free-thinking people.But I think that this goal will be impossible without the World Jewry honest strong active support not only the money donations.Moral betrayal of Israel by some international Jewish communities generates the anti-Zionism movements in Israel.

  • mlcblog

    Perfectly wonderful article even if it did take me three days to get through due to having to earn a living and use my time for that. I did enjoy the perspective plus I especially enjoyed the last paragraph. It was like poetry.

  • Paul Stanner

    I pray for the day when God will drive a stake through the heart of hyphenated – Americanism? Somebody please tell me why I should not be suspect of any hyphenated – Americans loyalty.

  • anonymous

    Growing up, My step mother i noticed was always falling out with her friends, Every friend she had she ended up fighting with and never speaking again for years. Some never again. The problem she couldnt see was her. She was demanding and liked to force her views on others, she was evil if contradicted, even if she was wrong! (More often than not) She was the youngest of 8 and spoilt as a kid, Something i believe shaped the adult she became. Spoilt arrogant, superiority complex and a personality that if you disagreed with her she would physically lash out at you. Everyone else now sees her for what she is, she lies at this moment dying in a hospital with only 1 of her sons even remotely interested and not a single friend. Yet she still feels like everyone else is wrong for abandoning her and ever dis-liking her enough to get her out of their lives permanently. I personally have always been able to see why people dont like the unlikable. Why cant the jews take a look in the mirror and ask why every race they have ever encountered throughout known history has tried to wipe them out! It seems just like my step mother, that EVERYONE else is wrong. Just an observation.