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Ryan’s The One

Posted By David Horowitz On August 14, 2012 @ 9:51 pm In David's Blog | 19 Comments

I began as a skeptic of the selection of Paul Ryan as Romney’s VP. I did so not because I didn’t think the world of Paul Ryan – I do – but because I was afraid the Ryan plan would provide a juicy target for a campaign run by Democratic gangsters who have already accused the Republican candidate – as decent a human being as you will find in politics — of murder.

But listening to candidate Ryan over the last few days and watching his impact on Romney himself and on the presidential campaign – its new vigor in going on the attack and its effectiveness in dispelling the opposition’s lies, I have come around to agreeing that this was a terrific choice. Ryan is articulate, aggressive and on top of the facts – loaded for Democratic bear. Opposing Medicare – which Obama has plundered — to Obamacare, which a majority of voters already dislike, is a brilliant strategy that can neutralize the unprincipled attacks and the calculated distortions of the conman in the White House and his ethically challenged thugs. Most importantly, with Ryan on board the Romney team has gone on the attack. If they continue this way through the rest of the campaign we might save our country after all.

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