The Coming Muslim Reich

  • Frank95054

    There has not been this much hate in the world since Hitler. Incredible, that the Western Press remains complacent as the evil of Genocide rises before our very eyes. The rise of the Brotherhood and its hate against Jews is exacerbated by President Obama's policies. In fact, I am of the opinion that the Arab Spring was very much facilitated by Obama and his mentor, the King of Saudi Arabia. Bow now Mr. President for your master is before you…..

    In my opinion there exists an Islamic leadership structure that commands all the Imam's. Atrocities like the murder of Christians are often committed following Friday prayers in several different venues at the same time. Our governments need to identify this structure and destroy it forthwith.

    Finally, if I were the leader of Israel, I would mobilize the population for war. I would identify for the public my enemies. I would spare no weapon in my arsenal. Once and for all, I would eliminate this threat. They, those who hate, are coming! Get them first. To hell with public opinion. We can discuss that later. Restore your birthright. Fight, and restore King David's Temple.

    • mburu

      why do zionists fear the resurgence of the islamic state in islamic lands? will it stop their material/psychological plunder currently going on ? will it stop the march of evil ideologies propagated by zionists to control other nations?

  • Lisa_H

    May their wish come true that they die as martyrs and long live Israel!

  • Limo Lioness

    Thanks for sharing the video, pretty spot on what he says.

    Some poor folk using this site are only about themselves and their own. Do they not see the Damage Israel has done in the past decade or two? Killing Men Women and children like its a game? How many Muslims! Need to die before YOU all realise, we have a Right to live too. Even though our right is more, we are not proud.

    You have mistreated your rights over the venerables. Times have come for a bigger better leadership. True Men will walk again on this earth. Don’t worry though. Islam has limits they are not cowards and go around raping your Women and children.


    • Beth

      Your koran mentions the name Israel – but not the name Palestine. If you muslims loved the words of your allah so much (as you all claim) you would stop attacking the name Israel.

  • Limo Lioness

    Beth. If you look at the statistics, only the ones from after the fall of the Twin Towers in New York. Can you not see how many ‘Muslims’ have died?. INNOCENT civilians who had nothing to do with any of it at all. Majority of the Afgans there can’t afford to even visit New York City, let alone Bomb it. ( I’m just giving an example, don’t want a whole film made on how wrong I might be for some)

    I’m a Muslim. If I saw people killed in the masses from your religion or country. I wouldn’t sit back and have a good old HA-HA serves you Right stance about It! No… Id feel compassion and do what I could (which isn’t much as I am but one person) to help either by charity or kind words.

    How heartless some people can be is beyond me. Qur’an talks about many things. Adultery, Killing etc…its what the true message is within these words, is what we follow. No dirty spin on it. Just plain simple truth. Alhamdulillah.

  • judahlevi

    Until Muslims love their children more than they hate Jews, you will have them send their children to their deaths.

    There is absolutely no justification for Muslim hatred toward any group, especially Jews. Anyone who attempts to justify such hatred is simply acting as tool for promoting hate.

    Jews/Israelis are individuals, not one monolithic group. It is time they are treated as individuals, and accorded the respect of being fellow human beings – not a group to hate.

    • mburu

      muslims are against ideology of zionism which jewish supremacism and racism! …

      We love our children soooooooooo much that we r happy if they die defending the truth…….then they go to a better life in paradise………..problem is most zionists dont believe in the hereafter or in God…

  • mburu

    muslims are against ideology of zionism which is nothing Jewish supremacism and racism! …

  • mburu

    muslims are against ideology of international zionism which is nothing but Jewish supremacism and racism!