The Face of Islam: Kuffars Beware!

Yesterday at FrontPage, Shillman Journalism Fellow Bruce Bawer had an excellent piece on an undercover investigation exposing the disturbing ideology preached in Swedish mosques. As Bawer points out, in 2007, Britain’s Channel 4 aired an even more shocking exposé on mosques in the United Kingdom. The program, which is presented below, shows British Muslims promoting violence, rejection of Western law, inferiority of women, hatred of gays and British society and the acceptability of marrying female children.

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  • truebearing

    Watching the video convinces me all the more that Islam is the ultimate Pandora's Box of depravity and evil. There is no defense of what islam does to people or wants to do to the entire world. It is amazing that people willingly join such a religion.

  • Chezwick

    And just as amazing 'truebearing' is that non-Muslims who are avowed proponents of religious freedom and gender equality could betray their values and become apologists for Islam.

    • truebearing

      Isn't that amazing? So what then are their true core beliefs? Obviously gay rights and women's rights mean nothing to them. It seems that they are motivated by only two things: deep, irrational hate of their enemies, and power. How evil is that?

  • kafir4life

    islam is a gutter cullt.
    mohamat (if he existed at all) was a pedophilic maniac.
    muslims are disgusting.

  • davarino

    UK, you can only ignore and deny what is happening before your very eyes. I know it is happening here in the US but we have not been disarmed yet. I am kuffar and will never be otherwise. We let this gutter cult into our nation in the tradition of the good samaritan so they could escape their third world $hit holes but then they wanted to bring it with them. Well its going to get tougher for them as they continue their stealth take over of our country until it becomes obvious to everyone what is happening. Then let the mass exodus begin.


      What do you expect from the UK, the country which showed more compassion for the convicted bomber of Pan Am 103 than for the families of the victims of the bombing?

  • BS77

    The liberal morons in not so Great Britain opened their gates to the Trojan Horse ….and now they moan in despair…in private, of course. None will admit the incredible error in their thinking or the outcome of the "open immigration" agenda. England, once master of the seas and a world wide empire and commonwealth, is now reduced to a shabby Orwellian socialist welfare state, in deep decline. One can only hope there is something left of the Winston Churchill spirit and courage. Come on Brits……for your children's sake!!!!

  • Western Spirit

    islam is the lord of deceit, satan's, answer to christianity. people have a god shaped hole in their hearts that needs filled because god created us with a need for him.

    the decline of christianity has given islam the opportunity to fill the vacuum in people, both here and in europe. because there is no will to fight it as there was when christianity was strong.

    for the religion that replaced christianity, in europe and here, has no god but has many of the beliefs of christianity incorporated into it. howberit warped and twisted versions, for instance, providing for the poor—let government do it replacing the warmth and caring of people helping people.

    or a utopia replacing the kingdom of god promised by christianity. a utopia where the collective replaces the individual in everyway and everywhere spelling the death nell for freedom.

    for freedom and individuality go hand in hand while collectivism requires uniformity creating the opposite of a utopia on earth.

  • Looking4Sanity

    Wow. That reminded me of an undercover expose I watched about the Ku Klux Klan. They don't seem quite as worked up as the New Black Panther Party, but just as stupid.

    I was particularly impressed with the part where they accused all "kuffars" of being "liars"…especially in light of the fact that their own Book tells them to lie to "kuffars". I guess the word "hypocrite" isn't found in the Qur'an.

  • Schlomotion

    I am still waiting for Undercover Synagogue and Undercover Church to come out. It is clear that the Imams and jihadists are two-faced, living as multicultural dhimmis under British law, but conspiring to overwhelm all of Britain with Wahabbism. HOWEVER, on the other side of that is the Luton Skinheads and soccer hooligans, Mossad, Hasbara media, the BNP, EU domination, and the British Surveillance State. There are no good guys, only bad guys. If any of them win, England will still be a freedomless, cashless intellectual toilet. The call for multiculturalism, tolerance, and an end to bigotry coming from the BBC still includes fascist domination by the ECB and total surveillance. Exposing the ills of UK sharia, or even going as far as some people want: exterminating Muslims and banning Islam will not ultimately improve England. Also, none of this has any bearing on the United States. The video also ignores completely England's attempts to control and subvert the Middle East.

    • Ghostwriter

      And I'm still waiting for you to get a brain and a heart,Schlobrain. I haven't seen either Jews or Christians screaming for the destruction of America. That has come from the Muslim world. Get a clue or is that too much for your small brain to process?

      • Schlomotion

        So they don't scream. It can still be done in an even-leveled voice. Much ado is made about this being a Judeo-Christian nation. Maybe Judeo-Christianity is an impediment to civilization.

        • Ghostwriter

          At least Jews and Christians don't want to kill me,Schlockmotion. Muslims have been screaming "Death to America" for years. When are you going to wake up and see the world as it REALLY is and not in your own imagination.

          • Schlomotion

            You only presume Jews and Christians don't want to kill you.

          • Guest

            Christians and Jews MADE America, you low life ! And have been fighting against iSSlam for centuries with great success when they resorted to VIOLENCE ! The ONLY way to counter this VIOLENT ideology !
            Attatruk, knew how to cope with this vicious system, the bayonnet for the mullah, the cannon for the mosquees !

  • Linda Rivera

    It is very, very tragic for the British people and Europepans. Britain and Europe have been wickedly betrayed by their own leaders who have DELIBERATELY imported massive numbers of Muslims to colonize Europe and the UK. It has been described as an ethnic cleansing, where huge numbers of Muslims are brought in to such an extent that the indigenous Europeans and Brits will become minorities in their own countries within so many years. That is ethnic cleansing.

    Muslims openly declare their goal is Muslim conquest and imposition of Islamic Sharia Law in Britain and Europe.
    Extremely courageous British and Europeans who protest are condemned and demonized by mainstream media and harassed and prosecuted by their governments. These HEROES risk their lives for all of us.

  • Linda Rivera

    Wonderful news! Britain now has a new Freedom Party, like Geert Wilder's Freedom Party in the Netherlands. Britain's Freedom Party is Britain's last great hope! Check it out at

    The EDL and British Freedom have united. It is a grave matter of survival for Britain.

    United We Stand. Divided We Fall!


  • cjk

    After 5000 or so years of recorded history nothing has changed. Men have not changed and still require a god to believe in. The heart of man knows that God must exist and if denied that core belief he will lose his motivation to defend his culture. Look at all history and every great Western document and you will find the name of God as it's basis and the core reason given to fight and uphold it.
    As long as the culture can rally around something greater than the fallen men which everyone sees around them, it will fight. People aren't going to fight for just a mere human society, they need a greater motivation. A society's god gives it purpose and courage. Take away it's god and you are left with apathy and cowardice.
    Now listen to the result of what's happened in the modern world and where it's going.
    AN EVIL god WILL DEFEAT NO god and that's just the way it is. Short of revival, the West is doomed.

  • Ain't No Dhimmi

    Islam is Pure Luciferian Doctrine.

  • Sunil Bajpai

    Please read the following article which will clarify many issues: