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So yes, I am not happy with the state of the Republican Party on this score, but what conservative is? In the interview, I also said that the Republican presidential debates made me ill, but what conservative was happy with the way our candidates tore into each other with ugly personal attacks, or insisted on arguing about contraceptives and theology, while America’s Nero fiddled and the country burned?

Here is the way the Tablet article describes my alleged decline and fall on the right: “In his turn-of-the-21st-century heyday, shortly after publishing Hating Whitey, an assault on affirmative action and race-based quotas—or ‘the anti-white racism of the left’—that preceded his campaign against reparations for slavery, Horowitz appeared on op-ed pages, talk radio, and television nearly every day. (He even wrote a bi-weekly column [5]for the liberal Salon.com.) But in 2012, his books are not just ignored by the New York Times, but by the Weekly Standard and National Review.”

The facts are decidedly different: Even in my “heyday,” I was never on television or talk radio nearly every day and, except for my Salon adventure, I never appeared regularly in any op-ed pages. Salon dropped me when it decided to charge their readers for access. Its editors told me that Salon’s leftwing audience wouldn’t pay for a publication that had a column by me in it. My book Hating Whitey cost me my New York publisher whose editor told me that the Free Press(!) would never publish a book with the title I asked for: “Hating White People Is A Politically Correct Idea.” It is true that the New York Times stopped reviewing my books when I became a conservative. But the Tablet’s claim that today my books are ignored by The Weekly Standard and National Review is just false. My last two books, published in 2011, received laudatory reviews in both magazines.

The half-truth behind the Tablet author’s larger fabrication is that I did tell him that a book I wrote with Ben Johnson, Party of Defeat: How Democrats and Radicals Undermined America’s War on Terror Before and After 9/11, was not reviewed by the conservative press. This was especially troubling to me because its subject was so important and because 18 sitting Republican senators and congressmen, including the ranking members of the armed services, intelligence, and foreign affairs committees recommended the book in a blurb on its cover. But in my view this was because conservatives are generally shy of holding Democrats’ feet to the fire when it comes to issues of patriotism, although their disgraceful, not to say seditious, behavior during the Iraq War certainly would merit such scrutiny.

The other issue falsely raised in the article “David Horowitz Is Homeless,” is the author’s insinuation that I look on the conservative half of my life as a “waste.” This insidious suggestion goes to the heart of the author’s failure to perform on his promise to “[explore] your work’s position at the intersection of autobiography, politics, history, manners, and polemic.” And to do so fairly.

The cause of this failure is that the author is out of his depth, as illustrated by this comment: “One need not subscribe to the lurid pamphlets sold by his Freedom Center to get the sense that Horowitz has sacrificed his intellectual capital to devote himself more fully to the movement.” The pamphlets the Center has published by me and others are indeed polemical, but they are only “lurid” to someone so far to the left that he cannot handle their intellectual content. Barack Obama’s Rules For Revolution, for example, draws on a lifetime of intellectual study of the left. Yes it is a pamphlet and also a polemic. But that is only the beginning, not the end of the story. While Marx’s famous pamphlet, to take one obvious example, is an insidious and fallacious work, it would never occur to the Tablet author — or to anyone — to suggest that Marx sacrificed his intellectual capital to write The Communist Manifesto just because it is polemical.

There is another kind of intellectual work that I do, which has of late become a preferred vocation of mine, and which is the source of the author’s final and most egregious misrepresentation. In a series of small volumes of which A Point in Time is one, I have attempted to summarize what I have learned about life in my seventy-three years on this earth. I have had to pursue this aspect of my work in between my political tasks – administering the Horowitz Freedom Center, traveling to public speaking engagements, and writing pamphlets and books. I have done so much of this political writing – several million words in all – that I think of these tasks now as part of my “have to do” folder. I perform them to carry on the political work I began long ago, and to which I remain firmly committed. It is the failure to appreciate the disparate nature of the two activities that led the writer to insinuate that I now regard my conservative political work as a waste. Here is the way the caricature “David Horowitz Is Homeless” concludes:

“I came out of the left through a lot of pain and a sense of enormous waste,” Horowitz said. “I was an emotional powder keg. I had gotten to age 35—and I’m a very hard worker, and had written a lot—everything that I had done was a waste.”

This is the part of the story when the apostate sees the light. Horowitz isn’t sure he still does.

“Now that I’m older, I see that it’s all a waste. I gotta live with that.”

In fact, I am sure I still do. That is, I am still sure I see the same light I did when I turned my back on the political left and its malevolent agendas thirty years ago. The waste I experienced as an advocate for a bad cause was a bitter one. I had invested my life’s work in an approach to the world that was false and in a movement that was responsible for great evil. But the philosophical conclusions I have reached in my later years are quite different. I am proud of what I have done for the conservative cause – for individual liberty and economic freedom, and for the defense of our country, which embodies the two.

My late life conclusions are not those of an “apostate” and they are not about politics. They are about life itself. They are a recognition that in the end, we are all going to disappear along with everything we have lived through. The entire world we know will vanish. That is the existential truth that is our burden, and there are two principal ways we deal with it, which is the theme of A Point In Time whose subtitle is, “The Search for Redemption in this Life and the Next.”

Since, for most of us, a life that is empty of meaning is finally unlivable, we all seek a redemption that will make our lives meaningful. And there are two ways that we do this: One way is to put our fate in the hands of a Creator, who will reveal the sense of it all when we have passed through to another side. The other is to invest our lives in a movement to redeem the world we live in through political (or religious) action by seeking to make it a just and holy place. It is this search for an earthly redemption that is what leftism and progressivism are about, and that is the source of the greatest evils of our time. That it is what I have learned in my life, and what my radical detractors are unable to comprehend.

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  • David

    The left lies. It is what they do.

    • merlin conner

      Glen Beck likes you too. When you 'leaned left' I read your work and prayed that your eyes would open . . and certainly have. God Bless you

  • Ken

    You do not have to defend yourself, David. Most straight-thinking individuals know that the Left will use character assassination on anyone they deem a threat or trying to bring sunlight to disinfect society from their lies and malevolent iintent. I would carry it as a badge of honor that the Left tries to marginalize and smear you. It just means you are getting too close to exposing the rotten truths about what they really want for this country!!

    • rivkah f.

      Agree with you. Keep it up, David. You have a lot to say and to contribute to the West's survival and to democracy. And avoid talking to the press, especially the temptation to be interviewed by Leftists. They'll only take advantage.

    • Keith C.

      You don't have to, but I'm glad you did. I'm a new fan of yours and happy to see what you've been doing.

  • Chezwick

    In 'A Point in Time', David reaffirms not only his appreciation and admiration of religious faith, but also his unwillingness to subscribe to a belief in a personal God. It perfectly captures the complexity of the man…and the quandary facing all of us who struggle with the question of belief. I enjoyed the book immensely.

    In fact, it is his humanity, manifest in a multitude of facets, not of all of them flattering, that makes David such a compelling figure. In 'Radical Son', he relates an epiphany from his days on the Left when – I believe at a local bookstore or library – he envisioned the progressive tomes on the top shelf, representing the apex of all knowledge, and himself among the select authors of such grand wisdom…revealing how important ego was in his quest for earthly redemption. This trait seems to be almost universal among the social redeemers of our age.

    Other facets of his humanity are manifest throughout 'Radical Son', 'The End of Time' and 'A Point in Time'…his generosity, his sensitivity, his remarkable capacity for introspection. For example, David has never shied away from acknowledging the anti-Semitic history of the Christian world….yet, he can also write with such an eloquent generosity and magnanimity about the Christian faith, as he did in 'A Point in Time'.

    As a man grows nearer to the end, he's compelled to take stock of his life. David, you have influenced and inspired me and so many others in the most profound ways…not just politically, but philosophically. Whether or not you'll ever accept the beneficence of a personal God, you can surely rest with satisfaction knowing that you did everything you could to alert the world to the existence of some of its most insidious evils. A veritable Prophet couldn't have done much better.

    • david horowitz

      Thank you.

  • Nakba1948

    Who you are: a racist, an Islamophobe, a paranoid, a warmongering neocon, an Israel-firster, a self-important rabble-rouser whom rational individuals summarily dismiss.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

      No he isn't.

      Hating a forced style of life that's barbaric is because valuing life is a good thing.
      islam is not a race.
      Islamaphobe? They do want to kill unbelievers thanks to things like surah 9 in the koran, knowing and acting on that truth isn't a phobia, or warmongering. It's a desire for preservation.

      Israel protects life, can you show a single sharia state that does that equally well?

      You're just a anti-zionist bigot. Do you cheer the kassam rockets that fly towards the million arab israeli's?

    • http://www.dikaesha.pbwiki.com Foolster41

      Who you are: a racist (anti-semite, your name says it all), an kuffirophobe, a paranoid (Jewish conspicy theories), an Islamic nation(Iran,"palastine",etc.)-firster, a self-important rabble-rouser whom rational individuals summarily dismiss.

      Also a hypocrite.

      • Hank Rearden

        A shriek from the dark side.

    • reader

      Nazi1948, you're not a rational individual, so you would not know what rational individuals do.

    • Dominic

      Looks like you chose evil over good and are now suffering the consequences. Seek help immediately before it's too late.

    • Tarleton

      well there’s an unintentinal , oblique compliment……having an enemy like you is all he needs to convince me that he on the right side …what a loser !

    • mrbean

      That was a real "Mommy I throwed mud on him, so there!. No doubt this Nakbahhhh 1948 is one of Lenin's useful idiots.

    • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS

      a racist,

      an Islamophobe,
      (I AM, I CONFESS)

      a paranoid,

      a warmongering neocon, an Israel-firster,

      a self-important rabble-rouser :

      whom rational individuals summarily dismiss.

      Have a nice day, you over-bloviated windbag.

      • mlcblog

        You are great, Mad.

    • "gunner"

      go away you silly little man, the adults are talking here.

    • http://www.westernrevival.org FJ in Denver

      Nickname: Nakba1948.

      No more need be said.

    • johnnywoods

      And you are a POS.

    • aspacia

      oh, misnamed, you brethren's numbers have increased since Israel's creation. You are so ignorant you do not realize that your entire post is a ad hominem fallacy.

      • AP486773

        Your ancestors were running around half-naked when G-d created Israel 4,000 years ago! 1948 was just the newest chapter. Enemies of Israel shall always be destroyed!

        • aspacia

          I hope you are talking to Nakba, because I am a Zionist too.

    • Kevin Stroup

      You say it like its a bad thing?!?

    • Victory486773

      N1948, actually Victory1948 – you are a delusional, deeply disturbed Arabist. We all know your sick views. Go back into the rat hole!

    • KarshiKhanabad

      Someday, Nakba1948, some hotshot Jewish kid joysticking a drone is going to flame your sorry jihadi @ss.

    • Whitehunter2

      Shut up and slither back under your rock.

  • http://gbtvforums.com John

    Keep up the great work, David. You have far more support out here than you will ever know. Trust me, If I was out of college, I'd donate frequently to your organization for the wealth of knowledge and information you have provided me, my family and others with.

    Thank you and stay strong my friend!

  • davarino

    Thanks for all you do David. Your a good man and your right on track. One of my goals this year is to start supporting your organization financially.

  • Coach

    Foolster and Nakba1948 simply prove Mr. Horowitz's claims about the Left. These people on the Left really are stupid.

    • Ken

      I think Foolster was talking about Nakba, Coach.

      • http://www.dikaesha.pbwiki.com Foolster41

        Yes I was, and that should be obvious if "coah" actually read what I wrote, which he didn't appear to have the time to do.

        "Who you are: a racist (anti-semite, your name says it all), an kuffirophobe, a paranoid (Jewish conspicy theories), an Islamic nation(Iran,"palastine",etc.)-firster, a self-important rabble-rouser whom rational individuals summarily dismiss. " None of these things would make any sort of sense being leveled at Mr. Greenfield.

        I understand it was likely a mistake, but it's better to be more careful in the future.

  • dave

    Thank you David, you have inspired me. I live in London and try to spread your message over here. I disagree that your work with the left was a waste, quite the contrary. You have shown articulately that there is something wrong with the left and that others can follow you out. The very fact you were on the left is threatening to the left! It makes you far more interesting and you can act as a kind of interface between both sides, like when you did the Julian Assange show, you had no problem with those guys and could have a joke. To me that was really important as they listened to you. I think your leftist past is actually a strength. I used to be really lefty and thanks to people like you, I am not anymore, so thanks.

  • waltjr

    I always explain it this way with Liberals who attack the individual because they cannot attack Truth. Many who were liberal as a child, grew up and did away with childish things and became Conservatives. Many of David Horowitz books can be bought on an internet site called Conservative Book Club, which I may add have bought quite a few from this site, I know if I have then many others have as well since Conservative Book Club has been around for 40 years…We Conservatives love you David, and thank our creator for you….

  • theleastthreat

    Mr Horowitz, the Left seems very troubled by you and are willing to go out of their way to discredit you. Lies and distortion are all the tactics they have left now. You have won.

  • Rifleman

    To the left, Horowitz is the worst of the worst, a marxist apostate. Like the muslims, marxist consider those among of their greatest threats. With either backwards and oppressive system, once people start going back with impunity, they're done.

    • mlcblog

      to you and tagalog and theleastthreat, too, as a child I watched the left,as a young adult, too. They love to imagine and ascribe the most ridiculous things to us conservatives, such as we better be ready to run for the hills, they are coming for us with guns, or well…various other really crazy inventions of their own imaginations…and then they would sincerely believe these things as if they were real. It seems to me this is 90% of leftist writing these days.

      • Jim_C

        You call them inventions, but do you read your fellow conservatives' comments? There are plenty who, for example, stockpiled ammunition after Obama was elected, in the addle-brained fear he was coming for their guns; more who advocate "upping the ante" should Obama get re-elected (making vague reference to armed resistance to the federal government. This is not my "impression;" these are posts you see every day on conservative sites and even from minor elected officials. And you got people on the Right who want government-mandated vaginal probes. I wish I were imagining this.

        This is not to paint most conservatives, or gun owners, with that brush (I fully support the 2nd amendment, myself). But this stuff is out there in droves.

        And yes, there's plenty numbnuts wackos on the Left, too. I consider them losers, much like the histrionic armed-resistance advocating drama queens on the Right. We should be willing to call them out when we see 'em.

  • tagalog

    To call David Horowitz politically "homeless" is to display the kind of solipsism that the Left in America is famous for.

  • @rushetteny

    Here is the key: http://mamash.org/who-we-are/. In Mamash you will find the wife of the editor of Tablet, Jonathen Rosen, wife, a "rabbi" at JTS. Arnold Eisen, the dean of JTS, is on the Editorial Board of Michael Lerner's Tikkun Magazine. Burton Visotzky is a friend of CAIR and he sits of the Board of J Street.. Mike Bloomberg's Deputy Mayor Doctoroff (look up his politics) has a wife who just happens to be the head of the NYC Jewish Federation. I hope Front Page can shine some light on Rosen, Eisen, Doctoroff, Bloomberg etc. Most of all, JTS is indoctrinating future rabbis…. which is why Conservative Jewry has lurched left.

    • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS

      which is why Conservative Jewry has lurched left.

      Its been left wing since the late 1800's.
      Read a REAL rabbi's book, entitled 'To Eliminate The Opiate' -Rabbi Marv Antelman
      The rise of the phony Judaisms. You can read it right online

  • mrstarry76

    David, you have answered so many of my questions about this crazy world we live in. From "Radical Son" many years ago, to "The Shadow Party", you have given me a free education on understanding the Left and helping me to see through the deceptions and motives of those who choose to live a lie. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your work.

    • http://www.westernrevival.org FJ in Denver

      As an ex-leftist I can attest to the truths of his words.

  • maria

    Great respect Mr Horowitz for all you are doing for this country, for future our children. I learn a lot from your and your staff publications. You and people like you are back bones of this country. Leftists use the same tactics of facts distortion and open lies to blacken the best people. Your truth is dangerous for them,
    G-d bless you! G-d save America from socialists.

  • mcwrath

    May you live long and prosper David. You have contributed enormously to the cause of liberty and freedom in their true sense by exposing the real and present danger comming from the left by their whitewashing of their own bloodsoaked history and their apologist position for islamist opression and terror.
    You have articulated, and laboured so well for the values of the enlightenment ( that some, esp liberal lefties have taken – and still take- for granted…. otherwise they too would be conservative)

  • maria

    Great respect to you Mr. Horowitz for all you are doing to this wonderful country, for our children future.
    G-d bless you!

  • clarespark

    I wrote a blog in response to the awful Gottlieb article last weekend, focusing on the improbability that a young man could possibly write anything empathic and interesting about David Horowitz, who is slightly younger than I. That blog is here: http://clarespark.com/2012/05/05/unity-and-utopia…. The title is "unity and utopia: the case of david horowitz." I brought out the element of antisemitism, where Jews are the major symbols of a mechanized modernity, a modernity that breeds demagogues, narcissists, and decadence. I am grateful that David has explained how he was misled by Akiva Gottlieb in the first place.

    • mlcblog

      Saw that, Ms. Clare. Excellent.

  • isiswirth

    God bless you.

  • Kathleen3

    I include David Horowitz among those I most admire and respect. When my granddaughter, who entered her first year at a Catholic college, called to ask if I knew of David Horowitz I was pleased to tell her about him. Midway through commenting she interrupted to inform me the College Republicans had discussed David and highly recommended new members familiarize themselves with his work. A proud moment knowing my granddaughter shares my respect and admiration for David Horowitz and more proud of the fact she resisted the liberal indoctrination so prevalent in the majority of universities.

  • Boston

    I respect David Horowitz for calling it as it is against the phony Jews and the Tikkunistas whose only claim to being Jewish are being born Jewish. Other than that, they ignore and snub everything criticial it means to being a Jew. Keep up the good work and keep being the lightening rod to draw out the Jew-o-phobes and antisemites that pretend to defend our way of life in this country. In all likelihood the big challenge will be to survive the next 4 years of the phony President that currently occupies the White House. Unmasking CAIR and J-Street should be the goal of any sane Jewish individual in this country.

  • Bartimaeus

    Mr. Horowitz,

    You are doing a good work for the country and the world. As a Christian, who was once an atheist by default, I would put forth only one challenge and hope you would be open to it. If you have not already done so, you owe it to yourself to do a study of the words of the greatest of the Jewish prophets. Go to the original sources (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) and try to forget for the moment the history and baggage of what is called the “Christian Church”. As a Jewish person that may not be easy, but if you are open and set aside bias that may seem very reasonable, you will perhaps see things in a new light. It is my hope you will accept the challenge. After all, this prophet overcame the first revolutionary and radical as mentioned by Saul Alinsky.

  • Woofula

    The upside to the defamatory article in the Tablet is that it prompted David to write a new post on FrontPage. David, we don't see enough of your writing on this site. Your fans and friends truly value your insights. Please keep them coming.

    • mlcblog


  • MichiganMid

    I'm a believer in your work.. Decided after reading this i needed to send another donation to help grow your budget. Thank you!

  • Fred Dawes

    This Magazine hates Horowitz for one reason Horowits stands for good against evil. And williamjamesward is right.

  • Bert

    The degenerate leftist Jews know only how to be uncivilized. They, along with radical Islamists, never forgive anyone who leaves their ranks. Converting our of Islam can mean death. Converting out of the radical left can mean death by endless character assassination.
    David Horowitz is also a fearless warrior for truth and justice who also faces personal hostility when he appears on campus in front of the hatemongers.

  • Western Spirit

    God bless you David for your devotion to the truth. May He open your eyes just a little bit more to see the overall picture the Bible paints of a world in need of redemption and feels it, the means of redemption and the beauty of the new covenant that is at the heart of the message of Christ and true Christianity.

  • david horowitz

    I thank those of you who have encouraged me in these comments and who have appreciated my work. I will keep them in mind when the next round of attacks comes my way.

    • KarshiKhanabad

      You're special, Mr. Horowitz. You singlehandedly give me hope that Western Civilization may yet survive. And as a Christian, I have not forgotten the Jewish roots both of my faith and of our way of life. Mazel tov!

  • crackerjack

    If leftist politics is the "search for earthly redemption", then what is rightist politics? The search for heavenly redemption? And why has Horowitz spent his whole life trying to influence politics if he is content to accept his god given fate and reap his reward in the afterworld?

    The cheapest of all old men arguments. God is on my side.

    • mrbean

      The cheapest of all leftist arguments. Since I have good intentions for the greater good, therefore anything goes.

    • david horowitz

      Crackerjack, you have all the arrogance and the I don't even begin to be interested in what you've actually said attitude of the left, what I call its invincible ignorance. First, I am an agnostic, not a believer and am not persuaded that there is any afterlife or reward therein. The point of my book is that if you seek to redeem this world either through leftwing or rightwing politics, you are dangerous. The left really has no other politics. There are indeed rightwing movements that seek to make this a perfect world, and they are just as dangerous as leftwing movements. But a true conservative is a pragmatist and understands that there are severe limits to what human beings can accomplish.

      • crackerjack

        We see eye to eye here Mr Horowitz.. Redemption is a religious concept and must be catered for by religion, not politics, as some Islamists or Evangelists would like to have us believe. Conscientious clergy accept that God's kingdom is no part of this world, as Jesus preached in John 18:36. Pragmatic politicians, on the other hand, accept that the secular world cannot be perfected, but can and should be improved.

        But politics without a vision of progress towards a better world remains a mere administration of the status quo. Going by your concept, the Founding Fathers of the USA would have stayed in Europe, accepted the prevailing system and refrained from any attempt at progressivism towards a better day for their children and themselves.

  • Dalgray

    I have read many of your books with a few left still to read, recently I read David Mamet’s book, again another writer who has journeyed from the left with all that is revealed within the process! From people like you both one learns most about socialism as you come from within the camp and thus are only too well aware of the nature of the beast. I have had the pleasure of being in East Germany in its latter days a nation which of course is perhaps the most efficient communist nation ever, to be only too well aware of its obvious shortcomings. Crossing the Berlin wall into communism is an extraordinary experience at night; you literally travel from the light to the dark!

    Over the years I have come to understand the socialist inversion principle which is very simply anything they aver you might as well turn upside down and you will see some simulacrum of the truth. The problem is that the long march through the institutions has been very successful on a superficial level. Their problem is their ideas don't work and increasingly this is glaringly obvious. To complete a long march and find nothing but a mirage at the end of the journey must be sickening, much like dogs chasing cars, once they get to the car they soon find the supposed meal is inedible

    The worst of it is that there are so many of them who are completely incapable of understanding the reality they live in, I believe it was Hayek who said we may have to wait for these people to pass on! Sad to think that so many human beings have no means of comprehending what ails our society. In a world where debt on the one hand and rapacious social burglary on the other hand through taxation and its helpmate inflation continue largely unabated on either side of the political divide. The Democrat party offends the most in this regard but there are still many Republicans who do not have the courage to stand up and advocate for what has to be done.

    My family saw Zimbabwe fall into the slough of despond and with it our family fortune on my maternal grandfather side, simply zeroed in embargoed bank accounts. We know categorically that national failure and currency collapse are distinct possibilities having experienced them. Quantitative easing is much like easing trousers made of wet tissue paper, a project of dubious outcome. Time and again your books and your website canvas this inevitability if you leave the economy in the hands of socialists; it is simply a question of when not if.

    Removing legal tender laws may to some extent, in advance of a currency failure, allow alternative methods of exchanging value to continue operating the economy. So many fear the gold standard, and so they should, as it will be imposed upon them in the final analysis like it or lump it!

    Fighting the left who seem bent upon some form of phantasmagorical revolution and a totalitarian midnight society where the knock on the door becomes a feature of normality encumbering all with a deep fear for the lack of freedom so recently lost. FrontPageMag has done much to prevent the possibility of this outcome and of course there is more to be done but never be discouraged by fools and knaves taking cheap shots well beneath any normal course of dignity.

    Dismiss them as they know exactly what they do, fortunately it is possible to render it worthless. We look forward to more David Horowitz to ensure this is so. Bring it on!

  • johnnywoods

    David, I am praying for your health and eternal salvation. I also pray that your writings and work will continue for many years after you leave this world. May your tribe increase greatly. Thank you so much my friend.

  • Niall

    David you are on the right side because G_d loves you, it's a gift. Thge thing that ties it all together is good versus evil, or G-.d versus Satan. Naziism is a satanic murder cult. Communism is a satanic murder cult. Islam is a satanic murder cult. Left liberalism is a satanic murder cult. (Think , holocaust, pogrom, jihad, abortion, but, don't forget all the other manifestations of lying evil luciferian indecency – torture, imprisonment, sodomy, rape, pederasty, lies, more lies, propaganda) You had sympathy for the Tablet devil and fell for his lies, but we do fall. Live and die in the truth. No human can do better. Take the other gift if you can.

  • Schlomotion

    I think Akiva Gottlieb and Nelly Reifler both almost hit on the same important point: David Horowitz switching from Marxism to Republicanism is like when Nick Nolte switched from being a drug addict to being a health nut. Nolte took the same pathological, overcompensating approach to jogging, popping vitamins and breathing into a tube as he did chugging vodka, popping pills, and breathing in angel dust, and even with his shirt newly turned inside out you could still make out the sweaty palm trees.

    You really don't get the idea of a true conservative (Andrew Jackson, Barry Goldwater, Ron Paul) from David Horowitz' books. The books are eruditely written, much less belligerent than the website, but the opinions are not really conservatism so much as how disgruntled Marxists might come around to doing conservatism after having exhausted all the other possibilities. To disagree on the website is like to disagree with a CPUSA member by saying Mumia did it but was justified. No way! No deviation is permissible. One group is always innocent, the other is always guilty. Such "conservatism" is forced and begrudging, even stylized, with the same mania of College Spartacus League, but it does not like the appellation "neoconservative." That the headquarters of DHFC is now a nondescript spartan upstairs of a building is fitting, because that is also what Red Book Store and Revolution Books and those types of places are now, recession-shrunken pamphlet repositories with an on-site catbox.

    The Gottlieb article, which is a lot more patronizingly sympathetic than scathing, also brought up the interesting point that the Horowitz obsession with college campuses probably originates less in the desire to fight campus "leftism" than in the bitterness that New Leftists, members of The Movement, and former Black Panthers all have cushy tenured jobs at universities while DHFC is still doing the traveling sit-in, albeit a standing sit-in at a podium.

    To date, my beef with "Who He Is" is that at the height of hubris, he coronated himself the arbiter of the Study of Popular Culture and began blacklisting professors, writers, rappers and political activists, even some of the most intellectual and literate rappers and the most well written and conciliatory academic bridge-builders like Cornel West. What I see there is Mr. Horowitz widening the rift between his past and his present by widening the rift between Jewish Nationalists and Black (Muslim) Nationalists, even where no Black Nationalists exist and Jewish Nationalism has jumped the shark. What I see is a "conservatism" that says that only Jewish Nationalism can be allowed to exist, propped up by a stuffed scarecrow of dim-witted American Evangelicals e.g. more tribalist political dinosaurs. I see a 73 year old trying to dictate culture and politics and smash and grab a position in the academic pantheon, and I see a Dorothy who went to Communist Oz only to return to Jewish Kansas and write manifestos against kite flying with all the authority of someone who invented tornadoes.

    • Chezwick

      So, Cornel West is "well written" and a "conciliatory academic bridge-builder"???

      You just lost your argument.

      • Schlomotion

        I don't think you're in any position to disprove that. I have read his books and essays, and I know the guy.

        • Zionista

          and you aren't in a position to shine Horowitz' shoes

        • Larry

          Well aren't you a lucky little anti-semite leftard. Do you have to bow down and kiss his feet when you meet him, or is a belly grovel sufficient?

          West's intellectual capacity is a classic example of the fallacy of the left wing academic, he is a moron with a surface facility for words and the ability to manipulate they young, the ignorant, or in your case, the just plain idiot.

          • Schlomotion

            I love that you have to qualify your statement with the idea that having a facility with words only makes someone a superficial manipulator. That's how dumb people make fun of smart people.

          • reader

            And that's precisely what you're doing here, troll: trying to make fun of smart people. And it looks pathetic.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      You are a leftist attack dog and no one is impressed with the lunatic Marxist hero's of your
      subversively dissonant diatribes, you are not only wrong but as a leftist you are always
      wrong………..pathetic as it is you do supply some modicum of entertainment, along with
      other nonsense pedelers stick around and illumine us as to just how blinded and
      stilted leftist thinking is in it's effort to undermine a Constitutional Republc of free people
      who are not brainwashed by leftst indoctrination. Keep throwing, something may stick
      to the wall, hopefully and apology to Mr. Horowitz if you were to ever wake up and see
      just how ranting and disconnected you are while laboring under the delusion you make
      any contribution to free thinking with ideologically driven clap trap………………William

    • david horowitz

      This is all in your head Schlomo, the laziest possible way to respond to my work.

      • Schlomotion

        I actually do take that point. I was responding only to the article. I would be pleased to address the tenets of your books on a book by book basis. I took "your work" to mean the books, not any of the other stuff.

    • Jim_C

      Schlomotion–that is as accurate a portrait of David Horowitz's politics as I have ever seen. Brilliant.

      I have much the same impression: David Horowitz is a bright, eloquent man. But anyone who could fall for Marxist b.s. and fall in with the Black Panthers may be like to commit the same error of extremity from another perspective.

      It is natural to start from a liberal standpoint and come to accept a certain conservative worldview, or to start as a conservative and become more open-minded toward certain issues. But to swing from ACTUAL leftism (i.e. not liberalism) to the right wing strikes me as vaguely pathological.

      But see–I don't think there's anything 'wrong' with David Horowitz. In fact, I'm willing to bet that David is a pretty moderate guy who plays the conservative firebrand on TV. I have the same feeling about Michael Savage, believe it or not. Both are "rejected" academics (they didn't try too hard, mind you) who clearly have a certain bitterness about not being in that milieu (why, I don't know!). They found a niche that recognizes and pays their talent.

      • Chezwick

        Jim, I've always taken you for one of the only FAIR-MINDED liberals to post on these pages. Isn't it possible that…

        1) David's convictions are genuine and that his concerns about academic freedom and educational malpractice might have NOTHING whatsoever to do with failed personal ambition or even the desire to make a living?…incidentally, if he was cynically using politics to support himself, why wouldn't he have remained writing for the Left, where the living is much more lucrative?

        2) That his shift from Left to Right was perfectly understandable, an evolution that occurred precisely BECAUSE of his intimate vantage-point at the center of the New Left and his exposure to the hypocrisy and moral vacuity of the movement,…an evolution that was – as much as anything else – a moral response to personal tragedy, specifically, the murder of Betty Van Patty by the Black Panthers, a woman whose only connection to the group was facilitated by David himself.

        How many New Leftists chose to look the other way and ignore or rationalize what they knew about the victims of the Panthers (of Soviet Communism, of Pol Pot, of Mao, of Castro, ect)? Why shouldn't David be lauded for his transformation? And why is it so inconceivable that his rejection of moderate liberalism and his gravitation to the Right was a principled one, based upon the apologia so prevalent among liberals regarding the aforementioned tyrannies, and his desire to shed from himself forever the hypocrisy of his earlier incarnation?

        Whether you agree with his politics or not, why ascribe the most base motives – money, failure, flakiness – to his political evolution? Why not give him the benefit of the doubt and – based upon 25 years of sustained effort and copious writing – assume that he actually believes passionately in what he is doing?

        • WilliamJamesWard

          I find it interesting that what they ascribe to David is in itself false and not the man at all.
          Leftists will not recognize his work as it destroys thiers by showing the leftist for what
          it is, vile and repugnant to any fair minded individual. No one needs to give David Horowitz
          the benefit of any doubt, I see nothing to doubt but critics like Jim-C are merely trying
          to support the hit piece on David through softening or ameliorating the original falsity
          so that in some abtuse way fuzzy up the ideas decried by those who see them for what
          they are, the product of leftist hacks…………………..William

        • Jim_C

          I have read David Horowitz and I find him an interesting guy who is a lot more nuanced than his public persona and certainly the content of this website. Being from the generation after David, I can't for the life of me understand how anyone would fall for New Leftism, not to mention the Panthers–but one can probably ascribe it to his being raised a "red diaper baby." I do give him credit for taking a cold look at those days, and the personal struggle it must have been to put those friends and family behind him.

          However, if you did at one time hew to those ideas–why swing ALL the way right? Especially, as I said, it's natural for a liberal to get a bit more conservative, and vice versa, as they go on in life. But why go so whole hog from one extreme to another? Where's the core values? I've read Horowitz: maybe the change was long in coming, but it wasn't properly a "gravitation"–it was a radical swing.

          My guess is that the polemics make for a comfortable living. I'm not sure that's even a "base" motive, and I'm not saying he's not gutsy, when he obviously is. But I mean, he's human. As an "apostate," he got attention. But moderates, generally, don't get much attention. So you keep up with the crowd that is giving you attention. That's the crowd you sing for.

          It's an impression, my impression, and one I get from being fairly familiar with his work. And this sort of exaggerated extremism is not unusual for those who are polemicists. (Hitchens and Coulter might tell you this). David is an atheist, and I'm pretty sure he's pro-choice, but he's certainly not going to broadcast that about himself–too much at risk, there.

          I've said before, biggest thing I admire about conservatives: they "get" the concept of human liberty and from whence it is derived. This is a weakness of my fellow liberals, who see "rights" behind every tree, and think any stone can be squeezed for more blood. I see the limitations of liberalism (would that conservatives could admit to the same for their younger philosophy!). But these things don't make me conservative.

  • Hank Rearden

    Don't let the basta*ds get you down, David. They would not have done this hit piece if they weren't afraid. Like Rush, you are part of the heavy artillery of the conservative movement, shelling the Left's positions and they don't like it.

    The Left is a stranger to the truth. Part of its rage is that it lives in a papier-mache world but reality keeps crashing through its walls. SOMEBODY must be responsible; the Left has decided that it is the truth-tellers.

    You are right to defend yourself. Conservatives don't do enough of that because the Left's attacks are based on lies. But W Bush showed us where NOT defending yourself gets you – the opposition gets to define the terms of the debate.

    The Left hates you because you have been there – you know its black heart.

  • mlcblog

    I am glad you chose to put your faith on the side of Life.

  • http://www.maghrebchristians.com Youssef

    Algerian Christians are concerned that an Islamist-majority parliament may place further pressure on the ruling elite to enforce laws that can be used to criminalize Christian worship, activities, or conversion from Islam

    Read more: http://www.maghrebchristians.com/2012/05/10/alger


  • aspacia

    David, Mark LeVine did a hit piece against you in AJ. Geez, he is pathetic.

    • Schlomotion

      Are you talking about this one? It doesn't look like a hit piece to me. It looks to me like a pretty good challenge and an invitation to a fair fight.

      • aspacia

        Hororwitz would be assassinated if he went and LeVine knows it. LeVine is too naive to realize that he, like the Marxists who helped overthrow the Shaw, is a threat as a nonMuslim.

        • Schlomotion


  • scum

    For Horowitz to argue that Republicans like himself haven't turned politics into a battlefield is laughable. I've read too many guilt by association attacks by Horowitz, listened to far too many off-the-cuff rants by Limbaugh, and too many screaming outbursts by Glenn Beck to know otherwise. Unbelievable.

    • Jim_C

      Yeah, being called a "traitor" for thinking the Iraq War was a bad idea, when now conservatives can safely admit to holding the same view–that tends to make one skeptical….

  • salty

    David Horowitz is a great American. I also was a blind democrat until I was 56 years old, he came out of the dark a lot younger than I did. This websight has helped me realize that America is still the greatest nation on earth, we just need to fight harder (as our brave military does ever day) to deep it that way.

  • kim

    When Messiah comes , HE will seperate the sheep from the goats..It is better to believe G-d than man.. You are appreciated so much and if only the American people would heed what you say..I stand with you and always will

    • Amused

      When Moschiach comes , he will not judge by politics .

  • Amused

    LOL….Democrats say "we need to do more " ……Republicans say …."yes but the defense budget comes first ,and if we do more here we need to do less thjere " ……and Conservatives say "lets not do anything just yet " [preserve that status quo ] BUT – the Conservative party was rescued by Buckley , but alas it has fallen back into the hands of the "my way or the highway crowd . Unable in most cases to compromise over anything , and this goes back to Nixon , because the closest thing to a Conservative is a Republican , but NOW the party has EARNED the term NEO-CON .The symbiosis of the REPUBLICAN /CONSERVATIVE and TEA PARTY are a new animal , NO compromise , ,the party of NO as it were and out of it all , comes something that has absolutely NO RESEMBLANCE whatsoever with the Conservative party of William Buckley . It now pretends to be the Republican Party .

  • Amused

    Today David chooses to become an ideologue of this " conservative party " . I remember David from the 60's and have no idea of how he arrived at his politik today .He is certainly free to do that though , and I do not fault him for it ……just as hippies of the 60's became "pillars of the establishment " that they railed against in those same years . David is an atheist , thus puts his "faith " no where , and that's ok , I'm sure just as many war protestors and hippies have abandonded the idea of a Higher Power and ultimate accountability at the end of ones corporeal existence , rejecting the notion of an after-life altogether , however Davids position then should not be mistaken for that of the hippies , they were not ever the same . Just as SDS , Panthers , Weatherman ,Symbionese Army were not either . Davids views fell closer to the radicals than the subculture .

  • Amused

    ….having said that , there is ONE THING where I totally agree with Horowitz , and that is the battle against Islamo-facism . I do have a problem with several authors here some of which sneak back and forth from Breitbart.com . where truth takes a back seat to Propaganda , Spin , and on several occaissions -outright lies. I can get the same from the left . Unfortunately like the bloggers at Fox , they willingly allow their own intelligence to be insulted . I have not heard David go over the top as far as his resident authors , but hey you are judged by the company you keep . I'll listen to and possibly agree with any rational argument , but when facts are replaced by opinion , false accusations ,aspersions and innuendo …..well I'm sure everyone here knows ….

  • Dan

    Only one word to say about your article, David: AMEN

  • Sage on the Stage

    I believe that without David Horowitz and his organization, and Frontpage Magazine, America would be much closer to the precipice; of leaving our freedoms behind forever. David and his band of dedicated staff and writers have done a big part of the work required to give America another chance; to recover and re-invigorate the freedom that Americans inherited from the generation that won WW2. Many thanks to all of you.

  • http://www.maghrebchristians.com Youssef

    Intense debate on personal freedoms renewed recently in Morocco after a young woman wearing a short modern dress in a Rabat market was assaulted by people described as Salafists.

    Read more: http://www.maghrebchristians.com/2012/05/12/rabat


  • Phil Byler

    David Horowitz is a national treasure. His books are wonderful. David should take comfort in the fact (and it is fact) that he has a multitude of supporters, including many Christian conservatives.

  • Fred Glass

    In the first sentence of the last paragraph the author wrote: "…..that a life without MEANING is finally unlivable….". I am thinking that what he means by MEANING is the sense of being alive. Then the rest of the paragraph makes sense: that religious dogma & political ideology are the crutches of the timid and lame.

  • Flowerknife_us

    Sour Grapes for the who holds the candle so many see by. Let not your eyes be burned by their mist. The light of day evaporates it away.

    You are one of the Bushes that the Tea Leaves come from.

    Do you really expect the "left" to stop their efforts to root you out?

  • umustbkidding

    what's going on here? Why is this page not changing since May 9th?

  • http://www.maghrebchristians.com Youssef

    Widower returns home from prison to find house taken over, two kids missing.

    His wife died shortly before he was falsely accused of desecrating the Quran, and by the time he was released from prison in southern Ethiopia, his two children, ages 6 and 15, were missing.

    Read more: http://www.maghrebchristians.com/2012/05/20/wrong


  • semus

    I'm sorry -but not surprised- this writer was dishonest in his dealings with Mr. Horowitz and his writings. I'm quite certain he only damaged himself. The only game the left has is fanning the flames of hatred, ignorance, stupidity and greed, Using the tools of Satan -sorry-, lies and half truths.

  • http://www.maghrebchristians.com Youssef

    Today in North Africa as I encounter with secret Christians their witness is being an example to their community, in their work place or even in their family life. What is the cost of being a Christian in North Africa? It costs everything!

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  • brookeross89

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