A Tale of Two Courtrooms

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The articles on this same tribunal in the New York Post describe a situation so radically different from that detailed in the NY Times that one might think they were covering different court proceeding.

The screaming headlines on the cover of the May 5 Post, “’I Spit on their Graves: KSM and pals mock victims, turn courtroom into circus,” sets the tone for the articles.  The NY Post is clear and detailed in its description of the terrorists’ violent outbursts in the court, frequent attempts at disruption that were far from passive,  doing all they could to defy the court, using obscene words and gestures to harass and insult the 9/11 victims’ families[ii],   taking actions to delay the proceedings, and demonstrating that they were proud of what they did, and eager to do more.

Some specific details are noteworthy.

According to one New York Post article, one of the defense attorneys called for the court’s forbearance regarding KSM’s violent and rebellious behavior because of  “all that Mr. Mohammed has been through,” a reference to her acceptance as fact KSM’s assertions of torture at the hands of the CIA.  The NY Post reporter highlights the absurdity of such a request in light of what KSM proudly admits he put his 9/11 victims through.

In similar examples of more detailed and comprehensive NY Post coverage, one reporter indicated that when one of the terrorists took off his shirt to show the scars of his torture, it was not clear that he had any marks on him at all.  As noted above in the NY Times article, guards brought one terrorist into the courtroom in a restrainer wheel chair.  The Times indicated that the reason for this was not known.  According to the Post, the guards needed to use a restrainer chair  because the terrorist, in an act of defiance and mockery,  had refused to leave his cell.  Rather than drag  him to the courtroom kicking and screaming, they used the wheel chair.

Perhaps most revealing of all, the NY Post series includes an article which goes into detail about the torture accusations, accusations left unexplored by the NY Times.  The two-page spread, with detailed descriptions of water-boarding and other physical impositions, highlights KSM’s arrogant cruelty, disdain for human life, and unrepentant desire to kill more non-Muslims. It also makes clear that no torture that could cause extreme pain or organ failure (the military definition of illegal torture) was used.  The CIA used water boarding, not yet illegal at the time (President Obama declared it so only in 2009); but knowing from his el-Qaeda training that US interrogators would not let him drown during water boarding sessions, KSM withstood the process.  However, after 180 hours of sleep deprivation, not considered torture by the USA, his strength and will were broken and he gave up large amounts of information that enabled the CIA and other law enforcement and security agencies to apprehend el-Qaeda operatives and prevent terror attacks.  It is impossible to know how many scores, hundreds, even thousands of lives were saved by this one success of sleep deprivation as an interrogation technique.

On the one hand, the New York Times, aka the “Gray Lady,” is, or rather was[iii],  the gold standard in American journalism, the most trusted news organization in America.  So one should not expect to find sensationalism.

On the other, the violent incidents, arrogant disruptions, and any explanation of their significance, that are omitted in the NY Times but included by the New York Post, are critical to the American public’s understanding of the nature of the enemy with which we are at war.   The Times seems intent on sanitizing the terrorists, thus attributing to them more the appearance of  maltreated and thus uncooperative criminals, rather than dangerous hard-core terrorists who rejoice in mass murder and now have the mammoth global stage provided them by the tribunal hearings as the podium from which to glorify jihad and to broadcast their disdain for all things non-Muslim and their fervent and savage desire to attack the West.

The Times’ refusal to reveal to the world the psychotic hatred, sheer savagery, and ugly brutality of these terrorists creates the impression that our enemy, that group of Muslims who want us all either dead or Muslim or Dhimmi and will kill as many of us as it takes until we submit to Muslim rule and Shari’a law, is really not so bad:  they pray,  defy an “unjust system,”  and have “been through so much.”

To misrepresent the reality of our enemy’s nature is to aid and abet that enemy in its war against us.

[i] Francesca Gaiba, The Origins of Simultaneous interpretation: The Nuremberg Trial, University of Ottawa Press,  1998, pp. 32ff.

[ii]  See also the New York Daily News, May 7, 2012, “Tough N.Y.er has answer for sneering 9/11 killers,” pp. 4-5, for detailed coverage of  some victims’ relatives’ response to the outrageous behavior of the detainees.

[iii]William McGowan, http://grayladydown.net/,  Gray Lady Down: What the Decline and Fall of the New York Times Means for America, Nov. 2010, Encounter Books.

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  • BS77

    Cheriyl Borman….how's that hijab working out for you? Have you ever considered the women of 9/11, who had their clothes burned off their bodies by jet fuel fire? Oh, the modesty lost!!! You worry about the "cultural sensitivities" of your insect clients while ignoring the obvious…that they committed mass murder and mayhem on thousands. . You are an idiot and a hypocrit of the first order.

  • Amused

    Put these bums behind a plexi-glass barrier with tint high enough that no one has to look at them or their circus act .Put a tv screen in so they can only see the judge and their lawyer.Get an AMERICAN translater to translate and communicate any relevant comments , so none of their rantings can be heard or seen .
    To see or hear unrepentent vicious murderers "praying " makes my stomach turn . This is nothing more than a show to rub America's nose in their sheeeet .This should not be tolerated , and my suggestion does not deprive anyone of whatever due process UCMJ allows .

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The military tribunal will find them guilty and sentence them to death by hanging..and then…it goes
    up the ladder all the way to Mullah Obama who will have to sign the execution order which will be
    opposed by his ignominious regime. Barak Hussein Obama would drop them from a plane over the
    Capitol, burning alive and broadcast to the Nation which would see the flaming bodies falling
    to crash on the White House lawn, embers burning out and used for his barbecue in order to have
    another four years of demon spawned villany. The farce may continue, it depends on the Court
    to make progress and follow procedures which are tighter and less forgiving than Civilian Courts.
    UCMJ covers what is needed, we shall see…………………….William

  • Ain'tNoDhimmi

    Is Cheryl Borman going to have to breastfeed the muslim men in the courtroom?

    It's Islamic Law, ya know.

  • maria

    Those cool blood murderers lawyer make money and she does not care to anything except it. She does not figure out that she or her family members could be the same victims as Daniel Pearl or thousand Americans who were murdered with cry "Allah Akbar". It is war imposed on us by 7 century barbarians (who want only "Islam domination") against our country and Western civilization overall. Still those islamists=modern Nazis are treated like they human being. WE need new laws against those beasts. G-d help us. We need conservatives with principles inherited from our Founding Fathers, who stick to US Constitution in all 3 branches of the Power in Nov-12 to survive country.

  • Ghostwriter

    If this is what these creeps are going to do,it's going to be a long trial.

  • Ronald Johnston

    The NYTimes is bound and determined to kill their readership!!!!! I wonder who owns it???

    • WilliamJamesWard

      They are sold out to Obama so theoretically they are in his pocket……………however I do not
      think anyone who might hold the mortgage is out bragging about it……..Lucifer most likley.

  • Big Red

    Cheriyl Borman should have been held in contempt by the court Prsident Col. Phoul and fined for insulting the uniformed members of the court. IF the Defendants refuse to cooperate in the trail they should be shakled and have the headphones attached to their heads or have the defendants place in a plexiglass room in the court room
    and have the arabic tranlations of the trial played by speakers in the room. The Defenants should not be able to have any prayer breaks during the trial. Do service members get prayer breaks during couts martial procedings they do not so these terrorists should not either pray before or after court or during mandated breaks ordered by the court president. No speicial privilages fr these muslim animals. If the defense council act out then they should be admonished by the court president and then held in contempt fined and jailed afer 30 days in a cell next to thier cilients should mprove ter demenor in court.


    When China wants to bomb any part of Pakistan… India will allow it’s air-space to be used…. it’s common sense and why not ? It’s either nuclear weapons or islam. We have to choose. Without nuclear weapons islam will never be wiped out …and by wiped out i mean WIPED OUT !!! Only AFTER islam is WIPED OUT can we even think of a nuclear weapon free world. Look around you at these monkeys … can’t you see where they are taking us as a species ? islam is leading the planet to a non- stop blood bath …slowly and surely …and without nuclear weapons islam’s march will never be stopped.
    Someone has to start bombing the monkeys sometime …. i have a feeling that China will be the first to bite back on islam’s arse. …. then free for all….. we live in interesting times…. our generation will see the death of islam….but how it will happen will be worth watching. Intelligence has a way of waking up and crushing the moronic , however vicious and barbaric. The thing to actually wonder is how Mecca and Medina will be pulverised. How will we do it ? And which year? That will be the exact beginning of a new era of peace.


    Let’s not forget that Islamic prayer includes a ritual of repeated MELODIC repetition of the first verse of the Koran, a verse that has been interpreted since its authoratative interpretation in medieval times, and still is today, to be a curse on Jews and Christians.
    The first Sura or chapter of the Koran contains the MELODIC CURSING of the Jews and Christians that is repeated five times daily in prayers. So the next time you hear the melodic Islamic call from the nearest mosque you helped build remember they aren’t calling you …they’re calling FOR non-islamic deaths.
    …. be practical for your children’s sake… there’s no other. Wakey Wakey.

    Daily Islamic life:
    No dogs for children to play with and learn from about unconditional love and devotion.
    Illiterate mothers who cannot read a bedtime story to their children or help them learn how to read.
    No freedom of speech that permits healthy discussion and critical analysis of current events.
    No freedom of religion that is so vital to a pluralistic society.
    No graphic depiction of most living forms which curtails artistic creativity.
    No public displays of affection that lend a romantic atmosphere to daily life.
    No pork or other haram foods that widen the diet and give variety to sustenance.
    No beautiful or shapely women proudly strutting their stuff on the street.
    No non-liturgical music to break up the monotony of constant religious worship.
    No alcohol to unwind with and enhance convivial gatherings.
    No co-ed intermingling that allows young people to refine their social skills.
    Now, imagine how barren and loveless such a world must be. From all indications, it would seem that healthy loving relationships would be the exception and not the rule. If one reflects upon the monumental amount of misery and human suffering that Islam has inflicted throughout its entire history, the sheer existence of this inhumane ideology becomes a blatant affront to all progressive traditions of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
    • Truly as Sr Anwar Sheikh clearly pointed out in numerous books on Islam he authored , Islam in reality is not a religion as it is portrayed along other major religions of the world, but when the thin veil covering it is unmasked it appears in its true colors to be Arab Imperialism. From Arab point of view the prophet(PROFIT) could be considered to be a great patriot forming wonderful strategies for dominance of Arab Imperialism under the garb of Islam. The most tempting tenets offered to its followers to propagate this Imperialism are knocked into their heads as religious virtues. They kill,loot,plunder,rape,,make slaves of enemy women and children with the sanction of religion. These again lead them to paradise of beautiful women,young beautiful boys, and enhances sexual prowess as rewards. With all this , if the world considers Islam to be a great religion and the PROFIT Prophet to be a great saint or humanist , then so be it. The illiterate prophet(profit) was admittedly a very cunning man but if the wise people of the world foolishly think that Islam is a great religion and cannot see its true colors, they do so at their own peril , and they are destined to suffer and invite disaster for the world.

    Any society populated by a majority of females who have been genitally mutilated can only be one that is so devoid of sexual fairness, true mutual pleasure and anything even remotely resembling gender equality as to be permanently and irreversibly dysfunctional.

  • http://www.maghrebchristians.com Youssef

    An alliance of Islamist parties expecting a strong showing in Algeria’s elections accused authorities Friday of widespread fraud as initial figures pointed to them finishing third, with a spokesman suggesting unrest could ensue.

    Read more: http://www.maghrebchristians.com/2012/05/11/alger


  • sedoanman


  • "gunner"

    we are not speaking of "family court" or "civil law" here. this trial is being held by a military tribunal, by the rules of the uniform code of mitilary justice, under rules governing "non-state actors" committing illegal acts of war, killing noncombatant civilians. these are barbarians, being tried by civillzed men, they do not respect the laws of civilised society, but they will be judged by, and imprisoned and/or executed under those laws nonetheless.