Academic Integrity Dying on Harvard’s Ivy League Vine

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So it is not terribly surprising that the Center’s curriculum about the Arab-Israel conflict demonstrates extreme anti-Israel bias.  Center presentations on this topic dismiss Arab religious antagonism toward Jews as irrelevant, and criticism of Arab terrorism as “unsophisticated.”  Explanations about the core dynamics of the conflict consistently ignore Israel’s position and omit reference to Arab-initiated wars and terrorism to which Israel has responded defensively, making it look as though Israel’s military activities arise from aggressive conquest.  In short, facts are compromised, misrepresentation predominates, and the curriculum reflects the Center’s commitment to advance an anti-Israel agenda rather than any sort of scholarly evaluation of the conflict.

This year’s sophomore is next year’s Senator.  High School and college youth educated into a perception of Israel as a genocidal war-mongering rogue state are not likely to be supportive of Israel when they reach leadership positions as adults, in government, academia, or media.  The Outreach Center’s activities create a clear and future danger to the state of Israel.  Those same youth, educated into a perception of Israel’s Arab enemies as innocent, peace-loving victims of the Jewish State’s aggression may well be sympathetic to those innocent victims’ desire to eliminate Israel entirely.

So, contrary to Dean Ellwood’s flaccid rejoinder to critics of the “One-State Solution Conference,” not only is Harvard endorsing a “…policy that …could lead to the elimination of the Jewish State of Israel;” it has, for more than a decade, been funding and promoting and directing an organization espousing that very policy.  The Center operates under Harvard’s aegis and uses Harvard’s name, and its activities support those who earnestly desire the elimination of the Jewish State of Israel.


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  • Steven

    I understand your upset. Have you read this article by Dershowitz? It might provide some clarification

    • Roger

      I don't like Dershowitz as a rule. I didn't like the article. But he did have a point.

  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    You'll find them in the darkest recesses of the human???mind they call them genetically
    deformed opinions.Hating Jews is in today just like in the 1930ths.

  • David R

    "So they hanged Haman on the very gallows that he had prepared for Mordecai…(Esther chap.7 verse 10)

    I'm not worried for Israel and it's blessed people the Jews…they are under Divine protection. I'm more concerned about universities like Harvard and the way they are not only permitting, but condoning unchecked hatred within its walls of learning. Instead of helping to build a better and more tolerant society, they are constructing a Jew-exterminating gallows which will eventually be used for them, when the God of the blessed Jews curses these institutions led by haughty, biased cowards.
    And to think that we so freely criticise the Islamic extremists for brainwashing their people and inciting hatred towards us. What hypocrites…I would never send my kids to Harvard, even if I could afford their exorbitant tuition.

  • richard sherman

    Just as Heiddigger and Gertrude Stein enthusiasticly supported European racism, today 99% of college professors support Islamic racism with its foundational antisemitism.

    • John Mac

      Heiddigger was'nt so much racist as conservative. Anti-comunist anti-popconsumerist.
      The blight on so much academia today is that pathological sickness of political correctness…The west is bad the rest – other- good. the west the sinner the 'other' sinned against. University is as it were destroying its own foundations…in the origins of western civilisation.
      Its so hard to get a good classical education these days!!!
      ( Some are so pc that heidegger is only found in footnotes )

    • Choi

      Yes and they also SUPPORTED Hitler and the Nazis and Stalin and the Communists.
      Academia is the POISON TREE that charges HUGE$$$$ to Poison their students' minds.
      DAMN Academia.

  • JOHN

    Harvard, and the University system in general, is a colossal fallure. once the radical fanatic's took over, they have been produceing crowds of functional idiot's. The once great universities that produced generations of advanced minds that have benifited society have, at least since the end of WWII, been reduced to Indoctrination centers.

  • Roger

    This may be a shocker. But when a black professor of race relations couldn't tolerate a white police officer long enough for the officer to do his job, I knew Harvard was no longer a 'great' university.

    • Choi

      Harvard has got the world BULLSHEEETED!
      It's a CESSPOOL.

  • Jim

    a new Mideast interpretation of an old phrase " One Hand (Sunni) hates the other hand (Shiites) and both hands
    hate the Jews"

  • aspacia

    I fear another Jewish Holocaust.

  • Saltire

    It is very sad……for a university with the motto, Veritas. Harvard maybe should consider changing it.