An Anti-Israel Activist’s Epiphany

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Dozens of leaders from the Arab and Muslim world, UN representatives, representatives from NGOs, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, a Neturei Karta rabbi, a representative of the US Department of State, and even two Israeli Arab MKs (Members of Knesset) converged on Doha, capital of Qatar, for a two-day anti-Israel hate-fest, given the auspicious title: “The International  Conference on Jerusalem” ( 26-27 February 2012).

The conundrum of an orthodox rabbi and Israeli MKs at the Doha hate-fest is a topic for another essay, as is the thoroughly anti-Israel speech of an American self-proclaimed State Department representative. For now it is illuminating to focus on the broader content and outcomes of the conference itself.

The fundamental goal of the conference, as described on its website, was to legitimize the establishment of Jerusalem as the capital of the independent, sovereign Arab state of “Palestine” within Israel’s current borders.  To accomplish this goal the conference sought to legitimize, by the political and moral stature of its attendees and participants, its demand at the UN Security Council for a UN resolution to form an international commission to investigate the actions taken by Israel since 1967 to erase Jerusalem’s Islamic and Arab identity.

To that end, all but one participant was focused on delegitimizing Israel, denouncing its existence within any borders and denying thousands of years of Jewish history.  The speakers talked about Jerusalem as if Jewish history did not exist or was a fraud — as if all Jewish claims in the city were just a tactic to dispossess Palestinians.  The conference, then, sought to lend credibility to the latest strategy in the Arab political and propaganda war against Israel: the delegitimization of Israel’s history and the creation of a fictitious “Palestinian” history to replace it, thus eviscerating any Jewish claims to an historical and religious attachment to the Land of Israel.

There were two entities that emerged victorious from the conference.  Not surprisingly, one was the Palestinian Authority — but the other was Israel.

The Palestinian victory was the “Doha Declaration on the International Conference for Defense of Jerusalem” at the conclusion of the conference.  The declaration called upon the UN to create the commission described above; and upon all Muslim states to contribute to a “historic global mobilization for the expression of international solidarity with the Palestinian people in Jerusalem” and for support of their legitimate rights and to identify and confront illegal Israeli efforts to “judaize” (sic) the city; and upon “the international powers who remain silent” towards Israeli violations to assume their responsibility and compel Israel to implement all UN resolutions relevant to Jerusalem; and upon the UN and other international entities to stop Israeli illegal excavations and archaeological explorations which distort the “true history” of the site; and upon UNESCO to force Israel to stop its unilateral policies for imposing a fait accompli in Jerusalem, including the immediate cessation of all settlement activities, the removal of the “apartheid wall,” the preservation of Islamic and Christian sanctities, and to halt Judaization (sic) schemes.

In short, the Doha Declaration demands that the Muslim world compel the UN to impose upon Israel the demands that the Muslim world maintains on behalf of the Palestinians but has not itself been able to impose despite 65 years of war, terrorism, black propaganda, hate education for its youth, rejectionism, and an endless, relentless diatribe of genocide and rhetoric of annihilation by nuclear or political means.  Given the Arab oil sheikhdoms’ influence at the UN, such a commission as envisioned in the Doha Declaration is likely to be forthcoming in the near future.

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  • PAthena

    The so-called "two-state" to the problems that Israel faces with Arabs is no solution at all, since it means the establishment yet another Arab state with borders on Israel. The so-called "Palestinians" are not Palestinians; the Roman Emperor Hadrian, in 135 A.D., after having defeated the last Jewish rebellion under Bar Kochba, changed the name of Judea to "Palestina" in order to eradicate all memory of Judea. (He also outlawed Judaism, and changed the name of Jerusalem to "Aelia Capitolina," "Aelius" being his gens name.) Since that time, "Palestine" was synonymous with "land of the Jews" or "the Holy Land" (since Jesus was a Jew), and "Palestinian" synonymous with "Jew." That is why Great Britain was awarded the "Palestine Mandate" after World War I to be the "homeland of the Jews."
    Calling Arabs "Palestinians" is the effect of the invention of the "Palestine Liberation Organization" (P.L.O.) by Egypt under Nasser and the Soviet Union, haters of Jews, in Cairo in 1964. The phony history and propaganda come from that. So there should not be yet another Arab state established on the borders of Israel.

  • Sally

    There is no two-state solution. There is only one solution – victory for Israel

  • David

    The Arabs have a limitless choice of places to call home, the Arab countries all around Israel. This is where they really belong…welcomed by their Muslim brothers all over the Middle East. They could share their black gold and live the life of Riley in total luxury enjoying the Dubai dream. The zillionnaire Sheiks who honor Allah would be happy to welcome and accommodate these poor, ragged and dusty brothers. After all, doesn't the Koran teach Muslim solidarity?
    But no…their confused mentality of hatred is inbred ever since Ishmael realized he was not the child of the promise, but Abraham's child from a lowly female Egyptian servant of his wife Sarai. Jealousy, fierce jealousy stepped in.
    As Genesis chapter 16 relates, even before Ishmael was born and while his pregnant mother was banished to the desert, she was told by the Lord,"He shall be a wild donkey of a man, his hand against everyone and everyone's hand against him, and he shall dwell over against all his kinsmen."
    It's an illusion to think that there will be peace between Israel and it's neighboring states…the Arabs can't even live in peace among themselves…let alone share their wealth with their brothers. Wild desert asses they will always be, hating the very God of the Jews and Christians. There will never be peace between Isaac and Ishmael! Like in a debate or a sporting event, there are winners and losers. God chose Isaac's descendants, the Jews, to be the winners, in perfect harmony with His plan for Israel and His beloved chosen people. The Arabs and their Muslim faith towards a totally different and mythical deity are the losers…very sore losers, hating from birth the Chosen of God.
    All is perfectly planned by God Almighty and under His absolute control.
    The Bible reveals that all the nations will turn against Israel and try to totally destroy its Jewish identity…that God himself will put it in the hearts of these nations to attack Israel and take it. BUT…when they are all around trembling Israel and getting ready to pounce for the kill, the Lord Himself will step in for the destruction of all His enemies who dare try to destroy His blessed people.
    Hannukah's children definitely have a bleak horizon ahead, and there will be suffering; but they must not despair. The Messiah of God is looking down on that same horizon and will soon save them from their hateful foes.
    So let all the Jew-haters who participated at this conference feed themselves on the same old, same old rhetoric against Israel, and let hatred flow its usual course. While they lick their chops with delight at having pushed their Jew-hating campaign even further…they are totally blind to the fact that after judgement, they will have all eternity to ponder in shame and regret upon their blind stupidity.

  • Indioviejo

    Regardless of the conspiracy against Israel, Israel is and will continue to be the city on a "Hill". These Muslims and their enablers are nothing if not maggots feasting on garbage. They should lift their heads off the carcasses they feed on to see their coming destruction.

  • tanstaafl

    There is already a Palestinian state – Jordan.

  • maturin20

    Fortunately, San Jose State University has Todd Gitlin to balance you out.

    • Anonymous

      San Jose State University = low grade university

      Todd Gitlin = low grade mind

      bastards who hate Israel = low grade humans

      • maturin20

        Was it always a low grade university or was it a good university "until recently?"

        • Anonymous

          filthy bastards who hate Israel and are too stupid and venal to recognize that they are walking feces with legs sticking out = even lower grade humans

          • maturin20

            This conversation is getting too erotic.

  • MethanP

    It seems increasingly likely that Israel will strike Iran in late spring-early summer. Considering the state of the middle east, it seems likely that the the region will go up in flames. (It's already smoldering, as you well know).
    So the current anti-semitic/anti-Israel/anti-Zionist ravings may become irrelevant. The only thing that may stop them will be an American strike on Iran. Despite the media hype that the president is a shoe in for re-election, he and the left don't seem too sure. An Obama ordered strike on Iran will bring back the Jewish backers and their money, which have been increasingly absent. It will also make him seem a strong, determined leader. I believe the prospect of $8+ gas will be better taken as the result of an popular action than if an Israeli strike causes it.

  • Fred R.

    The denial of a continuous Jewish presence in Palestine by revisionist professors is astonishing when Muslim historians themselves verify that Jews never abandoned their homeland. In 1377 C.E. Arab historian Ibn Khaldun attested to Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel for more than 1,400 years. In the 12th century, Ibn al-Qalanisi recorded 52 Jewish communities in Palestine. Every eyewitness described the minority Jewish population as abased and humiliated under Sharia law. It's time to recognize who are the "occupiers and colonialists" in Judea and Samaria. It certainly is not the Jews.

    Fred R

    • HermitLion

      Revisionist professors only have memory of specific years that serve their agenda.
      After all, there's no money in the truth.

  • samsgran1948

    "But at very least Ms. Friedman’s revelation at Doha should be the first step in validating PM Netanyahu’s assertion of yesteryear:"

    No. Ms. Friedman will be drummed out of Peace Now as a Zionist traitor to the cause, and Peace Now will redouble its efforts to deligitimize and ultimately eradicate Israel.

  • hahajid

    PalestinEArabsCeasetoExist NOW, Theay are Arabs living in Roman Empire designated Palestine area, where Roman took away from Israel almost years ago. Simple and straight.

  • Whatsinaname

    If anyone is expecting Peace Now to make some kind of announcement of a policy change, they will be waiting a long time. No matter what Lara Friedman heard and saw at this hate fest, the hardest words in the world to say in any language are: " I was wrong." Peace Now is a business. It makes money, provides jobs, has prestige in the Israel-hating leftist world, gets all kinds of swell invitations to fancy parties, officials get their picture taken with celebrities, get paid for their opinions, appear on TV and generally lead a very nice life. Does anyone think that they would give that up in exchange for speaking the truth or acknowledging reality? Whatever they know to be true in their hearts, publicly they will continue to say whatever pays their salaries and supports their lifestyle — the truth be damned!

  • Flowerknife_us

    Has Lara made the connection between what was said and the insparation it may have provided in the latest round of rocket fire from Gaza?