Blazing Qur’ans and the Deception of Muslim Contrived Indignation

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The fabricated cartoon intifada also got Iran out of western media’s headlines and demoted the international movement against its WND designs, just days after the topic had been put on the UN Security Council agenda. Moreover, this fabricated crisis taught the West an object lesson in the price of criticizing Islam, Mohammed, the Qur’an, or anything else near and dear to Muslim hearts.

Now the fabricated Qur’an crisis has proven to be a bonanza for the Taliban: an excuse to end negotiations, to demand massive Muslim support for the Taliban, and to undermine Karzai; who then must speak out against America to prove that he is not an American puppet.

What we, and the commander-in-chief of our armed forces, fail to understand is that such riots and rage and mass murder and mass destruction are a strategy of manufactured rage-on-demand, a tactic of “rent a riot” and “mobilize a mob,” a tactic which is used in the Middle East to change the dynamics of a situation (in business, politics or personal relationships).

The concept is very simple: You have done something offensive, for which you should be punished. This is no time for contrition! Instead, you must become furious!  You are being insulted, mistreated, and humiliated! You don’t deserve punishment, your accuser does!

Arafat used this tactic against Israel and the West.  Israel made many concessions; but instead of reciprocating, he invented reasons to be very angry, reasons that justified continued terrorism and violence.  And then the USA pressured Israel to appease poor Mr. Arafat!

As long as you can dupe your opponent into taking seriously your manufactured anger, you have redefined the entire relationship, reversed the victim-victimizer equation.

Rent a riot, mob on demand, contrived umbrage, self-serving indignation and high dudgeon, all are used by Muslims against Islam’s perceived enemies when it serves Muslim interests to do so.

And western leaders fall into their trap.  Our leaders cringe before the riots, and wring their hands in angst, instead of calling the perpetrators on their hypocrisy.  Then they rush to grovel and apologize, bemoaning our insensitivity to these Muslim religious sensibilities. We now self-censor to avoid offending Muslims, since we have been taught the price of Allah’s rage.  And we refrain from confronting the reality of the strategy because to do so would bring upon us more wrath.

Now thanks to some American leaders’ misdirected anguish over the Quran burnings, dulce et decorum est for the Taliban to seek revenge, to blow up Americans, and to cancel negotiations.  Now America is in a weakened and compromised position, and the Taliban are strengthened.  Our Commander-in-Chief declares that our forces will be withdrawn, years before Obama’s own original deadline,  because this incident has besmirched us, sullied our image in the Middle East.  Will they like America more when we are gone and the Taliban have won, control Afghanistan, impose a vicious and extreme version of Shari’a law, and re-unite with global el-Qaeda who want us either dead or Muslim?


[1] The following analysis is in part a summary of Amir Taheri’s “Rent-A-Riot ABCS,” New York Post, February 9, 2006, no longer available on line, but reproduced at and

[3] For more on the cartoon intifada as a fabricated crisis, a subterfuge to distract the west’s attention and stifle any criticism of Islam, see the present writer’s essay at , beneath the Taheri article.

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  • Border_Reiver

    The perpetual range of Islam is just another tactic of Jihad and is orchestrated by the OIC. This Jihad is a broad fronted strategy whose ultimate goal is to subjugate the West and impose sharia law. Militararily, the Islamic world is weak and knows it cannot survive an all-out war with the West, but it accurately perceives that the "achilles heal" of the West are it's political elite.So far their perceptions and tactics are spot-on and they are winning.

    • Jaladhi

      Perpetual jihad and perpetual victimhood has been practiced by Muslims from day one and that is their SOP as it has paid them rich dividends. So why should they give it up now? It's our elite political leaders and the media that can't see it as they are just plain stupid!!

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The explosion of the “Arab Street” when a Quran somewhere in the world may have been desecrated is not a new phenomenon.  It recurs with suspicious frequency and nearly cookie-cutter responses.  This phenomenon raises three questions:

    Is it effective for our Commander-in-Chief to burst into paeans of groveling apology, hand wringing, and self-deprecating mea culpas, and press for changes in American military strategy and foreign policy?

    As soon as the Koran burning incident was realized, the US should have responded immediately by making it crystal clear in no uncertain terms that it would not tolerate 7th century barbaric behavior in the modern 21st century, and that it would act immediately to put down all riots and to arrest everyone and anyone inciting hatred and violence against US troops. I mean that used to be common sense.

    The fact that the US responded with apologia even after American troops were being murdered in cold blood by Afghans is a complete and utter disgrace. Indeed, if Congress wasn't itself incredibly incompetent in its own right, it would have acted to impeach all of those responsible for this monstrosity.

    The origins of this fiasco really began happening way back in the sixties when the communist sympathizing Left started infiltrating all of America's institutions. Then when the Soviet Union collapsed, the Left that had already hijacked and co-opted all of America's major institutions jumped on the Islamic totalitarian bandwagon.

    Thus, today our news media, our political elites on both sides of the political spectrum, and our federal government have all been rendered blind via PC multiculturalism and a white washed fantasy based version of Islam that makes about as much sense as tits on a boar. Meanwhile, anyone trying to disseminate the truth about Islam is automatically branded as being an evil Islamophobe and marginalized. Thus, unless the sane people in the USA find a way to break this stranglehold monopoly the Left holds on America's major institutions and America's elites, America is doomed.

    “The government of Denmark has to do something to appease the Muslim world!”   You have sinned! You must repent and show contrition, or else!

    All non-Muslim countries hit by coordinated Muslim rioting should have acted in coordinated unison to announce an immediate ban on further Muslim mass immigration citing Muslim riots as proof of incompatibility with modern society.

    In fact, all of it is coordinated and all of it is part of the stealth global jihad. Indeed, while the West is being distracted by violent jihadists, it is the covert and deceptive non-violent jihadists that are infiltrating the West in mass that represents the astronomically far greater threat to the peace, prosperity, and security of the West.

    Obviously, the Mecca conference had recognized the real value of the cartoons: the spark to ignite a new and more global intifada in order to draw the West’s attention away from other embarrassing Middle East issues, and to teach the West a lesson about the price of offending Muslim delicate sensibilities. By February, 2006, 100,000 Muslims were prepared to “Vent Anger in London at Cartoon Protest.

    Actually, it runs much deeper than that. It's part of a deliberate strategic plan to make any and all criticism of Islam, whether legitimate or otherwise, illegal in the West so that Islam can conquer the West without resistance. Indeed, it's already happening throughout Europe.

    Will they like America more when we are gone and the Taliban have won, control Afghanistan, impose a vicious and extreme version of Shari’a law, and re-unite with global el-Qaeda who want us either dead or Muslim?

    Wait a minute, it is an obligatory duty in Islam for all Muslims on earth to maintain nothing but enmity in their hearts for all non-Muslim unbelievers. No exceptions. Hence, it doesn't matter what non-Muslim unbelievers do or do not do, as they will always hate us regardless.

    As for as enforcement of Sharia law goes, I hate to rain on the writer's parade but there is only one version of Sharia and that is Allah's version. In any event, why should it matter to us here in the USA what they do after we leave, as that nation-building mission in Afghanistan was always incredibly fantasy based and preordained to fail from the very get go because it was premised on false PC multicultural myths, fantasies, and misconceptions about Islam.

    Let's accept the fact that we were wrong and accept our failures as a bad learning experience. In fact, I hope a civil war rages for years over there after we are gone, as Muslim on Muslim violence is very disadvantageous for Islamic civilization and very advantageous for Western civilization.

    Indeed, it's a clash of civilizations and the last thing we should be doing today is letting Muslims freely infiltrate our civilization, since they fully intend to destroy and subsume it. Indeed, there is no such thing as moderate and radical Muslims. Instead, there are only covert and deceptive non-violent jihadists and violent jihadists, and out of the two different factions, it is the former rather than the latter that represents by far the greater threat to the peace, prosperity, and security of the West.

  • curmudgeon

    someone please help. i have a bigoted friend who was bitten by a rattlesnake. one snake, out of all the peaceful rattlesnakes in the world, he was bitten by one violent rattlesnake. in truth, it was my friend's fault. he had invaded the rattlesnakes territory, and was stealing its land. he deserved to be bitten. but now he is bitterly rattlesnakophobic, and wants to evict all rattlesnakes from his ranch. i have gently explained to him that not all rattlesnakes bite prople, only a small violent minority have hijacked the species, which for the most part is peaceful, and would never bite anyone. i cannot win over that bigot with my impeccable logic, which cannot be refuted, so i am trying to gather right thinking people to publicly humiliate, browbeat, and shout down my rattlesnakophobic friend. if that doesnt work, we can help infiltrate more peaceful rattlesnakes onto his ranch. please help.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Curmudgeon….don't humor yourself, you are easily one of the most mentally incompetent moonbats that posts on this forum. In fact, if I was half as mentally handicapped as you are, I'd sue my school and my teachers for gross dereliction of duty.

      • curmudgeon

        since i generally agree with your posts, perhaps you should sue your teachers.

        • ObamaYoMoma

          While I'm not your average conservative, I'm nonetheless no self-hating blame America first Ron Paul anarcho kook or delusional leftist either. Hence, you never agree with my posts. That's a lie.

          • curmudgeon

            i had a lot of respect for you. i dont any more. you may be right about islam, but you are wrong about me. you may have some conservative ideas, but you behave like a liberal. i have never ever posted anything favorable about ron paul, who i despise as much as the other fools vying to ruin our country.

          • ObamaYoMoma

            Okay then explain in lay language what you were trying to say in your rattlesnake analogy. If it actually isn't unhinged, then I will apologize. Otherwise, if it is unhinged, then I will stand by my first response.

          • curmudgeon

            ok, asswhipe. the rattlesnakes are muslims. my "friend" is a right thinking person who views rattlesnakes (muslims) as pure evil. i pretend to be a liberal, and i behave like you. you know, unreasonable, stupid, ignorant, steeped in liberal prejudice, unable to think. i cover all the liberal talking points. there are just a few violent rattlesnakes, most rattlesnakes are peaceful, the poor muslims (rattlesnakes) are justified in their violent hatred of humanity because someone, sometime, offended them. the religion of peace (rattlesnakes) has been hijacked by a few violent snakes, but most are peaceful. it really isnt difficult. a moron would understand. but not you. i dont care if you apologize or not. you are internet trash.

          • ObamaYoMoma

            Actually, that's exactly what I thought you said. In other words, you believe that Islam is a so-called Religion of Peace™ being hijacked by a tiny minority of extremists, and that the vast overwhelming majority of Muslims in the world according to you and George W. Bush are moderate and peaceful people.

            In addition, you are also a self-hating loon as well because, per your posts, you believe that the so-called extremists, whose existence is a false PC multicultural myth, attacked us on 9/11 because of America's foreign policy and not because all Muslims, per the dictates of Islam, are obligated to fight jihad in the cause of Allah against non-Muslim unbelievers to make Islam supreme.

            If you are gullible, naïve, and ignorant enough to believe that false PC multicultural myth after 11 long years of war, which, by the way, is one of the same false PC multicultural myths and misconceptions about Islam that our fantasy based nation-building missions in Iraq and Afghanistan were both premised on and that were about as counterproductive and insane as saving Hitler and lifting up Nazis during WWII, then I stick by everything I said. Indeed, both of those fantasy based nation-building missions were preordained to fail and turn into the two biggest strategic blunders ever in American history even before they were ever implemented.

            I suppose you also still support GWB's massive expansion in the size, scope, and power of federal government in response to 9/11 like a Dhimmicrat on steroids too without regard to how it would be paid for. Ostensibly to protect the homeland from violent jihad attacks that GWB conflated as being terrorist attacks, but in reality to create the false sense of security necessary so that we could continue accommodating mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage, that is really covert and deceptive non-violent jihad for the purpose of mass infiltration and stealth demographic conquest.

            Not to mention also that the instant the economy headed south in 2008 the federal deficits and the national debt both exploded through the roof as a direct result. Thus, like a loon GWB put us on the fast track to financial ruin. So today we are contemplating huge tax increases and draconian cuts to our budget and our military in order to continue accommodating mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage, based on false PC multicultural myths and misconceptions about Islam, that is really covert and deceptive non-violent jihad for the purpose of mass infiltration and stealth demographic conquest.

            In other words, you are one of those delusional liberals like GWB that is confused and considers themselves to be a conservative, but in reality don't have a conservative bone in their incredibly liberal bodies Indeed, I stick by everything I said, you don't have the first clue, and if you agreed with my posts, then it because your reading comprehension skills stinks to high heaven.

          • curmudgeon

            i was ridiculing the liberal talking points. you just expended a lot of effort making a fool of yourself.

          • RonCarnine

            Actually, I thought your post was very funny (with a lot of truth too!)

      • aspacia

        OYM, he is being sarcastic.

  • DogsHateRomney

    Re: the Deception of Muslim Contrived Indignation… – I hate that.

    Speaking of Contrived Muslim Indignation……..

    Take a close look at this PRESENT DAY MAP of the Middle East.

    Do you see that 22 Arab and/or Muslim [Iran is not considered Arab] nations completely engulf Israel?

    The Arab countries occupy 640 times the land mass as does Israel and outnumber the Jews of Israel by nearly fifty to one.

    So much for Arab propaganda!

  • sodness

    Maybe a little more of these "A publicity hungry pastor threatens to burn Qur’ans and riots break out across the Middle East; followed by murder and mayhem and destruction " would end all this Islam and Muslim madness.

  • curmudgeon

    in response to a vicious ad hominem attack by one whose name sounds like ghettotrash (but he may just be using sarcasm), i will point out that if i post anything about islam, it is usually to point out that islam is a dangerous threat to western civilization, and has been for 14 centuries. i usually point out that the violent jihadis are not capable of defeating us, the nonviolent jihadis are winning, and have almost subdued europe, and when they gain critical mass will exterminate the infidels, like they have done countless times in the past. i maintain that our own leaders, and media are complicit in our destruction. i place "islam is a religion of peace" george bush right alongside "i will side with islam" hussein obama as equal enemies of our nation. sometimes i parody liberals, and there are people so incredibly stupid that they dont get it. if you disagree with the idea that islam is dangerous, and there are no moderates, or radicals, just muslims, then by all means use hateful language and behave like a liberal.

  • g_jochnowitz

    In 2001, the Taliban destroyed the two historic statues of Buddha at Bamiyan, dating from the 6th century BCE. Why did they do it? They said their religion told them to.