Jewish Victory Against Lawfare

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With the Goldstone Report delegitimized by its own author, and the failure of PA President Mahmoud Abbas to gain the UN’s consent to admit “Palestine” as a state, PA leadership is making good on Abbas’ threat to internationalize the Arab-Israel conflict once the PA joined the world’s family of nations at the UN:

Palestine’s admission to the United Nations would pave the way for the internationalization of the conflict as a legal matter, not only a political one. It would also pave the way for us to pursue claims against Israel at the United Nations, human rights treaty bodies and the International Court of Justice.

NGO-Monitor gets it right.  This ploy to create a faux legal reality and spurious international recognition for the fiction of a Palestinian state is in reality just another hostile assault against Israel, an assault aided and abetted by a host of international NGOs whose original humanitarian missions and noble aims have been transmogrified into a disgraceful collusion with thedeeply evil Arab and Muslim forces that seek Israel’s destruction and the genocide of its Jews:

“Throughout this process, the ICC – created to punish the worst perpetrators of war crimes and mass murder – was exploited by several EU- and European-government funded non-governmental organizations (NGOs), which intensively lobbied the OTP [Office of the (ICC) Prosecutor] as part of their campaign to attack the legitimacy of the State of Israel,” says Anne Herzberg, legal advisor for NGO Monitor. “The NGOs Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Al Haq, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, Federation Internationale des Ligues des Droits de l´Homme (FIDH), and Adalah campaigned at the ICC in support of the Palestinian Authority’s political goals. This clearly was contradictory to the spirit and substance of peace negotiations.”

It is important to recognize that these Arab political and legal machinations regarding the PA are pure farce.  The PA leaders and their terrorist allies have made it clear numerous times that they do not want a state alongside of Israel. They want a state instead of Israel.  They want a “one-state solution,” “Palestine from the river to the sea:” no room for a Jewish state in that vision of the future.

Had they ever really wanted a state alongside of Israel they could have had it 31 times since 1937.  But Arab leadership, and myriad rank-and-file followers, chose every time to reject offers for Palestinian statehood, and for peace and co-existence with Israel, in favor of war, terrorism, and an endless, relentless campaign of delegitimization and demonization of Israel and of Jews.

Therefore, as much as we can rejoice in this recent lawfare victory, we need to keep it in perspective and be mindful of the dynamic of the past 75 years.  Thanks to Arab oil wealth, a tragically compromised UN, anti-Semitism revived in the EU, much of mainstream media, and a host of enablers and allies among international and local NGOs, Abbas will have other opportunities to wage lawfare against Israel.

In fact, the ICC prosecutor has already instructed Abbas (perhaps inadvertently) as to how to go about doing exactly that.   Luis Moreno-Ocampo was careful to describe to the PA the two circumstances under which another PA request could be honored by his court. If the UN Security Council would make a referral regarding the court’s jurisdiction over the PA, or if the Assembly of States Parties (the states that have recognized the ICC’s jurisdiction) were to resolve the legal issue regarding article 12 of the Rome Statute, which limits the ICC’s jurisdiction, then the ICC could consider the PA’s allegations. With these opportunities in mind, the PA legal counsel and allied NGOs can go back to the drawing boards and prepare for the next hostile lawfare assault against Israel.

Will our next president instruct the American ambassador to the United Nations to veto any UN Security Council resolution for such a referral?  Will he or she urge the Assembly of States Parties to validate article 12 of the Rome Statute as it now stands?

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  • MethanP

    Of course there's no end to the "Lawfare". They have all of our oil money to spend. And the most blatent abuse seems to be in American Acamedemia. There has rarely been a more cowardly group in history than the administrations and faculty of our institutions of higher (?) learning.

  • Ronald Johnston

    The only solution to the palestine problem is to tell them to either agree to the 2 state solution or get off the pot. If they do not respond, then they will never get their statehood!!! Let the rest of the arabs take care of them. The people of Israel have offered all that can be offered!!!!

  • Schlomotion

    Lawfare, is not Lawfare when Zionists do it though, right? It's not "Lawfare" when Charles Jacobs files frivolous injunctions against a Mosque being built? It's not Lawfare what the ADL does right? SPLC isn't Lawfare? Trying to cuckold the US into declaring Jerusalem the Capital of Israel because of some arcane agreement wheedled out of a Congressman isn't Lawfare? Only Muslims do it, right?

  • WilliamJamesWard

    With the re-election of Hussein Obama the World of Mullahs will have and expansion in which the
    pretense of being representative of Americans and aligned with Islam will go forward and Obama
    will trash Israeli rights at every given opportunity. Obama if elected to another term will truly be
    Israel's worst nightmare and not to be short America will have the worst upcoming four years in
    it's history and possibly it's end as it has been known…………………………..William