Obama’s Knife in Israel’s Back

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And speaking of advisors, let’s recall Obama’s mentor and spiritual guide, the Reverend Dr. Jeremiah Wright who glad-handed and honored the notorious anti-Israel and anti-Jewish and anti-homosexual Louis Farrakhan, and who is still active in anti-Israel activities with his most recent participation in the planning of the “Global March on Jerusalem” (GMJ).  Did Obama sit in Wright’s fire-and-brimstone anti-Israel church and never inhale?

It is also important to recall Obama’s comfort and conviviality with Arab and Arab-American anti-Israel leaders[5], some of whom saw him as a friend of “Palestine” whom they could trust to take strong pro-Palestinian positions once in the White House.  Such leaders included the likes of Edward Said, Rashid Khalidi and Ali Abunimah.  Obama’s attendance at a vociferously anti-Israel celebration with these and other Palestinian-American leaders back in 2003 was apparently something of a political embarrassment to Obama during his election campaign, so much so that The Los Angeles Times withheld the video of his participation.

It was at this event that Obama is said to have told Ali Abunimah not to press him about Palestinian issues, explaining that he would be able to do more for the Palestinians once he is elected a U.S. Senator.  Obama later denied saying that, but Abunimah never publicly retracted the statement and alluded to it several times in public appearances where he expressed his disappointment in Obama’s positive statements about Israel.

Obama’s comment to Abunimah was an eerie precursor to his recent “hot mike” gaff with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.  Just as he did not want his voting constituency to know what he planned to do for the Palestinians once elected to the U.S. Senate, so too does he not want the American public to know what sort of flexibility toward Russia he looks forward to, regarding missile defenses, once elected to his second term as President.  Obviously in both cases the nature of this post-election flexibility is something that, if known, would reduce his chances of being elected.

Given the above, it may be premature to suggest that Obama wants Iran to win, but clearly he wants Israel to lose.


[1] See http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0%2c7340%2cL-4209836%2c00.html for a comprehensive summary of the damage that this leak may cause for Israel.  For the most detailed, in-depth and objective summary and analysis of the issue of why an Israeli attack on Iran may create problems for the USA and constitute a liability for the President see http://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/mideast/R42443.pdf .

[2] The video of that speech is no longer available on line but see excerpts at http://obamalies.net/obama-flip-flops-on-jeruselem.html ; and for the flip-flop when speaking to Arab audiences see:  http://voices.washingtonpost.com/44/2008/06/obama-backtracks-on-jerusalem.html and http://hotair.com/archives/2008/06/05/another-obama-flip-flop-jerusalem/.

[3] Originally published with video in Israel Insider, Jan. 29, 2008.  The article and video are no longer on line, but available at http://focusonjerusalem.com/newsroom90.html .

[4] But see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Malley for a summary of his defenders on the issue of his attitude toward Israel.

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  • JohnWV

    Israel has made itself into an isolated militant supremacist theocracy/ethnocracy with ICBM nukes; a very real and rapidly increasing threat to itself and to the whole world. A pariah among nations. Justice demands that UN and NATO impose resolution just as involuntary, disruptive and humiliating to Israel as Israel has wreaked upon occupied Palestine for generations. The Jewish State must be made to recognize an armed Palestine with externally enforced autonomy, eviction of all settlers, true contiguity encompassing Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem together, neither pinched nor parceled, and pay punitive reparations.

    • KarshiKhanabad

      When six million Arabs are surrounded by three hundred million Jews screaming for their blood, then I'll sympathize with the Arabs. Meanwhile, it's always good to know who Israel's enemies are.

      • ObamaYoMoma

        When six million Arabs are surrounded by three hundred million Jews screaming for their blood, then I'll sympathize with the Arabs. Meanwhile, it's always good to know who Israel's enemies are.

        Well then let me help you out, because Israel's enemies are not Arabs. Israel's enemies are Muslims instead, which includes not only all Muslims in the Middle East, but also all Muslims in the entire world. As a matter of fact, Israel's biggest nemesis today, Iran, is a predominately Persian country.

        Indeed, what is going on in Israel is an old fashion run of the mill jihad of conquest and one jihad of conquest out of many that is currently being waged perpetually against various non-Muslim unbelievers in the world today via violent and non-violent jihad. Connect the dots.

        Now, out of all the many jihads of conquest currently being waged perpetually against various non-Muslim unbelievers around the world, the Jewish unbelievers in Israel are the most hated of all. Thus, in all likelihood if the Muslims ever gain the upper hand, they would massacre the Jews in another mass genocidal holocaust.

        Hence, all delusional leftists obsessed with hating Jews and always constantly vilifying and demonizing Israel via lies, libels, and innuendos in order to incite hatred and violence against Jews, are blood thirsty anti-Semitic bigots. Indeed, they are scum.

        • KarshiKhanabad

          Well, thank you for stating the true enormity of worldwide Islam-driven antisemitism. I confined my reverse analogy to the Middle East to make a point: those who make Israel out to be imperialistic and aggressive manage to conveniently ignore that the ME consists of twenty two Arab League states with a combined population of well over three hundred million, inside of which a Jew's life isn't worth a plugged nickel, and one tiny sliver of land containing a few million beleaguered hated infidel Jews. Factor in Iran and the threat to Israel is truly existential. It always helps to be aware of the big picture.

    • teq

      It amuses me to hear Israel referred to as an "ethnocracy". Which ethnicity rules in Israel? There are hundreds! In this tiny land, the size of Rhode Island, thre are Jews from Northern Europe, Southern, Eastern, and Westerns (each quite different with different languages, cuisine, culture, and religious practice. There are also Jews from Asia — east and west, and from North Africa. I propose that there is not another country in the world which has so many languages, skin-colors, cultures and traditions — not even in the huge countries. The old Ashkenzais elite who founded the modern State of israel are no longer in the majority as shiploads of Sephardic, Oriental and Ethiopian Jews have emigrated home..
      And lets not forget that not all Israeli citizens are Jews. Arab Israelis are in principle allowed full citizen's rights and state benefits. If they would reciprocate by doing their army service, pledging loyalty to Israel, the land they have chosen to live in and don't want tot leave — and join in singing the anthem, and accept an Oscar for Israel without grumbling to the Hollywood glitterati that you don't feel like a first-class Israeli— they would soon find attitudes of Jewsih Israelis changing positively.
      American Jews live in a country where their religion is not the dominant one and neither is their language or culture. Yet you will find that American Jews are among the enthusiastic patriots, for they realize just how wonderful it is to live in this exceptional land. One day — please Lord — the Israeli Arabs may feel the same tove and patriotism owards the land of Israel, where they have been born and raised and provided services by the State, and where their ancestors have shared the land with Jews for millennia.

      Jerusalem is another matter. This is the Solomnic case of two mothers both claiming the baby is hers. One of the women is willing to cut the baby in two so that each will have half, the other refuses. What to do?
      How about declaring a ten-year moratorium of the subject and work instead on building up Ramallah and Tel Eviv as the 'working capitals". Then, at the end of ten years, take another look at the issue and decide whether:
      1)Ramallah and Tel Aviv should remain capitals with Jerusalem an international city with the holy sites administered by the clerics.
      2) a civil war caused by both trying to grab a slice of Jerusalem or one side trying to grab all of it.

      P.S. Excuse me if I sound a bit ditzy today. Last night my first grandchild was born and I have a case orf "Grandparent Euphoria" where suddenly I realize that it's not all about me, or my husband and friends and relatives. It's about the future of all of us! We owe all these new little persons we're bringing in the world something to look forward to besides endless war and fear. Perhaps my euphoria will wear off in a few days but I'm enjoying it while it lasts. God is still with us, remember, and He has His own plans for taking care of this. I think we should pray to Him daily to use each of us in whatever way He wants to bring this about.

    • Choi

      @John :
      You truly demonstrate that offspring conceived in INCEST are MENTALLY IMPAIRED.
      How many of YOUR relatives were/are KKK members,you INBREED?

      • Choi

        "Your comment must be approved by the site admins before it will appear publicly"
        WHY? TRUE IS TRUE.

        • Choi

          Worry about what the OTHER side posts.

    • KarshiKhanabad

      "The Jewish State must be made to recognize an armed Palestine"

      The Israelis have already recognized that there is a Palestine; it is armed with AK-47s, Qasam rockets, suicide bomb belts, and hordes of young Muslim men with time on their hands and murder in their hearts.

      As for the rest of your punitive agenda, go out there and make it happen!

    • guest

      Anyone speaking like that is a pinheaded honor killer muzzie. Enjoying your welfare check for you and burkha babe, and 20 children? Enjoying the hate sessions down at the ass lifting murder mosque?

      Spoken like a hate mongering parasite….. Your goal is the end of Israel, and a thousand years of middle age muzzie darkness on the world. Truly you are a child of Satan.

    • Asher

      This is where the people who go against Israel will suffer the consquences….maybe not immediately…..but the day is coming when the sovereign Lord will Smite Israel's persecutors and Invaders…..Its factual and inevitable!

  • carlos abraham

    His name said all: BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA II (Religion Islam)

    • margaret cox

      THANK YOU!!!

    • johnnywoods

      I call him Barack al-Obama or just Obummer.

  • Matt

    Easy come, easy go, who cares. It is his problem and what comes after is his problem. It is the world problem not Israel's problem. Let them play their sideshow of a sideshow with Iran. Israel can defend itself and is prepared to win a nuclear war. So let them go nuclear. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJetrPcsrOQ&fe

    • Matt

      Whatever happens it changes nothing in relation to what Israel is doing, so whatever happens with the sideshow it changes nothing. Perhaps Israel bombs Iran and then in a few years a follow up strike was not possible, hmm.

  • Marvin8

    Don't let the title of this frontpagemag.com article fool you. It's nothing more than a right wingnut online mag doing it's best to try and convince American Jews to vote Republican. It won't work. Jewish values have been, still are, and always will be aligned most closely to the Democratic Party. Fear only works on the ignorant, and the vast overwhelming majority of American Jews are not ignorant. Sorry, right wingers.

    • reader

      There were brain dead Russian Jews who abandoned their Jewish values in the name of Marxist utopia having no roots in either Jewish or human experience. The utopia turned out to be nightmare of historic proportions. Most of those Jews perished in the process, by the way. This time in America, the new generation of brain dead Jews are poised to continue down the same path, dissmissing the key factor of human existence – experience. They too expect utopia, and they too will get nightmare.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      It's nothing more than a right wingnut

      So according to this moonbat, anything right wing is automatically wrong. Yeah right. How do you know? Oh yeah because your leftwing elites indoctrinated you so.

      Not to mention that if you debate one of those right “wingnuts” and lose, which is inevitable, you still can't and won't admit that you lost and that you are wrong, because to do so would get you ostracized and hounded out of your leftwing sorority, shattering your leftwing world at the same time. Can't ever risk that.

      Fear only works on the ignorant

      You should know from personal experience.

    • Bert

      The National Jewish Democratic Council, njdc.org is a prime example of fanatic Jewish leftists like Marvin8 who betray their heritage in support of Obama, the enemy of America and of Israel. Their main goal is to herd dumb Jews into blind support of Obama. On their web site they attack every Republican and conservative friend of Israel. They manufacture false stories that claim Obama is a strong supporter of Israel. Their list staff members is devoid of any background or qualifications except for two people. And even these two have no substantial Jewish credentials. Go read it for yourself.

    • neils60

      Marvin, I notice that you have absolutely no quarrel with the information in the article, just with your idea that this Website is "doing it's (sic) best to try and convince American Jews to vote Republican." As of yesterday, Jewish support for the president, which, at one time, was 78% is currently at 62%. Again, according to that same news report, 38% of Jews will vote for the Republican candidate. Let's hope, for America's well-being, that, that number increases to 100% support for the Republican candidate. By the way Marvin, I'm no right-winger, I'm a registered Democrat who has spent precious moments each day reading about what this administration does vs. what it says. There was a wide disparity in 2008, in words vs. actions, and, sadly there's even a wider disparity today.

      • Choi

        Many FORMER Jewish Democrats have walked the path you're on.
        The Democratic Party LEFT THEM.
        Generational Loyalty to a political party is INSANE.
        The world has changed.

        • neils60

          Well stated, to say the least.

    • Choi

      And your post is that of a LEFTY who wants to FOOL Jewish voters that the Democratic Party is "still their party".
      IT IS NOT!
      It's a LEFTY JEW-HATING party led by those who HATE both America & Israel.
      "Jewish Values" DO NOT INCLUDE SELF-HATRED.
      To be a Democrat in 2012 is a DISGRACE TO EVERY MORAL VALUE.
      The Democratic Party of 2012 USES Left-Wing FAKE CONCERN for the"people.
      Every LIE they tell is merely their tool to KEEP power and increase the money TO WEALTHY 1%er's who are Limosine Liberals.
      Lefty Jewish voters ONLY want to "be accepted" and continue to be invited to wine & brie parties in Art Galleries and Rare Book Stores.

    • Moshe Pupick

      Th., 04/05/12 common era

      What are the purported "Jewish values" that American Jews find in the Democratic Party? Sadly, so many American Jews' identity is aligned with Woody Allen movies, bagels and lox, and some Yiddishisms. The liberalism of today is definitely not the liberalism of FDR, Truman, Kennedy, and Johnson. Reform "Judaism"
      provides only an ethnic veneer. The Torah trumps liberalism.

    • Sage on the Stage

      If you are blind to all the blatant and brazen anti-semitism coming out of
      the Democratic party; and you mistrust Republicans that much, just convert to
      Islam. That way you will be in step with Dhimmicrat party narrative.

    • Guest

      When it come to the main issues, if you say that Jewish values are in line with Democrats you are showing your ignorance. Gay Marriage=Nay, Abortion=Nay, Stem cell research =Nay, Capitol punishment the bible has four kinds. Right to bare arms= Yay. As to why Jewish Americans vote Democratic, It's called Jewish Guilt! Why otherwise would seemingly smart people vote for a man based on campaign promises but no track record???

    • http://yahoo.com A Real American

      Sorry for you too Marvin when Iran nukes Israel and the second holocost comes to being ….i don't care what party you belong to it will be the fault of liberals like you. Obama is the next Hitler…..and you are the next to be interned in a prison camp.

    • Madhvi

      You're soooooo wrong.
      Many Jews see how the Left is aligned with the nazi Islamists . Republican values are pro-American and pro-Israel. Remember "America's mayor" Rudi Giuliani after 9/11? His immense compassion? He's a Republican. He's pro-choice also. He went to Europe to speak on behalf of the United States against anti-semitism The sad fact is that too many Jews are their own worst enemies and the enemies of their fellow Jews-some consciously like Noam Chomsky and many unconsciously. The Democrats have been very successful in demonizing Republicans. I'm a lifelong registered Democrat who has seen and heard myself what is going on in this world and thus voting Republican every chance I get.

  • Freon

    A contiguous Palestinian state need not divide Israel. It could be made U-shaped around the southern end of Israel, trading some Israeli land for the portion of the West Bank already settled by Israelis.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      A contiguous Palestinian state need not divide Israel. It could be made U-shaped around the southern end of Israel, trading some Israeli land for the portion of the West Bank already settled by Israelis

      You are totally oblivious of Islam and just don't get it do you? What is going on in Israel is a permanent jihad of conquest being waged perpetually against the Jewish unbelievers by the Islamic world and it is just one of many, many jihads of conquest currently being waged perpetually by the Islamic world against all the various non-Muslim unbelievers in the world via violent and non-violent jihad. I hate to rain on your completely oblivious parade, but Muslims don't make peace with non-Muslim unbelievers, as that would be blasphemy and blasphemy in Islam is a capital offense.

      Indeed, Muslims rioted around the world for weeks over Danish cartoons to assert their dominance over non-Muslims; you think they are going to make peace with non-Muslims? Indeed, you are incredibly gullible. In fact, you are a useful idiot!

    • Sage on the Stage

      …and make Israel even smaller, and cut it off from the Gulf of Aqaba.

  • northwoods

    With the knife in Israel's back, keep twisting and twisting it until Israel gets rid of fascists Netanyahu and Lieberman.

    • Choi

      Has anybody told you yet today,that You're a JEW-HATING POS?

    • Sage on the Stage

      ,,,And pray tell, what do you think will happen, when "Israel gets rid of fascists Netanyahu and Lieberman?"

  • Herbster

    Why would anyone be surprised at the actions of the Islamocommunist presently residing in public housing known as the White House? We are known by the company we keep. The present occupant has pals such as Wright, Farrakhan, Sharpton, Chavez, the muslim brotherhood etc. Netanyahu, a true world leader looking out for his people and his country, knows obama for what he is – an untrustworthy pretender on the world stage – a puppet with Soros pulling the strings. The current administration is now blaming Israel for the high gas prices – guess they ran out of speculators. PTL that we have a man like John Bolton to speak out……and the truth shall set ye free.

  • teq

    there's a surprising article in today's Haaretz by grand poo-bah Israel-basher, Norm Finkelstein. But guess what! He says he doesn't want to bash Israel any more, and that it serves no useful purpose.
    Just when they world is coalescing behind Finkelstein and following his anti-Israel drum-beats — he changes his tune! He says diplomacy is the way to go now and feels "optimistic" that a solution to the Mid-East Problem is within reach.
    I don't know if Finkelstein has been smokin' somethin' or is seeing something the rest of us can't. I've also noticed that two other prime Israel-bashers at Haaretz (Bradley Burnston and Carlos Stenger) have become more conciliatory to Israel lately, and more critical of the anti-Israel gang's double standards. Read Burnston's blog in today's Haaretz. He's adopted the idea of a Fatah leader that the Arab settlers in Greater Israel should stop asking for a state and simply work on civil rights, working towards self-rule.

    I have a feeling that there's some kind of a sea change happening among the intelligentsia of both the "brain-dead Israeli left" and the Arab activists — a slow dawining realization that Bibi ain't gonna budge– ever and so there ain't no use trying to bully and pressure Israel into allowing itself to be torn apart. We're reaching a dead end in the Two-State solution. We know it won't work, just as we know the One State solution won't either. Is there a third option? And are we seeing it slowly arise and take shape? Stranger things have happened.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      He says diplomacy is the way to go now and feels "optimistic" that a solution to the Mid-East Problem is within reach.

      There is no solution to the Mideast Problem as long as Islam survives. Islam is a scourge and if the free non-Islamic world expects to survive, then it must confiscate the Mideast oilfields and the combined unearned oil wealth of the oil rich Saudis and Gulf State Emirates, not out of greed but in self defense in order to stop them from continuing to use those resources and assets to wage jihad against us perpetually. The Islamic world must then be isolated in abject poverty and remain isolated in abject poverty until such time that the supremacist theo-political totalitarian ideology of Islam becomes discredited and destroyed.

      Meanwhile, before that can happen, the Left must be ousted from all the institutions it has managed to hijack and co-opt since in the sixties and seventies and mass Muslim immigration to the West, which is really covert and deceptive non-violent jihad for the purpose of mass Muslim infiltration and stealth demographic conquest, must be banned and reversed.

      We're reaching a dead end in the Two-State solution.

      It never was anything else other than a Trojan horse for the destruction of Israel as all jihads before in history were permanent and all jihads current today are also permanent. Anyone who doesn't understand that is a gullible useful idiot.

      We know it won't work, just as we know the One State solution won't either.

      If anyone thinks a One State solution will work, then take a good look at what is happening in Nigeria today and what happened in Cote D'Ivoire last year. Indeed, look what has been happening in Lebanon for the past few decades where more than half of the non-Muslim Christian unbelievers have already flown the coop, as Islam is not a religion. Instead, its a supremacist theo-political totalitarian ideology and political system that masquerades as being a religion to dupe gullible useful idiots.

      Is there a third option? And are we seeing it slowly arise and take shape? Stranger things have happened.

      The only option Israel has is to always ensure that it maintains military superiority over its Islamic enemies or otherwise it will be destroyed in an inevitable mass genocidal holocaust of Jews. Indeed, if Iran acquires nukes, it will cause the Saudi/Pakistani co-owned nuclear weapons arsenal to get proliferated throughout the Sunni Islamic world virtually overnight in response to a nuclear armed Shi'a Iran. In addition, a nuclear armed Iran will inevitably become exponentially far more belligerent and aggressive towards Israel and the West, which will precipitate world oil prices exponentially skyrocketing permanently while destroying the economies of the West at the same time.

      Meanwhile, the existential threat of nuclear annihilation will not only destroy Israel's lucrative tourism industry overnight but also at the same time cause a mass exodus of Jews from Israel, and, of course, those Jews emigrating from Israel will also take their businesses and industries along with them, which will also destroy Israel in the process.

      Hence, Israel doesn't have any other choice in the matter, it must stop Iran from acquiring nukes at all cost or otherwise it will face destruction just simply via the existential threat of nuclear annihilation. I hope Netanyahu understands that reality. Obama most certainly does and is doing all he can to stop Israel from acting in its own self-defense

  • EdwinS

    An Israeli attack on Iran would in no way compromise Obama's campaign.That is not the Obama concern—. What he wants is to reserve the opportunity for an *American* attack : if his poll numbers look bad in November an attack on Iran would lift him over the top. No president has failed to win an election in the midst of a popular war.
    If the Israelis strike first – there goes his ace in the hole….

    • Asher

      Its because gas prices would skyrocket and people would definitely vote him out. He could care less about Israel…only that he gets re-elected to finish the job he started. He wouldn't care if Israel was bombed by Iran, it would allow for the Islamic Caliphate to take over.

  • frizzer1

    There is only one issue here and that is that the muslim world will never accept a non-muslim state in their midst.
    The rest,as they say,is commentary.

    • Choi

      BRILLIANT,SIMPLE,and TRUE assessment of REALITY.

  • Schlomotion

    It is hardly within the realm of reality to say that a nuclear weaponized country like Israel when it is building an attack strip in Azerbaijan is doing its "defensive plans." It is doing its Offensive plan. Also, to say that compromising this plan has "existential consequences" implies that Israel could be wiped out now that its Offensive Plan has been scuttled. This can only be true if Israel is defined as any future territory they might annex in their attack. In any event, it is their own fault.

    Mr. Meir-Levi attributes this to the fact that Obama lied during his AIPAC litmus test in order to become President. How dare the American President lie to a foreign lobby that stands between the American electoral process and the White House with its big bags of money? Meir-Levi speculates that it is because Obama is in league with Louis Farrakhan. This is because Jewish Nationalists believe that there is not enough room in this country for Jewish Nationalism and Black Nationalism to exist at the same time, so Black Nationalism must be eradicated and a Black President who does the will of the American Nation and not Israel is no better than a Black Nationalist. This person is extremely unpatriotic.

    • frizzer1

      The only thing I can say to you is that Israel will do whatever she deems necessary to protect herself and her citizens.
      Don't like that?
      Too bad..

      • Schlomotion

        Except make peace, of course.

        • Zionista

          make peace with animals that openly state they want to see Israel destroyed and Jews killed? – no way troll – read the hamas charter

    • Sage on the Stage

      AIPAC has every right to stand between Obama's election(as you call it, "The American electoral process," which Obama has subverted every time he's had the chance) and the White House. And what do you mean "it is their own fault?" You need to look at a map of Israel. It is such a small country that every
      offensive military operation is, in fact, a defensive operation. You aren't very coherent today.

      • Schlomotion

        I don't buy into the idea that Israel must always do offense as defense because they are so tiny. If that were the case, it would be more true of even tinier groups. Also, Israel is not tiny when you count their American diaspora which is 6.5 million and Israel's is 5.9 million. That means that they wage plenty of Defense in the United States, and they try to have that be an Offense too. How does AIPAC have a right to be a litmus test for the Presidency?

        • reader

          It's called the First Amendment, troll. Have you ever read the Constitution?

          • reader

            So, you don't know what the First Amendment is, and neither you care. You are a Jew hating troll, so – no surprise here.

          • reader

            Yes, it's free speech, even when the lamestream yellow press posing as a respectable news outlet, such as LA Slimes, publishes unsubstantianted Jew baiting smears. Are you on their troll staff, by any chance?

          • Schlomotion

            No, but I would love to be Ben Ehrenreich for a day.

          • reader

            "Is that your whole job?"


          • Zionista

            and give up a day of being a Jew hating slug?

  • Ghostwriter

    And you,Schlockmotion are a rabid anti-semite,which you repeatedly prove on this website.

    • Schlomotion

      Is that your whole job? To hurl ineffective 19th Century epithets at people?

      • reader

        Is contemptible Jew-hating troll better? Has a better ring, doesn't it?