Our Naked Emperor

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Then there is Madame Secretary’s comments on TV to a young and activist Tunisian audience on April 17.  When asked why American Presidential candidates on both sides support Israel and Zionism, she said:

“Well, first, let me say you will learn as your democracy develops that a lot of things are said in political campaigns that should not bear a lot of attention. There are comments made that certainly don’t reflect the United States, don’t reflect our foreign policy, don’t reflect who we are as a people.”

Our Secretary of State told her Tunisian audience, in front of international TV, that our Presidential candidates lie to get votes, and they are lying about their support for Israel. Then she went on to say:

“…watch what President Obama says and does. He’s our President. He represents all of the United States, and he will be reelected President, so I think that that will be a very clear signal to the entire world as to what our values are and what our President believes”

In other words, the President is really on your side, Tunisian youth, and Obama’s pro-Israel statements in the previous campaign and during his current tenure are lies, as is the pro-Israel rhetoric of the Republican candidates.

Secretary Clinton subordinated U.S. interests to partisan considerations and told her Muslim audience what she figured they wanted to hear, namely that the USA does not really support Israel, that’s just mendacious campaign rhetoric. In addition to calling her own President and most Republican candidates liars, she also unabashedly contradicted 65 years of the Israel-USA relationship.

What pressure, what compulsion, what intractable limitation on her public presentations could have prevented her from simply stating the accepted U.S. diplomatic language?  Something like: “We favor a two-state solution. We believe that Israel has a right to exist. We believe that everyone would benefit by a negotiated, just, and lasting peace. We think that your true enemies are poverty and dictatorship.”

By not saying something akin to this, she misrepresented 65 years of American diplomacy, defamed her own boss and other Republican candidates, and pandered to the interests of her Muslim audience — just as Moray’s analysis describes.

And Obama himself, Mr. “knife in Israel’s back,” has pandered to the Persians, curtseyed to the Caliph (king Abdullah of Saudi Arabia), flip-flopped in representing himself on the Arab-Israel issue, and tried his best during the three years of his presidency, to make a shambles of the traditional US-Israel relationship.

Like the fairy tale emperor, our leaders at the highest levels have exposed themselves.  They have revealed to us their naked dishonesty.  They are not honest stewards of American society, nor honest brokers in the Israel-Arab conflict, nor even stalwart defenders of our own country, their own country, in Western Civilization’s defensive war against Islamofascist, triumphalist, totalitarian, terrorist jihad.  They have been compromised by forces at least one of which is Saudi oil money.

What will it take before we can end the lies, stop the posturing, and call the complicity of our President and his Department of State with Muslim jihadist terrorism what it really is?

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  • Jon_Adams

    Thanks for the great article David!
    Who's the bigger liar and traitor to the U.S., Secretary Clinton or Obama?
    We are told the War on Terror is over. Then apparently all the drones, TSA checkpoints,
    CIA internal spying thru the smart grid, nearly a billion rounds of 40 caliber hollow points is all for
    American citizens. Not only is the emperor not wearing any cloths, the U.S. is rapidly becoming
    The only one talking about it seems to be Alex Jones. Resist the NWO, resist the Machine, resist the Matrix.

  • truebearing

    There is a malevolence to the Obama administration that is palpable. Hillary, Soros, and Obama gathered together the most evil people in politics and are dedicated to destroying this country, and letting the Muslims destroy Israel. Obama has dropped our guard and strangled our energy industry. hillary has worked tirelessly to facilitate the goals of the Islamists. How else can this be interpreted? These people want the US to cease to exist as a super power or a democratic republic.

    There is a good chance there won't be an election in November if Obama feels he can't win. We are facing some incredibly perilous times.

    Welcome to Obama's Grave New World

    • MikeWood

      Sounds alarmist, truebearing, but I think you're right. Obama is like Mugabe.

      • Jon_Adams

        Very much like Mugabe. All you have to do is look at Obama's Islamist cousin Odinga who he supported in Kenya and the rioting and killings that took place when he lost the election. Jerome Coursi revealed Obama's emails that showed he not only supported the killings and rioting but suggested and promoted it.

      • truebearing

        You're right. it does sound alarmist, but I also intend it to be alarmist. I want people to be aware of how ugly this is or could get.
        Anyone who has spent any time at all following Obama's history, or looking at his associates and friends, or looking at his words, actions, and agenda, has to conclude that his goal is not to facilitate American success, capitalism, Christianity, or individual freedom, but to destroy it. He is the face of a malicious, power obsessed group of Leftists who are rapacious for power and intolerant of any dissent. If they succeed we will see just how ruthless the American Left really is.

    • Jon_Adams

      It seems that the primary criterion for being part of the Obama administration is that you want to destroy America.

      • truebearing

        They want to destroy the underpinnings of America: its morality, Christianity, the constitution, capitalism, individualism, private property, representative government. The environmental Left wants to go even further. They want to de-industrialize America, impose draconian population control, and create situational eugenics where people die from denied health care, hardships caused by a lack of fuel, shortages of food, not to mention civil strife. Many of these radicals are true sociopaths with extremely radical, deranged beliefs and no ethics whatsoever.

        We're playing for all of the marbles now. This is no time to pull punches.

      • David, Thailand

        America is strong and can absorb the effects of an Obama, even if he steals a second term.

        What will bring America to her knees is not Obama, but the type of people that would want someone like him as their President.

  • StephenD

    Excellent article sir! Will Romney have the nuggets to point this out? I don't understand the "kid glove" approach at all. These people cost lives. Deal with them accordingly. Hillary, Barak; both Alinsky zealots, are fundamentally anti-American. Point it out on the campaign trail! Shout it to the TV Cameras! Let them be exposed to the light…still the only cure for darkness.

  • Dispozadaburka

    Oh yeah, you hit the nail on Medusa's head.
    It's all about the Saudi's.
    Zbigniew Brzezinski trains Al -Quaeda (Saudi Wahabi) to kill the Russians in Afganistan.
    9/11, Al-Quaeda terrorists destroy twin towers, etc.
    9/12, Bin Laden's family flown out of the US, when no one else is allowed to fly.
    After 9/11, over 2000 mosques are built in the US mostly by the Saudi's.
    All our patriotic men and women in the US sign up for the military to go fight Al-Quaeda in Afganistan, etc.
    Mass immigration of Muslims to US. Thereby destroying a, sense of National identity.
    September 2009, Muslim Day of Prayer (act of surrender) led by Obama prayed for "the soul of America."
    Willful Blindness by the media and outright promotion of Islam (HBO's Koran for Latinos")
    Outright contempt for Israel, our constitution. All paid for by Saudi petrodollars. Welcome to Saudi America.

  • Dispozadaburka

    "Bzezinski "Stategic Vision" Pg 99 "But America's long-standing and generous support for Israel, derived more from a genuine sense of moral obligation and less from real stategic congruity, could become less reliable. The inclination to disengage from the region could grow as America declines, despite public support for Israel, while much of the world would probably blame Anerica for the regional upheaval.With the Arab masses politically aroused and more inclined to engage in prolonged violence("peoples war"), and Israel that could become internationally viewed- to cite Deputy PM Ehud Barak's ominous warning in 2010 as an "apartheid" state would have doubtful long term prospects."

  • Jill

    This important article is quoted sympathetically and appreciatively here:

  • Harold the Meek

    The revelations found in this piece are alarming. Four more years with Hil-ama would be a disaster for our nation. Time to throw the bums out.

  • maria

    G-d, please, help America in November.