Peace Process Lies

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Israel’s refusal to accommodate Palestinian pre-conditions is rational and politically sound.  If Israel were to agree in advance to:

  • A complete cessation of all Israeli construction anywhere over the so-called “green line,” including east Jerusalem ( a growing family cannot add a bathroom, villages or towns cannot build housing , schools or even preschools to accommodate local natural growth);
  • ceding of all of the West Bank to the PA and forcibly removing hundreds of thousands of Israelis from their homes; and
  • acquiescence to the PA’s “Haq el-Awda” (The “right of return”) flooding Israel with millions of Arabs claiming refugee status and their descendents; then

Israel would be making enormous, costly, and dangerous concessions in advance of any PA agreements.  But equally important, if one side acquiesces to all of the other side’s demands before negotiations even begin, then what are they negotiating about?  The very idea of such pre-conditions renders negotiations meaningless.

It is important to point out that Israel has demands of its own; but these are not pre-conditions to negotiations, they are desired ends of negotiations.

Perhaps most problematic of all, PA leaders have worked long and hard to find a way to reconcile with Hamas and form a unified PA-Hamas strategy for what they call “popular resistance,” which Israel understands to mean renewed terrorism and a third Intifada.

Re-unification with Hamas poses the greatest threat to Israel. Hamas has been unrelenting in its commitment to an endless war against Israel, “until victory or martyrdom.” Hamas has also consistently refused any possibility of compromises with Israel, as well as any diplomatic process and any interaction that might end in peace and a cessation of hostilities. Polls and other reports indicate that Hamas enjoys much popularity on the West Bank that it, and therefore its agenda items and priorities, could become the dominant force in the West Bank if Hamas and the PA were united there.  Israel has made it clear that it will not allow the West Bank to become another Hamastan, a massive launching pad for terrorism, for qasam rockets, and a new and improved training ground for the world’s worst terrorist murderers.

But the PA is forced into this strategy of re-unification with Hamas because without Hamas it loses credibility as an active participant in the 75-year-long genocidal war against Israel.  El-qaeda and Hamas have condemned Abbas as a collaborator with Israel because he has made the mere pretense of willingness to negotiate.  Abbas needs that credibility in order to continue benefiting from the largesse of Arab confrontation states and Iran.

So the PA must insist to its own constituency that it is refusing to negotiate, while representing to the USA and EU that it is Israel which is obstructing even indirect talks.  This charade was exposed by the Quartet recently when Abbas and Sa’eb Erekat, a senior PA negotiator, demanded that the Quartet serve as a conduit for the communication of PA proposals, because the PA leaders were unwilling to meet directly with Israeli leaders. To their credit, Quartet officials refused to support the PA in this endeavor to circumvent direct talks, and told Abbas: “If you have something to say to the Israelis, you should give it to them directly.”

The latest attempt to get PA leaders to the negotiating table, this time in early January in Amman, foundered at the very onset.  Palestinian representatives demanded that the talks be termed “exploratory talks” and not “peace talks,” and clashes about protocol and delegation participants moved the Palestinian side to refuse to even enter the same room with the Israelis. By all accounts the talks produced little, and the Palestinian side early on announced its decision to terminate them at the end of January.  As this last in a long series of failed talks drew to a close on January 26, a new wave of terror attacks began in the West Bank, with daily attacks on individual Israeli motorists driving in the West Bank and the death of a father and son murdered on the main highway between Hebron and Jerusalem.

Mr. Panetta take note:  Israel is already seated at that “damn table” but “peace” and “negotiations” are simply not in the PA’s vocabulary.

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  • Alvaro

    The talks are merely a way for the PA to get money and concessions for free. They have no interest in peace and will not rest until Israel is wiped off the map.

    There is really only one civilized part in this conflict.

  • StephenD

    Israel should turn the tables. Offer "peace" with their own pre-conditions for the made up people called "Palestinians." Remove all calls for hatred from their textbooks. Denounce all acts of violence against Israel. Remove their call for genocide from their Charter. Petition all the other states in the area from which this "people" came; Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Etc. When the other countries award citizenship to them Israel will begin again to do the same. In other words, stop allowing them to be citizens until then. There are some steps Israel can take that seem to be tacitly approved by these "others." Hell, they may actually be admired for it.

  • hammar

    There will never be peace……with the invented people, and the never ending hatred
    that spews out of the invented phony islam book. Pray only to Christ the Lord.

  • mrbean

    Palestinians are Muslims. Muslims don't want to be tolerant, they don't want allies, they don't want to assimilate, they want to kill all the Jews and destroy Israel. Useful idiot Dhimmis who support the farve of a peave process just want no conflict and the alligator to eat them last. Muck the Palestinian and Hamas Fuzzlims! Kill 'em all, wrap 'em in their prayer rugs and put 'em all in piles, burn 'em all using pork grease for a starter, and let Allah sort 'em out. The Palestinians do not deserve to have a UN and USA sanctioned terrorist state of their own.

  • Abdul

    It takes two to make peace, but only one to prevent peace. The Moslems can never make peace with Israel because their Koran and their prophet prohibit it. This is NOT a "Palestinian-Israeli" conflict, and it is not an "Arab-Israeli" conflict. The nature of the conflict over Israel is that the conflict is an Islamic religious war against the Jews, just like the Hamas Charter says. Not a single Moslem country recognizes Israel's right to exist in any borders.

  • Ghostwriter

    Somehow,I'm not surprised by this either.

  • NotaBene

    This conflict is, for the Israelis, the goose that lays the golden eggs. Why would they want to end it? Peace is the absolute worst thing that could ever happen to Israel.

    • JEM

      Only the blind and deceived would say that Israel does not want peace, but somehow the invented peoples want peace. The truth is the reverse. Arab/Islamic aggression against the Palestinian Jews and Israel has been going on since before 1948 and continues. The bottom line is that the existence of Israel is an affront to Islam. Until people see that this whole conflict resolves itself into a conflict between the god of this world and the God of the Bible they will never understand what is actually happening. Behind the facade of leftist progressivism and the Islamic supremacy movement is the same god. Who will get to build the utopian world order is the big question for the earth dwellers. God has His own plans. He will be revealed in relation to the nation of Israel in the end. It would be wise to prepare ourselves.

      • NotaBene

        You get right on that.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        The invented peoples do not want peace but piece, a piece of this and a piece
        of that and not being satisfied want it all no matter what even though they
        are uninvited guests on Israeli land………………………………….William

    • Junkie

      The Israelis can't end it. If they lay down their weapons they will be wiped out. It is that simple.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    We give American tax dollars to the Palestinians, this is past blunder, past vile,
    it is and evil self destructive act and aids in the killing of Israelis. Why should
    the American public pay for increasing the despicable and murderous agents
    of evil in the world. It can only mean that evil and vile persons are in charge
    of our affairs and if we do not change that fact we are going to reap what
    we sow………………………………………………………William

  • Ron Carnine

    The so-called "Palestinians" (Arabs) should never be given US taxpayers money. Of the billions they've been given, how much went to help their people. Arafat left a several million dollar estate. He never did honest work a day in his rotten life. He just pocketed as much US money as he could. He didn't help his people at all. Some of the money lines the pockets of the leadership and the rest they spend on weapons. They should be given nothing by the Israelis, they have given (offered) enough. Let the Arab countries take them in, if they will.

  • Flipside

    David Meir-Levi is an Israel Firster and should be deported.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Flipside is and infidel and should be beheaded, get you to a Mosque for
      justice Flippie, do it now, give us a heads-up……………………William

    • ziontruth

      Flipscum is a pro-Islam traitor and should be tried for and charged with treason against his country.

      • Flipside

        Actually, I am not pro-Muslim at all. I am neither pro-Zionist nor pro-Muslim. Also, it’s not treason to not give a squirt about Muslims or Jews. And how is a foreigner going to accuse me of treason against my own country?

        • ziontruth

          "Actually, I am not pro-Muslim at all."

          You protest, huh? Yet you deny pro-Israel Americans their right to protest your accusation of dual loyalty. You are hypocritical scum, that's what you are!

          "And how is a foreigner going to accuse me of treason against my own country?"

          Fair game the moment you accuse pro-Israel Americans of dual loyalty. When you as good as declare war, expect it to be waged.

          • Flipside

            You can complain all you want about the accusation of dual loyalty. The Zionist scam is to complain loudly that they are being hit with every historical canard as they EMPLOY every historical canard. Schizos! Yes. You think two things at once. You think 1) If they accuse us of it, let's do it. That will show them. And 2) How dare they accuse us, the Noble Jews of anything.

            So, you will always be caught doing the same thing: Trying to be the Pig describes in the Protocols while wailing that you are being slandered by the Protocols. The reason you will never escape this scenario is because it is passive aggressive. Like your DEPENDENCY on Muslims, you have a DEPENDENCY on anti-semites.

            If you were a normal person, you might be able to craft a worldview that didn't require a villain. You are certainly welcome to have your idiotic worldview, but do not expect to rope all of America into your private racist beef against Muslims. You aren't liked well enough to gain the allegiance.

          • ziontruth

            "You can complain all you want about the accusation of dual loyalty."

            I'm not complaining, I'm accepting it for the license it is to fire back at you with accusations of pro-Islamic imperialist leanings. Tit for tat: You do your stuff, I do mine for as long as you do it.

            "Trying to be the Pig describes in the Protocols…"

            Jews don't have a prayer of descending to that level even if they really tried, but once in a while they'll oblige you with a tiny bit. As the saying goes: If you're doing the time, you might as well commit the crime.

            "If you were a normal person, you might be able to craft a worldview that didn't require a villain."

            If you were a normal person, you wouldn't interpret in those "Death to Israel! Death to Zionism! Death to the Jews!" chants coming from all over the Muslim world as shouts of praise. The Arabs have a proverb in that regard: When you see the lion's fangs, don't think it's smiling at you.

            "…your private racist beef against Muslims."

            Islam is not a race. Marxist Humpty Dumpty-like "words mean what I want them to say" rhetorical fail once again.

            "You aren't liked well enough to gain the allegiance."

            Your tendency to describe yourself when talking about others is notable.

          • Márcia

            Your double thinking thwarts an otherwise auspicious career in villainy, Flip-flop. Try a logical approach next time.

  • Maher

    Facts must be deported, truth must be deported same as in the Arab all seasons cloaca, Flopside.

  • mrbean

    Hillary Clinton was not happy at all with Russia and China vetoing her proposed resolution on Syria in the UN. Both Putin and Wen Jiabao regard Hillary Clinton with contempt as an unkempt charwoman way out of her league.


    There is NO SUCH THING AS A PALESTINEAN STATE, PERIOD! Peace only comes through the show of overwhelming and unrelenting retaliation. Bullies only know and respect one thing, total and utter defeat, then a force that cannot be reckoned with, EVER! That is all.